Arsene’s A*se is Well and Truly Bitten.

September 26, 2010

I thought it was about time I awoke from my blog slumber and made an effort to put my hands on a keyboard, to be honest I felt like doing it last Wednesday after we beat the Marsh Landers, but although it was nice to beat the Spuds, the stopping of the gobbing off and text messages was more akin to scraping something unpleasant off the bottom of my shoe, they are just an unnecessary irritation. Not a reason for celebration.

We have spent five years blooding youngsters in the Mickey Mouse cup and making excuses when we are knocked out, then we field a half decent side to win a game and we act like we have done another double..

Pathetic, That’s double standards the Spuddies are not our rivals anymore, Real Madrid, Juve, Barca etc they are. The Emirates Cup is just as important as the Carling at least we play decent teams in that pre season competition, well except Rangers of course.

To top it off and to prove Arsene right in the way that he used to rest the first team in the MM Cup, on Tuesday we fielded a strong team considering our injury problems culminating in resting key players yesterday who are vital to the team, especially while Cesc is out, so we went on to lose our next Premiership game.

What happened yesterday is so sickening, where does it go so wrong?
The pundits on Talk Sh**e on the radio were talking of Arsenal and Chelsea going through the season unbeaten (again in our case), Almunia was a reformed character, and the Squillaci and Kosceilny are the greatest CB’s since sliced bread (Hovis and Kingsmill the famous double winning pairing), well at least we don’t have to wait for the Chavs to knock us off our pedestal.
Yesterday we just got beat, no humiliated at home by a team whose town has a Building Society more famous than their football club.

It always goes wrong when Diaby plays, does anyone know the players who started in the games we lost last year? I am sure he was on the team sheet for most of them, coincidence.. mmm

It goes wrong when Eboue plays at anything other than right back.

If Cesc plays we can afford to drop the creative players and the better passers of the ball. When he is out we need Rosicky, Wilshere and dare I say it “gulp” Denilson in the starting line up.

Song, Diaby and Eboue don’t work… any one of them in midfield with the others is just bearable but any two and we stifle Arshavin and Nasri of any creative linking up.

We normally wait for Chelsea or the Man U games for Arsene to try out that sort of line up. But yesterday the mighty WBA beat us, and beat us fair and bloody square.

I have only watched the game on a mosaic quality stream and I will try to re-watch the game before I do some player ratings.

I watched some of the game again on Sky before I fell asleep (I knew the world of pop concerts at my age would catch up with me), but I saw exactly what was happening, no creativity only from Nasri, this caused Sagna to be our main attacking option, this is where we need a DM to sit to allow the CH’s to cover the full backs when thay are upfield. But Song was in the WBA penalty area.
Basically we were pulled out of shape.

Almunia. 4 .. Had his worse game in an Arsenal shirt and he saved a penalty. We all know he has to go, Arsene never helped his confidence in the summer and the fans are certainly not helping him now, but we need to back him at least until the transfer window opens in January or it could be season over.

Sagna. 7.. I thought he played well, he was the main attacking force and never got anyone to link with or cover his defensive duties.

Squllaci. 6. The best of the centre halves I think he will partner Tommy when he is back.

Kosceilny.. 5.. He was at fault for the chance that lead to the penalty decision, he has a touch of the Sendersarous about him, he gets too close and can be turned when he charges in.

Clichy. 6.5.. 100% effort cannot always turn a game, he needs to link up better with the midfield.

Song.. 6.. Why he is playing so far up the pitch? I really don’t understand, Arsene needs to have a word and get him back in his best position.

Eboue. 5. He spends the whole game running a diagonal from the half way line to the edge of the “D” not allowing the creative midfielder space or helping Sagna out defensively… back to the bench please.

Diaby 4.5.. No effort, no creativity, lapsidazical performance,

Nasri. 8.. The only player worthy to play in the red and white yesterday, would have got an extra point if we were a winning side.

Chamakh..6.5.. Things weren’t happening on the ground for him and he never got the perfect cross to head a goal.

Arshavin.. 6.5. It is easy to mark him down when we losebecause he looks lazy and uncaring, yet when we win we love his arrogance, hit the post eary on that could have changed the games outcome.

Subs .

Rosicky.. 6
.. I am still waiting for the old Thomas to come back to his true form that should make him one of the first choices on the team sheet, he had one of the best shots in the Premiership back in those days, fingers crossed with a bit of confidence after one screams in he will be back.

Wilshere. 7
.. We shouldn’t be relying on Jack as much as we do, if Cesc isn’t playing he is our midfield general. I really hope we can keep him happy and his head doesn’t get turned by the bigger wage packet boys.

Vela..4.5. Too lightweight, he always manages to look good for the cameo rolls when is comes on in a winning side, but start him or expect him to change a game .. nil points..

This time last season we went through the same thing, with defeats to the two Manchesters, this year it feels much worse, drawing to Sunderland and losing at home..
Still onwards and upwards, lets hope the Red Sox lose today and damage is limited.

Striker signed and given the No9 shirt!! Jack set for stay, Papa speaks…

July 14, 2010

Why can’t Arsene Wenger announce a player with this girls kind of statistics??

Arsenal Ladies Football Club is delighted to announce the signing of striker Ellen White from Leeds Carnegie.

Ellen White has been signed from Leeds Carnegie, she’s twenty-one years old, made 31 appearances last season and scored 23 goals. Pre Leeds she played for Chelsea and just like in the mens game, Chelsea and Arsenal are bitter rivals, so this is a great signing for the ladies side…

Ellen has represented England at all levels and made her senior debut in March this year..

On signing Ellen White said:

“This is a pretty massive deal for me. Obviously Arsenal Ladies are the biggest women’s football team in the country and Europe and pretty much all over the world, so it is a massive move for me. I’m delighted and really excited to get started.”

Vic Akers has assured all fans of the ladies side that two more signings and good ones too will be secured by the beginning of their new season.

Mmme, wonder if he is a tad more honest about signings than old Arsene 🙂

Some good news yesterday about Jack Wilshere, reports are he’s not off on loan to Bolton but instead he’s staying put and will be a part of the first team next season. Does this spell the end of the Joe Cole rumours about him joining us? I would think so but according to The Daily Star, we are overwhelming favourites to sign him. We should know by the end of the week.

Other news is Wenger has dismissed any suggestion that Eduardo is to be offloaded, he has said that big things are expected of our No9 this coming season…

Good to see the photos of the big boys back in training, here they all are in case you haven’t seen them yet..

Papa Cesc has had this to say’ about that gaff’ …

“It was a day of celebration and anything goes. If anyone misinterprets it, they have to see that it was part of a celebration,” Francesc Fabregas told COM Radio.

“Cesc has it very clear what Arsenal has been and is for him. He is super grateful to them and it has never crossed his mind to do something wrong towards them.

“Cesc said what he wanted to do (sign for Barca) the day after the end of the league so that Arsenal had time to react.

“It would have been nasty to say it today, when they are almost on the verge of starting the pre-season.

“But he always did so thinking about Arsenal. It remains to be seen how everything turns out.”

So, if you believe Papa, Cesc has asked to leave……

Reports this morning are that Cesc has also spoken saying pretty much the same as his Papa. He asks that all the talk about him and Barca be cooled and ‘what will be, will be’……

Interpret from that what you choose……

Have a good day all….

Sell Arshavin?? No wonder players take a tumble, Barca scum!!

July 13, 2010

Having watched the World Cup Final I can begin to understand why some players take a tumble rather that trying to stay on their feet in the penalty area.

I’m not talking about blatant dives, aka Drogba and Gerrard to name just two, I’m talking about the genuine ‘touch’ by a defending player, enough to cause a slight off-balance.

Robben could and should have won the WC for the Dutch. Not only did he miss the best opportunity of the game in 90 minutes but had he ‘gone over’ in the penalty area he would have been awarded a penalty. For once though, he stayed on his feet, tried to do the right thing, but knob-head Webb awarded nothing.

In fact Howard Webbs performance was not the best, but then I don’t rate him much anyway, it always seems about him when he referees rather than the game. He’s a bit of a show-pony.

Decisions like that though will not do the game any favours, it won’t help stamp out the diving in the box will it?

Talking of Webb and the other major muck up he made, De Jong should have been off, any other referee in the world would have sent him for an early bath, Webb bottled it. He then went on to deal so many cards out you would think he was in a casino rather than on a football pitch!

I look forward to when we face one of the many sides who like to ‘get in our faces’ and I hope Webb is the referee, I wonder if he be so protective of us… I doubt it, after all Arsenal are just Southern Softies aren’t they and need to toughen up…. Match of the Day could be fun too, the same pundits who suggest Holland were thugs, what will they say about Blackburn, Stoke etc…..

Anyway, that’s my last about the World Cup, I’m just glad it’s all over and without injury to any of our players, well, apart from the mysterious Nikki B injury of course…..

I saw those pictures on Sky Sports yesterday, not happy viewing was it? For those who haven’t seen it, here it is – How low can the Barca players go…. Cesc didn’t seem in too much of a hurry to remove the shirt, did he??

Now this next bit is just my thoughts, not rumours, no speculation…

When Audrey Arshavin signed for us, I was possibly as happy as anyone. True enough, he had pretty much an instant impact, some even suggest it was his signing that secured us Champions League football at the end of that season.

However, has he really impressed you as much as you thought he would?

Apart from scoring against Liverpool, what else does he really bring to the side??

He’s lazy, selfish, injured and spends an awful lot of time declaring his love for another footballing side other than the one he plays for right now. I’m not sure he’s fully committed to Arsenal, as I said the other day, when the chips are down, great players step up – with Arshavin, when the chips are down he follows the chip!! (In more ways than one by the look of him)

At 29 years old, would you keep a lazy player or would you cash in and buy a player who is fitter, healthier, more hungry to win and has more desire to perform for the club who pays him rather than dream of another???

Well, would you??

Finally, Nikki B is due to become a father – blimey I thought, he’s finally got a shot on target 🙂

On that note, have a great day all….

Are strikers a dying breed??

July 7, 2010

Just a quick post today to give food for thought as there’s not much news around…..

In the football world as we know it today, is the role of striker becoming a bit of a lesser need?

Our goal scorers last season were, Cesc Fabregas, top scorer with 19 goals, Arshavin and Bendtner were equal second with 12 goals, then came Robin with 10, Vermaelen with 8 and Diaby with 7. The rest were shared around and from all different positions.

Look how many goals Lampard and Gerrard score from midfield for their clubs season after season..

Rooney, Drogba and Torres are the players who come to mind when thinking about big strikers in the Premiership who score regularly and then there is Darren Bent, Carlton Cole and Kenwyne Jones – but what other prolific strikers are there in the league?

So how important is the role of the big number 9 , especially with the style of football we play – our biggest striker is played on the right of a front three so it looks as Arsene Wenger doesn’t think its ‘that’ important. I know we have just got Chamakh but I think that’s just a precaution because of an out of form Eduardo and a fragile Robin van Persie…

What do you all think? Are strikers a dying breed with the attacking midfielder or is there still a place for an out and out goalscorer if so where are they??

Is Nikki B turning into another RVP?

July 6, 2010

 I’m no huge fan of Nicklas Bendtner, never have been and possibly never will be. Just like many footballers these days, he tells the world and its friend how good he is, but has he really made the step up the way many thought he would or hoped he would?

Nikki came to us in 2005, went out on loan, then in 2007 after signing a new five-year contract he declined the opportunity go out on loan again, preferring to strut his stuff for the team he signed for..

2007/08 (from wikki)

40 Appearances = 9 Goals, 4 Assists 


50 Appearances = 15 Goals, 4 Assists


31 Appearances = 12  Goals, 7 Assists

Not that stats of a prolific centre forward really are they? Yes, I know this last season Nikki has been played on the right in a front three formation but it doesn’t mean he has to stay there does it? What happened to common sense, cutting in getting goals? Theo Walcott gets lambasted for not doing that, why does Nikki not?

Even Martin Keown believes he needs to buck up… He had this to say about our not so Great Dane

I think we’re getting more to the stage now where we want to see that talent coming through.

Like Bendtner, for instance – I think he needs to become more aggressive and more dominant and it’s time for him to wake up and realise that his career could pass him by if he doesn’t start doing it on the pitch.

He’s got to start bullying central defenders and realise that there’s no time to lose. That kind of attitude has to come in from some of those players.

Neither Robin van Persie or Nicklas Bendtner seem to be able to score 20 plus goals a season, neither can they stay fit for a whole season either – they have so much in common 😉

Right now it seems that having missed a chunk of last season,they are both going to miss the start of the new season too.  Robin will need a rest after being crowned World Cup winner hopefully but Nikki is crocked!

In an interview he is quoted as saying:

I still feel quite bad in my groin. Sadly it hasn’t been better during my holiday, like I expected it to giving it nothing but rest.
And that worries me a lot. I had hoped and counted on that a total break from football and training would heal the injury but it hasn’t happened.
I have spoken to Arsenal throughout the holiday and I am having a big scan when I return this week.
My whole body must be scanned to find out where the groin problem really comes from.
I still feel pain and it is very frustrating. I don’t know where I am in relation to playing football.

Forgive me but if this is true, why is he waiting to return to Arsenal before having a scan, why has this scan not already been done? It’s not like he’s having to wait for an NHS Appointment is it? 😉

Didn’t he pick up this groin injury in October last year and had an operation the following month?

Why did he go to South Africa IF he knew he was not 100% fit??

More concerning, could this be the beginning of a new injury prone and fragile player, who every season suffers some kind of set back?

Is Nikki Bendtner really that good? Good enough to keep and risk wasting wages on what could very well be another ‘part-time player??

Surely we can’t accommodate him and Robin van Persie. Just imagine if they are both out for half a season, the same half!

I hope Chamakh is ready to hit the ground running as right now he looks like the only striker we will have fit and ready to start the new season. Still, maybe it’s time for Carlos Vela and Theo Walcott to step up and seize their chance….

Time for the little squirt to fulfill his dream, Gary Neville is spot on….

June 7, 2010

All of course in my opinion, I’m allowed one 😉

Barca now want Clichy according to reports this morning. Well we’ve heard that before so it could be old news. If its true though, I actually think we would cope. Yes he’s improved a whole lot as last season went on but we have Gibbs and Traore behind him, both are quicker and both put a better cross into the box so all would not be lost if Clichy decided to jump ship, or if Wenger decided to push him…

Talking of that bunch of Scum Barcelona, again our little Russian has been speaking about his love for the Spanish club.

Its funny though really, Arshavin hardly set the world alight last season, in fact in many games he just ‘went missing’ like so many big players have done before him. IF Arshavin really wants to play for Barcelona maybe we should just sell him now, whilst Wenger is talking about buying players. Wenger doesn’t do that often so maybe its a good time to take advantage – the only downside of course is that Barca are yet to suggest they would like to poach him from us. I doubt very much they will either!

He say’s he’s ‘satisfied’ at Arsenal – not very convincing is it!!

We have supposedly upped our offer for Laurent Koscielny to £8M according to The Sun and Lorient have until Thurday to make a decision – £8M was the rough price the players club asked for him in the first place, so it looks like we could see another signing confirmed this week.

Wenger is suggested to be off to South Africa on Thursday, so I won’t be surprised if we see a bit of action in the next couple of days. Hopefully most will be good news, but maybe the bad news will come this week too 😦

Talking of the World Cup, the Theo Walcott debate continues. Today it’s Gary Neville’s turn to give his opinion and I think he’s right…

Neville, 35, said: “I did think Walcott would be chosen because he is a goal threat from out wide and he’s explosive.

“Theo potentially has more goals in him than Wright-Phillips and Lennon.

“He has played centre-forward in the past so it would’ve been another option in that position.”

In his day Neville was a top defender (did I just write that 🙂 ) He must know what its like to have England’s equivalent of Usain Bolt racing past him. I still think Capello has missed a trick, but at least we get a fit player next season. The way the players are limping out of the tournament, maybe its a good thing Theo hasn’t travelled..

Few little snippets, Nicklas Bendtner is doing battle with a groin injury which could jeopardise his World Cup, Fulham hope to nab Senderos on a freebie during this summer and Deportivo are thinking about putting ‘an offer in’ for Carlos Vela.

The big man from Russia has bought some more shares I read, that’s all beyond me a bit, but I guess if he or Stan buy Lady Nina’s shares we will have a new owner – I’m sure someone will explain it later

That’s it for today, have a good one….

Cesc Buying Out His Contract And Will The Real Number 10 Please Stand Up.

June 5, 2010

With the ‘Cesc to Barca’ story dragging out and becoming as boring and ridiculous as the ‘who killed Archie’ storyline in Eastenders, rumours have now circulated that Cesc may seek to buy out his contract in order to make his dream move. Apparently Cesc has become stressed by the lack of progression. Naughty Sir Wenger won’t let his hottest property join those darling angels from Barca, for nothing more than a packet of peanuts and a curly wurly and is looking to do a ‘Hleb’ or a ‘Webster’ if we want to use the correct terminology.

This would mean Cesc coughing up roughly in the region of £30 mil, which coincidently is the same as what the Stains value him at. In theory, Barca give Cesc the £30 mil, he in turn gives it to us and everyone’s a winner. In practice this is bullshit.

For a few reasons..

Firstly, I don’t think Cesc would do that to us, nor to Wenger. He may have Barca DNA but he’s not brought up that way, he was brought up the Arsenal way. The classy way. His recent comments suggest this;

“I will say only one thing – I have got massive respect for Arsene Wenger, Arsenal football club and the Arsenal fans. Even in my own house I have not felt as loved as I have at Arsenal. I had a long conversation with Arsene and it was the greatest [longest] conversation I have had with anyone in my life. I respect him, so, so much and I don’t want to say anything more. Wenger said to leave it in his hands and he will deal with whatever happens in the future. It is now all about Arsenal – it is not in my hands. Now I just wait: it is up to Arsenal. Right now all I am thinking about is the World Cup: everything else is the future and I am not going to say anything else.”

Which is basically translated into; I love Barca and I would love to join them, but Arsenal hold all the cards and I will do as I’m told as I have love for them also..

Secondly and more importantly (as loyalty is rarely seen in football to make the first point concrete) Article 17 of FIFA’s Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players is entitled “Consequences of Terminating a Contract Without Just Cause”, and is the fifth article of Chapter IV, “Maintenance of Contractual Stability between Professionals and Clubs”. It outlines the provisions which apply if a contract is terminated without just cause, and the requirement for the party in breach to pay compensation. Specifically, it states that any player who signed a contract before the age of 28 can buy himself out of the contract three years after the deal was signed. If he is 28 or older the time limit is shortened to two years.

Cesc signed an eight year deal in 2006, keeping him with us until 2014, which technically means he falls under the Hleb Webster Clause. Or so we thought, until a club atatement blew Barca out of the water with this classy statement.

“Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly-valued member of the team and part of our future plans. We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment. However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain. To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

Which is basically translated into; I don’t care if Cesc has the Barca badge tattooed on is arse, he’s an Arsenal player and £30 mil wouldn’t buy his right leg so get f*cked..

The key part of that statement for me is the fact it specifically said Cesc was contracted until 2015..Cesc signed an extension to his contract last summer which means he’s only one year into his current deal, not the four years everyone seems to think that puts him in the Hleb Webster category..

Wenger gets a lot of flack sometimes for giving his young players new deals every 18-24 months, we all want to know why we are giving players new deals when they are only two minutes into a 100 year contract but by doing this Sir Wenger is stopping them from getting past year three and getting picked off by the vultures for a bag of peanuts and a curly wurly.

Cesc isn’t going anyhere..Not for £30mil anyway!! We still hold all the cards, morally and legally..

Onto the next topic

I never understood why when Gallas signed he was given the number 10 shirt. It frustrates the hell out me when i see players like Gallas wearing 10 and Diaby wearing 2.. Whats all that about?? I always had the theory that Wenger didn’t want to put any pressure on any of his strikers by giving them the IceMans old number, so he gave it to a defender. Call me old fashioned if you like, but its like a pet hate that defenders wear attackers jerseys and attackers wear defenders.

With Gallas technically not with the club anymore I wondered who will get the oh so sacred Number 10. Will Wenger promote from within and maybe Arshavin gets it? Or will we see a nice new quality player like a Gourcuff, a Van Der Vaart or even a Joe Cole donning the famous number??

Whatever happens no team is complete or looks right without a Number 10, so I hope Wenger doesnt retire it.