Arsenal; Liverpool; and Sodding Injuries.

By Red Arse.

Here we are, at the beginning of a brand new season and Arsenal are already screwed!

What do you mean, you two-toed tosser? It’s the beginning of the new season, isn’t it? It’s wonderful! It’s fabulous! It’s stupendously knee wobblingly fantastic for goodness sake!
What is your problem, my son?

Well, right at the beginning of this new season, not January 2011, we have a casualty ward that makes Casualty look like a TV series. What? Oh it is a TV series. Well bollocks to that then.

At the moment we have Denilson, Djourou, Song, Ramsey, and Bendtner missing thru’ injury of one sort or another. In addition, we have Fab and Robin being held back by Arsene after their World Cup exertions, and then we have hived off Gallas, Senderos, Sylvestre and sold Dudu all from the first team squad.

That’s like a full team gone walk about; but relax, don’t panic Mr Mannering!

What a disaster! Oh no it isn’t! Oh yes it is! Oh no it bloody isn’t!!

We have also signed a potentially brilliant Centre Forward and also a Centre Back, in Chamakh and Koscielny. Goody, goody gum drops, absolutely, bloody fantabuloso!

Yes O.K., but why, oh why, have we not bought yet another backup Centre Back and a new super doper, eight armed Goal Keeper?

Well steady on. Very few top PL clubs have bought anyone. Admittedly, the Chavs, Manure and Citeh have started to flex their financial muscles, but once the oinkers have stuck their collective noses in the trough and had their fill, there will be plenty of other, mixed metaphor, fish to fry, and at much more competitive prices.

Arsene, with his poly math, multi-lingual intellect, has not yet thrown in the towel. Not by a long chalk! No siree Bob!

He now has his main GK target openly putting pressure on Fulham to sanction his release. Darn, did I not mention Mark Schwarzer? Well we at Arsenal do not tap up other clubs’ players or breathe gently in their ears to agitate for a move. Oh no, not us. Heaven Forfend!

It is almost beyond belief that we will not buy another first class Centre Back, so stop fretting.
Why? Bugger, haven’t you been reading my massive missive above? Djourou is currently injured, again, and Arsene knows he cannot be relied on over a pre-season let alone a full season.

Do you seriously think our erudite manager does not know that his credibility and our wonderful club’s fortunes depend on acquiring a suitable excellent replacement at Centre Half? Behave!

And it is not just us who are having injury problems. Manu are missing Owen Hargreaves, possibly Carrick and also Ferdinand. Our hosts on Sunday are missing Torres, depending on which rumour you listen to, and have sold the usual bric a brac. So too other crappo clubs have their probs.

Look, we have everything to look forward to and our expectations should be riding high. There is no reason we cannot pin our hopes on Arsene and our brilliant team.
Come on you accursed Sky TV boys; Jeff Stelling, Merse and Matt Le Tiss, tell us the story of how the Saturday Farters, sorry, starters are getting on, let us gloat with great glee that either the Spuds or Citeh have had a shitty start to the season by losing. Yaay!

We must have faith in our boys and our magnificent manager! They will bring the bacon home, or the pressed beef, whichever is your thing!!!

This is no time for effing wimps or wuzzes! Be of good heart, and give the team your full committed support. Without you, nothing good will happen!
You heard it here first; Arsenal will win the PL championship 2010/11.

127 Responses to Arsenal; Liverpool; and Sodding Injuries.

  1. avenell says:

    Cheers RA.. I hope it has gone in to your high standards..

    Your right, I have that feeling that this is going to be a good year.. 🙂

  2. Zulu Gooner says:

    “good on ya” – nice ans positive, you have another reader

  3. avenell says:

    That’s three then.. 😉

    Cheers Zulu Gooner.. are you watching the game later?

  4. Erick says:

    Come on Arsenal

  5. JonJon says:

    nice one RA..

    hi avenell..

    im still not happy about the summer but its great the new season is finally here..nothing else than a win will do or my weekend will be dampened

  6. Erick says:

    Nice one RA lets get behind the team and save the negative vibe for the pub

  7. JonJon says:

    or for tomorrows post match article erick.. 😉

  8. avenell says:

    Morning Guys and Gals..

    Is it true Fabregas hasn’t travelled?

  9. JonJon says:

    i heard apart from song rambo and JD theyve all travelled..

    if cesc was fit for spain the other night he bloody well can be fit for today too..

  10. Erick says:

    True JJ howdy folks 🙂

  11. Red Arse says:

    Hi Ave, Jonjon and Guys,

    Got to say I’m besides myself waiting for this afternoon’s game.

    Erick, you are right, let’s all get behind the boys.

    Regretably, I was a bit rude to someone yesterday who was negative about our chances but I couldn’t help it.

    At the beginning of each season and each game I go in expecting us to win. I’m full of hope and expectation.

    In my own life, I always expect to be successful in anything I do, not doing so is for guaranteed losers!

    Let’s Go Guys!!!! 🙂

  12. Erick says:

    No Song thats a downer but pool is weak we can win it

  13. Erick says:

    RA spot on anybody have a starting line up he would like to see apart from the Gk

  14. JonJon says:

    i dont think pool are weak at all erick

    new manager (who actually knows what hes doing)

    gerrard on fire and joe cole with a point to prove..theyve bought that nasty bastard poulsen for their midfield so they are going to be tough..

    i want to see full concentration for 90minutes from the crap defending and no gk clangers and shoot on sight..

  15. JonJon says:

    anyone want to see gibbs in instead of clichy??

  16. avenell says:

    RA… I have another theory in life… If you aim low you are never dissapointed and sometimes you surprise yourself.. 😉

    A bit like Blackpool yesterday..

  17. JonJon says:

    blackpool are a one off..

    abit like hull..come up get a good start but it turns to shit and they get relegated..

    i think blackpools owners will have already decided that they are happy to go into this season with what they have and even if they get relegated they will get parachute payments and a year of PL money in their account..

    they will be stronger this time next year financially wether they stay u or go down..

    unlike hull though i hope they do well..

  18. avenell says:

    They have a better attitude than Hull..

    I think the owners and manager know that it may take a few up’s and downs, but if they spend wisely the parachute payments will be benificial for the long term future of the club..

  19. Erick says:

    JJ am not saying they are crap but looking at it closely they are not the strongest and their belief cant take off from the ground believe me mate

  20. Red Arse says:

    My team predictionfor this afternoon, from available squad members, (not Arsene’s team) is;

    Big Al, Sagna, Kos, TV, Gibbs
    Rosicky, Nasri, Ping Pong, Meerkat
    Chamakh, Vela

    I know it won’t happen and I’m not too convinced myself, but it would be a heel of a game! 🙂

  21. JonJon says:

    liverpool have alot to prove erick..

    most liverpool fans got what they wanted in the summer..benitez players have stayed and new signings brought in..

    lets hope they get off to a poor start although anfield will be rocking i hope our boys are up for it too

  22. avenell says:

    One player who has to start given his recent record against the Dippers is AA..

  23. avenell says:

    The Scousers will struggle to get going they only have Gerrard. Torres is on the bench and Cole is just doing silly flicks everywhere.

    Carragher is too slow and that Italian playmaker is lightweight.

  24. JonJon says:


    i think the blackpool chiefs have their heads screwed on..they no they are relegation fodder and are just their to enjoy the experience..

    if they do a pompey to stay up they will do a pompey going back down..their ground isnt even up to standards yet..

    if they take the money they get from this year and invest it in stadium improvements and a decent academy they will be be sorted for the future whether they go down or not

    i think their supporters understand this and whatever happens this season they will see it as success as the whole club is on the same wavelength..

  25. avenell says:

    They were described as three points and a night out..

  26. JonJon says:

    lol thats why i hope they stay up

    tickets for blackpool away will be easy to get and you can make a weekend of it.. ;

  27. Red Arse says:

    And a Harry Ramsdens. The best chippy in the North West!

  28. Erick says:

    Say what you want about black pool but a good start is always priceless. JJ lets wait and see but if we can’t cause problems for pool then we must go back to the drawing board. Ra like your line up

  29. avenell says:

    I have just two negative thoughts for today.. Diaby and Theo.. 😦

    They won’t will they?? Not in front of Nasri, Rosicky and the main man Denilson..

  30. avenell says:

    Harry Ramsden is a yorkshire company isn’t it JJ?

  31. JonJon says:

    i think we’ll win erick

    no doubts..but anfield away first game of season is not the best start..

    after 3 months without football their kop could win them the game..

    we need to be up for this or we’ll be beat before a balls kicked

  32. JonJon says:

    yeah ave..

  33. JonJon says:

    i dont think theo will play today

    eboue looked sharper in pre season and away from home wenger likes his ‘defensive’ players..

  34. avenell says:

    Do you dip your chips in gravy.. 😉

  35. K-TR7 says:

    Howdy all its been a long long time.AW has said whoever plays today will be number one gk which is worrying but as usual he also said its ‘not definite’.he also said we are short on cbs which is good to hear…and the stains lost 3-1 to sevilla…

  36. K-TR7 says:

    By the way nice post ave.i’ve also read all of jj’s previous posts but i caught them too late but they made for a nice read.i couldn’t believe how positive jj was yesterday…

  37. avenell says:

    It was Red Arses post KTR..

    I am struggling for time at the moment, we are half way through a complete house re-wire and re-plumb. and a kitchen project that includes knocking a porch down, bricking a door up, fitting a window and re doing the ceiling and walls.. The neighbours are stressed with the noise lol..

    and I need to earn a few quid..

    But there is light at the end of the tunnel now..

  38. JonJon says:

    i do ave.. 😉

    or with cheese on..

    howdy ktr7

    nice to see you..its been a while..

    gotta be positive football was driving me mad..i love the new season

    dont get me wrong i still think questions remain unanswered from last year and theres plenty of other times to talk about that but the mighty, rip roaring, pure wengerball reds play today..

    at anfield..

    in the PL…

    gotta get up for this one…

  39. JonJon says:


    whoever plays today will be number one just for today..i reckon wenger has something lined up

    wenger wont spend big on a gk and thats why he never has..but if he spots a bargain he’ll nab it..

    if schwarzer wants to leave and we can match a decent price we’ll get him..
    givens future is also unclear..after yesterday hart made his claim to be world number 1 nevermind englands or citehs..

    given is on his way out..if we can get citeh to sell him to us and pay off his wages that would be the transfer of the summer..

  40. JonJon says:

    although it does look like being schwarzer..

    i dont know what he will actually bring to the side that almunia cant..

    has anyone got the last few years stats?? im going to check.. 😉

  41. JonJon says:

    here check this out

    interesting…but hahnemann is top so it sort of throws a spanner in the works… 😉

  42. avenell says:

    Man city won’t sell to a top 4 club, no chance of Given.

    Schwartzer is on his way..

  43. K-TR7 says:

    JJ shwarzer is very good at commanding and organizing his defence which would help us alot especially as we concede most of our goals from set pieces.i’m not sure about his shot stopping ability though…

  44. K-TR7 says:

    Given is among the best at shot stopping but during set pieces he is rooted to his line expecting his defence to command the area.we all know we don’t have such a defence and as ridiculous as it sounds id rather shwarzer.Akinfeev who is also popular among the arsenal faithful is no different to given.

  45. oliver says:

    morning ra, morning all…up and down it seems, with emotions regarding squad strengthening. at least we have an actual match coming up, so we can put all the rest of that to one side at least. three points at a time…

  46. JonJon says:

    if he can command his area he might not need to do much shot stopping…

    we got good players at the back if you can get them organised properly i dont see why we cant keep the shots down and keep clean sheets

  47. K-TR7 says:

    Thats the point jj.he can be our very own VDS or even lehmann mark 2…

  48. oliver says:

    better organization throughout the side would fix many of the team’s problems. i know arsene has a certain way he likes to play, but i wish he would be more pragmatic and sacrfice some flair for results. sometimes i think we have ten attackers and a goalkeeper (not always sure about even that) out there.

  49. JonJon says:

    chamakhs going to defend from the front so that will ease some of the pressure…

    i can see him coming back for set pieces too…

    could do more than score goals for us..could be key to our dfensive worries too.

  50. Red Arse says:

    Absolutely agree Oliver.

    Or at least, if we had a pause at appropriate times to re-marshall our resources and batten down the hatches.

    Chasing up field and leaving no one at home is a big mistake. Just as well Thierry didn’t play against us with his pace.

  51. oliver says:

    following forest and leeds as we wait for k/o at anfield. when i lived in england, these sides were premiership mainstays. leeds won the last old first division championship (92) and forest finished third behind blackburn and united in 94-5. 1-1 at city ground.

  52. oliver says:

    ra, we have been caught out by it again and again. and it is not just one defender, it has been virtually all of them – it is a system thing. if we bring in defenders, let them defend first. we have plenty of ability at midfield and forward to play smooth football and get goals.

  53. Red Arse says:

    JJ, Ave,

    I saw Rico on the site yesterday and it was just like your great team were together again, any news on how things are with her?

    I guess the workload must be a bugger for you both without her, especially with Ave setting up in competition with McAlpines Construction. 🙂

    We all miss her input and I like to shamelessly tease her. 🙂

  54. Red Arse says:

    Again, I agree Oliver.

    As JJ said, we need orgainisation and tactical awareness, which hopefully Schwarzer might bring. We must hope so.

  55. K-TR7 says:

    JJ i also find it annoying that we have clichy and sagna bombing forward when we are 3 nil up,vermy and gallas too which leads to us conceding late on.we should only let our fbs bomb forward one at a time which would leave us with at least 4 defenders(2cbs,fb and dm) who can hold their ground until cover arrives.we should learn from the stains when we played at the camp nou.when they were 3 -1 up they stopped overcommiting forward by holding onto possession more tiring us out while launching attacks when the opportunity came.we will not loose points that way and it can enable Aw to blood in wilshere,landsbury,JET,nordveit,frimpong…in such sitiuations when we are in cruise control and no pressure.

  56. Red Arse says:


    We all seem to recognise the problem and the solution, so hopefully the boss has done so as well.

    That simple adjustment to a more “defensive awareness” is all that’s needed. Yes that’s the phrase, “defensive awareness”. 🙂

  57. K-TR7 says:

    Hi oliver and RA.I agree we have as good an attacking unit as you’ll get in we should kill teams off early invincibles style then blood in our youngsters.

  58. JonJon says:

    if clichy and sagna are still going to bomb forward then i think we need a formation tweek and play with 2 anchor men..

    keep 4 outfield players back at all times and let the rest bomb forward

  59. Red Arse says:


    That should be the way to play.

    If our current crop studied old videos of the Tony Adams, Bouldy era they would get pointers on how to do just that.

    My theory is that we simply play with the “you score one, we will score two —- you score two, we will score three” and so on.

    It just does not always work!

  60. JonJon says:

    and if we persist with playing wingbacks then sagna and clichy need to be replaced by eboue and gibbs..

    cos they better at going forward






  61. K-TR7 says:

    JJ i think thats how we’ll play since in preseason we saw wilshere and frimpong play deeper behind nasri/tr7.i think we will play something close to a 4-2-1-3 according to how we lined up in preseason games.

  62. K-TR7 says:

    JJ if you watched the czechs in Euro04 they played a 4-1-3-2 with köller and baros as two forwards with rosicky,nedved and poborsky as Ams.they were the best team at the tourney in my opinion and they played brilliant stuff.the 3Ams worked so hard when they lost the ball making it difficult to break them down.what i’m saying is that your formation jj can work but our work ethic is in question at is a very risky system since the margin between brilliance and failure is so thin.with players like diaby and AA going awol alot the system can be quite easily overrun…

  63. JonJon says:

    thats the point of the two anchor men ktr7

    even if players failed to track back..theres still 4 players back at all times..

    the AMs and fbs get forward and back if they can and the CMs just sit and protect the CBs in case of the counter..

  64. JonJon says:

    they can take the FB positions if they have to but it enables the two CB’s to stay together and not get dragged out of position..

    the CM’s are doing the covering for them..the CB’s can just concentrate on getting in position to protect the keeper..

  65. JonJon says:

    we’ll always concede goals..but we’ll conceed less if we cut out the free shots on target we seem to give teams nowadays..

    defenders defend and attackers attack and if we cant do both as a team then we need to get back to basics and assign players to stay back

    you 6 get forward and play and the rest of you stay ten yards of eachother and dont leave your own half..

    its upto the GK to make sure those 4 do as they are told..

  66. JonJon says:

    it happened loads last year..

    the FBs would bomb forward and we’d get caught on the counter with only 2 players back..gallas would cover the wing and the cross would come in for TV to defend against 3-4 attackers by himself with a keeper that doesnt do crosses and a DM that catches upto the play after the ref does..

    the side needs to stop being gung ho and find the right balance..

  67. K-TR7 says:

    The major hole in your plan is that if one of diaby/denilson plays you never know what to expect but its a brilliant plan since even in defensive phase our wbs can track back forming a back 6…id also want to speak about the spanish ‘tiki taka’ which most fans mistake for ambitious attacking play but i tend to view it differently.what spain do is just what mourinho does but in a different way.Spain have technically superb players that can keep the ball all day long.most teams can only hold the ball in that manner for only 5 minutes towards the end of games when holding out for a win.spain basically ‘defend’ for 90 minutes while hoping the opponent tires and villa pops with a goal and thats why they churned out 1 nil wins at the wc.its a fallacy to think spain and barca are similar but they aren’t.i feel when we are in the lead we should adopt such an approach as it would take off the pressure on our defenders.Guardiola instilled this method to barca last term and thats why it was a schock result when we held them to a 2 all draw since barca never let go of a lead.this system requires massive concentration levels to avoid letting a team back into the game despite dominating the game.

  68. JonJon says:

    thats why i wouldnt have them in my 1st team ktr.. 😉

    did sevilla beat barca in the league???

  69. K-TR7 says:

    JJ your point of players being within 10 yards of each other is quite brilliant.Arrigo sacchi who was the Milan manager always ensured that in defensive phase his team had only a distance of 25m between the forwards and the defence.this would suffocate any space in between making it easier to press the opponents easily.this is also the system barca use.they will push you into your own half;a forward high up the pitch will mostly be caught offside as he tries to play on the shoulder of puyol/pique.when barca lose the ball the pitch is compressed to an extent you’ll try to play a long ball to the lone forward who will either be dealt with by puyol/pique or he will get caught offside giving the ball back to barca for another onslaught.this system is quite risky since the offside trap can be broken but we were the best team in catching players offside last season so its worth a shot.

  70. K-TR7 says:

    No jj sevilla beat barca in the spanish supercup.ibra scored first but sevilla came back through kanoute and co.barca though played most of their B team resting their worldcup stars.Messi came on in the 2nd half and he nearly dug out a result for them.he is quite a player…

  71. Red Arse says:


    I think we all, in our different ways seem to be agreeing. Except, I believe we should change the team formation depending on where we are playing (home or away) and who we are playing.

    For instance, this afternoon we should play a 1:4:5:1 formation. The fluidity this lends us would enable a smooth switch from defence to attack via a mobile, technical and “aware” midfield.

    When ‘Pool attack, we defend = 1:4:6, when we attack = 1:2:1:5:2.

    **When defending, a minimum of 5 at the back (including GK **When attacking, a minimum of 3 at the back (including GK

    Seemples. 🙂

  72. Red Arse says:


    Sevilla beat Barce 3:1

  73. Red Arse says:

    Today’s team,

    Bi Al, Sagna, Kos, TV, Clichy
    Eboue, Nasri, Diaby
    Willi, Cham, Meerkat

  74. Red Arse says:


    Rosicky, Flappy, Vela, Gibbs, RVP, Song, and Theo

  75. K-TR7 says:

    Good idea RA.interesting that jacky boy is starting!…a bench of rvp,cesc,rosicky,gibbs,vela,theo and song!its quite strong to me but its weird there isn’t a sub keeper.

  76. Red Arse says:


    Flappy is on the bench.

  77. K-TR7 says:

    Sorry i saw fabby instead of flappy…

  78. Red Arse says:


    Fab is supposed to have a chest infection? Que?

  79. Erick says:

    Chesney seems to be off on loan or even mannone Cesc didn’t travel to pool

  80. JonJon says:


    GG did the same type of thing with his defenders..they trained with a rope attatched to them so they learned to keep shape

    Has anyone seen the team sheet..?? what do you think??

    strong lineup??

  81. K-TR7 says:

    RA i just hope we have a full team vs blackpool who will get the first real dose of our attacking prowess.

  82. JonJon says:

    shoulda pressed f5 😉

  83. K-TR7 says:

    JJ i think its the best team we could field under the circumstances.

  84. JonJon says:

    cant beleive that vela made it to the bench after the mexico game so whats cescs excuse??

  85. K-TR7 says:

    Maybe jj according to Aw vela had a full preseason and is in much better shape to play than cesc.nasri and c.kaka have also forged a good partnership…

  86. JonJon says:

    why is almunia captain??

  87. raif says:

    Game time Boys and Girls.. im suprised Big al was picked and even more so he is Captain..

  88. JonJon says:

    me too raif

  89. raif says:

    all odds was on “Flap his face” as he had plaid all of the pre season games..

  90. raif says:

    who is our middle 3? and oor forward 3?

  91. JonJon says:

    lost kosser already

  92. Suhail.TV says:

    Thank goodness.. he is not our player.,

  93. Erick says:

    The Arsenal story two CH now needed my oh my

  94. JonJon says:

    lets hope the lad comes out for 2nd half

  95. Erick says:

    He has just come on

  96. JonJon says:

    lets rock n roll

    pass em to sillyness and finish them off

  97. JonJon says:

    defensive frailties

    almunia beaten at near post for 100th time in his career

  98. JonJon says:

    almunia is piss poor..

    his confidence has long gone he needs to go..

  99. Ratface says:

    We will never win anything with our current crop of keepers .. Just forget it .. Unless a keeper and a cb is bought we won’t even finish in the top 4.

  100. Ratface says:

    Almunia is the worst keeper in the world .. Fact

  101. agirlagunner says:

    Love, love, love our chamakaka. 🙂

  102. oliver says:

    in the end it is a point – we had to rely on reina thinking he is almunia to get it though. looked too much like last season, with tons of aimless posession. now that kos is going to be suspended for his red, arsene must bring in someone new – price tag probably no longer matters.

    not much to be pleased with – other than the point – but it is only the first game of the season. many of the same problems from last season.

  103. Suhail.TV says:

    Copybook Arsenal, theo looks learned !!

  104. agirlagunner says:

    Great write, RA. Hello, everyone. 🙂

  105. Red Arse says:

    Overall the defence was not too bad, Kosser looks O.K.

    Almunia must go, and take Clichy with him.

    Could have been worse, at least we did not lose a game we totally dominated but hardly had a shot on goal.

    Hi Agagkaka. 🙂

    Hi Suhail. 🙂

  106. Suhail.TV says:

    Hello,AGAG.. what.. to say abt the game, eh

  107. Erick says:

    Howdy all not the best of games but a point not bad but Al is no keeper and AA just started where he left off last season

  108. Erick says:

    Clichy was bad going forward but he can work on it RA

  109. Red Arse says:

    You are right Erick.

    I think AA is in a trough both with Arsenal and Russia, but he has class and his form will come back, I hope!

  110. Red Arse says:


    Perhaps I was being a bit unfair on Clichy, but I just think Gibbs is a much better defender. And it is defence where we are weak. 🙂

  111. Erick says:

    AW has to get a keeper and 2 CH enough said

  112. Suhail.TV says:

    Hello RA, how’z U.. 🙂 missed your posts

  113. Erick says:

    RA everybody think Gibbs is better than Clichy and I get why it his wings was weak and I want to see Gibbs in the next game

  114. agirlagunner says:

    Easy on Clichy, RA. He’s a firm favorite of mine 🙂 I thought his performance today was a vast improvement over pre-season. And we didn’t concede down his flank… Poor Kozzer.

    Almunia. Must. Go.

    Hola, Weeds. 🙂 Howdy? And STV.

  115. Red Arse says:

    Suhail, my posts are a bit rubbishy anyway. 🙂

    Agag, Clichy bought a dummy near the corner, and although Arshavin and Jack buggered it up allowing Ngog to eventually score, it all started with Clichy not closing his man down.

  116. Suhail.TV says:

    Wenger, Arshavin, and Almunia all are same old things.., dough made Wenger deaf.. seemingly uncurable,46th minute is difficult to digest.. weather against barca or liverpool..

  117. oliver says:

    kos foul on kuyt for the first yellow looked worse than the second yellow. as i understand, two yellows cannot be appealed (?), so we’ll have an interesting decision for the blackpool match. an entire half against ten men and we do not even make things difficult until very late on? a point at anfield is always useful and who knows what it may mean at the end of the season – but i am desperately disappointed with the performance. i was really hoping we would show more energy and intensity like opening day at goodison 12 months ago. instead, the team played more like this past april – casual play leading to lost posession and a goal, aimless ball movement ending in give-aways, more crap set pieces than good ones. thirty seven league matches remaning, plus numerous cup ties – plenty of time to put this right, but gooners are going to be even more restless if these type of performances continue.

  118. Red Arse says:


    Wenger will have to take the dough out of his ears then, and bake some bread! 🙂

  119. Suhail.TV says:

    Who will part TV next match 😦

  120. Red Arse says:

    Well, I have to go and grab a bite to eat.

    See you guys. 🙂

  121. Red Arse says:


    Maybe Nordtveidt?


  122. Suhail.TV says:

    See..ya RA, Good night

  123. agirlagunner says:

    Well, Oliver, we did start brightly. But after Ngog’s early 2nd half goal, our players deflated almost literally. Other than salvaging a point, we were pretty biteless throughout the second half. We should improve when Cesc returns; and that boy’s head had better be screwed on right.

    Nightnight, everyone.

  124. Suhail.TV says:

    oh, I meant money RA., OK

  125. oliver says:

    night all. we’ll just put this one to bed then and move on to the next match.

  126. EvoInOz says:

    great win lads and ladies!

  127. London says:

    All the best for future Ave and Jonjon, I have fond memories.

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