Arsenal Rules O.K.

January 1, 2010

The Christmas holidays were getting a tad boring so I flicked on the telly and The Big Match Revisited was on, unfortunately there was no Arsenal Playing it was Fulham and Manchester City. I started to watch these 22 men playing on what looked like a ploughed field all covered in mud, amazingly there was still some good passing but I started thinking how football has changed.

A pass back and the goalkeeper picks it up, no free kick. Then the keeper kicks the ball long and it barely crosses the half way line. They can throw it further now than they could kick it..

The  old advertising hoardings, Rumbelows, Gola, Esso.. Some famous companies have gone or no longer sponser football.. It’s funny sometimes when you watch clubs like Burnley have hoardings at their grounds on with sponsored by some company like Joe  Smith the local builder and we are luckily enough to be sponsored by one of the largest airline companies and sports clothing businesses in the world. The great divide.

Anyway this brings me around to the subject of changes, the rules, equipment, the balls, linesmen. Loads of things have changed over the last 30 or so years.

Does it make it better that we get 3 points for a win? I calculated it once and the same team still won the League just the points were a lot closer, sometimes 3 points for a win just makes me feel worse when we only get a draw. It feels nearer a defeat.

The goalkeeper not picking the ball up from a pass back.. I quite like this change it suits the better teams and stops time-wasting.

The new equipment? We now have balls that swerve like beach balls and boots as light as ballet dancers, I don’t know too much about this but the new blades coupled with the new pitches with plastic interwoven into the turf doesn’t sound like a good idea, but the clubs let the players wear them so they know best.

What about the amount of substitutes now,  just a time wasting plot or is it better that we can just rest players and rectify managers team selections?

I’ll tell you the rule that I really hate and that is the offside rule, it is just an opinion, is he interfering with play?
Everyone keeps banging on about we need a defensive coach like Tony Adams or Martin Keown but when they were good as a unit they had a major tool in their armour that they used and that was a proper offside rule which was clear and simple.

Other rules that come in like respect the referee goes out the window after a few weeks because everyone knows that Roonchester United are the main culprits and you cannot send a player off from Fergies team.
The keeper can can move but he must stay on his line is another joke of a rule, how long did the ref’s adhere to that. Then they say respect the ref, well bloody well earn it the rules are all in place just use them with a bit of common sense.

Is their anything you would like to see changed back or you miss and not just those little darlings that used to bring around those scratch card tickets at Half Time.

Have a good day my fellow Gooners…

Happy New Year to all, and here’s to a fab 2010 🙂


Avenell’s Xmas Quiz (answers) and Merry Christmas Gooners..

December 24, 2009

The Answers to the Quiz..

1… Baseball, Boxing, Cricket, Hockey and Rugby.

2… The Emirates took 123 weeks and 2 days to build.

3… April 19th 1994 was the last all English team to start for us..

David Seaman
Lee Dixon
Martin Keown
Tony Adams
Stevie Bould
Paul Davis
Ray Parlour
Ian Selley
Ian Wright
Alan Smith
Kevin Campball

4…There was a Laundry at the north end of the ground and the North Banks was known previously as the Laundry End..

5… 16 Arsenal players were on World Cup duty in 2006

6..David Seaman injured his knee ligaments reaching for his TV remote control and his shoulder landing a 26lb carp.

7.. There is an Anteater named after Gilberto in London Zoo.

8… Players that have joined us from Spurs are
Freddie Cox.. 1949
Jimmy Robertson.. 1965
Pat Jennings ..1977
Steve Walford .. 1977
Willie Young ..1977.
And I wish I never mentioned it Sol .. 2002 7 in and 4 have gone the other way.

9.. 8 if you include Hleb and Thierry Henry..
The others are..

Jimmy Rimmer Villa 82’..
Silvinho Barca 06’
Van Bronckorst Barca 06’
Andy Cole Man U 99’
Anelka Real Madrid 2000.
Ray Kennedy Liverpool 77’

10. Spurs got a Parrot presented to them that died on the day Arsenal took their place in the old first Division.. “sick as a parrot”

I am not sure if their are any more posts before Christmas. If not I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, go and have a few beers and enjoy