What’s Cesc Playing At?!!

August 2, 2010

I cannot confirm nor deny anything. In the last six months, this story has made our lives difficult. At the moment, what is important is that when Cesc comes back, that he comes out. For me, I have nothing more to add. The conversations with the players have to be private because I cannot come out every time I speak with a player.”

The speculation does not stop. Who can stop the speculation? Only Cesc maybe, I don’t know, maybe not even Cesc. But that is how I feel. We cannot go into a season where everyday you read about that. He has not played today and I sit here and speak about Fabregas.

Seems pretty clear to me. Mr Wenger is in no uncertain terms telling Cesc he is sick of all this nonsense and he fully expects our captain to make an announcement to the Arsenal fans that he will be playing at THOF  this coming season.

That was Wenger’s opinion on saturday night. With Cesc still on holiday having been given extended leave after suffering a backbreaking 15 whole minutes of world cup burnout, it is to be assumed that Mr Wenger fully expects Cesc to hold a conference of some kind as soon as he returns. Pledging his loyalty to the club while in the meantime it is also to be assumed that he keeps his trap well and firmly shut..

So, eagerly waiting in anticipation for our talisman to come home and tell us all it was just a bad dream and he loved The arsenal more than what Puyol would love Cesc’s DNA all over his face in the showers. I turn on Sky Sports news to see our emotion stricken captain telling a crowd of 2,500 Barcelona fans in his Catalan hometown:

‘I hope to see you more often and closer.’

Not satisfied with Fabregas Sr’s regular updates on his son’s future, the Spanish media are now getting his GRANDMA to get in on the action as well.. How low is that?? Getting a players frail old grandma to pull his heartstrings in the direction of the club who openly like to feel each others DNA all over themselves..

It’s time someone got the scissors and cut this crap out because the circus is in town. It’s gone on for too long and Cesc has played a not so innocent key role in the whole thing..Arsenal don’t need this freak show at the minute, Arsene is trying to rebuild his side for next season and this whole saga is detrimental to the stability of the club..

So Cesc Fabregas, times up..I agree with the manager and along with Le prof and thousands upon thousands of Arsenal fans, I fully expect you to come clean on your return..

You either want to play for us or you don’t.. If you want to stay in Spain then tell us and stop pissing about and wasting everyone’s time.


Arsenal’s New Boys Shine And Earn Their Respect

August 1, 2010

I have to admit I have had my doubts this summer over AW’s transfer movements. The sheer lack of numbers that have come in to the club being out weighed by the numbers leaving, as well as the unproven quality of certain players Wenger has signed,  left me scratching my head and wondering if the great man was starting to lose it..

When I first heard we were after Chamakh I wasn’t that impressed. I thought he was no better than what Bendtner was and I didn’t know why we were after him to be honest. As with a lot of transfers involving Arsenal, Chamakh’s seemed to drag on for a long time. Long enough for me to have a butchers at the potential new boy and it was easy to see why Wenger was after him. Chamakh fits our style perfectly. He’s big and strong, great in the air and unselfish with his play. He leads the line well, can hold up the ball and pulls defenders this way and that.. After watching him yesterday I was impressed with the way he defends from the front more than anything.. He deserved his goal and took it well but in Chamakh we have a front man who not only is an asset in attack, he’s an asset in defence too. We’ve finally replaced Adebayor (pre 2008) and he’s going to shine at The Arsenal..

I applaud AW for his signing.. If it wasn’t for the fact he was free people would probably be more excited but his price tag of nothing was a master stroke.

I said a few weeks back that Chamakh’s arrival interested me a little. He was free and he scored goals in CL. We had nothing to lose and after yesterday’s performance I’m even more excited. Bendtner’s got huge competition and it feels good to know that we now have three strikers all capable of playing the lead role and playing it well.

It’s time for me to eat a huge slice of humble pie. I wasn’t impressed with the signing of Kos. In fairness I said if Wenger signed two CB’s and Kos was one of them I didn’t have a problem but if he saw Kos as a first teamer I wasn’t that confident the lad could do a job. I even said he was the next Pascal Cygan. Yesterday was the first time I’ve watched him and I was hugely impressed.

Putting him with the likes of Tommy V, Vidic, Terry et al after only one game is too much, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a good ball player. He can read the game and he knows how to defend and Wenger has proved all the doubters wrong (including me). This lad is a good addition to the squad..

The new boys impressed me hugely and they deserve all the credit due to them. Both gave MOTM performances but I’ve got to admit that the biggest impression left on me from yesterday was the young lad sitting deep and holding that midfield.

The CM position is another that has come under much scrutiny this window. The need for another body in there to provide competition for Denilson and able back up for Song has been called for by many sections of the support. Yesterday, at only 18 years of age, Emmanuel Frimpong took that role and put Gattuso and Seedorf in his pocket. Flamini was a handful but we all know Flamini would be a starter if he was still at Arsenal. Nonetheless Frimpong has impressed in the youth teams and Wenger has had a long look at him in pre season. He’s good enough no matter what his age and Eastmond and indeed Denilson could find themselves further down the pecking order this year if Frimpong continues to take his chances and progress into the midfield monster his potential says he will be..If we are not looking to sign, surely Frimpong must be given his chance..

I was also very impressed with Gibbs. He didn’t feature last year and it was a huge loss. Judging from yesterdays performance the injury hasn’t affected his game and if anything he looked better than ever. Clichy has very strong competition for his place and could be looking at losing it if not this season then indeed next. Which isn’t entirely a bad thing. In Clichy and Gibbs it can be argued that Arsenal have the best strongest LB options in the PL..

I still think numbers at the back are light. I still maintain we need another GK and another CB if we are to be considered strong title challengers. In Kos, Chamakh, Frimpong, Gibbs, JET and Jack, Wenger has the added quality but the squad is still unbalanced. An injury to either Tommy V or Kos could leave us in trouble. We need another and I’m hoping he comes monday.

A new GK and another CB would complete the squad. If we cant get both then a CB is the priority..He doesn’t have to cost mega bucks, I trust Wenger’s judegment, another £10mil would do the trick…

Enjoy todays game guys, I’m excited about the prospect of our customary ‘wiping of the floor with Celtic’..

A Message To Arsene Wenger.

July 30, 2010

I am very confident [we’ll do better than last season],” he said. “We know in England that the Premier League is the biggest league in the world and everybody invests a lot of money.
“We invest in our work, in our beliefs, in the quality of our behaviour and I am confident that will pay off.

I don’t want to sound like I’m interfering Mr Wenger, but after studying your recent comments it seems as though you are seriously thinking about not signing anyone else to strengthen our squad this window.

If so, I seriously recommend you think twice about this. You are treading a very thin line and your once large numbers of loyal followers are dwindling year by year. After all the ‘noise’ YOU made about strengthening the squad for the up coming season I expect YOU to stand by your word and do your job. If not expect those numbers to drop even lower..

Do you really think the fans have forgotten last years dreadful performances by the same players that give dreadful performances every season. Do you really think the fans have forgotten the dreadful form of games where we won 2 in 10?? Do you really think the fans are going to accept another year of lies and complete poppycock that you seem to become so used to spinning us???

The bottom line is, you keep taking our money, silly money at that and you are not doing anything with it.. Why aren’t the profits you are so proud of making every season being put back into the team??.. I for one don’t class giving average players new contracts for doing crap as putting the fans money back into the team..If anything its wasting it..

If I fork out for a £300 quid Paul Smith jacket, I don’t want to get it home – only to wear it once and find all the buttons have fallen off and all the stitching has come loose. I don’t want to take it back to the store, only to be told by the store manager that I can’t have my money back, or indeed a better quality jacket. I don’t want to be fed the crap that even though the jacket has its flaws, it is a young jacket with great potential and if i invest another £300 on it we will work hard with the jacket and take pride when it fixes itself…

I want value for my money..

It’s the same in any field of business and if you want to treat the fans like customers instead of family then expect a lot of back lash..

The fans ‘noise’ is getting louder and louder every year and I think you’ll find it’s not in agreement with the way you are running things..Talks of a demonstration last year were quickly gathering pace..Nobody wants to demonstrate against you Mr Wenger but nobody wants to see Almunia or Fabianski in goal for the start of next season either. If either appear at the Emirates Cup then you can expect a few raised eyebrows and tut tut’s on the day..

We desperately need another CB.. Another top class one..It doesn’t matter how you spin it or how many youngsters we have coming through, the majority of fans will not be happy if we go into the season with what we’ve got..

You said after last year we had more money than ever and you were intent on strengthening the squad in the areas needed.. You’ve done sod all (again) only lose more players than you buy (again) and we are almost done with pre season (again)..

It is NOT your money. It’s the clubs money. It’s Arsenals money. It’s OUR money..Spend it and reinforce that team because we are weaker than last year and you know it…

You destroyed a perfectly good team. A strong team that had another 2-3 years in it and we’ve won nothing since. At one point we were the best. We had the best players and you let them all go. Top teams don’t let their best players go, they keep them and build on them and after 5 years I thought it would have been obvious to you where we were going wrong but I guess not.

You might be the best manager Arsenal have had but your starting to live off past glories. The club is bigger than you and if you take us into one more year of the same soap opera, filled with false promises and lies then don’t bother renewing your contract..Take a seat upstairs where your book-keeping is more useful and let someone else take over who’s hungry and doesn’t throw real trophies or see 3rd or 4th place as the best we can do…

I still think you’re a legend and what I’ve said doesn’t mean to come across too harsh. After all you’ve done for us I’m more than happy to let you see out your contract. After all, there was a time when you were clearing up and every top club was after you, but you stayed loyal to us.. For that I thank you. I also thank you for guiding the club through a difficult period and keeping our heads above water. Youve done an amazing job, but I think its time someone stuck a rocket up your arse and told you to get back in touch with the fans…If the board wont do it then believe me the fans will…

We have high ambitions for this club. Ambitions fed to us by you. If you want my opinion, if you want to achieve those ambitions you need to sort this squad out and quick.

I know you want that Champions League and I don’t think your going to get it, continuing to do as you are..

I have voiced my concerns and have given you my judgement, but I will stand by and support yours whatever you chose to do, but only for this one last time..Arsenal are the team I love. Arsenal are the team I support and I want them to do well. You are the manager of Arsenal and at the end of the day it’s only your opinion that counts. I just hope you know what you are doing in what could possibly be your last year.. Not just for your sake, but for Arsenals sake..

I don’t for one minute think that when you came up with the blueprints for this ‘project’ of yours, the fairy tale ending was to go 6 years without a single trophy and seeing your contract run out..Just keep that in mind before you put that dusty cheque book back into your sky….

Lets Just Play The kids??

July 27, 2010

In preparation for the worst case scenario this transfer window, I’ve convinced myself that Arsenal won’t be signing anybody else of real note.

If we don’t there is going to be serious implications for this years title charge. I don’t see how we can go into this season weaker than what we were last season and expect to do any better.

I still think we have 3 problem positions

The goalkeeper needs a shake up..Both Almunia and Fabianski have failed in their auditions to hold down the number 1 jersey so we need to change it. Almunias not a bad keeper, but makes way too many mistakes throughout the season to be seriously considered our number one anymore. Fabianski’s performances on the other hand make us wish Almunia was back between the sticks and that says it all really..

The solution is not Schwarzer. Has the situation got so bad that we are wanting to sign another average player? If we want to improve the situation then a ‘stop gap’ is not the answer. Schwartzer is no better than Almunia and we need to stop all this ‘short term solution’ talk.

If Chesney really is the answer and everyone thinks he will be number 1 in a years time then he’s ready now. Forget Schwartzer. If we aren’t going for the likes of Hart, Akinfeev, Lloris etc then lets not waste our time on anymore duds. Lets give the other squad members a chance. Put Chesney in goal, tell him hes number 1 and keep him there all season. Like I said I think Almunia and Fabianski have had enough chances, give someone else a go..

I think the likes of Denilson and Diaby have also had too long. Denilson just isn’t a strong dominant midfielder. He lacks every attribute a player in his role needs and he’s not taken his chance. When the play is in front of him and he can see everything he does ok, but once the play is stretched and goes end to end he looks lost. The game (and the refs) just pass by him. Diaby on the other hand has the attributes of a midfield monster, but you could shine a torch in one ear and see the light in the other..Theres nothing there. He lacks application and fire in his belly and that’s something that can’t be taught.

Again, if we are not looking to replace these players and invest in some top quality, then promote from within and give someone else a go.

Frimpong, JET and Wilshire are all rated highly and have played well in the youth teams. I’d much prefer Wenger to use these players more and tell Denilson and Diaby to take a seat on the bench..They are not good enough. They’ve had more than enough chances and its time for a change

I don’t have much to say on the CB issue..Although I’ve convinced myself they’ll be no more signings, I desperately want to see a top quality CB brought in.

Gallas was one of our best players last year. He was our best defender and they are big shoes to fill. I don’t think Kos is the answer and I don’t think there’s anyone we can promote to replace him. He needs replacing like for like but that will cost money and that’s what worries me.

Other than the CB position, I think we may just have the answer to our other problems already at the club. They just need the chance the others have got.

If the kids have got talent, then lets see it.

Another CB?? Forget it..Djourou Will be Arsenals ‘New signing’

July 26, 2010

Before I start ,I must say that I have no inside information or no ‘sources’ and I’ve heard nothing on the Arsenal grapevine. This is solely my opinion formed on what I’ve experienced as an Arsenal fan by witnessing Wengers transfer market ambition (or lack of) for the last 5 years..

I may be wrong and I hope I am. I really want Wenger to shove a huge slice of humble pie in my face but I dont think he will, nothing over the last 5 years has made me believe the hype that Wenger will  seriously invest in the squad this summer.. Arsenal FC will not sign another CB.

Wenger is not the type to fork out £10million on a first team player, nevermind a backup, so Kos will not be a bench warmer next year.. He’ll be playing and he’ll be playing regularly. This is not the key factor that forms my opinion. The fact that Arsenal.com has been blowing smoke up JD’s arse the last couple of days tells me that Kos and JD are our ‘new’ CB’s..

The defender spent almost all of last term on the sidelines with a knee injury but is ready to fill the void left by the departures of William Gallas and Mikael Silvestre.

Says it all really.. If my opinion is correct this leaves us in serious trouble..Kos is a nobody and is nothing like Tommy V was..TV was captain of Ajax and was a regular in the Belgian International team..Kos has never played a big game in his life and Wenger expects him to come in and do the job in the toughest league in the world?? Not a chance..I’m not saying this guy is the next Stepanovs, but I very much doubt he’s the next Tony Adams either..I’d say hes somewhere inbetween and he’s the next Cygan..Is another Cygan really the answer when what we really need is another Keown, Adams, or indeed a younger Sol Campbell..

Can J.D. do a job? He’s big and strong, fast and athletic. He looks like he has the perfect attributes for a top class CB..Saying that I don’t think he’s the answer either. Everytime I’ve seen him play he’s not been very convincing and the fact he’s spent the last year out with injury means there are huge doubts over his fitness and form. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying he wont stay fit, but we all saw what happened to both Dudu and Rosicky after lengthy absences. Dudu was, in the end, sold and Tomas has never regained the form that earned him his nickname when he was younger.

Buy basement bargain unknowns, wait for injured players to return and promote from within has been Wengers philosophy for a while now and I don’t expect it to change. I think Wenger will be happy with TV, JD, Kos, Song, Nordtveit and Bartley and will tell us we are ready.

I don’t for one minute believe Wenger will sign a GK either. He has recently gone on record as saying he doesn’t know his number 1. It’s an honest admittion but it’s nothing we didn’t know already. The GK position has been a serious problem for a few years now and it didn’t change then and I don’t have much faith it will change now. Just because the manager admits he doesn’t know who is number 1 is doesn’t mean hes going to buy one..He’s just accepting the fact he’s got a couple of average ones and a couple of unkowns and he’s expecting (hoping) one of them will step up to the challenge..

For a start Wenger doesnt see the GK position as an important position. Even Bob Wilson said he didn’t see eye to eye with wenger over how the GK was trained. Secondly, Wenger will never in a million years spend big money on a GK. Given was available for a measly £7 mil and Wenger saw it as too much!! Really???? Thirdly, Wenger thinks that spending £2mil on a problem position is the answer. Well Mark Schwarzer is not the answer and we should stop wasting our time chasing players who are no better than what we’ve got already. Thank god we’ve been priced out of a deal by his £4mill price tag. I would normally see being priced out by £4mill as embarrassing, but under the circumstances I think its a blessing in disguise. We need improvements, not another average player to compete with average players..

Wenger will again go with what he’s got, hoping for somebody to do a ‘Flamini’.. If that’s the case then he’ll need about 5-6 of his players to do a ‘Flamini’ becuase we weren’t good enough last year and we won’t be good enough this year if we don’t sign anyone else.

The CM, CB and GK positions have been a problem for the last few years now and have been neglected in every window until the situation has become unbearable. I dont see the situation changing.

If Wenger was out to improve he would have done it by now..

Everyone wants to see improvements, Wenger has promised them year after year with no conviction. What makes it any different this year?

Arsenal are a top side, both foreign and domestically, but they don’t act like one. Arsenal should be at a stage now where the only players that can improve the squad are world class ones. The fact we are still signing players who were playing french league two football only a year ago tells us how big Wengers ambitions really are and how weak the squad is in certain positions.. 3rd place is a trophy and I won’t hold my breath to see any major signings this summer.. I’d even go as far to say we wont be signing anyone else.

Sorry for seeming so negative, but I’ve had enough. I haven’t believed a word Wenger has said for the last few years and I didn’t believe him when he said our team would be sorted before the World Cup or indeed Pre-Season.

Thinking about it, he probably was telling the truth. The team is now sorted. No wonder Cesc wants out..

Cesc will probably leave next season and if the situation doesn’t change at Arsenal then I wouldn’t lose any sleep if Wenger followed him out of the door..

Wenger is a fantastic man. A wonderful innovator and a brilliant accountant, but over the last few years his philosophy on squad building, man management and team tactics has been quite ridiculous and his legacy as being the greatest manager Arsenal has ever had is in serious danger of being tainted and stained.

In trying to take us forwards we are going backwards and it seems everybody barring  Arsene Wenger can see it..

We are The Arsenal. Filling the squad with basement bargains, crocks and kids is the philosophy of Allardyce, Coyle, Mcarthey et al.

In an age where everyone is skint and we are the only ones, barring Citeh and Chelsea, with any money I find it ridiculous that we still aren’t stamping our authority on the transfer market.. I don’t understand how in the same year we can give 17 players new contracts, pay £150 mill off a loan and still announce profits of over £40mil and do absolutely nothing in the transfer window… I don’t get it. What are we waiting for? After the performances of certain players, not just last year but the seasons before, does the manager think they will be any better this year?? 

Lets hope we see some real activity in the next few days..Otherwise we are in for another season of ‘ fingers and toes crossed lads, lets aim for fourth see how far we get beyond that and hope for the best’, instead of saying ‘we are genuine title challengers, we will be there from start to finish and not fall away at the end like we always do’..

As things stand,I’ll be happy with 4th place this coming campaign…

Arsenalisation, Signings and (zzzzz) Cesc.

July 25, 2010

It’s good to hear that the North Bank and the Clock End with clock included, will be back next season as the Arsenalisation machine continues..I think the club realised last season that 60,000 scarfs placed on seats at a cost of pittance was a bit of a shitty way to get the fans giddy, so they’ve invested some more money into bringing back some of the old memories.. Since the move to the The Emirates the club has lost its identity a little. This is a good way of getting it back and the fans will have a proper feel good vibe about the place. Hopefully it will spread into the squad and the club as a whole..I think its a good move I just hope it’s not coming out of the transfer kitty..

I really hope these are the first steps in creating a better atmosphere around the place. The North Bank and Clock End are a good idea but that was Highbury and Highburylisation isn’t the answer..It’s not a substitute for success. The Emirates needs its own identity and the way to do that is trophies. They are the best kind of memories. Nobody will be sat in the pub in 5 years time and say to their mates with pride;

“remember that game in 2011 when we had 99% possession but lost 3-0 and Denilson had the best stats”

What a boring, unambitious and downbeat way to talk about the team you love. It should be more like;

“remember that game in 2011 when Denilson hit a 30 yard screamer into the top corner in the 93rd minute? Won us the game and the league and 60,000 of us sat and watched the presentation of the best league trophy in the world at the best stadium in the world. What a day for the arsenal”

The Emirates needs that kind of memory. The only way to kick-start our ambitions and prove we are actually going for the title and not some fingers crossed, half arsed attempt like we are usually do is the need to sign players of quality, good enough to improve the squad because we obviously aren’t developing them as quickly as Wenger expected..

We are doing ok at the moment but we are spending nothing and every time we face a big opponent we get schooled. We aren’t as good as them but imagine how good we’d be with a few more quality players?

The important thing to remember here, is that Wenger said he’s got the money. He said that the financial shackles had been lifted and he had the money to compete with Chelsea. Although we obviously can’t afford to compete with them on wages, transfer fee wise we could sign anyone we wanted. The wage package Chelsea could offer players would make them a bigger attraction for a target, but they can’t sign everybody can they? Which Wenger also pointed out..

Even Fizsmann has gone on record saying that if Wenger wanted £30mil to spend on players he could have it.. That was back in 2008 so imagine how much we have now?

Whether Wenger will spend it or not is a mystery..Everyone seems to think this will be the season Wenger must see he has to spend. He has no choice. We aren’t good enough to win the two (not four) trophies we aim for and we need to stop making excuses and start producing. Recent trends however,over transfer windows past suggest we don’t seem to do too well in the window and the trend seems to be continuing this year.

Chamakh excites me a little but he was free and I’m not that thrilled with Kos if I’m honest. We need more. We need about 3 more…

If we add to these signings and get another solid, take no prisoners CB, a keeper who has the ability and agile niftyness of a chimpanzee and a midfielder with the mental strength and winning mentality of the incredible hulk I’ll be over the moon.

I’m not saying let’s go out and spend £150 mil but £40 – £50mil should do the trick. With today’s market prices if we want good players we have to spend big. No messing about. If we can really compete with Chelsea then lets put our money where our mouths are. Stop talking about it and just do it. This is what we moved to The Emirates for, so we could compete for the best trophies with the ultimate opponents..

By the way I’ve got my new arsenal away kit for this season and yes I have got Cesc4 on the back. I’m not too happy about whats happened and I’m sure Cesc wasn’t innocent in the whole saga but he’s class and if he stays which i think he now will, I’ll support him…I just don’t want to see no badge kissing when he scores because its bollocks..

The Transfer Market Myth And Koscielny Will Be Our Only CB Signing.

July 11, 2010

Dont you just hate it when you’re in the middle of a debate over the signing of players and somebody resorts to the ‘This is not Championship manager’ line? As much as it irritates me it really does make me giggle..Are these people for real?

Now I know that its only a game but wanting Wenger to sign players isn’t living in a false world as some people try to make out..Its wanting Wenger to use that cunning little device that has been part and parcel of football for years called the transfer market..

Now for those of you who didn’t know, the transfer market is something that has existed in football a long time and not just in a computer game..Amazing isn’t it? It’s where all the managers get their heads together and decide who’s for sale and who isn’t and for the right money you can take another teams best players..They even have set times for transfers called the window. These windows happen in the summer and in the new year and managers love them because it means they can strengthen their squad..

I’m sorry, but wanting Wenger to spend £30 million on new players is not playing a game, nor will it turn us into Leeds or Portsmouth. The transfer window is not a myth and for a club that makes profits like we do, using it to our advantage from time to time would not be living in a fantasy world..

Which brings me onto my next point, transfers..

Does anyone else think that after signing Koscielny, Wenger wont be looking to sign another CB? After almost certainly losing 4 CB’s on free transfers, most fans I know wanted us to sign a minimum of 2 CB’s. One for back up and one major signing to make the fans drool. I was hoping that Koscielny would be the back up and a household name would follow him through the door and be Vermalaen’s partner next season. Although Wenger has stated recently that we are looking at another defensive player, I believe it wont be a CB and Kos is our lot..

What gives it away is the fact he has been given the number 6 jersey means Wenger sees him as more than just back up. He will be TV’s partner next season and with TV, Kos, JD, Song, Bartley and Nordtveit, Wenger will see it that he has enough. Kos to replace Gallas and Bartley and Nordtveit promoted from within to replace Sol and Fishface..

If Wenger had eyes for a more well-known CB to be first choice then why give Kos the 6 jersey and not the other guy? We wont see another CB and if we do he wont be better than Kos.

Whether he’s good enough I guess we wont know until we see him play, but I’m not happy about the prospect of seeing another unknown with potential filling a vital position in our squad..

Its world cup final day today guys so lets cheer RvP’s boys on and hope once its all over Wenger pulls his socks up and sorts the squad out before pre season begins..