Taxi for Henry!!

June 23, 2010

And Diaby, Clichy and Sagna, taxi to the airport of course to catch their early flight home from what can only be described as a total embarrassment. Not all down to the players I know, a lot has to do with the dreadful management team. To turn up at a World Cup in such disarray is dreadful, just dreadful!

As an Arsenal fan, I feel sorry for the current players who represent France and Arsenal but by the time I finish writing this post, that feeling of sorry will be gone. These players, if they remain with Arsenal for the coming season will now get a good rest and be fit hopefully for our new season, that to me is what really matters.

Henry, yes its a sad way for him to bow out of  ‘top’ international football, but I guess what goes around comes around and maybe fate took over. The French should never have qualified should they…… It’s a shame really, this for Henry should have been all glitter and glory in what is surely his final World Cup, he has given so much to club and country over the years he should be waving goodbye to international football with his head held high. Instead, he has to read about how he cheated to get France to South Africa and how he is to blame for the ay the French campaign has gone.

One of the best strikers France has ever had has been on the bench for most of the competition and will now fade away as subtly as the sun goes down at night….

He deserves a better ending….

This is the only way I will remember the great man, not as being French but as being Mr Arsenal while he was with us and we know that our club will always hold the greatest love in his heart….

Henry the winner….

Henry saying bye bye…… 😦

Moving on, with a tear in my eye, anyone who wanted Wenger to get Gourcuff to replace our current captain if he leaves needs to re-think, he has been woeful and today his sending off completed what has been a dreadful World Cup – but then, didn’t Wenger say that he won’t judge a player over four weeks? What about just over a week Arsene, you seen enough to put you off?

I’m really disappointed for the South African side, they huffed and puffed and nearly blew the French House down by the goal tally they needed to go through. At least they can hold their heads up and be proud for the way they have conducted themselves.

From one team in a shamble to another, tonight it’s do or die time for England. They may not have cheated in order to qualify but the off field antics haven’t been good either. The  only difference is, I really want England to qualify. Not because I am English, it’s because not one member of the England squad plays for Arsenal so the longer they stay in South Africa, the more the players use up their energy. Then I hope they start the new season, knackered, burned out and maybe even a little bit crocked.

So, Come on England, go woop that side you are up against this afternoon, I’ll be cheering loud and proud, or watching a
re-run of Loose Women 😉 Maybe a spot of tennis at Wimbledon would be easier on the eye……

Oh well, that’s it, short and sour today 😉

Have a good day all and lets hope the new boy gets announced today….


Vela, Diaby, Gallas, Clichy and Sagna, oh, and Wenger….

June 11, 2010

 So the World Cup finally kicks off later today…

First up its South Africa v’s Mexico and we should see our own Carlos Vela during the opening game up against the hosts.Following that, France play Uruguay, so more Arsenal interest as Gallas, Sagna, Clichy and Diaby could all be involved at some stage.

Its seems Gallas is off so I’m not really interested in how he performs to be honest but the others are all 99% sure to be playing in the red and white of Arsenal next season so interest for us Gooners will be high.Vela and Diaby are the ones for me who need a great tournament. Vela has to convince Arsene Wenger that he should be playing more next season, Diaby still has a few fans to win over so he will be out to prove a point when he plays. Personally, I shan’t hold my breath on the latter, I’m one of a few who hope he plays well and adds an extra few million to his price tag. Wenger rates him highly though so he’ll be staying so good luck Diaby, go out there and convince any doubters that you defend, you can learn when to pass and that your brain and feet can work together. I think with Clichy and Sagna, you know just what you’ll get, solid defending and poor crosses 😉

One other Frenchman we will all be keeping a close eye on no doubt is Yoan Gourcuff. Many an Arsenal fan see this man as the ideal player to fill any void that could be left in our midfield should ‘you know who’ move on in his career. Now at least we can all get to see him play in a few games. I think the French are in for a tough game tonight and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Uruguay win.

Arsene Wenger is also in South Africa, no doubt commentating for a French television/radio channel and earning a few extra pennies along the way. I guess we can disregard any chance of new faces being signed whilst he is at the World Cup, he doesn’t seem the kind of man to leave this to someone else, well not since David Dein left anyway…

What I don’t get though is why has Arsene Wenger gone to the World Cup, I bet we don’t see old Red Nose there, ‘Arry or Ancelotti, or many other top managers, no, they no doubt will be either having a break from football, or sorting out their new signings before having their break.

Why isn’t Arsene Wenger doing the same for Arsenal? He said he would make our signings before the World Cup began, well forgive me, it has and we still have only signed Chamakh…..

I know there’s plenty of time after the competition ends to sign players, but we then begin pre-season training.
Shouldn’t these new players need to be involved in the training, get to know their teammates, learn the ‘Wenger Way’??

What do I know, eh!! Maybe the deals are all done and dusted, he just want to keep us all in suspense!! If he is, it sure is working!

That’s it, not much gossip around to spread around, so just enjoy the opening ceremony and football later and lets hope for a great tournament.

Good luck to which ever country you are cheering on….  For me, despite flying the flag of St George at home, I can’t wait to see the Dutch!!

I’m going for a Uruguay and Mexico win

Time for the little squirt to fulfill his dream, Gary Neville is spot on….

June 7, 2010

All of course in my opinion, I’m allowed one 😉

Barca now want Clichy according to reports this morning. Well we’ve heard that before so it could be old news. If its true though, I actually think we would cope. Yes he’s improved a whole lot as last season went on but we have Gibbs and Traore behind him, both are quicker and both put a better cross into the box so all would not be lost if Clichy decided to jump ship, or if Wenger decided to push him…

Talking of that bunch of Scum Barcelona, again our little Russian has been speaking about his love for the Spanish club.

Its funny though really, Arshavin hardly set the world alight last season, in fact in many games he just ‘went missing’ like so many big players have done before him. IF Arshavin really wants to play for Barcelona maybe we should just sell him now, whilst Wenger is talking about buying players. Wenger doesn’t do that often so maybe its a good time to take advantage – the only downside of course is that Barca are yet to suggest they would like to poach him from us. I doubt very much they will either!

He say’s he’s ‘satisfied’ at Arsenal – not very convincing is it!!

We have supposedly upped our offer for Laurent Koscielny to £8M according to The Sun and Lorient have until Thurday to make a decision – £8M was the rough price the players club asked for him in the first place, so it looks like we could see another signing confirmed this week.

Wenger is suggested to be off to South Africa on Thursday, so I won’t be surprised if we see a bit of action in the next couple of days. Hopefully most will be good news, but maybe the bad news will come this week too 😦

Talking of the World Cup, the Theo Walcott debate continues. Today it’s Gary Neville’s turn to give his opinion and I think he’s right…

Neville, 35, said: “I did think Walcott would be chosen because he is a goal threat from out wide and he’s explosive.

“Theo potentially has more goals in him than Wright-Phillips and Lennon.

“He has played centre-forward in the past so it would’ve been another option in that position.”

In his day Neville was a top defender (did I just write that 🙂 ) He must know what its like to have England’s equivalent of Usain Bolt racing past him. I still think Capello has missed a trick, but at least we get a fit player next season. The way the players are limping out of the tournament, maybe its a good thing Theo hasn’t travelled..

Few little snippets, Nicklas Bendtner is doing battle with a groin injury which could jeopardise his World Cup, Fulham hope to nab Senderos on a freebie during this summer and Deportivo are thinking about putting ‘an offer in’ for Carlos Vela.

The big man from Russia has bought some more shares I read, that’s all beyond me a bit, but I guess if he or Stan buy Lady Nina’s shares we will have a new owner – I’m sure someone will explain it later

That’s it for today, have a good one….

High time he got the sack…………….

November 4, 2009

Last week after the fantastic win in the Carling Cup, Fran Merida told that he wanted to stay at Arsenal and that he hoped his contract would be sorted out very soon. Sadly for Fran, his agent Joseba Diaz hasn’t seen the interview or possibly not even bothered to speak to Merida. Diaz has said he has an illness, well a love for Atletico Madrid which all started when he slept on red and white sheets when he was young!!

Firstly, what a load of b***x, secondly, the boy was born in Barcelona so I doubt if he would have adopted a love for any Madrid side, and finally maybe the love is for us, we play in red and white!! So Diaz, you muppet, I think it’s time that Fran Merida followed in Cesc’s footsteps again, this time though by giving you the sack!!

Diaby has decided to speak to the newspapers; he has suggested we can win the Champions League and the Premiership this season. I agree with you Diaby, we can, sadly though with you playing the way you are right now that chance is slimmer!! May I suggest he goes and tells the boss he needs a rest, we get to see Nasri, Ramsey, Rosicky, Merida or Wilshere instead and our chances to win those titles increase!

Another player who has spoken out AGAIN, is Arshavin, this time though the word ‘tax’ and ‘money’ are nowhere to be seen! No, he has finally seen sense and started to talk about Arsenal and football, he also has belief that this season will be our season. He even says he is really happy at Arsenal, good man! Every season I think that, but this season I really believe we are going to win something, as well as the Carling Cup.

We are right up there in the premiership heading towards the crucial stage of the season. Arsene says December is the month where we can push on towards winning things or can absolutely destroy any chance we have. Well, that kind of makes sense really, the good thing is that many of our sickies will be back or very near to be coming back, I just hope we don’t keep adding to the list.

Clichy is now out for a stretch as he has a stress fracture to his lower back, but Rosicky and Nasri were training yesterday so that’s good news.
The Clichy injury is bad news, but also spooky; remember the last season we lost our previous left back for a long period??
Me too, so maybe the same will happen, this time though, no sendings off in the final, and we come away with the trophy in our cabinet.

Talking of which, tonight we play AZ Alkmaar at home. Win this game and we secured qualification so I hope Arsene selects the strongest eleven to start the game, get the game put to bed early on and give a few subs a good run out!

The Mancs and The Russians both secured their places in the next round last night, let’s now make sure we do the same, only by winning and not by having to scramble back for a 3-3 draw having been 3-1 down, and what a lucky goal the third was!

Tonight could and should be a night for celebration in my house, not only because we are going to win, and win well, but instead of Coronation Street on ITV, a different soap, well I rather hope a drama will be shown – yep it will be Liverpool in France being knocked out of the Champions League, eeee’ and I can’t wait!! Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like Liverpool? 😛

AZ will be confident; we will need to be focused. The goal they scored two weeks ago will give them belief, belief that they can come to us and attack from the start. That will be good for us, the game will open and we will able to play ‘our way’.

Almunia needs to be on form, they have said he is our weakness, but I don’t think so tonight. He did pretty well against the Spuds, especially after a long break and having suffered what he has. Tonight Almunia will show us all what he can do, why he is our No1 keeper.

Sagna TV Gallas Gibbs
Nasri Cesc Song Rosicky
Van Persie Arshavin
Subs – Merida, Eboue, Senderos, Vela, Eduardo, Wilshere, Mannone

That’s mine, but I know Arsene will have Diaby in there 🙂

Have a great footie day, I can’t wait!!