Arsenal Transfers – In’s and Out’s..

May 17, 2010

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Portsmouth on a brave attempt to stop the Chav’s from completing the double..Against all the odds and with many controversies off the pitch Avram Grant has done a superb job in motivating his rabble group of players to get them all the way to the final..If only that penalty would have gone in, eh??

It doesn’t bother me seeing Chelsea lift another cup. Even though they won the double, half of their achievement was winning a trophy we don’t even value. Even though we haven’t won a trophy in umpteen years and the FA Cup was the last piece of silverware we won, it doesn’t bother me that Chelski had an open top bus parade showing off their achievements. It’s not nearly half as pleasing as our open top bus parade for our ‘Players with most potential and fight’ Cup and the ‘Getting more experience every year with the best stats’ Trophy..Not forgetting the ‘Maximum financial returns with minimum imput’ Shield..

Before I get abused for this comment and I get the ‘Chelsea have spent millions’ line, my answer is yes, I know they have. But if a team like Pompey can make it to two cup finals in the space of three years then whats our excuse??? Other than we (the management, not the fans) don’t value this cup..Which by the way isn’t a real excuse, it’s a get out of jail free card..

We always brag about the fact that under Wenger we have won the double twice and I’m sure Sir Arsene is more than happy to have this on his CV, so why do some fans agree with the manager and say this isn’t an important achievement anymore?? It’s quite selective and rather contradictory.

Anyway onto the matters at hand.

In order to make the next step and turn this period of transition into a successful era, changes this summer must be enforced. Sir Arsene must now realise that certain players at the club do not have the standard required to turn this good team into a great team..

I think its fair to assume that Silvestre, Senderos and Gallas are out of the door on free transfers. They should be followed by Almunia, Fabianski, Traore, Denilson. The potential departures of Eduardo and Rosicky are also debatable..

Our goalkeepers are our weakest link, so this must be the priority. Buffon would be everyone’s first choice but this is unlikely to happen. As is the arrival of Hugo Lloris. Joe Hart would be a more realistic capture in my opinion and a great one.

With three CB’s set to leave on a free we will need to reinforce this area with two solid players. I would like the club to increase its English contingent and sign Cahill.  Young Danish talent, Simon Kjaer  is also in high demand amongst many Gooners.

The midfield lacks strength, pace and work rate. Two names being touted are Yaya and Ettiene Capoue..I’d take either of those and let them fight it out with Song because Denilson is not good enough.

The midfield also lacks imagination and creativity, especially without Cesc. Once hes injured we really struggle to tick so I would like to see either a winger or another playmaker brought in. As I suggested in another post the capture of a player like Gourcuff would not disappoint me.

The striker as we all know is a done deal. 

So there you have it. My list of Arsenal transfer targets this summer. Hart, Cahill, Kjaer, Yaya/Capoue, Gourcuff/winger and Chamakh.

Your welcome to add your own list.

This Game is More than just Three Points.. It’s Our Bragging Rights.

April 14, 2010

I don’t like to kick a man when he is down, but I love it when we do the Spuds. Even after a promising start to the season they are slip sliding back down out of Champions League contention. I got the pre match phone call from my Spud mate today, he always gets it over with before the game. I won’t hear from him for another month.
But if we were to lose (god forbid) we would never hear the last of it, the Cellnet aerials around London would melt under the overload of text messages from the success starved Spud supporters .
The amount of times when we go a goal down, my phone will start to bleep. I always ignore it, because  we always come back to at least get a draw and I never text back because I want those Marshlanders to know that they are just not important enough to even worry about them.

They are not our rivals anymore we have moved up a tier..
They compete against the likes of Everton and Wigan now, we have moved up in stature we compete against the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona . Not dreamers who have not seen the Champions League, yet they still think they deserve a mega stadium for the good successful years when they make the Europa Cup.

But out of all the time I have been  supporting The Arsenal the Spuds have given me some of the best and worst times.. I will do the bad first.. Losing 5-0 at the Lane in about 81”,
Gazza’s free kick against Seaman in the Semi at Wembley in 91”.
That ex-spud Nayim in the last minute of the Cup Winners Cup in 95” (Who can lob Seaman from 50 yards? Haha good joke that.)
And that humiliation a couple of years back when we didn’t take it seriously enough and we got knocked out of the League Cup.

But on the plus side,
I can also remember winning the League at W(s)hite Hart Lane twice. 71’ and 04”.
Being at the Lane in 78” when we beat them 5-0 “We all agree Brady is better than Hoddle”
The semi finals games of the League Cup in 87” when we beat them at there place twice in a week with players like Ian Alinson.  the Henry solo goal.
This one could be a fixture that we could remember all our lives (but don’t tell your Spud “friends”)

But if we were to lose  this one today it will rank among the highlights of their sad lives, by ruining our chances of the Premiership.

Also the game is set up perfectly, RvP back from injury, although he probably will be sitting on the bench unless Arsene does what Fergie did with Rooney but I cannot see that happening. Sol is going back to the Lane for the first time in 5 years wearing the Red and White. Robbie “stag nite” Keane has headed west who was our jinx in previous years. Palacios got booked  in the FA cup semi on Sunday so he is banned Kranjear is injured as is Jenas, so they are depleted as we are.

We are still smarting from being humbled in our Champions League game against Barca and the Spuds are trying to bounce back from losing to Pompey.. lol.

Will ‘arry play £17 million quid Bentley so he can have his game of the season out of revenge?

One thing for sure it is defiantly hotting up for a good one tonight, so best wishes to the Gooners and I will catch you all later.

Arsene its simple – You’ve blown it, again!!

February 8, 2010

Oh dear oh dear.. I thought we were mentally strong? I thought we were good enough? I thought we’d learned our lesson? I thought wrong.

What gets me is that this hurts just as much as the Manure game. We were shite in that game and we were shite in this one. Utd humiliated us in a different way, they showed the desire and hunger you need to win titles. Chelsea humiliated us in the way they that beat us without moving out of first gear. We threw absolutely everything at them and Chelsea let us and they still  looked comfy.

The game was over inside 10 minutes. Another set piece, another display of crap defending riddled with errors.. TV and Diaby let Terry have a free header from a corner. Clichy, for some unknown reason decided he wanted to have a little wander away from his post into an area where he was neither use nor ornament, a wee bit like something you see in an under 5’s game, and Song let Drogba ghost passed him for the tap in on the knock down. There’s no point blaming Almunia, I never expect him to save anything anymore anyway.

1-0..Game set and match.

Chelsea went into defensive mode. They sat back with 2 banks of four with the wide players infield, allowing us the useless, disadvantage of the wings, asking us to show the world how shit we are at breaking teams down with our slick passing, possession football with no end product against top class, organised defences. To which we didn’t disappoint.

With a team full of pygmy’s, no lead striker and our insistence of bombing everyone forward, it wasn’t long before Chelsea used it to their advantage and hit us for another on the break. Another feeble Arsenal attack was broken down as we once again tried to walk the ball into the Chelsea net with our entire team all getting in each others way in and around the Chelsea box. Lampard found himself with the entire centre of the pitch to run into and threaded the pass through to the immense Drogba, who in turn made TV and Clichy look ridiculous again and banged it passed the frozen Almunia.

2-0. Outdone by another counter attack, with Clichy not knowing which way he was running and it was looking easy. The possession  we were having made us look like the better team, but we weren’t. Chelsea were letting us play. They were under no pressure whatsoever, letting us wear ourselves out and look incredibly stupid. We played right into their hands. Everyone was talking about tactics before the game and Wenger got it badly wrong..The big team managers have this man sussed.

What makes me wonder if Wenger’s losing it, is when he starts his post match spin and gives excuses that Chelsea are the much more experienced team. Well then Mr. Wenger, why the hell do you insist on buying 15 year olds instead of the experience we so obviously lack and then tell us we can win trophies. If we want to win trophies we’ve got to beat these big teams in every competition we play. The recent record shows we just can’t beat them so no, we aren’t winning anything….
Player Ratings

Almunia..2..It’s becoming boring now. No top side can expect to win anything with a second rate ‘keeper. Almunia’s just that. Chelsea had 3 shots I off the bar and two in the net and he wasn’t near any of them. He didn’t even dive for two of them. Poor

Sagna..6..I don’t think he played that bad, but that’s probably because Chelsea were targeting Clichy.

Clichy..2..And that’s just for turning up. Poor. Piss poor. I used to love Gael, a lot like I used to love Kolo, but I love Arsenal more and this guy has lost it. He’s a shadow of his former self and the sooner we sell him the better. He’s lost a good 5 yards of pace and he still can’t cross for shit. What makes it worse is that he’s a defender first and foremost and he can’t defend..Stupid, schoolboy error to allow Drogba the opener and his mistakes are becoming costly in every game he plays..Time to go this summer I think and give one of the young lads a go.

Tommy V..5..Not one of his best games. A lot like the Manure game. I’ve got a feeling he’s playing with an injury.

Gallas..6..Not at his best but you can’t expect one man to hold a defence together when your playing a team like Chelsea. It was all over the place and the famous Gallas stare explained everything..

Diaby..5..I still don’t see what he offers, he either turns up or he doesn’t and I don’t think he did in this game.

Song..6..Looks tired. The curse of the ACN strikes again????

Cesc..6..Leads by example but he’s no captain when the chips are down. His head drops too easy when it’s not going his way and he looked frustrated.

Nasri..5..In and out of the game really. Doesn’t look like he’s developed too much, but he’s no wide player..Wengers killing him.

AA..4..Starting to look pissed off..He’s one of the most explosive players in the PL and Wenger insists on playing him out of position as a lone forward against 6 foot plus defenders.. The guys 2 foot and a tab end.. What’s he supposed to do against a team like Chelsea?? He’s been saying for months that we need a couple of new players to compete in the top games and Wenger just lets the transfer window pass by. Again. We’ll lose this man this summer. He won’t put up with this shit much longer.

Theo..2..I saw the reason why Wenger started him and the lad tried hard and actually ran about for a change, but he really is shit at football isn’t he. I can’t understand why Wenger insists on giving kids like Theo massive contracts and lets players like Cole and Flamini go for the sake of a few quid..


Bendtner..5..What was he supposed to do? The game was over before he came on..He should have started, he’s the reason why we didn’t buy a striker, so whats he doing sat on the bench? If he’s fit enough to be sub he’s fit enough to start.

Rosicky..5..same as Nikki, what was he supposed to do?

Eboue..5..My oh my, just shows the desparation of the situation when we are bringing Eboue on to try get something from the game..

In conclusion i think the title has gone. We’ve totally lost momentum and our heads are down. 1 point from 9 isn’t great reading and we’ve still got Liverpool, Citeh and Spurs to play. So we will drop more points. We are now in a situation where we are relying on our rivals to drop points, but we can’t even rely on ourselves to gain them.

We are out of the domestic cups and I don’t believe for one minute we have a chance in the CL. The CL is a competition for the big boys and we don’t know how to beat any of them so we can forget about that..

Wenger has nobody else to blame but himself. His stupid selection against Stoke cost us dearly and we lost momentum at the wrong time. If he was going to play Cesc he should have played the rest of the 1st team and started off this run of difficult fixtures as he meant to go on, with a win, then played the kids in the next round..

He also knew that we had these run of fixtures and he let the window pass him by without even lifting a finger. Lying to us saying he would buy but once again letting us down..

Mr. Wenger. A goalkeeper who can’t keep, a forward line of munchkins and a defence that can’t defend, may work against the ‘lesser’ teams but when you play the big boys you need a commanding goalie, a solid defence and a Rooney or a Torres or a Drogba to make the difference..

Although we are good enough to make 4th and make a massive financial profit every year so I suppose thats good enough, right??? I cant wait for that open top bus parade at the end of the season celebrating 4th place.

Gallas ‘escapes’, Arsene’s sad, Diaby and Sagna miss Stoke…..

January 22, 2010

What absolute poppy cock! How can people say he ‘escaped’? We all know the Football Association would have thrown the book at Gallas if they could don’t we? Reality is they had nothing to throw the book at him about, that isn’t escaping, that is just reality. There were no grounds for the FA to act retrospectively and ‘Old Wiley’ got it right! Well, some of it 😉

After listening to comments from a Bolton player saying the tackle was disgusting, and Coyle suggesting that the Willy’s tackle was more of an assault than anything else, I say, get real Bolton, that tackle was nothing compared to what our boys have been on the receiving end of for many seasons now, and especially from you!

The only difference is that our players end up being out of the game for weeks, your lad Davies will probably be back at the weekend!

As for the goal that followed, tough! Rules are rules, it happened to us a couple of games ago when Denilson was down, did you hear our boss whinging? No, he just said those are the rules and suggested that someone commit a handball, that’s how to stop the game, not by getting a sympathy vote!

Bolton, you think you are hard nuts, but you just bad losers who can’t take what you dish out week in, week out!!

Talking of ‘proper injuries’, what sad news about Kieran Gibbs, just as he had his chance, proved himself to be a top left back, possibly better than Clichy is playing right now and the lad needs an operation which will keep him out for the rest of the season!

“That is sad news because I rate him highly,” Wenger told TV Online. “I had hoped that the first surgery would be successful.

Dreadful and just so typical of the way our luck has gone this season with injuries.

Some good news, Giles Sunu a big lump of a centre forward with a nose for goal is in talks about a new contract, his expires in the summer and let’s hope he decides to stay.

Cescy boy has spoken to his fellow Spanish midfielder who I have promised not to mention, he says“I have spoken to him about his future, because he will be out of contract soon. I didn’t persuade him to sign or not sign, I just told him my feelings, but of course whatever he decides will be down to him. That’s for him to say.”

Not much other gossip around other than Diaby is out for the Stoke game at the weekend, and the away match at Aston Villa. Bacary Sagna will also be out for the weekend.

I wonder who will play at right back. Do I now admit I miss Eboue 😉

Will Big Sol make his debut? Will it be the oldest defensive pairing in the FA Cup on show?

If they do, will they make history?

Who knows, but surely Gallas and Vermaelen need a break? We have Aston Villa just a few days later…

Me, I say always play the strongest and win the game, winning breeds winning and can you see either Gallas or Vermaelan asking to be rested – No, neither can I.

Stoke will be a very tough nut to crack, and we need to win!

But take yourselves back to Avenell’s post about sacrificing the FA Cup – does it make you think differently now we are sat top of the league?

Not me, I want to win it!

Have a good day all, isn’t Friday a signing day 😉

Arshavin ‘n’ Denilson back, Theo’s not a worry…. and Eduardo is Important…

January 6, 2010

Yes, important, not impotent – despite his lack of fire power recently! 🙂

Day 6 of the transfer window and I just can’t see what is really going on in Arsene Wenger’s mind. One day he is not buying, the next day he might, then he wants to wait for other teams to start the ball rolling and THEN, he says he wants to buy two – that is two players, not two year olds who have a good left foot and one day they could be good!!

At this point I feel I need to say that I love the boss, I don’t want him sacked, he is the best manager we have ever had…. blah blah blah, its fun folks, just fun!!!! Get It??

Now where was I, ah yes, Arsene in his transfer market chat – Has he ever had so much to say pre and during a transfer window? I don’t think so, for me this could be a very interesting month for Arsenal… I will remain optimistic; despite Rasp keep telling me not too 😉

Wenger also says that signings won’t stunt the youth, so maybe we are going to get a couple of players who have season or two left in them, a season or two to help the ‘kids’ grow in their game, a season or two to just give us a bit more experience to help us win silverware!

Rumours are this morning that we are going to offer £9M for Carlton Cole, and Big Willy is finally in talks with the club and better still Arsene is considering break his ‘over 30’ rule. Just a shame he hasn’t done that before with some who have left 😦

Anyway, time will tell and so will the next 25 days….

If the game goes ahead tonight, Denilson and Arshavin are back and Arsene has said that Denilson will fill the role left void by Song – PHEW, thank goodness Diaby didn’t get to play there. He is on his best run yet so why try and stifle the man in a defensive/holding role?

Ok, we have no Cesc and no Robin. The latter we are used to, Cesc has been missing before and we went on a winning streak without him, now we can do it again and make our skipper proud!

Another absentee is Walcott, out with a rib injury; our leader has this to say:
“I believe between 19 and 22 you have players who go through periods like that,” said the Frenchman.
“The body settles and stabilises and finds a balance to cope with all the stress you face in top-level competition.
“I am not concerned over a longer period. In the short term I would like him to be available.”

We will be up against a side that has absolutely no chance tonight. Yes they will be excited about the prospect of getting a new manager, he may even be in place by the time kick off takes place but we all know one thing – a good team doesn’t become rubbish overnight and equally, a poor team doesn’t suddenly become good overnight – so manger or manager less, Bolton have no chance of even taking a point of us tonight.

This is our home, our fortress and we are going to win.

This is our game in hand, our chance to get ourselves right in the face of the Moneybag Chavs!

The Chavs have now lost Essien and Drogba – the heart of their midfield and the main man up front – let’s see just how good they are without them and with a little bit of pressure… That is why tonight the boss needs to pick the best and show the rest, just how good we are, just how much we are in this title race, and most importantly show the world just how much we want this trophy!

And finally, talking of trophies, the boss has said he may not rest any player for the FA Cup game against Stoke – Hoorah Arsene, we want that trophy so so much, glad to hear you do too….

I am going for a confident display, a huge win and 3 massive points for us tonight – 5-1 😛

Come 10pm tonight, we will be second….

All we can do now is wait to see if the game is on, where I live we have had 6-7 inches of snow, and that’s ladies inches 🙂

Any Newbies, Welcome aboard but plaese mind your P’s and Q’s otherwise you go straight to spam 😦

Top of The Crocks Tomas, what a waste of money!!.. Or is it??

January 5, 2010

As far as injury lists go, he has been at the top longer than Frankie Laine was in the pop charts in 1953!

Yesterday Arsenal announced the news that Tomas Rosicky had signed a new two year contract!

Tomas said he is thrilled and he needs to repay the faith our club has shown him during the last ten years whilst he has been sat in company of a Lewin!

Yes Tomas you do need to give something back!

Rosicky joined us in 2006 from a club I can’t spell so I won’t bother trying and in his 76 appearances he has scored 14 goals. Not brilliant, but ok….

I remember when Sky Sports announced that he had left the Czech camp to fly to London to sign for us, I was so excited and to be fair he didn’t disappoint, did he??

But for the last two seasons he has been absent through injury, and now we have just given him a contract for the very same period of time he has been missing, two seasons…!

Commenting on his new deal, Tomas said: “I am so pleased to have signed a new contract with Arsenal. The last two seasons haven’t been easy for me because of injuries but I feel it speaks volumes about the Club’s belief in me for this to be signed, and I truly believe I have a lot left to offer the Club, my team-mates and all the supporters. It’s felt like home since I arrived here four years ago and I believe we’re on the verge of achieving something special together. I’m looking forward to the coming months and hope that together, we are all celebrating at the end of the season.”

Happy Tomas? Of course you are happy, so would we all be, getting paid to do very little 😉

I have a thought Tomas, maybe as you have been paid for two years without playing, maybe now you should be agreeing to play without being paid!!

Ok, I know that won’t happen, but seriously, are you pleased or not? Remember many fans thought Old Red Nose was mad taking a gamble on Owen, but he has nabbed a few goals for the Mancs to save their skins!

Would you have rather we spent the wages we will be paying him on funding a new player?

Or, like me, are you chuffed as punch, waiting now in anticipation to see the new Rosicky play the same way as the old one did?

Time will tell I guess and this is the only of the few times I hope I am right, normally I am on the end of a load of abuse from ave, him telling me I am always wrong… Fingers crossed eh!

Rumours about Paddy returning to England are gathering pace but no, he is not coming ‘home’, he is supposed to be going to Citeh – what a strange move for him if it’s true. He won’t get in the team and why would he want to learn a coaching trade in Manchester? Oh well, he is no longer a player to fear, he wasn’t a few seasons ago when we played against him in the CL, so he sure won’t be now!

Day 5 of the transfer market and yesterday there was suggestion that Miguel Veloso is to be on the move in January. If you believe the semi-skimmed papers, we are up against ‘Arry for his services..

He is meant to be quite good isn’t he, I have seen his name in many blogs, most saying he would be a great signing – I haven’t seen him play so can’t comment, but right now any link to a defensive/holding midfielder makes me happy, only because it makes me think that Wenger is looking to fill a huge void left by Billabong!

Bad news is that Cesc is out for an extra week, but good news is that ITV have pencilled us in for the FA Cup game against Stoke – That is fab as not many of us could make that journey – so another match in front of the television with a glass of something strong looms 🙂

But any thoughts of us signing a striker in January have toady been dashed as Nikki B is returning to full training today, bummer I say, I had hoped Carlton Cole would be ours by the end of the month. A big strong lean striker who can use his feet and his head – I guess a girl can dream!

That’s about it, don’t forget any newbie’s, mind your P’s and Q’s when blogging please, otherwise your comments get spammed 😦

News is breaking from Spain that Fran Merida has signed for Athletico and will join at the end of the season, I really hope this is pure speculation and nothing else, I want Fran to stay at Arsenal.

Should We Sacrifice This Mickey Mouse Cup?

January 3, 2010

Is there any credibility  left in winning the FA Cup anymore, I mean the FA  told Man U it didn’t matter and go and play in the World Club Championship instead, they started it not us.

There is no glory in the competition anymore,  When we won it last time we couldn’t even be bothered to get the open top Routemaster out of the garage.

I’d love a bit of silverware, but I want the Champions League..  I know a lot of people want the Premiership, but we want to be a truly super club and that to me means winning the biggest club tournament in the world.

As a kid the FA cup mean’t everything  we could see the Arsenal live on the TV, only the cup final and the England v Scotland game were  the only 2 live games shown..  how things change we see nearly every game now and this  has watered down my love of this great competition too..

We have our best chance of winning the Premiership for a couple of years, We don’t have anything to fear from Roonchester United and the Chav’s invincibility is slipping away.. We are also in with a good shout at the Champions League, although that might be more hampered by injuries than the Prem if we sign a player who is cup tied.

So is it worth risking the FA Cup for the two Big Boys, It’s easy to say we should have tried harder to win the Cup’s when we get knocked out of the CL or we drift away in the Prem.. But we are right up there in the mix this time around.

It’s not like last year when we reached the semi final of the cup we were miles away from the Premiership and we needed a trophy and for some strange reason Mr Wenger OBE dropped AA even though he wasn’t cup tied in the CL to rest him .. If we are going to blow the cup.. do it NOW not when we are in touching distance of Wembley.

The squad is seriously depleted with injury’s anyway and it looks like West Ham will field a weakened side too, which I wouldn’t understand if I was a “iron” I would just want to win something , But staying in the Premiership is like winning a cup nowadays, which is a sad state of affairs.. The FA should up the stakes in the Cup and either give out far greater prize money or a Europa spot, I cannot see them giving a CL place away as it would perhaps weaken our position in Europe if teams like Portsmouth took the place of Liverpool in that competition, but that shouldn’t happen if all the clubs take it seriously anyway,  although the Premiership is throwing out some rogue one-off results this year.

So in short..  If you are going to blow it Arsene.. blow it Early and don’t build our hopes of a trip to Wembley in the final..

Yesterday was the most amazing day we have had on Avenell Road, Flamini coming back wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and we had a lot of new Roadsters come on.. Thanks to all of you who took the effort to comment, please feel free to come back. Thanks also to the record number of readers.. and mainly thanks to the usual mob of bloggers who have kept us in business for nearly a year..

I also promised the results of the poll that we did on New Years Day. We had just under 200 hits on each question Cheers for that.

The results are..

The Arsenal Under performer of the year..

Theo. 58%

Almunia 34%

Arshavin 4%

Denilson  3%

Eboue 0

Arsenal Player of the Year so far

Song 43%

Cesc 30%

Vermaelen 23%

Gallas 3%

RvP 2%

Who Has Been Arsenal’s Best Manager of the Decade?

Mr Wenger OBE 62%

Arsene 23%

Wenger 15%

What TV pundit makes you want to kick the telly in?

Jamie Redknapp  36%

Alan Hanson 21%

Andy Gray 21%

Mark Lawrenson 14%

Alan Shearer 8%

Position Wenger needs to strengthen the most?

Goalkeeper 36%

Striker 33%

Defender 28%

Midfielder 3%

Who has been the worst Spud manager over the last decade?

Juande Ramos 34%

Jacques Santini 33%

‘arry 16%

Glenn Hoddle 12%

Martin Jol 6%

Most Improved Arsenal player of the season?

Song 80%

Diaby 13%

Ramsey 5%

Eboue 2%

Denilson 1%

The Manager you would most like to see a pigeon poo on?

Phil Brown 45%

Sam Alladyce 21%

Fergiescum 21%

‘arry 10%

Rafa Benitez 3%

Who is your Arsenal player of the decade?

Thierry Henry 57%

Dennis Bergkamp 33%

Cesc Fabregas  6%

Patrick Vieira  4%

Denilson  0%

Most annoying player that plays for an opposing team in the last decade?

Adebayor 42%

Ashley Cole 30%

Robbie Savage 24%

Alan Shearer 5%…..

Let’s rip it up today 4-1 to the mighty Arsenal..