We were down, we took the standing 8 count, its time to fight back….

February 10, 2010

Confidence maybe low and the scars from the two previous defeats may still be gaping, but we really need to get a grip of ourselves as its gonna be a fight now. We really need to dig deep. It’s no good hiding behind excuses, every game from now until the end of the season is a cup final. The players and the manager need to roll up their sleeves and yes that includes the fans too. According to Wenger they feel the whole world is against them, so we need to turn the Emirates into a fortress and give them 50,000 reasons why they are not alone. We don’t want to give them anymore excuses than what they already have.

We really need a trophy this year, if not, at least a CL final or pushing the title race to the last day. Every year Wenger tells us this squad is ready. He practically tells us the domestic cups are a non priority and throws them every season in order to compete in the two big ones, but we always fall short. Well short. We have to do it this year or Wenger will find that his band of blind faith followers will dwindle more erratically than what they are already.

Football is a sport, it’s all about winning. If it’s not about winning then why on earth do we keep score?? Why do we have league tables and knock out competitions??? Why does the team that comes 1st get those big shiny silver things as a reward and every other club gets naff all. It’s all about medals and trophies. If Wenger is interested in nothing but ‘finances’ and the ‘long term security’ of the club, it’s time he took a job upstairs to help with the finances and long term securities and we get someone in to coach the team who’s hungry for glory. Somebody who at least teaches his players the basics of the age old art of defending…

At the minute Wenger is playing the role of butcher, baker and candlestick maker and it seems to be taking its toll. I remember the other week after Utd had trounced us. In the post match interview Fergie was asked if Rooney’s contract was being sorted and Fergie said he didn’t deal with that side of things. His job is just to deal with details on the pitch and it seems to be working for them. 3 trophies on the bounce well in the race for a 4th, even with the loss of two of their best players last season..

Anyway, moving quickly on. There’s 13 games to go. That’s plenty of time but we can’t afford no more cock ups. Wenger needs to stop pampering these players and put a rocket up their arses. Play the players in their best positions, drop the players who aren’t performing. Almunia, Sagna, Denilson, Theo and Clichy are the best examples. We dont have enough games now for them to ‘find their fitness/confidence’. It’s about the team not the players sensitive souls. Sod them. They are playing shit and costing us points so they have to give way. If they need fitness or whatever, bang them in the reserves until they’ve proved it.

Nobody has a god given right to win anything, but at the same time nobody has the god given right to play in the first team either. Earn your place, that’s why we have big squads nowadays. What does it say to the young players who are playing well, if  a 1st teamer spends 3 months out injured, only to walk straight back into the team and plays like hes never played before in his life, making endless mistakes and costing points..

Lets go for it against the Dippers. We need some big performances so lets pick the players that will give us that and not the ones who will make cock ups and then have people making excuses up after the game, saying that they have just returned from injury. It’s getting boring. We have a massive squad, so lets use it..

Eboue Gallas Campbell TV
Cesc Song Rosicky
Diaby Bendtner AA

We have a chance to get some pride back and kick start our season again. Liverpool are in form, we are not, but stats count for nothing out there on the pitch. Denilson is proof of this. Beat the dippers and fingers crossed for a couple of results that go in our favour and all is not lost..

Last chance lads, so go get ’em, restore some pride and take no prisoners…


As a great man once said – ‘I have a dream’……………

November 27, 2009

Today is one of the most exciting days I have had for many a year. While you are all getting out of bed and getting ready for your day ahead, I will be setting off to collect the two new additions to our family. Am I excited? You bet I am!

I do realise though I will have been back home for many hours before our illustrious leader joins us, in fact I bet I will be home before he even stops snoring!!

I know I have already mentioned this, but – a couple of weeks ago I had a dream, a dream that we were playing the Chavs – we lost 4-1.

Eduardo was our goal scorer, but I haven’t a clue who scored theirs, and I don’t really care!

As I said then; dreams really don’t come true, do they?

Football is a funny old game, we laugh at some results, we cry at some of ours and we get wound up and stressed about so much – sometimes we even fall out 😉

This weekend we play the Chavs at our Fortress and all I can think about is what emotion will I be feeling come 6pm on Sunday night. Will we be thinking that’s it, title challenge over, could it be ok a draw is not a bad result, or will it be – that’s it, win our game in hand and we can bloody win the premiership this season.

My head tells me we won’t be laughing, but my heart tells me we won’t be following the dream, and something, just something tells me to forget all that and have belief in our team. We are never better than when our backs are against the wall and to a degree they are. So many injuries for us, so many ‘injured’ Chavs have suddenly become fit again. But the biggest thing for me is the loss at Sunderland, the rant by Arson, the bookies giving us little to no chance…. That is why I am truly starting to believe we will win.

Anelka, the man who told the world he should never have left us, now says that winning the premiership with his current team would be better than when he won it with us! Well thank you, that is why I believe we will win, Arson made you the player you are and that is how you repay him, which just shows us all what you are really made of!

As Rasp said yesterday, many of Anelka’s family made a whole lot of money… And that was because of Arsenal, not because of the million clubs he has played for since!!

So who do we really need to worry about in the Chav team?????

The answer to me is simple, all of them!

When we play the sides that have weaknesses, our team seems think the game is won before the whistle goes to kick off, and yes I include both Mancs in that statement, but on Sunday we are up against the current leaders in the premiership, there are no weak spots so everyone has to, and will be focused and fighting to the end.

Slowly but surely my belief increases, but Arson has the final say. He has to pick the right eleven, a mix of strong defence and clinical attack. Hit them from the off, put them on the back foot from the moment the whistle blows – Wigan did, Aston Villa did it – so can we!!

This morning I don’t care about rumours, I don’t care about what the Rags write, what I care about most is that our Little Willy gets his swelling down (not what most men want I know) but we need him, we need him alongside Vermaelen and to boss the defence.

If we do that my friends, we will be the ones left smiling……

Don’t forget to have a peep at the new widget …..


Lucky Thirteen??? – just maybe…….

October 2, 2009

I have a suggestion, let’s forget the pound man; he isn’t worth talking about anymore….

Let’s concentrate on our team, our team that has had a manger at its helm for thirteen years. Not only is he now the longest serving boss we have ever had, but the most successful, so we have an awful lot to be happy about – don’t we?

Whatever happens with Arsene Wenger in the near future, the position are club are in is well set and the future looks pretty rosy with all the talent in the youth and reserves – I won’t be taken in by ‘that link’ I posted yesterday, nor by the author of it so for the next few years we will have exciting times….

Irish mentioned yesterday morning that there was no post to celebrate the reign of Le Boss and I will take a rap on the knuckles for missing that, so today I thought I would post/paste a few of the tributes from his fellow managers and one special player who to this day we all still miss….

First up – Fat Sam

Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce has paid tribute to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who he will face on Sunday.

Despite the duo not seeing eye-to-eye, Allardyce has become the latest manager to praise Wenger’s 13-year tenure with the Londoners, claiming the Frenchman ‘found his home’ when he joined the club back in 1996.

“Anybody that can get into double-figures as a manager these days is achieving a huge amount of success for that particular football club, and I think there’s few managers that can stay at a particular football club that long.” the Rovers boss said.

“I think Arsene coming from Japan in the beginning found his home at long last and found that he could be allowed to do what he always wanted to do – and that was run a football club his way.

“I think probably elsewhere, outside England, you’re not allowed to do that.

“But I think in England and particularly at Arsenal as the years have gone by, he’s been allowed almost total control of the development of the whole of the football at Arsenal and both have benefited greatly from that.
“So I’m not surprised he’s the longest-serving manager Arsenal has had.”

Both managers have endured a fractious relationship with each other over the years, originating from Allardyce’s physical tactics during his time at Bolton and the former Newcastle boss admitted they are not one to share a bottle of wine after a game.

Allardyce added of their relationship: “It’s been interesting – I would hope we would have a mutual respect for each other but other than that it goes no further.”

“It’s been a regressive nature in the past on how we have played against them but it’s always been within the rules and laws of the game and because we’ve adopted that side sometimes they get a little upset.
“Until football becomes a non-contact sport like basketball then we play within the rules of the game. We always do that and what that has done has brought us results against Arsenal and that’s why we have been criticised.”

Next is Old Red Nose 😛

“Arsene has brought the best out of Arsenal,” the United manager said. “Since he has gone there, the success of the club has been fantastic. He sticks to what he believes in – and so do his players.
“That is why he has been there so long. I read some quotes from his players the other day that sum up the situation pretty well. They owe everything to him. That is nice to read.”

Red Devils boss for 23 years himself, Ferguson feels Wenger’s success at Arsenal proves his own theory that if clubs stand by their own decisions and give managers time, they will eventually be rewarded.

“If you look at Brian Clough, myself and Arsene, it proves longevity brings rewards,” said Ferguson. “His team play the right way and he has a stadium that is full every week.

“He has been an incredible manager for that football club. There is no question about that.”

And then we have the Mighty TH14 😛 😛

Barcelona star Thierry Henry is not ashamed to admit he would not be the player he is today had it not been for Arsene Wenger, the long-serving Arsenal manager.

Henry explains how his fellow Frenchman took him under his wing and transformed him from a struggling winger into one of the greatest strikers to have ever graced the Premier League.

“Of the trophies I won with Barcelona, winning the Champions League was very special because I had not won it before, but I am happy to admit that if it wasn’t for Arsene Wenger I would not be where I am today,” Henry told Goal.com.

“I will never forget how strongly he believed in my ability and he gave me the confidence to go out and play and do well for myself and make my family proud of me. He has never taken any of the credit and that is how humble he is. But the truth is that I will always be grateful to him for re-teaching me the art of being a striker and making me learn from my mistakes. But I have many people other people who have also helped me, like my father and many others.

“Before I came to Arsenal I was very down but Arsene Wenger was there and he knows how the game should be played and the rest, as they say, is history.

“He only knows how much time he invested in me and many others. I still talk to him and watch Arsenal on TV. I just cannot see Arsenal without Arsene Wenger. I’d love to go back some day.”

When Henry left Arsenal, he was already regarded by many as the club’s greatest ever player:
The Frenchman netted a record 226 goals in 364 appearances for the Gunners, his strike rate ensuring that he topped the Premier League’s scoring charts on four occasions.

He won the Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year award twice and the prestigious Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year three times.

‘Titi’ was an undisputed idol at Highbury and remains so in the hearts of most who frequent the new Emirates Stadium, despite the whispers of off-field problems that preceded his departure from the club.
Although Henry refuses to go into detail, he does insinuate that the departure of former vice-chairman David Dein played a part in his move to Spain.

However, he is adamant that despite signing for the Catalan giants, he will always have a place for the Arsenal fans in his heart.
“Certain things were not right and with David Dein leaving, I just needed to make sure I did the right ting and not end up in a comfort zone,” Henry said.
“David Dein was also very good to me and he enjoyed a good relationship with Arsene Wenger, and at the time there were also a lot more question marks.

“But I enjoy playing for Barcelona because it is also a great club with a great tradition and great history.
“And although we have won more or less everything here, I do miss the Arsenal fans who appreciated me and supported me through not only the good times but also the bad times.
“They are wonderful people and if anyone of them is reading this article, I would like to say thank you once again for your support for me. You will always be in my heart.”

Henry believes Barcelona are more than capable of retaining the Champions League trophy at the home of arch rivals Real Madrid come May. However, he believes no one in their right mind will dare write off his old club from lifting the trophy in May.
He said: “Winning the Champions League with Barcelona was very special. We have a solid team here and we are very high on confidence.

“No one should say Arsenal or anybody else cannot win the Champions League, because that would be disrespectful and I know how good they are and how good the manager is.

Ok, so it’s a day late, but what are your thoughts on Arsene Wenger, the man, the manager, our leader ????

Man Utd for the title. Ha, don’t make me laugh, they didn’t beat us we beat ourselves

August 30, 2009

A fixture at Old Trafford so early in the season was a good opportunity to show that we had learned the lessons of last season. It was regarded as our first real test of the season and judging by the fixtures we’ve had so far I would have to agree.

The focus of our new style of play is our work rate and what we do without the ball. The reward for this was 4 wins out of 4 and 15 goals. What more could you ask for and never in so long have I felt so confident going into a game with the champions of England. I felt we could match them and beat them and without Ronaldo, who was a regular thorn in our side, their attacking threat was not going to bother our new found defensive strength. Fergie also knew this and it was no surprise when he changed his formation to match ours. Fergie never changes his tactics for teams,especially at Old Trafford. He knew as much as the rest of us that we were the favourites.

The game started of nervy, with both teams showing off their attacking skills and taking it in turns to launch attacks at each other. If their was ever a test for the Gallas and Vermalaen partnership this was it and with Song anchoring the midfield and offering the pairing protection, our new found defensive strength this season was as strong as ever. Man Utd looked out of ideas, they couldn’t break us down and if anyone looked like scoring it was going to be us, and score we did.

It all started after Arshavin was hacked down in the penalty area by Fletcher, who proceeded to commit a double foul by handball. It looked a definite penalty, in real time and on the replays but decisions like that are hard to get at Old Trafford, so it was no surprise that the appeal was turned down and Fletcher had got away with it. Or had he?? Minutes later with frustration running through his veins, Arshavin picked the ball up in space and blasted a screamer from 25 yards that almost ripped through the back of the net, taking Fosters finger tips with it.

For me that was the game. We had it won. Man Utd were offering nothing when they were going forward, our back 4 were solid and this was emphasised by the fact that the Mancs didn’t get a shot off in anger in the first half.

We started the second half the much better side. creating an early chance when Arshavin scurried into the box and cut a cross back across goal only for Robin to force Foster into a good point blank save. With Man Utd still not offering anything going forward, that was the chance to put the game to bed, but chances like that always come back to haunt you,especially in the big games.

Until the hour mark, Man Utd still hadn’t forced a save from Almunia. So where did it all go wrong?

The answer? We have big game bottlers in our side and they reared their ugly heads once again in another big game. The main culprit was once again Almunia. Giggs slipped a hopeful through ball into Rooney’s path. Rooney was going nowhere, he was heading into no mans land on his weaker left foot with a defender up his backside. Almunia had a rush of blood. He came rushing out,sliding across the floor offering his whole body for Rooney to fall over. We’ve seen Rooney do this before so it was no surprise when he took and early tumble over the outstretched Almunia and won the penalty. Yes it was a dive. Yes there was contact. Yes it was a penalty. A cheap penalty, but a penalty. Rooney proceeded to blast the ball home and once again a mistake had cost us a lead.

Not happy with just that. Giggs once again looped a hopeful cross into our box from a free kick. It lacked pace and had plenty of height. It was a perfect opportunity for any commanding big game keeper to come and collect and ease the pressure, but Almunia failed to see the chance, once again leaving it to a defender to clear and from only  yards out and the helpless Diaby got himself in a muddle and headed the goal into the back of his net.

We had self destructed. We were the better side and Man Utd were 2-1 up without having a shot on goal still. it was very disappointing, we didn’t deserve to lose in such a way but at least we showed what we can do. We were unlucky and it was mistakes that cost us, but you cant make mistakes at Old Trafford and expect to come away with the three points.


Almunia..4..oh dear oh dear. The two mistakes against Barca in the 2006 final gave us insight into Almunia’s big game bottle. Last year he let a 45 yard free kick squeeze past his near post and yesterday he made two mistakes we all know he’s capable of making and lost us the game. He was at fault for Everton’s goal, he shouldn’t have been beaten for the Celtic goal and he’s made two major cock ups again. Our keeper is a good shot stopper but every other aspect of his game is suspect. What was he doing taking a free kick 40 yards away from his goal out on the touchline for??? Did anyone notice that? We have an eccentric goalie who’s a big game bottler and that’s why hes never played for Spain.At any level. Should he be dropped?? Hes making mistakes already, but then again, who do we replace him with?

Sagna..7..solid and strong. how many times do we say that?

Gallas..8..good display again. Solid and dominating. He’s back to his best.

Vermanator..8..hes formed a formidable partnership with Gallas and hes a great defender. Along with Gallas we need him to stay fit if we want to challenge for honours.

Clichy..7..like Sagna

Song..7..good strong display. the defensive triangle in the middle of the park of Song, Gallas and TV is becoming a giant brick wall. He’s another who we need to stay fit all season. Good display.

Denilson..4..a bad game. Regularly lost the ball, never tracks back. Useless going forward. Song was a one man army yesterday in the middle and Denilson is another big game bottler. Good against the Pompey’s but a liability against the big teams..but we said this last season too!!

Diaby..6..an enigma, with quick feet and deceptive pace,he still cant get the hang of this midfield position. Weak in defence and some sloppy passing. Hes better further up the pitch. He got himself in a terrible kerfuffle in our own box, forgetting which way he was supposed to be shooting. Then missed a perfect opportunity to put it right at the other end. Operation Vieira mark 2 should have been abandoned last year. Big game bottler.

Eboue..6..always tries hard and gets himself in some good positions but never knows what to do when he gets there. His games based on heart and desire and as we saw with Kolo it only gets you so far. A decent display but the dive let him and us down.

Robin..6..found it hard to get into the game. The main battle was in the midfield, but without Cesc we lacked creativity and Robin was constantly coming back into the midfield to search for the ball. Opened up a few doors with good quick passes but he should have scored too.

Arshavin..6..he never ceases to amaze me. Hes one of those players who can do nothing all game and then hit 4 goals or a 25 yard screamer. Alot of sloppy play but hes capable of changing a game in the blink of an eye.

In retrospect. We were brilliant. The result has left me crushed but the performance from certain players leaves me with no doubt that we have enough to challenge this season. We were unlucky and we threw the game away, but we really do need Cesc, Rosicky and Nasri back quickly. We need the big game players back. Its early in the season so we have plenty of time to recover from this.

Lets get the Citeh game out of the way and then go on one of those 20 game unbeaten runs.

Have a good day guys,I know it will be hard but chins up.

“Is It Coz I is Arsenal?”

August 29, 2009

Eduardo gets his leg stamped on and Taylor gets a 2 match ban.. Dudu takes 18 months to recover. That is like a ban, only Dudu’s only crime was according to MOTD ” he was a bit too fast for Taylor”
Instead of being happy for our little Croatian Gooner to be back playing at the top level and enjoying what he can bring to English football, the media have picked on him big time.
Now I am all for getting this cheating out of the game, but any action should be done before the season starts and not retrospectively picking on one player who let’s face it has been through the worst two years of his life.  If you are going to clamp down on it let the clubs know where they stand BEFORE the event.

The press want Eduardo to serve more time than the Lockerbie bomber for doing what Steve G and Ronaldo do every game they play in..
The facts are Man U would NOT have won the League last year or the year before if it wasn’t for Ronaldo’s diving. So when one team are allowed to get an unfair advantage, how can it be wrong if Dudu evens up the playing field, I mean cheats always prosper when they are Manc or Scouse cheats. We all know why.

Here is an idea, what about get a few referee’s to study footage from the last 3 or 4 seasons in all the games played by the so called big four and take away any goals scored directly as a result of the cheating. Then change the results accordingly.. . Who would have the most goals taken away? I may be biased but even the most unfair referee would deduct less points from Arsenal than any of the others.
Now UEFA have got involved directly.. I honestly didn’t know how much Arsenal are hated in this world. UEFA… WHAT ABOUT ASHLEY YOUNG?????

And don’t forget you are now setting a dangerous precedent, you had better stick to it.

There seems to be three types of player that the media abuse to different levels. There is the all good, super dooper  lashings of ginger beer, do no wrong Englishman like Gerrard.. now what did that commentator say when he dived ?. “He went over because he anticipated the tackle”..

There is the foreign player.. We don’t like there sort around these parts, “this is a local League for local people”.
Then there is the biggest criminal of all. The foreign Arsenal player the fact that he dares to walk onto a football pitch in a red and white shirt the press perceive him to be a Jack the Ripper type character worse than any mass murderer.

I can only remember two other famous dives by us  (I know Vieira was no saint) .. The one where we beat Portsmouth by Sir Bobby P in our invincible season and in the Champions League final by Eboue that led to the free kick where Campball scored. I can remember ten times  more against us. Rodney, Babel, van Nistelrooy the list is endless. The financial and prestigious penalties are endless too.

Why not go further Arsene don’t give any interviews to that second rate TV company ITV, they started all this with constantly showing the replay of the incident and the bunch of tossers (experts) that they had commentating and on the panel.
Go all the way UEFA deduct us a couple of points from our qualifying group, then will the real Arsenal please stand up.. Please stand up..

This evening we have a trip to Old Trafford, a difficult game that we have avoided so early in the season recently, but this may be an advantage to us as Man U never seem to get out of the traps as quick as us, but they seem to creep up on the league towards the end of the season..
The most mouth watering part of the game for me is going to be how our centre backs handle the threat of Rodney, Berbatov or Owen. For the first time in three or four seasons I feel that they should be in our defences pocket, I have never seen Gallas in such great form, if it was my choice now he would be the captain, how things change but fair play to the man, he has won me around. And he is standing next to the mighty Vermaelen. Not one person has said we miss the man with Arsenal running through his veins.. Kolo who? (Arsene cannot choose a defender can he?)

Will Mr Wenger OBE pick Dudu? I would .. If  there was ever a strong character then it is this man.. Who would bet against him scoring the winner. I can feel my chest puffing out as I think about it.. Those are the dreams of what being a Gooner is all about.

I think we will win by 2 goals to nil have faith my fellow Gooners..

When Wenger Talks the World Listens!

March 6, 2009

If anyone had any doubt over the standing of Arsene Wenger in football just have a look in the newspapers and all over the internet. The only problem is the papers twist his quotes to make more headlines and controversy, for instance..

This is what Mr Wenger was quoted as saying   “Sometimes I feel Manchester United get too much protection”….

But he actually said   “Sometimes I feel Manchester United get too much protection and sometimes they don’t get enough” …

It’s like that party game Chinese Whispers.

On Talk Sport this morning Alan Brazil was having a Adrian Durham day, “ooh pelters”,  “why don’t Wenger shut up Henry was arrogant”, “I have nothing against Arsenal but calling Ronaldo arrogant”  “ooh the tube, send your tecks in” .   The only person who agrees with Arsene is “ol red nose”   Ferguson said: “What Arsene said is that it sometimes appears as though there is an arrogance (with Ronaldo) and I can understand what he is saying”.

The other thing Mr Wenger would like to see is a longer ban for some of these X rated tackles that have crept into the game recently, up to 10 games. Is that such a stupid idea when a players career could end and the perpetrator could get off with a 3 match ban or as little as a yellow card. I suppose it reflects the real world.

It’s just a short rant from me tonight as there will be a pre match post coming up in time for Sunday. I have heard that Kolo is out with a calf problem but Mr Gallas is back so we should be fine.

A big up for the youth team last night as a 3-1 win over the Spuds is great at any level, it should keep us in good stead for the future.