Good weekend!

April 12, 2010

Well what a weekend, sunshine, sea and sand….

Ok, I don’t mean that really, a good weekend of football for us despite not playing ourselves..

There was me, driving up the A34 wondering how long it would take me to catch up with all the comments after the weekend  games – that didn’t take too long 😉

Fat Sam managed to get his Blackburn side to huff and puff and stop the Mancs from scoring, good two points dropped in the title race, certainly good for us. The Chavs are still in the FA Cup after a run around on the dreadful turf at Wembley, lets hope that the surface took an extra bit out of the players legs and they are knackered for their next game.

The one result that made me smile, and smile big time was Portsmouth, a team relegated from the English Premier League a few days ago which I think all stems from being mis-managed a couple of seasons ago, played their hearts out at Wembley yesterday and rightfully earned a place in the FA Cup Final. The bigger bonus there is that they took the game into extra time, one hundred and twenty minutes of football played, surely both sides must be exhausted!! That won’t bother Pompey, but it might bother you know who…

Lets hope so, because just in case anyone has forgotten, we have a little game on Wednesday night against the side who Pompey conquered. We know every game is a must win one from now until the end of the season, but this one is a must win match for added reasons, I’m sure we will get to that before the kick off…..

At the moment we know that for the Spuds, Wilson Palacios is out due to suspension,  Niko Kranjcar is out through injury and Vedran Corluka had to be given treatment at half time, so lets just hope his pain keeps him out of the game on Wednesday.

 ‘Arry has said that despite the lows of yesterday he would pick a home fixture against us to be his next game!

I wonder if he will be saying the same around 10pm Wednesday – I don’t think so, do you??

Bouldy’s Boys did it again at the weekend, they beat Charlton 2-1 away from home. Having gone 1-0 down after half an hour and it stayed that way until the last twenty minutes of the game. Benik Afobe scored the equaliser then six minutes later, newly introduced substitute Zac Ansah scored the winner to secure all three points.

Arsenal are now 14 points clear at the top of Premier Academy Under-18s Group A.

The Ladies also won at the weekend, beating Everton 1-0 at home. Captain Jayne Ludlow was sent off after a ‘confrontation’ with Everton’s midfielder Fara Williams – confrontations, sending’s off in Ladies Football, what is the world coming to?

I jest of course!!

The question on will he or won’t he will be answered this week, Wednesday in fact….. I hope it’s a He Will….

Poor old Cesc is off to the shops! …..

November 17, 2009

You can tell it is International fortnight can’t you, Cesc goes off to join his fellow Spaniards and the gutter press get themselves all excited. They know they can fire silly questions at our captain and Barca players, then add whatever answer they want to the question and then print it, in fact worse than that they ad a few “ “ either side of the rubbish they write!

Today its the turn of Carles Puyol, fellow Spaniard and Barcelona player to add his bit about Cesc.

“Cesc would have his reasons, to go, and would have the same opportunities that he has at Arsenal. The market dictates the value and you pay a lot for players of a high level but if he comes I hope we don’t pay much,” Puyol remarked.

To go where? Where is the question you put to Puyol relating to the answer, after all the reporter could have asked Cesc if he was off to the shops as he had run out of milk, then of course he would have ‘reasons to go’!

Stupid example – yes, but I am sure you get my point, the only time any Barcelona player will see Cesc at the Nou Camp is if we draw them in the semi-final of the Champions League! Simples!

£60 Million is now the amount bantered around to be the value of our captain; Barcelona and Real Madrid are to commence battle in order to sign him… What utter rubbish!

Fabregas said: ‘‘I am ignoring any talk about my future. I live day to day and my dream is to win the Premier League with Arsenal this season.’’

That’s all we need to hear!

Rasp commented yesterday about the bizarre treatment that Robin van Persie is to undergo in order to heal quicker.

‘Crocked Arsenal striker Robin van Persie has resorted to an unorthodox treatment in order to rush him back into action – rubbing placenta fluid into his injured ankle.’

Not a bubble in sight for his ankle, that makes a change, but in all honesty I am sure none of us mind what he tries especially if it heals his injury quicker, and personally the news that our medical staff will not be anywhere near him increases his chance of a quicker return too!! 😉

I read somewhere yesterday about giving thought to Roman Pavlyuchenko, would he be a better option to buy in January? Chamakh will be taking part in the ACON ( I had forgotten that) so we wouldn’t see him at Arsenal until February in any case.

Pavlyuchenko however is used to the EPL, isn’t CL cup tied (of course he isn’t he plays for Spurs!) and I am sure under our manager he would find his shooting boots..

Now that’s one to think about – I think it’s hard to judge him, after all its a bit like watching a striker in a Division 3 side play and wondering if he would be good enough for Arsenal…. 🙂

That’s it for today; the news is mainly filled with human and horse placenta, the mind boggles..

Have a great day folks….