Wengers Squad Looks Strong, But Is It Strong Enough??

So here it is..

The new season is about to start and I think we would all agree that no matter what our take is on the strength and depth of certain areas of our squad, we are all grateful and excited that kick off is just around the corner..

We have a fantastic team with some world-class individuals and I for one can’t wait to see the lads run out onto the pitch on Sunday..It’s a new season..It’s a fresh start and if we can miraculously keep the core of our key players fit for the majority of the season it would be silly to suggest we cant lift some kind silverware with this squad..You can never rule Arsenal out.. Fergie will tell you that!!

Arsene has been criticised for his transfer activity (or lack of)  this summer, but nobody can deny that if any other team in the PL had just signed the likes of Frimpong, JET, Jack and Gibbs, they would have been happy with their summer purchases..

The attacking options Arsene has at his disposal are mouth-watering and the promotion of the ‘next generation’ of Wengerball’s finest is food for thought for any media hack who dares to say we wont be a force to be reckoned with..

Arsene’s much criticised policy has never seen us drop out of the top four. I don’t expect that to change this year. 

That being said, I do see the problems that Arsenal will face this season. I’m a firm believer that we didn’t last the pace last term because the non stop clangers our ‘keepers kept making and have been making for the past few years, caught up with us and we also ran out of top quality CB’s…

We are currently going into the new season with the same clanger filled Goalkeeping options and even less CB’s than before…I see this as a major cause for concern.

Going forward we are a match for anyone but our shockingly apparent Achilles heel at the back is there for all to see once again and I’m astonished how much of the transfer window has passed without so much of an effort being made to rectify these problems..

I don’t buy into the fact that transfers are hard to complete nowadays due to factors such as – Does the player want to leave and do the club want to sell him even if he does??? For certain, these are key factors, but do people really think that with all our scouts and with all the players in all the leagues in all the world, Koscienly was the only player we could find to replace the 4 Cb’s we lost in the summer??? Arsenal are a massive club. A top 4 English club and a top 8 European club. I  don’t believe for one minute players don’t want to join us and  dont believe for one minute we couldn’t find anyone suitable for the position ability wise for the right price..

I know there’s a few weeks left of the window but not signing another CB before the dealine could lead to serious problems..There are no excuses for not reinforcing this area of the team..The problem is obvious and has been for the last few seasons. Even more so now we’ve lost so many players for that position over the summer..

It’s not that we don’t have any good players at the back because we do. The problem is we don’t have enough of them. Going into a new PL season with only 3 recognised CB’s is a massive risk..We have strength and depth in abundance in all other areas of the pitch so why are we so unbalanced at the back and why has it been allowed to get to this stage?

If a club is between transfer windows and they have been left with only 3 CB’s then it’s a problem that’s part of football..Your running out of CB’s and there’s not much you can do about it but put square pegs in round holes and try to adapt..Fair enough.

The difference with Arsenal is that we’ve had 2 months of transfer window to solve this problem and we are still going into the opening game of the season short of CB’s.. I’m struggling to understand the reason why are we handicapping ourselves before the season has even started.. We couldn’t even keep 6 CB’s fit last season so what makes Wenger think 3 will do the trick this time..An injury to Tommy V would leave us without any CB with any real PL experience under his belt. That pretty much puts the CB position at Arsenal in the same bracket as Blackpool’s…

Add to that the fact that AW doesn’t know who his number 1 is and it would be fair to suggest we are just not learning from anything the last 5 years have shown us and its hugely frustrating..

This Arsenal side is beginning to remind me a little of Keegan’s Newcastle.. Plenty of flair going forward and not much at the back. It’s not easy to win the best league in the world if your philosophy is –  lets just have a playground kick about and hope we outscore the opposition 38 games of the season..

We really need to learn how to defend better this season and a good start would be to have a few more defensive players to choose from..

We’ve got the players to win us the big games.

Chamakh looks the real deal. RvP has slowly risen to the ranks of Arsenal icon over the past few years..Before his injury last term its fair to say that he was in the world-class bracket..Cesc is world-class and he wants to win trophies whoever he plays for – he’ll be top drawer again this season.. Nasri looks pissed off hungry and he’s going to be one to watch this year. I think the lad showed in pre season why we paid 12 mil for him and if he finds consistency to the quality of talent he has, he will tear the PL to bits..

We are better equipped this season than any of our rivals in terms of attacking power..If we can strengthen at the back and keep our defence tight we will clear up…

Have a good weekend guys..I’m off to the bookies and I’m doing my first footy coupon of the season..Im so excited..Lets hope for some good football today, a 6-0 win tomorrow and a couple of new signings on monday..


54 Responses to Wengers Squad Looks Strong, But Is It Strong Enough??

  1. daspecimen says:

    I agree. I think we knew where the issues were, in fact Wenger was highlighting the issue that we concede too many goals yet nothing has been done to rectify this.

    We all said when the Fabregas saga was going on that their pathetic “offers” highlighted that they didn’t value him like we do, partly because right now they want him and don’t need him.

    We NEED centre backs and a goalkeeper, so baulking over a million quid, in terms of Schwarzer or a couple of million (Jagielka) is pathetic. If these players have been identified as players we need and wish to purchase then make a proper effort to do so.

  2. JonJon says:

    i think weve got more chance of signing given now if im honest..

    hes been left out of the mancity squad..he’ll leave city..

  3. joseph says:

    I think AW thught that Sol would still be at the club at the start of season.

  4. JonJon says:

    he thought wrong…as soon as sol said he needed time to think. AW should have closed a deal for another player..

  5. joseph says:

    He may have been wrong but what if sol had said yes we would not needed a new CB

  6. Victor says:

    Last summer fabianski’s contract was renewed cos they culdnt pay 2m pound 4 nigeria’s no1 vincent enyeama who was player of d season in his club cos he conceded about 27 goals & scored 3 goals that season. d same guy won man of d match on two occasions & stopped like 5 close range shots from messi in south africa.he has bin no1 since d 2002 world cup & he’s like 29yrs. dont u tink he’s beta n even more experienced than d four we have?

  7. Andy Taylor says:

    If we could get Given i will be dancing around the room. He would make a massive difference to us.
    Not confident that they would sell him to us though

  8. goonerrranks says:

    I agree with a lot said here jonjon. But I think we need to start being a bit more realistic with what’s happening at OUR club. Its pretty obvious that there’s an agenda happening upstairs that doesn’t involve the supporters in any way!

    As far back as the sacking of David Dein, I voiced my concern at what was taking place at Arsenal… Let’s just say DD found a miracle worker who turned out to be someone who shared the financial vision of PHW and his then cronies…

    AW was lucky enough to inherit the best english back four and english spirited team (bar the red bastards up north) in EPL. As soon as the core of those values disappeared so did our trophies!

    I see it as no coincidence that, although AW has performed miracles with the resources he’s had to work with, the fact is we haven’t won anything since it us around. That spirit passed down from the older guys to the likes of HENRY, VIERA, DB10 has gone! And so to, sadly, has the Arsenal force!

    I think back to the decisions made with PIRES and in particular FLAMINI, DIARRA and GILBERTO. I can honestly ask the question.. was any of these sales down to football or financial reasoning… I SUGGEST THE LATTER! A real shame.

    Like you DASPECIMEN! I think it’s a disgrace that we’re entering this season in the shape we’re in defencively! Especially with it being so glaringly obvious, what we need!

    I’ve promised myself, as hard as it will be. that unless the goalkeeper, the CB and the DM we need are bought, I will not be following my beloved as strictly and as keenly as I have done all my life!

    If I don’t it will mean digesting the fact that I have to look at DENILSON and co. get caught on the break AGAIN! and AGAIN! and AGAIN!

    Shame on you Arsenal… we’re 2/3 players away from being an outstanding outfit!


  9. oliver says:

    morning jj. good post, i think we all agree that we lack depth in certain areas – depth that cannot always be filled by promoting from within. arsene has specifically stated that he is looking for another cb and i see this position as our biggest worry. it looks like we will start with tv and kos tomorrow, but as djorou looks to be injured again, we do need additional cover. and i do not count song in the mix – put him at cb and you have immediately weakened us in the center of midfield. i still expect arsene to bring someone in. the prices for jagielka and cahill are absurd because everton and bolton do not want to sell, so i expect he is looking elsewhere. probably will not be a big name with a big fee, but as long as whoever it is can do a job for us, i could care less about rep and price tag.

    regarding goalkeeper, i think arsene has known who his number one is since the end of the emirates tournament, he is just not letting us (or the players) know. plus, if he is still looking to bring someone else in (schwarzer), he has no reason to commit to any of the current crop – until the first match, that is.

    we’ll see how it goes. we may as well settle in, because it is going to be a long season, with plenty of ups and downs. i cannot predict we will win anything, but i do think we will battle hard throughout – i think our players were really stung by the late-season collapse. i also have a suspicion we will play good football, but will be a bit less reckless in attack, in order to try and prevent concedeing as many goals as we did. a new goalkeeper who communicates – be it szczesny or schwarzer – will help, as will more emphasis on defensive responsibility. we’ll see how it goes.

  10. Suhail.TV says:

    Hello jonjon, Howz you.. good article.. and who would be our GK at anfield..

  11. forza forza says:

    how does the squad look strong,we have crap keepers,no defenders,and are strike force is weak,yet again wenger has failed to address our problems,we will drop out the top4 this season and it’s all wenger’s fault,now we have got another 3 years of this deluded man in charge,badtimes ahead indeed,in arsene we rust.

  12. Suhail.TV says:

    FF, a 4-0 loss @ anfield promp wenger to say “sweep inthe market” and a 2-1 win later make him say we’re stong.. physically and mentally…depth.. blah..baah..blah

  13. les says:

    Lets sign given. Man city need to get rid of players for the 25 player rule. Ffs he has to be better than schwartzer? If we got Given and a centre half would make us all happy…….heaven help us tomoz if no rvp/ cesc……almunia as captain? please

  14. oliver says:

    jj, i am back and just got a look at fulham’s team sheet for the fixture at the reebok – no schwarzer, hughes opted for stockdale in goal and zuberhuler on the bench. so there could finally be some movement. or, hughes could be stashing him in the reserves for submitting the transfer request. we’ll see what happens here.

  15. Suhail.TV says:

    Hi, Oliver..

  16. rico says:

    Hi Guys and Gals, good one jj

    many think its going to be our season, if we get Given and the CH or two we cry out for it could be…. sadly though, wenger said we don’t need to strengthen…..

    no wonder he is about to sign a new deal….

  17. oliver says:

    hi stv and rico. i would like given, but i just cannot see city selling him to us – they are trying to get our spot or better, and they know that gk is one of our weak areas. how can it possibly be in there interests to sell him to us? there are plenty of prem sides that would be interested in him, sides that still would not be in contention for a top four spot even with him. think celtic would not be interested? given already had a spell (loan) with them back when he was at blackburn – i think tommy burns was managing celtic then. likely european football every season. it just makes no sense for city to do any kind of deal with us for given, as much as we would like him.

    honestly, we should have gotten him before city did – i think it is now a matter of record that he would have walked from st james to the emirates if he could have played for us! now, considering our and city’s respective positions, the door is probably pretty much closed.

  18. Suhail.TV says:

    hiii Rico, where were U!!

  19. rico says:

    hi oliver and stv, you know me, been here there and everywhere 😉 how you doing….

  20. rico says:

    oliver, not still sure that given is the best option, he’s a bit of a shortie… i would rather hart, but then so do city…

  21. jeremy goldsmith says:

    Before we jump to conclusions the performance of the gunners aagisnt MU and Chelsea will indicate how the team stands. My take is failure to strengthen in the problem areas will come back to haunt Wenger unless Alu/Fab and the defence transform themselves to be iron clad.

  22. VirtualGunners says:

    There will be no Given for us Idiots! Man City has already made it clear. All Wenger can afford is a 2 million pounds 38 years old goalkeeper. This is pathetic and bet that arsenal are losing a lot of young fans and supporters. These supporters are the miney spinner and cannot be ignored as they are the one who purchased majority of Arsenal’s merchandise so that the club become richer and the shareholders fatter.

  23. rico says:

    jg, i don’t think anyone is jumping, we all realise that we have massive holes to fill if we need to win any silverware….

    the chavs defence is finally weak, terry is an aging old geezer who has had his best days, cech is also on the downhill slope, the mancs however worry me, they haven’t bought many, but what they have bought looks good…

    i only hope that the new mexico boy suffers in the same way vela has for us…

    city have a squad of big buck players, but they all have an attitude…. to get them to play as a team??? even fergie would struggle to do that in my view….

  24. oliver says:

    doing fine rico, thanks. i agree that given is not that tall and his weaknesses are basically similar to al and fab’s. however, he has vast experience, particularly with newcastle, and he is definitely mentally tougher than those two. what he would give us is more consistency, and someone that can shrug off mistakes and not let conceding become a habit. neither of the other two seem to be able to do that.

    schwarzer gives us height, experience, and probably a more forceful personality – i am fine with him, if we are able to do a deal. the number one jersey will be szczesny’s in a couple of years regardless – i think schwarzer has even hinted he knows he would not be expected to be a long-term solution at arsenal.

  25. oliver says:

    and zero chance of getting hart – city finally seem to understand what they have there. we have szczesny, we should focus on grooming him for our number 1 jersey.

  26. rico says:

    thing is oliver, whether we get given or spice boy, the defence will feel more confident, maybe then the defensive unit will become one and that can only be better that what we have now…

    chesney is obviously very near to taking the no1 spot hence wengers reluctence to spend big on a younger keeper. i’d be happy with spice boy too…

  27. Erick says:

    Howdy Folks what up the PL is on and judging by what I saw today re spuds and citeh it going to be hard but Keep the faith

  28. rico says:

    great minds oliver, great minds 🙂

  29. rico says:

    Yo Erick, howdy do you do 🙂

  30. Erick says:

    Am good Rico how are you misd you

  31. Erick says:

    The league is on and the standard are high Hart had a motm performance Aw should have seen how a Gk can give you a point

  32. oliver says:

    hiya erick…

  33. oliver says:

    actually, i was a bit disappointed that mannone’s motm match at craven cottage last year did not convince arsene. it is virtually the only thing mannone has ever done for us – not that he has had that many chances – but without him, we would have left there with nothing.

  34. rico says:

    oliver, his performance against fulham was outstanding, far better that any display last season by alumunia or flappy (except the barca game) imho… whaen both were dreadful at the end of the season i would have played mannone any day of the week….

    erick 😥

  35. oliver says:

    rico, i probably would have as well. he made a couple of subsequent mistakes, but being a young keeper, this has to be allowed and he has to be given an opportunity to learn from these. the difference between him and fabianski is that fab keeps making the same mistakes over and over, and i am guessing his confidence is completely shot. al is a veteran, should be past making some of the mistakes we saw from him last term.

  36. Erick says:

    Oliver saw your post the other day sory I could coment Exam and all but kudos mate hope all is good Rico 🙂 🙂

  37. Erick says:

    Mancini must be selfish he wants to keep Given and Hart impossible while we don’t have a number 1

  38. Red Arse says:

    Hi All,

    Oliver, it’s been a while but the last time we spoke the Mets were 2:5 when I had to leave you.

    Next thing I founbd they had blown it 6:5 ! Bummer! 😦

  39. Erick says:

    Is it me or are people not feeling Aw signing a new deal

  40. Erick says:

    Ra whats up long time scholar 🙂

  41. oliver says:

    hiya ra. yeah, that was bad. their last couple of losses have all been blown wins. it is getting more and more difficult for me to support jerry – earlier this week against colorado, jon niese gives them seven good innings and leaves with a 2-1 lead. jerry brings his newly-annointed set-up man, takahashi, in for the eighth. tak gets two quick outs and gives up a walk and single – instead of letting him finish, jerry panicks and goes to the bullpen. but instead of bringing his closer (k-rod) in for a four out save, he brings in acosta, who gets torched and they lose 6-2. that was the evening (wednesday) that frankie – no doubt frustrated that jerry did not call on him to save the game – punched out his father-in-law near the family room and was arrested for assault! mets suspended him for two games, but they didn’t need him. johan (who has his own legal troubles) pitched a complete-game four-hit shutout, and your namesake went all the way on a one-hitter against the phils last night. they finally won back-to-back games for the first time since the third week in june. starting pitching has been excellent, perhaps they can go on some sort of run. they are still not hitting, so that is doubtful. still, i’ll take wins when they come.

  42. Red Arse says:

    Hi Erick,

    Good to speak to you again. I’ve been frequenting another site while AR has been doing week ends only.

    Wrote a post for them yesterday, and thought of you doing your exams, while I was writing it! 🙂

  43. rico says:

    all is just fine thanks erick, i did email you earlier to say hello … 😦

    RA has gone freelance 🙂

  44. Red Arse says:

    Oliver, that’s a great summary.

    The number of times they have failed to close out games with the bases loaded haas been just amazing.

    Tensions have to be sky high if you lay out your father-in-law. 😦

    I haven’t seen any b/ball recently but the mighty Yankees just seem to go on and on! 😉

  45. Red Arse says:

    Always have been “freelance”. Just try to help out when I am asked.

    Got to go. see you!

  46. oliver says:

    ra, yanks had a great series in arlington, winning two of three from the texas rangers (tom hicks’ team), but then had a bad loss at kc last night.

    the whole mets lineup is slumping – two of their last three wins have been by 1-0 scores. in fact, they shut out the opposition in all of their last three wins.

    last night in the fifth, mike hesseman (starting at first in ike’s place) led off with a home run. phils appealed saying that a fan interfered with the ball (i didn’t think so, but when things are going against you…), umpires reviewed and agreed, so hess was given a triple and no run. man on third, no outs – what do the mets do? frenchy and blanco don’t even make contact – simple contact would have scored hess – striking out. tejada is walked, and the pitcher, ra grounds out to end the inning, with hess still standing on third. fortunately they got a run in the sixth and ra made it stand up, but right now, they simply cannot score runs. everyone in the lineup seems to be slumping and probably overthinking. they have to start hitting at some point, but it has been over a month they have been struggling like this – season will be over at the start of october, so they do not have much time left.

    mets called up pat misch from buffalo to start against doc halladay today – on tuesday, jerry indicated that ollie perez might have gotten the start – there would have been a riot at citi field if that happened!

  47. Erick says:

    Nice one Scholar always doing good I like it

  48. agirlagunner says:

    Great write, JJ. I think our grand plan to reclaim the prem has gaping holes; our defense is beyond worrying– but I’ll save the moaning for later. 🙂 AW still has two weeks to sort it out, and he damn well better. 😉

    Hola, good to see everyone is around! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  49. Suhail.TV says:

    Hi AGAG.. Seeing you after long time..
    Hi RA

  50. oliver says:

    hiya agag.

  51. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, STV and oliver. It’s been a while, I agree 😦

    But how exciting is tomorrow? 🙂

  52. oliver says:

    looking forward to it. chelsea 6-0 over west brom. just as i did not think they would be as bad as they looked in pre-season/community shield, i do not think they will be this good throughout the season. first things first, three points at anfield tomorrow.

  53. Suhail.TV says:

    win at anfield..

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