Sky Sports miss Gerrard Dive Exclusive!

December 8, 2009

Well not very exclusive at all really.

The other day we was having a debate on how biased Sky Sports news are on the way they favoured Ireland over France in the run up to the World Cup play offs.
Here is another example of how they are selective in their reporting. After the way Dudu got hung drawn and quartered for going down at the slightest of touches from a keeper, they also whipped up a sea of emotion against Thierry Henry for his handball in the Ireland game. Last weekend England’s Stevie Gerrard does this..

Thanks to the Republik of Mancunia for the clip.

Surely there has to be some sort of a body to ensure that reporting is done fairly, because Sky and others are starting to act as guardians of football and not the FA or Fifa who appear to be bowing down to the pressure of these media sources.
On Sunday morning on Talk Sport the Scouser Quinn made the excuse that he never saw the match and it could not have been too bad as SSN wasn’t showing it.  England supporters would accept it if Stevie G did it to win us the World Cup.. Is that two faced or what?

At least Eduardo kept dignified silence up and only spoke after FIFA cleared his name.unlike the kettle and pot comments of Gerrard.

This is the problem with retrospective punishments, they are selective in who is the chosen one for the witch hunt,

When it was said that a majority of newspapers and a few TV channels being owned by one person was a dangerous thing, I never realized the importance of that, I do now and it makes me wonder what rubbish we have been fed over many years and how that has affected the opinion of the public on many issues.

Perhaps the blog world is the best place to be.

Anyway that’s all getting a bit heavy, It was just a short one today, see you in the comments..