Another Diaby/Denilson season! Waiter to go home, Hammers want Sol, they can have him!!

I read yesterday that Atletico Madrid want to throw Almunia a lifeline to help firm up their defence. Yes of course I laughed, AM are supposed to have ‘the next Casillas’ (David De Gea) in their squad so why not play him and leave Manuel alone. Not that I’m complaining of course, they can have Almunia, in fact they can have Almunia and Fabianski for all I care!

I have to go away for a couple of days now. I’m helping a Spanish couple and their dog pack up all their belongings, then I’m taking them to Heathrow Airport to make sure they catch their flight to Madrid-Barajas Airport!! Oh, I’m also going to pinch any return tickets out of their luggage if I find any!! 🙂

‘Bye Bye Mr Fawlty’ says our very own Manuel as he flys over Torquay!! (yes I know, it won’t go that way)

Sols gone off on one again, first it was abroad, then Scotland, quick flirt with Sunderland and now it seems he could come right back to the heart of London and sign for the team who was the cause of him leaving us a few seasons ago, how bizarre would that be….. Talking of West Ham, seems Avram Grant is keen to get his team back up the table this year, not only does he want Sol but he also wants Loic Remy having secured the signing of some pacey winger from Mexico, Pablo Barrera…

West Ham can have Sol, if he wanted to stay with us he would have sorted this out with Wenger a long time ago. After we gave him another chance last season to play in the Premier League and Champions League, this is how he repays the club! No doubt he’s scouting around to see where he can earn the most money, well go Sol!!

Yesterday there was a bit of a debate about whether or not Arsene Wenger will buy another Centre Half, many thought that when Wenger said we are in for a defensive player it could be a midfielder rather than a defender. Well the boss has since confirmed we won’t be buying a midfielder…

He said,

“We are not interested in Gourcuff and we were never contacted, he’s a player I like a lot, but we are sufficiently covered in midfield.”

But, does that mean in the attacking sense or defensive? He gives nothing away does he, but all the time our captain stays, of course he won’t need replacing – I guess its ‘Watch this space’…

In the meantime though it looks as if we have another exciting season ahead watching Diaby and Denilson in the midfield. That worries me big time, Denilson is no substitute for Song, never! If there’s one thing Wenger needs to get right this season its rotation. He/we cannot afford an injury to Alex Song or any other player, but especially Song.  I wish Arsenal could send Diaby on a crash course at the ‘school of defending’ and see him as Songs deputy rather then Denilson.

At least now the World Cup is over, the old wiley one should be on his plane back to London by now. The squad are training and he needs to get his arse into gear now and get this Arsenal side ready to take on and beat all rivals. Yes the transfer window is open for another 6/7 weeks but our first ‘proper’ test begins with The Emirates Cup on the 31st July when we face AC Milan.

Barring a last minute deal between Barca and Arsenal for Cesc, we should get an idea of what this coming season will look like, player wise. Surely and as I keep saying, Wenger will want the squad sorted and together by that date, so that gives him twenty days realistically to make any new signings.

I know many many fans don’t believe he will bring in a player or two, but I do. I think we will see a goal-keeper and a centre half. If we lose/sell any others then I think we will see more. They may not be who you want, but in a few months they may just be players you like….

On a final note, resident blogger mikeB sent this in, after I stopped laughing I thought I’d share it. A perfect ending to the World Cup where England were just dreadful, so was the final….

It seems England  are not only thinking about ditching Stuart Pearce and Ray Clemence but are thinking about new sponsers too!!

I love it, thanks mikeB….

Have a good day all, today our transfer window could open……


136 Responses to Another Diaby/Denilson season! Waiter to go home, Hammers want Sol, they can have him!!

  1. rico says:

    morning all….

    who won last night 😉

  2. Mike E says:

    i agree re song.

    i wanted us to sign a seriously good and experienced dm and allow song to be our utility player, covering dm and cb. and allowing both to play against many of the hacking sides.

    i was also hoping that we might sell denilson for a couple of million to help pay for the new signing.

  3. Andrew says:


    “We have to feel very proud of each of the members of this squad, from the first to the last.” Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas came on in the second half of normal time to give Spain extra impetus and it was his pass which created Iniesta’s goal.

    “It’s a great moment for me and for everyone Spanish, the players, the people. We are all very proud of this,” he said.

    “We never thought we could make it and this is something special. When I came on, I was fired up.

    “It is has been a difficult tournament for me and I didn’t get to play so much.

    “Something inside me was telling me this was my chance. All my family wanted to come and be part of this, I had my chance and I am just very proud to be part of this.

    “It has been a hard season, but now it doesn’t matter at all. This is one of the best moments of my life. “Today we are living the dream.” But there was also a tinge of sadness for Fabregas as he had to console club team-mate and Dutch forward Robin van Persie.

    “The first thing I had to do after the final whistle was go to Robin. Instead of celebrating with my friends, I wanted to talk to Robin, because I felt he deserved this as well.

    “He has been injured a lot and if it wasn’t us he was playing against, it would have been different.

    “But as happy as I was, I was also sad for him. He deserved it as well. He just told me congratulations and to enjoy the moment.

    “I hope he has has his chance again, because he is a great guy and a great leader.

    “He has been really unlucky with injuries and I hope he can have his moment in four years or two years.” However, Fabregas believes Van Persie may have to wait longer given the next generation of talent coming off the Spanish production line.

    “We have great players who are coming through and Spanish football is just growing,” he added.

    “This is the best thing which can happen to a football player. You can’t win something bigger.” As for where he will be playing next season, Barcelona target Fabregas was ambiguous.

    “All I can say is that this is for all the Arsenal players and fans, they are a world-class club. I am an Arsenal player and I am proud to be.”

  4. rico says:

    hi mike & andrew

    that last sentence is very strong, lets hope he means it…

  5. rico says:

    mike, i still hope that wenger is talking only about the playmaker/midfielder when he rules out a midfielder..

  6. Danish Gooner says:

    It will be another season of droppings against Man City,Man Scum and Chavski,with twiddle dumb and twiddler dumber being outrun and outfought in midfield.

  7. rico says:

    Morning DG, that’s what worries me too, maybe they will both pick up a few niggles instead of Robin 😉

  8. Queen of Suburbia says:

    Interesting to hear Hansen et al describe the Dutch tactics last night as pure thuggery. In the premier league he describes them when employed against arsenal as “getting in their faces”

  9. rico says:

    Hi QOS, DJ high flier into Alonso’s chest was not so good though…

    But yes, we are southern softies for not being able to handle that kind of play, will be interesting when Webb refs one of the battles too…

  10. Pat7 says:

    Nice one QoS!

    After seeing that lot last night makes a 5th official watching TV replays of acting/off the ball stuff & horror tackles even more important!

  11. jaygooner says:

    Looking forward to the first Match of the Day programme featuring a “don’t like it up ’em” team playing The Arsenal. Hansen will no doubt praise the tactics, extolling FatSam thuggery as “exactly what makes the Premier League the best in the world”. Pity Holland lost, but Cesc was sensational, proving what a class act he is.

  12. rico says:

    jayg, did you see the comment earlier with cesc’s i/v after the game?

  13. charybdis1966 says:

    Hi Rico – are ytou still sure Avenell’s house is safe(now that Wenger told Rosell where to go yesterday re. Cesc), or have you got some cardboard boxes lined up for him now that you have gambled his abode away ? 🙂

  14. rico says:

    Hi chary, i have the boxes ready and waiting – however, it does seem the boss is staying strong at the moment, lets see if barca offer a tempting amount 😉

  15. charybdis1966 says:

    Cool Rico, I could do with a nice pied a terre by the sea 😉 the Ball & Chain has been banging on about getting a second property for investment purposes for ages.

  16. rico says:

    you and me both chary, not so much today though its raining…

    glad the WC is over aren’t you? Get back to arsenal now, how long a break will cesc and robin get chary, do you know?

  17. Red Arse says:


    I thought I was watching the alter egos of a Bolton Arsenal game last night.

    Holland (apart from Robben) were utter crap and Barca, sorry Spain, looked like they were trying to play like us, and like us were being kicked up the arsenal.

    QoS is quite right about that plonker Hansen and his double standards!

    Not nice. 😦

  18. jaygooner says:

    Certainly did! I’ve been sticking up for Cesc on blogs all summer long. We all know he will go eventually, but he will go with style, and not in the grubby fashion the tap up merchants wanted.

  19. Red Arse says:

    Oi Rico,

    Stop dilly dallying with Le Grove!

    Come and play with us, so to speak. 😀

  20. rico says:

    Hi RA, I didn’t mention the WC in the post for Robin, i am sick of it to be honest and just glad its over.

    hansen is a twurp and roll on MOTD … 😉

  21. rico says:

    I’m here RA, haven’t strayed just yet today…

  22. rico says:

    jay, i the opposite to you, i am convinced he is going….

  23. charybdis1966 says:

    Rico – I reckon we won’t see Cesc & Robin till members day, on August the 5th although they may make the Emirates Cup starting on the 31st of July. There’s not much chance of them being available for the Austrian pre-season tour(starts 20 July) but rest assured your favourite player(Bendy) should make it to Austria, along with the others who went out of the world cup early, like Song, Clichy, Sagna, Diaby etc..

  24. rico says:

    can’t believe none of you folk haven’t commented on the new england sponsors 😉

  25. rico says:

    thanks chary, nikki b is crocked, he doesn’t know whats wrong with him…

  26. W.A.T.H says:

    Mornin Rico………. and I thought JJ was negative your just carrying on where he left off 😛

  27. jaygooner says:

    Only time will tell on Cesc rico. I sincerely hope I am the one that says “told you so” lol.

  28. rico says:

    morning WATH, me, negative, never 🙂

  29. W.A.T.H says:

    Ur waving goodbye to our best players lol…….. 😉
    Well ur trying too.

  30. rico says:

    i hope you are too jay, but 😉

  31. charybdis1966 says:

    Rico – you’re only saying that Cesc is off cos you don’t want to have to find another gaff for Avenell !

  32. rico says:

    🙂 I only hope its true WATH, i’d be really sad to see him go though 😳 not…

  33. W.A.T.H says:

    Pitch him a tent Rico…………

  34. rico says:

    i thought my bet was hes going chary??

  35. rico says:

    Now where did i put that cardboard box … 😉

  36. rico says:

    Did you go last night WATH?

  37. charybdis1966 says:

    Oi Rico, you’re doing an about face as bad as Hansen’s new found love of the pass and move game, you turncoat !

  38. rico says:

    🙂 chary, i thought he’d stay, but when all the rumours gathered pace and he said nothing i had a re-think, then when it transpired he had told wenger he will leave it to him, dead cert for me, he’s off …

  39. W.A.T.H says:

    Yes Rico………… Not happy….!

  40. rico says:

    Me neither WATH, me neither…

  41. W.A.T.H says:

    Well least it’s over and we can now get back to the real football….!

  42. charybdis1966 says:

    Well we’ll all know soon enough come the end of the transfer window. I’m long in the tooth enough to know that hacks are never around to inform or give considered insight, merely to get reaction by exaggeration, fabrication and hearsay, so I don’t buy into their hysterical, headline grabbing agenda.
    Crap bags like Gillian Ballbag and Graham Hunter the c***er are the worst examples of hacks being the mouth piece of spanish clubs who tap up other teams best talent, like Bankruptalona et al.

  43. rico says:

    spot-on WATH, lets get back to AFC, the ones that count!!

  44. rico says:

    trouble is though chary, as the old saying goes, there’s no smoke…..

  45. charybdis1966 says:

    The smoke was coming out of Ball-bag and Hunter’s arse though….

  46. charybdis1966 says:

    …and then blown by them up the Barca-c***s arses

  47. Red Arse says:

    Hi Wath, Charybdis (still love that name) 🙂

    Cesc won’t leave this year.

    He and Wenger are both being stubborn.

    Cesc won’t ask for a transfer, he wants the outstanding 5 years moolah on his contract, and Winkie won’t let Barca have him for coloured baubles or £30m.

    Want a bet? 😛

  48. rico says:

    they both seem to have gone a bit quiet these days, maybe they’ve been told to wind their necks in, every morning they were on sky ranting on about barca – and what makes me sick is sky loved it…

  49. Red Arse says:

    I like that Chary, if they tried a modified soixante neuf, it could be self fulfilling! 🙂

    Not that I know what soixante thingy is, obviously.

    Have to ask R……. no no stop that!

  50. charybdis1966 says:

    Cheers Red A, and Rico I couldn’t believe how much those 2 were virtually running the Barca presidential campaigns for them.
    I can’t see why the words “Conflict of interest” didn’t flash up in everyone’s mind as soon as those 2 numb skulls opened their fetid mouths.

    Of course Skysports are going to love them 2, they thrive on reasons to slag off and undermine Arsenal.

  51. rico says:

    I don’t get why sky and the Beeb have it in for us, maybe its the foreign thing, they won’t be so happy when Gibbs, Jack, Theo, JET are all playing for England will they 😉

  52. charybdis1966 says:

    It’s intellectual laziness added to Little Englander insularity Rico – it’s easy to slag off a foreign manager and praise good honest pros like Pullis and McLeish.

  53. W.A.T.H says:

    Mornin RA…….. Don’t kno why you lot get so wound up from total cnuts on sky talking utter shit all day long… It’s why you have a mute button and an “off” button…! Why allow such cretins to antagonise you and get you all hot and bothered about garbage about who or not the crapalona’s are gonna buy…!.

  54. Red Arse says:

    Top call, Wath. Ignore the plonkers.

    In the acting world, everyone is a “luvvy”, even when they are clearly not. It’s the old, one hand washing the other, nonsense.

    Sky are the same, the presenters are bored out of their arses sitting there all day repeating garbage over and over, and are delighted when a “well known” journo deigns to chat to them.

    Just as a statistical observation, nothing racist, why is Sky so heavily populated with Scotsmen yakking away about the English Premier league. Answers on Alan Hanson’s arse, please! 🙂

  55. charybdis1966 says:

    Red A – it’s because the Sweatys are too bored to talk about their own 2-team pub league that they turn their attentions to the Premier League; having said that a jocko commentator for ESPN(Bobby McMahon, I think) had a take on the Shawcross “tackle” that was bang on.

  56. rico says:

    I don’t get too wound up WATH, they are just so petty.. 😉

  57. rico says:

    Guys, gotta pop off for a bit, laters 🙂

  58. gunner man says:

    hansen is upset cause when arsenal won the lge on last day of season at anfeild he was playing, probably still has nightmares about it

  59. Red Arse says:


    I think some Scots commentators, not Andy Grey, are v. good, it’s the preponderance of certain groups in the media that can be irritating.

    Over on Talksport, there are quite a lot of scousers so their reporting is, shall we say, a little biased!

    Admittedly, ex-players (particularly footballers and cricketers)are sought after, but most of them don’t have a clue but their “professional” opinion is the final word. Oh yeah …… Alan Shearer for the Nine O’Clock News?

  60. charybdis1966 says:

    RedA, I think the trap the media fall into is in thinking that people who were good at a Sport make for informative and intelligent commentary on that sport, when we all know that is not necessarily the case. It’s basically just the use of celebrity to compensate for those ex players who do not having anything useful to say.
    And Alan Shearer would be good for Not the Nine o’clock news as a replacement for Mel Smith, he has that vacant, gormless look that works so well in many sketches on that show.

  61. mikeB says:

    Hi Folks,
    GM, Hansen wasn’t just playing. He was the defender a yard short when MT had his special moment.
    I once wrote to Hansen and suggested that was his reason for so much anti-Arsenal bias.

    I can’t understand why he didn’t reply.

  62. charybdis1966 says:

    Good call MikeB – that explains a lot.
    Remember what he said at the beginning of last season about the prospects of us gaing a Champions League place ? “No chance, none, no chance”

  63. mikeB says:

    I also recall Phil Thompson saying Arsenal were finished and it was now a ‘Big Three’.

    At least he was partly right.

  64. Red Arse says:

    Hi MikeB,

    Great photo of Postman Pat.

    Where did you see it?

  65. mikeB says:

    Hi RA,

    Can’t take too much credit for that. It was sent to me by my recently converted Arsenal fan step-son.
    He got it from someone else who presumably got it from someone else… Ah the wonders of Photoshop.

  66. Red Arse says:

    Now what was I saying about scouser/scottish ex-players in the media?

    Oh yes I was saying how lucky we are to have such intellectual giants capable of such perspicacious thoughts.

    Yes Mr Hanson, Mr Thompson that is English, like what I wrote! 🙂

  67. Red Arse says:

    Sshh, keep it quiet Mike,

    Rico thinks you are a genius. 😛

  68. Red Arse says:


    Been meaning to ask, who is your Scylla? Surely not our delightful Rico, no monster she! 😀

  69. mikeB says:

    she’s absolutely right… sadly it only arrives in sporadic flashes… bit like David Bowie 🙂

  70. Red Arse says:

    Got to go for a mo.

    I’m trying to multi-task again and failing. I appear to have a formula failing on my Excel spreadsheet, which is proving irritatingly difficult to resolve.

    Shouldn’t have told you that, now you will see the extent of my limited brainpower by the lenght of time it takes me to resolve it and get back to footie chat!

    Damn! 😀

  71. gunner man says:

    mike i think the fact that u wrote to hansen about that was brill

  72. gunner man says:

    i think we def need a dm but if we do and dj gets ahead of kos and we have the same full backs, has r defence really improved. i think we will harder to beat though if we bought another dm as good as song to play with him sometimes(brazil,holland) or in his place when he is injured. playing manu and chels away is a scary thought with no song

  73. charybdis1966 says:

    No Red A – no twin (whirlpool)threat in the form of Rico here !

  74. Red Arse says:


    I wrote something amazingly witty, (well you can’t disprove it 😀 ) but WordPress decided it was crap and it disappeared into the ether! 😦

    I am please Rico is not Scylla, a woman who can chat footie, intelligently, with 6 heads would blow all of us mere males out of the water! 🙂

    GM I think we all want a really shit hot DM, but I doubt we will get one. Wenger seems to have a fixation on Denilson!

  75. mikeB says:

    Maybe… but don’t know what purpose it served, apart from me letting off steam.

    People like Hansen and Thompson live for controversy. The more they incite, the more celebrity status they achieve and the better they feel.

    Our only moment comes when Liverpool finishes in seventh place, and we can watch them squirm.

    I guess that will have to do for now.

  76. K-TR7 says:

    Morning all…i feel gutted for rvp!he worked hard,made openings but sneijder and robben proved to be too selfish…

  77. charybdis1966 says:

    RedA – I suppose Wenger has had a premonition where in 4 years time Denilson captains Brazil ot the World Cup amid adulation from the home crowd.
    I can’t think of any other reason why wobbly-head Denilson is played so much.

  78. Red Arse says:

    Hi KT,

    It was an odd game, in that Spain were clearly best technically, but both sides could have won or scored a couple of goals each.

    Robben, twice, Villa and Fab, once each, had straight forward chances one on one.

    I did not like the way Holland played because it looked like they were Bolton, and Spain like they were Arsenal.

    RVP, looked ponderous and slow. Don’t like to say it but that’s my opinion.

  79. Red Arse says:


    Not so much a premonition, more an irrational delusion, if that’s the case.

    Please, don’t let him go that route! 😦

  80. gunner man says:

    holland tactics did not bring the best out of rvp, it got them to the finals but it was not good enough to beat spain. if they were playing with freedom and did not mind passing to rvp then they would have won

  81. Red Arse says:


    I’m not too convinced that they say anything to achieve notoriety deliberately.

    They don’t seem to have the ability to work out any such strategy. I think they are just stupid, frankly.

  82. Red Arse says:


    You are probably correct. With all the reported problems within the Dutch team, the lack of passing to RVP could well have been deliberate.

    More fools them.

    RVP playing in the hole behind Chamakh next season could work out v. well. 🙂

  83. mikeB says:

    I’m not suggesting they do it of their own volition; that would be giving them too much savvy.

    I think it’s part and parcel of the same motivation that inspired the olf wild-west lynch mobs.

    Difference is, instead of rot-gut whisky, they use BBC and SKY airtime to befuddle their poor limited intellects.

  84. gunner man says:

    when did we c the best of rvp, in 433 last season or 442 seson b4?

  85. Red Arse says:


    We are of a like mind.

    Although he was naturally biased towards Manure, I enjoyed George Best’s comments when he was on Sky Sports’ Saturday panel.

    He was intelligent and made cogent points from a “neutral” perspective.

  86. Red Arse says:


    My problem in thinking of an answer is that RVP has so many injury lay-offs or in recovering from injuries, he is then affected by other changes in the team caused by injuries to other players.

    The other thing is that the way Arsenal play is so fluid that they change fromm 4 4 2 to 4 3 3 and then 4 5 1 throughout the game.

    I seem to remember that RVP played more consistently in season 2008/9. But I am open to persuasion! 🙂

  87. gunner man says:

    i think that stats show that if he played as much as he did in 2008/09 he would of had much more goals and assists playing in the 433 but with the addition of tv and the rise of song he was playing in a improved team

  88. Red Arse says:

    Fair point Gunner man. Good chatting to you.

    Am famished, so off to grab a bite to eat.

    Hopefully, Rico will be back soon.


  89. gunner man says:

    but u could b correct in saying we should play 442 bcause this 433 allows 2 b beaten badly by the big teams, or is it jus that we r too laid back and press teams very poorly?

  90. gunner man says:

    yeah later ra

  91. Red Arse says:

    Just caught me GM.

    I certainly don’t think our mid-field press other teams as hard as they should.

    This gets back to your original point that we are too small a side in DM and Denilson doesn’t really cut it for me.

    Bye for now.

  92. Suhail.TV says:

    Hello, any body..

  93. DeiseGooner says:

    Wenger says he don’t need more attacking midfielders though, so either this is a done deal already hence whey he don’t want more or its a crock of shit

  94. Suhail.TV says:

    Man utd tracking sneijder, we are behind shwarzer..

  95. K-TR7 says:

    Robben didn’t complete a single pass to rvp despite them playing in close proximity to each other…

  96. rico says:

    hi ktr7, i was stunned by the way holland played last night, some of the tackles were dreadful, a lot of spanish diving was equally dreadful…

    robin didn’t look at all happy, and robben should have won it for them….

  97. Red Arse says:

    Boo yourself Rico,

    Did you see that Cruyf is reported as saying that he was disgusted with Holland’s anti-football style of playing, and that they should have had two more sent off for really appalling tackles.

    Who can argue with him!

  98. Red Arse says:

    Talking of weird games. England lost a dismal one day game against the Banglas on Saturday, and then today score 347 for 7 before reducing Bangla 92 for 5 currently.

    V. odd.

  99. rico says:

    RA, i’m finished with the wc, i watched the england performance, a fit bell would have seen us over the line 😉

  100. K-TR7 says:

    Roll on barnet rico…we’ll see vermy and co after what seemed to be an eternity!…on last night i thought iniesta looked very good although he downgraded his rating through blatant playacting…

  101. rico says:

    roll on indeed ktr7, so many players out there last night are fab players, but so many let themselves down either by play acting or fouling…

    not the best example of a wc final…

  102. Red Arse says:

    You are right KT,

    Wonderful player, (unfortunately 🙂 ) and he did get kicked around, but like many players today he over-reacts to any touch and goes down spectacularly.

    He cheats in other words, like Ronaldo, Rooney, Drogba …. I would wear my fingers out before I could list them all.

  103. Red Arse says:

    No wonder Bendy has a groin strain, he has apparently got the Baroness up the duff.

  104. rico says:

    Crikey RA, Nikki cant control a ball, let alone a kid 😉

  105. K-TR7 says:

    I also feel the players made webb’s job difficult.with the netherlands being overly physical while the spaniards playacted webb was in an unenviable position…i’m excited at the prospect of seeing chamakh attack at underhill.i believe he was brought to occupy the cbs and as we saw last night rvp needs all the help he can get.i will study the barnet game closely to see if there are variations to our 4-3-3/4-2-3-1/4-1-4-1 guess is that we’ll have a lopsided midfield to accomodate chamakh and to push AA more central and closer to goal.AW praised the Germans alot and i see him adopting some of their tactics to improve our play especially in terms of lightning transitions, defensive organisation and discipline.

  106. rico says:

    interesting you talk about chamakh ktr7, i’ve been watching a few video clips of him and new boy kos, i’m not so sure they are as bad a signing as some believe, kos is quick and gets stuck in, chamakh is awesome in the air, just what we lack…

    nikki is big and strong but just needs to add accuracy to his heading skills..

  107. Red Arse says:

    I can’t get to the Barnet game, which is a pity.

    I am thinking of paying the £3 to Silent Stan for the 3 pre-season friendlies and connecting my PC to the tv.

    But it goes against the grain to make Kroenke even richer, even if it is only £3. 😛

    We will need a detailed report from you KT. Don’t let us down. 🙂

  108. rico says:

    Isn’t this the time we miss AFC TV Channel 😦

  109. K-TR7 says:

    I’m telling you rico i think since aw built our system around spain and dutch total voetbal i think we may see ourselves forming a kind of 3 man defence with song playing a modern sweeper if we are caught on the break.when we are dominating i see sagna,kos/dj and vermy forming a defence with song ahead of them.clichy may be pushed forward allowing AA to play as an inside forward in between the right cb and the lb.chamakh will occupy the left cb and the rb leaving rvp and cesc with free roles with only mf markers to escape from.the water carrier,diaby/eboue,will get chances to make runs from deep on the right providing temporary right wing football is about widening the pitch as wide as possible and i think aw may be thinking along those lines…i may be wrong but thats how i view it.

  110. rico says:

    well, i’ll tell you what i think ktr7, and that is you should put you views of the coming season in a document that you could send to me – then it can be a post –

    you know evryone here respects your views on formats etc, so why not??

    for fans like me who know less about formats etc it will be very very interesting…

  111. K-TR7 says:

    Don’t worry rico,i’m almost done with my studies as you know i’ve been rather busy.i’ll also include trends that i found interesting at the wc.

  112. Red Arse says:


    You are a great analyst! I think the pitch at the Emirates is normally at the maximum width allowed.

    Rico, I browse thru other sites when there is no one on here. I have been occasionally gob smacked to read almost verbatim lifts from things I have written for you. 🙂

  113. rico says:

    Thats good news KTR7 🙂

    RA, that happens everywhere, its the good old blog world for you 😉

  114. Red Arse says:


    Annoying but also flattering, I suppose.

    My prose and phrasing is pretty easy to identify, so at first it felt like my alter ego. 🙂

  115. Red Arse says:

    Have a good evening!

    See you tomorrow?

  116. rico says:

    surely not been pasted RA, thats dreadful… but yes, certainly not insulting in any way…

  117. rico says:

    have a good on RA, looking forward to your next post 😉

  118. K-TR7 says:

    I forgot to mention a crucial about the system i proposed;the water carrier,eboue/diaby,is the role that holds the unit requires a player with duracell level energy and thats why i’ve been wanting such a player(flamini).this player has to be able to cover the defence and join attacks whenever possible.clichy on the left will give aw tactical options since he,diaby and song can form another wall infront of the 3 man defence ensuring we’re never caught out.gibbs would be perfect since he is essentially a converted midfielder.also with chamakh in there we can have near and far post headers when he makes diagonal runs in between the cbs…

  119. Suhail.TV says:

    Rico, You back..!!

  120. rico says:

    STV, for sure i am, how you doing?? do you ever check your emails 😉 😉

  121. Suhail.TV says:

    Rarely rico,.. any thing new!! will check today.
    Am good.. Hope U too.. when am free U R busy, when you are free am busy.. so missed you for a while 😦

    Bye for noe.. oooooooh….. holllandd… 😦

  122. rico says:

    Well STV, i’m around for a few days now, and all day so hopefully catch up with you tommorrow 🙂 🙂

    enjoy the rest of your day 😉

  123. K-TR7 says:

    Rico don’t go…

  124. rico says:

    KTR7, go where??

  125. K-TR7 says:

    I thought for one minute that you were leaving!turns out i misread your Stv reply.phew!you give the blog the x factor…

  126. rico says:

    ktr7, i’m going nowhere, i’d miss you all…

    not sure about the x-factor though 😉

  127. K-TR7 says:

    Rico you are the queen B around here.i’m a regular here and i’m quite sure you have the ‘messi effect’.speaking of messy i have to wish you a goodnight since i have to study abit before things get messy in my exam tommorow.nighty night!.

  128. Suhail.TV says:

    Study well KT.. good luck ..
    night all..

  129. rico says:

    nighty night ktr7, you are a kind man :)Good luck for tomorrow….

    you are kind too stv, you sleep well too…

    I’m off too, see you all tomorrow, stay safe

  130. raif says:

    hi there guys. long time no see i know.. i was on holiday and was great given the stuff thats going on at home. but thats another story for another day.

    but take a look at this. i think it takes the piss

  131. rico says:

    hi raif, sorry i missed ya 😦

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