Is Nikki B turning into another RVP?

 I’m no huge fan of Nicklas Bendtner, never have been and possibly never will be. Just like many footballers these days, he tells the world and its friend how good he is, but has he really made the step up the way many thought he would or hoped he would?

Nikki came to us in 2005, went out on loan, then in 2007 after signing a new five-year contract he declined the opportunity go out on loan again, preferring to strut his stuff for the team he signed for..

2007/08 (from wikki)

40 Appearances = 9 Goals, 4 Assists 


50 Appearances = 15 Goals, 4 Assists


31 Appearances = 12  Goals, 7 Assists

Not that stats of a prolific centre forward really are they? Yes, I know this last season Nikki has been played on the right in a front three formation but it doesn’t mean he has to stay there does it? What happened to common sense, cutting in getting goals? Theo Walcott gets lambasted for not doing that, why does Nikki not?

Even Martin Keown believes he needs to buck up… He had this to say about our not so Great Dane

I think we’re getting more to the stage now where we want to see that talent coming through.

Like Bendtner, for instance – I think he needs to become more aggressive and more dominant and it’s time for him to wake up and realise that his career could pass him by if he doesn’t start doing it on the pitch.

He’s got to start bullying central defenders and realise that there’s no time to lose. That kind of attitude has to come in from some of those players.

Neither Robin van Persie or Nicklas Bendtner seem to be able to score 20 plus goals a season, neither can they stay fit for a whole season either – they have so much in common 😉

Right now it seems that having missed a chunk of last season,they are both going to miss the start of the new season too.  Robin will need a rest after being crowned World Cup winner hopefully but Nikki is crocked!

In an interview he is quoted as saying:

I still feel quite bad in my groin. Sadly it hasn’t been better during my holiday, like I expected it to giving it nothing but rest.
And that worries me a lot. I had hoped and counted on that a total break from football and training would heal the injury but it hasn’t happened.
I have spoken to Arsenal throughout the holiday and I am having a big scan when I return this week.
My whole body must be scanned to find out where the groin problem really comes from.
I still feel pain and it is very frustrating. I don’t know where I am in relation to playing football.

Forgive me but if this is true, why is he waiting to return to Arsenal before having a scan, why has this scan not already been done? It’s not like he’s having to wait for an NHS Appointment is it? 😉

Didn’t he pick up this groin injury in October last year and had an operation the following month?

Why did he go to South Africa IF he knew he was not 100% fit??

More concerning, could this be the beginning of a new injury prone and fragile player, who every season suffers some kind of set back?

Is Nikki Bendtner really that good? Good enough to keep and risk wasting wages on what could very well be another ‘part-time player??

Surely we can’t accommodate him and Robin van Persie. Just imagine if they are both out for half a season, the same half!

I hope Chamakh is ready to hit the ground running as right now he looks like the only striker we will have fit and ready to start the new season. Still, maybe it’s time for Carlos Vela and Theo Walcott to step up and seize their chance….


106 Responses to Is Nikki B turning into another RVP?

  1. rico says:

    Morning….. just 🙂

  2. DeiseGooner says:

    Another international c**kup wrecking one of our players before the season even starts.

  3. loool says:


  4. rico says:

    hi DG, indeed, why did he go to SA ??

  5. rico says:

    loool, do you have to shout??

  6. W.A.T.H says:

    and ur a total plum with his head in the sand loool….! the main reason for our late surge for the title ????????? yeh right, what late surge..?

  7. rico says:

    Hi WATH, long time 😦

    I thought our late surge saw us slip away ….

  8. jabberwocky says:

    i dont think that 12 goals and 7 assists in 31 appearances is that bad for a young striker. and W.A.T.H., yes our challenge petered out, but we would have been out of the title race in february rather than april had it not been for nikki b. i’m not saying he’s a world beater yet but he is showing continued improvement and i’m extremely confident that he will be a successful member of our team. he’s no RvP or Henry, but provides balance and another option to our small technical players.

    fingers crossed he heals up soon and comes back bigger and stronger than before

  9. W.A.T.H says:

    Jabber, didnt say anything about Nikki B i think he ok but the crap from loool is exactly that… Crap…!
    Only prob with Nikki B is he talks a far greater game than he plays… his feet need to catch his mouth up..!

  10. W.A.T.H says:

    Allo Rico, how’s you………… I was waiting patiently all day yesterday for a post and NOTHING…..! disgraceful…! 😛

  11. DeiseGooner says:

    late surge for the title? emmm i seem to remember a late collapse to having to beat fulham to ensure 3rd spot

  12. rico says:

    hi jabber, i dont think its that good either, not for a player who when he came back was our main striker – i think keown is right, he needs to make that next step up and prove he can be world class… oneday 😉

    my point really is about his fitness, he/medics don’t even know why he is injured right now, why hasn’t he had a scan already…

    maybe the heading should have been – is nikki going to be another rosicky??

  13. DeiseGooner says:

    12 goals and 7 assists in 31 is pretty good stats for what he is right now, 22 years old and improving. Can he build on it though – not if hes being played injured at the world cup with no idea whats actually wrong with him he wont!!

  14. jabberwocky says:

    he is confident and thats a good trait in a striker..means he doesnt let his head get down and keeps plugging away. i know he misses a lot but give him time and he’ll start converting most of those chances. mental block in front of goal i think.

    i also think a lot of what he has said has been lost in translation as all of the infamous quotes have been translated from danish. i may be wrong but i’ve never heard him say anything that preposterous when giving an interview in English. i think its part of an overall agenda to drag arsenal and our players down by jumping on every badly translated quote..look at arshavin. he says something along the lines of ‘this season was pitiful’ which in russian means he was left sad by the outcome of the season rather than he thought it was pitiful. correct translations are pointed out but the press never mention these corrections and only propagate the hyperbole

  15. Irishgoon says:

    Bendtner is a top striker, he is still very young and he had a great season last year. He just needs to perfect his first touch. He is our best striker in the air, he has yet to hit his peak and will constantly improve until then, he loves the club and has bags of confidence. What more do you want in a striker than that? Of all four strikers (him, RVP, chamakh an vela) I would perfer to have him. He is tougher than RVP, younger than both RVP and chamakh, has shown that in a central role he is a force and is great in the air. To those who doubt him I say look at song or eboue if he improves this season as much as they did last he will be a golden boot contender.

  16. jabberwocky says:

    whether or not he’s had a scan already cannot be put purely down to him…danish national team and (if they were notified) arsenal as well. if he thought it was just wear and tear and a rest would do him good, chilling on a beach might have seemed a wise thing to do.

    but its typical national team behaviour, treat clubs and their ‘property’ with no respect despite the fact that they are the national setup’s lifeblood. tournament was over for them so they didnt look into his injury at all as they wont need him for a while at which point we will have cleaned up the mess

  17. rico says:

    DG, thats what i dont get, same when rosicky was injured, no-one knew what was wrong with him and now nikki is saying the same thing – he had an op on his groin last year and that did little good and now he needs a body scan, whats all that about…

    doesn’t seem too good…

  18. jabberwocky says:

    *correct translations AREN’T pointed out rather

  19. rico says:

    Chamakh will teach the arsenal team how to head 🙂

  20. DeiseGooner says:

    if they dont know whats wrong then dont play him – 18 months of rosickyless arsenal was too much in this day and age of medical marvels….

  21. jabberwocky says:

    i’ve read somewhere that rosicky’s problems stemmed from the fact that had some weird body shape thing happening which meant that he played through the pain year after year which then lead to the collapse of the last 2 years. i dont think it was one injury, i think it was the result of loads of injurys and something wrong with his build or something. cant clarify as i’m no physio but do remember an article describing a theory along these lines.

    so basically, hopefully bendtner wont have a repeat of this. he may have a recurring groin injury but i very much doubt it will be on the scale of tomas’s injury

  22. DeiseGooner says:

    maybe B52 has a huge penis that puts to much strain on his groinal region !!

  23. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico, Chamack can’t teach anyone how to head when first off he will need to teach em how to cross…!

  24. rico says:

    jabber – but thats my point, he’s 22, just came back for us, obviously wasn’t 100% fit, went off to SA, made his injury worse and now we yet again suffer, pick up the peices and pay the price…

    he shouldn’t have gone to the wc if not fit, he should have been sorting out his injury…

  25. W.A.T.H says:

    DG…… does that relate to his big “head”…???????

  26. rico says:

    That is a very good point WATH 🙂
    This is a huge season for Theo, if Wenger sticks with playing him on the wing, he needs to sort his srossing out, thats for sure…

  27. rico says:

    thats what his girlfriend gave him for his b’day WATH……


  28. DeiseGooner says:

    the reason he changed his squad number is because he calls his ‘third leg’ B52 – just ask the Brummies!!

  29. K-TR7 says:

    Hi all.cesc has been taken to hospital with suspected fibula injury…

  30. rico says:

    DG, your on form 🙂

    Hi KTR7, thats him out then…

  31. DeiseGooner says:

    whats this now K-TR7?

  32. W.A.T.H says:

    Hmmm you mean she gave him a big head Rico or made his head big :P:P:P

  33. rico says:

    WATH, she made him big headed of course 😉

  34. Danish Gooner says:

    For fucks sake are they all made of glass ???

  35. jena says:

    maybe if he didnt drive wrecklessely and got involved in the car accident, we wouldnt be talking about this. But fact is , he is a mid table team player and will never be a top club material. I dont see him developing in to the prolific 25+ goals a season striker we currently need. I would sell both Bendtner and Eduardo and then bid for one proven striker.

  36. shedzy says:

    not surprised he has a problem with his groin – have you seen his missus?!?!

    badda bing badda boom!

  37. DeiseGooner says:


    Speaking to a very good mate on the sports desk at a national tabloid, he says that they’ve heard that we’re at advanced negotiations for Kompany……..


  38. W.A.T.H says:

    shedzy. . . . . a nice sugar mummy as she is also loaded….! 🙂

  39. Suhail.TV says:

    Afternoon all..

    Its much like waiting for getting a job to get a leave.. ;)(scan issue)
    and he is a no-world class striker but he never considered as the main one at arsenal.

  40. rico says:

    Hi Danish,

    seems like they are 😦

  41. rico says:

    hi jena, me too 🙂

  42. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rico,

    Missed you yesterday. 🙂

    Good Post with interesting stats. My prob is that I never quite know how to interpret them.

    Wath, just in time to set loooooooool to rights. 😉

  43. M-DOT-DIZZLE says:

    fuckin ‘ell whats happened to cesc now den??? wher can i find out plz k-tr7

  44. rico says:

    oi oi shedzy 😉

  45. rico says:

    DG, that has to be a leg pull…. Kompany???

  46. jabberwocky says:

    apparently ramsey is already back in light training doing running exercises etc. fingers crossed he’ll be on the mend and ready to play early 2011. wishful thinking i know…

  47. rico says:

    HI RA, stats aren’t my fav either, they make denilson look quite good 😉

    I just think we could do better than nikki, mind you we could say that about a few of ours 😦

  48. DeiseGooner says:

    it very well could be Rico – but they have signed YaYa for DM and Jerome Boateng for Centrehalf – thats where Kompany plays – and they have Vieira, De Jong and Barry for DM role also

  49. Suhail.TV says:

    Rico I don’t agree with selling Nikki.. as he is a reasonably good 4th choice striker.The problem is we have to bring a finisher like Villa/Dzeko.

    I see the dutch suffering from lack of such a striker.(re. v Brazil)but they have an elegant midfield to overcome such a problem.. which.. we dont have.:(..
    Surely Den/Dia kinda players never inspires hope..

  50. rico says:

    can you see city selling to us though DG, especially after we robbed them for Lardy 😉

  51. rico says:

    Hi STV, but if he is going to be another injury prone player, we are doomed 😦

  52. jabberwocky says:

    actually…they inspire great hope in me. perhaps you should have a go, makes this whole football fan thing a lot more enjoyable

  53. rico says:

    when does wenger get back to arsenal and stop faffing around in south africa??

  54. Suhail.TV says:

    not to you JW..

  55. DeiseGooner says:

    when its over i suppose Rico! So no signings announces till next week…..

  56. rico says:

    jabber, diaby and denilson fill me with very little hope… 😦

  57. rico says:

    Is it the final saturday or sunday, kos fella has been traing with the youth boys, interesting as he is yet to be confirmed, actually its a strange one really…

    i think/hope next week brings us great hope 🙂

  58. oliver says:

    hi rico. i am not quite as down on nb as you. he is putting up decent – albeit not great – numbers for a young striker. he is approaching the day where “young striker” will no longer apply to him and he will have fewer defenders than he does now, should he fail to deliver.

    Is it any wonder he is continually injured? Look at how much football is played. Season from August to May, join right up with WC squad, train/friendlies, actual competition, pre-season training right around the corner. Three weeks break between leaving SA and reporting for training? All of our players need more of a rest, not just him.

  59. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico, Had a nice bottle of red and a chin wag with AW yesterday he assured me everything is all good and we must keep the faith…! Hmmm maybe that was after the 5th bottle he said that I really can’t remember…! Oh well sorry for that lack of info 🙂

  60. Suhail.TV says:

    Hola WATH.. How’s U and what abt today’s one??

  61. rico says:

    hi oliver, i’m not sure about the break thing, just imagine if we were top of league and firing in every department just prior to a break – when they re-start our play changes and we lose momemtum and end up losing the league…

    i’d rather see the divisons made smaller, two teams should be enough…

  62. rico says:

    WATH, now i wonder why i am struggling to take your last seriously 😉

  63. W.A.T.H says:

    Allo STV how’s you, all good ere mate waiting for RVP to actually find his shooting boots…! Holland to win 2-0 tonight.

  64. rico says:

    sky have broken news saying that barca president will not meet our valuation of cesc, he is planning to meet with wenger in south africa in hope to get cesc. he says that over publicity has made arsenal raise the value of the player!!!

    Well who’s fault is the publicity then barca, your ex president and most of the team… Knob!!

  65. oliver says:

    rico, agree. fapl should be 18 teams, to bring it in line with the other major european leagues. four less matches per domestic season may not seem like much on the surface, but when you are facing fixture congestion throughout the season, they can make a big difference. plus, two less teams in top flight should (in theory) reduce the “watered down” effect on quality. on winter break, i do not see how that can be accomodated without extending the season either to the left or right – and that will put us right back at square one. not participating in the league cup may suit big teams like arsenal, but will come at a cost to lower-level teams and is probably not in the best interests in the league as a whole.

  66. W.A.T.H says:

    You not take me seriously………. Hmmmmm now I am devastated….! i’ll even tell you where we drank 😛

  67. Suhail.TV says:

    Am good,.. Want to see VDV at kuyt’s..

    May be he also said that in a Red.. 😦

    Will U be in Capetown tonight..

  68. DeiseGooner says:

    “The subject of Cesc has been very public and complicated because it has put a lot of expectation on the price of the deal,” said Rosell.

    “There are things you cannot say until a deal is closed, otherwise you pay a premium. We will not pay €50-60 million (£40-£50 million) for Cesc,” Rosell continued.

    “Everyone knows he wants to come here and that we want him – imagine what he’ll find back at Arsenal!”

    “imagine what he’ll find back at Arsenal!!!! you f**king c*ck knocker

  69. rico says:

    oliver, i like the carling cup, i just wish we could win it – ok its low down the list of trophies i wish we could win, but i think it’s great for the players and fans alike..

    second string players get to play, and fans who struggle to fund season tickets or general tickets get to go the emirates and see their team play…

    i like the idea of 18 teams, usually that would mean the spuds would get relegated 🙂

  70. rico says:

    WATH – Starbucks 🙂 🙂

  71. oliver says:

    rico, i will agree on the league cup as well. i am a firm believer that winning becomes a habit, and does not start consistently until the mental hurdles are overcome. i would like to have found a balance between giving younger players experience and genuinely trying to win the competition. if we could have just won that cup once recently, that may have given our players the belief and confidence they can win things – belief that may have made all the difference in the 07-8 and 09-10 season run-ins.

  72. Red Arse says:


    I was farting around the blogs yesterday including Jeorge Birds Arsenal Youth. It is a v. good site and I have a lot of time for it.

    I noticed he did not have a link to Avenell, so I contacted Jeorge and he did not realise there wasn’t a link, so he will put one in soon.

    I’m interfering again, I suppose, but can’t help noticing things.

    Imagine Arsene with Wath! Bugger there’s that magic incantation again. With Wath … maybe it’s true then. 🙂

    Hi Guys! Suhail, DG, Jabber. Hoped you enjoyed your bank holiday Oliver. I watched baseball on ESPN myself. 🙂

  73. jabberwocky says:

    bank holiday? haven’t had one of those in weeks!

  74. rico says:

    oliver , i think we all agree there, proper mix and we would have won it, winning breeds winning……

  75. rico says:

    no worries RA, i did email jeorge a while back and he said the link would go up, have tried since but its still not there so i gave up, same woith young guns…

  76. DeiseGooner says:

    pre season training pics on – Djourou already has his knee strapped up!!!

  77. Red Arse says:


    I was referring to the American hols. Indie Day fell on a Sunday this year. 🙂

    Oliver, did you see that a poll done by Fox(?) showed that 60% of Americans knew that Indie Day was to celebrate the separation from England, 15% thought it was from France, 8% from China, 7% from Japan and the rest did not know.

    But as 40% (?) of the population are now of Mexican origin I suppose that is not bad. 1776 was a long time ago. 🙂

    My %’s are a little iffy, but you get the picture.

  78. rico says:

    off for a bit – laters

  79. oliver says:

    ra, i did not see the poll, but i cannot say i am shocked. i would seriously question 40 per cent being of mexican origin – if they say somewhere between 20 and 30 per cent of residents are from/have roots in spanish-speaking nations, i could believe that. of course, in washington dc area, there is a large mexican population. growing up in the bronx, my neighborhood (and high school) had a significant population from puerto rico and the dominican republic. back to the poll regarding independence day, i imagine fox embellished their numbers to support their conservative agenda. simultaneously, i am confident many parents do not take the time to talk about our nation’s history with their kids, even if the schools do.

  80. RSD says:

    hardly heavy strapping tho DG

  81. W.A.T.H says:

    Sorry STV wasn’t ignoring you had to sort something out, Nope not in CT 2nite am in Pretoria, might go Durban 2moro but not sure otherwise it’s the fianl on sunday and then back home early next week.

  82. agirlagunner says:

    rico, I like Bendy. 🙂 I don’t mind having him around. He’s good for a laugh. Remember Burnley? But I would sell a quarter of the team to get Torres. 🙂

  83. DeiseGooner says:

    Yeah not heavy but he was fully fit the end of last season, hes had a nice break and first day back hes got a strap on his knee…..

  84. rico says:

    Boo, hi agag and…………

    RSD, great to see you back 🙂

  85. rico says:

    agag, do i remember burnley??? you mean the twenty chances he missed?? 😉

  86. W.A.T.H says:

    It’s a preventative maintenance strap with Djourou….. 🙂

  87. rico says:

    Most of these players at the WC are saying they won’t sort their future out until after they have holidays, i find that hard to believe, wouldn’t you prefer to go on holiday knowing your future is sorted??

    Torres is the main one… 😉

  88. rico says:

    isn’t that called something else WATH 😉

  89. agirlagunner says:

    It felt like Bendtner blew a hundred chances in that game, rico. I have never seen a player try so hard to get the crowd to turn against him. 🙂

    It would break my heart if Torres goes to a hateful club. 😦

    Hi, Mr. GG, 🙂

  90. W.A.T.H says:

    Hey AGAG how’s you gorgeous….? All good I hope.

    Right am off ppl be good and take care chat 2moro…..

    Hup Hup Holland 🙂

  91. Red Arse says:

    Hi Water Burner,

    Have you been transferred yet?

    The only way Torres will recover his form will be when he puts his blond highlights back. He’s a bigger tart than me. 🙂

    Barca appear to be having a bit of a breakdown. They are carrying on a conversation with themselves, “We will not be bullied”; “We will not pay £40m”; “We will not wait forever”.

    Arsenal have said nothing since they told Barca “No Sale — Fcuk Off” more than 3 weeks ago. 😉

    What has happened to Koscielny? Worst kept secret since the last worst kept secret!

  92. Red Arse says:

    And by the way, stop creeping up behind a person and yelling “Boo”. It scares me to death!

    You know who you are! I’m keeping an eye on you. 🙂

  93. Red Arse says:

    Well everyone has either gone to bed or are deaf, so I’m off too.

  94. oliver says:

    ra, i think it is a context issue with rosell’s latest statements. taken by themselves, they certainly sound bizarre – yet, i suspect they are targeted towards two audiences: the barca support and cesc himself. by using the term bullied, they portray arsenal as the intransigent party in all this, and if nothing happens, they will have a means to justify the lack of activity due to arsenal being “unreasonable”. the statements may also be intended to ratchet up the pressure on cesc. if they cannot get anyone at arsenal to speak to them, then they will need cesc himself to tell the club he wants a transfer. this “we will not pay over the odds” stuff may also be directed at cesc, perhaps a hint that the window for a transfer is closing. i just wish they would shut up…but they won’t….

  95. rico says:

    agag, i think he’ll either stay with the dippers or go home to spain… OR, follow rafa…

  96. agirlagunner says:

    I seem to return everytime there’s no one about.:(

    RA, I may be a washout at complete domesticity, but I will let you know once I actually burn water. 🙂

    Night, rico! WATH, be safe. 🙂

  97. rico says:

    you and me both agag,

    i’m off too, see you tomorrow sometime…

    be good, be safe, night night all..

    agag, sweet dreams of torres for you 🙂

  98. anyone about predictions?

  99. rico says:

    hi rsd, holland for me, glad i caught you 🙂 hope all’s good…

  100. rico says:

    now i’m gone…

  101. bet your still hovering rico

  102. need rvp to score 4 in this match and for in the next but still lose to spain for get some money back

  103. JonJon says:

    evening guys..

    just a quick one..

    the way i see it is that nikki isnt the best and probably never will be…but for a 4th choice striker that gets you 10 goals a season thats not bad..

    manutd and chelski dont even have that option so nikkis not a problem…he provides good backup and he does a job…

    i doubt sturridge of chelsea or that portugeezer from manu could come in and hit their clubs 10 goals a season if drogba and rooney was crocked..

    nikkis not the problem..the problem are players at the same level of nikki that come in and do naff fabianski, denilson, theo,

    and the players above nikkis level that do naff all like diaby, eboue, almunia..

    compare nikkis contribution to these jokers and we have a clear winner..and the lads not even 1st 2nd or 3rd choice..



  104. RSD says:

    you dont need 11 great players to win something jj
    just need a good plan which gets the best of players you have. just is hard to do that with wenger way of playing “without ze handbrake”

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