Lets Just Play The kids??

In preparation for the worst case scenario this transfer window, I’ve convinced myself that Arsenal won’t be signing anybody else of real note.

If we don’t there is going to be serious implications for this years title charge. I don’t see how we can go into this season weaker than what we were last season and expect to do any better.

I still think we have 3 problem positions

The goalkeeper needs a shake up..Both Almunia and Fabianski have failed in their auditions to hold down the number 1 jersey so we need to change it. Almunias not a bad keeper, but makes way too many mistakes throughout the season to be seriously considered our number one anymore. Fabianski’s performances on the other hand make us wish Almunia was back between the sticks and that says it all really..

The solution is not Schwarzer. Has the situation got so bad that we are wanting to sign another average player? If we want to improve the situation then a ‘stop gap’ is not the answer. Schwartzer is no better than Almunia and we need to stop all this ‘short term solution’ talk.

If Chesney really is the answer and everyone thinks he will be number 1 in a years time then he’s ready now. Forget Schwartzer. If we aren’t going for the likes of Hart, Akinfeev, Lloris etc then lets not waste our time on anymore duds. Lets give the other squad members a chance. Put Chesney in goal, tell him hes number 1 and keep him there all season. Like I said I think Almunia and Fabianski have had enough chances, give someone else a go..

I think the likes of Denilson and Diaby have also had too long. Denilson just isn’t a strong dominant midfielder. He lacks every attribute a player in his role needs and he’s not taken his chance. When the play is in front of him and he can see everything he does ok, but once the play is stretched and goes end to end he looks lost. The game (and the refs) just pass by him. Diaby on the other hand has the attributes of a midfield monster, but you could shine a torch in one ear and see the light in the other..Theres nothing there. He lacks application and fire in his belly and that’s something that can’t be taught.

Again, if we are not looking to replace these players and invest in some top quality, then promote from within and give someone else a go.

Frimpong, JET and Wilshire are all rated highly and have played well in the youth teams. I’d much prefer Wenger to use these players more and tell Denilson and Diaby to take a seat on the bench..They are not good enough. They’ve had more than enough chances and its time for a change

I don’t have much to say on the CB issue..Although I’ve convinced myself they’ll be no more signings, I desperately want to see a top quality CB brought in.

Gallas was one of our best players last year. He was our best defender and they are big shoes to fill. I don’t think Kos is the answer and I don’t think there’s anyone we can promote to replace him. He needs replacing like for like but that will cost money and that’s what worries me.

Other than the CB position, I think we may just have the answer to our other problems already at the club. They just need the chance the others have got.

If the kids have got talent, then lets see it.

75 Responses to Lets Just Play The kids??

  1. forza forza says:

    Lets not.

  2. gaz says:

    Marchetti will be in London on Thursday for a medical.

  3. JonJon says:

    why though FF??

    we aint going to sign anyone worth signing..and i dont want to see another year of almunia fabianski denilson and diaby so what choice do we have?

  4. JonJon says:

    whos marchetti when hes out of bed?

  5. he’s that italian keeper campari or something

  6. JonJon says:

    yeah but is he any good?? or just another average player nobodies ever heard of

  7. JonJon says:

    i just seen the story on sky..not so sure about that one either..

  8. Sid says:

    Gallas was by no means our best defender last year, how many Goals did we concede on the counter attack because he wanted to score a tap in at the other end ? IMO he was an overrated whinner.

    TV on the other hand shows what a modern defender should be, the ability to score goals(proper goals, not the ball hits you and enters the net goals) but without the need to rush up everytime we attacked.

    Now that Sol has decided to leave and Djoru is already injured, I believe Wenger will buy one more CB. I’m just hoping its Mertesacker.

    On the other hand, Afinkeev appears to be literally begging to come to us, but if he is priced out I completely agree with you that Scznezy should be given 6 months, if he’s utterly useless than Mannone the remaining. Flappy can sit as backup and Almunia should just leave.

  9. Jose Reyes says:

    regardin gks we should buy given or hart they cant both be citys no 1

  10. well he the italian keeper so they think he’s better than the rest of italy

  11. tom.gooooooonnner says:

    To be honest if you are going to have such strong views then will you at least spell the names right!

    Schwartzer-meant to be Schwarzer

    Chesney- meant to be Sczesny..

  12. Roy says:

    Marchetti was useless in the world cup, so I’d expect us to sign him. Great.

  13. JonJon says:

    other than buffon all the italian keepers are garbage though arent they?

  14. JonJon says:


    chesney was intentional,,its the nickname we give him on here..

    as for schwartzer/schwarzer/swartser…i couldnt care less how is name is spelled..

    besides you knew exactley who i meant so dont make a big issue out of it..

  15. Toldo wasn’t that bad

  16. avenell says:

    Psst JJ…. tom cannot even spell gooner right…

    gooooooonnner should be gooner.. 😉

  17. JonJon says:

    lol avenell always spots em.. 😉

  18. guy says:

    i half love this article and half despise the lack of full disclosure that accompanies it. for starts you have missed out mannone, lansbury and nordveit but ok maybe this was intentional. JET is going to be a striker to use his attributes and hence cant be playing centre mid. but my biggest problem here is tht diaby is an incredible talent and considering leaving him out is just simply retarded. i think fab will be sold, wilshere, lansbury and ramsey will fight to replace him and wenger will sign a CB. All this said i agree szczsney should be made number 1

  19. JonJon says:

    yeah i know RSD i mean now though..

  20. avenell says:

    Just had a bit of nosebag and popped on.. No-one wants to talk footie just about the Oxford concise.

  21. guy says:

    p.s why has no one corrected this “tom” fellow on his spelling of szczesny in his correction lol

  22. avenell says:

    Welcome to those caught in moderation..

    Guy.. nah you couldn’t leave mr 100% reliable Diaby out..

  23. avenell says:

    Guy.. as regards to spelling.. who gives a toss.. but if you make a typo correcting a typo.. free for all.. 😉

    Nice one..

  24. is ok now you have newsnow but nick over there want me to go back and correct all my posts apparently i dont the difference between to and too and 2

    as for footie what was with arshavin tonight flapping on the floor like a fish most of the time

  25. JonJon says:


    half a thankyou and half a fuck off for calling me a retard 😉 but i can take it fella.. nice comment thanks for the feedback..

  26. avenell says:

    It’s part of your charm RSD..

  27. JonJon says:

    😆 rsd

  28. it part of fail english 0 three times

  29. avenell says:

    The better the spelling the better the supporter. 😕

  30. JonJon says:

    at least you made it to the test 😉

  31. JonJon says:

    probably got a pair of those arsenal gloves..gives them extra super spelling powers too

  32. told it was blog and he can stick it nicely but now i look and need to wait 3 months to even get them to look at it

    any way meelan on friday will fdlamoney get stick does he deserve it

  33. JonJon says:

    ave what do you think??

    you think we’ll sign someone decent or you think we should play the kids?? or are you happy with last years lot??

  34. JonJon says:

    will flamini hold secret talks with wenger when he returns and indeed return????

  35. run on two the pitch with a tap

  36. avenell says:

    I’m happy with..

    Sadly.. none of the keepers.

    Sagna.. DJ?? Kos??? TV Clichy/Gibbs

    Fabregas…. Song.. Ramsey?


  37. avenell says:

    A Flamster eating a bit of humble should be at least as good as a Sol.. eating a bit at 35,,

  38. JonJon says:

    so u dont wanna see diaby and denilson either..and you half agree on the keepers so we got some sort of concensus going..

  39. JonJon says:

    my thoughts exactley ave..

    if he can take sol back after what he did and indeed did again i dont see no reason why we should rule out flamini..

    other than the fact he will cost money..if he was free maybe..

  40. avenell says:

    RSD…Tell newsnow there should be a gap between the word news and now.. who the f**k are they to tell you how to spell.. lol..

  41. Gooner_Hall says:

    Goalkeeper – Arsenal are a big club and need a big International No.1 goalkeeper on par with Lehmann to even consider our back line prize winning. Since he departed, with obvious outcomes, we have not seen commanding of such sorts. I know people used to laugh at his antics but he was German No.1, a strong presence, good desicion maker and like I said could command the back 4….like he ever needed to though! We need a goalie with balls and not in the back of the net! We need to splash out big time for experience to help our up and coming prize winning youngsters! Everyone at Arsenal have stepped up massively as out field players but goalkeepers we own have failed! Not miserably, i just think the players and club deserve a real save pair of gloves!

  42. avenell says:

    If he was under £10 mill he would do for me..

  43. avenell says:

    I want to see Diaby and Denilson.. but in a different colour shirt to the one we are playing in.. and Theo..

  44. JonJon says:

    yup..i agree..but it wont happen..

  45. think keeps just need some confidence

    kos jd?

    chamakh looking gd

  46. avenell says:

    Good Evening Gooner_Hall. soory for the delay, welcome to AR…

  47. JonJon says:

    lol yeah i forgot about theo..id give hime another year to up his value cos its got to be rock bottom now..

    not even good enough to get in the worst england football team for years..

  48. JonJon says:

    chamakh excites me rsd..dont really know much about him other than he gets his head on stuff and scores goals in CL..

    hes free so weve got nothing to lose and i think he may well just be a hit

  49. what emailed nick from nn cos he did like my blog (“tidy up” your prose his words) didnt hear back maybe should also eat
    humble pie


    the lines are published like that
    a) so that it easier to read
    b) it make better typography

    so i wont be changing that

    its a blog not a o level english language essay.
    so am not that fussed about the spelling
    as long as my readers get the message.

    If this doesn’t fit to nn……

  50. Gooner_Hall says:

    Evening Avenell! Good to see something on the net worth reading and writing about! Views are good! Mostly looking forward ton seeing some more ‘JET’ (great acronym!). Think he’ll be introduced to the 1st team only as a cup player or maybe the odd league game? Exciting prospect!

  51. JonJon says:

    hi goonerhall

    i have high hopes for JET..as well as some of the other kids..i just hope they get the chance some of the others have got in the 1st team

  52. avenell says:

    Wilshere and JET and indeed Frimpong have outshone the so called big players..

    I am trying to work out if they are as good or the big names arn’t trying.. pre season is a bit strange..

  53. avenell says:

    Oh and thanks GH..

  54. JonJon says:

    i think they deserve a go..the others havent done diddly in 4 seasons..what have we got to lose they cant do no worse can they?

  55. avenell says:

    I’m hitting the hay.. night Roadsters..

  56. JonJon says:

    night mate

  57. Gooner_Hall says:

    HI Jonjon. Massive hopes for all our youngsters as you say. They prove to just get better and better year by year and the times I’ve been watching JET he looks just as set in his role as much as Wilshire playing along 1st team players so I think he deserves a cup run at least out of all the up and coming young players.

  58. Gooner_Hall says:


  59. JonJon says:

    im not sure what JETS role is yet though GH

    he seems to able to play anywhere but i think wenger should try harness that skill into an all action midfielder

  60. Gooner_Hall says:

    @ JJ – yeah i was confused too of his position! today he scores a well composed goal with his left on the left of the penalty area and causing havark and the game before i just kept seeing him darting up that right flank as a Walcott back up! Either way I’ve been impressed with JET in these friendly games. A nippy lad also at over 6 ft is always a winner!

  61. oliver says:

    jj, it seems this post picked up where last night’s left off. so we shall agree to disagree again. mind you, there are some points that we in accord on: cb depth, specifically. depth has reached critical if djorou is out for any length of time, as bartley is already injured. i think arsene will definitely bring someone in.

    what i notice, however, is while you advocate giving szczesny the opportunity to start, you do not seem so inclined for nordveit. if they are both good enough, why are they not both old enough? both are certainly important positions, but the premise should be the same – if we think they can do the job, they should get the opportunity.

    or should they? i advocate bringing experienced cover in for both cb and gk. i happen to think that szczesny can benefit from starting the season as our second choice and being eased in. i think schwarzer’s price tag of 4 million is a bit steep, but if it was reasonable, i would not have a problem bringing him in. i think both al and arsenal supporters have had enough of each other, and a parting of ways would suit both of us. similarly, i have concerns about fab’s psyche, as arsene showed continued faith in him, and he responded with one clanger after another – he may have to go elsewhere to realize his potential. loris might be available, akinfeev probably not and hart no way (will he be available). if man city ever wanted to sell hart to us (something i cannot see happening), we will find ourselves in the situation of having two very talented goalkeepers of the future – but only one number one jersey. in this regard, a veteran gk would help.

    some of you may question my sanity, but the veteran goalkeeper i would try and sign is jurek dudek. yes, rafa chased him out of liverpool and he is certainly well past his best. but he has a ton of experience from feyenoord, liverpool and has even seen some recent match action as casillas’ deputy at real madrid. he’s won the european cup, arsene had an interest in him when still at feyenoord, and he can be a very good mentor to szczesny and fabianski. there is nothing to suggest that arsene is even remotely considering him.

    i thought verm was by far our best defender last season. gallas has his good qualities and is a good player when fit and available for selection, but his negative qualities are well established and i think he is no longer worth the headache. if he was well regarded by others, surely he would have a club by now.

    “agree to disagree” – i always love how that sounds!

  62. Arseneal says:

    You knob. As if promoting more kiddies is going to make any difference. The squad is screaming out for mature men, hard men, with proven quality. Wenger just loves youth though. He loves his Colney Creche where he can tell his little boys what to do and they obediently nod their heads while salivating about their next fat and undeserved pay-checks for achieving nothing.

  63. oliver says:

    if i can draw an analogy between manuel almunia and another professional sports figure it would be new york mets left-handed pitcher oliver perez. al and ollie are both very similarly regarded by supporters of their respective teams, at the moment.

  64. Kipmonster says:

    I propose that Arsenal fans World wide post letters once a week for the next four weeks to UEFA & FIFA complaining about Barcelona FC’s ‘tapping up’ of Cesc Fabregas. Also post a letter just once to Arsenal FC requesting that they formally complain to UEFA & FIFA. I have drawn up 3 template letters that I will email to willing participants. All you need to do is type in your own Name & Address before printing off & posting. Momentum will be boosted by you forwarding the email to every one of your Arsenal FC fan family & friends, encouraging them to participate.
    The aim of repetitive letters is to create an Admin headache for UEFA & FIFA with thousands of letters received from all over the world & display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans. The purpose of the single letter to Arsenal FC is again to display the strength of feeling from us fans.
    My email address for this campaign from where I will email you the letter templates is … ArsenalFansHateBarcelonaFC@gmail.com

  65. Gooner_Hall says:

    how do i make this pretty yellow box next to my comment turn into a nice pic, say in the style of Charlie George!? is it possible!?

  66. Jack says:

    this is probably the most daft article i’ve read in a while

  67. Someone Else says:

    Totally agree with the Diaby comments and I think Emmanuel-Thomas will be a much better player. (It’s a cliche, but it was like watching a young Patrick Vieira yesterday.) Denilson is only 22 years old, he’s not fully developed and he is often played as a ball winner, when that isn’t really what he’s suited to.
    Disagree with your opinions of Schwarzer/Szczesny. Szczesny may already be better than Almunia, but a few errors and he could have his confidence ruined. We could end up with another Fabianzski and, while Schwarzer is an average goalkeeper, that’s far better than Almunia and Fabianzski are. Plus he’d, apparently, be offered a player/coaching role and I’d rather Szczesny learned from him, than Mart Poom.

  68. Someone Else says:

    Oh yeah, Gallas was our best defender? …Jog on. Vermaelen was our best player let alone defender.

  69. Nedu says:

    Just buy frey. Boruc transfered to fiorentina from celtic and is not going as a 2nd choice. He must have had assurance from the gaffer that frey was leaving. That frey is not france’s number 1, ahead of lloris is mind buggling. And he’s 31! Ripe age for a keeper!

  70. tom.gooooooonnner says:

    sorry… my bad 😛 good piece by the way then..

  71. Breezy says:

    Ermm… Hello? anyone there?

    Anyway, i agree with what JJ said, as I pointed out in an earlier post we need to sign a keeperno matter his age is Chesney is good enough he’d take over the number 1. Regarding Diaby, I could’nt have put it better myself, he should be a monster in midfield but a lot of the time he just looks disinterested, particularly when it comes to defending. Whats most frustrating is that he can turn it on when he wants. I say JET, Frimpong, Nortviet should be given a chance to push for a first team place.

  72. Great read,but i dont fully agree with you on Diaby, i feel that he looks like a perfect CM, he is tall and looks to be powerful, and looks like he loves to attack. My worry with him is that he only ever uses his right foot, so defenders will find him easy to read, if he sorts it out, then i cant see why he cant be a main player in the team

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