Superman wears Arshavin Pyjama’s…….

April 22, 2009

I wont dwell on this point too long, as its been widely debated around the blogs for a few days….. but I’d like to start of with…..Where was he Saturday Arsene??????   Why was he rested when he didn’t play Wednesday anyway???     All I can say is that Chelsea got off lightly and was throwing the semi really worth a point at Anfield?????

Lets leave that one there…

Onto the game….and wow, what a game…The pre match anticipation after what happened at the weekend left me burning with a desire for our lads to stuff the ‘Dippers’ on their own patch and end their title dreams there and then, and although my head was saying no chance, my heart was saying stick it right up ’em…..if we aren’t going to win anything, then neither are they…..

As the team sheets came in I wasn’t surprised to see Arshavin and Song back…as well as Gerrard out for Liverpool and although a little confidence had been restored, I was still apprehensive about what the outcome was going to be….I expected Liverpool to come at us, and I wasn’t surprised…..

I wont go into detail with the game because I’ll be here all day with all the action that went on…

Basically…they were better…..we were woeful but we scored. Then they scored and they scored again, we scored… Kelsey fainted and  we scored again, they scored, we scored and they scored…  the ref added on 6 minutes to let them score again but we held on….


Fabianski…8….Liverpool had 14 attempts on target and our young Pole was big, strong and brave….he made a couple of errors but kept the score down to four when it could have been 10……he could of sank or swam tonight after his crazy show at the weekend and he defiantly swam….against the tide…..

Sagna…4….I don’t know whether he came back from injury too early or whether he’s a one season wonder…but he is nowhere near the standards of last year and made mistakes in this game that makes Eboue look our best RB….don’t forget Wenger once said that Eboue cant defend!!!!!!

Kolo…6…Tries hard every game and has been in good form…wasn’t his best game but Torres is one of the best strikers in the league.. if not the best…so I never expected a blinder anyway…

Fishead…2…Fuck off

Gibbs…7…Grows in stature as he gains experience…lets not forget he’s been thrown in at the deep end and he is getting experience in the big games….the defence overall was all over the place but the left side wasn’t the problem….

Nasri….6….In and out of the game…always looks better when he comes inside…but goes missing a lot on the wing…

Cesc…5…Wasn’t in the game again….never is when he plays behind the front man…he got another assist but his overall game was poor and he doesn’t look comfortable at all…

Denilson…4…’Mr Stats’ doesn’t know that hes supposed to stop the opposition from having a free run at defenders…not give them the ball cheaply in his own half and watch them go…. I’m sick of being told he’s our best player because the stats say so…. hes not… end of… we played better when he went off…..

Song…7…Not his best performance in recent weeks but he was better than Liverpool’s 18mil defensive midfield star Mascherano….I thought the rest Wenger gave him may have stopped his momentum but after a shaky start got better and looked pretty solid for most of the game….

Arshavin….20….Yes that’s right…20…their my ratings and i’ll do what i want and this man is gold dust… 4 shots, 4 goals, right foot, left foot… gamebreaker… potential match winner….superstar….surely Wenger understands that he has to play every game… see what 16mil quid gets you??? proven quality…he kept us in this game and got us the draw…. he deserved to be a winner with a perfromance like that but blame the defence for flapping about like a ‘fish’ out of water..

Bendtner…4…No comment…


Theo…6….good change by Wenger for once at the right time….took Denilson off and added an extra outlet in Theo…it almost paid off

Diaby…wasn’t on long enough…

Overall i was disappointed we didn’t win the game, especially having scored what i thought the winner was in injury time…but it wasn’t to be and to be honest we didn’t deserve the points anyway….a draw isn’t a bad result at Anfield and I’ll sleep easy knowing Arshavin is in this team. Roll on Saturday…I cant wait to see him play again…

Too bad it wont be in the Champions League.. Manure must be relieved they don’t have to face him….

Have a good day guys, see you in the comments section….


Highs and Lows…

April 21, 2009

I have titled the post Highs and Lows for 2 reasons today. The first being I haven’t felt so low as i did Saturday night after an Arsenal game since the Champions League final in 2006, at that game I felt Arsene made the wrong choice short term for the game and long term for Arsenal in replacing Robert Pires for Almunia, Bobby was the man who would always keep possession.
At that game Arsene had to make a choice, there and then not have days to deliberate . I still cannot see why he picked that team on Saturday, but let’s dust ourselves down and do our best to get up for it tonight, I am sure we have sold our ticket allocation so our away supporters  will be.
Liverpool have been the team that has given me my most memorable highs and lows in football.
The Hillsborough disaster, Heysel, that cup final in Cardiff when “little” Michael Owen scored that late goal when he out paced Lee Dixon that caused Arsene to start rebuilding Georgie Grahams defence.
The highs have been Anfield 89′ and that FA cup final in the sun at Wembley in 71′ when the stadium had the best pitch in the country.
That day one man who played was affiliated to both Arsenal and Liverpool,  Ray Kennedy, tonight he will have a special ceremony before the game. It really is a great shame that a once super fit athlete can be struck down with such a terrible disease Parkinsons. He has had to sell all his medals to survive and he lives alone in his native North East.
Tonight is to raise awareness for his Ray of Hope appeal. The details are here.

I don’t normally give to charity, but that goal Ray scored for us to win the League in 71′  is worth a tenner of my hard earned and more..

Onto tonight’s game, No Ade, no Gallas, no Djourou, no Clichy, no RvP, no Rosicky, no Almunia and we may see a bit of the semi fit Dudu. Not many teams could go to Anfield with an injury list that long and come away with a result. We can if we show some of the “spirit of 89” and I am going with tradition tonight and going for 2-0 to us. We need to get the momentum back up and the ball on the deck and play Wengerball. it has created a 20 match plus unbeaten League run… So why did you change it Saturday.. Oh that may have been said lol.

Team for tonight.


Sagna/Eboue… Toure.. Silvestre.. Gibbs.

Walcott.. Fabregas…… Song……. Nasri

………………. Arshavin.

………………………Bendtner.. (and stay in the box).