Sell Arshavin?? No wonder players take a tumble, Barca scum!!

Having watched the World Cup Final I can begin to understand why some players take a tumble rather that trying to stay on their feet in the penalty area.

I’m not talking about blatant dives, aka Drogba and Gerrard to name just two, I’m talking about the genuine ‘touch’ by a defending player, enough to cause a slight off-balance.

Robben could and should have won the WC for the Dutch. Not only did he miss the best opportunity of the game in 90Β minutes but had he ‘gone over’ in the penalty area he would have been awarded a penalty. For once though, he stayed on his feet, tried to do the right thing, but knob-head Webb awarded nothing.

In fact Howard Webbs performance was not the best, but then I don’t rate him much anyway, it always seems about him when he referees rather than the game. He’s a bit of a show-pony.

Decisions like that though will not do the game any favours, it won’t help stamp out the diving in the box will it?

Talking of Webb and the other major muck up he made, De Jong should have been off, any other referee in the world would have sent him for an early bath, Webb bottled it. He then went on to deal so many cards out you would think he was in a casino rather than on a football pitch!

I look forward to when we face one of the many sides who like to ‘get in our faces’ and I hope Webb is the referee, I wonder if he be so protective of us… I doubt it, after all Arsenal are just Southern Softies aren’t they and need to toughen up…. Match of the Day could be fun too, the same pundits who suggest Holland were thugs, what will they say about Blackburn, Stoke etc…..

Anyway, that’s my last about the World Cup, I’m just glad it’s all over and without injury to any of our players, well, apart from the mysterious Nikki B injury of course…..

I saw those pictures on Sky Sports yesterday, not happy viewing was it?Β For those who haven’t seen it, here it is – How low can the Barca players go…. Cesc didn’t seem in too much of a hurry to remove the shirt, did he??

Now this next bit is just my thoughts, not rumours, no speculation…

When Audrey Arshavin signed for us, I was possibly as happy as anyone. True enough, he had pretty much an instant impact, some even suggest it was his signing that secured us Champions League football at the end of that season.

However, has he really impressed you as much as you thought he would?

Apart from scoring against Liverpool, what else does he really bring to the side??

He’s lazy, selfish, injured and spends an awful lot of time declaring his love for another footballing side other than the one he plays for right now. I’m not sure he’s fully committed to Arsenal, as I said the other day, when the chips are down, great players step up – with Arshavin, when the chips are down he follows the chip!! (In more ways than one by the look of him)

At 29 years old, would you keep a lazy player or would you cash in and buy a player who is fitter, healthier, more hungry to win andΒ has more desire to perform for the club who pays him rather than dream of another???

Well, would you??

Finally, Nikki B is due to become a father – blimey I thought, he’s finally got a shot on target πŸ™‚

On that note, have a great day all….


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  1. Jason says:

    Arsenal are about to file charges against Barcelona for excessive tapping of a player

    According to sources Arsenal were collecting evidence till now and were hoping to avoid the situation but after the latest escapade they have left Arsenal with no other choice

  2. rico says:

    morning all

    puyol and pique are scum bags!!

  3. rico says:

    hi jason, about time to, barca need to be taught a lesson and last night was the final straw…

    where did you hear about that??

  4. Aaron says:

    I don’t think it would be wise to sell Arshavin, so he didn’t have as good a year as his first half with Arsenal but he’s a very quality player and he may have seemed lazy but i think that could be accredited partly to his lack of fitness and form this year, he had a tough year and before he wasn’t lazy, I think he will be fine and will come out more determined this year…plus all the players have favorite clubs or dreams and he just expresses it more, half the time these things come out the quotes aren’t true anyways, he loves Arsenal and if he didn’t he would have asked for a transfer

  5. rico says:

    Thats what frustrates me Aaron, he is a quality player but seems only to show that quality when it suits him – he needs to lose some weight and get fit, that may in turn stop him from keep getting injured…

    I would much rather a 29 year old Bobby P than AA…

  6. Amerigooner says:

    I thought Howard Webb had about as brilliant a game for a ref that you could ever expect under the circumstances. The Dutch were cynical and overly physical, and the Spanish were a bunch of diving, play-acting w4nkers. Neither side was blameless, both sides surrounded the ref at every whistle. It was appalling on both sides. Webb didn’t send off DeJong because he didn’t want to ruin the biggest spectacle in international football with a full half to go… and I think that was the right call despite the tae-kwon-do tackle to Xavi Alonso’s chest. Wouldn’t we have wished the ref didn’t give Jens the red card in the CL Final v. Barcelona, which ruined that game as a spectacle? Webb did his best to NOT be the story, and I thought he did it admirably, despite both teams trying to make him the story.

  7. JSP says:

    Never rated Arseshavings. Hope he does bugger off to Barcelona where his heart seems to be. Maybe put a Cesc mask on him and stitch those Catalan tossers up!!

    I think the Cesc thing is the media seeing a proportion and then totally blowing it up “out of all”…..I hope so anyway, although Cesc and Barcelona are really getting on my nerves now. He should make a statement one way or the other and Barcelona should have a transfer ban put on them for the way they deal in the transfer market. We all know Platini is a spineless wanker though, the French cnut!!

  8. rico says:

    Amerigooner, shame the ref in the CL final didnt feel the same when sending off Jens?

    WC Final or not, De Jong should have seen a straight red, he’s a ref! A few of those dives should have seen cards too.

  9. JSP says:

    Amerigooner, totally agree 100%. Thought Webb did well, and like the article says I hope he takes the same stance when Arsenal are playing and he is ref.


    Hate Barcelona and all things Catalan. Fabregas should tell us all once and for all what he wants to do. Losing all respect for him and never had any for Barcelona!!!

  10. JSP says:

    I think Iniesta deserved a booking for the number of times he waved fake cards around. Can not stand him as a footballer. Horrible little d@igo!!!

  11. rico says:

    Hi JSP, the ‘c’ word sent you into spam, i have edited your comment so’s not to offend others πŸ˜‰

  12. BoobyTrap says:

    Well , who can replace Arshavin?

  13. rico says:

    JSP, i cant stand Webb, he hates us and never gives protection like he did the other night, three points in the league for us up north are just as important as winning the world cup …

  14. rico says:

    BoobyTrap, I’m sure theres someone out there ?

  15. adam says:

    I notice that Reina, who played zero part in the World Cup was one of the main culprits in the Cesc Barcelona shirt “gag”, but close by was that utter dog Pique. There is something so morally repugnant about the Spanish players these days exemplified by both their on-field cheating and a complete lack of respect for our club. They never miss an opportunity to boot the boot in and use this whole Cesc situation to to presumably up the pressure on Arsenal to sell. I imagine that, at Arsenal board level, it has just the opposite effect. Barcelona, as an institution are bankrupt at so many levels. They have won 2 Spanish league titles in a 2 horse race because they and Real Madrid make absolutely sure that no other Spanish club will have the financial clout to challenge them. So much for their great democratic stance. But it doesn’t stop there. They have run up truly enormous debts and haven’t actually paid for a player for several years. They still owe Arsenal substantial amounts for both Hleb and Henry. They haven’t paid the Β£50 million fee for Ibrahimovich. Nor the Maxwell fee and as for that Russian centre-back they sold back to his original club original club? Well, sold is a misleading term because it suggests that they bought him in the first place and as they never actually paid for him either I’ll leave you to decide the nature of that transaction. The now have had to borrow about Β£125 million just to pay their players wages and the fact that their bankers refused to quietly sanction that extension to their already considerable overdraft, forcing them into the open to negotiate a separate loan probably says something about their credit situation. And yet, they want to buy Cesc. With what? More borrowed money of course. But they want installments too. The only problem is they don’t pay those either.

  16. rico says:

    And Puyol adam, i hate em, did you see jasons earlier about reports that arsenal are finally going to report barca??

  17. adam says:

    rico. If only they would. I just think it’s not the Arsenal way but I really wish they would. Something deep in me tells me that Karma will rear its head and cause something bad to happen to them. That may come partially in the shape of Mourinho who I really hope does for them in the Spanish league of 2 clubs this season.

  18. rico says:

    with you on the karma adam, i’m trying to find where the story has come from about reporting them… like you say its not the clubs way, but maybe this is the last straw, wenger must be seething…

  19. adam says:

    Barcelona have become a charity rather than a football club. Like a charity, they accept donations, in this case free footballers, and they use them to win trophies. Like a charity they have tax free status because in their case they never actually earn any money. Instead they run up massive debts which they never have to pay. Perhaps Spain’s gargantuan mountain of debt (despite record amounts of money from the EU) will shift the balance somewhat now. One thing is for absolute certain. They may have won the World Cup but Spanish football and Barcelona in particular have never had a lower reputation than now. The mist has fallen from many people’s eyes and they are being seen for what they really are. Can you ever remember such a bad vibe surrounding them as the one they so richly deserve now?

  20. MidnightMoor says:

    I really hope Jason is right about that…..

    It’s so sickening to see them try to lure Cesc away like that…not only the principle of it (after Arsenal’s categorical “NO”), but the slimy way in which they have gone about it, with the shirt incident being the final straw. Even if Arsenal do complain, I very much doubt anything will happen to Barca-Loan-a, seeing as they’re Spanish champions, with 7 world cup winners and arguably the most glamorous club in the world, probably because Platini and co would no longer be invited to the presidential box for big games, and of course we cant have that can we?
    Doesn’t matter if they treat Arsenal like shit, they haven’t won anything for 5 years so who cares?

    Give it a few years, when Arsenal will be one of a handful of clubs that can afford the best players in the world (and with Barca in financial meltdown) and I’ll take such pleasure in them having to accept a bid of 30m for Messi.

    Well, one can only hope, right?

  21. rico says:

    adam, how the mighty will fall, if we prove a case against them, what could be the penalty?? Points? Transfer embargo? Told to pay up all their debts, the latter would be nice, that should see them become a selling club for a season …

  22. rico says:

    MM, spot on, thats why i dont care who wenger buys as long as they can do what it says on the tin and play with heart for the club…

  23. rico says:

    Interesting today that reports suggest a few overseas clubs are interested in Eduardo….

  24. JSP says:

    Question – Why is it that English clubs in debt may be banned from taking part in the champions league if our French friend gets his own way, but Barcelona and Real madrid are not mentioned in this statement???????

  25. rico says:

    Artur Boruc’s will sign for Fiorentina today if he passes medical – Seb Frey heading our way then??

  26. rico says:

    JSP, i think its all clubs, but platini is a knob and forgets to mention them…

    he always likes a pop at the english league, probably becuase this is where most of the sugardaddy’s are…

  27. adam says:

    rico. Oh how we wish. But we know that, in the corridors of football power, Barcelona probably wield great influence and that Platini’s stance will likely be that a competition without them would be de-valued. For the sake of the game it should happen though. The shame is that I have been doing business in Barcelona since the early 80’s and they are great people. Sure, they are ridiculously self-important and more than a little needy and of course they never miss an opportunity to go on and on about Franco right down to showing you bullet holes in walls where Franco’s troops committed murder against them. But, I like them. As a football club? No, thanks. But I fear it is the way that the whole of football is going. Detached from life, with its head stuck firmly up its arse where the real world that we live in is concerned.

  28. rico says:

    adam, barcelona is a city i love, have friends in a litte village just outside barca, they took me to watch a match at the nou camp etc etc etc, (boring i know) that was over fifteen years ago – but like you, i don’t associate the people of barcelona with the football club…

    i used to love watching barca play, but the last few years my view of them has changed big time, maybe since they took Petit and Overmars from us, it all began….

  29. Danish Gooner says:

    So what if we report Barca,Uefa will as alwys bottle it and send a soft letter of to Mr.Scumbag aka Rosell and that will be it.

  30. bjtgooner says:

    Can you tell us more about the approx. Β£14m owed by Barca – when was it due to be paid?

  31. rico says:

    Hi DG, thats what i don’t know, what happens next after any club gets reported??

    bjt, i can’t sorry, but another poster may be able to answer your question

  32. Billboy says:

    I am surprised there’s not more reaction to your Howard Webb comments. Refs don’t seem to worry when it’s our players they are red-carding and you are spot on about the protection Webb (and his colleagues) gives us.

  33. DeiseGooner says:

    I would love to bitch-slap that ‘The Final Countdown’ looking cnut and his liver lipped team mate. The pair of slags!

    Id take Frey, yes indeedy.

    Arsenal really do need to lodge a complaint and also get Gazidas to make a public statement on their behavior

  34. rico says:

    Hi Billboy – me too actually, we are always the victims of bully tactics, but then we are soft, now though, Spain are in glory and Holland are thugs… rubbish isn’t it!

  35. rico says:

    Hi Deise, i had to scramble a few letters of yours πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  36. DeiseGooner says:

    yes i realised that after i hit submit but i needed to use those words for that pair of idiots πŸ™‚

    but maybe Cesc aint that bothered either ???

  37. rico says:

    trust me Deise, i understand exactly why, its all that suits them… πŸ™‚

    Cesc will speak soon, i’m sure…. May just speed everything up a bit…

  38. brian says:

    What a bunch of whinging poms – Spain are deserved winners , divers and all. We forget that weve got our fair share of divers too. Its a facet of the game that needs to be dealt with harshly- a red card and 4 match ban would be a good start.( that would allow Drogba to only play every fifth game) Webb is a poor excuse for a referee – he should have laid down the law before the game began , not blown it out of all proportion. It was like a game of american football, stop/start,etc. Barcelona are a phenominal side warts and all , and thier sucess is enviable , but if they are breaking the rules then kick them in the nuts with a steel toed boot by all means, if not then maybe the frog should look mto them to see how its done. Results are what you are judged by, not by a empty trophy cupboard and a healthy bank account.

  39. rico says:

    no one is saying spain didn’t deserve to win brian…

  40. Erick says:

    The stains are really messing us up Fifa has to step in and do something and Pepe Reina should focus on liverfool

  41. rico says:

    Hi Erick, i hate barca and Puyol makes my blood boil!!

  42. DeiseGooner says:

    I like the Kos’ attitude so far. Seems hungry, as he well should be…
    Everything is going so fast… I don’t have much experience, clearly, but you can’t refuse Arsenal, the 24-year-old told France Football.
    It could be the last opportunity in my life. I’ll have to work like a dog to be at the right level physically, but I’m not that scared about the big gap it represents.
    If I don’t make it, it just means that the step was too high.
    Koscielny said he thought Arsenal’s style suited him, as a ball-playing defender.
    In Tours and Lorient, I always played in teams who used to have the ball. It’s important for me to be the one who restarts the game from the back.

  43. rico says:

    DG – i like what he is saying too, certainly don’t think he’s going to sit on his backside and let it come to him..

    he probably play this weekend wont he?? i may have to invest three pound to watch…

  44. lud van says:

    Ashavin is one of the most skillful players we have signed in the last 10 years.

    The main reason he didn’t perform last year was firstly due to injury/fitness.

    But more importantly, he is being played out of position and i don’t think he has ever quite adapted to playing on the Left .

    He is far more effective played centrally behind the main striker.

  45. dom says:

    I’d only sell Arshavin if we were bringing in somebody like Gourcouff.

  46. rico says:

    Hi rose, i share your feelings, trust me….

  47. rico says:

    dom, i would prefer van de vaart than Gourcuff, him and robin would be good…

  48. DeiseGooner says:

    AA23 will have a great season this time around. Even with his lack of effort sometimes last season he still scored 1 goal in 3 games with 10 in the league…thats a nice return and he set up quite a few.

  49. rico says:

    lud van, in th last ten years, i totally disagree, we have signed far better player imho…

  50. rico says:

    Best he had DG, hopefully he is spending his summer getting fit, rather than sampling the culinary delights of London…. πŸ˜‰

  51. DeiseGooner says:

    No way in hell id sell him though. He will show his worth in more games im certain

  52. rico says:

    i’d sell him for VDV Deise πŸ™‚

  53. oliver says:

    ‘morning all. that prank was pretty annoying – call me uptight if you want, but i do not see any humor in it. and no, i do not blame cesc for it – unlike many others. his boys put him in an uncomfortable spot and i see him trying to take the thing off once he realizes what it is. unfortunately, we have plenty of gooners piling on cesc over this…somewhere, joan laporta is smiling in satisfaction.

    i would not sell arshavin either – unless we received a really good offer for him, and i do not expect one, considering age and recent injury history. he is not a lone striker, should never have been shoe-horned into that position. lets see what he can do in a full-strength arsenal side (if we can ever get there!)

  54. rico says:

    hi oliver, do you think cesc didn’t know that was coming?

    re AA, wouldn’t sell him for peanuts either, but he needs to shape up..

  55. oliver says:

    no, i don’t think he knew that was coming. why would he? why do we always have to think negative and look at everything as worst case? once again, we are assuming he is complicit in this – and reacting exactly as laporta and co wish we would.

  56. 4pigs says:

    I dont think he knew what was going to happen. I’d like to think he wouldn’t be so stupid.

  57. 4pigs says:


    Good afternoon Rico and all

  58. rico says:

    trouble is oliver, none of us know for sure, and we can only speculate…

    i cant see it really changes much though, he’s either made his mind up to go or stay already, wenger won’t meet with the barca lot so thats it…

    hi 4pigs..

  59. Red Arse says:

    Hi Oliver Uptight, πŸ™‚

    Watched the Mets on ESPN on Sunday, don’t know what came over me! 😦

  60. oliver says:

    i understand where you are coming from, rico. my point is if we do not know for sure, why are we slating him? what is that going to accomplish? it will help drive him away, if anything. we have very different opinions on this and i am sure it will be that way until either the season starts with cesc as our captain, or a transfer is announced. in the absence of either, i choose to keep emotion out of this. cesc is our captain and is under contract to us. if it turns out that he wants a transfer and is agitating for a transfer, then so be it – we should move on. but lets not assume that is what happening just because we are so worried about it.

  61. Pat7 says:

    Afternoon all. I think Cesc’s a very nice, sensitive, naive kid & could quite easily have been conned into this situation. He may be fantastically mature as regards tactics & reactions on the football field, after all that’s what he has all his focus on but outside football he’s a kid.

    I only have to look at my youngest lad at 26 today & am almost certain Cesc is NOT guilty. I hope he comes back as our captain to support AW in ‘slaying these beasts’ that he has to perform with to attain the top rewards of the game.

    Having said that AW has to get the quality for him to perform with rather than tie his hands behind his back…………

  62. rico says:

    i’m not slating him oliver, i’m more cross with puyol and pique…

  63. rico says:

    Hi RA and Pat7…

    I have my own thoughts on cesc and i have voiced them already, many times… to be honest i’m bored with talking about cesc and his future…

    there is more about arsenal than any one player, all i know is if i was going to make one of the biggest decisions of my career, i would make that decision myself and not be swayed by anyone or leave that decision in the hands of another….

  64. oliver says:

    sorry rico. it would seem that i mis-read your tone. my apologies. i think i am frustrated with all the negativity regarding cesc over this – look around and all you see is “stick him to rot in the reserves”, “strip the armband from him”, and blah blah blah blah blah.

    puyol and pique continue to live down to my expectations. reina too – perhaps someone can stuff a man united/van der sar jersey over his head – i am sure he will see the humor in that!

    this will continue, even while cesc is on holiday. the comments from the players will not stop, nor will rosell continuing to sell public media comments as “negotiations” with arsenal. i am used to it.

    sorry again for saying you “slated” him. i incorrectly characterized your comments.

  65. oliver says:

    hi ra. as you can probably guess, i am big johan santana guy!! that is two consecutive great outings from him – perhaps he was tipping his pitches!

  66. rico says:

    oliver, no need to appologize, not one minute, if i knew for sure that he had put in a transfer request i would agree with taking the armband etc, but there is no ‘real’ proof that he has…

    i think WATH once said here that maybe cesc did meet with the boss and just told him to bolster this squad with better players or we won’t win anything, and he wants to win something…

  67. oliver says:

    rico, thing is that i do not appreciate it when my comments are incorrectly characterized by another – so i am pretty sensitive to not doing that myself. and i get irritated with myself when i do that…

    i am confident cesc and arsene talked about several things. but some of the suggestions we see are laughable – like myles saying that in their meeting, cesc asked arsene who he intended to buy this summer and arsene could not answer!! can anyone possibly think arsene does not have players he is interested in? that someone with as much experience as him would be unable to answer a simple question like that (if even asked) but it is self-serving garbage like that which is regurgitated. too many see falsehoods like that as “fact” or “circumstancial evidence” and suddenly it is clear as day that cesc wants to leave here and now…

    who knows what he really wants? perhaps he does not yet? but i have reason to believe that even if he does favor a transfer (my long-stated premise), that he will not give his best for us and be the best captain he can.

  68. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico…………. Seel Arshavin are you completely loco…??? Have you been on Erick’s weeds….? SOmetimes I do worry that country air affects your grey matter…. No not your hair…! πŸ˜›

  69. rico says:

    oliver, i understand, but i wasn’t offended, honest πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  70. rico says:

    Ah, WATH, yes i would sell him if i knew he would be replaced properly, he’s lazy, overweight and sulky πŸ˜‰

  71. Pat7 says:

    Rico – you’re a lady & reach maturity at a younger age. Cesc’s been under the care of AW who he regards by all reports as his ‘step-father’. He’s been under that protection & the Arsenal family for a long time now so will not mature as quickly as ‘regular’ boys –
    even in Spain he’ll be shrouded by his family.

    I agree though it would be great to get off the subject & talk about our ‘new to unveil’ players, the ones we don’t know about yet! – not long to wait!

  72. W.A.T.H says:

    He maybe a little lazy and a little sulky BUT the man is pure class and a superb footballer plays the game as it should be played and has the best brain in our team !!. He should be played in his fav position and the players built round him. Simple…!

  73. oliver says:

    fair enough, rico. back to you original comment, i agree with w.a.t.h. and would not sell arshavin either – play him off the forwards and lets see how he does. if his attitude and committment are as poor as many perceive, that will show itself soon enough and that would be a better time to consider a sale. i would like to see him get a run in his favored position with a healthy, first-choice arsenal team around him.

  74. rico says:

    Pat7 πŸ˜† i haven’t matured yet, just a big kid really πŸ˜‰

    I understand where you are coming from though, its just good the WC is over and soon we’ll know the truth …

  75. rico says:

    WATH, hes 29 years old, we give him another season and he’s rubbish again, we lose big time, he’ll be no better next season than he was last season i’m sure, see what a few good games in Euro do πŸ˜‰

  76. rico says:

    is that AA with a belly on him πŸ˜‰

    Great pics, good to see JD, Rosicky and Gibbs back training, even Dudu looks keen – isn’t the new boy skinny πŸ™‚

  77. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico……….Arshavin is class you country bumpkin πŸ˜›
    He will be great IF we play him properly and not wasted out wide…!.

    TA was also skinny so to Bouldy..! πŸ™‚

  78. rico says:

    Couple of the reserves in those pics…

  79. rico says:

    Country Bumpkin my foot!! πŸ˜‰

    Kos looks lean and mean, great to see Lansbury training, roll on August 15th, two more new signings and we’ll be there πŸ™‚

    Is that young defender in there too? Daniel Boateng

  80. Pat7 says:

    Is that JD with his leg bound up already? Is he practicing for the sick bed? LOL.

  81. rico says:

    I don’t think its ever been removed Pat, at least he’s running I suppose πŸ˜‰

  82. W.A.T.H says:

    It’s all preventative with JD……….. wrap him up BEFORE he gets injured…..! πŸ™‚

  83. Pat7 says:

    I’ve just noticed his other thigh’s taped up as well – oh well…………..

  84. Pat7 says:

    Maybe they’re working on the prevention rather than cure theory – better tape him to the couch then LOL!

  85. rico says:

    think he needs more than a bit opf bandage WATH πŸ˜‰

    sky are showing the scwarzer story, he hasn’t had a medical with us, jj will be pleased, but we hav def made an offer for him…

    they are showing some of almunias gaffs too 😦

  86. rico says:

    blimey, that fills us all with confidence over JD, still look on the bright side, maybe wenger will realise he’s not to be relied on….

    Come on Arsene, get these signing done and dusted and put our minds to rest…

  87. W.A.T.H says:

    Rosicky looks fit as well…………!! What your meaning to say Rico is we need JD looking likea Mummy if we gonna get him through a season…?

  88. rico says:

    πŸ˜† WATH, what was his injury? I can’t remember it was so long ago…

  89. rico says:

    Rosicky does look fit, he’s lost a bit of weight, or has he just had his hair cut at last πŸ˜‰

  90. W.A.T.H says:

    Rosicky was hmmmmmmmmmm ah yes well mmmmmmmmmm I think it was hmmmmmmm ………… Don’t know…!

    He def looks fit though. Wait til him and JD run into each other…!

  91. K-TR7 says:

    Afternoon all.let me first begin on cesc saga;we have underestimated how smartly cesc has played his spanish camp they sure did tap him up hoping he would come out and request a transfer.instead he just kept quiet to avoid potentially spoiling the spanish room mood where he has many of his friends.since he loves arsenal too he decided to have media silence to avoid misquotation by the media.AW then kept quiet on the opposite end letting barca talk the whole time making them look desperate for a player they think they need but can’t the likes of pique cesc is just another trophy and what irks me the most is that he was the best player in the wc to be on the bench.xavi and iniesta may be higher in the pecking order but their passing most of the time reminds me of our own when cesc is out:sideways and backwards.cesc has learnt about directness at our club without the so called ‘barca dna’.if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t have probably won the wc.cesc has class to an extent he consoled rvp first before celebrating,he dedicated his medal to us so please don’t turn on him.their gameplan with aw is working and if he stays cheer him on since him driving us to cl and pl glory will be sweeter with him as captain.i’ve never been his biggest fan but i’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.will you do the same?…

  92. rico says:

    JD’s injury, not Rosickys WATH πŸ˜‰

  93. rico says:

    KTR7, top comment and good afternoon to you…

    they certainly struggled until cesc came on, still wanted the dutch to win though πŸ˜‰

  94. Red Arse says:

    Bit bored with all the Cesc stuff.

    How many which ways can we dissect and restructure what he has done/said not done/said. Yawn, yawn.

    He will stay next season and maybe longer, if we are successful. All professionals want Medals at the end of their careers to show their children/grand children.

    Lets give him some room to sort things out and not make matters worse by ill informed conjecture.

    Lecture over …. but every blog is full of it, so I am really, really bored of Cesc conjecture. πŸ™‚

  95. K-TR7 says:

    On AA rico i wouldn’t sell him not at all.he has an excellent football brain and he sees sitiuations much faster than most and its no wonder we were unplayable when he morzart,cesc and rvp were on the same wavelength.he needs to get fit though and hope he was having second season syndrome.he also needs to play closer to goal but shafting him in the middle isn’t the solution.ΓΆzil was the best no.10 at the wc but you could see he had to drift to the wings to get space since modern trends in footy have introduced specialized roles such as dms who sit in the space that is meant for no.10’ saw how deep messi had to drop to get space.the decline of no.10’s also lead to decline of goal my opinion as i told rico and RA last night is play him as an inside forward on the left somewhere in between the right cb and rb.with clichy making overlaps,chamakh and rvp running rings around the other cb he will get a ‘freeish role’…

  96. W.A.T.H says:

    K-TR you make a very solid point for his defence there my friend. What we need now though and the sooner the better are comments to Arsenal and far more importantly to the fans saying that it was a gesture from his teammates but was a little embarrassing and would like to apologise to any and all Arsenal fans if this gesture from his teammates has upset them or made it look like he is any less committed to our club etc etc etc you know what he needs to say KT lets see if he does and it need tobe the next 24hrs not a week or two…! Kill this story dead in the water and do it NOW…! Over to you Cesc…!

  97. rico says:

    ok i get the message, but i would still sell AA πŸ˜‰

    Iniesta has been speaking again…… he cant wait to be reunited with his old pal …

    i’m surprised cesc has spoken already to be honest, he knows how the fans will be feeling…

  98. Red Arse says:

    Right, to deflect your criticism of my previous comment, I read an interesting article issued by the Official Arsenal site.

    Basically Arsenal have done a volte face about the reserve team league. We will now play our reserves in the newly structured league, and not in just friendlies, because the other clubs have agreed that home games can be played behind closed doors.

    Why dat? Well it ties in with Daniel Boateng signing a three year profesional contract having reached 17 years of age.

    It appears that Chelsea, Manure and Man Citeh, tried to poach him because he is such an outstanding prospect and Arsenal were seriously worried that they were going to lose him.

    Arsenal are so fed up with other clubs sussing out our talented new crop that that is the main reason they want to play reserve games “in house”, where it will be almost impossible to watch the youngsters play.

    Real Madrid pretty much tapped up Benik Afobe last year and again we almost lost him. Similar fears are being expressed about Zak Ansah who is an avowed Manure fan.

    What do you think of dem potatoes? πŸ˜€

  99. W.A.T.H says:

    I think they rotten and moldy……………..

  100. Red Arse says:


  101. rico says:

    RA, they don’t let the fans in for safety reasons i think πŸ˜‰ They are playing a lot of the home games at underhill so fans can go, as long as its not raining though πŸ˜‰

  102. rico says:

    RA, never knew young ‘wavy’ was a manc fan πŸ˜‰

  103. Red Arse says:

    All home reserve games were previously played at Underhill, now they are not.

    Why do you think they came out of the reserve league system last week and only went in again when they obtained this training ground dispensation?

    There will only be a tiny number of games at Barnet now, which is a thank you to them for their help over the previous years.

  104. rico says:

    the way the club put it you think they are doing us a favour so fans can watch, but its only ever about money, i bet…

    i didn’t realise they had pulled out, i just thought they were waiting for the re-construction to be confirmed…

    i bow to you knowledge RA πŸ˜‰

  105. Red Arse says:

    Some months ago, Zak went on Facebook and openly said before the Arsenal/Manure home game that he wanted United to win.

    You can imagine how the Arsenal fans reacted. He was lucky not to be lynched.

  106. rico says:

    he’s a bit of a twurp if thats for real… wonder why he chooses to stay with us with that kind of attitude, still, he’ll learn, we hope…

    i’m off for a bit folks, stuff to do..

  107. Red Arse says:

    Well apart from you and a raspberry from Wath, there’s a stoney silence, so I am taking myself off.

    Bye. πŸ™‚

  108. Red Arse says:


    I looked this up on Google for you, it’s one of many reports about Zak Ansah, but it is fairly typical of the reports at the time!

    “Apparently our youth team player Zak Ansah is a die hard Manure fan, which is fair enough really.

    But at the Arsenal game last Sunday, he was with the youth team and when United scored he was screaming with delight and making plenty of noise. Out of order. Worse even is what has appeared on his facebook page where he has been giving vile abuse to several of our fans. He was confronted about several derogatory remarks about Arsenal as a club. Such as:

    β€œCoz i Support United! And dont like the way their was no engllish players in the starting 11 against us! United Fans H8 Arsenal! lool buh it has no effect how i play 4 dem!”

    I think that is just disgusting for one of our own players to say”. etc etc.

    There was a lot more in the article but you get the drift. What a shame, as he is v. gifted. Seems to have blown over at the mo’. 😦

  109. Red Arse says:

    Definitely gone now.

  110. Millz says:

    Did anyone else notice heitinga should not have been sent off? His first yellow was a joke. Webb saw the tackle, did nothing which indicated he thought it was fine, then when the ball went out for a throwing he went up to heitinga and yellow carded him. How can he card him for something when he didn’t blow for a foul or wave play on?

    Personally I thought it was a tough game to ref but he did a pretty poor job imo. Bring back Graham poll!!

  111. JonJon says:

    hi the little one tonight so just a quick one..

    if arshavin wants to leave and we get the right price then let him go..

    but i reckon he’ll stay put last seasons torment of missing out on the wc, being blamed by the russian media and his family recieving death threats by russian public..not to mention he was injured alot and still played and was played out of position..the arrival of chamaka means we have enough options for lead striker and aa can play his own game next season and show us what he can do..

    if the storys about arsenal gaining evidence for barca tapping up are true then i reckon the cesc to barca deal is almost done..

    if we do barca for taping up it means cesc will get punished also as he is the player involved..

    cant see why we would want to keep cesc and then let fifa punish him for talking to barca under contract so hes gotta be off..

  112. Red Arse says:


    I am back again, briefly! πŸ™‚

    The other article I was referring to above, was on Young Guns, yesterday.

    On reading the article, my understanding is that Arsenal were unhappy they couldn’t play their home matches at their training ground and so withdrew from the Reserves League altogether.

    The use of training grounds has now been O.K’d, and Arsenal will, after all, compete in the revamped reserve league next season.

    Security at the training ground will allow Arsenal to monitor who is watching the latest crop of kids. also announced that certain reserve fixtures will be played at Barnet, when the pitch is in good enough condition.

    The article on Young Guns is excellent and comprehensive.

    Definitely, definitely off this time, you will be pleased to hear. πŸ™‚

  113. Red Arse says:

    Hi JonJon,

    It’s hello and goodnight! πŸ™‚

    But first, you are definitely right on Arsharvin. 100%

    I’m slightly changing my mind, from being certain Cesc will stay another season, to mmm …. maybe!

    See you tomorrow, hopefully.

  114. K-TR7 says:

    Eddy is going nowhere according to aw…evening jj.

  115. DeiseGooner says:

    Kos looks to be physically the same as Chamakh does he not? Strength isnt about bulk but he could probably do with a 3 weetabix breakfast and plenty of Stews for his din dins πŸ™‚

  116. DeiseGooner says:

    ohhh and i see Chamakh has his purple and orange hover boots on too ….

  117. rico says:

    Morning all, selling AA was the poll winner πŸ˜‰

    New Post up

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