Cesc hasn’t asked to leave? Of course he has!!

June 17, 2010

Seeing as Avenell resurrected the debate on ‘You Know Who’ yesterday, I thought I would continue it today…

I watched the Spain match the other night whilst away on holidays, the picture on the television was dreadful, it was just like watching snow fall!!

The one thing the ‘snow’ didn’t hide though was the words from the mouth of our current captain.

Don’t quote me but the interview went something like this….

Interviewer -‘Cesc, how are things with Spain’ ?

Cesc – ‘Everything here is good, we look at our opponent three or four days before we play them, we learn all about  and we are well prepared’

‘At Arsenal we don’t do that, we never look at who we are going to play, we just play them – if we look at them we do it for ourselves, where as with Spain we look at the opposition together, we are much better prepared’…..

Still, preparation didn’t stop the Spanish side from losing to Switzerland, did it…. GOOD!!!!

Like I said, don’t quote me, but you must see what I am getting at.

Why make such comments to the person interviewing, why have a dig at the club who has made him the man and player he is….

I read so many comments from bloggers who say ‘Cesc has not asked to leave’ – I don’t agree. I think he has asked to leave, the only thing is that we haven’t been told of his request in case Barcelona – aka ‘Stains’ don’t cough up the right amount and he ends up staying.

That interview with our captain did nothing to convince me that he wants to stay at Arsenal, never before has he said a bad word about our club but suddenly that has changed. I wonder what the next one will bring…..

Say what you want about Arsene Wenger, but for once I think he is making sure that come the beginning of the season, if Cesc Fabregas is still wearing an Arsenal shirt, he doesn’t have to face a barrage of abuse from many many unhappy fans….

Think what you want, but my view is  Cesc Fabregas has asked to leave Arsenal Football Club, and Barca will find the money from somewhere to get him.

This is a sight you won’t see again, I’d bet Ave’s house on it…… 😉

Would you welcome him back?

May 18, 2010


Not for one minute am I suggesting that Arsene Wenger is thinking about this, but…….

Yesterday there were a few rumblings about Alex Hleb, the man who flirted with the big clubs to get a move, told the world he hated living in the big fast city of London where the noise was all too much. The same player then got what he wanted, he moved to a small club in the quite little city of Barcelona!!

Well well, forgive me if I am wrong, but isn’t Barcelona a tad busier and more noisy than London?

Of course it is, but he got the move he wanted, that being out the doors of Arsenal in the summer of 2008.

Did anyone know that Hlebs mother was a builder… Good girl I say, didn’t know though, anyway, I digress..

Following his big salary move, it didn’t take long for him to be dumped onto the Barca bench, I think he started only five games for his new club! Whilst he gathered many a splinter he confessed that the worse thing he did was to leave Arsenal.

This is what he said in July last year….

‘I regret my move from London, but unfortunately nothing can be done about it now.’

While Hleb feels he has been poorly treated by Nou Camp boss Pep Guardiola, he showered praise on former manager Arsene Wenger.

‘For me, Wenger was like a father. I consider him one of the best managers in the world. For such a boss one wants to die on the pitch. Arsene managed to create a smashing team with a wonderful atmosphere inside of it. I have no doubts that if Arsenal had the same budget as Barcelona, the Gunners would be among the three best clubs on the planet.’

Are you reading Cesc Fabregas, the grass is not very often greener after Arsenal!!

On 29 July 2009, Hleb returned to his former club VfB Stuttgart on loan until June 30, 2010.

So that loan is now up and I wonder what will happen to Alyaksandr Pavlovich Hleb now, sure as heck he won’t go back to Barcelona and oust the likes of Messi & Co will he. He has hinted at a return to the Premier League, both Aston Villa and the money bags Mancs are keeping tabs on his situation so who knows.

Would you fans entertain seeing Hleb back at Arsenal after his antics against Murty, his rumoured whoring around in Milan over an ice-cream or would you rather see him rot on the bench at Barcelona??

Many want Flamini back, what about Hleb, at least he was with a team who beat the Mancs in the Champions League, albeit he was on the bench 🙂

I know my view, whats yours??

Finally and I think this is an interesting one, Ben Foster is due a medical at Birmingham today. (SSN’s) If this is true and Foster passes his medical then surely Birmingham will not require the services of Joe Hart next season. Hart is not going to sit around warming the Citeh bench having had a great season out on loan is he. My guess is he’s on the move, but where to? Is he going to move across Manchester and sign for Red Nose, or could he be moving further down south to us….

The Red Tops report this morning that Barca are due to make an official approach for Cesc Fabregas today. I know none of will be surprised at this, lets just hope that Arsenal have the balls to say ‘NO’..

Oh and did anyone know that we were in talks with Marouane Chamakh last night over a possible transfer? I was stunned when Sky Sports broke the news last night, didn’t see that one happening 🙂

Have a great day all, the sun is shining and we may just see our first summer transfer signed….

Billy no mates! Is Wenger as good as we think he is…?

May 16, 2010


Or should that be Is Wenger as good as he thinks he is??

Couldn’t believe it yesterday when I read about Samir Nasri admitting he was one of five players at Arsenal who choose not to speak to William Gallas. Can anyone name the other four?

I thought that it was just a rift between Kolo Toure and William Gallas that lead to the sale of Toure, didn’t realise that there was more to it within the camp.

How this is allowed to happen,  why hasn’t Arsene Wenger  ploughed in there, thrown a hair drier around and sorted out this ‘off field’ problem. Sure as heck Old Red Nose would have done as I’m sure Jose Moanrinho would have.

Does it show that Wenger’s man-management skills are lacking somewhat? Is the off field problem causing us to be fragmented in what should be a common approach towards games? Has this rift had anything to do with some of our performances?

Could this  be the real reason that William Gallas has, so it seems, decided to turn his back on Arsene Wenger and Arsenal?

Questions, questions, does anyone know the answers though…..

Talking of turning backs on Arsenal, if you believe the red tops this morning, its ‘Now or Never’ for Cesc Fabregas, Barca have said he either joins them in the summer, or don’t bother… If it’s true, I say don’t go now Cesc then you can stay with us forever 🙂

Thats it folks, enjoy the rain if you’re in the UK