What’s Cesc Playing At?!!

I cannot confirm nor deny anything. In the last six months, this story has made our lives difficult. At the moment, what is important is that when Cesc comes back, that he comes out. For me, I have nothing more to add. The conversations with the players have to be private because I cannot come out every time I speak with a player.”

The speculation does not stop. Who can stop the speculation? Only Cesc maybe, I don’t know, maybe not even Cesc. But that is how I feel. We cannot go into a season where everyday you read about that. He has not played today and I sit here and speak about Fabregas.

Seems pretty clear to me. Mr Wenger is in no uncertain terms telling Cesc he is sick of all this nonsense and he fully expects our captain to make an announcement to the Arsenal fans that he will be playing at THOF  this coming season.

That was Wenger’s opinion on saturday night. With Cesc still on holiday having been given extended leave after suffering a backbreaking 15 whole minutes of world cup burnout, it is to be assumed that Mr Wenger fully expects Cesc to hold a conference of some kind as soon as he returns. Pledging his loyalty to the club while in the meantime it is also to be assumed that he keeps his trap well and firmly shut..

So, eagerly waiting in anticipation for our talisman to come home and tell us all it was just a bad dream and he loved The arsenal more than what Puyol would love Cesc’s DNA all over his face in the showers. I turn on Sky Sports news to see our emotion stricken captain telling a crowd of 2,500 Barcelona fans in his Catalan hometown:

‘I hope to see you more often and closer.’

Not satisfied with Fabregas Sr’s regular updates on his son’s future, the Spanish media are now getting his GRANDMA to get in on the action as well.. How low is that?? Getting a players frail old grandma to pull his heartstrings in the direction of the club who openly like to feel each others DNA all over themselves..

It’s time someone got the scissors and cut this crap out because the circus is in town. It’s gone on for too long and Cesc has played a not so innocent key role in the whole thing..Arsenal don’t need this freak show at the minute, Arsene is trying to rebuild his side for next season and this whole saga is detrimental to the stability of the club..

So Cesc Fabregas, times up..I agree with the manager and along with Le prof and thousands upon thousands of Arsenal fans, I fully expect you to come clean on your return..

You either want to play for us or you don’t.. If you want to stay in Spain then tell us and stop pissing about and wasting everyone’s time.


97 Responses to What’s Cesc Playing At?!!

  1. Geir says:

    Put him on the bench and don’t sell him until 2013. That’ll teach the monster.

  2. Jay-Jay says:

    I totally agree.

    He’s had the power this whole time to put an end to this nonsense one way or the other and he really should have done/said something by now.

  3. TV05 says:

    Word up!

  4. Sid says:

    Clueless, pointless, retarded blog.

    You think he wasnt training every day with the squad?

    Fuck wits

  5. John says:

    Guilty before trial, that’ll work.

  6. Mr. Arsenal says:

    Why is everyone complaining? Everyone knew this day was coming that Cesc was gonna go back to Barca ONE DAY!

    If he does go I wish him the best… Always played his HEART OUT FOR THE ARSENAL!

  7. JonJon says:


    whats training got to do with anything?? we are talking about cesc wanting to play in spain so what the hell are you talking about..

    whos the retarded fuckwit now..read the post properly before you start the abuse..you just leave yourself open for a free for all..

  8. goonerbegood says:

    as i always have said,MIGHTY ARSENAL FC are not in any obligations to sell ,listen,discuss ,negotiate ,have a meeting with who or not for cesc.
    his contract is till 2015.so if barca cannot pay up,then they should shut up.
    Arsenal are not in any way form or shape under any obligations to any one in barcelona or anywhere else in the world to sell cesc.
    and for the future wneger,pls no more buying spanish players cos they are just like cry babies. boo hooo boo hoo i want to go home but i signed a 5 yr contract,pls grandma can you help me tell them that i have barca dna,
    mes de wanker club can fcuk off.

  9. ahmad fromy syria says:

    best article I read and the last lines are sum it all thanks

  10. JonJon says:

    john hes been guilty all summer..hes had lenty of chances to speak and everytime its been barca this and barca that..

    hes practically done everything barring wearing the barca shirt itself..

    oh shit i forgot hes done that too…

  11. Greg says:

    The main driver in this saga has been Cesc himself all along. The time is fast aproaching when he could no longer pretend that it is someone else’s concern.

  12. Sid says:

    Look I have absolutely no problem with Cesc wanting to go back to barca, all the people saying he’s selfish or he’s a monster to quote Geir are deluded in my opinion. Imagine you worked at a relatively small company in a city far from your hometown where all your close friends and relatives were, now a larger company which you always dreamed to work for offered you a job in your hometown and for more money, would you turn it down ?? I think not.

    All I want from Arsenal and Cesc is to put an end to all the speculation which is causing more problems, let it be know that he will be leaving on so and so date for so and so amount and so and so is being looked at to replace him.

  13. MJL says:

    seriously – you have based this piece on one carefully selected line in THE DAILY FUCKING MAIL!!! what is wrong with you!??

    these knee-jerk articles based on baseless reporting only fan the flames.

    Pull yourself together and start acting like a proper gooner!!

  14. JonJon says:

    mr arsenal

    totally agree, we all knew it would happen but why did he sign a new contract last year if he had no intention on seeing it out..

  15. David says:

    Look if he wants to play he will. We will find out soon enough. Of course we want him. Let hum take his break and by the end if the week we’ll know. We need to focus on the club and the successful season I’m confident we will have!

  16. JonJon says:


    yeah but arsenal are not a small company..

    we are a massive club now..cesc is the captain of arsenal and signed a five year contract just last year..

    that doesnt give him liscence to do as he pleases does it..

    commit or move..but dont turn it into a soap opera..thought he would have had a bit more respect for us than that..

  17. Superior Spurs says:

    How fantastic it is to see Ar2ena1 as a club in crisis. Can’t you Ar2ena1 fans see that Fabregas wants to go home and Wenger should grant him his wish. Finally in no way is the Emirates THOF you will experience what a proper footballing side looks like when your superiors demolish you 0-3 at that dump of yours later this season and leave you begging for mercy at the hands of the mighty THFC.

  18. gunner17 says:

    you are a disgrace for turning against cesc. your booing will make his mind up for him.

    barca have always had a pull on him but they have been crass and tactless and greedy in choosing to exercise that pull now. the boy should have been left alone at arsenal until he won the league, only then should they have come in for him.

    he has been put in an awful position by barca, none of this is his fault. HE HAS NEVER ASKED TO LEAVE, so leave him alone and get the fuck behind him.

  19. David says:

    We are in good shape and cesc can help us lift the premier league this season. I personally don’t think he’s going anywhere

  20. John says:

    JonJon. We cannot be sure that Cesc actually said any of this stuff. Only today Puyol denied the comments that were attributed to him. As for the shirt, well he looked a wee bit embarrassed to me.

  21. Geir says:

    I was ironic! Hope you see that. But we have a problem with players and contracts if this is the way things go. Contracts become valueless, and money spent on wages are money wasted in these cases.
    I can understand people getting dissillusioned when a contract isn’t a contract anymore.

  22. JonJon says:


    pack it in with the supporters support dribble will you..

    captains captain..and dont flirt with the enemy..

    as for the daily mail i dont read that piece of shit or any newspaper.. i got my quotes from arsenal.com and sky sports..i also watched the sky sports interview when it happened

  23. JonJon says:


    whos booed??

    noones turned against cesc but we do want answers from OUR CAPTAIN

  24. Mr. Arsenal says:

    People need to remember Barca is his home… If he stays or goes I respect his decision.. People need to realize being at Arsenal for 8yrs ain’t a joke! Especially if you HAVEN’T won A trophy for a club like ARSENAL!

    And I know there would be SOME! fools that would Boo! him come start of the campaign.

  25. potter says:

    why did he sign a new contract last year if he had no intention on seeing it out..

    Probably at the time he was not aware of Barca’s interest. The world cup isolated him from Arsenal, the manager and London and gave the the Spanish club loads of time and opportunity to get in his ear and influence his thinking. We might win this round but as soon as he rejoins the Spanish squad it will all start up again. Let him say that he wants off and negotiate a deal that suits our club.. If this happens I would think most Arsenal fans would understand that we are in for more transition whilst Ramsey and Wilshere develop enough to do the job.

  26. Rock says:

    Sid, your analogy makes absolute fuck all sense, ‘a relatively small company’ – are u out of your fucking mind. What relatively small company has the best manager in the world, is the second most richest club in the world, has a stadium that is the absolute dogs bollocks and light years ahead of any other in the entire world, and to top it off he’s the captain, the face of that club.

    Wilshere’s ready to take his place anyway. Fabregas can fuck off. Fair enough he wants to go to barca, good luck to him, and should be allowed to leave, but to just stay silent for this long is a disgrace, like his manager said – its come for cesc to come out and tell everyone if he’s in or out.

    Great article by the way.

  27. JonJon says:

    arsenal in crisis??? lmao

    we havent lost a preseason game yet and our top class players still havent returned from WORLD CUP duty..

    how many spuds players were at WC?? and what was the score v Villarreal again??

    spurs maybe in the cl but theyre 12 years behind us mate..

  28. goonerbegood says:

    to sid,yeah would you turn it down ofcourse not but what happens when you had signed a previous contract that will take you to 2015.(let me explain ,why do you guys think he does not want to hand in a transfer request,which will be the normal thing to do in this case,?cos he knows when he does this mighty arsenal fc have the power to sell to the highest bidder)
    people talk as if MIGHTY ARSENAL FC are the bad guys here,
    a boy of 16,who was not seen as good enough cos if barca did then they would have offered him a proffessional contract or signed a pre contract for a proffessional contract when he turned 18,,but they did not cos they did not believe in his qualities AT THAT TIME.
    Wenger brought him to us despite us needing defensive cover but instead we stuck with him THORUGH THICK AND THIN ,he is now a star now he wants to leave ..

    MIGHTY ARSENAL FC are not in any obligations to sell cesc ,he knows it,barca knows it that is why they are using cunning methods trying to get him on the cheap. we are not stupid,then people come here and say why keep a player who does not want to stay,
    oooh ,now he does not want to stay eeh
    why did he not say that before he signed the contract till 2015.

    in the court of law this is no case,them mes de un wanker club know it,that is why they are using players and other mes wankers coming here chatting shit.

    mighty arsenal fc are not in any obligations to any **** to sell cesc

  29. Jones says:

    More thoughts on our captain: http://insidegunner.blogspot.com/

  30. Greg says:

    Why would you call anyone a fool for booing? Insead of a summer of building and focus we have had one of ‘Cesc saga’. If anyone boos they are entitled!

  31. JonJon says:


    theres no smoke without fire..

  32. Josh says:

    Simple, if he says he wants to go, put him on the transfer list and sell him to the highest bidder. Players have to learn that they are employees of clubs and need to be stripped of the media driven power they possess.

  33. gunner17 says:

    ok so cesc’s head has been turned. you can’t blame him, the pressure he has been put under has been ridiculous. if your whole entire family, all your friends, everyone you grew up with, the city and country of your birth were all lobbying to have you back you’d have your head turned too. it would be difficult to tell them all to shut up.

    but cesc loves arsenal, he has always given his all for us and will continue to do so. he will stay for another couple of years.

    i think you will find that he publically declines barca in a most respectful way this week. it will let down everyone he loves back home, and he will do it because he loves arsenal and knows it’s wrong to leave so soon.

    i just hope you nice people will stop getting on his back. he deserves better support than you lot.

  34. gunner17 says:

    ok so cesc’s head has been turned. you can’t blame him, the pressure he has been put under has been ridiculous. if your whole entire family, all your friends, everyone you grew up with, the city and country of your birth were all lobbying to have you back you’d have your head turned too. it would be difficult to tell them all to shut up.

    but cesc loves arsenal, he has always given his all for us and will continue to do so. he will stay for another couple of years.

    i think you will find that he publically declines barca in a most respectful way this week. it will let down everyone he loves back home, and he will do it because he loves arsenal and knows it’s wrong to leave so soon.

    i just hope you c*nts will stop getting on his back. he deserves better support than you lot.

  35. Mr. Arsenal says:

    Then ‘Greg’ you are an idiot my friend… A pure idiot.
    Put yourself in his shoes. If your playing for Barca and Arsenal wanted you back and you loved the club bcos it’s your hometown club… how are you gonna feel?

  36. JonJon says:


    rubbish….i love arsenal more than cesc does..

    but thats exactly what i want him to do..i want him to tell us he is staying.

  37. Marko says:

    I wouldn’t read much into his comments and it sounds to me to be more shit coming out of the media to keep the story going whether it’s Marca or Sky Sports or any radio station in Barcelona we get no love or respect from all these. His actual words though really hold no water when you think about it. I honestly think the worst thing that we can do is for the fans to turn against him or the absolute worst thing is to boo him cause then we’ll lose and they’ll win. He’s 5 years left on his contract and we don’t wanna sell and they can’t afford his true value. The storys been over for months when you think about it.

  38. oliver says:

    what, you expected him to say something before he returns? i didn’t. when he comes back, he will be asked directly about in our “controlled environment”, we’ll see what he says then. if he states he wants a transfer to barcelona, then so be it – it just has to be on terms that are acceptable to arsenal fc.

    if he pledges his support to arsenal, i expect that still will not satisfy many of our supporters. that is life. i have not gotten worked up or lost sleep over this, and i do not intend to now.

    we can think, suppose and infer all we want, but reality is that nobody except cesc knows how he really feels. sure it is possible he is sitting there pulling the strings on all this. maybe he does not have the guts to come out and say he wants a transfer. that theory cannot be dismissed out of hand.

    but neither can the theory that barca know he genuinely loves both clubs and have been waging an active campaign to exploit this indecision and create the impression that cesc wants a transfer this summer. if this is close to reality, english media and lots of arsenal supporters have helped barca to no end. cesc has never once said that he wants to transfer to barcelona this summer – in the absence of such a statement, barca and their friends have desperately tried to convince all and sundry that this is what he wants. just because they say it, does not make it so.

    i have already explained why i think cesc is keeping silent, and will continue to keep silent until back in friendly confines: geniune love for both clubs, conflicting emotions of wanting to lead arsenal to silverware and fulfill his dream of playing in the barca first team for guardiola, and a desire not to burn bridges in both camps. under the above premise, he may have failed to consider that keeping silent will actually burn some bridges to an extent. perhaps that motivated arsene’s saturday comment, where he effectively called cesc out. perhaps my premise is completely half-baked – if it is, i will gladly hold my hand up. but here on august 2nd, i have seen nothing to firmly disprove it – yet.

    so let’s take a deep breath. we have lived with this all summer, what is another week or so? as inconvenient and frustrating as this all is for us, cesc is almost certainly looking at this from a different perspective, so trying to understand that may help our perspectives.

    finally, let’s not let rosell, the barca playing staff and media make our minds up for us. let’s wait until cesc returns and hear what he says away from catalunya and the spain squad.

    regardless of what he says, there will still be people unhappy with the response.

  39. AFC13ROL6 says:

    Im getting really hacked off with Cesc now…I dont usually write,just enjoy reading your guys posts!
    I dont agree with booing him,but myself as a season ticket holder wont be cheering his name next year “weve got cesc fabregas” leave it out only because the place that he wants to be are skint we have.We are The Arsenal,we deserve more respect.I think we should go public tell barca to pay 50 million even if its in installments and tell him to fuck off…we will see him again in a few years and get the last laugh,we are going in the opposite direction to Barca!

  40. gunner17 says:

    cesc will stay two more years, will fight with all his heart in every game, will win us the league and the european cup, will help bring on nasri, ramsey and wilshere as his replacements, and will earn us a fee upwards of £60m when he goes.

    cesc will leave with his head held high, and will go with the blessing and love of all decent arsenal fans. he will come back in a barca shirt, and will be received like henry, vieira and pires have been. an arsenal legend.

  41. Greg says:

    Mr Arsenal: Much as I hate to put myself in anyone’s shoes, I have done your bidding, and and all I can see is disrespect and manipulation. If you think I am an idiot, I can only say that it takes a bigger idiot not to see beyond their nose like you.

  42. silent stan says:

    the little runt wants to go and no is being advised to keep causing disruption. after all if he asks for a move he loses 5% of 40m
    put the little fucker on the bench and make vermy captain

  43. JonJon says:


    forget about installments..barca still owe us money on previous transfers so balls to that idea..

    60mil upfront in cash or go bolox..

  44. Marko says:

    It doesn’t matter what player says or what his grandma says. Unless they come up with an offer we can’t refuse then he stays. Simple

  45. Geir says:

    I think the truth is that none of us know anything at all, and noone can prophesy about what happens on Friday.
    Another thing. What did Fab really say? Hope to see you more? Same thing i would say to my mother: Hope to see you more in the coming years, doesn’t mean anything, and we all know what translating from Spanish really comes to. Relax, Friday we might know more.

  46. Roy says:

    As usual it’s too late to get an adequate replacement. Fuck Cesc let him go, no one player is bigger than the club.
    Make RvP captain, that boy understands loyalty!

  47. goonerbegood says:

    he does not deserve any support if you ask me,
    Mighty Arsenal Fc ,has been ridiculed by cesc and his pals…imagine wearing another jersey ,and him saying it was a joke,well for you cesc it was but for most of us it is not a joke.(do you know what i will do if i catch my wife with another man in my bed…there is always a limit to everyjoke)
    We watched you grow and stood by you,made you our captain,paid you better wages ,but still it was thrown to our faces.i hope wenger in the future should stop signing spanish talents no matter how gd they are.
    e.g reyes ,merida…
    they are all cry babies.
    80 million pounds for cesc,that is the bill to barca,and if they can’t afford it then i say boo hoo.
    Mighty Arsenal Fc have been ridiculed but the club have handled the situation well,we should not give in to them cnuts.we are in no obligations to sell .EVERYTHING IS IN OUR FAVOUR UNLIKE HLEB,FLAMINI,HENRY…it is them cnuts that make us re build everyseason,cos if we can keep everyone together,we will be a force to reckon with this season.

    barca should put their money where ,their mouth is.simples.

    long live the arse.

  48. JonJon says:


    just a reminder, the use of swear words is ok..we dont mind a bit of banter but wordpress draws the line with the c word and puts comments straight into spam..so try not to use it..


  49. gunner17 says:

    cesc isn’t responsible for the media saga, barca started it and have perpetuated it with the help of the spanish media and the unbelievably insecure arsenal fans and british media.

    any arsenal fan who turns on cesc even the slightest bit is an idiot. none of this is his fault. he has been put in an awful position and the last thing we need is to have arsenal fans turn on him, like they did with adebayor and eboue. some of the comments in here are leaning that way.

    some arsenal fans really are juvenile ungrateful shits. you people will end up chasing away all our best players.

  50. JonJon says:


    the system wenger has designed is specifically in favour of selling our best players..

    thats what the youth setup is for..to continually provide a steady stream of both talent and revenue..

    barca producing 60mil is the stuff of wet dreams for wenger and the board..

    its the fact that the offer is criminal and cesc has done his fair share in trying to push it thats pissing EVERYONE off..if he didnt want to leave he would have said by now and im hoping he clears it up once for all this week

    your forgetting to read wenger comments after the celtic game..even he is sick of it and wants cesc to come clean..so arguing against everyone is also arguing with the manager..

  51. gunner17 says:

    i would have thought that 5 years of no trophies would have chased away all of the shallow gloryseekers but i see that is not the case.

    if you have the inclination to boo cesc in his first game back may i suggest that you please stay away from the ground? supporters support. cesc deserves our support.

  52. mrswoo says:

    Not THOF but TNHOF, surely, guv.

  53. JonJon says:

    gunner17 whos booing?? who are you talking to???

    yeah supporters support..but as i said earlier captians captian and dont make a mountian out of a mole hill..

  54. gunner17 says:

    we don’t sell our best players, we sell our most overrated players.

    what have any of our big name sales done in the game after leaving us? nothing.

    cesc is 23 and is peaking now. arsene wants a few years of that peak before he will sell cesc, i guarantee you that. the earliest he will go is 25. for big, big money.

  55. John says:

    Like I said earlier in the comments. A lot of you have already hung drawn and quartered Cesc.
    At least wait until he returns and then we will see if he commits to Arsenal or not. At least he deserves that much as our captain.
    Don’t listen to hearsay.

  56. Roy says:

    Gunner17, everyone is entitled to there opinion. You coming here and calling everyone who disagrees an idiot just makes you look a tool.
    I won’t boo him, but as someone said earlier I won’t cheer his name or sing his songs.
    Why should I. He could easily have said
    “these rumours are not true”
    Not hard is it for our “captain”…

  57. goonerbegood says:

    i must apologise for the c word mate.
    it just hurts,you know,wheN THEY MAKE MIGHTY ARSENAL TO BE THE BAD GUY.
    i remembered when he came ,he looked pale and i had a fight that day with a friend who was pissed cos we did not sign defesive cover instead what we got was a 16yr old to lead mighty arsenal
    what gets me is when people say stuff like,

  58. gunner17 says:

    after he wins the league and the european cup, which i think he will do in 2 years here, cesc will be an £80-100m player. i wouldn’t sell him for £60m now.

  59. JonJon says:


    if we sold our most overrated players then why are theo and denilson still here??

  60. JonJon says:


    i think the majority are fully behind cesc, just unhappy the situation has gone so long..

    he’ll be cheered if he stays..but we need to know

  61. oliver says:

    wait until cesc comments directly. when he does, rest assured that if he commits to arsenal fc, fc barcelona will try and spin that to their advantage. cesc saying he wants a transfer to fcb now is their ace in the hole – but they have not yet been dealt that ace. all their talk about cesc wanting to come home is to make us think they have that card in their hand. but i do not believe they do. and if cesc commits to afc, that card will not be dealt to them during this round. so they will try and spin his committment to us as just temporary, that he feels he owes us, that he told them this is his last year here and he will definitely join fcb. anything that will give fcb supporters the impression everything is under control and cesc’s return is inevitable (it is -just not on fcb’s terms) in accordance with the club’s wishes, and give us afc supporters the impression cesc’s heart is not really with us.

    again, let’s not let them make our minds up for us.

  62. Greg says:

    JonIon: Show some respect man! I love Theo.

  63. JonJon says:

    lol greg

    we all love theo but that dont stop him being piss poor does it..

    got 2 assists in the cup but how many times did he fluff his lines..??

    took him 40 trys to set up those goals and the first was a shot..

  64. SwedishGoon says:

    crap blog.

  65. JonJon says:

    hi oliver..

    i just want cesc to put an end to it all..

    its only been a day since wenger told cesc what he wanted..

  66. Dynamite says:

    Up gooner. I think its time for cesc himself to clear the ground. If he decide to go so be it and arsenal should let go at appropriate price. He under alot of pressure back home but i think @ 23 he’s mature enough to decide his future. We love him to stay and stop all the uselless talk from barca player. And please lets stop using abusive words. Arsenal is not a small company. Gooners 4 life wit or witout cesc.

  67. JonJon says:


    crap comment..fuck off and support someone swedish..

  68. dennis says:

    In his last game for us he broke his leg trying to beat Barca. Wtf more do you want from a player who has never given less that his best.The very least he deserves is the chance to come back and show his commitment on the field,where it matters.Hitler used the media to turn people against their own ,lets not make the same mistake .Although I accept from what I have read on here the “baying crowd”are about as smart as a retarded sheep

  69. gunner17 says:


    sigh, i just wish that more people were more grown up in their attitudes to football…wishful thinking i suppose…

  70. AFC13ROL6 says:

    I will be supporting the number 4 shirt next year if he stays as much as the other 10 on the pitch.We shouldnt boo the fella,as we really embarrased ourselves with that Eboue episode the year before last and is mentioned by the tv/press at every oppertunity,we should leave booing to that mob down the road (by the way 18,000 there the other night 120000 over 2 days at THOF different levels…spurs need a new stadium my arse!)

    We have had his Dad his Nan,his mates all saying he wants out,and now hes even crying watching old vids in a barca shirt saying he wants to be closer…those sticking up for him is admirable in a way..but come on wake up…hes taking the piss here!We are the Arsenal,let him go…i say installments as that is the only way we will get his true worth as this isnt a bidding war as its Barca or nothing for him,and they are skint.Lets just get rid,move on and look forward to next season.We will all look back inc Cesc in a few years and all Cesc will be is a small piss puddle in the allmighty sea of Arsenals history.

  71. JonJon says:


    the post is positive..very pro arsenal and anti barca i would have said..

    all i want is what wenger wants…

  72. oliver says:

    jj, if he hasn’t come out before whilist in catalunya – or on holiday with family – i don’t expect him to now. i really think that the most pressure on him is coming from his family, who i suspect want him to transfer to fcb this season. as i understand, they are fcb supporters as well. that is what i meant about friendly confines – that term can also be interpreted to as a reference to our “everything is rosy” communication department, but that is not what i meant. here at the emirates he should be relatively free of some of those pressures and can hopefully say what is on his mind.

    now, i am fully aware the possibility exists that cesc will say he would like a transfer to fcb before the start of the summer – i think it very unlikely, but i cannot dismiss it out of hand. if that is the case, afc will most likely have to at least start discussions with fcb, even if only back-channel. and it will be absolutely imperative that afc gets a transfer fee reflecting his true value.

    i think cesc knows that fcb will have a problem meeting his valuation, but he may also be waiting to see if some sort of deal can be worked out between the two clubs. i cannot see that happening in the current climate, so lets see what cesc has to say in few days.

    mind you, as i commented about 30-40 minutes ago, even if cesc commits his future to afc, some of our fellow gooners still will not be happy. i imagine fcb is hoping for discontent among our ranks as well.

  73. gunner17 says:

    theo is a bit shit in terms of technique and keeping possession but players around him always seem to be able to use him to good effect. his heart’s in the right place, he always poses a problem to defenders just by being on the pitch, and anyway, he still has a couple years to get his game right.

  74. Stroller says:

    Look he will have to make his position clear once he’s back in London. Even if he doesn’t make some formal statement he will inevitably be asked lots of questions once the inevitable interviews begin before and after matches. The real guilty party in all of this are Barca, who clearly want him for whatever reasons, but are either unwilling or unable to pay a fee commensurate with his value to Arsenal, and the fact that he is tied to a long term contract. The people in Spain lobbying for him to join should be addressing Barca, not Arsenal.

  75. Roy says:

    gunner17 your a condasending arsehole with a myopic self obsessed opinion.
    This is a chat forum, not your ego so get over yourself.

  76. JonJon says:


    lol how can u defend cesc so vigourously and challenge everyone on here to support the players and then say theo is shit?? 😉

  77. gunner17 says:

    i still support him! i’m just evaluating his strengths and weaknesses as a player! what?

  78. gunner17 says:

    theo rocks!

  79. Kipmonster says:

    I actually have some sympathy with Cesc as he is no doubt suffocated with pressure back home & doesn’t want to burn his bridges with a club he understandably wants to play for, whenever that may be.

  80. Kipmonster says:

    I propose that Arsenal fans World wide post letters once a week for the next four weeks to UEFA & FIFA complaining about Barcelona FC’s ‘tapping up’ of Cesc Fabregas. Also post a letter just once to Arsenal FC requesting that they formally complain to UEFA & FIFA. I have drawn up 3 template letters that I will email to willing participants. All you need to do is type in your own Name & Address before printing off & posting. Momentum will be boosted by you forwarding the email to every one of your Arsenal FC fan family & friends, encouraging them to participate.
    Please see …. http://www.goonerettesonline.co.uk/452/other/an-overview-of-the-cesc-saga-time-for-the-fans-to-bite-back/#more-452
    The aim of repetitive letters is to create an Admin headache for UEFA & FIFA with thousands of letters received from all over the world & display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans. The purpose of the single letter to Arsenal FC is again to display the strength of feeling from us fans.
    My email address for this campaign from where I will email you the letter templates is …….. ArsenalFansHateBarcelonaFC@gmail.com

  81. JonJon says:

    if cesc returns and tells everyone its ok then arsenal as a community should get behind him..i would advise him to do no more badge kissing but he is our captain and a huge huge player for us..hes world class and its not easy to replace world class..we need to keep him so support for the lad is unquestionable.

    if he however says he wants to leave then id be pissed off..he should have just said from the start so wenger had all summer to sort a replacement out and not a few weeks..wengers transfers take months to conclude and if cesc goes with 2 weeks of the window wenger wont have the time to finalise a deal for a replacement..

    im praying he attends the press conference with wenger and he tells everyone hes not going anywhere..

  82. JonJon says:

    and nobody tell me we dont need cesc because everyone knows we do..

    hes class and theres no other player like him at the club..

    were not shit without him but we are better with him and if we really want to go for the title it is essential we keep our captian..

  83. gunner17 says:

    let’s give it some mail merge action!

  84. oliver says:

    all the more reason to wait and see what he says, instead of killing ourselves about what might or might not be. i think he will be our captain this coming season, but we’ll see what he thinks about it.

  85. JonJon says:

    cheers oliver..

    the point of the post is what the manager thinks though..those quotes come from arsenal.com.

    dont you think wengers saying the same thing..cesc needs to sort it..

    i just want cesc to sort it..barca are ridiculous but the show is damaging to our club cos we dont need all this bolox..man utd chelsea and liverpool have hardly been mentioned and are slipping under the media radar..the cesc thing is making us sitting ducks..we have been constantly in the spot light and its the last thing we needed..we needed to come through pre season with few long term injuries and to have as little negative media attention as possible..

    cesc is the only one who can stop this..everytime this has happened before cesc has quashed the rumours immediately..but hes let it drag this time..

  86. oliver says:

    i think arsene is saying it is really late in the day now, that there is very little time to arrange a move, and that fcb show no inclination of even trying to meet us on our terms, so you are going to have to tell the world you want a move right now – and even that will may not be enough.

    i imagine that team fabregas is working on what (if anything) he is going to say, and how he will say it, when he returns to london.

  87. JonJon says:

    i was on his side for a long while but its got to the point where barca are just taking the piss and it needs to stop..

    ive always been with the theory that barca have to pay top whack or he goes nowhere..i still maintain that theory but what if cesc tells everyone he wants to go..even if wenger keeps him how can we support him knowing he doesnt want to be here..

  88. jeremy goldsmith says:

    The fact that he kep silent shd indicate where Feb stands.No player,no matter how indispensable he is to the team,shd be allowed to hodl a club.manager to ransom.
    If Feb wants to go let him put in a transfer request.Then Arsenal will know where his heart is.

  89. Seamonkey_UK says:

    I’ve had enough, that has done it for me. Sell the runt for £60 million if he wants to leave or if the wank stain’s don’t want to pay it put him in reserves for the next 5 years away from the first team squad. Then publicly say that Arsenal will never deal with Barcelona ever again period. Then report the wank stain’s for tapping him up like Arsenal should have done from the start. The evidence is oh too clear to see. I hate Cesc now as it looks like he wants the move away from us badly and he’s not caring about the fans, Arsenal football club or Wenger in the slightest. I don’t want him playing in the team if he wants out. But at the same time I don’t want Barca to get him on the cheap as this will show they won.

  90. SongtheGreat says:

    cesc is an ingrate,and i am surprised by evryone who thinks that he*wanting home is a fair reason..he has just signed a 5 year contract..he’s just taken a suitcase full of money..he’s just been named captain..he needs to grow up and start behaving like an adult…not some childish twat…
    cesc stays and for all i care…rotting on the bench..

  91. blaze gooner says:

    I expect something more from our Captain, who just failed to deliver anything, and not even tried to defend the Arsenal when the club is greatly looked down by his “friends”

    His stance is clear, he wants to leave. If one wants to stay, he will not emphasize “i will return to barcelona some day” interviews after interviews.

    FACE IT, it’s pretty much the fact.
    It’s not an impression merely made up by Spanish media/ Barca/ barca players.
    Cesc Fabregas has the ability to give fans impressions that he wants to stay or loves the club. He decided to remain silent.

    His silence worsens the situation and gives out the “wrong impression”. He should take the responsibility himself because that’s the way he has chosen.

  92. shooy says:

    Fabregas is playing at being a little shit. He is reverting to type. It looks like he wants someone else to sort out his life for him like the spoilt over protected brat that he is. I guess he’d like someone to spirit him away to Barcelona in a way that doesn’t make him look as bad as he really is in the eyes of adoring Arsenal fans. The same Arsenal fans for whom he has proclaimed his love. You can easily see his problem. He took the money for a lengthened contract and now he wants to renege on that. I thought he was becoming a man, but clearly not. He needs to come out, say openly what he wants to do and then face up to the realities and consequences. Frankly I no longer care if he stays or goes. The days of me as a fan having high (any?) expectations of footballers has long gone.

  93. Alan says:

    Torres (who wore a liverpool scarf during WC celebrations) as just confirmed he wishes to stay at Liverpool. That’s all it needs. Anyone who believes that Cesc is merely the victim of a Barcelona media spin is fooling themselves.

    He wants to go and I for one can’t wait to see the back of him. He’s not worth this level of speculation every summer.

  94. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, JJ. Howdy? So the YKW saga rumbles on… Ho-hum. Well, he’ll be back soon enough. In two days, like it or not, he will have to face the music.

    I am glad AFC has remained firm on the matter; it does us no favors this reputation as a feeder club. And the way this has played out, the stains are the last team I’d want him sold to. Not, of course, that I want him to leave 😉

  95. JonJon says:

    hello AGAG..

    sorry for the late reply ive just got in..

    thats just how i feel AGAG..is this the first time weve fully agreed on something?? 😉

    i agree with the feeder club part especially..arsenal are seen as a huge player in europe now and need to keep there best players..selling world class players is not an option..not at 23 anyway..

    ive got a feeling when cesc gets back he’ll tell us what he’s going to do but to be honest it hasnt looked good for us all season..i think he wants out and if he doenst get it this year then it will be next.

    id like to kee him but knowing he wants to leave would seriously affect my suport of him, especially with the captaincy..

    he needs to tell us its all bolox and hes seeing his contract out..that way it can all be forgoten and we can get on with the season in peace

    until the next window 😉

  96. shut up says:

    If any of you scum boo fabregas when the season starts I’m going to come find you in the stadium and fuck you up.

    You’re spurs fans masquerading as arsenal fans, trying to create a division between arsenal’s best player and the fans. Fuck you all.

  97. JOEL says:

    The only reason why Arsenal haven’t sold Cesc is down to the relatively low fee being banded about by Barcelona.If they had come in with an offer of £50-60m then he would have been on his way by now-Arsenal would then be offering a fraction of that money for Ozil; and having had that offer declined they would be declaring that Wilshire and Ramsey are the future!We’ve been witnessing the same story since 2005.Our best player wants to leave and we are prepared to take the money and run.The difference in this case is that we are talking about someone who isn’t yet in his prime.What is the point of extending Contracts if they are not worth the paper that they are written on.At least in Cesc’s case he deserved it!He’s given his all for Arsenal with precious little support over the last couple of years.If I were him I’d rather go to Barcelona and play with players of the stature of Messi,Iniesta,Xavi, and Villa.Why would ANYONE worth their salt want to spend their time watching the likes of Diaby give the ball away;Denilson never tackle back;Almunia and Fabianski give goals to the opposition;Bentner miss the proverbial barn door-that’s the choice of the fans!We have to sit through this type of ineptitude but Cesc has an option-he can walk away;and if he does who could blame him-not me!

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