It all begins just how it ended!!

Well shiver me old timbers, the new season kicks off today and I’m really disappointed that both Almunia and Fabianski are the two goal keepers travelling to Barnet!

I think I speak for every fan here when I say I’d much rather seen Chesney and Mannone in the twenty-two man squad….

What can be made of that, is it last chance saloon for both Almunia and Fabianski? Is it their own sudden death penalty shootout to see who stays with us next season as number 2, or is it going to be same old fight between the two of them to play each week??

There have been plenty of rumours surrounding Arsenal and goal keepers which is a good sign, so we could still see a new No1 this coming season. I sure as heck don’t want us to start the new season with either of those muppets in goal!!

The Daily Express have picked up on the Handanovic reports, as have Wikipedia. The latter suggest he is due to sign after a medical. 

Still just 25, the Udinese No1 is Slovenia’s undisputed first-choice keeper. That status has been earned over several years, but most notably during a South Africa 2010 qualifying campaign that witnessed Handanovic marshal, arguably, the meanest defence in the entire European Zone.  He conceded just three goals in eight group matches, which included an all-important clean sheet in a decisive victory over Russia.

Gianluigi Buffon has hailed him as “one of the best goalkeepers in Italy”, while Slovenian fans consider him to be among the finest in the world…

Did he impress enough at the World Cup to convince you that he is better than what we have already??

Here he is in action…

Could this man be our next new signing??

On to today, here’s the squad in full for the Barnet game..

Manuel Almunia (GK)
Andrey Arshavin
Nacer Barazite
Marouane Chamakh
Johan Djourou
Craig Eastmond
Jay Emmanuel-Thomas
Lukasz Fabianski (GK)
Emmanuel Frimpong
Kieran Gibbs
Conor Henderson
Laurent Koscielny
Henri Lansbury
Ignasi Miquel
Samir Nasri
Havard Nordtveit
Tomas Rosicky
Armand Traore
Thomas Vermaelen
Theo Walcott
Jack Wilshere

I’ve paid my £3, and I really hope I and all fans get to see the two new boys and the likes of Lansbury, Nordtveit, Wilshere, Frimpong and Djourou play – I still believe they have a role to perform this coming season, especially if the cheque book stays closed….

Oh well, that’s about it, enjoy the game, the good thing is that football and Arsenal are back for another long and no doubt painful season ahead…

Finally, Arsene Wenger needs to step up in his chase for a new defender but we all know that. Now though it seems that Vidic is desperate to leave Manchester United and move to Real Madrid. Should that move take place, you can bet your bottom dollar and rumour is we have a few, that Fergie won’t hang around in the transfer market to find his replacement. So come on Arsene, if you really want Gary Cahill or Phil Jagielka, best you get on with it!


133 Responses to It all begins just how it ended!!

  1. rico says:

    Morning all…

  2. rico says:

    Ha ha, the wikki page has removed his link to us…

  3. iamgooner says:

    the reason why clubs like manchester united are going to win more trophys this season is because when vidic goes off to real madrid fergueson will replace him with the SUFFIECENT! replacement

    not one that still needs to improve..

    he will probably buy chilline from inter or however you spell it..
    or nevon subotic

    all centre backs that arsenal should be able to have but we cant as for some reason we ‘make do’

  4. gooner 52 says:

    hey rico,who do you think our right back will be against barnet????

  5. agirlagunner says:

    Hola, rico! It’s a good thing the Spanish Waiter?Flappy are playing, cos for sure, I will miss seeing Denilson play. 😦

    Haha. 😀

    Oh and the site is close to half a million hits. Just some weeks ago, I was congratulating Ave on 400 thousand. 🙂 Great job, guys.

  6. rico says:

    Hi g52 – poss eastmond, thats his proper position i think…

  7. Dennis says:

    how wenger cannot see fabianski’s consistent inabilities is beyond me..if flaps and almunia see through the pre-season and retain their no.1 and 2 status, we’d better gear up for a painful season

  8. rico says:

    Hi agag, I won’t 😉 😉

    half a mil, where does the time go, i didn’t even notice the count going up 🙂

  9. rico says:

    iam, can’t argue with that, hence my, fergie wont hang around, he has smalling though so maybe he is expecting things from him, saying that his debut last night didn’t go too well…

  10. rico says:

    Dennis, we’ll get a new one, i’m sure…

  11. kc says:

    As excited as I am for the new season, I’m met with an equal amount of gloom that our keeper spot has not been upgraded. WTF?! We are one of the top clubs in the world, but our GK selection is way below par. How many own goals will our crew of keepers tally up this year I wonder?!

  12. shedzy says:

    maybe i’m just living in denial, but im really sure that we wont start the season with manuel (HE’s from BARCELONA) – but I reckon Flapianski is staying.

    dont know how/why i know this (hence saying ‘i might be in denial’) but im sure that arsenes own comments in the last 4 months or so has made it totally untenable for him to start the season without a new keeper.

    then again, as discussed, maybe im in denial.

  13. Osk says:

    Chiellini plays for Juventus not Inter

  14. agirlagunner says:

    I am sure, rico, kc, that Almunia/Flappy would do their best this season to lose us the league title… Again. 🙂 (Which is why we should get a top striker to alternate with our other top striker (RvP). Torres sounds good to me 🙂 ) (Oh self, do stop dreaming.)

  15. rico says:

    50M chavs are going to offer for torres agag, think its safe to say he won’t be joining us 😉

  16. Dennis says:

    i imagine drogba, torres & co. will have a field day against our backline come next season..
    season highlights:
    >rvp stays injury free, 15+ goals
    >walcott, nasri and diaby/denilson MUST improve their goal return
    >defence must reduce no. of goals shipped
    >arshavin, big season, big expectations
    >squad rotation must be effected
    c’mon ARSENAL!

  17. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rico (oh great one who has been spoken for) 🙂

    The GK situation is a bit of a tease. Rumours that Handymandy will sign have floated aroubd for weeks, then to be followed by denials from everyone involved.

    Hi Agag, I thought we had bought a top rated CF in Chamahk or has that now been disproved too? 🙂

  18. Red Arse says:


    I was hoping to get to Barnet this p.m. but other matters prevent that. So like you, I coughed up my £3 for three games.

    The only problem is that I ran a “demo” video of Gazidis last night and was not too impressed. Hope the transmission is better quality for the game. 😦

  19. rico says:

    Dennis, we have to have belief that the next CH we buy is a big un to keep them out…

    also, a much stronger keeper will save us more than flappy and almunia would…

  20. rico says:

    Morning RA, just hoping my day gives me spare 90 mins to watch it.. 😉

  21. agirlagunner says:

    I like what you’re saying Dennis.

    I think, rico and RA, until Torres wears that hateful kit and gives me the blues, I shall continue to dream of signing him. In a parallel universe…

  22. Red Arse says:

    I could be wrong, but the squad at Barnet, apart from Cesc and Denilson, looks pretty much like our squad for next season.

    I bet Citeh, Manure and Chelski are quaking in their boots ……… Not! 😦

  23. Red Arse says:

    O.K. before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I was only joking.

    Sagna, Clichy, de dah, de dah still not back.

    Just doesn’t look enough to me unfortunately. 😦

  24. rico says:

    agag, i don’t think he will leave pool for the chavs, and right now he isn’t worth 50M, if he leaves pool i think it will be for overseas…

  25. rico says:

    Diaby, dont forget Diaby RA 🙂

  26. Red Arse says:

    Well having done my bit to increase the hits, I’m off for a bit. 🙂

  27. rico says:

    Come on RA, the window is still open 🙂 🙂

  28. rico says:

    RA, laters…

    My tip for the league this season…. Man City..

  29. agirlagunner says:

    I am off too. Busy night ahead! 🙂 Happy weekend, all!

  30. rico says:

    Have a good W/E yourself agag 🙂

  31. DeiseGooner says:

    Id be quite ok with Handanovic

    I dont really want schwarzer, a cheap (still too much for his age and ability) stopgap keeper, i want the situation sorted once and for all for the next 10 year. If Chesney is all hes made out to be and if Wengers faith in Fabz or Manonne isnt false then let those 2 fight over second spot while Chesney gets a season on loan in premier/championship, we buy a proper No1. Then in 12 months wel know if Chesney can step up, and which one of Manonne or Fabz is worth keeping.

    Almunia = out
    New No1 in
    Fabz/Manonne battle for no2 keeper
    Chesney = on loan for 1 more season

    1 season later
    New keeper bedded in with defense
    One of the maybes moved on.
    The other and Chesney fight it out for no2 keeper spot

  32. Suhail.TV says:

    Buy Buffon..

    Hello all…

  33. rico says:

    Morning DG and STV

    afree DG, 4M is far too much for a player on the way down, if he was 3/4 years younger id say yes, but he isn’t…

  34. Suhail.TV says:

    Hello Rico.. howz you…

    mrs Toress/miss GG left 😉

  35. rico says:

    Good thanks STV, you??

    Quiet old day again though on the arsenal front 😦

  36. Suhail.TV says:

    Me too……. What on earth is arsene thinking..

    5th place on the cards.. seeing the city desire..
    and rico where are these sk sturmgraz and neuseidl

  37. rico says:

    5th will be lucky at this rate STV, City, chavs, manure, spuds, dippers will all have bolstered their squad by the time the season kicks off..

    we needed to spend before we lost all the players we had, let alone now…

  38. DeiseGooner says:

    City are throwing monies at positions they are well stocked in and not where they need it. None of the rest have yet significantly strenghtened their teams, us being one of them. At least wait until kickoff of the season before panicking 🙂

    We had this last summer too …oooohhh city will buy the league and liverpool or spurs will knowck us to fifth.

    Now dont get me wrong we have work on our hands yet to strenghten, but so have the other too

  39. rico says:

    i’m panicking DG 🙂

    but we needed to buy before just to keep up, now we are doooooomed 😉

  40. Suhail.TV says:

    AW sounds sooooooooo… annoying some times… any hopes of VDV/ Afellay.. and Zapata/Subotc.. or atleast a H…kovic(cant remember the name)kinda one.

    It will be a big crime if left the GK problem unsolved…
    well lets trust on mannone if that happens.. and think Aw is still vood enough to bring us a 3rd/4th..

  41. rico says:

    STV, right now we have little to no cahnce of winning anything next season, we need all those you listed, then we may be in with a shout!!

  42. Suhail.TV says:

    Most players come to arsenal in roumers and wenger says it all are wrong.. so kosi like ones coming..(hope he is good enough though)..

    When did he metamorphed in to a big laier??
    If there is no money tell it
    If he does’nt wish to .. tell it or what ever tell truth..
    IS’nt that right rico…

  43. rico says:

    Same here stv, can’t see a big name coming who has been in the paps, except maybe handanovic, like said already, wiki put it on their page but has since been removed, maybe someone from removed it 😉

    his lies/fibs are what cheeses so many fans off, why not say nothing and get on with it…

  44. Suhail.TV says:

    ya.. thats it.. by the way Barazite is good looking. 😉

    Dont yu water neibhour’s plants these days??

  45. rico says:

    not at the moment, thank goodness, but this weekend its the other neighbours rabbit…

    bloomin neighbours 😉

    I think a few of the younger players have to be on the edge of a break through this season, barazite, lansbury and maybe frimpong will in the cc?

  46. JOEL says:

    I cannot believe that we get to the first pre-season friendly and these two clowns have retained their status as the club’s first choice keepers.At the very worst Szelesny should have put between the posts for the Barnet game.Surely some positive pre-season form would have given the boy the right kind of first team experience.
    If the season starts with both Almunia and Fabianski in place then I predict a torrid time for Arsenal’s Defence.To have lost away to Blackburn in the way that we did at the end of last Season illustrates perfectly ,to me, the true incompetence of Fabianski-and given Wenger’s continued support-his misguided judgement!Almunia probably cost the team ten points last year and one brilliant half against Barcelona cannot make up for his “mishaps” throughout the rest of the Season.
    I can’t remember being this pessimistic before a Season start in my 40 years of support for Arsenal!

  47. well if reports are true that vito and chesney are off on loan then that can only mean a keepers on his was in

  48. raif says:

    hey roadsters how are you all doing 🙂

    i liked the idea of Joachim Löw. i can see it happening and working very well. and given the fact out deffence would be working like a bunch of well made BMW

  49. rico says:

    Joel, can’t disagree witha word you wrote, sad though, eh…..

  50. rico says:

    Hey raify, how are you?? long time and all that..

  51. rico says:

    ras, i read young guns suggested the same yesterday, would have thought if one of them were fighting it out for the position they would have been in the squad…

    i thinks it about fighting to be our no2 behind swarzer. frey, handanovic or similar

  52. still feel that almunia will be better this year maybe even better than the form of 08/09

  53. raif says:

    HEY RICO. im well thanks just getting on with things,

    not to mention glad the season is fast approaching, im expecting some more signings

  54. raif says:

    almunia and better in the same sentance? i hope your not planing on adding Goalkeeping to the sentance aswell?

  55. he cant get worse raif

  56. raif says:

    i should surely hope not, but you know the whole old dog new tricks saying.

  57. Red Arse says:

    Ahem, excuse me Rico oh great one,

    What has happened to our positive young lady from yesterday? You and Joel are depressing me too now! 😀

  58. Red Arse says:


    After your comment about Barazite, I thought it would be interesting to hear how you and Rico and Agag ranked our players in order of attraction.

    Do you remember Peter Beardsley at Liverpool? Do we have any players who looked similar to him? 😉

  59. we dont get player that ugly RA

  60. aint it annoying when you can find a youtube vid for something grrrrrrrr

  61. Red Arse says:


    I have been laying low where Almunia is concerned. When he first came into the team I thought he was appalling.

    Last season he was fair to poor, following a very good performance in 2008/09.

    But in the first leg of the Champions League against Barca, I think his shot stopping was world class. Without him that day we could have lost 10:2 🙂

  62. raif says:

    hahaha i would agree.. i cant remamber a arsenal player who was as ugly as Beardsley,

  63. Red Arse says:

    Oi Raif,

    I look like his twin brother! 😀

    Not really thank goodness. 😛 My mother thinks I am handsome ……. but she’s biased. 🙂 🙂

  64. raif says:

    Red Are, i couldnt have Believed that for a Second lol
    anyone as ugly as Peter Beardsley would surely get put down, or locked up with a metal mask on their face haha 😉

  65. maybe that the prob with our wingers all too pretty.
    If they all had perms and mustache’s like liverpool did we’d beat everyone

  66. rico says:

    raif, you and me both, 2 minimum and 3 whats needed, can’t see almunia getting better to be honest 😦

  67. Red Arse says:

    I watched a few minutes of AW on Arsenal TV running an old video talking about players he “almost” signed; Samuel Etoo, Ronaldo, etc etc.

    Wouldn’t it be a sickener if having let Loic Remy, who is a big Arsenal fan, go to Liverpuddle he turns out to be the next Thierry Henry? 😦

  68. rico says:

    RA, i’m still positive about signings, honest 😉

  69. Red Arse says:

    Raif, RSD,

    You have both made me laugh. I like being happy. Thank you both. 😀

  70. rico says:

    I’m sure there are players more ugly than Beardsley… the nevilles, rio, chadwick….

    none at arsenal though of course 😉

  71. Red Arse says:

    I know you are Rico, I was just teasing. But we can all have our down moments when we seem to be linked with a good player it is then denied.

    Or because we need a Cahill, Subotic Chiellini etc, nothing happens. 🙂 😦

  72. rico says:

    Big Sol gets married today 🙂

  73. rico says:

    RA, the latter 😦

  74. Red Arse says:

    You are right Rico.

    I suddenly feel quite ill. I will have to go and lay down now. 🙂

  75. raif says:

    haha your welcome Red 🙂

  76. oliver says:

    ohayo gozaimasu. vidic’s exit had been widely speculated last season, so that is not necessarily a surprise. i am not sure that the mancs have the money to spend anyways? i past years, red nose would not have let a player like vidic leave without a replacement lined up, so perhaps they see smalling as that replacement? i do not think he is quite ready, but i don’t think united have the free hand we think they do – they may have to make do with what they have in their squad.

    i am more concerned about us – we have some first team spots we need more depth in. that is why reports about the luxury that is conor wickham irritated me a bit. i think the club is working to address these needs – perhaps they should look it more as of getting someone to fill a need than getting the best deal possible. might complete transfers quicker that way.

  77. rico says:

    we are all concerned about us oliver 😉

    don’t know why but i keep thinking its going to be Cahill that wenger wants.. partly beacause he is english and i think wenger wants to try and get english experience, don’t know why i think that way, just do 😉

  78. oliver says:

    if it is cahill he does want, then he should be prepared to spend whatever is necessary – within reason, that is – to get him. i applaud the club for walking away from schwarzer – the player apparently really wants the move, but 4 million pounds is absurd. paying that would show arsenal to be desparate chumps. i also applaud the club for keeping quiet about it. all the comments have come from schwarzer and fulham, it seems. i hope arsene submits a bid for cahill – to at least test coyle’s resolve and get a clear idea of what it will take to bring him here.

  79. raif says:

    ahh i didnt know we had walked away from schwarzer, if this is a good thing i dont know but i for one think we can get somone better.

    i also think any deal for Cahill, Coyle might want Jackie boy going the other way on a loan deal

  80. rico says:

    spot on oliver, cahill is better than smalling and he cost 10M, so wenger can’t afford to be tight…

    cahill will be the next first choice CH for england too…

  81. rico says:

    raif, i see that too, if jackie boy goes anywhere, bolton have been told they are first choice…

  82. JOEL says:

    We really need Cahill-A young gritty English Centre Back with experience of the Premier League.But if Wenger was interested I’m sure that something would have happened by now possibly involving Wilshire or another young Gunner going there on loan.Sorry my glass remains “half enpty”!

  83. raif says:

    Zapata or what ever his name is, is doing the rounds in the romour stakes aswell.. i havent seen him play so i have no idea if his good but i hear his tall. very tall

  84. rico says:

    or jags joel??

    i saw that too raif, like you though i haven’t seen him play..

    tall enough to stop crouchie 😉

  85. looking forward too see landsbury and possible nordveit today

  86. rico says:

    me too rsd and frimpong, got my laptop all set up to the television, nice cold glass of lemonade, bobs your uncle 🙂

  87. oliver says:

    if we cannot guarantee wilshere regular first-team action, then it would probably be better for him to go out on loan. if bolton does not sell us cahill, it is their right – it is also our right to loan wilshere out elsewhere. this may be somewhat petty on my part, but if bolton does not want to do business with us – and if they do not want to, then they don’t have to – we should not do business with them.

  88. JOEL says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Rico-Jagielka would be a superb purchase.But like Cahill we are talking about the type of fee which Wenger simply will not pay.He happily takes £15m for Toure who was worth a fraction of that fee (at that stage in his career) but won’t spend a similar amount on someone else who’s undoubtedly worth that kind of money!

  89. rico says:

    Spot on Joel, cant have it both ways can he?? Look at what he got for Lardybayor too…

    40M for those two, that money woul get Jags and Cahill (for eg)

  90. rico says:

    bolton have already been told they get first refusal on any loan oliver – i dont think its about them and us, its normally wenger not paying what a player is valued at…

    thanks to england being cack at the moment, any english player will cost 5M at least over the odds…

  91. oliver says:

    that may not have been such a smart move, letting another team get first refusal on loan of our player – kind of ties our hands. perhaps cahill is not actually arsene’s primary target – i think he has everything we need, but the boss may well see things differently.

    i think we can all agree that we are desperately thin on the defensive side, particularly cb.

  92. oliver says:

    if arsene is waiting for sol to make up his mind, i wish we would move on. offer has been there a while, waiting it out may serve sol’s interests, but i don’t think it serves arsenal’s.

  93. oliver says:

    another subject – do you think almunia’s omission from the squad (after he was named among the provisional squad yesterday) could mean that there is something cooking at the gk position? yesterday’s story was handanovic, so…i expect arsene to say that al has a niggling injury or something to that effect…

  94. Red Arse says:


    You might have already seen it. Almunia ommitted fromm squad, and Simpson who I thought had gone, leads the line!

    Chesney now in the squad.

  95. rico says:

    off to watch the game, later all 🙂

  96. oliver says:

    rsd, it seems. fab to start, szczesny on the bench…

  97. oliver says:

    mannone on the bench.

  98. rico says:

    i didn’t think chesney or mannone were in the squad???

  99. rico says:

    maybe a last minute change – because almunia is sorting out a new club to play for 🙂

  100. rico says:

    2-0 aa and simpson…

  101. Erick says:

    Seems the boys are on fire sad I can’t watch the game Damn

  102. rico says:

    Frimpong looks pretty good

  103. rico says:

    Hi Erick, you’re not missing much, honest, its tame and a bit of a jog about really – can’t judge kos yet as he has nothing to do… 😉

  104. Erick says:

    How is Kos doing Rico?

  105. rico says:

    he’s nothing to do Erick 😉

  106. rico says:

    Frimpong is the stand out for me Erick, Africa will be pleased he want to play for his true home, not his ‘adopted’ one…

  107. Erick says:

    Nice Rico thanks hope Chamaka can make an apperance

  108. rico says:

    kos has just had his first real involvement, cool and calm… 🙂

  109. rico says:

    cant wait to see chamakh Erick 🙂

  110. rico says:

    jacks doing good to Erick

  111. Erick says:

    Wilshere thats my man we don’t need Cole

  112. rico says:

    great play, just great, aa, jack and simpson made it 3-0

  113. big jack is running the show

  114. Erick says:

    Jack is ready Rico do you reckon so?

  115. Erick says:

    Am liking it come on Jack 🙂

  116. rico says:

    i do Erick, second half is a whole new eleven, JD is on 🙂

  117. Erick says:

    Chamaka Africa in the building 🙂 🙂

  118. rico says:

    Oi Oi, Theo has just picked up the ball and cut in…. at last 😉

  119. rico says:

    Arsenal’s second-half XI: Mannone, Eastmond, Djourou, Miquel, Gibbs, Lansbury, Henderson, Nasri, Barazite, Walcott, Chamakh

  120. rico says:

    chesney is on 🙂 🙂

  121. oliver says:

    overall pretty good. i think we will need to see them against tougher opposition, but 4-0 is still a good start.

    i thought theo played generally well. the first half side got a lot more time and space to work. the second half less so. still, four goals and a clean sheet are never a bad thing.

  122. oliver says:

    i want to hear how arsene answers the inevitable questions he will get on al’s omission. i think that will acutally overshadow the performance.

  123. oliver says:

    if chez has the number one now and is loaned out, that will potentially open that number up for a new keeper. i still think we should bring someone in, but i was not expecting to see chez with number one.

  124. rico says:

    i’m saying nowt about big al’s absence oliver 😉

  125. oliver says:

    gotta go. later.

  126. rico says:

    numbers dont really count though do they, other than in the keeper section… something is going on and very soo we will hear no doubt 😉

  127. rico says:

    me too oliver, things to do…

  128. rico says:

    night all, til tomorrow….

    stay safe

  129. Red Arse says:


    Having watched a satisfactory Arsenal opening friendly game at Barnet, I have “gone native” and have settled down to watch the Phillies at the Cubs, aas well as the British Open! Tiger is not doing badly, but he looks a bit dour. I agree with you by the way, overall the Gunners were pretty good today. It’ll get better! I heard on a local radio programme report, that has not been confirmed, that Almunia got a pulled muscle just before the game. Oh yeah?

    I’ve got a nice cold Coors, a burger and some popcorn to follow …. luxury!

    The weather over there in Chigago looks a bit like it is here, v. sunny then with cloud cover, bet it’s hotter over there though. 🙂

    See you tomorrow. Have a great afternoon.

  130. DeiseGooner says:

    Chez being no 1 means nowt – JET was in no 4 wasnt he – does that confirm cescs departure? Vic A probobly brought nos 1 to 30 in his kitbag

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