Arsenal’s New Boys Shine And Earn Their Respect

August 1, 2010

I have to admit I have had my doubts this summer over AW’s transfer movements. The sheer lack of numbers that have come in to the club being out weighed by the numbers leaving, as well as the unproven quality of certain players Wenger has signed,  left me scratching my head and wondering if the great man was starting to lose it..

When I first heard we were after Chamakh I wasn’t that impressed. I thought he was no better than what Bendtner was and I didn’t know why we were after him to be honest. As with a lot of transfers involving Arsenal, Chamakh’s seemed to drag on for a long time. Long enough for me to have a butchers at the potential new boy and it was easy to see why Wenger was after him. Chamakh fits our style perfectly. He’s big and strong, great in the air and unselfish with his play. He leads the line well, can hold up the ball and pulls defenders this way and that.. After watching him yesterday I was impressed with the way he defends from the front more than anything.. He deserved his goal and took it well but in Chamakh we have a front man who not only is an asset in attack, he’s an asset in defence too. We’ve finally replaced Adebayor (pre 2008) and he’s going to shine at The Arsenal..

I applaud AW for his signing.. If it wasn’t for the fact he was free people would probably be more excited but his price tag of nothing was a master stroke.

I said a few weeks back that Chamakh’s arrival interested me a little. He was free and he scored goals in CL. We had nothing to lose and after yesterday’s performance I’m even more excited. Bendtner’s got huge competition and it feels good to know that we now have three strikers all capable of playing the lead role and playing it well.

It’s time for me to eat a huge slice of humble pie. I wasn’t impressed with the signing of Kos. In fairness I said if Wenger signed two CB’s and Kos was one of them I didn’t have a problem but if he saw Kos as a first teamer I wasn’t that confident the lad could do a job. I even said he was the next Pascal Cygan. Yesterday was the first time I’ve watched him and I was hugely impressed.

Putting him with the likes of Tommy V, Vidic, Terry et al after only one game is too much, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a good ball player. He can read the game and he knows how to defend and Wenger has proved all the doubters wrong (including me). This lad is a good addition to the squad..

The new boys impressed me hugely and they deserve all the credit due to them. Both gave MOTM performances but I’ve got to admit that the biggest impression left on me from yesterday was the young lad sitting deep and holding that midfield.

The CM position is another that has come under much scrutiny this window. The need for another body in there to provide competition for Denilson and able back up for Song has been called for by many sections of the support. Yesterday, at only 18 years of age, Emmanuel Frimpong took that role and put Gattuso and Seedorf in his pocket. Flamini was a handful but we all know Flamini would be a starter if he was still at Arsenal. Nonetheless Frimpong has impressed in the youth teams and Wenger has had a long look at him in pre season. He’s good enough no matter what his age and Eastmond and indeed Denilson could find themselves further down the pecking order this year if Frimpong continues to take his chances and progress into the midfield monster his potential says he will be..If we are not looking to sign, surely Frimpong must be given his chance..

I was also very impressed with Gibbs. He didn’t feature last year and it was a huge loss. Judging from yesterdays performance the injury hasn’t affected his game and if anything he looked better than ever. Clichy has very strong competition for his place and could be looking at losing it if not this season then indeed next. Which isn’t entirely a bad thing. In Clichy and Gibbs it can be argued that Arsenal have the best strongest LB options in the PL..

I still think numbers at the back are light. I still maintain we need another GK and another CB if we are to be considered strong title challengers. In Kos, Chamakh, Frimpong, Gibbs, JET and Jack, Wenger has the added quality but the squad is still unbalanced. An injury to either Tommy V or Kos could leave us in trouble. We need another and I’m hoping he comes monday.

A new GK and another CB would complete the squad. If we cant get both then a CB is the priority..He doesn’t have to cost mega bucks, I trust Wenger’s judegment, another £10mil would do the trick…

Enjoy todays game guys, I’m excited about the prospect of our customary ‘wiping of the floor with Celtic’..

Cesc… You Signed on the Dotted Line.

July 24, 2010

I have admired Cesc ever since he pulled on the red and white way back in 2003 he has in abundance something Theo seems to struggle with, “Awareness”. He either has a third eye or a memory that can judge 20 players positions at the blink of an eyelid and pinpoint the positions where they are going to be before they get there.

But this transfer saga is getting me down now, for years Cesc has said all the right things up until this summer, now there is an eerie silence. Until today when it is reported that Cesc wouldn’t want to hand in a transfer request in case he upsets the Arsenal fans. Or more likely if Barca don’t come up with the asking price and cannot match Arsenals valuation his future at the Emirates next season would be a tad uncomfortable to say the least, as soon as anything goes wrong he would be the scapegoat (although he probably will be anyway if the season goes wrong).

If it is true that Cesc wants to go home to the club that wouldn’t have given him half a dozen first team games.

Why the badge kissing last year?

Why the quotes like this one from last November “ Barcelona rumours don’t affect me- I may even stay at Arsenal forever”?  and more to the point.. Why sign an EIGHT year deal? Of course the answer is money £100k ish a week. Poor old Flamini gets a caning for leaving when his contact ran out, probably a quarter of the salary that Cesc was on. Where was his contact extensions?   Flamini got treated like shit and left, Cesc is treated with kid gloves and gets everything Arsenal can give him yet he is ‘showing’ a desire to leave. In my opinion Cesc is showing us less respect than the Flamster who I would take back at the drop of a hat.

If I was Arsene I would look at the long-term future of the club, another half-hearted season out of Cesc may not be the best thing for us, having him as club captain may not be the best thing either, Just having him around sends messages to our younger players to be disloyal. Or are Arsenal cosmopolitan and professional enough to let these things not affect them?
We seriously and not just us, look at how we set up the player contracts, In Spain when Barca signed Hleb they put a buy out clause in his deal, If any club comes in for him they must pay 90 million euro’s, then he can go. I mean players like Chamakh wouldn’t turn down the chance of playing for us with that minor line in the contract would he? But if he turns out like billy big boots Adebayor and forgets how much he initially wanted to play for us we then have an insurance policy against his agent whoring him around Europe because it wouldn’t be worth it.

The other day our beloved Dudu left us pastures new,  he said all the right things in his final speech, I never rated him as the greatest player Arsenal ever had, but what a true gentleman and professional, a credit to football, best wishes.

Have a good day fellow Roadsters.

Rodwell To Arsenal And Is Arshavin Doing An ‘Ade’??

April 29, 2010

With the season dwindling out into another year of pathetic nothingness at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger has now conceded that changes need to be made within the clubs playing staff. Le Gaffer has stated that for years his hands have been tied in terms of bolstering the squad with top class talent, even though the evidence suggests otherwise. In seasons passed we have seen signings such as Theo Walcott-12 million, Samir Nasri-12 million and Aaron Ramsey- 5 million, all come into the club. This suggests that Wenger has always had funds to play with, yet has proceeded to go down his ‘youth experiment’ route when signing players..

After 5 years without silverware, Wenger seems to have woken up and finally realised that spending money on top class talent isn’t ‘Championship Manager’, it’s an amazing little invention otherwise known as footballs transfer market.. Something where all the clubs get together and sell their deadwood and top the squad up with quality players from other teams. For a small fee of course… When we lived at Highbury there was nobody better than Wenger in this field..How I miss that Wenger..

After witnessing a certain number of his protegés once again fail at the final hurdle and show they can’t even fight their way out of a wet paper bag, Le Gaffer has officially come public and said there is now more funds to spend than ever before and he is already in talks with the players he wants to improve the squad with next year.

A name that is persistently being linked to us is Everton’s ‘wonderkid’ Jack Rodwell..I like Rodwell and I think he’s going to be a top player. He’s got a good engine and he’s big and strong with two good feet..He’s a player who likes to drive the ball forward and glides across the pitch. I think he would be good for us, in a few years time anyway..But heres the dilema..Rodwell would no doubt cost anywhere between 15-20 million such is Everton’s reluctance to let their young players leave..We saw with Rooney and to a certain extent Lescott that Moyes doesn’t take any rubbish from any team with financial might and he digs his heels in until they give up or he gets top dollar..

Do we really need another under 21 player who costs a fortune who will take 3-5 years to start performing consistently? When what we really lack is experience and proven quality at international level? I’d love to see Rodwell in an Arsenal shirt and I would kick myself if he goes to Man Utd or Chelsea and turns into a top player, knowing we had the chance to sign him. But I think the days of spending big on young players should be over..We have more than enough young players, and whats wrong with our own academy? Are we not developing players like Rodwell?? The answer is yes we are, but we don’t have enough experienced players to compliment them..So although I like Rodwell I think we should leave him at Everton to develop some more and spend 15-20 million on some experience..

Other rumours that seem to be circling the club is that Russian Motormouth otherwise know as Andrey Arshavin, seems to be trying to make himself Arsenals new enemy number one,  jealous of Adebyewhores status. He seems to be rather unsettled at Arsenal and is trying to manufacture a move to Barcelona..

If this is true then let me speak on behalf of all Arsenal fans and say ‘F*ck Off then’..If you don’t want to play for us then pack your bags and off you trot.

But to me it doesn’t appear as cut and dry as it seems..

The difference between Ade and AA is that Arsenal made Ade..Without us he would have been an unknown still getting splinters on match days in the French Leagues. Ade’s words were also his own. They weren’t only newspaper reports. Ade’s scandalous and stupid comments came from his own mouth on national TV..We all remember the interview on Sky Sports don’t we? Where one minute he was staying at Arsenal and the next Milan were after him and he wanted to talk with Wenger about his future. After one good year?? Pillock..

On the other hand Arsenal didn’t make Arshavin..Arshavin made himself, coming to the worlds attentions by tearing teams a new one in Zenit’s UEFA Cup win and also single handedly tearing Holland apart in the Euros..He was Russia’s player of the year a zillion years on the trot and when we signed him he was ranked 6th best player in the world..Arshavin was a somebody when we signed him and he didn’t come to Arsenal to wait patiently for all the babies to develop sacrificing trophies in the process..

His ‘recent’ comments about Barca seem to be old news. Theres a familiarity to them. They appear to be the same comments he made before he joined us and although the tabloids are adamant its a new story, I don’t think any of us have heard the words come from AA’s mouth..So far its all been paper talk..

The reports also say he doesn’t rate Wenger in his top managers, but if we cast our minds back, Wenger also said AA wouldn’t make it in the PL..Then we signed him.

We all know he wants to win trophies and we all know he wants Wenger to sign some top  class players, but Cesc and RvP have said the same thing and the majority of fans agree so I don’t see a problem..

Arshavin’s situation is nowhere near the same as Ade’s and until I hear Arshavin actually say he wants to leave I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt..One thing is for sure though. If Wenger sticks to his side of the bargain and gives AA some top quality players to play with, then AA better pull his socks up and play better than what he did this season..Or I’ll carry him to Barcelona myself..

Dogged, Determined and three points, just what the doctor ordered….

February 11, 2010

What a day yesterday was, still full of doom and gloom from Sunday, not feeling very confident about facing the dippers – but something inside niggled away, just something gave me hope that we would win.

My day didn’t start too well because the car wouldn’t start and I had to go out, but after a few phone calls and a set of jumps leads from a fellow Gooner, I was helped on my way. New battery in place, a few pounds parted with and off back home I went.

No matter what the distraction, the old grey matter kept thinking about the game against Liverpool.

Even an afternoon trip to the dentist was grim, he is a Chelsea fan and I dreaded the salt being rubbed into the deep wound I still suffered. I needn’t have worried though really, his son is a Gooner, and all he said was, we need a striker– not really something I didn’t know, all of us know that don’t we?

We talked about ‘that goal’ that you know who scored for Citeh, and he commented on how we needed a player like him – that was based on how he is playing now, not how he played for us during his final season.

So, onto the match – I felt sick with nerves – we needed to win…….

On top of the desperate need of the three points, I couldn’t even begin to think about the stick I would get from my nephew and brother in law if we lost – they are ‘Big Dipper’ fans ( I must take them to the next Fare that comes into town)….. 😉

Thankfully, that is now something I don’t have to think about, they do, but not me – when is the last time we did the double over the Dippers? Right now I don’t really care..

On a night when Chelsea lost to Everton and Manchester United drew with Aston Villa, maybe Arsene Wenger is right to still have belief. We have all agreed that the run in favours us and that points could be dropped by those around us – well tonight has proved that.

Tonight has also proved that there is a long way to go yet before any fat lady starts to sing.

I am not going to rate the players because I can’t – I just watched the game rather than study player by player, but the one thing I do think about is how many times I sat and thought something along the lines of ‘ Can’t believe you did that’ ; I don’t recall many…

Rosicky’s heavy touch when I was sure he was going to put us 1-0 up, but passed it to Reina

Nik’s blast over the net

Eboue’s – I have been shot – get me out of here…

And finally, Walcott’s – I am going to run down time by the corner flag; oops I have passed it back to Reina moment…

Maybe you can add to those mad moments, and please do – just remember that I am getting on a bit and the memory is not so good 😉

Knob of the Night

Howard Webb

Having seen Nik get booked when a penalty should have been given, Gerrard took a dive and got nothing for troubles – this man is not worthy to wear a referees shirt! Can you believe that he is the best this country has and he is off to the World Cup in South Africa? Lets hope he takes more cards with him than Graham Poll did, he may need them 😉

Please note – I am exorcising the right to remain silent over the Cesc handball in the last ten seconds of the match 😉

The player who stood out for me was Diaby. He has been on the end of a barrage of abuse by many, many fans and I am one of them but tonight I thought he showed a different side to his game, he attacked, tracked back, tackled and he scored our winner.

Diaby is my Man of the Match… very closely followed by Gallas…

Cesc – well, he seems cheesed off, not with us, but with all the paps hounding him about Barcelona, I just wish they would leave him alone. If he goes, it will be because of them, there is no let up for the lad, every day of every week the same old Barcelona stuff comes out… It must be hard.

Clichy, Almunia, Eboue – All played the best I have seen them in a long while (apart from the Eboue silly moment)

TV, Gallas, Song – Solid, just solid – that last ditch tackle from Gallas was worth a new two year contract on its own – hope you saw it Ivan..

Nik, well, a way to go yet, but it’s good to see the big fella back, and tonight I thought he did ok – at least he ran his heart out and did some defending …. Mind you, it was him that lost possession, so, so he should I say… 😉

Rosicky (on for Nasri) – Having watched him totally muck up a golden opportunity I was gutted, but the cross he provided for
Diaby was sublime, it had pace and precision and Diaby didn’t waste his chance…

Huggy Huggy Huggy – Oi Oi Oi – That’s what I was singing, I didn’t give a toot about the neighbours 😛

Then the nerves struck and I spent the rest of the game ducking a diving behind the laptop screen, volume muted, just staring at the face of my better half. The face I knew would give away anything that happened…

Thankfully it didn’t give away anything, neither did we – well done Arsenal, maybe you are right back on track, and our dream could still be, very much alive….

What I will say, last night’s result has helped me to get over the game against the chavs, big time ……

Bring on Porto….. Oh, and did I mention that Tottingham lost to Wolves….

They Call Him Paddy Arsenal Enemy No1.

January 9, 2010

So Man Citeh have signed one of our hero’s from the last 13 years.. Old Paddy, but not the Paddy of old..

I don’t want to tell the Man Citeh fans that he won’t be anything like the Paddy we knew and worshipped, I told a Citeh fan that Ade was a lazy tosser and give him six months he would go back to his lazy offside ways.
This was greeted with a smug smile with your jealous wrote all over it.. er no, I was telling you how it is.. But Ade proved me wrong, he never lasted the full six months., lol.

But Ade and Patrick are two different animals, Patrick was in our eyes a legend, we all have memories of his best moments, his goals, his fights even his sending off’s, but mainly him holding the Premier League trophy above his head..

What did he think of us? As much as it hurts he never fell in love with us as much as us fans wanted him too, he returned our love by flirting with Real Madrid every few seasons, but football has changed now, we are made to love brand Arsenal now, they tell us about Victory Through Harmony and play on our loyalties. They even changed the badge so they could put more copyright’s on the new badge because Arsenal never won the battle against a poor market trader who was selling shirts with the old crest on,  the loyalties of both club and player have deteriorated..

Arsenal treat football as a business and they are right, to survive it is, we can all see what is happening around us, even if some are so blind and impatient that they cannot wait for us to rise back to the top again.
But unlike the fans, footballers treat football as a business too, with agents fighting for their corner on the player’s behalf.
Paddy was a businessman, who does what is best for Paddy, okay fair enough, but you won’t get voted no4 in best player ever no more, (well I won’t vote for him) but you do get £150,000 a week. for six months..
Oh and a regular starting place in the Man Citeh side so you can play for France in the World Cup.. Your main priority..  😎

That wasn’t supposed to sound too bitter, just sad to see a legend that was PV04 sell his soul to the devil.. I wish you the best of luck, but not against us Pat, I hope your 33 yr old knee’s (others say older) get you to South Africa and have a good un,  I’ll be supporting you and the rest of the French Gooners ..

On sky the other night there was a programme with FM05, BW01 and GG08 and they were talking about when GA07 died and at his funeral TA06 noticed that every one of the ’71 boys were at his graveside and that respect may never happen again..  A bit old skool cryptic there..  But we know what we mean..don’t we? 😉

Today we might play Everton , who knows,  if the game will be called off or not, If our winters stay like this we may have to have a break like they do in Europe, but in this country we would get that wrong too,no doubt. We would have the two or three week break,  just before the bad weather comes and have to have five weeks off.

What about go the other way around, we all moan about the AC of N and how it disrupts our season.. Why not have the AC of N and the Euro’s, World Cup etc, all in a warmer country in January..  Then we could start all the world Leagues in March ending in November and playing some summer games in the evening if it’s too  hot, let’s start the revolution here.

Everton are having the usual bad season after a good one, but a few of the walking wounded are coming back for them, we are going the other way and we are well under strength so this will not be our usual Everton walk over..  I’ll go for a 2-1 today and  I’ll be happy.

All this talk about Bolton being our game in hand..  this has now become the game in hand and it should see us hit second spot and one point behind the chavs..

Here we go again then………..

December 2, 2009

The transfer window is soon to open and Arsene has said the he will be active during January. Each time the summer and winter sales come around he says the same old thing. We then all get our hopes up wondering who we are going to buy only to realise that when he says we will be active, he really means we will be selling!!

This time though I believe him, he needs to sit down and watch the game from Sunday over and over again, realise that had we have had a player up front who could score goals we could have buried the game even before the chavs had a shot on goal. Slight exaggeration maybe, but how many times to we play the possession game without an end product to convert the chances we create?

Again we are being linked with Chamakh and Horsey, the latter can take a run and jump 😉 as far as I am concerned, but Chamakh, yes please. I wouldn’t mind an ageing old striker aswell, bit like an Owen, knows where the net is and costs nothing. Another defender and we will be back on track.

I like this rumour, well the way its reported anyway – We have supposedly bid 30M Euros for Inter Milan player Mario Balotelli, Mourinho says, ‘ok, but give me Cesc Fabregas in the deal’ – Way to go Jose!! That’s exactly what our club need to do, that way if Cesc goes to Barca, we get Messi!

There could be a little truth in that Balotelli though as he and Jose have fallen out, but he is another young one, we need a few with old heads!

Shock horror – I would also sell Arshavin, he is getting on my nerves , Nasri talks about how happy he is with us, Arshavin says we are not good enough, well you may be right Audrey, but you have been one of our underperforming players so far this season and your four goals against the dippers have been long forgotten!

Let him go to Barca or Real Madrid and start playing Merida, Wilshere or any other of the young players who WANT to play for us, and feel proud to wear the shirt of Arsenal.

Tonight we will get to see a few of that kind as the pick and mix of the club travel up to face City. We won’t be coming back with any points for this match sadly, but we will be into the next round of the Carling Cup.

Honestly, that’s what I think, Senderos will put Lardy in his place, and Vela will show Toure just why he was sold. Toure is slow and passed it, and pace will do him every time, I even fancy a penalty against him, after all, we have all witnessed just how good he is at giving them away!

Off we go then, time to guess the team for tonight, guess the score, slate Lardy and Toure and sit and grin like Cheshire cats in about thirteen hours time ….. 😛

He Never Ran Like That for £80,000 a Week.

September 14, 2009

I have to give Mark Hughes his due, Arsene Wenger couldn’t get Adebayor to play like he did on Saturday even though he doubled his wages,  as Johnny Lydon once wrote “Anger is an Energy”  and it obviously motivated Ade into the best game he has ever played.
I was angry at first at his goal celebration, mainly because he should not have been on the pitch to score a goal, but now I think it is quite funny to think that us Arsenal fans caused him so much pain that he tried so hard to get one over on us. He must really hate us with a

I never saw him stamp on Cesc’s ankle or as Rico said this morning,  he took a swipe at Song, I never saw that either. But I have been listening to Talk Crap and the worst offender for talking shite on there is that tosser Quinn,  not Nial the other fat one whose career highlight consists of scoring a hat trick against us in about 93’, he reckons RvP half deserved the stamp (although he doesn’t condone it) because he went in two footed on the initial challenge. And the Arsenal fans deserved the celebration because of the stick he was getting during the game.
The points against us were..
RvP came in two footed and could have been sent off first.
Ade was getting a kicking from all the Arsenal players.
From one angle it was hard to tell if Ade meant the stamp or not.
He only meant to stamp on his hand and it was unlucky that RvP got his head in the way

And the goal celebrations were okay because.
He never left the field of play.
He was getting stick from the Arsenal fans. (who started it?)
Arsenal fans were singing songs about his parents. (It was copied from other supporters when Ade played for Arsenal)
RvP went over to the Man City fans when he scored.
Mark Hughes even said he ran over to a section of Man City fans.. (haha.)
Thierry ran the length of the field when he celebrated his solo goal against the Spuds in 2002.

My take on it is I don’t really care if they ban him or not it won’t help us much, It will probably help man U more and It won’t get us the point we deserved. We must not lose confidence because of these two recent Manchester games we don’t need to turn on the manager or individual players just yet.
If RvP came in two footed the ref should have booked him as he saw that, but retaliation is far worse that is what we got told when Vieira got sent off for it.
I do think he meant to stamp on Robins hand and not his face. but it was still with intent.
When he ran to the Arsenal fans to celebrate, the fans should not have reacted, but what if our fans were a mob like West Ham or Cardiff fans and caused a riot after the goings on at Upton Park a few weeks ago FIFA and UEFA would have had a field day and it could have sent English football back 10 years. Also luckily there was only a few injuries there was quite a crowd surge to get on the pitch and could have crushed the fans especially woman and children .
RvP did go to celebrate in front of the Man City fans, but they were there next to the goal, not at the other end.
What would the Everton fans do if Rooney celebrated like that against them.. just clapped and cheered., yeah right. Or if Sol done it against the Spuds?
Oh and Thierry never played for the Spuds so for him to run down to there end to celebrate was wrong, but it was not a hate reaction which Ade’s was. In fact some of the Spuds even applauded him, and two wrongs don’t make a right.
I guarantee that is if Clattenburg would have sorted Ade out from the start we would not have lost.

And Mark Hughes is a knob!