Great Spirit!! Which game was that then boss??

May 13, 2010


“When you’re as close to a trophy and you don’t do it, it’s disappointing but overall if you look back over the season, I am proud of our attitude and spirit.

“Unfortunately we got injuries in the final sprint of the season and it was a bit too much.

“This season has shown that we have quality, spirit and we have also discovered players who have made massive improvements so there is a very strong basis to do extremely well.

“Not a lot is needed when you come as close as we did this year having lost the big games. I think we have a massive chance to come back and win it. Let’s be consistent, come back next year and be even stronger.”

That’s how Wenger has summed up our season….

Eleven points Arsene, not one, two or three, eleven points behind the league winners is how we finished and you say we showed great spirit and attitude…

What utter garbage, where was the spirit and attitude at Wigan and Sunderland, Blackburn, Stoke and Citeh, not to mention down the road at the swampies ground?? What about the home games against the Chavs and Mancs?

Great spirit and attitude doesn’t get us rolled over on our own turf so very easily does it?? In the games against those who finished above us we were poor, very poor, in fact rather than show spirit we were more like a ghost the way they brushed through our defence!! I mean the whole defensive unit within that comment…

I don’t often expect us to go to Old Trafford and win, nor do I expect a win at Stamford Bridge, but surely we expect the team to give its all and compete, don’t we??

Well we didn’t!!

So, if Arsene Wenger thinks just one defender will solve our defensive problems then he really has gone off the boil… I just hope and pray its mind games to keep the vultures away from his two defensive targets, somehow though I think he is truthing…

If that’s the case, we are in for the same kind of season ahead, albeit it could get worse. Sure as heck those around us will spend and if we aren’t careful, we will be left well behind!!

One defender is far from enough Arsene Wenger….. Far from enough!!

We need two defenders, a good/great goal keeper and another Alex Song… Add them to Chamakh and we may just win something next season!!

Talking of Alex Song, here is a player who has been our rock in midfield alongside Captain Creative, but still he isn’t happy. Song now wants to start scoring goals – now there’s a man who isn’t prepared to sit back on his laurels…….

Finally, well done to the ladies, they finished their season off in style with a 3-0 win at home, maybe Wenger should draft a few into the first team 🙂

Have a good day all….


Where are you now then?????

March 29, 2010

I’m still so so peed off after Saturday …..

Why is it so many fans see one good display and think that’s enough??? That’s enough to secure that players place in the side for the rest of time?

Well, I don’t and most don’t but sadly a few do, when they do they like to make sure we all get to hear about it, no doubt those people were gloating at the time of making clear their own views…

Last week ond of the regular posting here on Avenell Road took the time out of his day to day life to write a post about what to do in the summer, should we buy, do we need to by, do we sell to buy or just stay the same….

In that same post the author mentioned Denilson and how average he has been, me, I would say poor! He also mentioned the need for a new goal keeper.

The day before the article was posted Arsenal played, Denilson scored a great goal and had one of his best games in a long long while, Almunia saved a penalty and the team won!

Well shiver me old timbers, two of the worst performers of the season chose to have a great day and on the same day, how spooky! Jeepers Creepers, it was well overdue in my opinion.

Becuause of that though, the post here on Avenell Road attracted a few, thankfully not many contributors who laughed in the face of the author – one actually made reference to the post must have been written prior to the game because of their performances…… Well, one swallow does not make a summer!!

For me, it wouldn’t have mattered, I don’t think it would have made any difference to the thoughts, opinions of the author. It’s his view and he has the right to share it.

As it turns out, not that most of us needed convincing, Erick was spot on in what he wrote. We have a dreadful goal keeper who on Saturday,  not only cost us not only two points but possibly the league and a midfielder called Denilson who unless he has the rock of Song alongside him, continues to look very average!!

Where are those same fans today then??

I bet you one thing though, none of those who took the piss the day that post went up come back an apologise?? For sure they won’t, after all  both Denilson and Almunia wear an Arsenal shirt, they have to be good don’t they…… regardless!!!

Well, I am sorry, come the summer, that should cease!!

Top it all, last night I had a call from a friend of mine, known her for 35 years and she is a big Football Fan. She hates the Chavs and has to follow the Mancs as one of her two sons suuports them. Deep down though she holds a soft spot for Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and the way we play football. She asked one thing having watched Bolton  – ‘How the hell can Wilshere be allowed to go on loan when players like Denilson are in the first team?……..


Cesc says Fab’s Dopey! Gilberto’s coming home, again…

February 19, 2010


Did I laugh when I read ATV Online yesterday afternoon? For sure I did.

Cesc was talking about Fabianski, this is what he said:-

“He is strong and we have to be there for him,” said Fabregas after the game.

“We haven’t seen him because he is doing doping [tests] but we have to be next to him. Sometimes when you are young in a big game, these things happen to you. You can be a little bit down but the team will be 100 per cent behind him and help him in the next game to come back to his best.

So it’s true, we really do have one (maybe more) of the seven dwarfs in our squad, Lucas Fabianski is Dopey!!

It’s sad though really for Fabianski; imagine how he felt trudging off the pitch, knowing he had such a shocker?

Even the authorities thought he had been on ‘something’ to play so badly! 😉

Talking of goalkeepers, James Shea has signed a new contract so the future looks very much like Wojciech Szczesny and Shea who will be our numbers 1 & 2 – there is also a Norwegian-born kid called McDermott who is meant to be good, but at seventeen years old it’s hard to judge him.

McDermott has represented the Republic of Ireland at both Under-16 and Under-17 levels but I wonder if when he gets older he will choose to play for his country of birth, a bit like Frimpong who now want to play for Ghana.

So on a day where the defeat to Porto still hurts, let’s think ahead to the weekend…

We are at home against Sunderland and the good news is that Alex Song is back, so too is Almunia. The latter is a strange one as if his finger was so bad, how come he is suddenly fit again.. I guess we will never know the truth about that but I maintain Almunia was dropped for the Porto game and right now I wish he hadn’t been!!

But as always with us, a bit of good news is often followed by bad, and today it’s Diaby, he’s out for the game on Saturday 😦 There was a time I would have been glad to hear that bit of news, but I’m big enough to admit that just maybe I got it wrong – I say just maybe as he needs to play the way he has been, add a more defensive side to his game and you never know, he could be good…..

Lorik Cana has suggested he was all set to come to us on trial when he was sixteen years old but visa problems prevented it happening!

Blimey, I didn’t get a Visa Card until I was in my twenties, but I did pay it off every month 😉

Another snippet is that Giles Sunu is ready to leave us at the end of the season – what utter garbage, this story came out ages ago and it’s a case of sour grapes by Bordeaux after we have sorted a deal for Chamakh (maybe)

Sunu will be very aware of the fact that if any club gives a kid a chance, it’s Arsenal, so why go and start all over again at another club – only to be left to warm the bench for the next few years…

Right now he is going off on loan to Derby for the rest of the season, but trust me, he’ll stay at Arsenal..

Finally, Gilberto Silva is coming home and he is looking forward to it:-

This is what he said-

‘I’m really looking forward to coming back to London and play once at Emirates Stadium. Although it’s Brazil against Republic of Ireland, and Arsenal will not be playing there, I’m sure I’ll see many good old friends from Arsenal. Of course, it will be great to play on the very good pitch and in the great stadium again’.

Right now, how would you all love this Brazilian in our squad?

I know I would prefer him than the one we have….

Over sensationalised heading maybe, but isn’t that just what all the paps do…..??

And yes, it gets people to read! Some may come back, some may not……

But we’re doing ok, it’s a footie blog, it’s meant to be fun!! 🙂

Individual errors prove costly..again!!!

February 18, 2010

I’m not normally one to hide behind excuses when the lads get beat. To be honest I find them all incredibly boring. Every year we hear the same things such as our injuries hampered us, we’ve got no money, the media are against us and the referees are anti arsenal. After so long I lose interest in debating with these people because that’s what footballs about. You are going to get injuries but you have to build a squad to be able to cope with them. You may have no money but you have to work with the resources you have. The media have always been the same and will say anything to sell a story or attract ratings, only the very feeble minded will listen to washouts like Redknapp, Hansen and co (who themselves were never good enough to make managers) and believe everything they say. Then of corse you’ll always get the odd ref who acts like a total spaz. No matter what it may be, excuses are for losers. It’s a way of hiding behind your deficiencies and pointing the finger at someone else always appears to be the best option, but it doesn’t help. Excuses just lead to that smug attitude and complacency and it doesn’t solve the problems at hand. I find a bit of constructive criticism better. Sod the excuses. Like I said it’s for losers and quitters. Winners tackle the problem head on and evaluate where THEY went wrong and pull all the stops to fix it.

I could adopt the latter attitude to last nights game but i wont. Why?? Because it’s probably one of the biggest acts of football corruption I’ve ever witnessed in recent times. Quite simply we were robbed. This is not an excuse, it’s a fact..

Ok. I’ll admit that some of our players didn’t turn up last night but neither did the ref. We still controlled large parts of the game and we deserved to take at least a draw..

I found the first half very entertaining. Both sides going after each other from the off with Big Sol rolling back the years with some super tackles and a nice little goal..

Fabianski’s mistake to concede an early opener for the home side was very school boy and the second goal we conceded was just a comical farce, can’t really totally put blame on him for that. All I’ll say is next time that happens kick it. Don’t take the risk, if in doubt give it a clout.

What is it about our lads and own goals recently?? Why don’t we have a keeper who has safe hands and not butterfingers?? Maybe it’s a problem for Wenger to address in the summer, but for now we are stuck with what we’ve got. There’s an old saying in football that a good keeper will win you matches. Our keepers gift the opposition goals at ease at the minute and its very concerning. How can we expect to win medals when our top 2 choice keepers look barely capable of tying their own shoelaces?? These individual errors need to be cut out, or at least cut down. Every player makes mistakes but our players are making massive ones in crucial games and they are all leading to goals.It’s got to be said it’s not a sign of a team challenging for silverware..

I know this is a bit different from a match report, but seeing as though the ref thought everyone was there to watch him I’d really like to concentrate on his contribution and give him a rating. Wouldn’t want to steal the limelight from the players now would we???

1..Cesc was getting hammered left right and centre. It was obvious to most neutrals that after a bright start by Porto, they had become tired from matching us blow for blow by the end of the first half, so proceeded to what can only be called assault our star man. Constant foul after foul, the majority from behind and from one man in particular, Fernando. I counted at least 5 times he hacked down Cesc so why did the ref only give him a yellow in the last ten minutes when Diaby got carded for his first clumsy tackle in the first half???

2..How the hell did the ref not see the foul on Rosicky in the box? Every man and his dog saw it was a pen. You didn’t need a replay to make sure it was it was stone wall. Stevie wonder would have seen it but I guess after ‘Eduardogate’ we are never going to get another penalty again..

3..Within 30 seconds of the penalty that was, that wasn’t, but really was and would have been if it was any other team but Arsenal, Porto hit a long ball that brushed of Big Sol’s toenail and Fabianski picked up. Now even on the replay you couldn’t really make out if it had even hit Sol, nevermind him intentionally passing it back, because thats what I thought a pass back was – intentionally passing it back to your keeper. So how the hell the ref could see it touched Sol from 30 yards behind the play and he couldn’t see the Rosicky penalty I’ll never know. Not ending matters there, the ref demanded the ball off Fabianski and gave it to the cheating Porto player and before anyone knew it the ball was in the net. The ref wasn’t even looking at the play, how can he allow it if he aint looking? Not only that but he was interfering with play by blocking Sol and it was supposed to be an indirect freekick. You might as well have given them a fucking penalty into an open net you prick…

Martin Hannson..10..Well done son, wonderful display. Man of the match and as Rico would say- you were the ‘knob of the night’ and you ruined what started off being a decent spectacle of football, you corrupt tosser.

Anyway I think we’ll still win this tie. We’ve got a good record against Porto at home and we’ve got that crucial away goal. With the return of a few walking wounded and with the absence of Porto’s star play (Hannson) we should knock 3 or 4 past them with ease…

Oh and by the way. What did anyone think of Cesc’s comments after the match?? Frustrated or frustrated with how things are going at Arsenal???

Not the best eighteen, but we can still get a good result…. Almunia dropped?

February 17, 2010


Football is finally back for the Mighty Arsenal and thank goodness for that!

Here is the eighteen man squad who by now would have safely landed on Portuguese soil, had a good nights sleep and are busy getting themselves ready for their day ahead. Ok, not so much day, but tonight.

Arsenal squad:

Lukasz Fabianski
Vito Mannone
Nicklas Bendtner
Carlos Vela
Theo Walcott
Samir Nasri
Aaron Ramsey
Tomas Rosicky
Abou Diaby
Cesc Fabregas
Gael Clichy
Thomas Vermaelen
Emmanuel Eboue
Mikael Silvestre
Sol Campbell
Armand Traore
Bacary Sagna

We knew Arshavin was out and were sweating on the fitness of Song. What a shocker to find out that they weren’t the only ones who were in doubt for the match tonight.

I read yesterday a few snippets about Gallas but just assumed he would be fit, but as for the rest!!

No Almunia, Song, Gallas, Eduardo or Arshavin!! That is just typical of our fortune isn’t it.

I think Almunia has been dropped – Why? Because I watched Arsene Wenger’s response on Sky Sports News when he was asked about why he was missing – He replied ‘Finger’!!

Eventually he said he had a twisted finger and had done for a little while, but trust me, he was fibbing and Almunia has been dropped.

I managed to sneak a photograph of Almunia’s injury, but I thought his hands were much bigger -maybe its just Almunia’s reply to, ‘Your dropped Son’ 😉

Strange though if he has been dropped, he played ok against the Dippers, came up with a fine save to stop Babel and then gets dropped.

I just hope it’s not a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire; Fabianski has had some great games for us, if I think hard I will remember them, but he needs a great game tonight, that’s for sure.

With the squad that has travelled, I’m guessing that Arsene will play

Eboue/Sagna TV Sol Clichy
Cesc Denilson Diaby
Nasri Nik Rosicky
Subs – Mannone, Eboue/Sagna, Walcott, Vela, Silvestre, Ramsey, Traore..

The subs were easy, they were the seven dwarfs missing from the first team!! 🙂

Yes I would much prefer Song instead of Denilson, Gallas instead of Sol, but the rest, I am not too concerned about.

Arshavin, as much as a world class player he is, he blows hot and cold and Rosicky in his role may just be the man of the night.

Nasri, well he is due a big game, especially away from home

Diaby, well all we can say is same again please!

Eboue, stay on your feet if you play, the referees in Europe will send you off if you go over cheaply!

Clichy, another big test ahead, let’s hope we see the ‘Old Clichy’ back on form and getting a cross or two in for Big Nik.

Denilson, you are not my favourite, but all the time you wear an Arsenal shirt I will support you when selected, play crab (crap) and we will all be on your back…

Nik, show how good you think you are..

The two Fabs – well you could be heroes 😉

TV and Sol ……. Purrrrrrrrrrr

Tonight you boys need to play like your life depends on it, do something Arsenal have never done, beat Porto on their own turf and set the tie up ready for a routine home second leg..

We all believe in you, the boss believes in you, go out tonight and believe in yourselves. Do that and you will board your flight home with a big smile…