Cesc Needs To Apologise..

I’m not going to comment on the game..What’s to be said? We all know what happened. I don’t wish to go over it again.

What I do want to comment on is Cesc Fabregas and his stupid handball in the penalty box that lead to VDV’s leveller..What was he thinking??

If that was Denilson or Diaby or Song, they would be getting crucified right now, am I wrong??? I honestly think that Cesc’s little show of  dipstickness was the biggest individual error by an Arsenal player for a long time.. Cesc has now overtaken the likes of Fabianski and Almunia in the Arsenal hall of fame of fuck ups…


What bothers me the most is that he has done this before. Last year against the Dippers, Cesc did the exact same thing.. We were a goal up and he blocked a free kick  with his hand in the box.. We got away with it and we won, but what made him think he could get away with it again?? Especially at a time when England’s Refs and media want Cesc booked for everything.

He gave them a penalty from nothing. He cost us our lead and gave Spurs the momentum they needed to win the match. He cost us that game and he needs to say sorry..

Cesc needs to take a long look in the mirror, get his head down and lead us to the title.

I don’t wish to see that little stunt a third time..

59 Responses to Cesc Needs To Apologise..

  1. Rosicky7 says:

    Cesc was trying to stop Chamakh from putting his arm up
    so it was not all down to Cesc.Are you trying to drive him into Barca arms .The pundits all think Cesc had a great game yesterday and said he was a wonderful player!!!!!!!!

  2. bullers@email.com says:

    Take a look at your entire wall mate…(Picture here – http://triffictottenham.co.uk/the-icing-on-the-cake-you-will-love-this/

    ..they all look really committed to their hair cuts……Thanks Cesc, 3 points that we vitally needed in our path to the title. You effing splitters. What a childish rant of a blog by the way,

    Take your thumb out of your mouth and realise that you need to get rid of wenger before you will win anything.

    I hear we are lining up Maureen to replace harry when he gets the england job so long may the reign of terror continue.

  3. damien says:

    I think you’re absoluteley right. Even if he made the first goal ; he should take responsibility in giving the Spurs the advantage they needed. Also Wenger should take part in the blame. Knowing our capacity to implode and the Spurs’ capacity to come back – Wenger should have gone more defensive. A taller Djourou at the back and Eboue on the wings should have done the trick.

    Nothing can fill this disappointing hole in us more than a cracker from RVP. Time to ease him back.

  4. JonJon says:


    cesc was the one who pulled chamakhs arms up..

    fuck barca hes an arsenal player and he needs to cut out those acts of stupidity

  5. Aliu says:

    Agreed.but johrou should be back while koscieny should wait 4 short time.if it was johrou,he wont let defoe nod b4 dat leads 4st goal 4 dem.

  6. avenell says:

    Morning JJ..

    Same old, same old problems.

    We have a great game plan agaist teams with no desire to play we can just cruise to a win, but as soon as we make a little mistake the other team gains the momentum and we don’t have the big players to stand up and counteract it.
    Denilson tracked back in his usual lethargic fashion, Theo can only score when there is no pressure on.

    We need to get a lead and then sit back, pull our full backs back to defend and sit and let the opposition come onto us, instead the centre backs get pulled out of position.
    Then Theo can come on and pick off the opposition. when he has the space to run into like Thierry used to.

    I don’t blame Cesc completely, we should be capable of getting over the odd mistake by a keeper or one of Clichy’s lapses in concentration.
    But instead the individial players get cruicified, I am sure we made mistakes years ago but we had the players who rolled there sleeves up and got there teammates out of the shit.

  7. JonJon says:

    hey ave

    i dont know what the answer is anymore..these games used to be one offs but they are more and more common every season..

  8. mattspurs says:

    you gooning tosspots……………we did you, we skinned you 3-2 on your own turf..

    everybody sing..”2-0 and you f****d it up 2-0 and you f****d it up!! har har coys!!”

  9. avenell says:

    We need players who can pull out that important goal when the chips are down,.
    I thought Arshavin was that man but I am begining to wonder, Chamakh isn’t, RvP I don’t think so, Rosicky is a team player now and lost his selfishness.
    Nasri is a link player.
    As soon as we try to push a game we don’t have that type of players.

  10. avenell says:

    Hey Matt are you sure you are a Spurs fan, you seem to have headhunter in your email address, That makes you a closet chav doesn’t it? lol

  11. JonJon says:

    arshavin and cesc dont want to be here..

    its hard to get that type of goal when your two most destructive players dont give a shit..

    they need a rocket

  12. avenell says:

    Thomas Vermaelen is one of those players who either get that goal or storms forwards to encourage it.. even Gallas used to (mainly putting one of his cock up’s right I must admit).
    But the winning mentallity is missing, the players are all good but too comfortable.

  13. JonJon says:

    we need to forget about the league this season

    aim for the domestics and win some minor trophies first..

    then go for the biggy

    walk before run

  14. avenell says:

    I don’t know JJ, the league is wide open and we still have a good a chance as anyone.
    But I do think we should be giving the likes of JET and Bendtner (Frimpong when he comes back) a decent run in the team, You will never know if they are any better than what we have unless we play them.

  15. Erick says:

    JJ as the Captain Cesc got to take responsibility and start being Vocal in the field we are fast becoming the laughing stock something got to change

  16. nesta says:

    cesc is full of shit he should go to barcelona and warm the bench than to cost us 3 points. Also the bloody coach should take his shares and leave us in peace.

  17. avenell says:

    Hi Erick, how you doing mate?

    Not the best day to meet up for a while.

  18. JonJon says:

    hey erick cesc never has been vocal though, he leads by example like most of our recent captains have..

    gone are the days where we had a vieira, adams etc who would put rockets up arses..

    weve missed that vocal player for a few seasons now..

  19. Red Arse says:

    Hi Guys,


    We could and should have had a 4 or 5 goal lead at half time. Samir was absolutely brilliant running the show with Cesc backing him up.

    What went wrong?

    First the selection of Squilli and Kosser. Both are physical lightweights and when Spurs started to attack in the second half they were always shrugged off the ball. Djourou is 4″ taller and has been great in the air recently. Why drop him? How did Spurs score the winner? Why, it was a ball into the box to be nodded home by Kaboul. So predictable!

    Second, Clichy is just well, Clichy. He is a midfielder or a winger. He is not a fullback!!! Bale’s goal came down our left flank. So predictable!

    Third and worse, AW was guilty of poor tactics, Samir was moved out to the right wing at the start of the second half and became anonymous, while Cesc started the old “flicks and flacks” routine and was rarely effective.

    Why don’t we understand, that, tactically, if we are winning 2:0, we do not need to go on kamikazi attacks (Clichy) leaving the defence vulnerable to counter attacks. So predictable! So stupid!

  20. JonJon says:

    the thing is nesta is that cesc had a decent game yesterday..until that handball..

    a 75% cesc can still win u the title hes that good he just needs to cut the sloppyness out he seems to have picked up after the WC..

  21. elvi says:

    i don’t blame cesc…he played very good game…if u guys are really concern about 3 point over cesc…what u guys have to say on chamak…error..he had 2 golen chance to score..that could have change whole game..

  22. JonJon says:



    good point, i was thinking the same yesterday..i dont know why ppl are blaming denilson for losing bale because bale came central from the right so surley our pacy LB needs to be sticking with the pacey bale and not leaving him to denilson to deal with..

    also that ball bale latched onto should have never been allowed to bounce..

  23. JonJon says:

    it was a shitty fucking hoof and three of em just stood there and let it bounce

  24. JonJon says:

    sorry..this is why i didnt want to talk about the game

    ive been doing really well this morning as well..

    at least chelsea lost 😉

  25. JonJon says:

    thing is elvi is that anyone can miss a chance..fluff a shot or cross..

    it happens so you deal with it..

    what i cant deal with is seeing my captian trying to catch the football in his own box..

    much worse than missing a golden chance i reckon

  26. avenell says:

    Denilson being our deepest midfielder could try to track back faster than the skating vicar though.the job of the defensive midfield is to cover any defenders bombing forwards.

    Denilson is very good at keep ball, but a winner he is not.

  27. avenell says:

    Sorry Hi Red.. nice to see you on AR again.

  28. Red Arse says:


    You were right with your comment elsewhere that it isn’t the end of the world. With the Chavs losing too we are still only 2 points off the top.

    It’s just losing to the Spuds after showing them how to play football and going 2:0 up that really, really hurts!.

  29. Red Arse says:

    Hi Av/JJ

    I usually check AR out but you are a bit elusive these days! 🙂

  30. avenell says:

    You could always help to un-elusive it Red.. 😉
    Email me if you are interested.

  31. Davi says:

    Yes, we were looking like running away with the game at that point. A little reshuffle moving song back to help denilson out in front of the defence had turned the game in our favour but that handball (and the ridiculous decision to give a freekick that preceeded it) are what turned the game.
    Spurs have quality players in midfield, but we had really silenced them to that point apart from bale’s goal. Allowing them back into the game like that was stupid in the extreme.

  32. ToeKnee Adams says:

    AW has always lacked tactical awareness, and the ability to change a game that is evidently getting away from us. More often than not his substitutions and team selections beggar belief… no JD, no Rosicky (who along with Nasri has been our best player this year) and then to finish the game without having taken off the worst arsenal player I can remember Denilsen. Yes he has talent, but he is a lazy little shite, every other game that tw@t plays he costs us a goal by failing to track runners, this week it was Bale. He was so bloody awful at Goodison AW took him off at half time, so persist with the uselss tosser?

  33. ave – where you been 😉

  34. avenell says:

    PEACHES 🙂 How are you? Glad your blogs going so well.

    I did try to ring but since you have moved you must have changed your phone no.

  35. JonJon says:

    we all know what denilson can and cant do but lets be honest bale would outpace most in the PL..denilson had no chance cant blame him for not catching bale in a footrace..

    that ball should have never been allowed to bounce and clichy should have used his head and realised bale was his man in that situatuion and stick with him

  36. Leon says:

    I could not give a fuck if he goes to Barcelona – Vieira and Henry were loses to the club and have never been replaced whereas in Wilshere we have a replacement for Fabregas “we shouldnt upset him because he will go to Barcelona” jesus fucking christ what has this club and its supporters come to ? Fabregas fucked up big time and he owes an apology to the fans but i feel that his attitude towards the fans mirrors that of his manager and club directors and that is he doesnt give a shit.

  37. avenell says:

    I thought Cesc was having his best game for a while until that stupid mistake, some of his through balls and the way he was making space for himself yesterday was superb.
    I do wish he would do most of his work between the penalty area’s and not try to run a one man show like Gerrard does.

  38. Hascim says:

    @Rosicky7,that’s the dumbest thing 2 eva say even if u don’t wanna blame ur beloved spaniard lest he goes 2 the c*ntalunyans.The guy fucked up big time and he oughts to apologize to the fans as Jonjon would put it I don’t wanna think what u’ll be spitting if it were Deni,Song or anyother player 4 that matter.Both players raised their arms at the same time so 2 suggest that he’s trying 2 prevent MC from raising his arm is rather blind and lame.

  39. JonJon says:

    chamakhs arms were up cos cesc pulled them up with his.

    if the ball would have hit chamakhs hands it would still have been cescs fault..

    it was really stupid

  40. ToeKnee Adams says:

    JJ I agree with you that the ball should initially have been cleared, but Denilson has previous for this. I can accept guys that are not capable doing their best and not performing, but his lack of effort and failure to take responsibility really winds me up, as I said he’s got previous for letting players drift past him and leaving them to the back 4. Clichy in my view is in danger of turning into another Toure – one fantastic season and then getting by on the memory of it for 3 or 4 mediocre seasons, disagree Bale who had run from left to right should have been tracked by GC. Denilson is a passenger, he doesn’t win the ball, he doesn’t show for it, he invariably gives it away when he does have it and when he’s in the team the balance is wrong.

    I just don’t get AW anymore – on paper we are as good as anyone in the league – yet his team selection, tactics (or rather lack thereof)and inability to change the shape of the team let us down time after time.

  41. Gary says:

    Denilson is the worst player in the premier league, most useless player, a cart horse, USELESS absolutely useless, no heart no desire, NOTHING…we need to get rid of him because every game he plays we lose stupid goals because he is lazy and cant defend. or so anything for that matter

  42. avenell says:

    Hi gary.. sorry you went into spam for some reason.. you should be okay from now on..

    Not worse than bentley surely. 😉

  43. JonJon says:

    it wasnt the tactics as such

    those same tactics had us two up..of course harry was gonna change things but that doesnt mean we have to..

    dont fix what aint broke i would have sent the same team out for second half..

    they switched off..conceeded a goal to a counter attack hoof, a handball and a set piece..

    3 basic errors cost us the game..

    the players and only the players are to blame.. wenger had the game won and they threw it..it wouldnt of mattered if wenger brought on maradona, pele and best in the second half spurs had the momentum and we kept switching off..like we had the game won..

    too arrogant..

    never show off until your opponent is finished..

  44. ToeKnee Adams says:

    JJ the point is that every one could see that the game was too open and that we were being outplayed straight from the off in the 2nd half. Yes there we stupid errors (Cesc what were you doing son?) but AW made that worse with his awful subs…. TW was the right move but too late, taking off our best and only dangerous player Nasri was just criminal, this move made only exacerbated the issue of Spurs having the momentum, which I would say was evidently with them from the middle / end of the 1st half, certainly before they got their 1st 2 goals.

    We were not great in the 1st half but they were awful, which allowed us to carry the passenger.

    AW is a bloody genius at unearthing talent, and seeing the possibilities in players, but as a tactician he is hopeless – why do you suppose he has never managed an international team ?

    Oh for the days when if we scored 1 goal you knew we had a 75% chance of winning the game !!!

  45. rongunner says:

    Cesc doesnt want to be at Arsenal and I’m afraid thats feeding onto everyone else. Who’s the leader on the pitch at the moment? Noone i’m afraid and for me thats single handedly the reason such results will keep coming. Arsenal will win a trophy this season no doubt but I think if cesc wants to go Wenger should accept this for the good of our club. Jack is not Cesc but he sure has more heart for the club imo.

  46. Hascim says:

    I thought MC was the worst player on the pitch despite his goal…how many 1 on 1s must he get 4 him 2 score.The guy can’t shoot.4 a CF that’s criminal.Do u realize that he lost a one against Kabullshit just b4 the freekick 2 that penalty?I think pple are 2 harsh on NB52 but trust me had he been on the field he’d av burried atleast one of the chances MC got and 2 substitute both AA and SN and leave Song on the pitch was atrocious…what does AW smoke?Is it a must really 2 make substitutions bcoz honestly AW’s subs beggars belief…am in kenya but losing 2 the scum esp in that manner is worse than both the 4 all draw and the cc beating a few season’s ago.

  47. Mark c says:

    Cesc needs to say sorry to the fans.

    He missed a sitter in first half gave away the penalty and was marking kaboul for the final goal.

    Or you could ask why one of our shorter players was in the wall and marking their second biggest player.

    The real answer is lack of defensive leadership.

    No tv5 means a massive gap at time and flappy is not that vocal.

    Top of wengers Xmas list must be a proper centre half.

  48. goonerbegood says:


  49. TheBoyInRed&White says:

    In reference to the comments about us not having someone who can score when the chips are down, I think it’s only starting to dawn on me now exactly how lucky we were to have 8 years of Theirry Henry- life’s a lot easier when you have the best striker on the planet. Thing is, unless you’re Real/Barca how the hell do you replace him…

  50. avenell says:

    Even Freddie used to come up with the goals when we needed them, or sometimes from a defender like big TA6.
    We need a 20 plus a season striker and 2 or 3 12 goals a season midfielders.

  51. avenell says:

    Or looking at it another way we spent what £12 million on Thierry Henry the world cup winner.
    Yet we spent Jack Shit on Chamakh..

    How does the old saying go?… buy cheap, buy twice.

  52. blazer says:

    Defence needs experienced hands both K and S are new to the derby, what you sow is what you reap. We need to get in Cahill from Bolton and get Thomas back and everyone knows Johan is far better than K. He is more reactive to getting to the ball first.

  53. Jerry says:

    The troubel is Wenger thinks he can’t be axed. All he has to do is get into the cl. The board are happy as long as money keeps pouring in. Then Weneger should be a bank manager.
    He has too much power and the likes ofn Rice and others dare not question him. You look at the red faced. He has guys who have moved on after a few years. There is injection of new blood and fresh ideas.
    Until Arsene changes tactics and dump his pretty soccer image gunner fans will continue to be frustrated.

  54. arsenalkenya says:

    AW has simply lost the plot, his substitutions are always shocking.The defence is the weakest link in this side and also the midfield, how song is allowed to play as an attacking midfielder is shocking!we need big guys in our central midfield who can win aerial battles -PV4 & Gilberto used to deal with that comfortably-song is just clueless of what he’s expected to do-the massive improvement he was praised for last season is only coz he played as a defensive midfielder.
    It’s a pity that arsenal seem not to practice how to defend set pieces, how many games are we still going to lose at home, before this delusional french is sacked?

  55. true gunner says:

    Yes, he needs to apologise. What was in that damn head of his. This guy further slowed down the momentum of the game to walking pace when what we needed was pace to disorganise the spuds more. Arsenal is bigger than him and will always be bigger than him. So if he’s trying to send a message, let the stupid guy goooooooooo!!!!!!! Besides he’s not the first to leave the club.
    Wenger has failed to put in urgency and ruthlessness in these players. He is a BIG problem too. Not a fan of the two but Fergie and Mourniho know how to instill the two(urgency and ruthlessness) in their teams. When will this fooool wenger ever do this?? If he can’t,(like he has miserably failed for past 5 seasons, let him just resign.

  56. Innocent says:

    cesc’s body language suggests he is not at Arsenal anymore. Please sell him and have NAsri take that place. Nasri actually shows more quality that Cesc this season and he adds one more thing- his defensive grit that Fabregas lacks.

  57. asiyeuza says:

    Without dwelling so much on the negative, we played a brilliant 1st half a pitiful second. I feel that we are less aggressive this season compared to the last when we used to get last minute winners. Now we cannot score past the 70th minute because we are under too much pressure. What i do remember is that cesc was walking with the ball when we were 2-0 up. Do they read these comments?

  58. Leon says:

    Fabregas can apologise to the spanish fans after their 4-0 defeat but will he apologise to the Arsenal fans ? Not a chance – he carries the same attitude as his manager and board directors in that he could not give a toss about th fans – we just pay his salary thats all.

  59. gopal says:

    if there is anything cesc should apologize for.. it should be for his lackluster performances.. his body language has been poor .. he has not been leading the team.. cesc has been disappointing this season..

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