Lets Just Play The kids??

July 27, 2010

In preparation for the worst case scenario this transfer window, I’ve convinced myself that Arsenal won’t be signing anybody else of real note.

If we don’t there is going to be serious implications for this years title charge. I don’t see how we can go into this season weaker than what we were last season and expect to do any better.

I still think we have 3 problem positions

The goalkeeper needs a shake up..Both Almunia and Fabianski have failed in their auditions to hold down the number 1 jersey so we need to change it. Almunias not a bad keeper, but makes way too many mistakes throughout the season to be seriously considered our number one anymore. Fabianski’s performances on the other hand make us wish Almunia was back between the sticks and that says it all really..

The solution is not Schwarzer. Has the situation got so bad that we are wanting to sign another average player? If we want to improve the situation then a ‘stop gap’ is not the answer. Schwartzer is no better than Almunia and we need to stop all this ‘short term solution’ talk.

If Chesney really is the answer and everyone thinks he will be number 1 in a years time then he’s ready now. Forget Schwartzer. If we aren’t going for the likes of Hart, Akinfeev, Lloris etc then lets not waste our time on anymore duds. Lets give the other squad members a chance. Put Chesney in goal, tell him hes number 1 and keep him there all season. Like I said I think Almunia and Fabianski have had enough chances, give someone else a go..

I think the likes of Denilson and Diaby have also had too long. Denilson just isn’t a strong dominant midfielder. He lacks every attribute a player in his role needs and he’s not taken his chance. When the play is in front of him and he can see everything he does ok, but once the play is stretched and goes end to end he looks lost. The game (and the refs) just pass by him. Diaby on the other hand has the attributes of a midfield monster, but you could shine a torch in one ear and see the light in the other..Theres nothing there. He lacks application and fire in his belly and that’s something that can’t be taught.

Again, if we are not looking to replace these players and invest in some top quality, then promote from within and give someone else a go.

Frimpong, JET and Wilshire are all rated highly and have played well in the youth teams. I’d much prefer Wenger to use these players more and tell Denilson and Diaby to take a seat on the bench..They are not good enough. They’ve had more than enough chances and its time for a change

I don’t have much to say on the CB issue..Although I’ve convinced myself they’ll be no more signings, I desperately want to see a top quality CB brought in.

Gallas was one of our best players last year. He was our best defender and they are big shoes to fill. I don’t think Kos is the answer and I don’t think there’s anyone we can promote to replace him. He needs replacing like for like but that will cost money and that’s what worries me.

Other than the CB position, I think we may just have the answer to our other problems already at the club. They just need the chance the others have got.

If the kids have got talent, then lets see it.

Great Spirit!! Which game was that then boss??

May 13, 2010


“When you’re as close to a trophy and you don’t do it, it’s disappointing but overall if you look back over the season, I am proud of our attitude and spirit.

“Unfortunately we got injuries in the final sprint of the season and it was a bit too much.

“This season has shown that we have quality, spirit and we have also discovered players who have made massive improvements so there is a very strong basis to do extremely well.

“Not a lot is needed when you come as close as we did this year having lost the big games. I think we have a massive chance to come back and win it. Let’s be consistent, come back next year and be even stronger.”

That’s how Wenger has summed up our season….

Eleven points Arsene, not one, two or three, eleven points behind the league winners is how we finished and you say we showed great spirit and attitude…

What utter garbage, where was the spirit and attitude at Wigan and Sunderland, Blackburn, Stoke and Citeh, not to mention down the road at the swampies ground?? What about the home games against the Chavs and Mancs?

Great spirit and attitude doesn’t get us rolled over on our own turf so very easily does it?? In the games against those who finished above us we were poor, very poor, in fact rather than show spirit we were more like a ghost the way they brushed through our defence!! I mean the whole defensive unit within that comment…

I don’t often expect us to go to Old Trafford and win, nor do I expect a win at Stamford Bridge, but surely we expect the team to give its all and compete, don’t we??

Well we didn’t!!

So, if Arsene Wenger thinks just one defender will solve our defensive problems then he really has gone off the boil… I just hope and pray its mind games to keep the vultures away from his two defensive targets, somehow though I think he is truthing…

If that’s the case, we are in for the same kind of season ahead, albeit it could get worse. Sure as heck those around us will spend and if we aren’t careful, we will be left well behind!!

One defender is far from enough Arsene Wenger….. Far from enough!!

We need two defenders, a good/great goal keeper and another Alex Song… Add them to Chamakh and we may just win something next season!!

Talking of Alex Song, here is a player who has been our rock in midfield alongside Captain Creative, but still he isn’t happy. Song now wants to start scoring goals – now there’s a man who isn’t prepared to sit back on his laurels…….

Finally, well done to the ladies, they finished their season off in style with a 3-0 win at home, maybe Wenger should draft a few into the first team 🙂

Have a good day all….

New beginnings, or the beginning of the end for Arsene?

May 11, 2010


Arsene Wenger’s contract is up around this time next year and many fans think this summer transfer window is at a do or die stage for the most successful manager in the history of our club.

Five seasons have gone by though now and not a trophy in sight, apart from the Champions League in 2006 and the Carling Cup 2008, we haven’t even made it into any final of  any competition, which for a club like ours is not good enough and its and not right.

Over those five seasons we have gone from watching players give their all for the team, winning games as if its our devine right to do so, to now watching a few of our players just ‘turn up’ play for how ever many minutes they are asked to and not batting an eyelid when their number comes up to be substituted.

Why don’t we see our players give the boss a filthy look when then come off as if to tell him he was wrong with his decision, wrong because the player wanted to stay on the pitch and fight until the final whistle?  Hell, some even rush to sit down on the bench quicker than they have run around during the game!!

Is it because they don’t care enough deep down about their own performance and just want to collect their pay cheque each week?

Why haven’t we got players anymore like Tony Adams and Martin Keown, just two who would have shed blood for their club and team-mates? Just count how many of this current crop play the same way for the club that pays them a very healthy wage each week, there won’t be too many!!

I don’t know the answers, but I do think the lack of grit and attitude has cost us dearly over the years. Injuries have played their part too, but as Robin van Persie said, maybe it showed that our squad is a little bit short!!. Spot On Robin, we are short in depth and strength.

As much as I dislike the likes of John Terry and Wayne Rooney, you don’t often see them ‘giving up’ before the game is over.

Not for one minute am I suggesting its about having too many overseas players either, afterall you didn’t see Paddy or Petit giving up did you? It’s all about the player, the man and what is important to him. Football and Arsenal must come first, after that the money and that kind of player is hard to find – but find that kind of player is what Arsene Wenger surely has to do now, add experience and winners to this squad making it more durable.

Arsene Wenger has made some wonderful signings for Arsenal, Paddy, Henry, Gilberto, Petit, Overmars, Anelka…. I could go on, but along the way he has made some pretty average ones too, – Diaby, Denilson, Jeffers, Wright, Almunia, Fabianski… Again, I could go on and I am sure someone will mention Walcott 🙂

The old Arsene Wenger, you remember the one, the one none of us had really heard of. That man was one of the best signings for Arsenal, he got us used to winning again, he got us used to seeing the team hold trophies aloft again. I personally want to see that man back again. I  don’t even care if we stop seeing so much of this fancy football either as right now it no longer works. We have to stop all the passing now and again and have the balls to take a shot, Cesc has proved on more than one occasion that if you take a chance, you can score! We have the players who can take a shot, they need to be encouraged to take the risk every once in a while….

He’s done it before and I am sure he can do it again – If Wenger buys 2/3 players with some grit and steel this summer, it could very well be a new beginning, buy some young kid who has great potential and it could spell the beginning of the end for our boss and come the summer of 2011, Arsenal Football Club could well be looking for a new manager.

The club (Ivan Gazidis) have said we have money, don’t be too tight with it Arsene, for your own sake as well as ours…..

Make this a summer to remember, for all the right reasons….

Where are you now then?????

March 29, 2010

I’m still so so peed off after Saturday …..

Why is it so many fans see one good display and think that’s enough??? That’s enough to secure that players place in the side for the rest of time?

Well, I don’t and most don’t but sadly a few do, when they do they like to make sure we all get to hear about it, no doubt those people were gloating at the time of making clear their own views…

Last week ond of the regular posting here on Avenell Road took the time out of his day to day life to write a post about what to do in the summer, should we buy, do we need to by, do we sell to buy or just stay the same….

In that same post the author mentioned Denilson and how average he has been, me, I would say poor! He also mentioned the need for a new goal keeper.

The day before the article was posted Arsenal played, Denilson scored a great goal and had one of his best games in a long long while, Almunia saved a penalty and the team won!

Well shiver me old timbers, two of the worst performers of the season chose to have a great day and on the same day, how spooky! Jeepers Creepers, it was well overdue in my opinion.

Becuause of that though, the post here on Avenell Road attracted a few, thankfully not many contributors who laughed in the face of the author – one actually made reference to the post must have been written prior to the game because of their performances…… Well, one swallow does not make a summer!!

For me, it wouldn’t have mattered, I don’t think it would have made any difference to the thoughts, opinions of the author. It’s his view and he has the right to share it.

As it turns out, not that most of us needed convincing, Erick was spot on in what he wrote. We have a dreadful goal keeper who on Saturday,  not only cost us not only two points but possibly the league and a midfielder called Denilson who unless he has the rock of Song alongside him, continues to look very average!!

Where are those same fans today then??

I bet you one thing though, none of those who took the piss the day that post went up come back an apologise?? For sure they won’t, after all  both Denilson and Almunia wear an Arsenal shirt, they have to be good don’t they…… regardless!!!

Well, I am sorry, come the summer, that should cease!!

Top it all, last night I had a call from a friend of mine, known her for 35 years and she is a big Football Fan. She hates the Chavs and has to follow the Mancs as one of her two sons suuports them. Deep down though she holds a soft spot for Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and the way we play football. She asked one thing having watched Bolton  – ‘How the hell can Wilshere be allowed to go on loan when players like Denilson are in the first team?……..