A Sad Reality…..

June 28, 2010


mikeB left this comment on Avenell Road last night, it was later in the evening and most of us had gone. The comment deserves more than to be lost on a days before post,  it deserves debate, so here it is today…….

It is a sad reality of our media dominated game that we will never function as a successful national team until we take away the fear.
We see it with the players. Household names that are revered the world over fail to live up to club form… why? Because they play with fear.

A manager with the noblest record starts his England career with freedom and verve. Two years later he is so frightened that he leaves behind his most gifted impact player, and instead plays the same tried and tested format that his failed predecessor used… why? Because he was scared to do anything else.

Success for England is sadly unattainable in our current frenetic, Z-list celebrity crazed, and media dominated game. This has been true since the 1970 World Cup, when a media feeding-frenzy took the England Captain, one of the finest and most decent men ever to grace the game, and accused him of being a shoplifter.

Ever since then the media has been digging up dirt, besmirching reputations, and generally interfering in the psychological well-being of our national team and its many coaches.

I am not asking our trusted guardians of the ‘fourth estate’ not to do their jobs. What I am asking for is that they do their jobs responsibly. Until we take away the fickle interference of the British tabloid press, and the capricious and vested interests of other media outlets (Sky Sports take a bow) England will continue to fail, because they are too terrified to do anything else.

The inconsistency of a venomous media is quite shocking. England’s hero, from the qualifiers, suddenly became an untalented spoilt brat; unable to run with the ball, unable to cross a ball, unable to create space, and without an iota of ‘footballing brain’. According to the suddenly hate-filled tabloids, he was a man doing nothing for our great England cause; and why…? Because certain vacuous individuals, with axes to grind, and vested interests in their own self-promotion, were given platforms in the tabloid press, and told us it was so. For an already fragile England team it was cancerous, mendacious, and debilitating.

Great players don’t become bad players overnight. A great manager doesn’t become a poor manager overnight. Not unless they are hounded by the press until they are afraid to function.

That is what we saw against Germany… A team of fine individual players, led by a great manager, unable to pass, unable to shoot, unable to cross a ball, unable to express themselves, unable to make decisions, unable to function, unable to win… and why…? Because they were too terrified of failure.

This isn’t just about Theo Walcott; he is merely a symptom of a greater and more malignant disease, but if he and Jack Wilshere and co. go on to play for the national team they will fail too… The so-called pundits, and the rest of the rabid media in this country, with their vacuous opinions and feast and famine approach to football, won’t allow them to do anything else… Not if there’s a headline to write, and a quick buck to be made.

Written by mikeB

Manninger, Wright, Taylor – two out of three weren’t bad……

April 26, 2010

Having suffered a bore draw against Citeh and witnessing the horrid injury suffered by Given, I thought I would write about Citeh’s number two keeper….

No no, not soon to be Gooner Joe Hart, but old has been Gooner Stuart Taylor…. 🙂

I liked him, always thought he would be the next David Seaman, he looked assured, played with confidence, but sadly, like so many players since the arrival of Arsene Wenger, he didn’t really get his chance in my opinion.

Since David ‘Spunky’ Seaman retired, things have always been a strange affair between the sticks – we had a very very good keeper in Manninger, in the 1997-98 season he was immense for us while Spunky was out through injury but as soon as Seaman was fit again, Manninger went straight back onto the bench. Spunky was 34yrs old then so I guess he still had a season or two left in him, Manninger was only 20yrs old…
Why oh why did we end up letting him go? More importantly, why oh why did we buy Richard Wright, the keeper who was let in, allowed to take over the number two shirt and along the way let one of the few good/great keepers in the making leave?

Right now Manninger is at Juventus playing week in week out, well, not quite, but he plays when Buffon isn’t fit 😉

Where is Richard Wright??!! I won’t go there as he plays under Roy Keane, back at the club we bought him from….

So, back to Stuart Taylor, a lad born and bred in Romford, a London boy, maybe thats why he never had a chance??

How on earth is a player we let go all those years ago still deemed to be good enough for Citeh, especially when you think they prefer him to Joe Hart…
Taylor stayed with us for eight years, during that time he played in only thirty matches and sadly, he was loaned out several times, maybe too many times…

Bristol Rovers – September 23 – October 23, 1999
Crystal Palace – August 9 – October 1, 2000,
Peterborough United – February 15 – March 15, 2001
Leicester City – November 18, 2004 – January 23, 2005.

Taylor was often our club’s second or third-choice keeper, he only made ten League appearances in Arsenal’s 2001–02 Premiership season, we won the league and he qualified for a winner’s medal, although this was only achieved in the final match,with the title already won. Taylor and Richard Wright were on 9 appearances so manager Arsène Wenger picked Wright from the start but substituted him for Taylor on 85 minutes so that both were entitled to a winner’s medal.

During his time at Arsenal Taylor was tipped to become Spunky’s successor, but sadly, despite seeing off competition from Alex Manninger and Richard Wright, the signings of Jens Lehmann and Manuel Almunia in 2003 and 2004 respectively led to his decision to seek opportunities elsewhere.

What a shame, look who we got stuck with!!!

Did you know that Stuart Taylor was once asked what the price of an Arsenal Matchday Programme costs? His reply was a corker…

£2.50 – I should know I have bought it many times!!

Here he is, against The Old Lady….

You wouldn’t see The Spanish Waiter stretching this much…….

Have a good day all…..

Are you glad or sad ?? Happy Birthday Theo…

March 16, 2010

Yesterday it was confirmed that David Beckham will be out for 4-5 months following his injury sustained whilst playing for AC Milan. That surely means he won’t be heading to South Africa to play in what would have been is final farewell to World Cup football.

So no Becks and with Aaron Lennon still a major doubt, it’s looking quite likely that if Theo Walcott stays fit and continues playing with the attitude and desire he seems to have at the moment, surely he’ll will be on the plane together with Wright-Phillips.

I haven’t watched many England games over the last couple of years unless Theo has been playing. One thing I have noticed though is even when he does play, it’s not very often he gets involved in the game. He had bad press after his last game, but is he really to blame for his poor performances?

In the last game Theo set up a golden chance for Lumps to score but he missed. I wonder what would have happened in that game if Walcott had grabbed an early assist, surely his head would have been up and maybe he would have had a better game.

I’m sad for Beckham, I have always enjoyed watching him play for England but I know many just think he is only ever about himself. The main reason I am sad is that Beckham is one of the few players that used to keep Theo in the game, one of the few players that would pass to him. The England players that play for Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United all seem to bypass him. Rooney is the only one who has a different attitude.

If you don’t believe me, wait until the next time Walcott plays in England colours and watch the game!

No matter what people think of David Beckham, there aren’t many players in the world that can pass as accurately as he can, there certainly aren’t any in the England squad!

So are you glad he’s not going, do you think he is a money grabbing man, only out for himself?

Or like me, are you just a little bit sad you will not be seeing one of the best footballers our country has had in a while?

Talking about being glad, did I laugh yesterday when the news broke about Mr Tango Man getting the sack? You bet I did. I wrote in the post on Saturday that I hope we would put another nail in his footballing coffin; well it seems that we did just that and I am pleased as punch. Maybe a club in the Blue Circle or Square League, whatever it’s called 😉

I hope Hull City follow him to the same league!

Sol Campbell showed yet another decent side to his character yesterday, he agreed to end his pursuit against Portsmouth FC, he has agreed to wait for his money owed to him until the club sort their affairs out and they are no longer in administration. Don’t suppose that Sol is that desperate for £1.5M!
The best bit about Sol Campbell though is he’s a man who has been there and ‘done it’ at Arsenal, he has the medals to prove it! What he can bring to this group of players is something to help them over the line, keep them focused on the job in hand over the next couple of months. He can keep their feet on the ground, give them belief. He may not always be on the field, but being in the changing room, around the squad is just as an important for both him and Arsenal.

Sol is a big man in many a way so I have heard and you never know, he could be another Arsenal player on the plane to South Africa..
Now that would make me very glad and give me two reasons to watch England this summer….

Oh and before I go, Happy Birthday Theo, 21 today..

Have a good day all..

Theo under pressure? From who exactly?

February 24, 2010

I  don’t know about you lot, but there’s something about Wenger’s comments recently about young Mr Walcott that didn’t make sense to me..

Wenger has been quick to point out recently that the media are putting immense pressure on Theo, somehow blaming them for his slow progress I presume. Personally I just think Theo’s rubbish and wont make the world cup even if Lennon’s fit or not. Theo’s way, way down the pecking order at the minute and contrary to popular belief the lad’s been fit for months now and still hasn’t got into any sort of stride. Patience with young players is always key but patience is always given to those who show progress in their development. To me, Theo’s not improved in the four years he’s been with us, if anything I believe he’s gone backwards and patience turns to frustration..

The Cul de Sac Kid has his believers pointing constantly to the argument that he’s always injured, but Theo’s played over 70 games now. That works out at nearly 20 games a season which Isn’t bad for a teenager at a top European club. More than enough game time to show how much he’s developed and he’s still not reached double figures yet in the goals department..

To say we paid 12 million for him at 16 that’s a very poor return…

I think the media’s been made a scapegoat by Wenger on this one…

Was it the media who gave Theo a 60k a week contract at 19 in reward for doing, well, nothing? No, it was Wenger.

Was it the media who told themselves that Theo’s going to make it to the world cup? No, that was Wenger too..

If those two things isn’t applying the pressure on Theo than I dont know what is. Theo’s got 3 months to stop pissing about writing children’s books and knuckle down and force his way into the Arsenal set up first before he even thinks of the world cup. Sod the world cup. Arsenal pay your huge wages and we’ve still got two trophies to fight for, so get the world cup well and truly out of your mind young man..

I’m truly shocked at Wenger’s comments. I though Wenger would have known better. This is a player who dis-obeyed him in the summer by playing in, or rather embarrassing himself in, the U21 tournament and then has contributed pretty much nothing all season so far..

Is it more mind games? Is it just Wenger spin to kick Theo’s arse into shape? Or has the great man just shot himself in the foot?

If Theo can only get motivated to get picked for England, then Wenger’s got a huge problem with the lad. I  find it frustrating that Theo’s best performance of the season was against Sunderland at the weekend. A game that was being watched by Capello. Quite a coincidence that isn’t it?

Two ‘new’ signings in – just maybe….

January 11, 2010

Ok, we just dropped two points at home against Everton, a team we thought, or rather I thought we would put to bed early on in the game, a team who hasn’t been firing on all cylinders this season but recently have a bit of change in fortune.

Saturday wasn’t a change in fortune for them; maybe they were even robbed of three points, certainly David Moyes thinks they were!

A couple of seasons ago, maybe even last season we would have lost that kind of a game, we wouldn’t have fought to the bitter end the way we did on Saturday, we would have skulked off, heads down and wonder where it all went wrong.

Then we would have heard the usual comments about how we were not mentally strong, maybe a little be short, even maybe tired, but we kept our heads up and right until the final whistle we could have even stolen a win.

Even the boss came out after the game and said we were lucky to get a point, well shiver me old timbers, haven’t heard him say that before 😉

Mind you, he couldn’t blame the weather could he, he been saying the games have been called off a bit to quickly around the country! I digress…

Saturday was more about picking up a point when a loss was on the cards, thanks Tomas! It was also more about the morale of the team after grabbing the point. Imagine how out team must have felt in the dressing room after the game, imagine how Arsene Wenger would have praised them for fighting until the end – and finally, just imagine what a difference that draw could make to the minds of all those players rather than having trudged off with nothing!!

Think back to when Everton scored to go 2-1 up, how many of you were desperate for a draw?? I was!

We weren’t good, we weren’t organised and considering we were playing at home, I thought at times we were shocking – but we got a point, a point that may just turn out to be a very valuable one!

The Mancs drew, and the Chavs will still drop points so we are ok, but what we can’t afford to do is play like we did against Everton again, especially not at home.

Moving on, the players from Togo are home, and I don’t blame them. If I was there, regardless of which country I played for, I too would be on the first flight out of there. One thing you don’t dice with, and that’s life!

Other Premiership managers are calling for their players to leave the completion and return home, but Arsene Wenger says he won’t be recalling Song and Eboue!!

Why Arsene? Just pick up the phone, get them home and then tell us their return will be like having two new January signings…

All I hope that if certain players/counties start to withdraw then the authorities call the whole tournament off, I would hate to think Eboue and Song would be sat out there on their own. Seriously, I think it should be one out, all out!

But while the competition carries on The Chavs have no Essien and Drogba and that is the reason I think we are still in with a bloody good chance for the Premiership. Drogba is their goal machine and Essien is brick in the midfield wall – a bit like our Song, but not as good 😉

There are a few teams out there who on their day can nick points off of any side, so there’s a long way to go before any big lady starts singing..

But for us to make our own lives a little easier I still think the boss needs to dip into the transfer market – ideally three players, but two would be a good start.

I don’t care if they are just loans until the end of the season, just as long as they are not drawing a pension, not still in nappies and are not already injured.

Denilson is now out so who is going to play in the ‘Song’ role – Stephen Appiah even sounds a good signing right now – ok, I am joking but wouldn’t you like to see a fit healthy Appiah kind of a player signed????
Our forwards still can’t score, there are plenty of darn good strikers out there for sale, even Torres at the right price is up for grabs according to Rafa – so is Stevie ‘Meeee’ Gerrard –We all want cover for TV and Gallas, I think we are all pretty convinced Sol will be the one, oh dear!

So, on Day 11 of the transfer window, in a week where we don’t play until Sunday, Arsene, this is a good time to sort what us fans all want to see…. Go on, you know you want to and Ivan has told us you have a dollar or two!!

There is not a lot of gossip around, other that Big Phil is not going anywhere, according to Arsene Wenger.
The boss has also had a word with Denilson “I said to Denilson afterwards, ‘if that happens you have to commit a handball.’ I’m very serious,” he said.

“If you go down, and there hasn’t been a foul, you cannot ask Everton to stop their counter-attack and not to score
“So, if you go down like that, at least put your hand on the ball and it’s a free-kick.”

Denilson has said he doesn’t know what happened but he should be back for Sunday!

Little bit of news to add, Arsene Wenger has told the players that they decide his future, play well and he is here for life… They have the next 18 months to convince him!!

That’s it folks, enjoy another day in the snow!

Title chances dented again as the poor get poorer and the good get injured..

December 17, 2009

After the win at the weekend you would have thought the team would be bursting with confidence. This proved not to be the case as not for the first time this season we seemed to think our opposition would roll over and let us play. Burnley have created a fortress at Turf Moor and the players must have realised it was no push over. So why they go out and play like that is a question only they can answer..It wasn’t a physical game..Burnley didnt try to kick us or bully us. If anything they played the game as it should be played and they did it better because their players were focused and committed..It was a good game to the neutral, pretty end to end stuff. Only difference being that when we got to their box we crumbled,and when they got the ball they ran through us like a knife through butter..

After a shaky opening few minutes we got our act together and found the net through Cescs good finish. The floodgates seemed to be opening and we started to play. AA hit the bar and Nasri had a one on one with the keeper in which he fluffed his lines. Then Burnley took over..For 75 mins they pounded us and when Cesc went off our only attacking threat went with it..It was always going to be a tough battle after that and the players just bottled it…

The season is long and gruelling and a draw away against Burnley who have been impressive this season at home is a decent result..Saying that, we need to start putting a few wins together at some point and after we got Liverpool out of the way we had a great opportunity to go on a Birmingham style run..who have won 5 on the trot. We slipped up last night and were very lucky not to lose.

We hit the post but so did they, they had a blatant handball by Silvestre in our box given as a freekick and an onside goal ruled offside..so we can’t argue we were unlucky.. Burnley deserved the points and we were a shambles but somehow we got a draw..We’ve now picked up four points by playing like crap in the last two games..every team needs luck on the way to a title so I’m hoping its a good omen…we just can’t play like that for the rest of the season and expect to win something because luck only lasts so long…


Almunia..3..I don’t think I’ve ever seen a GK play as badly as that. Made a good save early on to deny TV another OG,but why TV feels he has to try head the ball standing on his own 6 yard line is proof of how much confidence the defence has with our GK. I counted 4 kicks that went out into touch, he was beaten at the near post from Eagles shot and only saved by the woodwork and was very lucky that Fletcher’s tap in was ruled offside when replays showed it wasn’t..What a howler. How he let that ball squirm under him was un-real. Another clanger from a GK who’s game has gone to pot. HE needs replacing and quick. He’s dodgy and he’s going to cost us a lot of points this season.

Sagna..5..Misses Eboue playing with him on the right, he’s too inconsistent at the minute.

Gallas..7..our best player, not for the first time this season. When your CB is your best performer on the night it shows how much ‘control’we had over the game..Body language towards Almunia was obvious. When your CB prefers to take a risk and run the ball to the corner flag and smashes it of an attackers legs to win the goal kick,rather than pass it back to the GK,it shows how much confidence he has in our number 1..and i don’t blame him.

TV..5..worst game for Arsenal. Almost scored an OG and gave away a silly penalty..was too erratic..

Silvestre..5..another bad show but it’s to be expected and he wasn’t the worst player on the pitch..

Diaby..4..not good.He looked like a man who’d never kicked a ball in his life, offered nothing in defence or attack and poor first touch and control..

Cesc..7..Was running the show until he had to go off. Then we totally went downhill without his presence or brilliance..Got lucky with the goal but it was still a good finish and if he had a left foot he could of had another..Lets hope he’s back for the next game or else we are in trouble..

Nasri..5..I don’t think he’s grasped the idea yet that we play as many games away as what we do at home and he needs to start turning up to these games.

Song..5..He was poor..held on to the ball far too long, never sat back and was beat to everything..He was looking like a rock at the start of the season and he’s turning into a pebble..Lets hope it’s just a minor dip in form..

Theo..1..he is not going to the world cup,he is not a wonderkid, he isn’t even a footballer..Young man you are quickly stealing Eboues thunder as our worst player and its time you pulled your socks up and started to do the business. He’s the worst wide player in the country. How you have a player who can’t dribble or even control the ball playing on your wing is beyond me..Wenger subbed him to save further embarrassment to a boy thats quickly becoming a laughing stock to the league..How do you set off running without the ball when you have the ball at your feet?

AA..5..is playing with an injury and that shows how important he is to the team..it was a typical game from him..did nothing but the only difference is he couldn’t save us with something you only see in your dreams like he did against Liverpool..He missed Cesc badly and the rest of the players didn’t use him enough..



dudu..4..looks a different player..

In conclusion we were woeful..Burnley did a job on us big time and we were very lucky to get a draw so I see it as a point gained..We lost all the 50-50s and got beat to all the second balls and Burnley showed us how its done..We were tired, lazy and totally outclassed as we looked out of ideas..The players have to realise they need to earn the right to play Wengerball first..

It was identical to the first half at Liverpool only it went on for 80mins..You don’t win games if you play like that..The players need a shake up…

Wenger has to stop playing the out of form players..It’s like playing with 8 men right from the first whistle..

The only positive I take is that we’ve run out of steam at a good time..Its almost January so Wenger can dip into the transfer market to give the squad a much needed boost of class..

There are players out there who will improve this squad and help push is for the title..Mr Wenger,you have to go get them…

Arsenal’s title fires are Stoked as Arshavin supershow smashes Potters to pieces

December 6, 2009

In a game that marked Arsene Wengers 500th match in charge, I feel its important to mention that of those 500 games under Wenger,we have lost only 80. Thats an incredible percentage for a manager that seems to come under constant criticism, even from some sections of his own supporters…

Anyway, back to the game..

Stoke had the all the ‘kryptonite’ attributes. A tough, tall, physical side that would offer strong resistance to a lightweight side and an attack that hadn’t scored a goal in their last two league games. Every man and London’s dog had been focusing on the reasons that embarrassing defeats to Sunderland, Chelsea and to a lesser extent Citeh in the Micky Mouse cup, had been down to the fact our players were picked from the cast of the wizard of Oz. This game was important, it was massive,  not only did we need to get our momentum back but also to eradicate the vertically challenged demons that had no doubt been haunting Wenger..

Preparation was not ideal..Three domestic defeats on the trot, an injury list longer than Peter Crouch, outspoken Russians,  and a  pre-match injury to Eduardo which left Wenger with hardly any options to an attack that was already depleted and couldnt buy a goal with Theo Walcott’s wage…

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it forced Wenger to move the outspoken but sometimes brilliant Russian into the centre of a three-man attack..and he didn’t disappoint..

Stokes back four compared to our front three can only be described as somewhat of a David V Goliath type of contest with Arshavin proving to be our slingshot…Proving that with the right attitude and right movement you dont have to be 7 foot and a tab end to win a football match..

We started off in typical Arsenal fashion. Lots of fancy passing played at a quick tempo that was constantly testing the defence, and they were holding firm. The deadlock was almost broken when Cesc sent in a defence splitting pass to Arshavin only for him to mis-control the ball and allow Sorensen, who is second only to Petr Cech in the list of clean sheets, to dive at his feet and clear the ball. Not long after we thought the goal had finally come. Some super trickery and tomfoolery from Arshavin lead him to be tripped in the box..Cesc stepped up to take the penalty but Sorensen saved magnificently standing on the 6 yard line. It was proving to be one of those days and the look on Wenger’s face as he sat on in the dugout sipping his water was a look of a man who thought ‘here we go again’..

Its games like these when you need someone to step up to the plate and produce a moment of magic to change the game. Enter the Russian. After some good link up play with the brilliant Cesc, Arshavin found himself in the box with defenders trying to knock him over and the ball stuck under his feet. He showed his class, holding off a defender twice his size and hitting the ball with no back lift into the only place he could beat Sorensen. An outstanding goal and  the pressure was off. His 7th of the season and he was showing us all why hes regarded as one of the worlds best talents…

The chances kept coming and Cesc could count himself unlucky, finding Sorensen in good form and Stokes new sweeper Eboue clearing Cesc’s shot off the line….

The second half was no different…wave after wave of Arsenal attack, spearheaded by a Spanish-Russian alliance..shot after shot was hitting the bar, the post, the defenders and the impressive Sorensen, but nerves were eased when Ramsey-a replacement for the crocked, hard-working Eboue – played a one two with AA and with a bit of luck found himself in on goal..The finish was sublime. The young Welshman said after the game it was luck but i think he’s being too modest..He meant that finish, you dont strike a ball like that if your relying solely on luck.. Pure class..

With the game won we could relax..Good performace that deserved more goals but after recent results i’d have taken a 1-0 with an own goal as the clincher….

Player ratings

Almunia..6..Kept a clean sheet but that was down to the fact Stoke couldnt get passed our defenders. Came for Delap’s first rocket launched throw in and flapped, dropped the ball and ended up on the floor in a heap. After that he left everything for his defenders to deal with and they didn’t let him down.

Sagna..7..It amazes me how he always plays better when Eboue plays in front of him. Alot like playing Song and Denilson together acts as one midfielder, the same applies when Sagna and Eboue play together – they act as one right back. Either way its two men doing one mans job and it takes a player out of the attack. That being said I thought he had a comfortable game. Some good tackles and some good forward runs but he still needs to work on his final ball and try and get some consistency to his game when Eboue doesn’t play with him..

Gallas..8.5..Awesome. Won every header and made himself hard to beat on the ground. This mans pivotal to our chances of silverware. Lets hope the injury doesn’t rule him out of the Liverpool game.

Vermaelen..8.. Complemented Gallas perfectly. Again winning every header and was strong in the tackle. A good solid defensive performance.

Traore..7.5..The lad didn’t put a foot wrong. Linked up well down the left wing and kept it tight at the back. Threw in a couple of dangerous crosses for good measure and his speed made him a handful.

Denilson..6.5..Quiet game from the Statman.Which isn’t a bad thing I suppose. Not as influential as Song and doesn’t contribute as much to the attack as Song but he’ll do for back up. Especially for teams like Stoke.

Cesc..9..Outstanding performance. Unlucky with the penalty and unlucky not to score, especially when Eboue forgot what team he was playing for. Outshone Denilson in the defensive role, closing Stokes players down and making some good tackles and his through balls were tearing Stoke to bits. A complete midfield performance from our captain fantastic..

Nasri..7.5..Not fully back to his best yet but linked up well with AK47 and Cesc..Theres alot more to come from this lad..Lets hope we don’t have to wait too long.

Eboue..6.5.. A+ for effort. Lacks technical ability and sometimes looks like a Coca Cola league player, but he gives his all and when he cuts out the cheating and the silly tricks he tries so often,he doesn’t do too bad..Alot like Denilson in the fact we have better players,much better players.. but he’ll do for teams like Kettering Town and Stoke..Probably would have got a 7 if he lasted the full 90..

Rosicky..5.5..I really don’t know what to say. Kept trying to force the pass but his ball retention has gone to pot. Gave the ball away too many times..Wasn’t dissapointed to see him replaced at half time.

Arshavin..9..My joint man of the match. Loves being the centre of attention on and off the pitch..His movement and leadership shone through and i thought he lead the line perfectly..An absolutely destructive performance from an absolute destructive player..I think he gets lost sometimes stuck out on the left, but when he plays through the middle and links up with a player like Cesc its hard to stop him.. Need more performances like this from him if we want to be serious challengers..He can talk all he wants as long as he gives the fans that type of performance week after week..I found it hilarious when Denilson was lining up a shot from 30 yards and Arshavin took the ball off his toe and went running at the defence..Denilson’s body language was priceless-but what would you rather prefer? A Denilson attack or an Arshavin attack? Thats what I want from our best players, that “you do your job and let me do mine” attitude is what wins you games… 


Vela..6.5..good movement from the Mexican once again.. Offered more to the attack than what Rosicky did.

Ramsey..7..great goal..direct and clinical and secured the points

Silvestre..not on long enough..

All in all, I think it was a good performance..We dominated the game, not just for periods but for the whole game and we were unlucky not to score more. A clean sheet, 3 points and back to winning ways after a difficult fortnight. Wenger’s decision to stick to his guns in the mickey mouse cup proved fully justified as we sacrificed a cup only considered serious by Spurs in order to secure three points in the league…

8 points behind Chelsea and 6 behind the Manc’s with a game in hand isnt bad reading,especially for a team with more flaws than a solar powered torch…

Bring on the Dippers..