David Moyes should be CHARGED and FINED after calling a EPL Referee ‘A LIAR’……..

February 3, 2011

Cesc Fabregas is currently the victim of a media witch hunt, for accusations fired at him from yet another sore loser of a manager.. David Moyes and his average Everton outfit, were yet another victim of the Arsenal machine that is steam rolling its way through the EPL this season.. For all Moyes’ crying and moaning about what he thought happened, Fabregas WAS NOT sent off. He WAS NOT mentioned in the referees report and he WAS NOT charged by the FA..

Moyes says Cesc Fabregas should have been sent off for comments he made to the referee that neither the referee, nor anybody else for that matter, even heard.. Not only was Moyes criticising Fabregas, he was also criticising the referee…

Cesc Fabregas is INNOCENT…

David Moyes IS LYING..

Moyes in his interview, publicly said the referee IS LYING…

My advice to Everton and their manager is to RESPECT THE REFEREE and for their LIES they should be immediately face an FA panel to explain their comments..

Sour grapes can be a bitch when you’re a manager, it could and should land you in all sorts of trouble when you can’t take defeat like a pro and you resort to making up things that nobody else heard..

If I was an Evertonian..I would be seriously worried right now..They are in the bottom half of the table, can only score goals from offsides and now their manager is hearing voices..