Robin’s rants, Henry plans Arsenal return, Ozil is up for grabs now!

July 19, 2010

Just what we need to hear from one of Arsenal fans favourites. Robin says it’s time to get tough and get in the faces of the opposition. We need to do unto others what they so love to do to us. Play the pretty football, yes, but when the chips are down, put the pretty stuff on the back burner and start showing some grit and steel.

Frimpong certainly wasn’t afraid to against Barnet was he, now the rest of our crop need to adopt a similar stance. One difference though between playing Barnet and teams like the Chavs is that the Barnet players don’t roll over like they’ve been caught by a stray bullet from the local firing range. Football for them is hard week in week out, they ride a tough tackle and dish out tough tackles, it’s called football. and we need to start mixing a bit of that in with our pretty stuff!

Shall we dance Emmanuel? Nah Audrey, let’s go get stuck in!!

During an interview Robin said this about Holland and Arsenal. Funny enough he was the first player that Howard Webb booked during the WC Final.

Just before France had to pack their bags, Patrick Vieira said to me that you don’t have to play well in the group stages of a World Cup, not even in the second round.Only later do you have to grow as a team and you will reach a high level. That will get you to the final. That is exactly the way we did it. Against Brazil in the second half, we were brilliant.

Van Persie added that five trophyless years at Arsenal are proof that great football does not always get its just deserts.

I know how difficult it can be to play wonderful football and not get the result you want, I see it at Arsenal more than I want to. When we play the likes of Bolton and Blackburn we dominate the game, we play attacking football and they score from a lousy throw-in or an odd corner-kick. Then we end up chasing them again. The criticism Holland got in the World Cup I recognise from what we get at Arsenal. It was a final. You don’t give up without a fight, do you?

Good man Robin, now tell your team-mates and your boss!

Thierry Henry has spoken about his move to the USA, it’s a short-term plan, he wants to win another trophy, then retire and come home to England and be part of Arsenal again – it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he gets his coaching badge while in the States and is being lined up to be part of our management team, maybe with Dennis Bergkamp…. Now that’s a mouth-watering prospect!!

Sadly, as one great striker thinks about returning one day, it seems that another may soon be leaving us, reports came out yesterday that Eduardo will undergo a medical today at Shakhtar Donetskt – if its true then I really wish him the very best and I understand why he is leaving, this may also explain his sudden absence from the squad on Saturday. 😦

Mesut Ozil is up for grabs after Werder Bremen admitted they will listen to offers for the midfielder, I’m not sure whether we would be in for a shout of getting him as his value is around £20M. If ever though a signing could happen to put the smiles back on the faces of Arsenal fans, it would be this one.

We could always offer Werder Bremen Diaby, Denilson and Almunia in a player swap deal couldn’t we??

Other snippets, suggestion is that we will up our offer for Phil Jagielka. I’d rather we walked away and use the money to get Cahill, he’s only valued at £13M. The Daily Mirror report that Jay Simpson could be given a second chance to prove himself at Arsenal. Having scored two well taken goals against Barnet at the weekend it could be the start of a new beginning. I hope so and with the new rules coming in, he may just stay and take that chance…

Finally, well done to Tom Cruise whose goal helped England under 19’s beat Austria 3-2 and Francis Coquelin played his part in a France 4-1 over Holland. Gilles Sunu was on the bench. Interestingly, there was the next  Sneijder generation on show in the second half. If Wenger is after another youth player, maybe he should be looking to snare him Rodney Sneijder is his name, keep an eye out, his current club is Ajax!

Have a good day all….


Hasta La Vista Bolton.. (mucho)..

January 21, 2010

We went into this easy game full of confidence and knowing that a win by two clear goals we would be on top of the League. Unfortunately as per usual, we were too full of confidence, Bolton were never going to be voluntary lambs for the slaughter.

We picked a strong team, even if a couple of the players picked were not my favourites, the options were not that great and they should have been up for the job in hand.

We started off as we normally do, lethargic and after a poor attempt at a header by Diaby and a mix up from Vermaelen and Clichy we was a goal down.

After we make a few chances mainly from Cesc including Bolton’s Davies heading on to his own bar. Bolton get the ball in our box and Denilson makes the most stupid of tackles from behind and gives a penalty away, only for Almunia to do all the hard work, diving the right way, but goes too far and the ball skittles in through him somehow.. 2-0 down.

We needed a goal before HT and sure enough Tommy Gun rattles the ball past Jaaskelainen at his near post, I thought Tommy deserved more credit for the power in the shot as the keeper was rooted to the spot.

Second Half Bolton tried to fire themselves up again, but Arsenal was the dominating team now and Cesc should have had another penalty that was the carbon copy of the one at the Reebok on Sunday. but blah, blah. Blah.. so what.

After some determined runs the ball breaks for a 50/50 between Gallas and Davies. Gallas produces a 12 bore shotgun and shoots the Bolton player, well not really but the way the press are reacting this morning he may as well have done.
He was late in the tackle and fouled Davies a yellow at worst, but the ref who was about 15 feet away waves play on.
Arsenal should have taken no notice of the ref and should have kicked the ball into touch. Instead the dirty cheats score a goal through Cesc..

From a corner the next goal came TV jumped up for a header that he never won cleanly, the ball broke and he allowed the ball to come on to his strongest side and he clipped it into the goal.

The last goal came from a rampaging run from four of our most technical players straight through the middle, the quick footed Arshavin buried it 4-2 the comeback was complete.
It could have been 5 but on another break Arshavin decided not to pass to substitute Walcott who was free in the penalty area deciding it was a better option to go it alone.. Is Andrei saying something about our 60k a week man?

Almunia… 7.. Today he managed to do a few great saves but disappointing on the penalty.

Sagna.. 7.. Solid performance, Neither of the goals came from his side of the field. Didn’t offer too much going forwards.

Gallas.. 7. A few years ago when men were men his actions would have been condoned for the way he protected his vulnerable team or indeed if it was the great JT, but no today he is a public enemy and the UN are thinking of invading France.

Vermaelen.. 8 .. The coolest centre half in the whole wide world.

Clichy 7.. Good to have Gael back, I forgot the energy he brings to the team, even though not yet match fit.. Committed himself too much, but at least he tries.

Denilson.. 5 .. Better in the second half.

Diaby.. 6.. I still don’t really know what he adds to the team or his actual role, he loses the ball then chases back and wins it again.

Cesc Fabregas.. 9.8.. The heartbeat of the team again, the best midfield player in the whole wide world..

Rosicky 8.. We should have sacked Tomas when he was injured we were idiots keeping this sick note. He’s back you doubters.

Arshavin..7.5 .. He never seems to look like he is playing that well, then bang the damage is done a frustrating player, but he’s our frustrating player.

Eduardo..7.. A lot of people are saying this guy as lost a yard of pace, I’m not sure if that was ever his game, he makes space with his quality and that is coming back with his confidence.

I didn’t see the subs play much so I cannot really comment..

I loved the smug Arsene after the game in his interview, That’s why we support the Arsenal, against all odds and the will of the media we will succeed.

What a great way to go into the hardest 4 Premiership games of the season.

Coyle has no injuries! No surprise that we do after round one!….

January 20, 2010

Owen Coyle brags that he is able to play the same side that started on Sunday, well lucky him – we have lost one player from our crop who took part in the game on Saturday, but we got fortunate, the way our players were kicked it could have been much worse.

Round two, and we will get the same amount of points at the end, but the win will be very different, the goal margin will be different and you never know, if we get a proper ref tonight some of our goals could even be from a penalty or free kick – after all, we didn’t get many decisions in our favour on Sunday did we?

In fact the only decision I recall going our way was Tomas, you know the one, 1,2,3 kicks on our boys so Tomas took revenge – another day he could have seen red….

Tonight’s game will be very different in another way.

50,000 home fans behind the boys, (yes I know the club like to make out there are more) the fortress of The Emirates, the fear factor for Bolton when they travel and add to that they got beaten in their back yard and tonight they will fear losing by so so many goals, and I think they will!!

Coyle won’t park the Double Decker Bus; he doesn’t play that way, so all being well our goal difference will be awesome by the time the final whistle goes – that could count come the end of the season.

We already know Denilson and Walcott are back, but in some ways, maybe that’s a bit of a shame.
In the away game we saw Eastmond step up and play the ‘Song’ role, and he didn’t do so badly really. I still think he was a bit out of his depth but the pace of the Premiership is not something you can get used to in one game.

I say play him again, or, as suggested here a couple of days ago, why not give Coquelin a go? That way we can see how good he is; compare him not only against Eastmond, but the same opposition.

Talking of the youth/reserves – I miss watching them on Arsenal TV, don’t you?

Eastmond, JET and maybe Watt will be our subs tonight – I wouldn’t mind seeing Sunu on the bench too, maybe he could come on, only when we are 5-0 up though.. 😉

Anyway, enough of speculation, come 7pm we will all know who will play, but I think we all know the result will be good for us….

What more can be written, just hope the snow we have here in Berkshire stays away from The Emirates.
I am going for a big win tonight, and us sitting top of the league come 10pm.. Shame Sky have chosen the spuds game to show 😦

Shame for the kids, they went out of the FA Youth Cup last night after losing 2-0 to Ipswich

We’re on a Journey to the Top of the League!

January 18, 2010

If we win the sequel to yesterday’s game against Bolton on Wednesday night by two clear goals we leapfrog Man U and the Chav’s to go to the top of the Premiership (but we will have played an extra game) we will not be allowed to forget that, just listen out for it, it will drive you nuts.

We would also go top because we have scored the most goals in the League. You really must sign a striker Arsene. It really shows the quality of our midfield, mainly Cesc and a credit to the 4-3-3 system. A striker would be a great buy in this window, but how many no 9’s do we need in this system? If Bendtner comes back and Cesc stays fit it isn’t a disaster.

I expected yesterday’s game against Bolton was going to be one of those dull affairs, not what you would call a glamour game. The game started with the Arsenal players getting used to there tasks and Bolton obviously fired up by the appointment of Owen Coyle got stuck right in. Soon though Cesc was getting more creative time on the ball and the result of one of his thrusting runs should have resulted in a penalty when Jaaskelainen brought him down

Gradually bad feeling was creeping into the game when Phil Dowd began to think he was refereeing a Pikey bare knuckle fight, the rules went out of the window Cesc got a right kicking off Taylor after being tripped for a second penalty shout. No calls for the FA to have another look at that, same old, same old.

Cesc was now wired and I thought we would come out second half with revenge in mind, but Bolton got the bit between there teeth and created some good chances luckily Taylor finished them like Jonny Wilkinson.

The game settled down and the subs were gradually introduced Merida for Edmond , Clichy for Rosicky and Vela for Dudu.. They all worked out pretty well for us even though they were not the normal substitutions that Arsene would make.

All in all a very satisfying game, far more exciting that I thought mainly due to as London says the good guy’s beating the baddies, but not so funny if one of the Bolton challenges had of had more serious consequences.

Almunia… 7 A good performance, never really troubled but he was complimented on AR by his no1 critic, so he must have been ok.

Sagna..7.. Defended well, didn’t see much of him going forwards, that’s what normal, mere mortal right backs do.

Gallas 7.5 .. Solid, Gazidis has got to give this guy two year deal asap.

Vermaelen.. 8.5 The signing of the season, all those who think Arsene is stubborn and tight, look no further than this man..

Traore.. 6. Sadly not one of his best games, caught out of position on a few occasions, perhaps he is feeling the pressure of a fit Clichy wanting his place back and is trying too hard.

Eastmond.. 6.5.. As mentioned yesterday he was a little out of his depth, the Premiership is quite a hurried affair. But won’t it be good in a few years time to say I remember his debut. He looked a bit like Gibbs when he first made it into the side a little lightweight, he could be Song’s replacement in two years.

Diaby.. 6.5 I don’t see why a lot of people are over hyping him, his best contribution to the game was a great run then losing it on the edge of the penalty area. Still doesn’t tackle well enough and gives the ball away too much.

Cesc Fabregas.. 9.9. nuff said.

Rosicky.. 6.5.. He never showed the skilful side of his game, but he tracked back and tackled after we had a break when one of Bolton’s clearances hit one of there own players on the help create the first goal, Theo would never have put in that tackle.

Arshavin. 7.5.. Get off his back, he worked hard and is carrying an injury.
I love his petulance, reminds me of Steevie Williams before GG came.

Eduardo.. 7.5. I thought he did alright, he is the player he was, just missing the end product, I have never seen him play much better but he won’t win the critics over until he scores a few more goals. He assisted in both goals and was pulling Bolton around with lively runs.


Merida..7.5.. Best I have seen him play, easier to spot what he does playing alongside the regular first teamers. Scored a great goal, I am still open minded on him.

Clichy. 6.5 Played left wing.. This man has more energy in his first game back than Diaby and Denilson put together. Give him a go in midfield for a FA cup game.. he will run 15k plus.

Vela 6.5 The guy showed enough quality as usual, to make me wonder why he never gets to start.

Have a great day Roadsters, only two more days and we do it again.. Next time we will hit the top.

Swap one Phil for another?? Galindo signing confirmed! ……………..

January 16, 2010

Our Big Phil wants out, we all know that, and rumours are still around that David Moyes wants him at Everton – and need another top notch defender to be there in case TV or Gallas get injured. I know we have Silvestre and Big Sol but if either Gallas or Vermaelen suffered a long term injury would they have the legs to play every two or three days?

Why don’t we be really cheeky and try and do a deal for Phil Jagielka at the same time, we could even offer another player in the same deal – maybe Almunia? Now I know I can’t go wrong with that suggestion……

Just a thought…..

Only a couple of days ago when discussing the ‘D’ word, someone mentioned that Mark Randall seldom goes out on loan, if at all – so spooky that yesterday he signed up for MK Dons for the rest of the season. Great move for him, playing under a tough old beast like Paul Ince, if he can’t teach him a good old fashioned tough tackle, I don’t know who can – this I think will be make or break – like Big Raddy I think it’s the latter, but I am all for being proved wrong.

He goes straight into the squad to face Hartlepool, so let’s hope he scores the winning goal against a side supported by Jeff Stelling, one of many Sky Sports pundits who think we have no chance of winning anything this season!

Also out on loan for the rest of the season, and going Posh is Kerrea Gilbert.

Suggestion is that Kyle Bartley, Craig Eastmond, Gilles Sunu and Sanchez Watt could all be following him out the door on loan – in order to allow the likes of Oguzhan Ozyakup and Ignasi Miquel to step up to the Reserves.

Just as we were all getting excited about this new kid who was supposed to be signing soon, Sergio Canales – our old boss has poured cold water all over the story when asked if it was true.

“No,” said Wenger at his press conference when asked about links with Canales. He added: “I can only say no because it is no.”

Anyone believe him? Me neither! Do you remember Jim on Vicar of Dibley? Me too, this story definitely has a yes to it!

Arsene has Cesc and Clichy are back in the squad for Sunday, that’s great news, Walcott still has an injury – I just wish the latter would get fit and get a good run of games – he needs it and so do all of us. I want us all to see that ‘Liverpool run’ a few more times this season, maybe the critics will change their opinion then, but not until then I guess…

No more than two weeks for Theo says Arsene – mme we will see 😉

During an interview on, Wenger hinted that a need for new blood still remained.

“Let’s say that Bendtner’s return would put us less in a position of need, but if we still find a bargain you never know. With Robin van Persie still missing we just might be in need of somebody.”
Does that make anyone else think we could see a last minute signing? Might that just make you stay up until midnight on the 31st January?

Suggestion in that Nik is now out until February!!

We have been linked with:-

Osasuna defender Cesar Azpilicueta, he is 20yrs old and would cost around £12M, so I can’t see any truth in this one.

Ex Birmingham City forward Mauro Zarate, he is valued higher than Azpilicueta.

Milos Krasic – CSKA Moscow winger has turned down Citeh saying he wants to play for Manure or us.

Imagine if we got all three – would we be happy?

The signing of Bolivian midfielder Samuel Galindo from Real America for an undisclosed fee has now been confirmed on AFC.Com – but he will go straight out loan overseas.

Finally, yesterday an old boy of Arsenal finally signed on the dotted line until the end of the season and talking of old boys, one of our bloggers has become a year older today.

He shares his birthday with many, one is an ex spud, Martin Jol, another is a model, Kate Moss, but the most significant is Nikki ‘pink boots’ Bendtner….

Added to them, about a year ago Avenell Road was set up – so happy birthday to Avenell Road too, you have come a long way. That is down to all of us, owners, writers and bloggers alike. Here’s to another successful year ahead.

Last though, but not least Many Happy Returns Kelsey, he has been posting on Avenell Road since the beginning – 40th is it ??????? 😛

Arshavin ‘n’ Denilson back, Theo’s not a worry…. and Eduardo is Important…

January 6, 2010

Yes, important, not impotent – despite his lack of fire power recently! 🙂

Day 6 of the transfer window and I just can’t see what is really going on in Arsene Wenger’s mind. One day he is not buying, the next day he might, then he wants to wait for other teams to start the ball rolling and THEN, he says he wants to buy two – that is two players, not two year olds who have a good left foot and one day they could be good!!

At this point I feel I need to say that I love the boss, I don’t want him sacked, he is the best manager we have ever had…. blah blah blah, its fun folks, just fun!!!! Get It??

Now where was I, ah yes, Arsene in his transfer market chat – Has he ever had so much to say pre and during a transfer window? I don’t think so, for me this could be a very interesting month for Arsenal… I will remain optimistic; despite Rasp keep telling me not too 😉

Wenger also says that signings won’t stunt the youth, so maybe we are going to get a couple of players who have season or two left in them, a season or two to help the ‘kids’ grow in their game, a season or two to just give us a bit more experience to help us win silverware!

Rumours are this morning that we are going to offer £9M for Carlton Cole, and Big Willy is finally in talks with the club and better still Arsene is considering break his ‘over 30’ rule. Just a shame he hasn’t done that before with some who have left 😦

Anyway, time will tell and so will the next 25 days….

If the game goes ahead tonight, Denilson and Arshavin are back and Arsene has said that Denilson will fill the role left void by Song – PHEW, thank goodness Diaby didn’t get to play there. He is on his best run yet so why try and stifle the man in a defensive/holding role?

Ok, we have no Cesc and no Robin. The latter we are used to, Cesc has been missing before and we went on a winning streak without him, now we can do it again and make our skipper proud!

Another absentee is Walcott, out with a rib injury; our leader has this to say:
“I believe between 19 and 22 you have players who go through periods like that,” said the Frenchman.
“The body settles and stabilises and finds a balance to cope with all the stress you face in top-level competition.
“I am not concerned over a longer period. In the short term I would like him to be available.”

We will be up against a side that has absolutely no chance tonight. Yes they will be excited about the prospect of getting a new manager, he may even be in place by the time kick off takes place but we all know one thing – a good team doesn’t become rubbish overnight and equally, a poor team doesn’t suddenly become good overnight – so manger or manager less, Bolton have no chance of even taking a point of us tonight.

This is our home, our fortress and we are going to win.

This is our game in hand, our chance to get ourselves right in the face of the Moneybag Chavs!

The Chavs have now lost Essien and Drogba – the heart of their midfield and the main man up front – let’s see just how good they are without them and with a little bit of pressure… That is why tonight the boss needs to pick the best and show the rest, just how good we are, just how much we are in this title race, and most importantly show the world just how much we want this trophy!

And finally, talking of trophies, the boss has said he may not rest any player for the FA Cup game against Stoke – Hoorah Arsene, we want that trophy so so much, glad to hear you do too….

I am going for a confident display, a huge win and 3 massive points for us tonight – 5-1 😛

Come 10pm tonight, we will be second….

All we can do now is wait to see if the game is on, where I live we have had 6-7 inches of snow, and that’s ladies inches 🙂

Any Newbies, Welcome aboard but plaese mind your P’s and Q’s otherwise you go straight to spam 😦