Theo and Denilson back, Nik ready for Villa and Robin could see us over the line…..

January 18, 2010

Don’t all shoot me down, but it doesn’t take Einstein to work out that if we win all our games from now until the end of the season, we will lift the Premiership Trophy.

The question is, do we have the mental attitude and squad to do it?

Even if we drop a point or two we will be fine, as long as it’s not against the Chavs or Manure – they both have to play each other again yet and if Lady Luck is on our side, they will play draw 0-0 would be good just to make sure we are ahead on the goals scored as well.

I hate the Dippers but the next time they turn out against the current top two sides, I’ll be cheering them on, tough as that will be to do, I will!

Without doubt our hardest game left for us in the premiership is the Chavs away, I just hope between now and that game Anelka, Cashley and a couple of other of theirs pick up a niggle or two and miss our game. They seem to be on fire at the moment so if nothing else let’s make sure we take a big bucket of water with us to Stamford Bridge on the 7th February.

My money is on both of them dropping points along the way as well!

Another tricky game before then is away at Aston Villa on the 27th January, but if we can go there and not lose, all will be right on track, get three points and we will be flying !! Arsene Wenger says that Nik should be back for that game too.

Did you see, Nik is back for the Villa game, well we can all sleep well knowing that can’t we 😉

Beat the Mancs at home, then off to the Chavs… and then its The Dippers…. Easy isn’t it..

Then, by the time we have to face the Spuds and Citeh in April, guess who could be back?

Yep, our own Robin could be back by then, and he will be desperate to get back on the pitch and finish off what he helped to start before his injury. He is walking, his magic boot is off and he is upbeat about his return.

The only concern is, he is now back at Arsenal and being treated by our medical staff – that could put him back a bit 😉

Nasri and Ramsey have the three weeks in the medical room so they can keep him company.

Denislon and Walcott are back in the squad for tomorrow’s game, so I guess that will mean no place for Eastmond, or any other young un in the starting eleven! One who definitely won’t be in the squad is Fran Merida; he got a kick in the ankle and is out!

I think everyone got a kick in the ankle!

Right now though, I just want us to buy a striker and sort out the future of William Gallas and Fran Merida, as Rasputin said yesterday –

‘Two Frans are better than one’!

Well said, I couldn’t agree more 🙂

We are again being linked with players this morning, but until any new signing is confirmed I promise not to mention them. I won’t mention Merida again either 🙂

Have a good day all….