RvP IS OFF!! (I can feel it in the numbers)

It’s that time of year when the new kit is launched and you need to get down to the Armoury to get your new Red and White (with a dash of an alien colour) shirt.

I’ve looked  on Newsnow and watched the new signings clock in. and I’ve decided I want a Podolski shirt.

So before setting out I thought I had better check Arsenal.com to see what number he is and although we have seen him in an Arsenal kit he doesn’t seem to even exsist in the sites first team squad list.

So what would be the most suitable number for Lukas ? Perhaps 9 or 10, he will probably get Parks’ no 9 shirt it’s wasted on him and he will be off anyway, But Giroud hasn’t got a number either and he is the more natural centre forward so he would grab that

A shiver suddenly shoots down my spine, so Podolski should have the number 10!! What does that mean ??

Is the site sending out subliminal messages about RvP’s future??

Looking at the list perhaps the numbers that have been chosen for the players we already have is sending out secret hidden messages

Szczeny still holds onto No13 (Lloris to sign ??)

Wilshere our best midfielder has the No 19 on his back, surely the Mertesaker 4shirt would suit him better, (not fit yet?)

Diaby still holds the No2 yet our best left back still wears 28. Santos wears 11.

Does anyone know the person responsible for checking the suitability of choosing a number for a player because we would look a lot better if the first team got 1-11 and the squad players picked at the scraps. (nb: except 14 of course).

This needs to be sorted before the new kit launch otherwise it is either unfair on the supporters that purchase the kit or if Arsenal are going to refund if the numbers change like Bendtner did swapping the 25 to the 52 a couple of years ago it is a waste of time and money.

In all seriousness why haven’t either Podolski or Giroud been assigned numbers??


9 Responses to RvP IS OFF!! (I can feel it in the numbers)

  1. Duke zarzar says:

    Park and Santoe should release their respective numbers to Podolski and Giroud. RVP is staying aswell as Theodinho. Gunner till i die!

  2. Well we need to be verry sensitive when asign a gensy to our player so not to cause any chaos among them and to eradicate unnessessary spending. Secondly let us se the player in and out before distribute a number. Gunners for life

  3. Max says:

    I love you avenell

  4. Wayne jules says:

    Giroud had number 17 at montepillar so i think that will be the number he picks and podolski has worn 11 before. It also means nothing a player picks their own number it does not have to be the number that best fits the position

  5. Mjizzie says:

    Don’t knw yet but i think if RVP eventually leaves Poldoski wil be given number 10 jersey while Giroud wik be given number 9

  6. Gibbs Kieran says:

    I dont wnt RVP 2 leave d club. So i think Podolski will take d 12 jersey dat also suitable 4 d german international and i want Olivier Giroud 2 wear d 17 jersey. I will always luv ARSENAL 4 life

  7. Darryl says:

    Song wears no.17. I think podolski or giroud will get no.9 then the other will get a 20something like chamakh did, possibly 23 if arshavin leaves. But remember no.9 has been a bit of a jinx in the past! Perhaps there maybe a shuffle round and they are waiting on players return to pre season to determine? Jackie will have the no.7 shirt in the future I think, Liam Brady in the making!

  8. wazza says:

    great to have you back 🙂

  9. Ifeanyi says:

    Lets respect everyone here let park stay wt his number nd lets respect song wt his 17jersey give poldi number no12 jersey nd giroud no21 jersey

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