Stand Down Arsene, Stand Down Please!

“I see no chance of your bright new tomorrow, so stand down Arsene”.

That’s how the lyrics of the song goes or something like that anyway.
Today someone called into the radio station I was listening to and said that their was 30% of all Arsenal supporters that attend the games want Arsene out and after Saturdays debacle it is rising. But wouldn’t it be a shame that a man who has guided us from being a just above average club in the Premiership to one of the four richest clubs in the world, building a half billion pound stadium and winning four Premierships and a few other cups along the way gets pushed out.
Just because of the lack of a few minor tweeks to the team: The goalkeeping position being the main one that is frustrating supporters at the moment he is managing to heap a whole tonne of pressure on himself.

If he doesn’t win anything this season I firmly believe the knives will seriously be out, like I said earlier what a pity that would be.
If he went now he would leave the club in as healthy a state as any club without a sugar daddy in the world, you just know what will happen, a manager like Guardiola could come in and he would have virtually an open cheque book, he would have the Royal Bank of Arsenal, plus this and next years profits to buy whoever he wanted and pay some of the highest wages. He could even borrow a few hundred grand and we still would be as rich as the Dippers or Man Scum.
And what a hero he would be after Arsene set it all up for him on a plate.

I know Arsene is a professor of the big bad business world, but surely he can see that a club as big as ours will need to win trophies sooner rather than later, unlike other businesses the goods come in feel good factor ness, over a rio for a season ticket is a lot of dosh and some fans only like to back winners it their escape from everyday life, and unfortunately in this day and age we have encouraged that type of fan in to spend money and if he spends money he has a say.

I suppose you have to give your customers what they want in any business and although we are in the entertainment business unlike other entertainment businesses no-one is entertained if we lose, just angry frustrated and disappointed.

So we have lived on our past glories and got the stadium for nearly six years, we are in a very manageable financial state so the business needs to focus on what we all play, watch and follow football for, to compete and win and not to prove a point like as if you could win the Le Mans 24hr motor race in a diesel car.. You could always try to do it the easy way.

All I ask of Mr Wenger OBE is please don’t just try to win this football race by an inch, lap the competition, that is something you are more than capable of doing.
The anti-Arsene squad are already starting to get their momentum up and you don’t need the grief. Just prove how good you are and they can crawl back under the stone from which they appeared.
But you just know what they will say.. “We have been telling Arsene to do that for years”.

So Arsene, as the old adage goes “Don’t spoil the ship for an ha’peth of tar”.

83 Responses to Stand Down Arsene, Stand Down Please!

  1. avenell says:

    Or was it Margaret?. 😉

  2. DC says:

    30%! In their dreams. The vast majority of Arsenal supporters, support AW. Tony Atwood wrote an interesting piece about how there was a small minority of people who were behind most of the anti-Wenger blogs, tracking them down via the IP addresses. The blog world is not the real world, and the people who buy the posh seats are definitely not anti-W.

    Personally, I still think we are work in progress and we may win something this year, but I expect it to start happening next season and the next ten years or so will be very rosy.

    I can feel the knives in the back already. Ouch!

  3. avenell says:

    Hi DC.. Yeah I doubt it too.. but it must be a cloudy 10%.

  4. Shashi says:

    yea it wud be a shame to kick him out like tht… but everytin comes wid an expiry tag these days.. even humans and their skills…
    No doubt wenger is the most skillful manager in the whole of BPL but the need of the hour is trophies, after all thts why we r playin in premier league and not to make profits by selling big players..
    Lets be practical, and not emotional bout it… If he can’t deliver this season, Im sorry Arsene, u have to bow out, though u’l still be an idol to most of them..

  5. Jekyll says:

    I think Wenger and the board are trying to sell us as a brand based on the way we play, separate to the rest and transcending the imperitive to win trophies. Come and blow your wedge at Arsenal and be part of something ‘special’, beyond all that dirty ‘win at all costs’ the rest of them get up to.

    That way they can keep the profits instead of investing them in the squad. Not sure if this will work long term however.

  6. Red Arse says:


    I was just logging off when your headline caught my eye.

    Nice to see you back and a v. good Post! 🙂

    Hope to catch you and JJ again in the future.

  7. JonJon says:

    perfect timing mate.. ive just logged in..

    how do we know wenger aint set it up for himself?

    weve just announced record profits and wengers signed a 3 year deal..

    sounds like hes been setting himself up for one final showdown with barca..

    not this year..but i reckon in two years wenger will have built a squad capable of CL..

    he wants it he’ll go all out for it before he retires 😉

  8. avenell says:

    Hi Shashi/ Jeckyll welcome to Avenell Road.. thanks for you comments..

    Hi Red Arse.. nice to see an old face .. well avatar.

  9. Red Arse says:


    I wish I could stay to hear more from you. 🙂


  10. avenell says:

    Hi JJ .. I waited for your home coming..

    mmm conspiracy theory huh.

  11. Redordead says:

    This article is bang on the money well done, Wenger must have known that he was taking a massive risk by not buying a world class keeper, please Mr Wenger do not spoil you’re fine legacy admit that you have been wrong and buy a world class keeper in Jan.

  12. Two Clows (Almunia & Fab) OUT says:

    you wrote “a manager like Guardiola could come in and he would have virtually an open cheque book, he would have the Royal Bank of Arsenal”

    well, Guardiola’s Barca is poorer than Arsenal
    and win much more trophies 🙂

  13. avenell says:

    Hi Redordead.. thanks for that comment..

    No one would have blinked an eye if the title said We want Wenger in..

  14. Redordead says:

    I think that the tide is changing.

  15. avenell says:

    Hi Two Clows (Almunia & Fab) OUT..

    I suppose Barca got Villa from the job centre..

  16. BigL says:

    I used to be an avid Wenger fan, but for the last few years have been in the he has passed his sell by date camp. It would be a real shame for him to end his career with Arsenal on a low. Sadly thats the way he is heading, all for the want of strengthening where necessary.

    I respect your opinion DC. I used to feel the same way. But I have to say I don’t know very many people who are 100% behind Wenger any more. Even the security guards at the stadium are wavering.

    Wenger constantly says this is the best team he has ever had, I think its worst team Wenger has had, and sadly only he can take responsibility for it as he built it.

    We are certainly not a title or champions league winning side and I don’t think we will be as long as Wenger remains.

  17. K-TR7 says:

    Hi on.It would be such a shame if Aw would go out in such circumstances.i believe he won’t retire until he has at least 2 CL titles and one of his youths to win the balon d’or.

  18. avenell says:

    Hi BigL good comment mate..

    K-TR7.. Thanks but how do you think the support will be towards him if we fail again this year?

    Will he get the chance?

  19. reash says:

    Well, indeed this is the worst squad we had since…. prolly ever.

    Since 2007/2008 (or more?) the quality has been degrading..we used to have no problems taking up 2nd spot, but now it’s almost always chels and manu’s battle.

    I still believe in AW, call me naive, but I believe he’s setting up the stage for his grand exit. The question is, can all of us wait until then? We’re craving for trophies for 5 years, and with this current unbalanced squad, hope for getting one is close to nil.

  20. one of the old uns says:

    I cannot believe that so called supporters can be so stupid to want Wenger to go.The problem is that so many of these fair weather people only came to Arsenal when we moved to the new stadium and where we used to get crowds of about 30000 at Highbury we now get double that figure.These extra are “supporters” who have only known the football that Wenger has brought to the club and expect to win every gamne by umpteen goals.
    Well let me tell you as a supporter since about 1946….it don’t happen like tha, never did,never will.We went years without winning a thing and still the real supporters turned up….so please grow up a bit. Stop the mouthing off and start supporting the team… and please don’t tell me how much you pay for your ticket.Just calm down.

  21. JonJon says:

    catch u later RA..

    hey guys

    ave u never know with arsene..only he knows waht hes up to but hes always got a vision i bet hes planned all this from the start

    he saw roman come into the mix and though fuck you i’ll save all my money and develop my own players then in 5 years time when your all on your arses and ive got 50mil to spend i’ll wipe the floor with you..


  22. avenell says:

    One of the old un’s… mate read it again I am pro wenger.. I was reacting to the anti-arsene voice of opinion that is growing on some blogs.

    Hi reash.. thanks for popping on.

  23. Since1979 says:

    As my name say,s been following the mighty Arsenal since 79 and have seen some very poor to mediocre to Invincible and would like to see Arsene go out on a high and not for him to leave cause so called fans think he is losing it.
    The keeper situation should have been sorted in the summer cause if we were looking for a keeper it even meant that Arsene wasn,t sure about what we have, i like Fabianski but he as been going the same way as Almunia which is a shame, so do we wait till Jan or do we give youth a go cause Szezney is wanting to play or will we destroy the lad if it all go,s pear shaped IMO we need not just a better keeper but maybe a better keeping coach cause we have had some good keepers Jennings, Seaman and even mad Jens could come back and do the coaching bit but only time will tell and we may just have to wait until Jan.

  24. JonJon says:


    we have a fucking strong squad…dont just look at the wna game cos that was wenger picking the wrong players

    we have so much depth of talent its unbelievable..

    thats why weve spent fuck all and we are still in third

    we only lack a shit hot GK and maybe another defensiver midfeilder and we are there..

    2 players away from success..our attacking options especially with jack nasri cesc rosicky AA is phenomenal..

  25. mystic says:

    Everyone can huff & puff until they are blue in the face the next transfer window isn’t until January. Other than his absurd obsession with Manuel & Flappy, he is on the right track. Be thankful for what you have, not jealous of others and what MIGHT be.

  26. Chingfordgunner says:

    All those idiots calling for Wenger to go or stand down are *king idiots who ain’t got a scooby doo about what this genius has done for our club. Look around you you idiots and see who is the mist promising, growing, well run club both inside and outside of the stadium.
    Ok so we need a keeper. Big *king deal.
    Were gonner be fine and my season ticket is my most prized posession. Get behind the boys and thank your lucky stats you don’t follow them minows down the road.
    Get in there !!!!!
    Arsenal forever and ever amen

  27. avenell says:

    Hi Chingford, mystic, and since1979. thanks for your views..

    Yeah i have seen some average since I have been following the mighty too..

  28. reash says:

    Cheers Ave.

    Well, for me a balanced squad is a squad that have both good starters and subs.
    Indeed, we got classy players such as RvP, AA, Wilshere, Nasri or Fab(regas, to make sure)..but think about the sub.

    Knowing how fragile our key players are, and how hard our oppositions are trying to knock em down, there are clearly no on par substitute on the bench.
    And it’s been our bane since like, 3-4 years ago? Where we were smooth sailing and then all the injuries started to come up.

    Sad to say, we’re still relying so bad on the qualities of our first team players, and the subs just aren’t good enough (yet) to replace them.

    ..and amen for the GK.

  29. Since1979 says:

    @ Chingford will always get behind the Arsenal and i want Wenger to go upstairs when he thinks the time is right what he as done for this club is absolutely phenomenal and I wouldn,t have it any other way i think the man is a bloody genius for getting us were we are today without putting us into a financial mess.

  30. mark paul hooker says:…book..rathr,,than..talking..bollocks

  31. avenell says:

    reash.. Half of the normal subs are playing in the first team though..

    If we had most of the walking wounded back, the subs that we are relying on should be back in the stiffs.

    As for the keeping situation.. the size and wealth of expectation at Arsenal has killed Nos 1 and 2 off sadly.
    now we have to try to prop up the fragile until January or we are fooked.

  32. BigL says:

    Sadly a lot of so called Wenger supporters have a distinct lack of tolerance for other peoples views. The AKBs are always the first to resort to name calling and attacking other posters calling them idiots.

    It is possible to be behind the boys and have realistic expectation. I want to be proved wrong, but my expectations are we will not win anything. That doesn’t make me or anyone who believes that an idiot. If anyone is an idiot it’s the people that sick their head in the sand saying next year, next year, next year.

    Brian Clough was a genius and it all went wrong for him, so even geniuses can screw up. Wenger should take note.

  33. mystic says:

    125yrs next season and 5 years without a throphy, jesus the anti-Wenger morons seem to have lost their grip of reality.

    I’ve spent an absolute fortune on Arsenal over the years and don’t begrudge a penny – I’ll keep spending what I can on Arsenal until the dzy I die.

  34. avenell says:

    Mark Paul Hooker.. not got off to the greatest start there have you?..
    in 1996 we were a club in decline, we had a drinking culture. a ex manager who has just dragged our club through a bung scandel.. and the worse midfield I can remember in my time as a supporter..

  35. avenell says:

    Good point BigL..

    what we try to do is keep the site as polite as possible and chat as if we was in the plimsoll or on the terraces face to face.. but the blogging world seems to attract a type of person that has to abuse to get there views across which is a real shame.

  36. avenell says:

    The problem we have mystic is Arsenal has attracted and need the money from all these new fairweather fans now..

  37. BigL says:


    I’m all for friendly banter and opinion and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. But some morons really annoy me when they assume they, and only they are right and try to belittle people with opposing views.

    Funny how football blogs attract them. I spend a fortune on my Oyster card travelling around London. When I have a moan about the trains being late, no one tells me to get behind London Underground and remind me that we should be thankful we have Boris as mayor.

    Great blog by the way. I read often but comment little.

  38. mystic says:

    avenell you are quite right, the club has effectively brokered the arrival of the ‘prawn sandwich’ brigade, but in their defence few of the Wenger detractors seem to be them – most of the money men couldn’t care less if Arsenal won a trophy, just as long as they are entertained.

  39. oliver says:

    hi avenell. like it or not, fabianski looks like he is getting the call for tomorrow night so we will have to just hope he can have a solid game and we can leave beograd with a win…

    what’s done is done – i am as frustrated as everyone else over saturday, more over the team’s collective attitude than anything al did, but it cannot be undone. we need a win tomorrow, and another at stamford bridge, so let’s look ahead and hope the players can give the effort required. if they can do that, we will at least be set up to get results in both.

  40. JonJon says:

    i think the team is coming together in the next couple of years..

    but with all that cash being announced its baffling why we havent completely built the squad this summer..

    im pretty sure they knew how much money they had..i dont see why it didnt get spent..

  41. avenell says:

    BigL.. I really hope you get on more.

    We try to run a blog with a bit of humour, we don’t try to push opinions down peoples throats.
    I have spent thousands of pounds on Arsenal and many hours reading and chatting about them.. and like you say dickheads just come on to abuse.
    Thay come on once have no opinion threaten to get AR thrown of Newsnow etc..
    Why not either make a comment in an adult manner or just leave others to chat away..

  42. avenell says:

    Hi Oliver.. how are you buddy?

    I know this may sound far fetched, but with the demise of Almunia.. could, perhaps in my wildest dreams Fab2 can take the situaion by the scruff of the neck and make the No1 spot his?

  43. The Pof says:

    A good manager listens, and do what the customers are asking for, otherwise the business collapses. Our goal keeping problem is only part of a bigger problem. Think about this, guys.

  44. BigL says:

    @ mystic

    I don’t mind the not winning, it’s the not trying I hate.
    Take the Henry era for example, every season I felt we were going to win something. We fought for all the trophies and even came away with a few doubles. But regardless, if at the end of the year we were trophyless I always felt we tried out best and was proud of the team.

    Skip forward to present day. My expectations are low because of our inconsistence performances and a mediocre team that we keep hearing is meant to be the best. A team that could be so much better if Wenger… well, we all know.

    At the end of our recent seasons, I feel we have been lucky to finish where we did and more disappointed than proud.

    It’s hard to explain, but I just wish I could bang Wengers head against a brick wall and make him see sense. I want the old Wenger back, not this imposter.

  45. mystic says:

    avenell fancy suggesting that Flappy might ‘take the situation by the scruff of the neck and make the no.1 spot his’ – comon confess you’ve been drinking!!

  46. avenell says:

    Hi prof… what bigger problem mate?

    we have to be in one of the best positions of any football club in the world..

  47. avenell says:

    Mystic ..

    I must confess to being 3/4 of the way down my second bottle of belgiums finest.. 😉

    but it would be bloody good if he could prove everyone wrong.. a bigger story than Dougles Bader and Forest Gump put together..

  48. JonJon says:

    fabianski aint going to do anything ave..


    two games and we are calling for almunia back..same every year

  49. JonJon says:

    id rather have forrest gump in goal

  50. avenell says:

    He is already signed to West ham..

    Oh no got that wrong that’s his brother Wurzel Gump..

  51. mystic says:

    BigL, clearly we are both Arsenal fans. Perhaps the club could benefit from having the open approach that this blog encourages. I believe that Wenger knows what he is doing, it is just that unfortunately at times he comes across too aloof to be bothered with fans opinions.

  52. reash says:

    Well when it’s always good to be optimistic, let’s try to be realistic.

    Fabianski had conceded way too much goals for us these past years. And I doubt that he will be our #1 in the future.

    Almunia, well, he’s losing his touch, and AW has been defending him, not because he still got faith in him, but because he somehow forgot about Szczesny and Mannone….or Schwarzer or *any good goalkeeper name here*

    And to look at the bigger picture (or place the blame somewhere else, up to you), it’s not entirely their fault anyways. The only defender who is consistent is Vermaelen. Koscielny and Squillaci, while showed some potential, are still adapting, while Clichy is dropping bit by bit.

    There are too many things to worry about in the current squad. WAY too many.

  53. oliver says:

    avenell, i have my doubts on fabianski. i think he has been given so many chances – with at least one major error in every significant game he has played – that i think it may now be an mental block. perhaps a situation where he thinks an error is inevitable. we cannot afford to persist with him, if this is the case.

    in fact, i will go further and say it will be best if fabianski leaves our club. not only because i doubt he will ever regain his confidence while in an arsenal jersey, but i think this situation is also unhealthy for arsene and our squad as a whole. arsene seems to be going so far out of his way to get fabianski on track, i feel it is hurting our club with two better/more deserving goalkeepers overlooked. with each successive opportunity fabianski gets, the perception of accountability at our club further erodes. if my suspicion is true and a certain vassiriki “abou” diaby has been (belatedly, but deservedly) dropped, some can still point to double standards, with fabianski remaining our number two and getting yet another chance for the number one shirt. if this persists, i expect it will cause a huge dressing room problem.

    if we can just move fabianski our of our club, it will solve many – but not all – of our problems. at the end of the day, it would be better for him, better for arsene, and better for us…

  54. JonJon says:

    id rather have a cardboard cut out of fabby than fabby..

    it’d have stronger wrists at least 😉

  55. avenell says:

    I must confess that comment of Fab2.. might have been a bit toungue in cheek..

    I believe that playing in the Premiership hasn’t helped him, he gets blocked out by defenders at corners and the referee’s give little protection this has destroyed his confidence. Perhaps Arsene has learned from the way Premiership treats keepers and is keeping Chesney under wraps for a bit longer yet and won’t expose him too early.

  56. JonJon says:

    i dont think chesney is as good as what everyone thinks he is

    i bet half of the people who want him in have never seen him play they are just sick of manny and fabby

  57. Johnny Hoy says:

    Could anyone give me a link to this Tony Atwood piece whereby he tracks down these bloggers via IP address – I’m sure the fellow behind ‘Arsenal Truth’ is Tottenham!

  58. BigL says:

    I would hate to be a keeper at Arsenal right now. I can’t imagine Almunia looks forward to the weekend when he has to play. Having 60 thousand fans waiting for you to screw up and knowing that the manager tried to buy a replacement in the summer can’t fill you with confidence. I can’t imagine that Fabianski is eager to take his place either.

    Either way I guess we are stuck with the pair until January, when I hope Wenger gets a decent keeper who is premiership ready and has a good few years left in him.

  59. JonJon says:


    i dont think wenger will get anyone in january either

    he had record profits this summer and never got wont happen..theres a pecking order and hes sticking to it but he does need a rethink cos they are all not good enough

  60. BigL says:

    @JonJon I expect you are right. Naively after Wenger said we have enough funds to compete with Chelsea I thought things were going to change.

    No point building my hopes up for a disappointing January.

  61. avenell says:

    I must confess that Arsene statement mythed me.. even if we pay the transfer fee’s we wouldn’t pay the wages that John Terry and the Lump are on..
    they must be on nearly double of our highest payed player (cesc i assume)
    This would have all the players banging at arsene’s door with their cap in hand.

  62. JonJon says:


    weve just gotta go with what wengers philosophy is

    he wont change it..

    the positives are we have a fantastic set of talent and 50mil in our pockets..

    the negatives are someone needs to tell wenger his gk’s gloves are sponsored by flora

    but it could be worse we could be liverpool

  63. BigL says:

    @ avenell

    I thought it was strange too. I guess three ways to read it

    1) a cynical ploy just before season ticket renewal time. Which I don’t believe

    2) we were after some quality targets but were unable to bring them to the club

    3) he brought what he thought are quality players that will compete with Chelsea


    Re Liverpool. I agree, I really feel for them this year. I think they are going to struggle to get top 10. I just don’t see good things for them at all.

  64. JonJon says:

    we moan about wenger but i bet pool fans wish they had a wenger

    they wont be back for a while

  65. Mustang says:

    Hi Av and all,

    J Thomas said he had Pires, Henry, Ljundberg, Bergkamp in front of him when he left and that the reason some of the youngsters are getting a chance now is because this current Arsenal side lack quality…..discuss.

  66. avenell says:

    I’d feel more sorry for Liverpool. if..
    (a) the press wern’t always blowing smoke up there arses..

    (b) If they hadn’t of got us and the rest of the English teams chucked out of europe in the late 80’s early 90’s

    (c) if they stopped storming grounds to get in without tickets causing all seater stadiums.

    (d) Alan Hansen.

    (e) Mark Lawreson

    (f)Steven Gerrard

    But thay have given me three great football moments 71′.. 87′.. and of course 89′

  67. avenell says:

    Hi Mustang.. Hows tricks mate?..

    Thomas.. good luck to the lad, but cream rises to the top and WBA with respect are not top dog.. If he goes on to play for a great club then Wengers youth policy of persevering was premature and not as most people say stubborn..
    what a fine balance it is of when to stick and when to twist..

  68. Mustang says:

    Hi Av

    Not bad mate, missed this blog though. Is it here to stay?

    On J Thomas though do you think he would get into this current Arsenal side?

  69. JonJon says:


    but the young players are now the quality..

    i dont think thomas would be good enough now to get into the team..

    he had a good game but does that mean hes better than nasri etc??

    rosickys just a backup player nowadays is thomas better than tomas 😉

    not really..

  70. avenell says:

    re the blog.. yeah I hope so if we could get a few more to help out it would make life easier.. (hint hint) ..
    But jonjon and me we have to work in the day so to get a post up in the morning is not always possible and if we do we cannot comment so we feel we get little out of it.. so we decided to just blog when we want.. no rules..

    As for J Thomas.. nah tbh just a squad player. a less gobby Pennant or a Bentley.. they have heve all risen to the top at a lower level but have they got that little bit extra needed?.

    How many ex arsenal players step up there game against us to prove a point? .. you know the answer..

  71. JonJon says:

    i think whats happenening at anfield is funny..

    they were on the verge of building a new super stadia and they bought two bricks and decided they were broke lol

    now look at them..benitez pissed their money down the drain and those cowboys were..well cowboys..

    manutd next 😉

  72. avenell says:

    And it’s twenty years since they were the best team in England.. lol.. twenty long ones..

    That’s like 2/5ths of the mighty Spuds long wait..

    Liverpoll won the league in Technocolour and the Spuddies in black and white.. and it isn’t getting any easier for the dippers..

  73. Greg8289 says:

    My god some people are very jumpy on the trigger. If we win against Chelsea will you be saying the same things? No. The day arsene leaves is the day we start to really worry. Show some respect!! The trophies will come if we get right behind them. We were in a period for many years where due to the new stadium being built we had to be careful with our money and he has done a great job with all the teams around us spending 5 times as much!! Imagine how good it’s going to feel knowing we won a trophy the right way… It’s time we deliver, let’s believe ffs!!!

  74. avenell says:

    Greg.. if you could try to just read past the headline it would be appreciated mate..

    I was responding to a tosser on the radio this morning who reckoned that 30% of arsenal fans who attened games want arsene out… NOT ME!!

    It was a post to encourage debate and not abuse, I was mearly stating that with a bit more investment arsene could have Arsenal ruling the world .

  75. Danish Gooner says:

    Wengers incredible stubbornness is holding him back and if you think he will start doing things differntly if we fail again,think again.

  76. avenell says:

    Hi Danish.. mate I don’t really know.
    But I would like him to reap the rewards of all the work he has done..

    It is easier to go downwards than it is up at this point in time. I just hope fans are prepared for what thay wish for if they want him out.

  77. Greg8289 says:

    I did read it, I was replying to some of the comments above – maybe I shud have mentioned that 🙂

  78. avenell says:

    Thanks for coming back Greg.. Most cannot be bothered they are the one comment keyboard warriors who lose out on the real benefits of blogs..

    I am off for the night but if you could keep an eye out for us when we post next i will look forward to your comments..

  79. Shevo says:

    Barca spent £30m for David Villa and still lost to a newly promoted side last weekend just like we’d did. Liverpool spent £21m on Torres, £20m on Aquilani (now on loan to Juve) have one of the best keepers and midfuelder in the League and still got tonked by a league 1 club. Shitty moan about injuries and have struggled this season despite spending over £100m on new players and have 2 of the best keepers in the League. What the fuck are we complaining about. Yes we lost to West Brom and it bloody hurts. Yes we need a new top class keeper and AW will no doubt address that in Jan. So anyone who want Wenger out on the back of this baggies defeat or the fact we made £56m profit but won’t blow it all on new players needs their testing. Be careful what you wish for or you could rue what you get further down the line. Just ask Liverpool, Portsmouth and Leeds Supporters.

  80. BigL says:


    Morning Greg. Considering we have moved into a new stadium we have done well. Both remaining competitive and clearing the debt. They tell us the stats for clubs who move stadiums is not good so I will concede that point, even though it’s almost a completely new team from the team played at Highbury.

    I think the money side has been come somewhat of an excuse over the last few years. We post record profits, the board constantly say we have funds available, the manager says he has funds available, the published accounts show we have fund available. I believe the manager doesn’t want to spend. Had we invested some money (I’m not saying brought Kaka or spent billions), and replaced leaving players with quality players I think we could have won the league 2 or 3 times since moving to the Emirates. Instead we have this fascination of doing it the hard way and failing. With some spending we could ALREADY have been a super team, instead we are still building and now competing with another top four contender.

    As fans I think we also pay too much attention to the money when its not relevant to us. It’s great to know we are secure but history is about the results and trophies not the money. When we won the FA cup in 1950 did we spend more than Liverpool that season, did we play silky smooth football, was the average age of the team 18? Who really cares, history only names the winners.

  81. avenell says:

    Hi Shevo.. sorry you got put into moderation..

    Playing devils advocate I could suggest that Barca although they lost at the weekend, haven’t been the nearly men for the last six years.

  82. kelsey says:

    Hello you two.I hope everything is OK.

    Got caught up in the Liverpool turmoil,quite unbelievable.Hope to hear from you soon.

  83. Zulu Gooner says:

    what tosh- arsene is simply the best. go arsenal

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