What Now For Theo??

After spending a few relaxing weeks in the sun, I’m still struggling to get up to date with all things Arsenal. Although it’s still early days, the main two things that have caught my attention are the failure to purchase a new goalkeeper this summer, as well as the recent re-emergence of Theo Walcott..

I’m going to say no more about the GK situation for now..I’m feeling the need for a positive post today so im going to share my thoughts with you over young Mr Walcott..

To be honest I’ve never been impressed with Theo and I’m still yet to be convinced. Over the past few years the lad has failed to live up to any potential.. I find him irritating in that he has so much pace, yet doesn’t know how yet to use it.. Recurring errors in his final ball and his shockingly poor ball control make him look out of his depth in the Arsenal squad.. He’s not a Wengerball player and he struggles to fit the system.

His main problem to me is that he puts his head down and runs anywhere he can. This attribute tends to lead him into a lot of blind alleys and he more often than not ends up giving the ball away cheaply. A player of his pace should be terrorising the defences not giving them the ball back every time he gets it..

After a few seasons of me saying he couldn’t beat an egg and he couldn’t finish his dinner he has stood up to be counted after a difficult and distracting summer for the club as a whole and has left me impressed with the way he has responded. 4 goals already is a fantastic return and if anyone has an issue with the about the club at the minute I don’t think there’s one person out there that would say their issue is Theo. He has been one of the shining lights at the start of this season and credit where credit is due.

To be honest I don’t think anything about Theos game has really changed.. He’s still got more flaws than a tower block but he’s finally found what he’s good at.


Theo has got more selfish and instead of running down the wings he’s started to come inside like Freddie used to and have a run at goal.  He’s not tried the dribbling, passing and the crossing as much and it helps because he’s not that type of player. He’s too fast, there’s no point in running down the wing to try to pick a pass to a team-mate because nobody can keep up with him and there’s no point trying to dribble because he just leaves the ball behind.

He’s not a play maker. He’s not a creator. He’s stopped trying to be the trigger and I think he’s starting to realise he’s the bullet..

Keep doing what you’re doing Theo. Keep coming inside and having pops at goal. Just kick it and chase it and shoot..Keep your game simple and you’ll score goals for fun in this team..Let the others do the tricks and flicks you just head for those sticks..

His pace is too much to deal with and if he can keep that direct selfish streak and stay fit he could win us the league. Theo needs to forget about his team mates. He leaves them in his dust and the only thing that should be on his mind is to shoot.

Sometimes I’m over critical of Theo. I’ve even had a dig at him for writing a children’s book, but listening to his interviews he seems to be a nice polite lad. I’d rather a player who writes books for kids than a player who cheats on his pregnant wife, wouldn’t you?

After whats been a bad summer for English football in general Theo has done the nation and the club proud by doing his talking on the pitch.

Cheers Fabio. Dropping Theo was the best decision you made all summer..

What now for Theo. The PL Golden Boot..



43 Responses to What Now For Theo??

  1. anto says:

    i had same feelins bout theo i often thought why the fk wenger kept on with him.but i tink im sein the lite now im chuffed the way hes started the season i hope he can keep it up.hes still only 21 and can only improve.and yea he does seem a nice lad.well rather sum1 like him then tat shrek lookin dipstick.imagine if it was an arsenal player???????

  2. ian says:

    u wd rather have theo, than him being somewhere else. lets face it, he is the most exciting raw potential in the uk……he cd be thierry henry or he cd end up frannie jeffers in terms of success…..i think the point is – we just dont know, but he in the best hands…and he is ours, so lets give him a bit of stick, and keep him in where he is in terms of – have little go at him, as he plays a lot better when the worls is against him

  3. ian says:

    i think there’s no chance of him being caught out with a fag, and brass too –

  4. anto says:

    yea if he even improves 15-20% hes goin to be some player.all he needs now is consistency

  5. Song's Hair says:

    same here as well, used to despise him, get rid of him, he won’t cut it, he’s shut me up now, and very well has he done it, too bad he can’t shut up that clown Hansen.
    He also needs right service, in England game everything was to feet and he was closed down immediately. The team not passing to him sometimes was disgraceful such as Rooney and Gerrard pinging crossfield balls to him and Johnson almost always coming inside, just play Gibbs at Right Back, he’s better than Johnson there probably.

    If he can get players to pass to him running on he could be truly deadly, he won’t become as good as Henry as his early hype was saying. No one expects that from anyone. Expecting it is frankly stupid. If he moves to striker though, who knows, he has had a head start from Thierry on goals and if he stays with Arsenal he could come close to that.

  6. anto says:

    dnt tink even henry thought he wud turn into the player he did.agree with u bout england i wish walcott wud tell them were to go and pack it in with them.mite be a bit biased tho seen how im irish ha

  7. Song's Hair says:

    You agreeing with me?

  8. Aicher says:

    What now for Theo? Probably a 50 yard sprint at full pelt with the ball, only for him to toe poke the fucker out for a goal kick

  9. Song's Hair says:

    I’m hoping Henry comes back within 2 years in a coaching capacity, he could show all our strikers how to finish. Bergkamp could teach other strikers how to be creative. Keown could tell defenders to get stuck in, notice I am being very speculative and wishful, not saying they would be good coaches, just that, that’s what we could do with, and then Seaman to teach the keepers, cos quite frankly Gerry Peyton hasn’t done very well, I don’t actually blame Fabianski and Almunia any more, if they’ve had him coaching them they won’t be that good, Tottenham’s keeper coach did well with Gomes, amazingly in fact, so why can’t we have someone better than the Totts.

  10. anto says:

    wouldnt mind if he found the net with the nxt 1.dipshit

  11. Song's Hair says:

    AIcher, piss off. You are more stupid than Hansen, criticize him for good form

  12. anto says:

    hes hansens lover

  13. anto says:

    gunning hawk deleted my comment cos i called mark hughes a twat ha wat a pleb

  14. Pat says:

    This is a rubish article…critizing a player in good for. I dont see any difference with you and Hansen, do you forget he is just 21????? The almight Thiery Henry was crap when he was 21.

  15. Song's Hair says:

    I hate Mark Hughes, he should give Schwarzer his wish, although, I don’t think he is actually that much better than Almunia. Better, but he’s not as good shot stopping and penalties. ALmunia looks to have confidence from his Blackburn game, he has realised this defence is fairly competent, so his shortcomings are cleared by the defence. Hopefully Coyle will be true to his word and try and play good football.

  16. anto says:

    yea i tink almunia will b this seasons eboue.a few good games and the fans will back him

  17. Song's Hair says:

    Eboue actually has purpose in his play. Tries to dribble great considering the rest of the team just passes, great utility player as well, hope he stays with us for rest of his career, hope he is manager as well, he would be like Holloway.

  18. anto says:

    ha hollaways class.i was at wigan game i pitied eboue.but he was shockin for months,but he turned it round bigtime.great impact player and looks a great lad to hav around the squad.i tink hes still improvin

  19. Song's Hair says:

    Have you seen soccer am team mates, always, he is best dancer and funniest player.

  20. anto says:

    yea hes a real buzzer to be around id say

  21. anto says:

    to tink my sons 1st words wer nearly for fuksake eboue ha

  22. Song's Hair says:

    I personally think Eboue is a better RB than Sagna, he wasn’t in a record consecutive Champions league clean sheet defence for nothing. He can actually go forward well as well, I think Gibbs is looking good to overtake Clichy, feel bad for him though, cos he is one of if not our most committed player.

  23. anto says:

    yea i tink sagna has the edge over him defensive wise hes lookin solid this season tho i wouldnt be worried watever 1 of them played.i tink wenger has a soft spot 4 clichy i hav 2 admit i like him myself.on his day thers nt many better

  24. anto says:

    gibbs will be a big player 4 us tho

  25. anto says:

    all in all i tink this is our strongest squad since the invincibles

  26. JonJon says:


    read the article again pal..

    and henry was frances top scorer when they won the world cup and he was 21..

    hansens a bellend and hughes is a twat..

  27. Song's Hair says:

    I’d have to disagree there, I think our Champions league final squad was the best. We could afford to leave players like Bergkamp and Van Persie on the bench, I looked on wikipedia admittedly, but I still thought this was the best squad. Fabregas was great that year, Hleb was top form, Ljungberg was playing great, everything clicked in CHampions league that year, that team would beat our team now easily.

  28. anto says:

    hard to disagree with tat

  29. Song's Hair says:

    maybe it’s just me Pat, but I don’t think he’s critcising walcot.

  30. anto says:

    who the fuks pat

  31. Song's Hair says:

    Look up

  32. JonJon says:

    exactley songs hair

    nice name by the way..

    the article is me basically admitting i had doubts about theo..but now hes added that little something to his game hes in good form..id like to see it continue but fair play to the lad..he has to keep playing now though..

    i dont want wenger to start chopping and changing..theos in form leave him in the team and lets see what hes actually got..

    hes had a good rest over summer i think he could be fresh for a good few months..hopefully he’ll make that spot his own and bang a few more hattricks in..

  33. anto says:

    yea he has to be startin evry game now

  34. Song's Hair says:

    Hopefully against Chelsea, making Cashley look like a douche, I have read your posts often, but have decided against commenting. You’ll be seeing Song’s Hair a lot more often now. I’m hoping Pat actually analyses articles before commenting, and not commenting on 2 paragraphs.

    I hope he can learn to cross, because if he can, that selfishness you talk about, won’t be needed, I always thought that if Beckham had pace, be would be a great, that could be Walcott, although crossing is generally something that would come naturally and then practicing enhances it, Walcott has to enhance an inability of his, although, he’s proved us wrong before…

  35. anto says:

    oh yea see it now.either he cant read or hes just plain dumb

  36. JonJon says:

    even if walcott could cross it wouldnt help because no one can keep up with him

    unless he learns to blast the ball back across the pen box so the boys on the edge have a chance to get it..

    like in milan for adebyewankers goal..

    keeping it on the floor would be better than crossing i think..

  37. Song's Hair says:

    sometimes defenders can pack the area whilst he’s running though, and along the ground won’t help against teams as organized as Utd, Chelsea and teams with strong defences. if he could cross a perfect ball to Chamakh running on to it, a standing leap from Vidic or Terry couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be able to compete with that.

    He also won’t always be given the luxury of running onto the ball, if we are dominating a game where a team compresses their defence, and only allows crosses as is often the case against us.

    lol, bet Ade is gutted, it all started with him calling Milan Beyonce and saying he wanted to go there. If he hadn’t said that, Wenger could’ve made him a decent striker.

  38. JonJon says:


    wenger did make him a good striker though..

    ade fucked it up for himself..if he wouldnt of been such a bellend he would have scored alot of goals for arsenal but messed up and he had to go..

    and by the looks of the way his career is going we robbed citeh blind..

  39. Song's Hair says:

    Toure’s looking decent, but I think Kos and Verm is a partnership set to last a long time. I personally don’t rate Djourou though, I’d call him a 4th choice regular.

    Regular is of course used losely because of his injuries, if we can make Diaby a decent holding mid, we could have Song as 3rd/4th CB and 1st DM. I think he is an Arsenal lover as well.

    He wanted same pay as Henry, because he thought he was as good, no, Henry actually gave assists as well as goals, and he passes across goal to someone he doesn’t like if we are 2-1 up in a crucial game against Birmingham. (Where Ade went for goal instead of passing to bendtner)

    Not good ENOUGH because he felt the need to be offside every play.

  40. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    That’s why he is meant to be a frigging striker, but everyone’s forgetting that. There’s nothing wrong with him or his game, he just isn’t a winger.

  41. guy says:

    stupid article. you are a moron. maybe u should catch up properly before having a pop at the sad. half wit

  42. Song's Hair says:

    @Gooner4Life&beyond I’m not forgetting that, but when he’s a striker, with our fluid formation he won’t always be down the middle, and might as well practice crossing whilst he’s on the wing to make him more versatile.

    @guy He isn’t criticising Walcott you stupid twit

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