So you think your Arsenal……………!

May 3, 2010


I bumped into a friend of mine a few days ago, she’s been a Gooner for years, not quite so far back to Herbert Chapman, but certainly through the George Graham era and beyond. She has also been a season ticket holder throughout that whole time and up until today.

She’s knocking on a bit now, but loves a good time, loves to be able to sit (used to love standing) and shout from her heart the support she held for our club, our players and of course, our team…

Since we moved to The Emirates though, her life in the Arsenal World has changed, she’d never been used to seeing people arrive after the first kick of the match, or leave before the final kick of the game…

‘The atmosphere just ain’t the same’ she said, ‘and the boys just don’t seem to have the heart they did years ago’.

She asked me a few questions about what goes on today, it made me think….

I chuckled with her, but all the same, deep down I knew what she said made sense. Things have changed, some for the better, much for the worse…

Do you feel the same as she or do you,

Get to the game ten mins late………………?
Leave 15 mins early…………………?
Do you  know where Highbury was….?
Do you know who David Rocastle was……….?
Can you name the team that won the game at Anfield in 89…? (without wikki)

In this day and age of jcl’s and corporate Ruperts, Tarquins and Gemima’s I wonder where all the real Arsenal fans are…?

The club charges us the highest ticket prices on the planet charges us a fortune for food and drinks inside the bowl and has basically frozen out the grass root fans who simply cannot afford to go to games anymore.

Is this why the atmosphere at games is so poor…?

Is it why so-called fans can’t be bothered to get to a game before kick off or leave ten mins before the end…?

Do they actually care about the football or Arsenal? Is it just a day out to tell their mates they “went to a game at the Emirates”…?

I don’t know the answers, but what I do know is, this friend of mine gives up a lot to keep renewing her season ticket year after year. Gone has the banter, gone has the fan based camaraderie, gone has a lot of the fun… But, she keeps on going as do many thousands, but are their many fans out there who would love to go to watch the club they support but can’t get a ticket?

If I had the money and if I lived near to The Emirates, so would I, but that’s because I love Arsenal. I sure as heck  don’t like the way things have gone though….

Today its Blackburn, no doubt the travelling fans will shout their hearts out, they always do. We need just one point, but I expect three today. I hate Fat Sam and every team he manages…. I hope we batter them good and proper.

We may not be playing for a trophy, but sure as heck we are playing for pride……