Old red nose said similar, but where’s Ronaldo now??

June 3, 2010


Barca have finally made a formal offer for our captain Cesc Fabregas and they want the deal to go through as soon as possible. Of course they do, they don’t want ‘their new player’ to play well in the world cup do they, knowing that Arsenal could then add an extra few million to his price tag. (of course I jest!)

Shock, horrow, Arsenal Football Club have finally spoken….yesterday they released this statement:

“Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly valued member of the team and part of our future plans.

“We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment. However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.

“To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.

Barca keep their word! Yeah right, like heck will they, they will make the right offer in the end and I’m sure the club will sell him! 87M Euros or around 55M Euros and Yaya Toure!!

Some think that the club statement is a bold one, one thats put Barca firmly in their place… Me, I just think back to last summer, didn’t Old Red Nose say something similar to Real Madrid but look what happened there, says it all really. The right price will get any player!! The Mancs survived and so will we!!

If Wenger/Arsenal ARE going to sell our captain, before that sale is complete, the club need to confirm the signing of his replacement. They must not and cannot afford to let Cesc go and then go on the lookout as every club will know how much Barca have paid for Fabregas and they will inflate any price for their own player.

Personally, I don’t think we have any player currently at Arsenal who would be able to fill the void left if Fabregas is sold and we don’t want to be hearing about x,y and z who Wenger tried to sign, but failed. We are two days into the window and eight days before the World Cup begins, best Wenger gets to work and fast!!

From this day, until its confirmed he is staying or going, I am not going to write another post about Cesc Fabregas, I am sick and tired of reading and writing about him, Barcelona and their players. If the club say something then that will be different, but I just want this deal to be done, let Sky Sports and all the red tops have their ten minutes of glory whilst reporting how we have lost our best player and then we can all move on!!

My last word on it is, Come on Jose, join in the fun!!

Talking of Jose, he has said that Stevie Gerrard is top of his list of targets for Real Madrid, you don’t hear about that all day and night on Sky Sports do you, no, its always about the doom and gloom at Arsenal, the Fabregas story, the Gallas injury, the Theo being left out of the World Cup squad!! They forget there were six others left out, all of whom probably thought they were on their way to South Africa!! You don’t hear anything about them, well not in the way you hear about poor old Theo!!

At least Matt Le Tissier and Tony Cascarino agree with me about Theo!! 😉

Brighter news, Joe Cole has reportedly signed a three year contract with us and Hugo Rodallega could really be on his way out of Wigan having been labelled a ‘luxury player’ by the clubs chairman…. I’ll believe both though, only when its on afc.com

That’s it for today, have a good one 🙂


Arsene’s a tight old git isn’t he… Robin’s crocked!!

May 30, 2010


Just what have we been doing for the last couple of weeks? I’ll tell you shall I, we have all been slating Barca for their filthy tactics yes, but we have also been saying, if they want Cesc, let them pay what he is worth, not just make an offer that is an insult to both the player and his current club!

Am I right?? Yes, and so is Arsene Wenger for saying Cesc is worth £80M or thereabouts.

Baring that in mind, (if reports are correct) why does our old tight git of a manager go and offer Lorient £4.2M for Laurent Koscielny, a player whose his club value at just under £7M…

I know the two situations are miles apart, different for all sorts of reasons but the principle is the same.

Lorient are not one of the biggest clubs in the world but just the same as a club like our, money matters and every penny counts. Why do we, Arsenal insult a club/player and offer such a lesser amount? We do it too often and it usually ends up in us missing out on a player who Wenger must rate. Surely if he didn’t he wouldn’t have put an offer in, in the first place!

Why can’t we just contact the club, find out how much they want then offer a realistic amount to buy him, you know, just like we all do when we buy a house. We know there is an extra £5000 on the value so you offer £10,000 below the asking price. Afer a bit of haggling the seller gets the right price….

Not Wenger though, he has offered nearly £3M less than the amount Koscielnys club has valued him at, why oh bloody why does he do it??

Koscielny is a 6’1″ CH, born in France but also qualifies to play for Poland…. He hasn’t made his mind up yet!!

I don’t know anything about the player, but my point is, if I did and I was qualified to make the judgement about him being a very good player and wanted to sign him for the club I managed, I would be offering a lot more than Wenger has reportedly made…..

How many players have we lost out because of an offer that was below the value of the player for sale???

Bah! Humbug! Ebenezer Scrooge – aka Arsene Wenger

I’ll let you all think about that one………

What we all feared, happened yesterday, Robin van Persie limped out of training and had his ankle heavily packed with ice. The World Cup hasn’t even started yet and he has suffered injury.  We can only hope the Dutch Camp don’t risk him if he is not fully fit. I hope Arsenal are keeping tabs on this…..

Finally, this morning we are again being linked with Steven Taylor of Newcastle, Wigans Hugo Rodallega and Lyon midfielder Jean Makoun…..

Roll on Tuesday, let the fun begin!

I’d love it, I would just love it, if…..

May 29, 2010


Yesterday,  Atletico Madrid announced/unveiled Fran Merida as their new player and I have to admit, I am very sad we have not been able to keep him….

Barca born Fran, stolen by our mighty fine manager (well, he used to be) from the Spanish Club, Barcelona a few years ago has finally left us.

Funny enough, he followed in the footsteps of another stolen boy from the Catalan club, his name, go on, you don’t need me to tell you…

Both born and bred in Barcelona, both part of the youth set up at Barca, both left to be guided by Arsenal and to learn from Arsene Wenger…

So now Fran Merida has gone, but that is where it’s strange, he has signed for a club in Madrid and not even Real Madrid!!

Here he is in his new club shirt!!   😦 😦

That would be like a player being born in one of the houses near to Highbury, going off overseas to say Ajax, then on return to England, signing for the Spuds or Chavs – would you do that?? Like heck would you, no more than I would….

Wouldn’t it really be funny though if old Jose Mourinho, who says he still loves Chelsea, decided to kill two birds with one stone? I would laugh my socks off (I know I shouldn’t) if, when he is confirmed as the Real Madrid Manger, he contacts Arsene Wenger and tells him the Madrid will pay 80M for Cesc Fabregas – or 60M and Lassana Diarra or Van Der Vaart, or even Casillas…..

Jose says, ‘Deal or no deal Arsene’, Wenger says ‘Deal’

What Jose has then done is help out the chavs (in his view) by making us weaker, and really pissed off Barcelona for nicking the local rivals player from under their nose. But in reality, all he has done is cheesed off Barca, cheesed off Cesc and along the way, given our mighty fine club lots of money to rebuild with. If we accept either deal we could possibly be better off.

Imagine this scene, but with Cesc in a Real Madrid shirt….

If Cesc has to go and I hope he doesn’t, I really hope Jose Mourinho throws a big fat spanner in the works……

But funny enough, the only winner would be us, surely? We have got the best deal for Arsenal, strengthened our on side either by the swap player and players Wenger will be able to get with the money or by getting the money alone and on top of that we have shown the footballing world that we are no longer a club to be pissed around!!

But what would be really funny is, Fran Merida and Cesc Fabregas, both Barca born, both Arsenal ‘made’, then become rivals in La Liga and both at Madrid rather than their home town……

Call me sad all you want, but in the words of Kevin Keegan, ‘I would just love it’!!!

Foreign kids Arsene, time to give them a break….

May 28, 2010


Before I get accused of being anything with an ‘ist’ on the end, I am not!!! This is about ‘for the good of our club’

JonJon left this comment a couple of nights ago,

‘this has really changed my perspective on the way our club is run..i dont trust any of the foreign players as far as i can throw them and id rather f**k the lot off now and give the development time to the likes of rambo, gibbs, jet, jack, afobe..’

It was the last comment of the day, a day during which we had all seen an article which included a couple of ‘quotes’ by Cesc Fabregas.

The Spanish midfielder says he has held positive talks with Wenger, and has left the manager to decide what happens next. Fábregas, also the Arsenal captain, said: “I will say only one thing – I have got massive respect for Arsène Wenger, Arsenal football club and the Arsenal fans. Even in my own house, I have not felt as loved as I have at Arsenal. I had a long conversation with Arsène and it was the greatest longest conversation I have had with anyone in my life.

“I respect him, so, so much and I don’t want to say anything more. Wenger said to leave it in his hands and he will deal with whatever happens in the future. It is now all about Arsenal – it is not in my hands. Now I just wait: it is up to Arsenal. Right now all I am thinking about is the World Cup: everything else is the future and I am not going to say anything else.”

You can read those quotes over and over and each time possibly come up with a different interpretation. The one I have come up with is this. Cesc wants to go and he has told Arsene Wenger this. Rather than come out and tell all of us that he has put in a transfer request, he wants to be the ‘good guy’, he wants to leave but be able to turn it around and say ‘it was the clubs decision’ to let him go!

Forgive me, but isn’t being a bit gutless, a bit of a coward? Doesn’t Cesc realise that he would probably be respected more if he were to be a bit more honest? We will love him regardless but I know I will respect him a little less if he pushes one of the biggest decisions of his life into the hands of another man. Is this really fair to ask such of Arsene Wenger, a man he says he has massive respect for?

Regardless of whether Cesc stays or goes, I think JonJon has a very good point, maybe it’s time for the club to change their direction. I don’t mean in terms of play, but in terms of its employees.

IF Cesc leaves, he will join a long list of players who have left us either when just reaching their prime or during their prime during Arsene Wengers reign..

Henry, Overmars, Petit, Toure, Edu, Freddie, Bobby Pires, Gilberto, Wiltord, Silvinho, Paddy, Reyes, Anelka, van Bronkhorst, Diarra, Flamini, Hleb, Lardybayor, Campbell, Lehmann – How many of those players could have stayed one or two extra seasons and maintain their high standards? We made money on some I know, we lost a lot on a few too – but money isn’t always better than a great player, unless it’s Lardy of course!

My view is all of them barr Freddie, were allowed to go when they still had a few years at the top left – and other than Freddie, Sol, Toure and Lardy, all went overseas. Sol was going abroad, but stayed around to0 long at the docks in Portsmouth and ‘Arry nabbed him  😉

Fran Merida is another player we bought very young, paid him a good wage and then let him go on a free….

So is it time we stop buying so many players from overseas? It seems all we do is make them into better players and then sell them, or give them away. Is it time to give a few more of our british players an equal chance? Afer all, isn’t that the ‘real’ youth project, british kids bought through the system and then get to play for the club they love and support. Maybe then we would not lose quite so many, we wouldn’t have to endure the transfer speculation that surrounds our top players each window would we….

We may get the odd one who wants to better their wages like Cashley did, but if the players are true supporters of Arsenal, they wouldn’t entertain playing for another club. Well I know I wouldn’t!  We wouldn’t have to worry about the Madrids, Barcas or Milans because it seems they don’t want the british, it also seems in the last few year the british don’t want to go abroad either – when they do it’s not very often rosy for them…..

Here’s our youth/reserves, not including those who are or have been bought in from overseas.

James Shea                        – 19yrs GK
Sean McDermott              -17yrs GK

Rhema Obed                      – 18yrs RB/CH
Kyle Bartley                      – 19yrs CB
Gavin Hoyte                      – 20yrs FB
Thomas Cruise                 – 19yrs LB/Actor 🙂
Kerrea Gilbert                  – 23yrs Defender
Nicholas Yennaris         – 18 yrs LB/LW
Cedric Evina                     – 18yrs LB/LW

Craig Eastmond               – 19yrs HM
Jernade Meade                – 17yrs LM
George Brislen-Hall       – 17yrs LB/LM
Daniel Boateng                – 17yrs CH/HM (another Song)
Sam Byles                          – 18yrs HM
Chukwuemeka Aneke   – 17yrs CM
Emmanuel Frimpong    – 18 yrs DM/HM
Conor Henderson           – 18 yrs LM/CM
Henri Lansbury               – 19yrs CM
Mark Randall                    – 20yrs CM

Benik Afobe                      – 17yrs CF
Roarie Deacon                 – 18yrs – LW/CF
Jay Emmanuel-Thomas – 19yrs LB/LM/CF
Luke Freeman                   – 18yrs CF
Rhys Murphy                    – 19yrs CF
Jay Simpson                      – 21yrs CF
Sanchez Watt                    – 19yrs LM/CF

How old was Cesc Fabregas when he was trusted to take over in midfield – it was the 2004-05 season, which I think makes him just 17yrs old…. Cesc  is a special talent, but we only know that having seen him play over the last few seasons. How can we or Arsene Wenger not be sure that in that crop of players there is not another special talent just waiting for his chance?

I am not saying we should not look/buy players from overseas, what I am suggesting is we stop buying them so young, lets buy them when they have grown up and want to venture away from their home/current club to seek new challenges, when they have experience and can bring something to Arsenal before the ink has dried on their contract, not sign them and have to wait ten years to see them play!!

We all know that not all of the players above are going to have a successful career with Arsenal but as said many many times before, Wenger keeps banging on about youth so why not start blooding a few of these players – get the ones who are going to have a chance and let them be involved with the first team squad a bit more.

Eastmond, Lansbury, Frimpong, Boateng?? Maybe Freeman – who knows?

One thing for sure is, if they don’t get a chance we may never know and they will leave, I would if I wasn’t getting my chance, just like Luke Ayling has already done – the theory about not being old enough is bollox, Cesc blows that one out of the water!!

If these players turn out to be special, at least if they ‘want to go home’, we all know they are already there……

Time to forget the Spanish?

May 24, 2010

It’s not even June 1st yet, the window is still closed, but already we have been linked with enough players to fill a first team sheet and maybe even a reserve side – crazy isn’t it….

Only yesterday we were linked with Schwarzer, Mertesacker, Melo, Steven Taylor, Gourcuff, Gomis and Simon Kajer, I think that’s all and in one day 🙂

Staying with yesterday, We had a new poster on Avenell Road, called Erik, he made a very valid comment which ended with good old humour!

‘It seems to me we should not bother signing Spanish players anymore, the promising ones go back to Spain as soon as they have a chance to… Reyes, Fabregas, Merida… and the really rubbish ones stay… Almunia… probably because in Spain Almunia would be selling fruit on the motorway’

My response was that Almunia would probably drop more fruit than he would end up selling!!

But Erik has a good point, Almunia apart, none of the Spanish players have been keen to stick around for the long haul at Arsenal, why?

Is it because of the climate, the team mates, the club, the food, the salary etc etc, is it the fact that we aren’t winning anything – (Torres and Reina at Liverpool kind of brings doubt to that, Arteta at Everton too) Neither of those two sides are playing in the Champions League next season, so will they leave their respective clubs this summer? I think Torres and Reina might….

I don’t know the answers, but I know Reyes was kicked to pieces from day one, especially by the Neville sisters, he also had to try to cope with ‘the look’ from Henry, but to this day, I wish he had stayed, he would have been good, very very good…. When he left, we were doing ok weren’t we?

Why did he really choose to leave?

Why are there so few players from Spain, playing for their country, but not playing in England?

Maybe Erik is right, maybe it’s time to steer clear from buying players from Spain. Don’t get me wrong, I know our little captain has been with us for nearly seven years, but he’s only 23 years old, he’s at an age where he should be heading towards his peak, an age where he can truly start to make a massive impact at Arsenal, an age where we should be getting the best from him. Build the team around him we all thought…..

Instead though, he wants to go home. Like many have said before, Arsenal have made him what he is today and now he wants to leave. Will another club get his best years, or, if he goes, will he be another player in a long list, who will regret it for the rest of his footballing career?

Will the likes of  Torres, Reina and Arteta stay and become heroes, or will they just players from Spain who fall/fail in their mission and one day, like most Spaniards around them, jump ship and return home……

As I so often write, only time will tell…..

Have Celtic and Spurs become more appealing than Arsenal?

May 20, 2010


To heck they have, but if you read the reports in the news you would start to think that was the case wouldn’t you?

Sol Campbell, brought back to Arsenal by Wenger, giving him another chance to play top flight football at his old ripe age and now it seems that money may tempt him to go abroad again. Well, Scotland isn’t abroad, but its a bloody long way from where I live and I could probably get to France quicker than I could get top Celtic’s ground!

Why would Sol (if he does) want to play in a league where you may just as well have two teams in it? Ah, I know, he wants to follow the same path as Cesc if he ends up in Spain, the two big clubs fighting it out season after season, yawn!!

On to the Swampies down the road, rumours are they have ‘pipped’ us for Arda Turan from Galatasary and are about to nab Pape Malikou Diakhate (WHO??) from Dynamo Kiev from under Wengers nose!! One top four finish in 400 years for the spuds and suddenly the world of football thinks that our local rivals are a better club to sign for.

Well forgive me but I am sure if Arsene Wenger wanted to buy either of the above two players, it wouldn’t be in the press until the deal was in its last stages! Well that ‘s how it was when we last signed a top player… Actually, was there a transfer window back then 😉 😉

In any case, I am sure that if Wenger truly wanted either of the above two, he would have certainly bought Arda Turan before now (I wish he had), as for Diakhate, just who is this defender who belongs to Kiev but has been on loan at St Etienne and is worth £7M….

I’ve never heard of him, but the price is right and he’s been in France, that transfer has got Wenger written all over it 😉

So what do you think, has Tottingham Hotspur seriously over taken us in the ‘where to go in London’ for a football club? Other than the Chavs of course..

Have the last five years of doing nothing much in the transfer market really made us ‘that bad’?

I don’t think it has come to that just yet and whether Cesc decides to go or not, I am sure we will see some quality signings being drafted in over the next few weeks.

Most players overseas would more often than not choose to play at a club managed by Arsene Wenger over ‘Arry any day of the week. Right now we may struggle to see just how good a coach he is because of all the ongoing going on’s, but surely the worm has to turn, hopefully that will be next season.

As for Tottingham, you can follow all Harry Redknapp’s interviews about new signings on ‘Twitcher‘ 🙂

Finally, if this mornings reports are right, Arsenal have finally grown some balls, Cescs price has been set at £80 Million, that should keep the b*****s away….

Have a great day folks…..

Sol has two years left at the top – best he leave then…..

May 14, 2010

Yesterday we were subjected to a blogger who wanted to tell us how good the club is, how we are on the way up, how he/she loved Arsene Wenger – in fact he/she was so ‘up’ about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, for a split second I wondered if it was Arsene 🙂

Seriously, I can understand fans seeing the best in everything, but why not express it from your own beliefs rather than that quoting from afc.com….

Saying that, I am going to take an article from the same website, one that I hope is true and one that I think could sort many a problem out with our defence.

Sol Campbell believes he has two years left at the highest level – and he wants to spend them with Arsenal.

Do those two comments really go together ?? Ok, I jest about the highest level bit as I know we can get there if……

The most important part of that is he wants to stay with us, and we need him in my opinion. Maybe not so much as a player next season although there will games when he will play, but for me, having Big Sol on board will be a massive coup.

Tony Adams has gone off to manage/coach elsewhere and it seems little likely that Martin Keown will be brought back to help sort out our defensive woes, so is there really anyone better suited to that role than Sol Campbell?

I’m not sure there is, we already have Steve Bould in the junior ranks so having Campbell training with the first team, giving the defensive unit a bit of advice can only be good for the club can’t it. Arsene Wenger must still believe in him, otherwise he would never have got him back.  Wenger may be one of the best to coach offensive football, but right now we need to sort out our defensive side to our game, so bring it on Big Sol – he didn’t get player of the month in April for nothing….

This is what he said to afc.com

“I fancy staying, of course I do,” he told Arsenal.com.

“I want to stay and I want to give it my all for at least another year. I could do two but the manager never gives out two. We always want a little bit more! Give me one year and I’ll work every day and try to win a trophy and bring some kind of glory back to Arsenal.

“Deep inside I feel I’ve got two real gritty years left in me, the years in which I can affect things. If I’m in the team I can really make a difference. I know that. And after two years I will look at it again and we’ll see.

“After that I might only be able to play games here and there, who knows, but I think I can be an influence and be positive and win games and be strong for two years.”

Other than the big names you have planned to bring in Arsene, Sol may yet again prove to be one of the best, if of course you make the most of him….

The spin around Cesc has gathered pace this morning, most red tops believe that he has done a deal with Barca and Yaya Toure is involved in the deal. It’s suggested that Cesc is due for ‘showdown’ talks with Arsene Wenger to sort his future out before the start of the World Cup. I don’t get that bit, he has a contract with us until 2050 so what needs to be sorted? No doubt a lot of the talk is historical stuff and the talks are just to reassure Cesc that we are adding some quality to our squad to give us a real chance of winning trophies…

I hope so anyway!