Arsene its simple – You’ve blown it, again!!

February 8, 2010

Oh dear oh dear.. I thought we were mentally strong? I thought we were good enough? I thought we’d learned our lesson? I thought wrong.

What gets me is that this hurts just as much as the Manure game. We were shite in that game and we were shite in this one. Utd humiliated us in a different way, they showed the desire and hunger you need to win titles. Chelsea humiliated us in the way they that beat us without moving out of first gear. We threw absolutely everything at them and Chelsea let us and they still  looked comfy.

The game was over inside 10 minutes. Another set piece, another display of crap defending riddled with errors.. TV and Diaby let Terry have a free header from a corner. Clichy, for some unknown reason decided he wanted to have a little wander away from his post into an area where he was neither use nor ornament, a wee bit like something you see in an under 5’s game, and Song let Drogba ghost passed him for the tap in on the knock down. There’s no point blaming Almunia, I never expect him to save anything anymore anyway.

1-0..Game set and match.

Chelsea went into defensive mode. They sat back with 2 banks of four with the wide players infield, allowing us the useless, disadvantage of the wings, asking us to show the world how shit we are at breaking teams down with our slick passing, possession football with no end product against top class, organised defences. To which we didn’t disappoint.

With a team full of pygmy’s, no lead striker and our insistence of bombing everyone forward, it wasn’t long before Chelsea used it to their advantage and hit us for another on the break. Another feeble Arsenal attack was broken down as we once again tried to walk the ball into the Chelsea net with our entire team all getting in each others way in and around the Chelsea box. Lampard found himself with the entire centre of the pitch to run into and threaded the pass through to the immense Drogba, who in turn made TV and Clichy look ridiculous again and banged it passed the frozen Almunia.

2-0. Outdone by another counter attack, with Clichy not knowing which way he was running and it was looking easy. The possession  we were having made us look like the better team, but we weren’t. Chelsea were letting us play. They were under no pressure whatsoever, letting us wear ourselves out and look incredibly stupid. We played right into their hands. Everyone was talking about tactics before the game and Wenger got it badly wrong..The big team managers have this man sussed.

What makes me wonder if Wenger’s losing it, is when he starts his post match spin and gives excuses that Chelsea are the much more experienced team. Well then Mr. Wenger, why the hell do you insist on buying 15 year olds instead of the experience we so obviously lack and then tell us we can win trophies. If we want to win trophies we’ve got to beat these big teams in every competition we play. The recent record shows we just can’t beat them so no, we aren’t winning anything….
Player Ratings

Almunia..2..It’s becoming boring now. No top side can expect to win anything with a second rate ‘keeper. Almunia’s just that. Chelsea had 3 shots I off the bar and two in the net and he wasn’t near any of them. He didn’t even dive for two of them. Poor

Sagna..6..I don’t think he played that bad, but that’s probably because Chelsea were targeting Clichy.

Clichy..2..And that’s just for turning up. Poor. Piss poor. I used to love Gael, a lot like I used to love Kolo, but I love Arsenal more and this guy has lost it. He’s a shadow of his former self and the sooner we sell him the better. He’s lost a good 5 yards of pace and he still can’t cross for shit. What makes it worse is that he’s a defender first and foremost and he can’t defend..Stupid, schoolboy error to allow Drogba the opener and his mistakes are becoming costly in every game he plays..Time to go this summer I think and give one of the young lads a go.

Tommy V..5..Not one of his best games. A lot like the Manure game. I’ve got a feeling he’s playing with an injury.

Gallas..6..Not at his best but you can’t expect one man to hold a defence together when your playing a team like Chelsea. It was all over the place and the famous Gallas stare explained everything..

Diaby..5..I still don’t see what he offers, he either turns up or he doesn’t and I don’t think he did in this game.

Song..6..Looks tired. The curse of the ACN strikes again????

Cesc..6..Leads by example but he’s no captain when the chips are down. His head drops too easy when it’s not going his way and he looked frustrated.

Nasri..5..In and out of the game really. Doesn’t look like he’s developed too much, but he’s no wide player..Wengers killing him.

AA..4..Starting to look pissed off..He’s one of the most explosive players in the PL and Wenger insists on playing him out of position as a lone forward against 6 foot plus defenders.. The guys 2 foot and a tab end.. What’s he supposed to do against a team like Chelsea?? He’s been saying for months that we need a couple of new players to compete in the top games and Wenger just lets the transfer window pass by. Again. We’ll lose this man this summer. He won’t put up with this shit much longer.

Theo..2..I saw the reason why Wenger started him and the lad tried hard and actually ran about for a change, but he really is shit at football isn’t he. I can’t understand why Wenger insists on giving kids like Theo massive contracts and lets players like Cole and Flamini go for the sake of a few quid..


Bendtner..5..What was he supposed to do? The game was over before he came on..He should have started, he’s the reason why we didn’t buy a striker, so whats he doing sat on the bench? If he’s fit enough to be sub he’s fit enough to start.

Rosicky..5..same as Nikki, what was he supposed to do?

Eboue..5..My oh my, just shows the desparation of the situation when we are bringing Eboue on to try get something from the game..

In conclusion i think the title has gone. We’ve totally lost momentum and our heads are down. 1 point from 9 isn’t great reading and we’ve still got Liverpool, Citeh and Spurs to play. So we will drop more points. We are now in a situation where we are relying on our rivals to drop points, but we can’t even rely on ourselves to gain them.

We are out of the domestic cups and I don’t believe for one minute we have a chance in the CL. The CL is a competition for the big boys and we don’t know how to beat any of them so we can forget about that..

Wenger has nobody else to blame but himself. His stupid selection against Stoke cost us dearly and we lost momentum at the wrong time. If he was going to play Cesc he should have played the rest of the 1st team and started off this run of difficult fixtures as he meant to go on, with a win, then played the kids in the next round..

He also knew that we had these run of fixtures and he let the window pass him by without even lifting a finger. Lying to us saying he would buy but once again letting us down..

Mr. Wenger. A goalkeeper who can’t keep, a forward line of munchkins and a defence that can’t defend, may work against the ‘lesser’ teams but when you play the big boys you need a commanding goalie, a solid defence and a Rooney or a Torres or a Drogba to make the difference..

Although we are good enough to make 4th and make a massive financial profit every year so I suppose thats good enough, right??? I cant wait for that open top bus parade at the end of the season celebrating 4th place.


Arsene says ‘Captains role is overplayed’ – well John Terry has proved him right! ….

February 6, 2010

I know, a naughty heading, but Chelsea and England captain has over played, (well over played away from home) and now he has lost the England armband.

I personally think that it is the right decision, but to then give it to Rio Ferdinand, a player who is currently banned for what could be described as an assault on a football pitch and a drug testing dodger, is a bizarre choice in my humble opinion..

If that is the best England can do then how sad!!

I really hope all this Terry stuff causes him problems mentally, by that I mean I hope his concentration and focus on football suffers and he has a dreadful run of form – I also hope the rest of his team follow suit. Funny enough, I hope that begins tomorrow!!

Anyway, back to Arsenal and back to the captain’s role – I thought it was a strange comment for him to make and one that the likes of Tony Adams and Patrick Vieira would strongly disagree with I think!

They lead by example, when the chips were down they didn’t hide or let their heads drop did they? No, they stepped up and fought that bit harder and the rest of the team followed…

Maybe he is just trying to take the pressure off of Cesc a bit, letting him know he doesn’t expect him to suddenly turn into a big mouth in a game. I understand that once the players are on the pitch it’s down to them to perform as individuals but sometimes a bit of a gee up can pick any player up.

I recall when I played, even in the women’s game a captain with a big heart and mouth can help you out when going through a tough moment or two – and my word, our captain had a big mouth!!

But tactically, any change should come from Arsene, or his silent side kick who at times reminds me of the dog on the Churchill car insurance advert – nods a lot and just says yes and no!!

NewsNow have a few titbits about who we are looking at, who we are hoping to buy, but why bother? We don’t seem to buy anyone when we can so I say forget the rumours from now on, well, at least until the day the next transfer window opens!!

Talking of which, Arsene did try and sign a player, sadly though he didn’t realise the window opened on the 1st January. He thought it opened on the 31st and spent all day trying to get his player. Sadly it didn’t work out though and we didn’t get him – we will never know I guess who ‘that player’ was as the boss says he won’t tell us. Rumours are though it was either Remy or Sorensen..

If it is the latter, that has to be good news for us, hasn’t it?

Other little bits from this mornings news, young defender Savic will have to wait until the summer for any decision about joing us and Big Sol wants to go to South Africa – no, not to see the Big Four, but to play for England in the World Cup.

Why not I say, if he shows he is fit enough, what a ‘massive’ player for England to have in their dressing room 😉

Til tomorrow all – have a nice day

Hasta La Vista Bolton.. (mucho)..

January 21, 2010

We went into this easy game full of confidence and knowing that a win by two clear goals we would be on top of the League. Unfortunately as per usual, we were too full of confidence, Bolton were never going to be voluntary lambs for the slaughter.

We picked a strong team, even if a couple of the players picked were not my favourites, the options were not that great and they should have been up for the job in hand.

We started off as we normally do, lethargic and after a poor attempt at a header by Diaby and a mix up from Vermaelen and Clichy we was a goal down.

After we make a few chances mainly from Cesc including Bolton’s Davies heading on to his own bar. Bolton get the ball in our box and Denilson makes the most stupid of tackles from behind and gives a penalty away, only for Almunia to do all the hard work, diving the right way, but goes too far and the ball skittles in through him somehow.. 2-0 down.

We needed a goal before HT and sure enough Tommy Gun rattles the ball past Jaaskelainen at his near post, I thought Tommy deserved more credit for the power in the shot as the keeper was rooted to the spot.

Second Half Bolton tried to fire themselves up again, but Arsenal was the dominating team now and Cesc should have had another penalty that was the carbon copy of the one at the Reebok on Sunday. but blah, blah. Blah.. so what.

After some determined runs the ball breaks for a 50/50 between Gallas and Davies. Gallas produces a 12 bore shotgun and shoots the Bolton player, well not really but the way the press are reacting this morning he may as well have done.
He was late in the tackle and fouled Davies a yellow at worst, but the ref who was about 15 feet away waves play on.
Arsenal should have taken no notice of the ref and should have kicked the ball into touch. Instead the dirty cheats score a goal through Cesc..

From a corner the next goal came TV jumped up for a header that he never won cleanly, the ball broke and he allowed the ball to come on to his strongest side and he clipped it into the goal.

The last goal came from a rampaging run from four of our most technical players straight through the middle, the quick footed Arshavin buried it 4-2 the comeback was complete.
It could have been 5 but on another break Arshavin decided not to pass to substitute Walcott who was free in the penalty area deciding it was a better option to go it alone.. Is Andrei saying something about our 60k a week man?

Almunia… 7.. Today he managed to do a few great saves but disappointing on the penalty.

Sagna.. 7.. Solid performance, Neither of the goals came from his side of the field. Didn’t offer too much going forwards.

Gallas.. 7. A few years ago when men were men his actions would have been condoned for the way he protected his vulnerable team or indeed if it was the great JT, but no today he is a public enemy and the UN are thinking of invading France.

Vermaelen.. 8 .. The coolest centre half in the whole wide world.

Clichy 7.. Good to have Gael back, I forgot the energy he brings to the team, even though not yet match fit.. Committed himself too much, but at least he tries.

Denilson.. 5 .. Better in the second half.

Diaby.. 6.. I still don’t really know what he adds to the team or his actual role, he loses the ball then chases back and wins it again.

Cesc Fabregas.. 9.8.. The heartbeat of the team again, the best midfield player in the whole wide world..

Rosicky 8.. We should have sacked Tomas when he was injured we were idiots keeping this sick note. He’s back you doubters.

Arshavin..7.5 .. He never seems to look like he is playing that well, then bang the damage is done a frustrating player, but he’s our frustrating player.

Eduardo..7.. A lot of people are saying this guy as lost a yard of pace, I’m not sure if that was ever his game, he makes space with his quality and that is coming back with his confidence.

I didn’t see the subs play much so I cannot really comment..

I loved the smug Arsene after the game in his interview, That’s why we support the Arsenal, against all odds and the will of the media we will succeed.

What a great way to go into the hardest 4 Premiership games of the season.

A Standard Performance.. and the Sales of Aerial Boosters to Increase on Merseyside..

November 25, 2009

There seems to be two types of match report to do these days. We played well but we lacked concentration and we let in a late equalizer or we simply just played well.
Last nights game was an example of just what a fine line it is between the two.
We started really brightly full of training ground flicks culminating in an unbelievable passage of play on fifteen minutes when the Standard goal was comparable to an Iraqi stronghold with a Cobra gunship peppering it with shots on the first day of the Gulf war. Thanks AA (your forgiven)..

But as the half wore on Liege managed a shot that cannoned of Almunia’s bar.. Then we went into sadism mode.. Gallas nutting Arshavin meant we went down to nine men at one stage.
Then when Gallas came back  on he looked as if he had a session with Paul McKenna and looked well out of it, “When I click my fingers give a penalty away” luckily the ref wasn’t a Lilly Livered Pansy and you had to get a death certificate to get a penalty.

Somehow in all the melee Nasri broke through and put us one up. It won’t be this easy against the Chavs.

Just before half time Denilson must have remembered what country it states on his birth certificate (I know two certificates) and tried a Jairzinho type shot that swerved back and forth and totally lost the keeper.. 2-0 to the Arsenal..

The second half was similar except we created a few chances and they just crept the wrong side of the woodwork.
The highlight was when after getting his shirt half removed and falling to a tackle from behind Captain Cesc went to have a quiet word with Carcela-Gonzalez.  Cesc didn’t turn into Ole Gunnar Solskjar and stayed on his feet. The opposing player got sent off. But Cesc got booked, why??

Anyway 2-0 was the result.. but the funniest thing of the night was, the cash strapped Bindippers crash out of the Champions League.. The press’s darlings.. But we didn’t have Torres.. we didn’t have Alonso… haha good.. Their wasn’t much to watch on a Thursday night, now we can watch you lot get beaten.

Almunia.. 6.5 Strange night for him, sort of just watched any decent shots fly by and hit the woodwork.

Eboue.. 6.5.. I suppose he did okay, never had much defending to do, the diving and sprawling on the deck is getting boring and embarrassing now.

Gallas.. 7.5 Was leading by example, didn’t look well when he came back on after the head injury. Hope he is okay for Sunday.. I like a man who wants revenge.

Vermaelen .. 7.. Done as good as he needed to, he worries me slightly when we was two on two and he didn’t mark the spare man.

Gibbs.. 7.5 .. Nice one Gibbsy.. you are going to make the left back position yours soon.
But as I am writing I have read that he has fractured his foot and will have a operation today (Wednesday)..  2 months out ffs.

Song.. .. 9.. WOW!

Denilson. 7.. Looked okay for his first game back.. Super goal, dare I say a bit like that ex Man U cheating scum bag.. more of please.

Fabregas.. 7 .. Yeah not bad, bit wayward on some of his passes but that could be the new guys coming in, perhaps they need to read Cesc better.

Nasri..7.5 . He did okay, I would like to see him step up a gear soon,  hopefully he has settled into the way of life in England. Good finish for his goal, very cool.

Arshavin.. 7.. A pretty good performance, but a lot of his tricks were not going his way. Had a great chance whistle past the post.

Vela.. 6..very similar to Eduardo, lacks that physical presence that we need to lead the line.. Went missing a bit during periods of the game that Nikki B  doesn’t seem to do.

Silvestre.. 7.. There is hope, isn’t there??

Walcott.. 6.. Failed to shine, he should be running the show.

Rosicky.. Came on a bit late to judge him..

I don’t feel that great after a night when we qualify for the knockout stages  top of our CL group, Sunday will be the decider for me. if we win then I will be ecstatic or ..  well we will win..

Have a good day Roadsters..

Arson – What took you so long?? Oh, and Dear Barça….

November 24, 2009

There it is – What took us so long?

Ok, not us, but what has taken Arson so bloomin long to get thinking the way we have all been for yonks now?

‘My players cannot think about World Cup’

Arsène Wenger has insisted that for his players this season is about achieving success with Arsenal, not earning a place at the World Cup.

During a press conference at Arsenal’s Training Ground on Monday, one journalist suggested that the current campaign is a crucial one for Theo Walcott because, at its conclusion, England manager Fabio Capello will choose his squad for South Africa.

The reporter did not reach the end of his question.

“I must stop you there,” interrupted Wenger. “The big season is with Arsenal, not at the World Cup.

“We do not pay players to go to the World Cup – we pay the players to do well for Arsenal.

“The first pride of a man is to do well for the guy who pays you in life, not to go to the World Cup.”

Hoo-bloody-rah, at last, get the balloons blown up and hang the bunting out!

Club comes first, club pays players wages, club makes you successful, club teaches you how to grow with the game.

Maybe the injury to van Persie has been the final knock to the nail in our managers wooden head that will from now on STOP players going off on international duties when they are not fully fit, and even more important, stop them playing in meaningless friendlies for their country!

Well done Arson, I am with you all the way!

And yes, I did copy and paste the interview from, and I ain’t bovvered 😉

And here is another copy and paste….

It begins :-

Dear Barcelona

Fabregas – I am happier than ever here

Cesc Fabregas says he is happier than ever at Arsenal.

Despite consistent rebuttals from the player himself, the Spaniard is still linked with a return to Barcelona and his name has even been dragged into the upcoming Presidential elections at the Nou Camp.

But, speaking ahead of Tuesday’s game with Standard Liege, the midfielder gave all that little credence and once again painted a rosy picture at Emirates Stadium.

“It does not affect me at all because it’s been going for years,” he said. “To be honest I just don’t think about it, I don’t want to and I don’t think I should because I’m at a great club and in a great team.

“I’m very happy where I am and there is very long season in front of us. The last thing I want to do is get disconnected from what I have to do which is to play football for my team and for the Club that pays me. I’m really looking forward to a great season with Arsenal.”

The skipper was then asked if he would like to stay for the rest of his career.

“Why not?” he replied. “I have never thought about it. I’m only 22. You never know what your career will bring but why not? I’m in my seventh season now and I’m really happy, better than ever.”

Fabregas also believes that his desire to win trophies can be satisfied too. Barca’s relative success compared to Arsenal is sometimes cited as a reason for moving.

“We can achieve that here,” said Fabregas in response to the question. “I have played some Finals, fought for Premier League titles.

“It’s true that at the end of the season we have sometimes had some feeling that we haven’t done it but I’m really happy with the way this club focuses on winning things and I’m sure we are more than capable of doing it this season.”

Get the hint Barca – well do you ??

On to tonight, we need just one point to secure a place in the knock out stages and we at our home against a team who threw away a 2-0 lead to let us win 3-2, so in theory; if we approach with the right attitude we will win.

Mind you I thought that before the Sunderland game!!

Anyway, tonight is very different to Saturday, we are at home and we are not up against a manager like Steve Bruce – say what you want about him but his is doing his club proud, making ‘his home’ his teams fortress, just like Arson has done with us so credit to him!

I say we should rest the French boys, rest Arshavin and bring in those who think they are good enough! That’s their words, not my view!!

How many times do we read an interview from one of those on the fringes of the team, how many times do they choose to tell the whole world they should be in our first team?

Well, tonight I think they should have their moment… Get a good mix and match and by 10pm we will be in the next round – then bring on the Carling Cup Kids for the final match 😉

I would go with this team if I was picking it:-

Eboue Senderos Vermaelen Gibbs
Ramsey Song Rosicky
Walcott Eduardo Vela

Come on you Gooners, lets score ten !!!!!


Sagna’s going nowhere ! …………..

November 14, 2009

On a horrible wet and windy morning many fans might be glad that they are staying home this afternoon instead of having to travel to football, so maybe this break has come at the right time for once? No – ok, just trying to cheer up the grumpy ones who are missing their footie fix.

Look on the bright side, England play Brazil, so that could be a good game to watch, alternatively there is the France v ROI play off, first leg – difficult choice? No, the latter for me and I hope Trapp’s boys get one over the French Boss who looks like he is first choice when Thunderbirds is re-created!!

Not only have we had to endure the Cesc rumours, but now it seems the Sagna to Juve have resurfaced. Well, Big Bacary has turned down Real Madrid according to his agent so Juve have no chance. Also, Sagna has made it very clear to the overseas clubs that he is happy and will not leave Arsenal. Good man!

Gilles Sunu is wanted by Blackpool on loan, good move for the lad to I think and he wants to go. Arsene is being shrewd and has told him to sign a contract extension or don’t go on loan. Sunu is definitely one for the future so let’s hope he sorts this out and signs on the dotted line.

Another player who has sorted out his contract extension is Carlos Vela, terms and conditions have been agreed and all that remains is his signature in the right place which is expected to take place after the break. (Young Guns)

Talking of Mexican players, we are soon to sign another wonder kid, Martin Luis Galvan Romo – he is just 16 years old and a little bit good by all accounts. (See Young Guns for the full article)

This morning’s papers suggest that Bayern Munich youngster David Alaba has confessed that his dream is to play for Arsenal. The 17-year-old midfielder is Austria’s youngest-ever international player – who knows eh?

Two weeks to go until we welcome the Russian Empire to our stately home, and I am starting to warm towards certain aspects of their club – well only the one actually, and that is their injury list!

Frank Lampard
Didier Drogba
Jose Bosingwa
Ashley Cole

All of the above are expected to be out for the match against us, I just hope Essien gets a little knock this weekend and Terry! The latter hobbled off from training with England so you never know.

Just as their injury list grows, ours should soon shorten. Theo, Denilson, Vela, Wilshere, Traore and Vela should be back in training this coming week. Nik should be back sooner than expected. He has a new wealthy woman in his life, he will be wanting ‘that’ injury to heal as soon as possible 😳

Finally, poor old Carlo Cudicini – as a Spud and a man, the two worst things that could have happened to him happened. He suffers a car accident having been hit by a female driver. That must have been a bitter pill to swallow, but then to find out she is a Gooner must have been awful!!

Woops, make that three; he broke both his wrists too!! 😉

Have a great day, and cheer on the Irish, for Irish


Man Utd for the title. Ha, don’t make me laugh, they didn’t beat us we beat ourselves

August 30, 2009

A fixture at Old Trafford so early in the season was a good opportunity to show that we had learned the lessons of last season. It was regarded as our first real test of the season and judging by the fixtures we’ve had so far I would have to agree.

The focus of our new style of play is our work rate and what we do without the ball. The reward for this was 4 wins out of 4 and 15 goals. What more could you ask for and never in so long have I felt so confident going into a game with the champions of England. I felt we could match them and beat them and without Ronaldo, who was a regular thorn in our side, their attacking threat was not going to bother our new found defensive strength. Fergie also knew this and it was no surprise when he changed his formation to match ours. Fergie never changes his tactics for teams,especially at Old Trafford. He knew as much as the rest of us that we were the favourites.

The game started of nervy, with both teams showing off their attacking skills and taking it in turns to launch attacks at each other. If their was ever a test for the Gallas and Vermalaen partnership this was it and with Song anchoring the midfield and offering the pairing protection, our new found defensive strength this season was as strong as ever. Man Utd looked out of ideas, they couldn’t break us down and if anyone looked like scoring it was going to be us, and score we did.

It all started after Arshavin was hacked down in the penalty area by Fletcher, who proceeded to commit a double foul by handball. It looked a definite penalty, in real time and on the replays but decisions like that are hard to get at Old Trafford, so it was no surprise that the appeal was turned down and Fletcher had got away with it. Or had he?? Minutes later with frustration running through his veins, Arshavin picked the ball up in space and blasted a screamer from 25 yards that almost ripped through the back of the net, taking Fosters finger tips with it.

For me that was the game. We had it won. Man Utd were offering nothing when they were going forward, our back 4 were solid and this was emphasised by the fact that the Mancs didn’t get a shot off in anger in the first half.

We started the second half the much better side. creating an early chance when Arshavin scurried into the box and cut a cross back across goal only for Robin to force Foster into a good point blank save. With Man Utd still not offering anything going forward, that was the chance to put the game to bed, but chances like that always come back to haunt you,especially in the big games.

Until the hour mark, Man Utd still hadn’t forced a save from Almunia. So where did it all go wrong?

The answer? We have big game bottlers in our side and they reared their ugly heads once again in another big game. The main culprit was once again Almunia. Giggs slipped a hopeful through ball into Rooney’s path. Rooney was going nowhere, he was heading into no mans land on his weaker left foot with a defender up his backside. Almunia had a rush of blood. He came rushing out,sliding across the floor offering his whole body for Rooney to fall over. We’ve seen Rooney do this before so it was no surprise when he took and early tumble over the outstretched Almunia and won the penalty. Yes it was a dive. Yes there was contact. Yes it was a penalty. A cheap penalty, but a penalty. Rooney proceeded to blast the ball home and once again a mistake had cost us a lead.

Not happy with just that. Giggs once again looped a hopeful cross into our box from a free kick. It lacked pace and had plenty of height. It was a perfect opportunity for any commanding big game keeper to come and collect and ease the pressure, but Almunia failed to see the chance, once again leaving it to a defender to clear and from only  yards out and the helpless Diaby got himself in a muddle and headed the goal into the back of his net.

We had self destructed. We were the better side and Man Utd were 2-1 up without having a shot on goal still. it was very disappointing, we didn’t deserve to lose in such a way but at least we showed what we can do. We were unlucky and it was mistakes that cost us, but you cant make mistakes at Old Trafford and expect to come away with the three points.


Almunia..4..oh dear oh dear. The two mistakes against Barca in the 2006 final gave us insight into Almunia’s big game bottle. Last year he let a 45 yard free kick squeeze past his near post and yesterday he made two mistakes we all know he’s capable of making and lost us the game. He was at fault for Everton’s goal, he shouldn’t have been beaten for the Celtic goal and he’s made two major cock ups again. Our keeper is a good shot stopper but every other aspect of his game is suspect. What was he doing taking a free kick 40 yards away from his goal out on the touchline for??? Did anyone notice that? We have an eccentric goalie who’s a big game bottler and that’s why hes never played for Spain.At any level. Should he be dropped?? Hes making mistakes already, but then again, who do we replace him with?

Sagna..7..solid and strong. how many times do we say that?

Gallas..8..good display again. Solid and dominating. He’s back to his best.

Vermanator..8..hes formed a formidable partnership with Gallas and hes a great defender. Along with Gallas we need him to stay fit if we want to challenge for honours. Sagna

Song..7..good strong display. the defensive triangle in the middle of the park of Song, Gallas and TV is becoming a giant brick wall. He’s another who we need to stay fit all season. Good display.

Denilson..4..a bad game. Regularly lost the ball, never tracks back. Useless going forward. Song was a one man army yesterday in the middle and Denilson is another big game bottler. Good against the Pompey’s but a liability against the big teams..but we said this last season too!! enigma, with quick feet and deceptive pace,he still cant get the hang of this midfield position. Weak in defence and some sloppy passing. Hes better further up the pitch. He got himself in a terrible kerfuffle in our own box, forgetting which way he was supposed to be shooting. Then missed a perfect opportunity to put it right at the other end. Operation Vieira mark 2 should have been abandoned last year. Big game bottler.

Eboue..6..always tries hard and gets himself in some good positions but never knows what to do when he gets there. His games based on heart and desire and as we saw with Kolo it only gets you so far. A decent display but the dive let him and us down.

Robin..6..found it hard to get into the game. The main battle was in the midfield, but without Cesc we lacked creativity and Robin was constantly coming back into the midfield to search for the ball. Opened up a few doors with good quick passes but he should have scored too.

Arshavin..6..he never ceases to amaze me. Hes one of those players who can do nothing all game and then hit 4 goals or a 25 yard screamer. Alot of sloppy play but hes capable of changing a game in the blink of an eye.

In retrospect. We were brilliant. The result has left me crushed but the performance from certain players leaves me with no doubt that we have enough to challenge this season. We were unlucky and we threw the game away, but we really do need Cesc, Rosicky and Nasri back quickly. We need the big game players back. Its early in the season so we have plenty of time to recover from this.

Lets get the Citeh game out of the way and then go on one of those 20 game unbeaten runs.

Have a good day guys,I know it will be hard but chins up.