Bacary encourages the kids to read, just wish he would encourage Arshavin to Shut Up!!!

December 5, 2009

Ok, I have done this to death, but Arshavin is really starting to cheese me off, big time. A few months ago Kelsey suggested Audrey really wanted to be at another club and I thought he was so wrong. Well sorry Kelsey, I now see exactly where you are coming from, and just maybe you are right.

I think he has used us to get to what he feels is a better club – that being Barca, or Real Madrid!!

Well I say go, go to either and perform the same way as you have for us Audrey and we will be able to do the same as we did when Hleb left us….. That is to sit and laugh, while you get splinters!! 😛

Today we face Stoke, exactly what we need too, a stoke, or should I say poke up the arse to get us back on track. We got beat by the team on top of the league and then by a bunch of over rated, over priced and over ego’d bunch over players who have a manager living on borrowed times because he was a decent player – but still remains a c**p manager!!

Ok, I will move on from them, today we play a side who have height, strength, and belief in themselves and a manager who is a gentleman rather than an over ego inflated git!

We have home advantage and if ever there is a time for the fans to sing and shout, it’s today. We need them to sing their hearts out and get behind the team – I would if I could be there, and I am sure they all will to!

So, here is the pick and mix crop who would you play??

Almunia, Sagna, Vermaelen, Gallas, Traore, Denilson, Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin, Mannone, Eduardo, Eboue, Vela, Senderos, Wilshere, Silvestre, Ramsey, Rosicky.

I would go with

Sagna Vermaelen Gallas Silvestre
Fabregas Denilson Rosicky
Nasri Eduardo Vela

Forget about Delap, forget about Stoke and concentrate on our team, get our team back to playing the football we know can play, and get the forwards to start scoring.

Today should be the perfect game for Vela and Eduardo to find their shooting boots, the same goes for Nasri and Rosicky who need to go back to the days when they would shoot on sight.

Remember the two stunning strikes from the boot of Rosicky against the dippers a few seasons ago, well let’s hope we see something similar today from him.

Arsene says he is getting Rosicky’s new contract sorted, well a goal or two may just get that sorted out a bit quicker! The good news is that he is also trying to sort a new deal for Gallas.

The bad news is that Arsene has said he won’t be making any bids for players who are too expensive! Tell us something we don’t know Arsene, but I do have a feeling he will be buying one of two next month.

Whoever the players are that he has lined up will know who they are by now, they will be watching our game today at some stage.

So come on Arsenal, the chips are down, the odds are starting to stack against us and our backs are getting closer to the wall!

Time to shove all those words from the doubters back down their throats with a reassuring 4-1 win!


Ramsey ready, Nasri back, Fabianski fit to …..

October 28, 2009

Yesterday The Boss stated in the press that the player we are all desperate to see be given a chance is ready to play. Yep, he says Ramsey has grown into a man and expects him to play 15 -20 games for the first team this season?? Well Arsene, he won’t reach the target you have set him if you don’t play him will he?? You have said now though and publicly, so can we please leave Diaby on the bench at best, and leave Eboue to play in his natural position at RB when you need him to and start to play the lad! After all, Ramsey is a natural midfielder isn’t he??

Nasri makes his first start tonight, so its ‘only the CC’ but I don’t care, the man is back and he could just be the other half of what has been missing the last two games. I honestly think with him and Tomas back fit we will return to winning ways in the league, starting with Tottenham on Saturday. Of course, the best thing about Nasri being back and Tomas being fit means that AW won’t have to play Diaby and won’t have to play Eboue on the left of midfield – Cripes, I hope he sees it that way too. Then of course we have Theo to come back too. That all sounds a little bit better…. 😉

Another player making his comeback is Fabianski – our No2 keeper – well he was, but now Arsene has said that the fight for the gloves is between Almunia, Mannone and Fabianski. He says ‘Mannone stays in goal at the moment as we are winning – yes, its as straight forward as that – simples’ 😛

‘Arry’ has confirmed Lennon is out for the little derby at the weekend which is good news as he is their biggest threat in my opinion, Defoe too as the lad is banned.

On to tonight, the funny accents are back in London as the kids take on Liverpool in the CC. The only news on the opposition front is that Stevie ‘woe is me me’ is out, Mascerano is out but their new £20M midfield man will be on the bench ready to make his mark.. Yeah right, he is unfit, has played for ages and he shouldn’t cause too much trouble, should he??

As London said last night, this result won’t make a lot of difference to the first team, but I for sure would start to feel a whole lot better if we can will this game tonight, and win it well. You never know, win, and the big boys sitting in the crowd watching may just learn something from them – I have always believed it’s never too late to learn, and you cant rule out footballers in that belief..

The difference we will see tonight in the team I think will be a crop of players who want to show how good they are, want to prove they are worth playing amoung the big boys, want to play for eachother and ultimately want to win at all costs. I don’t expect them to be strolling about tonight wondering what to spend their big salaries on, no, we will see a team that will be focused until the end, and I honestly believe they will beat The Dippers and go through to the next round.

My team would be

Eboue Senderos Silvestre Gibbs
Ramsey Coquelin Merida
Nasri Eduardo Vela

Just read that Wilshere is out for the match 😦

3-1 winners 😛