Age Before Beauty??

May 30, 2009

Ok,  silly heading, but I woke up in the early hours last night and it came into my mind, probably after hearing we had or almost had signed two youngsters who ‘have great potential’.

What history tells us is that ‘potential’ means they could one day play the beautiful football that we all know and love, the football we used to play – week in week out.

Is that not the same football we are all so desperate to see again?
You know, that style of football that each time we break from defence we all sit there thinking – ‘There’s a goal at the end of this move’ – I remember that when Paddy used to intercept the oppositions attack on our goal, his long gangly legs used to race forward, ball at feet, Sir Bobby, Freddie or Henry were all waiting, huge smile in anticipation – and the rest as they say is history..

Oh those days…

Things for our club right now are very different, we have an abundance of ‘beauty’ but now we need some ‘age’ and with that age has to bring some experience.

What we lack as we all know is that perfect mix –‘The age and The Beauty’.

Today we are linked with Gareth Barry – All the papers are reporting that he wants to come to Arsenal, so which boxes does he tick?

Price – Y, coming to the end of his contract and old Randy won’t want to lose him on a free so we would probably get him for less than we got Arshavin.

English Y – That will give us a big tick in the world of the paps, we sign not only an English player, but a player who plays for England… mmmm

ACON – Nope, he’s English

But is price and being English the right reason to sign a player???

Would Barry be Cesc’s choice? I think not, he like me and many others would like Alonso or maybe Iniesta – J

Ok, I know we won’t get the latter, but I can wish can’t I?

Or would you prefer an unheard of player?
Someone who would cost the club half the price, but has the experience of winning?
Oh, and add to that, the potential to be a ‘beautiful’ player?

Over to you!

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