Coyle has no injuries! No surprise that we do after round one!….

January 20, 2010

Owen Coyle brags that he is able to play the same side that started on Sunday, well lucky him – we have lost one player from our crop who took part in the game on Saturday, but we got fortunate, the way our players were kicked it could have been much worse.

Round two, and we will get the same amount of points at the end, but the win will be very different, the goal margin will be different and you never know, if we get a proper ref tonight some of our goals could even be from a penalty or free kick – after all, we didn’t get many decisions in our favour on Sunday did we?

In fact the only decision I recall going our way was Tomas, you know the one, 1,2,3 kicks on our boys so Tomas took revenge – another day he could have seen red….

Tonight’s game will be very different in another way.

50,000 home fans behind the boys, (yes I know the club like to make out there are more) the fortress of The Emirates, the fear factor for Bolton when they travel and add to that they got beaten in their back yard and tonight they will fear losing by so so many goals, and I think they will!!

Coyle won’t park the Double Decker Bus; he doesn’t play that way, so all being well our goal difference will be awesome by the time the final whistle goes – that could count come the end of the season.

We already know Denilson and Walcott are back, but in some ways, maybe that’s a bit of a shame.
In the away game we saw Eastmond step up and play the ‘Song’ role, and he didn’t do so badly really. I still think he was a bit out of his depth but the pace of the Premiership is not something you can get used to in one game.

I say play him again, or, as suggested here a couple of days ago, why not give Coquelin a go? That way we can see how good he is; compare him not only against Eastmond, but the same opposition.

Talking of the youth/reserves – I miss watching them on Arsenal TV, don’t you?

Eastmond, JET and maybe Watt will be our subs tonight – I wouldn’t mind seeing Sunu on the bench too, maybe he could come on, only when we are 5-0 up though.. 😉

Anyway, enough of speculation, come 7pm we will all know who will play, but I think we all know the result will be good for us….

What more can be written, just hope the snow we have here in Berkshire stays away from The Emirates.
I am going for a big win tonight, and us sitting top of the league come 10pm.. Shame Sky have chosen the spuds game to show 😦

Shame for the kids, they went out of the FA Youth Cup last night after losing 2-0 to Ipswich


Shake the hand of a man that tells you to F *** Off? Of course you would…..

December 4, 2009

No you wouldn’t, I bet there are many folk who in the ‘real world’ would have given Hughes a good old fashioned right hook!

The truth is out then, those near to the dug-outs heard Hughes hurl abuse at our boss during the game.

Having just watched sky sports this morning the sports reported for the Daily Mirror was giving his view. He says he is a great fan of Arsene Wenger and his view is that many people seem to be having a ‘free for all’ pop at our boss without cause. Both he and the reporter in the Daily Express say that had they had been verbally abused in such a manner they would have reacted the same!

Well so would I, all I would like to say to Mark Hughes is:

When you have won a few trophies by using your managerial skills rather than some wealthy man’s cheque book, come back and have a dig at our boss. But right now you have won nothing, and the way things are going you won’t be the manager at Citeh for much longer – you will be sacked and replaced by a real manager, someone who no doubt will have to sell some of the dross you have bought and start all over again!!

As Rasp said yesterday, lets hope The Chavs smash 10 past Citeh at the weekend 😛 Bugger what’s best for us just this once!

Talking of whingers, 6’ 7” star Audrey Arshavin has spouted off again, this time he says we are too short to compete with the other sides. Well yes he may be right but coming from the short arsed dumpy bum player that he is, that’s rich eh!

Everyone said yesterday how we suffer due to the lack of height in the team but why oh why does he feel the need to talk again?

Gibbs and Van Persie have both had their respective operations which have reportedly been successful, well that’s great news. Let’s hope and pray there are no hiccups and they are both back before we know it..

Later today we will hear who is out for tomorrow, sadly though the list is so long it will be quicker to write who is fit than not.

No Song, Robin, Theo, Clichy, Gibbs, Nikki, Diaby, interestingly though Clichy, Diaby and Nikki are described as being a ‘little bit short’ and Theo short term. Now that suggests to me this is the last game they will miss before they return against Liverpool.

If we can show grit and guts at home on Saturday and beat Stoke, by the time we play the dippers we will be a little stronger.

Maybe soon we will all have something to smile about again….

Maybe 😉