Lewis v Theo!

March 29, 2009

I love this time of year when the clocks go forwards, Augusta, The London Marathon and the Boat Race to come, all an indication that spring is here!!

I was listening to the Grand Prix this morning and I remembered this little row up..

A few years ago on a visit to the local with a few friends, all of which had there own little businesses on our  industrial estate. We start talking football, mainly we talk Arsenal. One guy who thinks he is “considerably better than yoh”  is a motor racing fan only. He starts the tutting, the raising of the eyebrows and the turning of the head when the subject doesn’t change ,

Then after 5 minutes, ” 22 grown men chasing a bag of wind about”  The usual retort from the, use your fingers to do the quotation marks.. “petrol head” .. God I hate that.

I have done the “get all your money throw it into a big lump of metal and see who can go round and round in circles the most times, while throwing pound notes in the fuel tank on the way as you go”. argument a few times.

This time I took a different angle to the argument. ” Is it more likely that a formula 1 driver has played football or a footballer has driven a race car?”  The argument being that more people all over the world have been able to try football; therefore, the more people that participate, the higher the standard. Also, a footballer like Theo Walcott  could  buy his equipment off the shelf in Foot Locker, the same as we all could. But you cannot buy a  car that would win a Grand Prix (unless you are Richard Branson of course).

Hence a formula 1 driver is solely reliant on his equipment and finances..

But Lewis came from 18th to finish 3rd today proving he has a lot of skill in the art of driving and nearly ruined my post lol.. Well done Lewis (Gooner)..

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon Roadsters….