Michael Dawson To Arsenal??

Even with the collective relief of the Arsenal community that ‘Cescgate’ is put to bed for another transfer window, the nightmares of defensive performances of last season have not faded. The need for quality defensive reinforcements should still be a priority for Arsene Wenger.  The Arsenal manager has more scouts working for him than what Michael Jackson had lawyers. They are based all over the world and watched hundreds of players in dozens of divisions so I dont believe for one minute we can’t find anyone who fits the bill of what we need. The urgent acquisition of a commanding goalkeeper and a commanding centre half is staring the entire fan base in the face, with Wenger going on record as saying he doesn’t know his number one and admitting we were looking thin at the back.. Although the start of the season is almost here and the excitement is unbearable, there are questions still to be answered by Wenger in building a squad capable of not just finishing in the top four, but strongly challenging for trophies on all fronts.

Wenger said we were able to reject Barca’s advances because we are in a strong position financially. Well if we are so strong then lets prove it further by adding more depth to the team..

Personally I would love to see a top player brought in for both positions.

It’s been obvious for a while that Joe Hart and Shay Given can’t both be number one next season and neither will be happy to be on the bench. Here lies a perfect opportunity for Wenger to pounce and I’m praying that Wenger’s delay in fixing our ‘keeping worries is a result of Man City’s delay in announcing their number one for next season. Hart has told his bosses if he’s not top dog, he’s going..So watch this space.. I’d have him as our top dog any day..

However, it is highly unlikely Wenger will splash the cash on both, and a CB will be his priority.

The majority of Arsenal fans want to see a big, strong, dominant CB who just likes to defend..Names such as Shawcross, Cahill, Hangelaand and Mertezacker have been thrown into the mix but one name that I haven’t heard is Michael Dawson..

I know he plays for the Sp*ds, but I don’t think there’s any Gooner who wouldn’t agree that the Dawson/Tommy CB combo would be a worldbeater..This lad has everything we are looking for at the back. He’s got years of PL experience under his belt and he’s quickly becoming one of England’s top CB’s. Woodgate and King are good but they are crocks. Dawson is the stalwart of the Sp*rs defence and in my opinion, with Rio Ferdinand’s career practically over, Dawson is top of the list to replace him in the England first eleven..

I know this may raise a few eyebrows, but he does tick all the boxes and I have no doubts that if Dawson knew a team like Arsenal were interested in him he would listen. Arsenal are a massive club, much bigger than Sp*rs and they will be financially crippled in a few seasons anyway after Old StickyFingers has finished with them. So he might as well get out now while he can.. Wenger should offer £15mil and say take it or we’ll come back in a year when Fagin is paying his debt to society and Sp*rs are on their arse and we’ll get him for half that amount

Imagine the look on the Sp*ds fans faces if this deal happened. They spend all summer laughing at us over Cesc and then two minutes after Cesc declares he’s staying, we go steal their best CB.

The signing would be a huge confidence boost to the club and fans as a whole..

Sp*rs now think they are a top 4 club..Stealing Dawson would strengthen us, weaken them and put them back in their place..Watching them rejoice in the glory of finishing 4th last year gave me de ja vu of Pompey all over again and Dawson is the only player I would say is good enough for our team. So lets get him now before the firesale begins..

Remember what happened the last time we took their best defender?? I know they do…  

Joe Hart and Michael Dawson are the missing pieces of the jigsaw and Wenger’s got more than enough money and time to get them..


323 Responses to Michael Dawson To Arsenal??

  1. tehTrunk Tottenham's Top ITK says:

    I reckon we’d definitely sell him to you as well.

    Great article, seriously.

  2. JonJon says:

    why not..you’ll have no choice when you end up like pompey..

    twitcher hasnt been at a club yet that hasnt been in financial mess when he left..

    your next..

  3. john smith says:


    Arsenal to have a terrible start due to Cesc wanting to join a SUCCESSFUL club

  4. Lazurus says:

    Yeah you can have him on a free. When shall I drop him round?

  5. Goonerdreamer says:

    Hahahahahahahaha! You Arsebandits really crack me up. The mighty Spurs are 10n times bigger than you. Dumb fukking gunner scum.

  6. JonJon says:

    i wouldnt joke about that Lazurus,

    were you the same guy that dropped Sol campbell round as well???

  7. Ethan says:

    Hahahahahaha – so misinformed……Spurs are financially stable, the loss of one player wouldn’t “put us in our place”, and “Dawson is the only player I would say is good enough for our team” – Modric, Bale, Defoe, Pav, et al?…..you idiot.

  8. Terry Henry says:

    If you didn’t spend so much time jacking your 2 inch todger on chat roulette, you would probably have time to realise that the gooners do not have £15 million spare, and your blog is tripe. Good luck with your homegrowners next season boys, be nice to see you play more than 2 english players a season

  9. Spurson says:

    Sol was the only gift you’ll be getting from us! Dawson will be our NEXT captain for sure!!
    Anyways Wenger appears to be trying to win PL on cheap so he’s not going to offer silly money of £15m-he must let go of pride & spend on goalie, CB & defensive midfielder- then sadly you’ll probably win the League. But not with Dawson as your CB.

  10. Chirpy says:

    Michael Dawson has as much chance of joining Arsenal as I have and I weigh 18-stone, smoke 40 a day and lost my leg in a motorboke accident five years ago. Never read such a waste of finger effort on a keyboard.

  11. arsekicker says:

    what the fuck are you smoking, you ars* tosspot. pigs will fly and shit on the libraryII before our daws, man of steel, joins you woolwich gypos.
    Tack your head out of your backside and watch the dust rise, that the spurs zooming past the arse on the white hart lane.

  12. Gus Caesar says:

    Yes, Spurs will soon be bankrupt. Don’t let the profitable financial results fool you.

  13. Tom Gordon says:

    Believe me, the last thing we need is Les Dawson in our back 4! Let’s not get carried away with the Legia friendly and see how we do at Liverpool. Remember, we still have 3 weeks of the transfer window to run and I’m certain we will buy a centre back. Not Les Dawson though!!

  14. avillian136 says:

    JonJon: totally agree with what u say although redknapp is a gd manager, but spends alot, then agen hes never had the money they have at spurs and his previous clubs didn’t earn the money spurs will get from champions leaguewhich may make up for the amount he spends, although i hope they go bust and also city will b in top 4 soon so spurs wont b getting that extra money for long so wht u say is pretty much inevitable, I can’t wait!!! 🙂

  15. Mark Turner says:

    Thanks for the compliment,i remember a time when you
    lot said no Spurs players could get in your team.
    Alas for you, spurs are a team on the up, you have been living on your past history for a long time now.
    But your right about Dawson, i didn’t rate him before
    but now he will be the England cb, and you can’t have him ha ha. Why don’t you try and get Upson back he will do a job for you and he’s more in your price range.

  16. OldGoon says:

    …can you remember when Sol fucked you over for us on a free lads.

    Spurs, forever in our shadow.

  17. Tony says:

    Sir Harry made over 50 million profit with his transfer dealings during his time at Pompey – he didn’t have anything to do with the players wages so how is he responsible for their plight?
    As for Daws he is loyal, signed a new deal at Spurs last season and will honour his contract, unlike your captain, who despite what he says, is desperate to leave and join a big club that wins trophies.

  18. JonJon says:

    spurs are trying to build a new stadium right??

    how are they going to manage that with arry in charge??

    to build a stadium you need an academy and you need to balance the books..arry doesnt do either..

    by the time you finished paying the taxman, your stadium will be as likely as liverpools..

  19. Essexian76 says:

    Ribs have popped out long before finishing this piece of fantastic ‘journalism’, sorry missed the point of this, as its August not April, is it a Gypsy thing, like the Pikey Ramadam or some other strange ritual, like you have to think of something weird and unachievable before you name your Caravan, I’d say Christen but it would be unethical and not in keeping with Islington protocol. Is it the same as “I’m delighted that Cesc has agreed to stay at the club” When little or no choice was offered, but that’s Arsenal for you, funny guys aren’t you?

  20. hahaha says:

    Dawson for 15 m to our most hated rivals???
    We wouldn’t sell him for 30m even to a foreign team. hahahhaha eejit

  21. avillian136 says:

    tony: wht about southampton??? lol

  22. JonJon says:


    wilshire gibbs and theo are all in the england squad..

    other than dawson whove you got?

  23. JohnM says:

    JonJon. your tarring everybody with the same brush as that judas b******d campbell

  24. JonJon says:

    av 136

    cheers fella..

  25. Ethan says:

    “spurs are trying to build a new stadium right??
    how are they going to manage that with arry in charge??
    to build a stadium you need an academy and you need to balance the books..arry doesnt do either..”…because redknapp, of course, has total control over all financial decisions……you f***ing idiot.

  26. DeiseGooner says:

    way to attract the spuds there

  27. Bill says:

    You stupid arsenal fans make me laugh, you think Dawson would leave to go to u, uve got another thing coming. We wouldnt sell him for any price, 15mil your having a laugh. Just cause you know weve got better defenders than you, you come crawling and thin you can take him away. He woluld never go to that scummy side of north london. Dirty arsenal idiots who know nothing

  28. Goonerpower says:

    Michael Dawson are you mad!! Fuck right off with that name hahaha

  29. king gooner says:

    to goonerdreamer-“the stratford rent boys”10 times biger?-ha!ha!ha! f***ng hilarious boy!make sure you get your dvd ordered for your 50th annerversary of abject failure 1961 & all that you sad knuckle dragging chav!!

  30. avillian136 says:

    JonJon: i disagree with u there they have players like king, dawson, lennon, crouch and defoe and huddlestone that r constantly getting into the england squad and u have one player (walcott) and two that haven’t even played for the first team of england yet bt then these three r probably ur only three english players and r gr8 prospects for the future

  31. JonJon says:


    id say so yes..he must have a say in financial decisions. otherwise the police and the taxman wouldnt be after him would they..??

    your stadium aint coming mate..

  32. golfmadrick says:

    As usual, talking out of your Arse. Now I know how your teams name originated.

  33. stufflikethisiswhythewholeworldlaughsatyouwoolwichnomads says:

    You pitiful cringeworthy bellend. You absolute embarrassment of a human being. Every day that passes it seems you south london mouth breathers find new and interesting ways to humiliate yourselves.

    If I were you I would stick to passing round song sheets, twirling your scarf above your head and sitting in mute silence as you continue to lose every single meaningful and testing game you play, season after season.

    Michael Dawson will play more minutes of football for Scotland than he does your 2 bob outfit. Enjoy another season of being also rans you greek mugs.

  34. mark reed says:

    your bang on buddy agree total with you once more.the spuds d.levy is cash starapped lets hope the swiss young boys knocked the old spuds out at the first hurdle.! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

  35. Gunner D says:

    Reading between the lines, I wonder if comments by Bacary Sagna on Official website about Spahic might mean we are still in for him. I hope so – I can see how this could work with Kos and Verm all able to cover each other.

    Reina and Mascherano has to be a wind up with us about to play Liverpool.

  36. johnny boy says:

    This is poor on so many fucking levels that it’s difficult to know where to begin… Apart from which, Michael Dawson? I’d rather have Les (& I think he’s dead).

  37. Gooner64 says:

    Goonerdreamer you TWAT if you took your head out of your arse for long enough to look around you may notice that you haven’t won the league for 50 years. Oh by the way congratulations. You finish fourth and celebrate like you won the league you sad pathetic wankers. And as for you Ethan twitchy hasn’t been there that long give him another 2 years and he’ll fuck you up.

  38. Controlled Madness says:

    Cesc for Dawson – Is that a fair swap?

  39. Paul A says:

    You ArSe dumbwit ! why would Dawson Leave an English team for a team full of French and other forgeign legion rejects, Why is it you lot are so scared of us that all you can do is keep referring to us as a smaller club, dont forget is it was not for cheating you pikey home movers would not have even been in the top division after WW2.

    Stop worrying about us and concentrate on trying to to overtake us next season, we cant wait to play you and kick your butts again !

  40. JonJon says:


    in capellos latest england team most of the spurs players have been dropped..

    and i wouldnt exactley use getting into the england team as a tool to measure talent cos england are shite too..

    i will listen to my own advice 😉

  41. Ethan says:

    I think you’ll find that Levy/Enic controls the purse strings…as much as you’d like to believe that “‘arry” has his own Tottenham chequebook lying around.

  42. Mark Turner says:

    @jonjon, yeah we are soooo disapointed that we haven’t got all our English players playing in
    a meaningless friendly just before the prem
    kick off, ooooh we realy envy you.

  43. Paul A says:

    By the way Mark Reed who probably has a reading age of 10 just as well wenger did not play the young boys as he probably would have enjoyed it !

  44. Yid says:

    I think this will happen for all the reason you listed.

    Great article.

    When you are all grown up i think you will be a really cool guy.

  45. Goonerpower says:

    Paul a what the fuck ww2. You sad individual very sad indeed. The fact is you are a smaller club you muppet.

  46. Spud says:

    This is genius. Something the ‘writer’ of this piece neglects is that Sp*rs (what’s the star for?) are owned by a very rich man. Is this the general opinion of gooners that Sp*rs are going to go bust due to ‘Arry? If so it is very funny. We have spent no money this season and about half our team would get into yours (Dawson, Gomes, Bale, King, Modric, Krankjar, Palacios, Defoe, even big Crouchy would get a game or 2).

  47. Spurs fan says:

    Hahaha sorry but this is hilarious. Dawson is a decent guy, our captain and someone who knows the meaning of loyalty. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out Daws wants to do good at Spurs.

  48. avillian136 says:

    JonJon: true i was just statin the facts, i’d rather drop all of spurs’ english players and keep arsenals english players anyway because they might actually achieve something. anyway y shud arsenal b judged on english talent because wenger doesn’t agree with buying them anyway because they r too over priced just like our milner is, bt were getting ireland and 17 mill in return (quality!)

  49. TINYDAGOONER says:

    what a load of shite………why does a so called arsenal supporter/blog write such crap…..as a gooner i hope dawson stays down shite hart lane for ever, hes slow and a liabilty. couldnt even get in england sqaud says it all……lets all laugh at tottenham

  50. oliver says:

    ‘morning jj. i open the page and find a spuddie fest – congratulations for getting them to bite!

    dawson is a good player, but the spuds will never sell to us, not after sol left them for us. i imagine harry sees dawson as a cornerstone anyways, and would be reluctant to sell him to anyone. unless, of course, someone offered a huge amonunt and perhaps thew in harry’s legal fees as well – then he might be tempted.

    i cannot see city selling either of given or hart to us. i expect hart to start the season first choice, but i would think they would want given around as insurance. if one of them moves, rest assured it will not be to a team who city are trying to dislodge from the top four. hart would be great, but i never thought realistic. besides, we’re in for reina, remember? :=)

  51. Essexian76 says:

    Oh No Jon, No Jon No Jon No, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and PLC, Sorry, I’ll idiot proof it for you, that means Public Limited Company, which equates to Transparency, (Sorry there I go again). It means anything that we do is there in black and white for the Stock Exchange to see, anything transfers and investments are all subject to scrutiny before the transaction can be completed, no shady dealings, no under the counter payments, no illegal payments for transfers,and our academy is up and running, seems strange how mis-informed one can be given the closeness of proximity to the respective clubs, but jealousy will get you in the end, hope the acids burning right now…. COME ON YOU SPURS

  52. avillian136 says:

    spurs r a much smaller club than arsenals. FACT just like spurs r bigger than my villa atm although is may change in the future….

  53. JonJon says:

    hi oliver 😉

    or given??

    if we get GG to shove a million in arrys back burner i reckon a deal could be done for dawson

  54. Ross says:

    Lol, this is hilarious. There’s no way Dawson would leave Spurs for Arsenal. Plus he’d have no English players to talk to, he may as well go play for a foreign team. Nice article loser.

  55. Chirpy says:

    And remember what ENIC means…English National Investment Company… We’re not owned by Yanks, Russians, Arabs or the Chinese. We are the top English club…

  56. Stoney says:

    What a load of bollox you scum talk. You couldn’t afford him and he wants to win things so he’ll stay with us, a club on the way up. He’d never move to your pathetic little bunch of diving cheating girls. You really are an odious group of goons who won’t even get in the top four this year. A ship of fools.

  57. JonJon says:


    its still an investor..you are not a self sufficient club..

    if ENIC goes tits up so does the club..

  58. Red Arse says:

    Great Post JJ,

    You are a daredevil! It’s drawn in the deluded Spuds to abuse you, (well you weren’t expecting a sensible discussion were you 🙂 ) and gooners who would be horrified by the suggestion.

    I think you could be right though. He is about the only one of the Spuds losers we might want! 🙂

  59. PauloYid says:

    dream on scum.

    Firstly, there is no chance we would want to sell him for any price when you consider king is practically disabled and woodgate is practically dead, espescially to the scum. Were looking to buy another centre half no sell one, and our financial status is in good shape.

    Secondly, Michael Dawson is no Sol Campbell, and im not just talking about him being about half the weight of Sol. He loves the club, the club love him, the fans love him(was voted our player of the season last season) there is no chance he would want to leave, not during these promising times anyway.

  60. Pez says:


    Wind up the Spuds like the last 30 years.

    Dawson is total SHIT…Watch him last year against Van Persie, Drogba, Nani, Cahill and any good Forward…he gets beaten for pace every time….He isnt fit to lace Ledley Kings boots BUT thats really funny as he is now finished!!!

    Tottenham have been in Arsenal’s shadow for 50 years…they have won the league 1-2 times in their ENTIRE HISTORY yet still think they have Pedigree(Chum)….

    Always in our shadow!
    Always Jealous.
    Always Arsenal!

  61. JonJon says:

    hi RA

    i fancied a row up.. and who do we like to row with the most.. 😉

    id also take dawson in a heartbeat..

  62. Acton_Yid says:

    No problem, you can Daws, just pay us £35mil and he’s all yours….now put up or SHUT UP.

  63. JonJon says:

    dawson has forrest DNA..

    he’ll leave spurs if the right offer was available and arsenal are the biggest team in london..

    it all makes sense to me

  64. Goonerpower says:

    Essexian. Deluded, Harry-The-Hut will fuck you up Doo Daa, Doo Daa Harry-The-Hut will fuck you up Doo Daa, Doo Daa, Daaay.

  65. Chirpy says:

    T*ts up… Remember the original Loadsamoney was a Yiddo… Spurs will always be financially secure because the fan base has the ackers to come to the rescue. I’d willingly sell my Ferraris and the country pile if it was needed…

  66. Adam says:

    What did you do before football was invented in 2004?

  67. Mark Turner says:

    When you lot say things like “he is the only one of the Spurs losers we might want” it sums you lot up.
    Maybe it’s because most of your support has arrived in this country in the past 10 years and aren’t up to pace yet. Modric, Bale, Defoe , King ,Gomes Krancjar,
    would walk into your team, if you think otherwise then
    you know nothing about football

  68. JonJon says:

    chirpy..im sure you do your club proud..but i doubt the sale of your ferraris and yaghts and mansions would still be enough to even pay fagins bail fee..

    look at west ham, southampton, pompey…they all ended up in the shit..whats or who is the link???

  69. terry says:

    dawson is shit …. i would have taylor from newcastle over him…..

    the perfect partnership would be vermy and hangerland….

    we also need a def mid and huddlestone would be awsum….

    i dont care who he plays for but he is a wonderful player and a perfect def mid for the future in the english team

  70. JonJon says:

    mark turner

    bale would have to get passed clichy and gibbs first..he only gets in your team because nobody else is good enough and until a year ago everyone was saying bale was shit..

    cesc pisses on modric and krankjar ut together and kings legs are hanging off..rosickys stronger than king

    defoes a midget and gomes was the PL clown of the year before, taking the crown from almunia

    and to top it off, you finish BEHIND us every year..

    nobody from the spurs side would get into the arsenal team..apart from dawson..

  71. oliver says:

    i wish we had signed given when he was available – he has tons of experience from newcastle. i get what others are saying about him being a shot-stopper par excellence, but unable to command his area – like almunia. but i think he is much better than al. last season’s injury has me a bit leery about him, however. and i still do not think city would consider selling either one to us, knowing it would improve a significant weakness in a team they are trying to dilodge. would make no sense on any level from city. if they want to move given on, they can find plenty of other suitors outside the top four. in fact, i bet a boruc-less celtic would bite citys hand off given was offered to them.

  72. JonJon says:


    you serious??

  73. Arsene Wenger says:

    I hope someone isn’t paying you to write articles.

  74. JonJon says:

    we could still get given, oliver, if citeh say to hart hes their main man..

    given wont sit on the bench either..either given or hart will do..

  75. Ha ha! you are a twat! There are at least 20 players in the Tottenham squad that could fit in the arse team! Keep dreaming and look forward to a sh1T season! W@nker! lol

  76. Mark Turner says:

    @Chirpy, spot on. We have not been succesfull for
    ages yet we still compete with the top teams beacause
    we have a real support base. Spurs will always have
    cash because we have a large cash rich fan base, thats
    why we can get away with expensive season tickets when
    and lets be honest we have been crap. i remember when
    Arsenal had gates of under 20k three games on the trot
    but you won’t remember it cos most of your support is
    under 18 and are still learning English.

  77. terry says:

    dam serious…. he is a very good def mid who is can score goals…. a partnership of him and song would be like 2 rocks in the midfiled…

  78. Brad says:

    Same old wankers talking the same old bollox….

    Arsenal aint got no money,
    Arsenal aint gonna make top 4,
    Arsenal wont keep Fabregas,
    Bla Bla Bla its the same old shit every summer from you spuds, then the same old thing happens during the season

    We will beat you home and away
    We will once again finish above you
    And we will show who rules north london

    You see all of your bollox talk is pointless, you have nothing to back it up, we always finish above you coz we’re better.

    All jokes aside what can you Tottenham fans really say to us???? Arsenal are clearly far supperior to Tottenham, better players, better manager, better board, better finances, better stadium etc etc
    we have proved it for the last 10+ seasons

    Enjoy the knockout stage of the champs league, it will be a good experience for you lot, maybe you can build on it next season and actually make the group stages coz we all no you aint gonna this year.

    European football is a whole different game and you lot aint ready!!!

  79. JonJon says:

    spurs cant even fill white hart lane on a european night..

    how many of these new seats will be snapped up when the stadium is built??

    not many..the fanbase maybe rich but its not huge

  80. avillian136 says:

    i reckon lennon would get in ur team and i think bale if carrying on the way he is would get into ur team over clichy bt i think hes too inconsistent bt then thats it really

  81. Mark Turner says:

    @Jonjon. Shows what you know,Dawson is nowhere near
    our best player,as for glichy and Gibbs better than
    Bale, are you avin a laugh?

  82. terry says:

    actually i was jokin the entire spurs team is shit….

    walcott will be twice lennon 2 years from now…

    the reason we loose is not bcoz other teams are better than us but bcoz diaby, denielson and almunia play for us..

  83. JonJon says:

    lennon wouldnt get into our team as much as theo doesnt..

    hundredstone is too slow..

    bales not as good as gibbs and gibbs is behind clichy so unless we have 100 injuries again bale wouldnt play either..

    gomes is no better than almunia..they are both clowns..

    the only place arsenal are inferior to spuds is CB..and dawson is the only CB good and fit enough to play with TV..

  84. afternoon jj why dawson why not vidic

  85. Jos says:

    Bored spastic from woolwich trying a air shot. Stated the obvious while hoping for the impossible; Dawson is am outstanding player & hoping he will going to the terrorist stadium. I give you another one. All arsenal fans have an IQ of a Buffon (obvious) & that IQ will improve (impossible)

  86. JonJon says:


    clichy was in the 2008 PL team of the year..gibbs is already in the england squad!!!

    bale had lost in every game he played for spurs until last season..

    get a grip on reality…all the spurs fans were saying they wanted him sold 12 months ago and all of a sudden hes the best LB in the PL??

  87. JonJon says:

    hi RSD

    cos vidic is already at a big club..

    dawson’s not..

  88. Griff says:

    Jesus some Spurs fans really need to chill out. I can just imagine you all shaking with rage as you type out your poisonous post. Hilarious.

  89. Brad says:

    Look if all those tottenham players would walk into Arsenal’s team that suggests that tottenham have a better team than us. if thats the case why do we finish above you year after year????

    that puts an end to that pointless argument

  90. avillian136 says:

    bale is gd bt just because for about 10 games hes played well doesn’t make him amazing, but if he keeps it up maybe one day he will live up to wht spurs think of him.

    this argument is crap cz the facts r:

    harry redknapp fucks up every club he goes to financially
    arsenal have much more history
    bigger fanbase
    bigger stadium
    much more money just don’t use it
    better players
    all spurs players overated by spurs fans

  91. JonJon says:

    well said griff and brad

  92. Red Arse says:

    Well put Brad.

    You have to feel sorry for the spuds. There is no logic to their juvenile, offensive ranting.

    Oh dear.

    I was hoping there would be at least one who would come on and discuss in an intelligent rational manner. Not so far, just the usual jealous rubbish.

  93. Why was this article even written in the first place? Sigh.

  94. just be easier to resign gallas

  95. Mark Turner says:

    @jonjon.Not all Spurs fans where saying he was shit
    only the idiots.We knew he was class from the day
    he scored against you lot.Anyway i don’t care what you think,bale is so much better than Glichy and Gibbs,So gibbs is in the England Squad, yippee so was Upson and hesky nuff said.

  96. Gunner Young says:

    Hahaha…you put the honey out and wait for the Sp*ds to gather.

    “The majority of Arsenal fans want to see a big, strong, dominant CB who just likes to defend..Names such as Shawcross….” Going too far with that joke JonJon.

  97. oliver says:

    morning ra. if this is what a totts blog is like…

  98. Glenn Hoddle says:

    I’d propose a swap deal. Dawson for an arsenal player. Except I want to win trophies and Arsenal’s players are serial underachievers.

    When we get back to Wembley for the fourth year in a row I’ll fake a picture and email it to you gooners so you know what the place looks like.

    Kiss kiss

  99. Brad says:

    Mark Turner what are you 10

    ‘Anyway i dont care what you think, bale is better’ looooooooool

    fucking geek

  100. JonJon says:


    yeah i agree


    they dont know how to be civil..you wouldnt beleive the amount of comments that have been binned..

  101. avillian136 says:

    mark turner how old is gibbs? is it 20, thats quite impressive especially as we have players who r/ or were considered world class in left back in our squad like ashley cole

  102. Superyid8288 says:

    Ha ha, what a bullshit story…. There’s no way in a million years Dawson would sign for the arses. Whoever wrote this must be high as a kite! Dawson has a glittering career ahead of him as SPURS CAPTAIN and will no doubt lead spurs to many glorious victories over the scum…

  103. have you seen sanga said on the offical site not very arsenal

  104. Brad says:

    Glenn Hoddle if our team is full of serial underachievers then what the fuck your team full of since we finish above you each year.

    Some advise for the spuds, once you have finished punching the keyboard and you pretty little message is wrote out, before you hit submit comment just stop for a second, read what you wrote and make sure it isnt the same crap that the rest of you write coz its getting old….

    who cares if bale is better than gibbs or if my dads bigger than you dad, talk statistics you wankers

  105. Mark Turner says:

    Brad just like i said earlier Most Arsenal fans still
    trying to learn English (fucking Wanker)

  106. JonJon says:

    about spahic??

  107. Mark Turner says:

    avillian. how old do you think bale is?

  108. bt62gooner says:

    Modric the RAT BOY wouldnt walk into the ARSENAL team hed crawl in just to sit on the bench like the rest of your shite squad.Same old cock lovers hanging around ARSENAL blogs hoping to get a mention,pathetic.CHIRPY your matchbox ferrairs would probably fetch as much as your second rate club is worth.As for your country pile i assume your talkin the obvious (a country pile of horse shit)as bagged and sold on the cheap in B&Q.Most fitting for a cheap and tacky little club.Enough said ALWAYS AND FOREVER IN THE SHADOW OF THE MIGHTY ARSENAL.Lillywhites more like DR.WHITES FROM SHITEHART LINE(the toilet)LOL!! RED ARMY!!RED ARMY

  109. JohnM says:

    Brad. Beat us home & away.Really!!!!. 2-1 to Spurs comes to mind7 what about the 5-1 thrashing we handed out to you. All your great players reduced to arguing on the pitch. Very sad, grown men crying. As for the Champions league, we will wait & see shall we.

  110. Brad says:

    Mark Turner says:
    August 8, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    Brad just like i said earlier Most Arsenal fans still
    trying to learn English (fucking Wanker)

    Been speaking english for 37 years now my friend, sorry if it aint up to scratch.
    So you seem to no Most Arsenal fans as you stated in your previos post, thats alot of people mate, your facebook must be booming, spose at tottenham though its a much smaller group

  111. Brad says:

    I never said we beat you home and away, i was saying we WILL beat you home and away, stop living in the past

  112. JonJon says:

    lol @brad

  113. avillian136 says:

    20 i think lol, whts that got to do with what im talking about anyway, im talking about the english team and how it’s impressive for him to get into the squad with the likes of a.cole there. bale is welsh and hasn’t been picked for the english team, although has shown over about 10 games that he can b a good player and if he can keep that up he will b outstanding bt 10 games doesn’t make him amazing, meaning u cant compare him to clichy, although i wud love to see bale in my team which is villa not arsenal bt wht ure saying has nothing to do with what im saying because i wasn’t even talking about bale

  114. leegee says:

    You`ve caused quite a stir there haven`t you!!

  115. JonJon says:

    your right av136

    gibbs age is not important..whats important is that he has been picked for the england team when the current national LB situation is strong..

    bale has no competition for the welsh squad..gibbs is up against the best in the business and hes been picked..until 6 months ago bale couldnt win a game in a spurs shirt..

  116. JohnM says:

    Brad. So you were just dreaming then.

  117. Robo says:

    Tbh i think arsenal could do way better than dawson he was ripped apart when he faced a good team. hell as a lfc fan i was shocked when ever dirk kuyt a guy that doesnt have pace out done him an scored. ledley is there best defender an his a crock. personally arsenal shouldnt have let gallas go even though the guys a dick he was the best defender they had and they should try get hangeland asap.

  118. Brad says:

    Yes John im dreaming, if it makes you happy, i just dont no what the hell your talking about, since you no most arsenal fans, which is probably well in the millions do you think you could fuck of and bite one of there ankles please coz im really bored of you…..

  119. Mark Turner says:

    Don’t use facebook, that’s for kids like you.
    37? i started watching my team 39 years ago, your just
    a pup. I can only go by what i see when i travel
    through London while i work, most people i see wearing
    red shirts seem to hail from places like iraq somalia
    marroco algeria etc i put this down to the fact that it’s only in the last 10 years that most of them got here, so they obviously followed you and the Chavs.

  120. JohnM says:

    Brad. I think you’ve got the wrong post mate!

  121. Stoney says:

    JonJon. You’re the worst kind. You have a very big mouth and a very small brain. You write like a child and are very ill informed for someone with so much to say. Wind your neck little boy.

  122. JonJon says:

    mark turner

    i put it down to the fact arsenal are a bigger club and have followers from all over the world as they are a world brand

    it just shows the ignorance of you spurs fans for making such a point about foreign supporters but what else do you expect from a small club with a small local fanbase who know no better??

  123. Mark Turner says:

    @Brad/jonjon(good name for an Arsenal fan)avillain
    got to go and wash my Jag.shouldn’t you be doing the same to your Reliants? ta ta

  124. Brad says:

    Mark Turner well done, it only took you 19 minutes to hit me with that come back, and what a come back it was….

    Are you stupid, most of the people you see in red shirts are from iraq or marroco, YOUR IN NORTH LONDON YOU TWAT!! EVERYONE IN NORTH LONDON IS FROM IRAQ OR MARROCO OR INDIA OR ANYWHERE BUT ENGLAND, i aint racist so please dont start im just talking the truth.

  125. nate says:

    with levy running the club, tottenham are 1 of the most financially stable clubs around. we can spend about 40milion this summer and harry redknap cant do anything without the approval of levy. so i have no idea what ur on about us doing a pompey. and you could do with dawson but you wont. and saying we think we are a top 4 club.. well we finished 4th just behind you lot and over a season it shows consistency.. we beat man city, arsenal, chelsea, liverpool, everton, aston villa should have been beaten.. so get over ur hate against us.. we’re a good side.. deal with it. stop being a punk.

  126. Brad says:

    i probably have john, never mind

  127. JonJon says:


    i also follow a massive football team with a massive stadium and a massive history..

    someday you may feel the same..but not if you keep supporting spurs

    i know your a closet gooner..come out of the closet stoney..

  128. Joe says:

    Lol spurs fan get cocky because they make 4th. We’ll see next season.

  129. Red Arse says:


    The Spuds get so carried away with saying their team/club are on the up.

    Well, here are some disappointing tidbits for them.

    ** Blanc the French manager told Chamakh not to join Sp*rs because they were a small club.

    ** Our average attendance last year was 60,000. The Spuds avge attendance, under 36,000.

    ** Arsenal have the most expensive season tickets in the PL, even with such a high avge attendance.

    ** We have never failed to qualify for Europe since Arsene arrived, 13 years ago.

    ** Spurs are “on the up”, well its pretty easy to be on the up when you go from 11th in 2008/9 to 4th in 2009/10.

    **Arsenal are classified by UEFA as in the top 8 clubs in Europe. Spurs? About 90th.

    They are totally deluded if they think they are even remotely as big or successful as Arsenal.

  130. JonJon says:

    spurs get cocky if the sun is shining that day..

    theyve got such a shit history that they get excited and make dvds about anything from throwins to corners..

  131. Brad says:

    so what, you have 40 million to spend, the problem aint money you tit, its finding a good player who wants to go to tottenham, the big boys take em out of your hands, you lot get the loose change

  132. Stoney says:

    JonJon. You don’t fail to disappoint. Everytime you post it just further confirms what I said.

  133. avillian136 says:

    just a question who do u think is better stephen ireland or gareth bale?, taking into account bale played around 10 games then got considered amazing

  134. darren says:

    the author truly is a deluded fool to think dawson would even consider this. Idiot!

  135. JonJon says:


    what theyve achieved last season weve achieved 13 years on the bounce..they are basically 13 years behind us and they think they are the better team with the best set up..


  136. GoonerTim says:

    I would love to have him but lets face it, he’d never come. Why leave a massive club to join us? They’re getting better each season and I think they’ll do us this season like they did at white hart lane. He’s not going to leave them for us, they’re quality and we’re shit

  137. Brad says:

    JonJon i think Stoney’s got a crush on you

  138. Red Arse says:

    Poor old Mark Turner.

    Supported the Sp*ds for 39 years and their last league title was 51 years ago. Well credit him for perseverance I suppose. 🙂

    Poor guy.

  139. Brad says:


  140. It is very good to know that so many spuds are reading Arsenal blogs so as to :

    know how to blog
    what to ring into their manager’s head about management.

  141. Red Arse says:

    I don’t know where this “we can spend £40m” crap from Sp*rs supporters comes from.

    ‘Arry is quoted as saying he is being forced to bring in freebies because he can’t find anyone to buy his surplus players.

    He reckons he needs 3 or 4 players to achieve success. Complete team eh?

  142. Red Arse says:


    I would go for Ireland over Bale. He has talent, is a bit nutty, therefore unpredictable and I wouldn’t mind Arsenal getting him.

  143. JonJon says:

    ‘arry has no money

    spuds fans will soon realise how hard it is to build a new stadium and stay in the top 4..

    if levy is serious about the new ground, spurs can have as much money as they like, but fagin wont see any of it..

  144. NorthBank12 says:

    Dawson would never come, our forward line is fucked, bendtner is shit, as class as rvp is he’s never fir and all we have is a striker unproven in the prem. Fabregas will leave next year because we’ve won fuck all in years so why would dawson consider it?

  145. JonJon says:

    sol came..

  146. sarah says:

    Pez – Yes thats why Tevez said he doesnt like playing againest Daws? Were you blind last season?

  147. avillian136 says:

    thanks red arse, nice to get another fans opinion (as villa will probably be getting him soon in exchange for milner) although you may b just trying too piss off the spurs fans bt ill take it anyway, especially as i agree

  148. Hoe says:

    Rubbish, absolute Rubbish, anyway he is far to old for Wenger!

  149. Kev says:

    Dawson to Arsenal…I dont think so

    Go & play with your French onions.

    Until your board have the guts to stand up to Mr Wenger and start questioning his plan you will continue to underachieve and win nothing.


  150. Mariyiddo says:

    Ok, Red Arse (I think you might need to see a doctor about that)

    “** Blanc the French manager told Chamakh not to join Sp*rs because they were a small club.”

    Hmm…I wonder why Chamakh, a new Arsenal sigining would say such a thing? Can’t be to get on the good side of Arsenal fans…can’t be.

    “** Our average attendance last year was 60,000. The Spuds avge attendance, under 36,000.”

    This is just stupid…What the fuck do you expect out of a stadium that can only fit that much? we have 50,000 more people on a season ticket waiting list so your point means shit.

    “** Arsenal have the most expensive season tickets in the PL, even with such a high avge attendance.”

    Is that something to be proud of? Arsenal know that their delusional fans will pay so much money to watch shit.

    “** We have never failed to qualify for Europe since Arsene arrived, 13 years ago.”

    What have you achieved in Europe since then? Not much.

    “** Spurs are “on the up”, well its pretty easy to be on the up when you go from 11th in 2008/9 to 4th in 2009/10.”

    11th to 8th to 4th…What exactly would you call it then? going downhill? Why can’t any Arsenal fan use their brain for once.

    “**Arsenal are classified by UEFA as in the top 8 clubs in Europe. Spurs? About 90th.”

    So even the Mighty Wigan can come back from 2-0 down and beat the “top 8” Arsenal…Ok…

    To all the Arsenal fans Michael would never go to Arsenal and maybe you should wait till this time next year before you start slagging Spurs off. (As if that will happen.)

  151. agirlagunner says:


    JJ, you let the dogs out, it seems… Rabid and frothing-at-the mouth ones too! Well, they’re easy sport, I guess. 😉

    RA, you’re feeding them scraps and whetting their appetites, I see… Good job. 🙂

  152. oliver says:

    ra, i looked back over yesterday’s post and late on, you mentioned you wanted to discuss cincy and the cubbies. i did not see the game myself, i know cincy won. i also know the cubs are a team with much expected who are massively underachieving. they are an example of what goes wrong when an intense manager (lou piniella) burns the players and himself out. he already announced he will leave chicago at the end of the season, so the team seems to have jacked it in. lou is gone, no need to break my back for him…

  153. riccardo says:

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  154. JonJon says:

    howdy AGAG

    yeah i find it amazing how so many spuds fans trawl through the arsenal blogs…

    it just goes to show that a lot of the posters who talk shit on arsenal blogs are in fact spuds supporters.. they only show their true colours when you throw them a bone 😉

  155. mouseTheScouse says:

    Think the author needs to get a girlfriend, seriously, and spend more time shagging!

    Or would that be a boyfriend???

  156. JonJon says:


    nfl team- giants?
    NBA team- knicks??
    baseball?? team- METs and ???
    NHL- ?

    fill in the blanks 😉 help me out a little..
    yesterdays conv. about steve young had me thinking..i grew up watching a lot of US shows and sports.. My family invested in satellite TV when i was 10 so i watched everything.. just need help with remembering names 😉

  157. JonJon says:

    Ive got a G-friend…havent i AGAG??? 😆 😳

  158. oliver says:


  159. Red Arse says:

    Boo Agag,

    I know we shouldn’t do it, but after so many barren years they are so easy to wind up. Sensitive souls, aren’t they.

    Mariyiddo is an example. She is admitting she has nothing original to say, (there’s a surprise) so takes my points and comes up with unintelligent, childish drivel and pathetic insults. Ohhhh, I’m so impressed.

    To more rational things, which are a source of pride, and should not be the subject of abuse or insults (not that the comments so far give me any hope), Arsenal raised £800,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital last year. They also sort the Willow Charity for childrens’ cancer relief, and this year hope to raise another £800,000 for the Centrepoint charity.

    Hopefully, some decent Spurs supporter will tell me they have similar aims, and I will applaud them.

    Sadly, Mariyiddo, is salivating already thinking of some disgusting put down on such a sensitive subject.

    Come on you decent Spurs fans, I know you are out there! 🙂

  160. Stratty says:

    Unfortunately, it got picked up on our ‘newsnow’ page – that’s why there are so many replies from North Londoners.

  161. Red Arse says:

    And a boyfriend JJ, I’m not proud! 😉

  162. caleb says:

    guys, stop yaping and start praying that your team can atleast win their first champs legue game in years, hope you hadn’t forgotten that and by the way as you pray ask God for this favor too, ‘pliz don’t put us in arsenal’s group’

  163. Red Arse says:


    I was watching the game when I was asked to go up to the West End by a friend, so I did not see the end of the game.

    That trip up town fell thru so I watched a brilliant game between the Sox and the Giants. Excellent. Bet you know the result! 🙂

  164. JonJon says:

    red arse

    well said mate..arsenal are always on the news for doig something for charity..the amount of work our boys put back into the community is spot on..

  165. agirlagunner says:

    They go through Gunner blogs because they have so fe themselves. I doubt there are any good ones… If they did, I’m almost certain the club would release a DVD. 😉

    Hey, oliver. A really good entry yesterday. 🙂 I hope you’re getting busy with the next… 🙂

  166. Red Arse says:

    Oliver, sorry, criminal offence! Imeant yankees, of course. I’m into my Sunday drinky poos as I type! 🙂

  167. Red Arse says:

    The Mancs have just scored! Boo! Chelsea have conceded! Raay! 🙂

  168. agirlagunner says:

    RA, I’m still waiting for that smart Spud fan to make an appearance. Not too long ago, there was some great discussion with Citeh fans here. One wonders why it can’t be the same for this entry.

    JJ, your girl’s currently AWOL, and you should call her, send her flowers, a box of truffles, and the whole shebang. We miss her. 😦 😉

  169. JonJon says:

    yeah oliver..

    i agree with AGAG, yesterdays piece was a hit and was viewed by a lot of people..i hope you have more in your locker. 😉

  170. Red Arse says:

    JJ, Ave,

    I hope you are both doing your best to get our mate Rico back!

    You three are a great team, and I miss her, as I am sure you both do too. 😦

  171. JonJon says:

    Haha AGAG.. very clever.. 😉

    yeah guys i’m intending to have a chat with rico later today.. 😉

  172. mm says:

    i think everton’s squad is better than spuds, they will finish above spurs.
    apart from a cb and a gk there is no way spuds could compete with arsenal.

  173. caleb says:

    guys, stop yaping and start praying that your team can atleast win their first champs legue game in years, hope you hadn’t forgotten that and by the way as you pray ask God for this favor too, ‘pliz don’t put us in arsenal’s group’

  174. Red Arse says:

    Absolutely agree mm.

    Moyes is a really good manager, if a bit emotional, and the Everton squad could easily fight for a top four berth.

    Not as good as us, of course, but much better than Spurs.

  175. JonJon says:

    good comment MM

    everton were off the pace last year because they had more injuries than us..

    if they can keep their key players fit for the season like arteta and saha, they will finish above spuds

  176. N17 says:

    Daws to the pikey’s..!? you been smoking the carpet.

  177. Red Arse says:

    I am genuinely disappointed that no decent Spurs’ fan has responded to my 3:31 appeal.

    But I am relieved there has been no terrible response from the others either.

    Football is wonderful, but charity for those poor kids is something quite separate and I am thrilled that in this money grubbing era, Arsenal and hopefully other clubs, still have higher priorities. It’s called ….. decency.

  178. Wenger says:

    Gud money making blog, get the hits, make about £2.40, gud work.

    Arsenal will deffo win the league ths yr, u stupid spuds will get relegated, we will win champions league too, you idiiot spuds dnt no nuthing.


  179. JonJon says:

    wenger? do you see any adverts on this blog??
    this blog doesnt make ANY money..

    but the rest of your comment is ok..

  180. Judith Le'Strange says:

    It might be good in theory to get Dawson, but can you honestly see ‘Arry Redknapp selling him to us, he’d rather sell him to any other club. As for Joe Hart there was a rumour the other day that we were offering £8m for him, what’s happened to that story. But on the evidence of yesterday’s result we definitely need a center back and goallie and asap, otherwise it will be the same as last season, no tropies and even more goales scored against us than scored.

  181. Red Arse says:


    If you are out there in the ether (?) please remember, JJ and Ave are working or wrecking la maison Ave tomorrow. 🙂

    Unless you appear and put up an AR post, I will have to go to the Phillipines and fight a duel with Agag’s better half for her hand.

    I don’t want to be humiliated and bashed, so get a wiggle on, talk to your friends, JJ and Ave, and think of your adoring public!!! 😳 😉

    God knows what Wath would say! 🙂

  182. JonJon says:

    RA 😉

    i know she is still reading..she is out there.. 😉 maybe that comment will bring her out of hiding?

    thanks for the response judith..

    im sitting on the fence with the keeper situation..i think there maybe a twist so im willing to wait til deadline day..

    we need CB now though

  183. Red Arse says:


    I would like Hart, on loan or permanent, but it isn’t likely.

    I think Chesney and Mannone would be O.K. for me, but we desperately need a big CB.

  184. Red Arse says:

    Fingers crossed JJ, that you and Ave can use your smooth charms to entice her back. 🙂

    Same goes for Agag, I suspect, she won’t want to see a grown man cry. I’m v. squeamish about blood, especially mine! 🙂

  185. anon says:

    i’d rather have michael parkinson.

  186. Red Arse says:


    Have my Yankees stunned you into silence? 🙂

    Never mind, come the NFL and we can gloat together, hopefully. 😉

  187. Red Arse says:

    Got to go.


  188. Bill says:

    What a tosser Wenger. Spurs will get relegared, Arse will win the CL, fuck off you lemon.

  189. Stoney says:

    JonJon. You should be ashamed of yourself. You endorse wenger’s blatant antisemetism with ‘the rest of your comment is ok’. Shows up your pure ignorance. Evil bunch of racists.

  190. fatlad says:

    never read such f*ckin crap in my life.why in the name of f*ck would big daws want to join that shower of shi*te

  191. Silly spuds says:

    This is a farce of a suggestion (although it would be amsuing for the sake of it). He may have pace but his awareness and general ability is poor. Id rather Harry gave us one of the ‘lovely ford orions’ he keeps round the back of shxte hart lane as an incentive for their lame players. Joe Hart would however be a massive asset to us.

  192. JonJon says:

    stoneroy, after being called worse than that all day by you set of inbreds i dont really have a problem with somebody giving it back..

    you know the saying dont you..

    dont give it if you cant take it..

    stop being a fanny….

  193. agirlagunner says:

    We need a better CH than what we have now, for sure. I wouldn’t mind having Gallas back minus the attitutde.

    I am a very clever girl, JJ. 😉

    RA, you do say some awfully funny things. 🙂 The charity work is another reason why ours is a club to be proud of. 🙂

  194. Baz says:

    ahahahahaha now thats funny right there lol, keep dreaming you got more chance of signing Gazza than Dawson !!!

  195. Goonerpower says:

    You dirty, smelly, shit stained y-fronts, cock-mouthed, seaweed eating fuck knobs. I hate you spudling fuckin supporters you really are a bunch of deluded freaks. I bet most of you are inbred sister shagging pricks. Really really can’t wait for the new season to get going. You will crawl back into your stupid hole that you appeared from. ARSENAL FOREVER IN-WENGER-WE-TRUST!!!!

  196. silent stan says:

    what a wonderful example of intelligent football supporter you are. please stop being a gooner

  197. jamie... says:

    jon jon you fool, arsenal will be below us yids this season, cant wait to see some actual english players in your team with this new rule in place,we have a squad much better than yours,

    defo,keane,lennon,modric,palacious,huddlestone,bale,dawson,gomez….. each one could easily fit into your squad, your time is up now,make way for the spurs haha you must be worried about next season, cant wait to see your faces when we come above you !!!!! come on you spurs…

  198. JonJon says:

    silent stan thats the third or forth time youve been on this blog now and you havent had a decent thing to say..

    the post was designed to draw out the spuds so please fuck off and read someone elses blog if you feel so strongly against this one..

  199. agirlagunner says:

    I am appalled at what crawled out of the Spuds woodwork. 🙂 You enjoy yourself, JJ. And make that all-important phonecall. 😉 Night, everyone.

  200. JonJon says:

    piss off stoney..

    i endorse you report me for binning you as well..

  201. lex_dexter says:

    i understand this article was only written to wind up spuds (succeeding admirably by the way!) but you shouldn’t take our clubs name in vain and say things like “dawson would fit into our back 4” because he wouldn’t because he’s a shameful spud and has little or no quality.

    ps – really really enjoying the excitable spuds embarrassing themselves about finishing top4 last year – have you met a single rational person who EVER names them as one of the big 4 since??? hHAHAHAHA!!

  202. JonJon says:

    bye AGAG..

    i will do my best 😉

  203. Ohthose infantilefans says:

    “Gus Caesar says:August 8, 2010 at 1:15 pm
    Yes, Spurs will soon be bankrupt. Don’t let the profitable financial results fool you.”
    Care in the Community should be more mindful of their responsibilities to the meantally challenged. What an idiot. Spurs will be soon be bankrupt despite perpetuially turning in profitable financial results. More Sid ceasar than Gus. But hang on Sid was a professional comnedian and meant to be funny. Perhaps poor retarded Gus might own up, WEith his command of economics he surely must have been an advisor to Gordon Brown. Perhaps the write of this drivel of an article aims it at the scum like Goonerpower that embarrass decent football fans. Surely there shgould be some form of review to prevent what is actually a criminal post from this gutter crawler. Obviously his website encourages filth and perhaps decent Arsenal fans might apply a bit of criticism to their foulmouth member.

  204. Danspur says:

    Dear Woolwich Wanderer – Rearrange these words into an order of your choice “London, South, f*ck, back, off, to”

  205. Jordan says:

    JonJon I like the way you keep reffering to HR going to make us bankrupt in a couple of years.

    I bet it’s a dream you spank your monkey over every night because your a natural born loser.

    Keep dreaming because it really isn’t going to happen.

    Your manager looks like he hangs around in playgrounds with a bag of Haribo, enough said really.

    And to the idiot who claimed you beat us home and away every year? I take it you didn’t watch any of your games this season.

    Typical plastic gooner, YouTube Danny Rose it will teach you some fact on how you beat us at the Lane last season!!!

  206. Gazza's Left Nut says:

    Red Arse – this is the saddest pissing contest I’ve ever gotten drawn into but wanted to comment to save you from disappearing up your own arse entirely.

    “In March 2007 the Club announced a partnership with the charity SOS Children’s Villages UK. Player fines will go towards this charity’s children’s village in Rustenburg, South Africa with the funds being used to cover the running costs as well as in support of a variety of community development projects in and around Rustenburg.

    In the financial year 2006–07, Tottenham topped a league of Premier League charitable donations when viewed both in overall terms and as a percentage of turnover by giving £4,545,889, including a one-off contribution of £4.5 million over four years, to set up the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation.”

    Visits were made by Tottenham players to the charity foundation during this years World Cup:


    And as for looking for a decent Spurs fan – Mariyiddo’s posting @ 3.17 seemed like one of the most reasoned postings on here… especially given as it was in response to another thick as shit posting from Red Arse lol

  207. rico says:

    jj, i have replied 😉

  208. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rico,

    How are you?

    What time is the post coming out? 🙂

  209. Red Arse says:

    JJ has been brill today, but he could use some help from you! 😉

  210. whitehartlad says:

    While I picj myself up off the floor after reading “Arsenal are much bigger than Spurs” hahahhahhahha..”Dawson would definately listen if he knew a club like AR5ena1 were interested”…hahhahha
    Yeah he’d listen alright..then he’d go straight down the boozer to laugh about it with his mates.
    Why the hell would Dawson even consider moving to a team who have won nothing for years and years. The dust cloud over Europe wasnt a volcano it was the cleaner at the Emirates dusting the trophy cabinet.

  211. gremlin says:

    If arse are really scratching to see Dawson in their team, you can always go for Michael’s bro Andy at Hull. Maybe you can win the league then…

  212. oliver says:

    hi all, just back from church services.

  213. Red Arse says:


    You have probably gone, but you must tell me tomorrow whether I am awful, but funny or that I am funny but awful? 🙂

    That even tests my English! 😉

    Night Agag.

  214. Red Arse says:

    Careful Oliver, there are some poisonous Spuds about.

    They are so touchy their language skills desert them and they resort to crudities! 😦

  215. Five Years says:

    hahahaha, let’s face it, when your captain says he really wants to leave but cannot because Arsenal refuse to sell, it shows the rot is from the inside.

    No wonder Wenger doesnt want to sign new deal, he’ll leave and take Cesc with him.

    Dawson for Arsenal, haha, as if he wants to go to a big empty quiet stadium with NO TROPHIES.

    what a joke you lot are…6 years and counting…

  216. JonJon says:

    gazza left nut

    this tottenham hotspud football fund sounds like arrys private stash..

  217. oliver says:

    ra, see your comment about the yanks. i am sure they are espn’s sunday night game – the biggest series in all of baseball, so they will be on late.

    mets and phils first pitch coming up from citizen’s bank park. johan was money last night and the mets clawed out a 1-0 win on frenchy’s seventh innning homer. gets them back to .500 at 55-55 on the season. for the sixth series in a row, they have a chance to take 2 of 3 or 2 of 4 on getaway day, but this has been where they have traditionally turn in their worst efforts. they have a chance with your namesake going against doc halliday, but i expect they will let us down again.

  218. Red Arse says:


    Such humour from someone who supports a club that has not won the League for 51 years.

    Yawn, yawn, so utterly predictable. But then, you have had your best result in ages last season!! Yay ….. 4th.
    Oh dear.

    Cue foul language response.

  219. JonJon says:

    the tottenham fund is the accountants very clever wording on the books which really means ‘managers offshore account’

  220. Red Arse says:

    Oliver, don’t be pessimistic.

    I have a feeling they might just turn it around this time.

    As you are a friend, I hope they do so.

    And that’s saying something for a Yankee Doodle dandy! 🙂

  221. Bernie - London says:

    You would struggle to get Tony Hart and Les Dawson, never mind Joe Hart and Michael Dawson.

  222. Pandiiiya says:

    This is an absolutely amazing story. Thanks so much for taking the time to publish it on the internet. I think you’re footballing insight, is tremendous – in fact, you must be in the football business either as a coach, player or agent.

    Ooops – sorry, that was meant for another blog – what a load of b0110ck5 this story is!

  223. oliver says:

    thanks ra. omar made a couple of roster moves yesterday, cutting alex cora, and calling prospects fernando martinez and reuben tejada up from buffalo. tejada’s promotion is significant, because it means luis castillo has lost the second base job. tejada was not able to hit much when he was with the mets earlier this season, but his defence is excellent. yesterday alone he made three defensive plays that castillo would not have been able to make. f-mart’s call up means that frenchy will no longer be in left field, the two will platoon, at least until jason bay comes off the dl. a win this afternoon would be most welcome – the first road series win against a national league team in well over a year, and over the phillies to boot. problem is that they are going against the phillies ace (halliday). we’ll see, it just that the mets have continually let us down from this position.

  224. Red Arse says:

    Sorry Gazza’s left Nut,

    I did not intend to ignore you.

    I am genuinely pleased to learn of the THFC charitable donation. It’s to their credit.

    It’s a pity you then have to resort to type with your final comment.

    I’m sorry too that I can’t respond in kind. The sort of language you use must leave you feeling soiled, it’s seems pretty disgusting to me.

    Excuse me for not wanting to get down in the gutter with you.

  225. surespur says:

    Does anyone else think that JonJon and Avillian136 need to get a room? COYS

  226. Red Arse says:

    Bernie and Pandiyaa,


    Nice one both of you.

    Humour is always welcome, I have no probs with that!

  227. kols says:

    i am a spurs fan, and i am not saying that spurs are bigger,better,stronger,faster than arsenal. nor do i belive that arsenal will dropp out of top4, i did read all those comments last year, and spurs fans have a way of telling everybody about how mutch trofies they are gonna claim, and we(spurs fans) need to stop this, it is incane to read all those comments. arsenal is a bigger club than spurs, we all know it, so please do not say that spurs are bigger. we spurs fans who actually have a brain get embarresed over this shit every year! kols of norway.

  228. Red Arse says:


    We have the Angels at Detroit first up, then Washinton at the Dodgers and finally the Red Sox at the Yankees.

    Trouble is the Yankees game doesn’t start until 1:00 a.m. over here, so I won’t stay awake for all of it!

    We also have the Masters Tennis Final. I’m worn out trying to watch everything. Plenty of channel hopping needed. 🙂

  229. oliver says:

    ra, sounds like a feast of sports. mets and phils are underway in a few minutes. perhaps we can finally win a series. day off tomorrow before colorado comes to queens for the next series.

  230. Red Arse says:


    I assume you are a Spurs supporter?

    If you are referring to the Dawson thing, you are right.

    It is actually a back-handed compliment to Dawson, but it wasn’t intended to be taken seriously, just a debating point for gooners because of our well known irritation with Monsieur Wenger for not buying the CB we want.

    The Spurs supporters involvement by coming onto the site was welcome but unexpected, I think.

    Sadly, we also have some humourless peeps and I don’t think Dawson would ever be welcome at Arsenal anyway.

    To repeat your point, it won’t happen.

  231. oliver says:

    mets at phils underway, reyes at the plate against halliday.

  232. Red Arse says:


    Go Mets! 😉

  233. oliver says:

    yay! pagan just singled reyes in. 1-0 mets.

  234. DaveYid says:

    Dawson will NEVER join you in a million years! He’s a yid through and through. So hands off!

    Yeh yeh yeh bla bla Sol Campbell went to you bla bla. But that’s just him. Disloyal to practically every club he’s been to since. Notts County was left after one fixture which he was on the losing team for. Wherever next!!?? Campbell will leave Newcastle after the 10/11 season, maybe quicker if they end up at the bottom of the table in january. You watch.

  235. oliver says:

    beltran just flied out for the first out of the inning. hopefully that one run will not be all we get…

  236. Red Arse says:

    Well said, Kols,

    It is natural that fans want their club to do well, but some of the rhetoric goes way over the top.

    Of course, there are intelligent and articulate Spurs fans like you, and I hope they do well for you, but not as well as Arsenal, of course. 🙂

  237. Red Arse says:

    Well guys I am off for the night.

    I wish you all well, even Spurs fans, and I hope to speak to an elated Mets fan tomorrow! 🙂

  238. oliver says:

    k, davis just singled pagan in for the second. f-mart lined out to end the inning, but at least we are up 2-0. now let’s see if ra can hold it.

  239. kols says:

    thank you red arse. i do hope they best arse, but we will see come next may. god luck to us all(all premier clubs)

  240. yidyidyid says:

    Absolutely shocking. although your right about dawson being an exeptional defender, it genuinely shocks me to think that you beleive we would sell dawson full stop, secondly for 15, and 3rdly to you. with your budget, you can start off with kaboul and pick up dawson on a free after his contract expires in 2014

  241. Gunner38 says:

    Old goon sumd it all up for me, especially his last bit, Forever now and always living in our shadows you yid scum. If you were ever as mad to think that just coz you got that shit 4th spot you were as big as us, then ur more nuts than Cantona. Its laughable some of the shit uve bin coming out with this pre season. Hahahaha. Bring on next year, we get better every year, and nearly won 2 of the last three titles on a crocked squad, no injuries this year and we could be bringing the title home to its rightful place in the red and white halls! Red and White Army!

  242. yash says:


  243. oliver says:

    now it’s 2-5 and only the third inning. ra could not hold it…here we go again…

  244. Silly spuds says:

    i wonder if it is really worth diminishing the layers of my fingertips’ skin just to rile a side that has the heritage of being just a little bit better than West Ham. although im sure as the wise man Defoe said they are sure to do better than us in the champions league! pah. yeah you really took the europa cup by storm lads, wait a minute didnt fulham surpass your efforts. come to mention it where would they sit amongst london clubs? i cant think of any other club that has good word to say about them or their fans. jump in the taxis lads and get back to golders green. mwah x

  245. Zgunner says:

    Worst article I ever read… no basis… speculative and a complete waste of energy.

  246. Bill says:

    Whos actually won more in Europe, eh, eh??? Answer me that you pikey bastards.

  247. James147 says:

    You certainly know how to get traffic to your blog. Mention both Arsenal and Dawson in your title so it appears in both ‘Spurs’ and ‘Arsenal’ NewsNow lists and KABLOOM!! Traffic city! Not to mention you get some friendy banter in the comments section 🙂

    I can’t separate Arsenal and Tottenham so I’m backing both to finish 4th.

  248. Steve says:

    You gooner fucking piece of shit. So fcuking desperate. This must be at least the 20th time where gooners have made an article about tottenham. You’re club are so boring and so pathetic (summed up by your tosser wantaway captain) that you must talk about the might tottenham.

    Stupid fucks.

  249. Silly spuds says:

    stupidity ‘steve’ is made by him who casts the first stone, so i guess that rests with jermaine ‘im world class’ defoe, which is shame as he is one of the better players in your used car salesman’s squad. cesc may have been tugged by the city of his birth and who wouldnt! but i cant remember the last time barca or any other major continental clubs have been even slightly interested in spuds players. oh yeah wait a minute lineker and gascoigne…. end of 🙂

  250. Ben says:

    What a load of shit lennon is much better than walcott and he gets in your team so lennon could easily get in and our goalkeeper is fucking miles better than any of yours and ledley king along with dawson is one of the best centre back in england and dawson wouldnt wanna go to such a shit team like arsenal he would be the only good english player in your team. COYS

  251. BrizzleSpur says:

    Ah i love this stuff BEST article of the transfer window 😉
    You gooners know you’re losing your grip at the top end of the table.
    Basically. . .YOUR FUCKED 🙂

  252. mr lilywhite says:


    What a bunch of ignoant idiots, Dawson is the modern day era equivalent of Gary Mabbut, more chance of you pleasuring your mrs you idiots !

  253. TopCat says:

    Arsene heard we can get him in 14 years for £400 so you heard it here first

  254. Steve says:

    Modric and Bale both attracted attention from Inter and UTD this summer (these are Europe’s top clubs – idiot) yet they signed new deals before the summer long saga your scumbag of a captain put you through. I mean seriously, I would be disgusted to have a captain who puts out a statement on an Arsenal website (which was forced by his manager) and talked about Barca all the through. Arsenal are a laughing stock and you are coveting our players (not to mention not the best ones at that). Good luck this year, with flappy-duckski in goal, you sure as hell going to need it. Arsebandit.

  255. Steve says:

    Oh by the way, that’s ‘end of’.

    Fucking moron.


    Dawson? You can’t afford him. Shopping in the bargain basement will get you lightweights, unknowns like Koschielny and Spastic.

    I feel for you twats. 5 years ago you had a great manager, now you have a great accountant. I love the way you fcukers are desperately hoping Tottenham suffer financial problems because all Arsenal fans are being forced to judge their football clubs success through their financial results. Somehow fleecing your supporters of every penny they earn is deemed as top management. No worries, I am sure they’ll bring out the balance sheet cup soon to give a chance to add to the emirates trophy. Aww bless.

  257. silly goons says:

    Cescwolf is going home next year when Wenger uncuffs him from the railing.

    You have Almunia.

    You have Fabianski.

    Theo is well Theo he is a great sprinter I think hes a good shout for the olympics in 2012 actually.

    5 in against Warsaw hehehe

    Ahhhh footballs back let battle commence another trophyless season for your current crop of losers.

    Silly goons lol

  258. Lol says:

    I like how all the spurs fans are commenting, just shows their obsession, do you fucking spurs idiots know the rule, it’s not English players you half-wits.

    Modric,- Fabregas….
    Bale, – Clichy
    Defoe , – Van Persie and Chamakh way better
    King , – Koscielny and Vermaelen better
    Gomes – In
    Krancjar, – Debatable, could play on wing ahead of Arshavin but not in middle.
    whoever said Palacios – 2nd choice DM

  259. james says:

    why the fuck would you want dawson. like every spurs player, hes overrated by them. HES NOT THAT GOOD, last season we had gallas and vermalen. 2 WORLD CLASS CENTRE BACKS< NOT DAWSON AN uNTESTED INTERNATIONAL AND EUROPEAN PLAYER.

    SPURS WILL Get stuffed in the CL i promise you. they have no european experience and no world class players. just a lot of decent players

    never would we want dawson, you moron

  260. Sol the Gooner says:

    LOL @ you spurs scum.

    To the chump who tries to mug people off by suggesting spurs are a big club because Inter and Milan are after their players – get real you dumbass! Bale had a good half season and suddenly he is evidence of spurs being a big club because AC and Inter are after him? LOL! Bale has a good half season and modric is half the player Cesc is – you chumps will be shown what CL football is all about when you get smashed about around europe by teams that are worth a damn.

    calling Arsenal a 2 bob outfit? we have been in europe for 10 years straight, a feat only matched by Real Madrid.

    forever in arsenal’s shadow. and dawson can suck my tit the fucker can be england’s messiah for all i care he is overrated.

  261. j says:

    You goons can be dumb at times. As if any spurs players were at fault at the world cup. Defoe is injured, Lennon is carrying a knock. King obviously wont be risked hence why he also wasnt called up. Dawson is there. The only two who you could say were left out was crouch who we all know has a great record for England but we know what he can do. And huddlestone who was unlucky not to be involved. You could argue jenas, woodgate and bentley are not involved but only jenas is fit at the moment and he is rubbish unless he is playing against your lot. So well done on getting three in. Its been a while since you have done that but please look at the bigger picture in future.

  262. chaz says:

    A little bit of advice for our champions league virgin neighbors (Champions of what exactly?) when your playing away in Europe, whatever you do, DONT EAT THE LASAGNE!.

  263. AntiOnan says:


    I thought the 6-5 win was good as Legia Warsaw were not the pushover you assumed. So no need for panic stations.
    As for Dawson, you have more chance of winning the CL & that is minimal. I feel sorry for you about the Fabregas episode but now you have a hint of how we feel about Campbell.

    Don’t worry about Fabregas. Him leaving is not yr problem. Wenger retiring is your real worry.

  264. pete says:

    jon jon, i am a tottenham supporter, and i have friends who support arsenal, and i can take banter, no problem, but what youre spewing is utter shit, you are seeing a club on the rise, that was once a sleeping giant, we are getting there, we have a rich english owner, who doesnt have to spend his wealth, to buy success, like some other clubs, we use club income, and we still make a profit, go bust, please mate, are you deluded, and when the new financial rules come in, we will be in prime position to get even stronger.
    you have a good stadium, but no atmosphere, and we will get our new stadium, but the difference is we will create a fantastic atmosphere, because thats us, we know how to support our team vocally.
    before wenger you never knew how to play average football,let alone good, and you had a song specially wrote for you by every teams fans, what was it, oh yes, BORING BORING ARSENAL, oh how proud you must be, whereas we have always played good football, you do play good now, but you do it with a foreign team, thats supposed to be english based, how shameful is that. dont lecture us spurs supporters, because you have nothing worth hearing, just made up nonsense, and wishful thinking, our clubs doing fine, and you will be in our shadow.

  265. DeiseGooner says:

    I think you need to review your ‘knowledge’ of The Arsenal Pete – we have had more that 2 managers you know – of which one played ‘boring’ successful football and the other who played ‘exciting attacking’ successful football.

    Notice the word successful here? Yes its been a few years but not nearly as epic a wait as for ye guys. Sleeping giant? This is our year? I have never heard that from a spud before! Ye get yourselves to a great position but always seem to fuck it up at the last – just look at how ye did with Jol – then to go and fuck it up and take 3 years to get back to that position – its a cycle ye have been caught in for quite a while now

  266. yid 4 life says:

    wot a mug daws aint ever ever leaving us, dream on mate, buy another sh*tty foreigner, 15 yr old or sumfink,lol just makes me laugh dat arsenal would except spurs players, no loyalty we would never hav dat a the lane lol f*ck the scum c u at da shit pit on da 21st of nov,.. YID ARMY

  267. Banner says:

    c’mon spurs fans, lets please not dignify this muppet with a response – he’s obviously a wind up merchant.

    and for all you other a@res – enjoy fabregas while you can…

  268. Banner says:

    reading some of these comments is pure comedy. and people say Spurs are deluded???

    Yash – born champions? you won the prem 6 years ago? Cesc “get me the hell out of here” fabregas just won the world cup so i’ll give you him but the rest are champions of feck all.

    All fans look at their teams through rose tinted glasses but if you’re not winning things what is the next best thing? Progress….

    and 3 players in the england team…? do me a favour

  269. JayTheYid says:

    Well that has to win “comedy article of the year 2010” as it easily some of the most deluded cr*p i have read since some other arse bandit claimed your lot would win something this season!! I think he must of meant that internationally acclaimed Emirates Cup that you managed to retain as i cant see you winning f*ck all again this season!!

  270. Gary Harlow says:

    you can have dawson and also my mum. you can have her as well.

  271. rleespurs says:

    Dawson will not leav spurs for two reasons he is our next captain and will soon be our top earner also spurs are going places, we cracked the top 4 and will continue to build.

    As for the crap that we have no money, we always have money as we never spend more than we make and redknapp will bring the title to the lane in two years. The team that collasped were trying to do to much to soon!

    Spurs will finish 3rd and win a trophy COYS !!!

  272. Giz says:

    Well this is nearly as funny as an Arsene Wenger press conference after an away defeat to Bolton. Obviously a wind up so I won’t bother with the ‘do you think we’ll sell to your lot?’ nonsense. As for the ‘back in their place’ jibe, we did finish in the top four, so that is our place. We achieved our target, did you achieve your last year? I am just surprised you didn’t include the usual one liners of: forever in our shadow, we are building a team for the future, we made Cesc the player he is today (bench warmer). And Arsenal fans think we’re obsessed with them. I reckon you lot are rattled. Trophy-less again and without a captain next summer, oh dear.

  273. Giz says:

    By the way I think we are going to sign Van Persie. We have the money and he would love to play in a stadium with atmosphere and for a club that achieved its target last year. Apparently Wilshere is coming to – all in a swap deal with Dawson. You couldn’t make it up, could you?

  274. ilovespurs says:

    This is the funniest article i have ever read in my life! Since when did Arsenal want players from Spurs? looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool? And you actually think Michael Dawson is going to move to Arsenal?looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! You lot have made my day!!!!
    How sad! Captain doesn’t want to play for you so what do you do? You try to make yourselves feel better buy snatching from your rivals- As a spurs fan i admit Arsenal WERE better than spurs but hey, NOT ANYMORE!See you with Aston Villa and Man City next season battling for 7th place! Michel Dawson would rather rot with his brother at Hull than ever put on an Arsenal shirt! Leave us alone!

  275. islington gooner says:

    I love shit….ha ha You had you best season and still finished behind the ARSENAL.

    Fuck me 1961 and you lot are trying to walk the walk…I feel so sorry for you deluded mother-f*****’s.

    Wow the post is a wind up and you lot come out like fly’s around s***.

  276. David S says:

    This has to be the most funniest site ive seen today. Spuds and Gooners going at it over Dawson. Lets get realistic and stop being biast. Im an Arsenal fan. I agree Dawson is a good defender and should have played more of a part then Upson at the world cup. But Arsenal are not going to buy him this is ridiculous, and what more is ridiculous is the fact you Spurs fans still think your a bigger club then Arsenal. Arsenal are the 3rds world richest club. Tottenham are not even in the top 10. You stadium does not hold over 60,000 and your not champions league regulars. I dont quite get why you think your so good!

  277. JM says:

    This is an obvious wind-up.

    Everyone knows Wenger won’t buy an English player if he can help it.

  278. martinyiddo says:

    Never seen such a response to someones dream!
    Calm down Dawsons not going and never was, this is just some silly little dreaming Gooner shit[aint they all] that realises the real cream of defending is in the original and only proper North London Club.
    Just ignore them
    Come On You Spurs. Never Red

  279. Spursboy says:

    Isn’t it funny how the gooners are saying we’re going to get bashed in Europe – we’ll see what happens but we beat your so called ‘mighty’ team didn’t we?

    Please also remember that ars*nal have NEVER won a European trophy lol. We have two UEFA cups and like you have won a trophy that doesn’t exist anymore the ECWC but we no one counts that because it no longer exists.

    Maybe you can count a true mickey mouse cup – that fairs cup you won LMAO at your small, never won anything in Europe, club.

    Of course you came close against Barca and then there’s NAYIM FROM THE HALFWAY LINE.

    LMAO at you

  280. THERUMOURMAN says:

    This just shows you how to get blogs its taken me about 20 mins to get to the bottom of all the mad fans. Who have bean sucked into replying to this nonsense

  281. Evo in Oz says:

    gday all,

    any word on a signing coming in this week?

  282. Chappers says:

    Why do people think Harry will ruin Spurs, Daniel Levy is the man holding the purse strings and running the business side of things and last I knew he was a tight arse jew who also hates scum like the Arsenal. If other teams let Harry spend too much then that is their own fault. We have two great leaders off the pitch at Spurs, Harry and Daniel!

  283. DeiseGooner says:

    Are we still arguing over Dawson? What has the world come to?

    Dopey spuds 🙂

  284. Spursboy says:


    What do you think?

    Dopey goonie

  285. Giz says:

    Islington Gooner, for a supposed ‘big club’ you haven’t won anything for a while have you? How is that trophy cabinet looking at Cashburton Grove? We might have won a ‘Mickey Mouse’ cup two years ago after beating you and Chelski but at least we’ve won a final at the new Wembley. Rather a Mickey Mouse cup than nothing at all eh? Is Arsene still building that team? How many years has he been building it for? If he was a builder he would have been sacked by now…Then there’s the debt that means you can’t afford players like Dawson. Then there’s your glorious football which got brutally exposed by a proper football team in Barcelona. Your supposed shadow is shrinking…

  286. Spursboy says:

    ‘we have been in europe 10 years in a row.’

    Still never won anything in Europe though LMAO

  287. islington gooner says:

    Giz but we won the main prize at shite hart in 2004…remember that??

    I seem to remember,Arsenal having two european trophies….1970,1994 you doughnut.

    Spurs boy,lets see how your muppets do and dont laugh to hard,because when you break down each other’s trophie cabinets…Who has the last laugh..lmfao

  288. TJ WIMP says:

    a new sports blog come visit it at


    thank you

  289. Giz says:

    So Islington Gooner, all you Arse fans talk about us living in the past and look at the dates you quoted. You’ve won two European trophies have you? We’ve won three: 1963, 1972 and 1984. So say what you like, we are more successful than you in Europe using your own arguement. You lot pretend you don’t care about Spurs, but then go on about ‘winning the league at White Hart Lane’ with a draw. You went a whole season unbeaten, a massive achievement, but all you can say about that season is that you won it at White Hart Lane. No doubt you say to yourself that Spurs fans are obsessed with you Goons but it looks the other way round here. Also if you want to break down the trophy cabinet, feel free, you have won much more than us in the past – but you don’t like us living in the past do you – so lets do the last six years shall we? Oh we are more successful than you in recent history, and better than you in Europe too. Wow, bombshell.

  290. Spursboy says:

    Your obviously thick Islington gooner (blatantly more like surrey gooner) I said 1970 fairs cup – the real mickey mouse cup of football. And 94 was the ECWC which doesn’t even exist anymore (like your mickey mouse fairs cup)

    We don’t count our ECWC of 62 but count our two UEFA cups which you have never won – you have NEVER won anything in Europe.

    I will keep laughing you tool but why are you laughing your f*cking ass of!?!?!?!? Has sol been round??

  291. Zulu Gooner says:

    You got to be kidding – Dawson isn`t even of Arsenal Reserve player quality. What have you been ingesting?

  292. JonJon says:

    in the past decade arsenal have-
    gone unbeaten in the PL..
    won the double
    won the PL
    got to the CL final
    finished in top 4 every year
    built a 60000 seater stadium and the best academy in england
    officially become one of europes top 8 teams and 3rd richest SELF FINANCED club in the world
    and done it all on a shoe string budget

    in the past decade spurs have-
    finished in the top 4 once..

    whos the bigger club again??

    spurs may have become a top 4 team but they need to keep that spot for several years before the can be considered a big club..

    it will be interesting to see how you cope with building a stadium and maintaining your current ‘success’..building a new stadium needs lots of investment..to make it work you need a good academy to bring the players through because arry wont be given the money to spend on players..it will be needed elsewhere..

    your acedemys shite and your team will suffer for it..arry will lose his job cos without 50mil to spend every year the blokes a joke manager..leaves everybody relegated or bankrupt..or both

    and for the muppet who said our european win doesnt count because it doesnt exist anymore, well your double doesnt count cos the old division one doesnt exist anymore.. see where im getting with this???

  293. Doglegz says:

    arsenal fans are sooooo sh*t

    no firm and no songs. big empty benfica copy cat ground. Yes empty – empty of noise.

    ta ta arse-anal. Big big club but also an illegal club.

    YID ARMY 🙂

  294. Doglegz says:

    The old first division is the prem you tool just rebranded with sponsorship.

    Uefa cup was never the fairs cup – look at the uefa website your not on the uefa cup honours list.

    How can you be a big club when you have NEVER won anything in europe ‘mighty’ arseanal???

  295. Doglegz says:

    Look jon jon as everyone keeps telling you the unique way we are funding the stadium means there will be NO debt from the stadium. Unlike you there will be no bank loan. Naming rights, like you, share issue and joe lewis’ is stumping up £200m of his personal wealth cos he loves spurs. Plus he is personally funding are new £35m training ground which is already started to be built. Both these projects will be better than yours.

    Think of that jon jon; spurs have better fans, better firm, better board, better birds (seen the strippers in the bill nick?), better in Europe and soon to have a better stadium and training ground.

    Yes both spurs and the anal are big clubs but not massive that’s reserved for clubs like Liverpool, Real Madrid etc. Yes your bigger than us but big difference – your heritage shows you that your an illegal club as well.

    ta ta

  296. Doglegz says:

    Jo Jon No doubt you will soon delete my comments because like all goonies you can’t take the truth. If you have any balls please do what no goonie has ever done and answer the 3 qu below.

    1. If your so great why arent you passionate about your club? the atmosphere is diabolical at your ground – you sing one song ‘we are by far the greatest team’. a crap song sung by all 92 clubs for the last 20 years. why are you vocally dreadful fans?!?!?!?!? 

    2. you havent got a firm lol. goonies come on here threatening and swearing saying how much they hate us but where are they on match day to show this hatred – errr nowhere. why is this so!?!?!?!?!?!? 

    Quiet fans in the ground with no firm – wonder what respect spurs fans have for those attributes hmmmm. Basically your just a family club.

    3. you bang on about how successful you are but what about your dreadful heritage which is a key reason that you should follow a club. from woolich in south london called dial square. had other names including royal arsenal, woolich, woolich arsenal. you have had loads of different home kits – black and white, yellow, claret, all red, suddenly putting white in your kit. 

    you have had at least three different homes and moved yes moved to north london over 30 years after tottenham hotspur were formed – yes thats tottenham a place in north london. You have tried to merge with fulham when things were rough for you, rumoured to try and call yourselves arsenal hotspur when you arrived in 1913. You changed the name of a tube station to arsenal to try and make yourselves appear to belong there. You have never been relegated from the top flight – do you know how you got there? 

    please tell me how you justify all this!?!?!?!?!?!? presumably by saying ‘oh it doesnt matter’ ‘thats not about football’ but hey apparently its us that is the scum. I will expect the usual replies full of lies and by all means go ahead. But for your own benefit and lives please ask yourselves these qu and try being honest with yourself – I think deep down you know you have given your life to something you regret.

    You might be better now but you are not morally and that is what really counts – why support something successful when in essence that thing is rotten to the core.

  297. JonJon says:


    now we talk properly 😉

    we are passionate about our club..the internet is full of gooners, more blogs than any other club..the passion is there..but new stadiums with all the health and saftey involved take time to adapt to..weve only been here 4 years..we still breaking it in..im sure you’ll know what i mean if you manage the funds to project yours..

    our firm grew up a long time ago..its still out there but they have better things to do with their time..I wouldnt brag too much about your firm either, its not like your up their with the bubble blowers and the lions is it???? your not exactley a well know firm are you??

    the third points a good one..i honestly dont know what to say to that but im sure another gooner will answer it for you shortly..

  298. HoxtonBoy says:

    Why would Awesome need the agro. Look what happened to Sol when he defected to the Gooners. If he leaves he will go back north I expect.

  299. Doglegz says:

    Jon jon my boy there may be hope for you yet as I must admit I thought you were mentally disabled 🙂

    you can’t have the emirates is still new bollox as highbury was equally if not worse for atmosphere. The real problem you have is so so many of your fans are from surrey or are going as families for the day and I include people like all the africans and Indians. I need to be clear here though these are native Africans and Indians not the British born Africans of the 70s and 80s we have. No st georges cross alowed in your ground says it all.

    On the firms you personally seem to have lost the blind spite in your posts so your comment on the firms seems to me to be more misinformed rather than the usual lies your sad jealous fans spurt out routinely. Like it or not and please do your homework the yid army is Europe renowned and is up there with most clubs. Ask feyenoord how we play. Ask Ajax and Aberdeen who we’re close to. You had a firm once but even they remain embarassed at the day you teamed up with Oldham at the lane.

    Anyway I don’t want to talk firms as online it always goes one way – a silly little boy goonie making up lies. We’ll see if you turn up at the lane one day the same way we do at parsons green and the Boleyn. I want to focus on the third point which you amazingly applauded as this is the root to what your supporting is oh so very wrong – I just wish I could go back in time and remove henry norris as then there would be no arseanal and we’d all support thfc together which would have then been the gigantic superpower that norris denied us and instead formed this evil poison afc that is built on qu3

    Not too late for all goonies – pls pls reform woolich arsenal and begin the steps of destroying what norris created.

  300. JonJon says:

    arsenal are a world brand..sure alot of families go and theres nothing wrong with a father taking his children to watch the greatest team on earth..

    but the fact we are a world brand means we have alot of new fans that make up the attendance numbers..we are not ashamed of this, they help make us as rich and as massive as we are..once we start winning trophies the emirates will start to get going..its new as far as stadiums go so it needs breaking in..

    you really need to stop with the firm business..its nothing to be proud of..you can big yourself up all you want but the fact remains the real naughty boys cant get into the grounds anymore..

    ajax and aberdeen arent exactly animals either..id of said feyenoord and hibs are worse..

    you wana prove yourself as a top firm??? get yourselves over to poland and have a row up with one of their firms… good luck with that one..

    whether the meet is arranged or not, the levels of firm activity in britian is reletively small now..the firms have largely disbanded.

    its more notorious in eastern europe..

  301. JonJon says:

    once youve built your new stadium Levy will change the focus of your support..

    you dont even fill white hart lane at the best of times so how do you expect to fill a 60000 seater??

    the answer?? new fans with lots of money who help pay back the installments on the builing of the stadium..

    the fact of the matter remains, the financial side of football has been hit hard..banks are no longer lending money and nobody apart from citeh are spending..

    it going to take time for clubs to adapt to this and a lot will suffer, but you know what team has been doing it and doing it well for the past 7 years?? Arsenal!!!!

    we have the best academy, only the teams with the best academies will survive this new age of living within your means..

    weve been balancing the books for years and we have managed to build a new stadium and stay in the top 4..

    lets see how everyone else manages…

  302. Doglegz says:

    Jon jon we have moved away from qu3 as like you said yourself you have no answer to it – the closest thing I have ever had from a gooner admitting in his heart he knows supporting arsenal is wrong – I applaud you for that although no doubt you will come back with claims to the contrary.

    Let me go over your other points as there is plenty of room to show you up shall we say 😉

    For the reasons mentioned no point in discussing firms but we had plenty of rows with wisla krawok of Poland a couple of years back when they were in the shelf and parts of the Paxton road end. Honestly I have no idea what happened in the away leg. The reason I think firms are relevent is when on blogs like this one set of fans abuse another with language which is verbal abuse but won’t show up with physical abuse – that equalls a pussy IMO. So due to that that is what I associate your fans as. I don’t despise WHU fans for abusing us online cos they will back it up and I respect them for that. If you don’t back it up then your fans IMO don’t have the right to abuse us verbally online.

    You seem partially intelligent but how can you come to the conclusion that WHL is even on occassion struggling to sell out. If you believe this then maybe you really do believe HR could financially ruin spurs. Look I ain’t gona argue over fact – do your homework WHL is always sold out and we have 22,000 people on the ST waiting list. The maths means we will routinely sell out 60000. As discussed we are paying for our new stadium in unique means so there is no installments to pay back to any banks. Your academy is good but not as good as you think as the majority of the kids were like it or not effectively stolen from foreign clubs before they had signed proffessional contracts. Spurs and others have also done this but you have done it on a whole new level. I see how balancing the books with your new stadium applies to you and how bringing the kids through compensates for cash going on repayments but as mentioned this simply won’t apply to spurs.

    WHL rarely being sold out remains a ridiculous comment as does your hope that the emirates atmosphere will improve in time IMO.

  303. Doglegz says:

    One other thing arsenal like spurs is not a massive club.

    A massive club is someone like AC Milan or Real Madrid or Man Utd etc. You can’t be massive with no European trophies. You have alot of domestic leagues sadly but you needed to hang on for 15 more minutes against barca to be considered massive.

    As mentioned sadly you are bigger than spurs thanks to wenger but also as mentioned it really is irrelevent if you become massive and win the next 3 million league titles as due to qu3 you will always be an illegal club in the same way MK dons are.

  304. N4 says:

    Doglegz you realy suprise me, you almost sound intelligent with some of the financial points you try to make, even if they are utter shite, the fact remains we gave up firms and kicking off a long time ago, most of us now have kids as im sure most of you have,and prosper to show them the correct way to behave, so do yourselves a favor cause we dont give a fuck how hard you are in packs, we aim to do our fighting on the pitch, oh and if you ask anybody in the footballing world who is the bigger team, do you realy think they will say spurs??

  305. Boon says:

    All you fucking arsenal supporting scumbags, your time in the top four has come to an end unless you take your hand out your pocket then you’re going to slump down the league what with man shitty being owned by an arab, spurs arent poor and roy hodgson can build a good team so…


  306. JonJon says:

    dont forget where you started off?? in the swamps right? had three homes in total right??

    and already thinking of the 4th?? whose the pikey now, your just sore because weve bullied you in every era..forever in our shadow then and now..

    your basically saying that lewis is going to donate your stadium to you?? LOL.. wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first..

    arsenal are a massive club.. top 8 in europe trophy or not .weve gone a whole season unbeaten and won the double double in PL era..never dropped out of top 4 and have a frightening good young team with a shit load of revenue being streamed into the club..

    we will only get better whereas you havent reached the hard part yet….like i said lets wait until youve qualified properly for CL and your stadium is built, then we see how good you really are..

  307. JonJon says:

    i agree with N4

  308. Doglegz says:

    Tottenham Marshes is in Tottenham, Northumberland Park is in Tottenham, White Hart Lane is in Tottenham – jon jon you seem to av at least good intentions so don’t show yourself up as a bafoon.

    Just to be clear unlike yourself I haven’t made any bold predictions for the future. Football is unpredictable and very competitive I’d be shocked not to be young boys bern but nit shocked if we failed to get back in the top 4. Again we’re going back to qu3 my support for spurs doesn’t depend on the success of past or future – we will always be at WHL behind thfc regardless – you may be right things could go titts up; won’t effect my support for spurs and you could win every trophy around forever and become massive but you will still always be the devils club.

    Again two more inaccurate comments from you -bit of a habbit that – big mouth small brain? Perhaps Dear Mr Levy was right. Your not a massive club. This is solely determined by silverware – Aston Villa are bigger than both of us. You know what you are a massive club but therefore Real Madrid and AC Milan are ultra massive clubs. How’s that!?!?!? Next is our stadium – you love talking about that more than me! Must be that incredible pic of the new single tier Paxton Road with TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR written in gold letters above it. That place will be the ground of dreams and no unlike your beliefs this is regardless of success or not. But anyway the finance issue – not sure what your getting at so I’ll state the facts again. Naming rights – really sad that part although when you did it I guess you didn’t care, just show us the money. Big deal with sainsburys for the supermarket. Then levy’s superior marketing brain kicks in (seen are separate sponsorship deals for league and cups? Each sponsor brings in 10m a season) major share issue. There are other streams being exploited including Autonomy and of course joe lewis’. So no bank loan. Regardless of your thoughts this is a superior means of financing the stadium to your borrowing all the money and stealing 90% of europes best 16 year olds – another shameless action btw but very much in keeping with the tradition of your club highlighted in qu3.

    Next jon jon – just let your heart win man although like most gooners this will happen when you hit 60 odd – that’s when the denial just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  309. Doglegz says:

    N4 what about my financial points are utter shite?

    Please read you total mug – i said the anal are bigger than spurs but when saying this I must repeat you are also an illegal club hence rendering any notion that you are bigger means anything 😉

    jon jon you are rapidly going down in my estimations. What do you agree with SW4 about?

  310. JonJon says:

    so levy, lewis, santa clause and jesus are going to build your stadium and all the bricks and mortar are going to be delivered by flying elephants???

    should be good..maybe you should make a DVD of it too..

  311. JonJon says:


    id like to say i agree with you but that would make us both wrong..

  312. hassi7866 says:

    Tbh Dawson is better at tottenham he won’t get a chance to perform at arsenal and to be fair he does not have the class and not enough experimce to play in a big team like aresnal thts my opinion free for corrections

  313. chez says:

    this is all pointless to me to be honest, michael dawson is shit and would disgrace the slick turf of the emirates, the fact that them c**** across the way have english players tells you of their problem, look in south africa and it is clear that ‘english football’ is outdated and not relevant, until spurs find a manager who teaches them to pass a ball properly and string together a consistent set of results they will get nowhere. the day spurs finish above arsenal is the day that the emirates and london colney should b blown up. nothing but a group of wannabes. they made a dvd about a draw with arsenal a draw! i believe that tells the whole story.

  314. Doglegz says:

    Two more silly comments jon jon.

    Please re-form woolich arsenal fc and bring back what Norris destroyed in the same way Wimbledon were re-formed after what winkleman did.

  315. Damian says:

    We had no money when Given was available as 4 the Cesc saga there was none Arsenal was never selling him let alone sell him cheap Barca. was banking on 1 thing the myth that you can,t keep an unsettled player which you can & even if you can,t he only gets to go where he wants if thats the top offer on the table which it wont be if Arsenal hang a 4 sale sign around his neck & once a good son becomes a bad 1 all bets are off its open season

  316. Giz says:

    I have to laugh at the Gooners who talk about Spurs spending too much and having money troubles. Harry spent the money avaliable at Portsmouth. If a club says there is x amount of money, the manager will spend it, that’s down to the board. Arsenal are more than £200m in debt and have a wages bill of £104m a year – half their debt and more than double that of Spurs. Tottenham’s debt is £45m, less than half of our actual turnover. So if we had to repay our debt immediately, we could do this and pay our wages in one year. Could Arsenal? No. You made £45m profit last year, but a large chunk of that paid off the interest in the loan you can’t afford to pay because the pads at Highbury took much longer to sell and property prices plummeted. Arsene Wenger spent millions on the likes of Overmars, Reyes, Henry etc but had to stop when the club had to pay for the ground. Levy has already structured the club to afford our new ground without having to take out loans upon which the interest is based on how quickly flats can be sold. Arsenal the club is in debt up to its eye balls and is struggling to pay it back, hence why Wenger had to significantly trim his wage bill by letting big earners like Gallas and Silvestre go. Go on pretending all is rosy but I would be very concerned if I was a Gooner, God forbid.

  317. H12 says:

    Well, You can get Sol “Big Fat Ass” Campbell again, hurry up.

  318. Giz says:

    No thanks, we are not a club that currently needs a centre back. What about you? Perhaps Wenger wanted him to stay, I know alot of Gooners did, but simply couldn’t afford him. After your run in most of you were saying that Campbell was the only defender who performed well.

  319. Gooner_Hall says:


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