Song, Song, Blue ain’t we glad we got one? ……………………..

November 26, 2009

Well I am glad we have Song and glad he is available for the visit of The Blues, well, we all know them as The Chavs, but it made the title look ok 😉 What do you mean, it didn’t????

Over the last few games while Alex Song (now tied down until 2015) was just one yellow card from a one match ban, I just dreaded that he would get booked against Sunderland and miss this weekend’s fixture.

The man has discipline, many ‘bigger’ players who play for other clubs would not have been able to do what he has done. Maybe the tackles he makes just inside our own half are done on purpose and thats why he gets booked!

Maybe he reads the game better than some think, maybe he sees the opposition are gaining an advantage and so he just acts all clumsy and gives away a free kick. That’s how it looks sometimes 😉

Regardless, it usually results in any attack being over, threat gone and we are off again. But when the time came to be careful, he was just that.

Personally, I just think he is under rated, not by me I hasten to add 🙂

Alex Song is just 22 years old, there are kids where I live older than him, but still they behave like 10 year olds… Alex, I am glad you are settled in your life and settled at Arsenal, one day real soon everyone else will see that too.

Ok, he is no Michael Essien yet but after Cesc and Vermaelen, he would always be the next name on my team sheet 😛

Cilla Black has arrived at Stamford Bridge with a new version of Surprise Surprise, yep Fat Frank has suddenly reappeared, fit for the game against us on Sunday! No surprise really, I don’t doubt for one minute all their top players will have suddenly recovered just in time.. I don’t care, let’s beat them with their full squad, that way they have no excuses come 6pm Sunday!

Kerrea Gilbert has been put up for sale according to the Daily Mirror, hope the lad gets himself a good side to play for and gets to actually play regular football, he is only 22 years old and has a bright future ahead of him.

Our reserves took a beating last night at home, well they lost 2-1 to Aston Villa and can you believe Fran Merida got sent off. Maybe he did that on purpose just to remind Arson he is about and wants his contract sorted out. Now he has a game or two out, he will have plenty of time!

Good old Theo Walcott has opened his choppers again, this time though is posistive, he says he is over his injury, his knee feels great and he is sharp. He’s also making it known he wants to play in the central role up top rather than on the wing.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him start there against Chelsea either. That for me is the best place for him; stop him running down the blind alleys on the right! At least through the middle he has only got to run, look up, shoot, GOAL 😛

With all our injuries, the last thing we need is another player who needs surgery. Well, one more will be going under the knife, Armand Traore. Before you start panicking, it won’t be until the end of the season and the surgery is to remove his tattoo’s!!

Good, no offence to any of you out there who have them, but I hate them, they look ugly and I just wish Cesc Fabregas would follow Traore to the treatment room. Oh, and David Beckham, I love him, but I am sure he is to blame for the ‘Tattoo Trend’!

Not a lot else going on, the Chavs won, The Mancs lost and Rafa could get the boot if Everton beat Liverpool at the weekend – now there’s a thought to make you smile!