David Moyes should be CHARGED and FINED after calling a EPL Referee ‘A LIAR’……..

Cesc Fabregas is currently the victim of a media witch hunt, for accusations fired at him from yet another sore loser of a manager.. David Moyes and his average Everton outfit, were yet another victim of the Arsenal machine that is steam rolling its way through the EPL this season.. For all Moyes’ crying and moaning about what he thought happened, Fabregas WAS NOT sent off. He WAS NOT mentioned in the referees report and he WAS NOT charged by the FA..

Moyes says Cesc Fabregas should have been sent off for comments he made to the referee that neither the referee, nor anybody else for that matter, even heard.. Not only was Moyes criticising Fabregas, he was also criticising the referee…

Cesc Fabregas is INNOCENT…

David Moyes IS LYING..

Moyes in his interview, publicly said the referee IS LYING…

My advice to Everton and their manager is to RESPECT THE REFEREE and for their LIES they should be immediately face an FA panel to explain their comments..

Sour grapes can be a bitch when you’re a manager, it could and should land you in all sorts of trouble when you can’t take defeat like a pro and you resort to making up things that nobody else heard..

If I was an Evertonian..I would be seriously worried right now..They are in the bottom half of the table, can only score goals from offsides and now their manager is hearing voices..


146 Responses to David Moyes should be CHARGED and FINED after calling a EPL Referee ‘A LIAR’……..

  1. Les says:

    Masking over the fact that Arsenal were dire in the first half and Everton deserved their lead

  2. crooked says:

    dude, Fabregas admitted to saying something. He said it was in the heat of the moment, but he admitted saying something.
    Obviously, he won;t say what he said.
    Apparently, he shouted in the general direction ‘what did you get paid?’ but we all know why he shouted that. He wasn’t speaking to Denilson who is an overpaid tw@t, so obviously it was aimed at the referee.
    It is OK, our manager Wenger is good at whineing too so we cannot call the kettle black here.

  3. moo says:

    stupid article with no substance especially since Fabregas admitted to saying something.
    do your research first before embarassing my Arsenal by exposing yourself as a fan of MY club. Idiot.

  4. kk says:

    The 2 major signing we must make this summer,a top english jornalist and a top english referee(if Man u and Howard webb in the transfer market we should go for him)

  5. JonJon says:

    no team who holds a one goal lead from an offside decision at half time deserved their lead

    and cescs could have said something to the ref, he admitted saying something but it couldnt have been that bad or he would have seen red..could have said hello for all we know

  6. Ann Onymous says:


  7. johnny hoy says:

    Shame about Moyes as he seemed a decent fellow prior to this. Now he’s just another grass. Modern day football’s full of them.

  8. Fan says:

    I support Liverpool fc, however i am not from Liverpool. I have information from a good source that the arsenal captain did make these comments. This caused a confrontational situation with a number of the players, however was not out of control.

  9. JonJon says:

    fergie rejected a world record bid in january for webb
    hes not for sale
    wenger needs to target a young ref with potential for fuck ups
    maybe attwell???

  10. Rowland says:

    As an Everton Fan, I believe that Moyes should not have mentioned in Public anything that happened in the tunnel. Quite frankly, I don’t care what happened. It was a poor decision to allow the goal.

    We lost, no sour grapes here, that’s just a reality.

    We have bigger problems than 1 defeat!

    I would however question using the words Innocent and Fabregas in the same sentence as it’s an oxymoron!

    He is far from innocent and has shown on numerous occasions by berrating officials and linesman. He is far from an ideal representative of referee respect! Phil Neville is far from the player Fabregas is but maybe Cesc might take a look at how Neville portrays himself as a captain in front of his teammates and officials.

    Anyway, just saying my piece. Good luck in the title hunt!

  11. Gidster says:

    Y’know Les, big whoop… good old Everton, played quite well in the first half, better than Arsenal. They had a couple of shots (only 4 in the whole game mind you), so it was hardly domination. 2nd half, Arsenal creamed them. Wiped them out. 19 attempts on goal, 10 on target. Massacre. Everton were so good that they were opened up every 5 minutes. Your post masks over the fact that Everton didn’t score a legitimate goal and Arsenal scored 2. So your point is not much of a victory.

    I’ve always liked Moyes, but last night he was a dick. He plays the “poor Everton” card whenever they’re on the wrong end of a call. If i were him I’d be more worried about the league table and losing home and away to Arsenal.

  12. JonJon says:

    thanks for the comment rowland

    would like to add that neville doesnt get kicked 100 times a match like cesc does

  13. Dexter says:

    Cesc said he was pissed off at half time, ne didnt say he said something to the ref. If you rely on lazy agenda ridden acks like talksport and sky then be prepared to be wrong and ill informed.

    Just as WEnger didnt actually say it was a witch hunt, yet another hack said to him, “is it a witch hunt…” Typical loaded question.

    Moyes is another Fergie lacky, just like Alladyce, Pulis and Mcleish. And his comments are pure bitterness andhypocritical. He should concentrate on trying to keep Everton up tis season.

  14. JonJon says:

    totally agree with gidster and dexter..

  15. Clusy says:

    LOL…. Mate I think its time you found yourself a WOMAN!!! You need to take you mind off all this aggression, maybe a hobby, take up knitting!!!!

    It is a game of football, nothing about it will change your life, you may win a few quid now and then, but you will only drink it down the pub and then go home, and if you are lucky you might catch a nice film on the telly, if you are really luck it might even have boobies in it!!!! Remember what those are????

  16. Dexter says:


    You make a few good points and nice one for that.

    Cesc is no angel and to be honest, I f*cking love him even more for it! We’ve been slated for being too nice, now we are in the mix for the title we are dirty and too aggressive! Brilliant, long may that continue.

    If Wenger had said the same stuff Moyes had done after a loss, can you imagine the crap he’d get from the media? He’d be slated and his comments laughed at. Moyes says it and its treated like the gospel, Koran all rolled into one!

  17. Toffee39 says:

    Wow good old innocent Arsenal and Mr.Fabregas!
    Firstly Cesc never spoke to the ref according to Whinger sorry Wenger, then Cesc admitted he did speak to the ref and it was all in the heat of the moment.
    I reckon, just a guess, he did blurt his spanish gob off, but as it was Fabregas he can do no wrong and the ref bottled it, a bit like the tackle from behind on Arteta which warrented a red card in itself.
    Yes we are in the shit as you say, but I’m sure we’ll scrape out of it and give you loveable cock-neys a chance to spawn it against us next season like you seem to every season.

  18. Dexter says:

    And Gidster makes some very good pasties, erm I mean points too!

    And you too Jon Jon! 😀

  19. DavidRogers says:

    Ever considered the fact that maybe Fabregas said something that the referee didn’t hear?

    Also, how can Wenger say nothing was said by the player, then in his next breath completely contradict himself by saying that Moyes ‘broke the unwritten rules of exposing things said in the tunnel’? Either something was said or it wasn’t, and if it wasn’t, why is Wenger accusing Moyes of this?

    Fabregas has admitted to saying something too.

    As for steamrolling Everton, you were 1-0 down at half time to us, whether the goal should have been allowed or not. It took two mistakes from Everton to allow you to regain the lead too.

  20. rsd says:

    avenell road lives hi jj

    why did you lie david?

  21. JonJon says:

    hi rsd..
    dunno where the master is to be honest i thought id just fire back at the fuckers who were writing shit about cesc..fucking sick of it man

    dexter..same as above.. 🙂
    couldnt take it lying down mate, time to fight back…

  22. JonJon says:

    nothing to consider
    everton had a lead to a dodgy goal that stevie wonder could see
    and we battered you..played u off the park
    it should have been more than 2-1..

  23. BD says:

    hang on…. wasn’t it his manager who said (LIVE on Sky) “Cesc did not say anything to the referee..I was there with him and he did not speak, I did..” then Fabregas apologises for what he said to the referee – I’d say Wenger is a liar.
    No witch-hunt involved, just facts.

  24. JonJon says:

    did cesc apologise??
    or did he just say he respects refs??
    cesc spoke to the ref all the way through the game
    if you can give me a quote where cesc says he apologises for comments made to the ref in the tunnel at half time for which he should have been sent off then il beleive you…

  25. RonBlu says:

    What a complete and utter diatribe of rubbish. It calls into question how the Internet can fall into the hands of complete bafoons. Wenger has been found out numerous times not ‘seeing things clearly shown on camera’, the fact this incident was off camera allows him to defame a genuine bloke who acknowledges the shortcomings of his team as they arise. The fact that the authorities don’t act against one of the so called big four cannot come as a shock to anyone, whereas if it was Blackpool or ano we know that action would be taken. Wenger has cried for years about other teams being physical whilst coaching the team with the consistently worst disciplinary record in the league! Fabrigas should have been booked for one of the three disgraceful fouls on Arteta within the first 6 minutes!

  26. Rowland says:

    Fabregas does get kicked off the park most weeks but all great players do, look at Messi, he gets absolutely battered but he gets on with it.

    Fabregas has to realise that he is the captain and he needs to start acting like it on the pitch with his attitude. Nobody wants a cart like Terry as captain, he is nowhere near that level but he needs to mature a little (he is very young to be a captain).

    Having the agression is great and it has turned your midfield into something much harder than years ago post Viera leaving but he can be petulant as well.

    Wenger can sometimes be a hypocrite, remember years ago, he in public, started going on about Andy Johnson as a diver, now Johnson was never a great player, but if you watched him he was no diver.

    Remember also, Moyes is frustrated with having no money and his players leaving with no replacements. We have the opposite problem you have, you have cash but Wenger won’t spend it whilst we have no cash and want/need to spend. I think he was just having a bad day at the office and lashed out.

  27. JonJon says:

    and everton shouldnt have had a goal after 20 mins
    but they did

  28. Everton Fan says:

    “David Moyes should be CHARGED and FINED after calling a EPL Referee ‘A LIAR’……..”

    “Moyes in his interview, publicly said the referee IS LYING…”

    “David Moyes IS LYING..”

    I’d like you to document where these quotes are coming from.

    It’s you that making libellous comments.

    Arsenal FC admitted that Fabregas shouted “How much have they paid you?” at the referee in the tunnel.

    Your comments are an embarrassment to Arsenal more so than Fabregas’ original comments.

    In fact the only accusations of “lying” / “liars” / “liar” are coming from you.

  29. Mark Pembridge says:

    haha. what a sad article that is. Listen to yourselfs. So its ok for your captain to say ”How much have you paid the ref?’ and ‘Everton are a bunch of cheats’.

    I suppose the way arsenal go about their business is it acceptable.

    You say moyes is lying do you? why the hell would he make it up? Dont say its because we lost because both moyes and I have seen everton lose enough times. He had nothing to gain by making this up. try to think a little before writing such utter garbage. I used to have so much respect for arsenal as a club, but recently your nothing more than a bunch of whinning children.

  30. Pablo says:

    You are one thick prick! I Support neither team, but Everton were by far the better team in the first half, it wasn’t until Arsenal scored, did they start to dominate. The quicker Cesc fucks of top Barcelona the better. I tell you one thing, even though Arsenal won, Everton had the best player on the pitch in Fellaini.

  31. Pablo says:

    That was for JONJON

  32. avenell says:

    Hey up JJ, interesting post mate..

    If Moyes heard something .. put up or shut up!!
    not cry like a little toddler who is being bullied by his big brother..


  33. JonJon says:


  34. Dexter says:


    Unfortunately I dont tink we will have the opportunity to spawn it agains you nex season. Well, unless we draw you in one of te cups.

  35. avenell says:

    Chicken shit Moysie..

    Poor old Everton .. no money, selling the big issue outside Goodison..

    35.000 turn up every week just like at WHL.. spuds in the top 5 Everton battling relegation.. where does the money go?

  36. JonJon says:

    “There has been much talk about me saying things to the officials at half-time on Tuesday night. All I can say is that I have respect for all match officials. Their job is a very difficult one and their decisions are final.

    “Yes, I was upset at half-time. So too were about 60,000 Arsenal supporters in the stadium. We were one-nil down against a very good Everton side to a goal which we felt was offside. Of course I am going to be upset. Players from both sides were saying things as we came off the pitch, and this always happens in football.

    “I’m passionate about this Club and like all the players want to win every single match, so many things are said in the heat of the moment.

    “Clearly the officials feel that nothing serious happened, as I understand the referee has not included anything in his match report.

    “I just want to focus on our next match, which is another big challenge at Newcastle on Saturday.”

    that was for everton fan..
    this is what cesc said on the club website..
    now whos lying??? tosser

  37. Lj says:

    Fucking grow up

    Read Cec’s statement,. say it all without saying anything

  38. MarkW says:

    Mate you are hilarious…. In fact, I am picking that you are the type who started supporting Arsenal in the late 90’s, you sit in the boozer or your front room decked out in fresh souvenier shop purchases, you are probably a real estate agent or maybe an accountant, you live somewhere in Kent and drive a volvo. Your understanding of the game is limited, your support contribution at matches is without common sense, without footballing experience, blinkered and without any consideration of facts, past records or reasoning. Why would Moyes lie? He has proven himself as a manager of integrity who is realistic…vastly different to Wenger who has a reputation of selective sight and hearing… the guy is renowned for it. As for Fabregas?? That guy is scum… great player, but he is a nasty little piece of work and not a great ambassador for your club (remember after that Hull game? Remember him in his barca shirt?) We outplayed you for the majority of that game, you hardly looked like title contenders. I look forward to seeing you yet again lose your bottle in late Feb, and another season of excitement again turns into nothing. You are ridiculous, and silly little articles like this make you even more laughable!

  39. JonJon says:

    cesc was just trash talking the everton players…the everton players were probably trash talking ours about the goal they got but shouldnt…
    the ref had fuck all to do with it..
    trash talk happens all the time in footy, wrighty would tell defenders that he had naked pictures of their wives..it happens…like on the blogs
    but we dont go tell mummy and daddy when it goes tits up…
    moyes lost…and told daddy what the naughty arsenal players said to his players…

  40. Dexter says:

    Aww poor sad hard done by everton.They were sooooo good in the 1st half, really dominated and managed to take the lead. If only those cheats at the FA, in cahoots with the dirty cheating foreigners at Arsenal, hadnt managed to change the rules and make games 90 minutes long now, then everton could have actually won a game and not been in a relegation dog fight.

    Nope, Arsenal were just darn lucky, lucky 2 score 2 legitimate goals, unaided by the ref or linesmen, lucky to be 2nd in the league, lucky as hell, all the way…

    Lucky Arsenal?

  41. Rowland says:

    Avenell. Some people are having a proper discussion and you have just showed how much a child you are.

    Show some class and don’t embarass your club son. If you want to just come out with needless insults than go support Chelsea!

    We know we have no money. That’s the whole point of our frustration for years.

  42. avenell says:

    Rowland.. It was a question that I would like a decent response to not your pathetic answer ..

    Tottenham get a average gate of 36,000 so do Everton..
    Tottenham make a profit and buy decent players
    Where does your money go???

  43. toffee911 says:

    how the gooners berate anybody, they have the biggest whinge in the prem in arsehole wenger

  44. JonJon says:

    to be honest rowland i think avenells comments where adressed to some of your mates comments…

    your comments are good though..
    but it doesnt escape the fact that moyes fucked up..
    and now cesc is under the spot light in the shit storm its caused…when really the media should be asking where sian massey is to replace that prick who was running the lines

    but no..its all about cesc, thanks to david moyes stupid unproven comments..

  45. JonJon says:

    and then it starts lol

  46. avenell says:

    Chang beer obviously doesn’t pay the wages..

  47. toffee911 says:

    how can the gooners berate anybody, they have the biggest whinger in the prem, arsehole wenger

  48. JonJon says:

    chang who??
    is that who funds them??

  49. JonJon says:

    when everton get 5 broken legs in 6 years then i would think moyes would have the right to complain too toffee…

  50. Dexter says:

    chang’s slang for cocaine… So thats where the money goes! Not to be sniffed at.

  51. Dexter says:

    Moyes moans like a bitch and the toffee fans are the whiniest in the eague. Every year when I go to Goodison thats all they do. Bleat like demented sheep.

    Im glad I wont have to make that journey for a few years.

  52. avenell says:

    That explains those eyes.

  53. Rowland says:

    Ok. Avenell. I presumed you were being rhetorical. Just saw the ? there when I read back.

    The real difference is Spurs got new owners a few years back, they put money in, higher ticket prices, but mainly the fact that they have people running it who know remotely what they are doing.

    Everton is run by a guy who although is the a big fan has no clue, is running it on a day by day basis, and is essentially fire fighting all the time.

    He says he is looking for Investment (24/7, his words), but I suspect he is like a child unwilling to give up his toy.

    You are a well run club from a business side and it shows, commercially. Wenger has bulit a good team (spend some money though for God’s sake, Lol!)

    Everton have over £50m in debt, maybe more, someone else might know the numbers. Dead end unless we can owners in and I think Moyes won’t stay much longer.

    Besides, I think Moyes shows the Top 4 too much respect away and I think someone said elsewhere that he hasn’t won in 55 games away to the top 4. We take a lead and sit back instead of pressing forward and making a game of it.

    Moyes should have kept his mouth shut but Wenger has had verbal diarorra on a few occasions as well.

    I do suspect that Moyes has lashed out of frustration on other matters (as per above).

  54. Angrykid83 says:

    Here here, well said

  55. Luca Benetotti says:

    If Fabregas wasn’t such a good footballer he would be out robbing handbags of tourists…I’m glad Arsenal don’t win trophies anymore behaving like that

  56. JonJon says:

    i used to like everton..
    i used to like moyes and respect him for what he achieved there but that comment just really pissed me off and the crap its caused now just pisses me off even more..
    the only way moyes can make it up to me is if you take points off manu mancity chelsea and spurs.. lol
    do you play any of them again this season??

  57. avenell says:

    Cheers Rowland..

    I like Everton TBH I felt for Everton in the late 80’s when your fellow? scousers fucked up your chances of winning in europe..
    They didn’t help us either.. we should stick together and stop the Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea media love in and not fight amongst ourselves.
    That is what disapoints me about Moyes comments .

  58. avenell says:

    Luca….. If Fabregas stole handbags he would be the best handbag stealer in the whole wide world..

    Hang on to yours!

  59. Luca Benetotti says:

    what time does school start tomorrow?

  60. JonJon says:

    we dont need to spend any money though really rowland
    we have the best youth acedemy in the PL and have done for years
    we are still in all four comps and we are second in the league and we have 16 players out on loan..
    i only think we need one more player but that would be for numbers in certain positions, our first 11 can beat anyone and our cup teams can make it to domestic finals..
    so how much do we really need to spend???
    not that much really..

  61. donkatron says:

    Les i dont know what game you were watching but it wasnt Arsenal v Everton. Everton had the first 10 mins then it was all Arsenal with Everton scoring against the run of play with the most offside goal you will ever see.

  62. avenell says:

    Luca… ask mummy like you normally do..

    Big hand on the 12.. little hand on the 9..

  63. The Fan says:

    Quite frankly the only villains in this are the ref and linesman.

    As an arsenal fan, everton are one of the teams I respect (mainly due to their tendency to take more points from utd/chelsea than us :b).
    Generally there is no bad blood between us and merseysiders. And right now there is a rift. Blame moyes if ya want. Blame fabregas if ya want. BOTTOM LINE IS NONE OF THIS WOULD’VE HAPPENED IF THE REF AND LINESMEN DID THEIR JOB RIGHT.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the ref isn’t gettin involved with this cos he’s already in deep s***.

    Everton played well first half. Better anyone else at the emirates this season i reckon. However playing a lot of players who played against chelsea against an arsenal team that aim to tire opponents was evertons downfall in the second half.

    Also small point. How many times have you heard “arsenal played well but lost”. Goals count and though everton played well centre of the park you can’t say that is enough to deserve the lead as us gunners all know. So to justify the offside goal by everton playing well doesn’t cut it for me.

    Good game though. Shame the refs f***ed it up and made it dirty etc.

  64. Dexter says:

    Hahaha! Nice one Avernell!

    I make you right Avenell, this whole thing, has been blown up because theres no more transfer tak for the hacks to get stuck into. if the game was during te transfer window, it wouldve blown over already. Now the hacks have fuck all to go on about, so we have to put up with all sorts of shit.

    Ive said ome nasty shit tonight about Everton and their fans (mainly due to the comments on here from a few toffees TBH) Shame on me!

  65. Luca Benetotti says:

    Do you call the Premier League “the EPL” when you are in your stalls in the Cathedral? Just wondering

  66. Rowland says:

    Thanks Avenell. I wish he hadn’t brought unneccessary on us this week.

    We lost, move on to Blackpool at the weekend and try to pull away from the bottom.

    Couldn’t be arsed with Sky this weekend really, they will be all about Torres and Liverpool (£35m really for Andy Carroll, really), and Rooney getting 2 goals, wow.

    Good luck for the rest of the season mate. Think we still have to go to Utd and have Chelsea on the last day at Goodison so hopefully we can do you some favours!

  67. JonJon says:

    yeah when liverpool got us all banned from europe in the 80’s it took the piss…
    i still maintain everton would have done europe that year as well cos that team was pretty darn good..

    now they spending 35mil on players like carrol..fuck me where does their embarrassment end…

  68. JonJon says:

    you italian luca??
    just asking cos that league is the fucking pits..no wonder you like the epl
    but no we call it the PL in the main we just put the E at the start so fuckpigs like you can understand it easier..

  69. JonJon says:

    its all part of the banter dexter..
    they fire we fire..rules of engagement, but every now and then u get one ( like rowland) and some good comes of it…

  70. Davi says:

    @ the first comment – the game had hardly got started when that ridiculous goal went in, and it’s much easier to look good when you can just sit back and counter attack. All the credit goes to arsenal for coming back in that game. Everton have good players, but they couldnt take advantage of their good fortune.

  71. Dexter says:

    Funny how th person making the most childish comments on here made reference to what time school starts

  72. JonJon says:


  73. Dexter says:


    I know mate. I was all happy to engage with some sensible comments with Rowland, but then we get the neamderthals posting their retarded shit.

  74. Rowland says:

    Good point JonJon. Not saying it was the cause of all our problems but we had one of the best teams in Europe that season and would have done well in Europe the following year. They took the money out of the League for over 10 years till Sky came in and it went bad for us for years after.

    I suppose you really don’t need to spend a whole pile but sometimes you always get the feeling he is afraid to spent big as his reputation is built on bringing young players through.

    I personally blame the red sh*ts! Liverpool for everything including the weather. Ha Ha.

  75. Dexter says:

    Laters mate

  76. James McGlone says:

    Mate, are you still a virgin?

    Thought so.

  77. Lars says:

    Fabregas should have been sent off after eight minutes of the game. Moyes is very kind to leave that out in his rant.

    How many yellow/red card offences in one tackle do you want? Very late, from behind, sabotaging a dangerous Everton attack, with studs, opponents ankle.

    Absolutely horrible shithouse, and believe me I don’t say that lightly about opposition players (and he’s got fantastic football ability).

  78. avenell says:

    Good chat up line James.. I will put a good word in for you!

  79. avenell says:

    That’s like the old days down at the pink coconut.. 😉

  80. JonJon says:

    laters dexter
    yeah rowland hes abit tight with the strings at times, hes got too many morals and principles like he doesnt like halting a young players development and he doesnt like taking a teams best player when hes not ready and stuff like that..
    whereas other teams like chelsea and citeh are more ruthless but thats where the main point rises..
    arsenal are a massive club yet we cant compete with the amount they spend becuase of our financial structure (which i agree with) so wenger doesnt get involved and just develops his own..if the opportunity arrises he will snap them up but in the main they are young players or unknowns (look at koscielny)..we just cant afford to do what cheslea etc do and with the market now like it is if we want the best players thats what we have to spend..
    he will spend but he wont break the bank..15mil max and nobody wants to sell for 15mil unless that player is coming to the end of the contract..so wenger waits lol

  81. AJJ says:

    Fabregas implied that Everton had cheated , Wenger told lies on camera to cover for him , Fabregas is the worst case of unprofessional captain and player currently playing in our league and I suspect when he walks at the end of this season most of the fans who are defending his ungracious and slanderous comments will change their tune . Bad article ,no substance , bitter and wingeing

  82. avenell says:

    koscielny.. he is looking better JJ..

  83. avenell says:

    AJJ.. please post a link to back up your suggestions..

    Moyes bottled it, so where did you get that from?

  84. avenell says:

    Fabregas is a very naughty boy.. said Moyes.

  85. JonJon says:

    i know ave i didnt like him at first but hes adapted..
    kicking arse now looking the mutts..
    dont know how tv is getting back into defence cos jd looking good as well..

  86. JonJon says:

    what lies did AW say AJJ?
    cesc said all the players where having a go at eachother coming off the pitch
    wenger said cesc didnt speak to the ref
    the stories do not conflict one bit..
    the ref didnt put anything in his match report
    the only man saying cesc spoke to the ref is moyes..

  87. avenell says:

    lol jj.. straight in on newsnow at no 11 on afc sites ..

  88. JonJon says:

    im too fucking good lol

  89. avenell says:

    and at no’1 in the newsnow chart is … we told you that Arsene was taking a bonus out of transfer fee’s but we was TOTALLY wrong!!

  90. DJ says:

    Well I’m glad this fella isn’t my lawyer.

    NewsNow block comin’ up!

  91. JonJon says:

    i cant beleive your back..
    this was only a tester as well to see if it still worked..
    ive been back for a few weeks now but couldnt be arsed posting i had nothing between my ears, was just happy blogging again

  92. avenell says:

    Be careful jj.. DJ says your banned from newsnow..

    I’m about mate but real life is taking over at the moment..

    But I have enjoyed this bit of banter..

  93. JonJon says:

    like i care..
    the rd aint been running for months i think its hilarious that its even that high..
    which i think is where the irony is in all this..

    gotta have a bit of banter..
    cant wait for the weekend..see how up for a row up the barcodes are.. lol

  94. Potter says:

    How about in fact he was shouting at the Everton players saying “how much are you paying him ” as opposed to paying you,

  95. avenell says:

    Liddle of the premiership!!

    How many donnay traning shoes do you need to sell to replace a striker ??

    Did “King Kenny” buy Carrol out of revenge because of the cock up he made when he was in charge of the Barcodes?

  96. avenell says:

    Potter…. either you can lip read or these are not facts..

    Everton have no money so how can they afford to bung a ref..
    Even Cesc on 95k a week knows that.

  97. JonJon says:

    where do u get these quotes from?? were u there??
    cesc says comments where exchanged between PLAYERS leaving the pitch…wenger said he was the one who spoke to the ref in the tunnel
    the fucking ref even said cesc said nothing to him..
    it was just trash talk between two teams..the ref wasnt even there
    moyes got frustrated with the loss and chatted bollox..just like you are now

  98. JonJon says:

    cesc could have said hello, i like your boots for all we know
    all these quotes from sources are bullshit
    i cant believe some gooners are even on his back over this…

  99. avenell says:

    I have seen many Cesc interviews straight after games…transfer gossip etc.. and I have never ever heard him say one word out of place.
    I find it hard to see why he would have done anything to change that view..

    Even when he is supposed to be showing this imaginary card to refs, it is not because he feels an opposing player should be booked. He was trying to say (as captain) that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, you sent our player off as he was the last man please keep your decisions constant ..
    not just a mickey mouse yellow like rafel did for Man U whren Ferdinand nearly got a OBE for telling him off.

  100. JonJon says:

    this is the thing what pisses me off..
    cesc has carried this club for years..
    hes our best player and hes our only world cup winner..hes our captain…and as soon as some manager makes a little claim the media goes nuts and some gooners fall for it and start re gurtitating all the he said/she said crap that nobody knows is true cos nobody was fucking there and jump on his back..
    fuck me…i dont care what moyes says or what the sun says or what the neighbours cats best mates owners sons girlfriends goldfishes babysitters grandma heard in the chip shop..the fucking ref said he heard fuck all…
    and thats the end of it…

  101. Everton fan says:

    Amusing stuff that.

    Fabregas accused the ref of being paid by Everton. Notice how Fabregas hasn’t denied anything. Hmmm.

    Wenger said nothing was said. A deaf liar as well as a blind one.

    “My advice to Everton and their manager is to RESPECT THE REFEREE”

    My advice to Fabregas and his manager is to RESPECT THE REFEREE and for their LIES they should be immediately face an FA panel to explain their comments..

  102. JonJon says:

    whatever was said was said between the players, thats not putting the game into disrispute its trash talk and it happens in every football match at every level from PL to sunday pub league up and down every country in the world..
    moyes blew it out of proportion cos he was pissed off he lost to us in the last 20mins

  103. Everton fan says:

    And while he’s at it, Fabregas should also apologise for telling fellow professionals to f-ck off when all they do is ask for his shirt, and for waving imaginary cards, and for whining in the ref’s face every time he blows his whistle, and for childishly calling Ipswich a rugby team…

  104. avenell says:

    Go and support Chelsea JJ.. lol..

    Thanks for tonight mate, I bid you goodnight and speak soon.. 🙂

  105. JonJon says:

    very hudds player wanted his shirt after the game he couldnt give it to them all so he didnt give it to any..
    and u try being kicked up and down the pitch all game seeing as though arsenal ‘dont like it up em’ i think you’d tell them to fuck off as well..

    see ya ave lol
    chat soon

  106. JonJon says:

    why would he deny a lie??
    why hasnt he been charged by the fa??
    cos moyes lied


  107. avenell says:

    The Gunners captain said: ‘I don’t know if it is long ball or it is a rugby kick, but it worked for them.

    ‘In England, a lot of teams play like that and it works for them. They create chances like that and it is their football. We just have to put the ball on the floor and try to play football, that is what we do.

    ‘Credit to them because they played well, but Arsenal made the football. The other team refused to play (and) they were lucky to score with a long ball.

    ‘I can only remember two opportunities for them, but it was from a long, long ball because playing football they could not really get behind us or attack. It is a bit disappointing because I think we were the much better team.’

  108. avenell says:

    Everton fan.. c’mon admit it you only read the bits you want to hear……

  109. Rob Fox says:

    Good debate, and I can see both sides, although I think the article went OTT. I’m an Evertonian and I have no doubt Moyes is telling the truth, but I was a bit embarrassed at the comments as it seems to be deflecting from our tepid 2nd half performance and appalling substitutions.

    One point nobody has mentioned is the recent history between Fabregas and Everton. At Goodison a few years back he feigned injury and waved a red to get Arteta sent off, blatant cheating, and this was against his supposed friend! There has been bad feeling between Everton and Fabregas since then which, after some of his early tackles, seem to have boiled over on Tuesday night.

  110. Everton fan says:

    Why would he deny a lie?? So when you’re accused of something you haven’t done, you don’t deny it? Very odd. At least Walcott was honest enough to admit he cheats.

    Oh, and Fabregas should also apologise for raking Arteta’s achilles.

  111. Everton fan says:

    Everton fan.. c’mon admit it you only read the bits you want to hear……

    “I didn’t see it!”

  112. avenell says:

    Hi Rob.. cheers for coming on..

    I don’t think this waving a card thing is as bad a we make out in this country.. perhaps other cultures express themselves with their hands more than we do to try to get a point accross as they are in a foreign country and we don’t get the point.
    We want the football they bring but we don’t like the culture/baggage..

  113. JonJon says:

    no you dont
    not when the referee says you havent done it..
    cesc dont need to apologise for jack shit..
    you got giftet a goal and you still couldnt win..
    sour grapes and frustration for being played off the park

  114. avenell says:

    Everton Fan..

    C’mon mate don’t spill out the talk shite crap..
    We are both clubs of distinction and respect..
    You should know better than to copy what that gob shite Quinn says.

  115. avenell says:

    Anyway.. g/nite all.. cheers jj and all the posters..

  116. Everton fan says:

    Saying “Sour grapes” is lazy and lame. Nothing to do with sour grapes, would feel the same if we’d won. Just interested in what really happened, and when Moyes (and also an unnamed Everton player) accuses someone of something like that, and then that someone doesn’t deny it (instead says he was upset at half-time and things are said in the heat of the moment), I don’t get how people can claim nothing was said.

    But anyway, talking of sour grapes, maybe all these silly things Fabregas does are a sign that he’s a bit cut up inside about not being at Barcelona while they enjoy so much success(?)

  117. Everton fan says:


    Again, nothing to do with not having respect for Arsenal (I have plenty), just interested in what’s what.

    re Wenger’s eyesight


    “Sometimes I see it but I say that I didn’t see it to protect the players and because I could not find any rational explanation for what they did,” Wenger said.

  118. Potter says:

    If he wasn’t shouting at the officials as Wenger says but he was shouting something in the heat of the moment , I am just putting forward another phrase that as 60,000 were singing it could be misinterpreted and as such no-one is lying, just wrong.

  119. Dan says:

    Moyes should have kept his mouth shit about the incident. However to say he is lying is ridiculous the only one lying is Wenger. People on here keep talking about how cesc gets kicked around all the time, from what I saw he did alot of the kicking on Tuesday. Arteta got booked (rightly) for a challenge on fabregas then later cesc did a very similar challenge on Arteta although far worse and received nothing. Great players will always be kicked but to me it seems fabregas

  120. Dan says:

    Gives as good as he gets. Also any player who tells the ref to give a card is a disgrace and refs should start booking players for that. I do hope Arsenal win the league as they do play very attractive football. All players need to stop berating refs it’s awful to see pros behaving that way.

  121. xioq says:


  122. xioq says:

    Everton fan, sorry, but you are a crap fan. Do you honestly think Everton players behave like angels and say nice things about the refs, opponents, clubs, even your own team management and bosses?

    The problem is not what was said, but why is Moyes acting like an idiotic fake enforcer of some sort. That issue was between Fabregas and the referee – if there was even one.

    Better still, can Moyes guarantee no everton player has ever said anything bad or crude about a referee ..even in the dressing room..away from a referee’s earshot?

  123. AcGooner says:

    LOL Moyes is a great replacment for Fat Sam as the major EPL clown. And to all delusional tofees (and spuds) – Cesc and Wenger clarified that nothing’s been told TO referee, but did not argue that something was told ABOUT the referee in general. So Moyes is a liar… and pom’s media is xenophobic

  124. isaaciru says:

    I think every body has his work to do,Moyes pliz concentrate on u sinking club than fixing u ears in wrong places,if the Ref did not put it in his report why intrude that is his work,not yoo’s work fuck off…

  125. Ben gunner shine says:

    World Cup Winner and model pro Cesc Fabregas must have had a good old laugh as the media makes him a villain in a week when a woman-beater gets transferred for £35m.

    The media darling of the week was Andy Carroll, who has twice been arrested (and charged) for beating two different women. He has also been arrested another two times, including for breaking team-mate Steven Taylor’s jaw. He is also awaiting trial for another assault.

    No word mentionned about his behaviour though. Oh no the naughty boy has been Cesc.

    Based on unfounded allegations made by a losing manager, the whole media went into a frenzy.

    The Telegraph even headlined “Cesc’s roll of dishonour” for good effect.

    The fact that Fabregas has been not been charged or the fact that the referee did not deem the incident worthy of a mention is lost on these ignorant bigots.
    Let us not beat around the bush here: the media has it for Arsene Wenger ONLY because he is French. I see so many managers week in week out moaning in the press but yet the only “official whinger” remains Arsene Wenger.

    Vieira suffered so much that he thought about leaving English football every year. It became part of Arsene Wenger’s summer routine to beg him to stay. In an emotional press conference, Vieira once asked “ Why do you keep on picking on me? Is it because I am black or is it because I am French?”.

    The English media is a disgrace to the Premiership brand, which makes its billions mainly from TV money across the globe.

    We saw what a damaging role the media played in the World Cup fiasco. They were outraged about the World Cup decision, despite spending three years discrediting and antagonizing members of the governing body.

    Which is why they have no problem in siding with Moyes over his slanderous comments about our captain. After all , they did side with Pulis over Ramsey’s leg-break. Brown and Allardyce were also backed because of their nationality.

    The golden rule of the English football punditry is: always praise English players and blame foreigners for diving, indiscipline, and aggressive football.

    The witch-hunt on young foreign stars has to stop. If not, it will drive top-players like Fabregas away and it will make the Premier League a much poorer place.

  126. toffee911 says:

    where were all you fanatic gooners pre arsehole wenger

  127. PilsburyPaul says:


    Seems Cesc has learned that better to put the foul in first than react to being fouled.. Where Cesc was petulant back then and Cahill clever – apparently Cesc is dirty now and Arteta a saint.. Seems he can’t win??

  128. SammyNelsonsPants says:

    All this hooha is caused by bad, lazy journalism. In the interview, Moyes said ” Fabregas should be sent off for what he said ABOUT the referee.” Wenger is then asked for his comments about what Fabregas said TO the referee.

    Neither Moyes, nor Wenger are lying. I don’t know what happened in the tunnel, but I do not the “who’s lying” farce was caused by the journalist, probably through sheer incompetence rather than malice.

  129. ronny says:

    It said everton was steam rolled by the arsenal machine.The machine thats not gonna win jack. An people callin moyes a whinger should look more closely at fabregas, every game thats all he does ” ref, book him give him a card,ref ref ive spat my dumy out, ref.”

  130. tony says:

    to john john….

    played of the park, did you even watch the game???

    to you gooners
    the fact is moyse should have spoke to the FA about it not the press i agree, slight sour grapes. Yes the goal was offside but the only people saying you were the vbetter side are your own fans.

    The fact you all defend Cesc when he has no repect for your club or your fans, by season after season touting a move back to Barca, is credit baffling. Player after player have have commented on what a petulant little brat cesc is. I have no problem with Arsenal love to watch them and respect what Wenger has done there, but lets be honest guys, your manager moans and crys more than even Sir Whiskey nose himself. Pretends he doesnt see when your players do something wrong and blasts the oppostions when its against you.

    Im not biased, maybe you lot should look at your own manager before commenting on ours.

    And for reference i hope you win the league, we need a change from Chelsea and United. Good Luck

  131. stevo says:

    MARKW. at least we have some excitement until about febuary, what do you think about after august

  132. jack jones says:

    Just a couple of points:
    1. on the accusation of Moyes lying by Wenger; AW went on record, on TV, as saying that Fartygas didn’t even speak to the ref but he (AW) did. That’s a lie, becuase Fartygas actually said he DID approach and speak to the ref. Wenger is the liar
    2. Fartygas committed the worst foul in the game when he chased his “mate” Arteta and raked his studs down the back of his leg and could’ve damaged his tendon. Ref only gave a fouls. So don’t give me the innocent image of CF who’s always getting kicked. The louse who always waves imaginary cards to referees. Cowardly scumbag he is.

  133. Ray farro says:

    Oh shut up you stupid person, obviously he did shout is mouth off, as he is 1 of these players who likes picking his ball up and taking it home with him when he spits his dummy out. And has 4 Wagner, oh sorry i mean Wenger, Hes the 1 who is lying, he knows exactly what Fabregrass said ! So wrap up son !

  134. Stroller says:

    What Fabregas did or didn’t say isn’t the real point. If he’d breached a rule then the ref or 4th official could have reported it and he’d be up before the FA. They didn’t, so that’s the end of it. What is hillarious is hard-man Scot Moyes running off to the media acting like the 60 year village spinster who’d heard some nasty swear words for the first time. ‘Shocking’, Disgusting’ ‘Never before’, and then blabbering on about a not getting Red Card, and how that changed the game.

  135. Gareth Fieldstead says:

    Is this the same Arsenal fans who have been calling for the blind and deaf mans head every time your pre season hopes die by the time we get to February and once again you end up without a trophy? Is this the same fans who have been calling Fabregas every time he professes his love for all things Barcelona? By the way if you call Tuesday night a massacre then I certainly watched a different game. Look forward to Barcelona giving you a footballing lesson home and away as Fab watches forlornly at his boyhood club marching on to more trophies. As for the title, get real, even Spurs turned you over!

  136. avenell says:

    @ Gareth… “no”

  137. Everton fan says:

    “Seems Cesc has learned that better to put the foul in first than react to being fouled.. ”

    That’s one funny thing I’ve noticed – some Arsenal fans will talk like they believe they deserve to win every game because their style of football is somehow morally superior to everyone else’s, and they’ll slate teams like Stoke for supposedly playing ‘immoral’ football. But in the next breath they’ll say that in order to win the league they, er, need to be a bit more like Stoke!

    But anyway, Moyes has today explained why Fabregas’ words were so unprofessional


    David Moyes or Arsene “Sometimes I see it but I say that I didn’t see it” Wenger – wonder who’s telling the truth…

  138. avenell says:

    and we are what 7 points clear of Rent a Running track Hotspur.

  139. Steve says:

    Moyes shouldn’t have said anything and probably wishes hadn’t but I don’t think anyone doubts that he’s telling the truth.

  140. Johnny Deigh says:

    I doubt Moyes is telling the truth. His story has changed 3 times now.

    First it was Cesc said horrible things to the ref in the tunnel at halftime.

    Then it was Cesc shouted out horrible things in the tunnel at the ref from a distance.

    Now, it’s Cesc asked what I consider a reasonable question to some Everton players in the tunnel at half time.

  141. Steve Harris says:

    Does anybody, including so called Arsenal fans, really believe that Fabragas didn`t say what Moyes said that he said? And how anyone can slag Moyes off and say what a sore loser he is when we`ve had to put up with that horrible prick Wenger being a bitter bastard for years! Arsenal fans ought to be more concerned that their so called marvelous footballing team has won fuck all for 5 years since moving to a 60,000 seater stadium supposedly to get more money to be able to compete with the likes of United who have quite literally took the piss out of Arsenal for years. I agree that Arsenal have played some good football over the years but i personally couldn`t watch a team who dive,cheat and moan more than any team that i`ve seen in all my years of watching football

  142. dalko2 says:

    “If you play football with your friends you sometimes go in at half-time and say something that you are not very proud of 24 hours later, but it is in the heat of the moment.”

    wenger said this, and i think he should be fined and charged. he’s saying that you can say anything to the referee when it’s in the ‘heat of the moment’, even if you’re accusing the ref of getting money and the opponent of cheating. that’s an insult to the ref, isn’t it.

    and he said that quote 5 minutes after saying cesc hasn’t spoke to the referee. a complete contradiction that even ten years old boy would not make.

  143. black strap says:

    No class Arsenal. No class from Fabregas – accusing another club of bribing match officials – and as usual no class Wenger – blind/deaf to any misdemeanour. Everyone is bored with Arsenal. You win fuck all every season, your players are dirty and you spend the season blaming every other club for your failures. Laughable cockney wankers.

  144. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    “The Toffees” Who came up with a name like that lame load of shit 😆

  145. Wenger should stay as long as his contract. Just take a look at the money he’s spent on Cesc, van Persie,Nasri,walcott,wilshere,song,vermaelan,chesney,sagna,clichy and others. I’ll ask those of you want Wenger out to just simply add the current market values of the players mentioned and open their mouths in awe. Probably around 200-250 million. I’ll say no manager in the world is capable of that.Sure he needs to tweak his squad this summer but that won’t mean that the youth policy has failed.In fact its worked well enough for Arsenal to succeed at the highest level. Maybe at the moment it’s a bit too much for the players to cross the winning line but we can all hope that next season will be the season that it happens cuz this year for me has been a major improvement disregarding what you say.
    Here’s a new article for you to ponder about:

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