From Utter Jubilation To Utter Rubbish. Hang Your Heads In Shame Boys.

How can everything go this wrong in the space of a few days?

A few days ago we were celebrating making mashed potato out of the swamp donkeys in a cup competition on their own patch. Tonight we sit with our head in our hands, knowing that with Chelsea losing we had the perfect opportunity to catch up to them..I’m not bothered about being second at this stage of the season, Chavski have had an easy fixture list so far and as long as we hang in there and don’t get left too far behind, we can give ourselves a good chance to overtake and start to pull away once their hard line up of games starts to kick in. But for some unknown reason we go concede 3 goals at home to a team that haven’t scored away from home all season..

Whats all that about??

I’m not having anyone blaming the fans either. After Wednesdays game everyone was happy and the fans were fully behind the boys. After a good start to the season the fans were also starting to believe and then we go and play like that. The team and the manager have nobody to blame but themselves.

I’m quite frustrated right now. I don’t understand why we didn’t turn up. Were we that arrogant to think that WBA were cannon fodder and we could beat them in first gear?

Why on earth after all the talent we possess in our midfield we chose to play Eboue in there? Especially when players like Jack and Tomas on the bench. I know they played a midweek fixture but so did Eboue and if they are fit enough to be on the bench they are fit enough to start. Take them off after an hour when the games won. Dont start an average right back in the middle. It’s just asking for trouble. Weve seen it too many times.

Absolutely ridiculous. I hope Wenger fines them all, barring Nasri, for that shambolic display. There are no excuses. Barring one man the whole team ought to give up a weeks wages and apologise to the fans on the official website. I know we are a team but if you score two goals and the rest of your team plays like a group of turds then you have every right to escape criticism and be angry with your team mates. 

To add insult to injury we recently announced profits big enough to have orgasms over. Being a money-making machine as well as competing in the top four in modern-day football is nothing to be sniffed at and although I should be happy my club is so rich I find it a complete and utter kick in the bollox that after the figures being thrown around we wasted our summer chasing a 110 year old goal keeper for £2 million..

 Lets just clear this up once and for all.

Im satisfied with Arsene’s outfield improvements. Kos, Squidgy and Chamakh look good additions, but im astounded we are stuck with the same keepers. Almunia’s a good number 2. He’s a good keeper but he’s not consistent enough throughout the season. He’s good for the odd game. Fabianski is useless. He’s nowhere near the standard required to be a top-level GK in the PL and he’s in his mid twenties, how many more mistakes do we have to see?? HE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH. END OF!!

The other two are too young and if Chesser is good as everyone says he is – including himself then i want to see him go out on loan again only this time to a PL club. I want to see if he can do what Hart did and then and only then will we know if he’s Arsenals future no 1..

I fully expected AW to strengthen the GK position and after seeing the profits for the year im confused as to why we couldn’t find anyone better than Almunia for more than £2 million.

Basically Arsenal are rich but there’s no point bragging about it because we never use it and we can score goals from anywhere but we still make the defensive errors that make schoolboys look world-class.

 I sit here and write this in frustration at the team’s performance today so apologies if it appears to be a rant. Maybe I will have calmed down after a few frosty ones and a good nights sleep but to be honest I’m getting sick of these half arsed performances I keep seeing every year against below average teams.  We are becoming known for it now and it always come back to bite us on the backside at the end off the season. One point from Sunderland and WBA is not champion form and it’s the games like these we need to win.

I hate to lose and I know losing is part of the game, but losing without effort really pisses me off.

33 Responses to From Utter Jubilation To Utter Rubbish. Hang Your Heads In Shame Boys.

  1. t says:

    simply stunned, make mine a double …..purely medicinal u understand

  2. dan says:

    Someone needs to explain to me how there was only 5 mins injury time.

    5 second half goals = 5 minutes (1 min per goal by rule).

    6 subs = 3 mins (30 secs per sub by rule).

    + Actual injury time which was probably about 3 mins with their keeper down when Chamakh got booked and a few other things.

    That’s a minimum of 8 mins without actual injuries and probably 10/11 with time wasting and injuries.

  3. shakyarsene says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again we will not win a major trophy with AW in charge. If these boys play like that he is to blame.

  4. dan says:

    We’ve already won major trophies with Wenger in charge. Dunce.

  5. creampuff says:

    Koscielny was absolutely awful today and so was Diaby

  6. Arsenal Fan says:

    Arsene, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

  7. Cassius says:

    Dan you idiot. I must say I have never seen a more idiotic comment on any Arsenal website. You know what I mean.

  8. rene says:

    We will not win ANOTHER trophy under Wenger.How can he not see we need a WORLD CLASS KEEPER it madness

  9. James says:

    Haven’t you lot figured Wenger out yet. He is scared to spend money, because if he does what’s his excuse for failure. As long as there is a stadium to pay off he can trot out the same excuse about not being able to compete with the others – so he deliberately doesn’t buy. Trouble is, the profits are so fucking massive he’s beginning to look a joke. £100m profit in 2 years and he won’t even spend £20m or so on the extra players we need just so he can protect his back. I want him gone, and I want Gazidis gone too for giving Wenger a new contract for 5 years of abject failure. Arsenal will not win anything with Wenger ever again, except maybe the Carling Cup if we don’t get Man Utd in the draw – so why keep him? Fans will need to kick him out, it’s time to start showing our disdain with banners and boos.

  10. scottsheldon says:

    If we had spent 10 mil on a keeper our profit would have been 50 mil instead of 60 mil would anyone have my mind a manager should not be talking about profit and indeed being so proud of it he should be dealing with on the field let the ceo deal with that. Also the mental attitude of the players in particular diaby who always seems to play like he is on drugs and eboue who seems to have gone from boo boy to star pupil but is still a shit shit footballer who cannot pass to a team mate

  11. Danish Gooner says:

    Wenger is a key account manager he doesnt give a toss about what is going on at the playing field anymore.

  12. Arsenal Fan says:

    Spot on Danish Gooner fantastic accountant, Awful football manager. Arsene please go and wreck some havoc at some French third division club where a manager of your second rate quality belongs. We’ve gone stale under Wenger.

  13. geoff reid says:

    Wegner wont play jet so he will leave and come back to haunt us e.g Like Thomas did in this match.

  14. Tim says:

    Dear, oh dear. Yes, let’s get rid of Wenger and replace him with, I don’t know, Martin O’Neill. Or how about Alan Curbishley?

    I genuinely don’t understand how people can say Wenger doesn’t care or is a second-rate manager. Yes, some of his decisions are baffling. And he is by no means perfect. But you don’t keep a team at or near the top for over a decade by being second-rate. And as for not caring, I don’t even know where to begin on that one. Obviously a non-stop diet of eating, sleeping and drinking football doesn’t count as caring.

    What’s done is done. We were complacent and didn’t give a very decent West Brom side enough respect.

    The most important thing now is to ensure this does not happen again. A positive result at Chelsea next Sunday and all will be well again. Defeat today doesn’t help, but anyone who writes off our title hopes on the basis of one terrible performance needs a dose of reality. Freak results happen. Let’s just hope that’s all it was – a one-off.

  15. Jekyll says:

    The writer of this article has every right to rant. This performance stank of complacency, and we’ve seen it too often from this group of players. It’s endemic, they’re over-rewarded for too little achievement.

    What more can one say about the keepers. What is Wenger up to here? It’s bemusing. Maybe the guy who says he’s afraid of failure is right. He’s got a bulletproof contract and he doesn’t want to lose his excuses for always falling just short by actually addressing this team’s most blatannt inadequecies.

  16. AKB HATER says:

    Wenger has forgotten how to win trophies come nx season it will be 8 years since the league and 7 since a cup anyone who says that isnt a long time is a complete utter fool or they are over 100years old which is fair enough.We dont win trophies for big balances wengers ego is taking over, they do NOT care about fans! TRUST ME….BOARD OR WENGER. Its typical with todays society its all about money. The only reason they built that poxy emirates was to make MORE money DO NOT think its for the fans they aint pulling the wool over my eye!!! Arsenal stopped being Arsenal when we left highbury. YOU tell me the benefits of emirates???? world class players??? trophies ????? football is a SPORT first business SECOND.

  17. RedandDread says:

    I, like everyone is stunned by the result. It was the worst performance by an Arsenal team in a long time-really. To be honest it is in contradiction to our displays so far this season.

    Having a few cold ones now and gonna watch the replay-maybe we shall play better in this game!…;)

    Stay sane GOONERS!!

  18. AKB HATER says:

    Wenger will never be sacked nor will he leave OUR club( THE FANS….or to them the cattle) has become a dictatorship where the board are the greedy big nose bankers and the dictator? yep you got it wenger himself. I feel sorry for our fans and the prices we pay for merchandise and tickets extortionate! Where is our money invested denilson and diabys NEW contract?!!!! Flapianski NEW contract?!!!!!! BERGKAMP OR GUARDIOLA YOUR TIME HAS COME!!! Save us from another 7years of stalling 3rd and 4th no trophies and for untold arsenal to tell me all is well LOL.

  19. Matt says:

    haha god your all so funny – we were a fucking second rate club before wenger open you fucking eyes or go and support chelsea you scum – you dont deserve to be arsenal fans

  20. RedandDread says:

    AKB Hater, Do feel like part of a cattle herd? So you feel like a cow? Beacaue you are an Arsneal fan? Is that really how you think that the club treats it’s fans? Maybe, that’s scary.

  21. anon says:

    wenger is delusional. the AKB are equally delusional. did any sane arsenal fan really think we could win the title with this team and two clowns in goal? i said at the start of the season that we are third best and we will stay third best until wenger spends some money or his delusion vanish. i would not hold your breath on any of those points.

    groundhog day. groundhog season but plenty of profits for us to celebrate instead of a trophy…

    i said it before and i will say it again. wenger is a dictator, he is clinging on to power like a bad politician. he signed that contract like a rat up a drainpipe.

    roll on next week for our yearly caning at the bridge. wait a minute, they pissed on us at home too…

  22. RedandDread says:

    I wonder if any of you goons not gooners were on this site whooping it up after the Tottenham win. You bunch of fair weather morons…..your comemnts give you away.

  23. drona says:

    I am really beginning to wonder how many fans are waiting for Wenger to fail. Surely I am sure they would panic at the first sight of any adverse event in their lives.

    A very poor performance I accept and I hope it really stings our squad badly to avoid a repeat like last year. Wenger in his post match interview refused to blame a single player and put the onus on the whole squad which is absolutely right and fans calling for him to blame the goalkeeper are off their head. The only solution to these woes is for Wenger to swallow the bitter pill at the earliest to avoid a bigger mess in the future.

  24. GF60 says:

    How did I know that one performance like that would bring out the “AW must go” and “Arsenal are useless” dregs? Where were you after Braga, Blackpool, Bolton?
    You’re not fans, you’re just pathetic.

  25. Almunia says:

    Wenger is a fine manager but his weakness is to defend the undefendable. Almunia is an awful goalkeeper and has cost us so many points over the last three seasons. Wenger has bags of money by all accounts and it is worth spending 10-20 million on a proven quality keeper – someone like Given, Lloris or Stekelenberg.

  26. William says:

    6 Games = 6 Goals conceded. I’m afraid you don’t win titles with those sort averages. We will be fighting for 4th place again this season.

  27. mike says:

    It has been a magnificent managerial performance by AW to keep us in contention for the past five years whilst moving to one of the best stadiums in Europe – and without us going broke, It is also one of the most abject managerial performances in recent times not to invest any of the profits thus accrued to strengthen the glaringly obvious weaknesses in our team. It is a waste of time talking about goalkeeping and defence weaknesses – we’ve all done it on the terraces for three seasons (or more!. The move to he new stadium seems to have transformed AW from a towering figure who surrounded himself with world class players to a caricature who is not willing to bid more than 2m for a goalkeeper who frankly is no more than adequate. A question – has any team won a major trophy with its NO 1 keeper not being an internations|?

  28. chris says:

    i woke up sick dis morning due to our lost and all Aw cost it, he should get us a world class Gk and stop gambling with our match becos dat is what gives us joy.

  29. Ruddboy says:

    Mr wenger is jst one stubborn retard.hw cn he nt see dt we cnt cmpete 4 trophies wit d kind of clueless,classles almunia we hve.dere wz no desire 2win in our overal perfomance 2day&we aint getin anythin dis year wit such unproffesional displays.som1 plz snd wenger 2d execution chamber.RETARD!!!

  30. The Tank says:

    @ Matt

    Arsenal Football Club have never been a second rate club in their entire history. You are the mug who know’s fuck all about Arsenal and just a tourist like 50% of the crowd there yesterday. Arsenal were great before Wenger and will be great long after he’s pushing up daisy’s.

  31. salu says:

    hmm so frustating i mean we make profits of 56 mill n wenger refused to pay 4 mill for a CONSISTENT goalie who would never have made mistakes like manuel yesterday feels like that our club dsnt want to win anything anymore the coach n board dnt care about our feelings its all about money now

  32. agirlagunner says:

    JJ, we were awful last night. And yes, Clichy was woeful. 😦

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