Gooners’ Despair over Fabregas unfounded??

A theme running thru all the Arsenal blogs in recent weeks has been a resigned, and perhaps a somewhat cynical, expectation that Cesc will eventually leave the Gunners for his Catalonian “home” club.

I am not so sure. One thing the World Cup will have shown him is that the grass is not always greener on the other side. A splinter up the bum from the Spanish subs bench is likely to feel the same as a splinter up the bum from the Barca subs bench.

Fabregas has always been a little coy, following the end of the season, in simply restating his desire to return to Barca “at some time in the future”. During the resultant outcry from Gunners fans, everywhere, he has made only one cryptic but illuminating statement to say “I have discussed the situation with the manger, whom I trust absolutely, and the future is in his hands”. What to make of that?

I believe at the end of the season, when Arsenal came so close, but ultimately failed to win the premier League title, and coupled with his season ending broken leg, Cesc was understandably despondent. Another unsuccessful season had come and gone, and Arsene seemed to be no nearer changing his unsuccessful “youth” policy.

At the same time the Barca Presidential elections were in full swing with promises from both candidates to “bring Cesc back”. During pre- World Cup training, many of the players in the squad, who also play for Barca, put a lot of pressure on him to re-join the club and reminded him of his Catalonian heritage. But during the World Cup, Cesc would have had his eyes opened to the difficulty of getting into both the Spain and Barca teams.

At the meeting with Wenger, Cesc would have told Le Prof of his disappointment at the lack of trophies over the last 5 years; that there appeared to be no possibility of this changing while the current youth policy remained in place and that meanwhile Barca were winning titles for fun.

In response, Arsene would have promised Cesc he would make “class” signings, in the close season, to help win trophies but that if Arsenal still failed to win anything in season 2010/11, he would let Cesc go, provided a “fair and reasonable” transfer fee was offered, by Barca.

I believe that Cesc will stay for another year, we will win the Premiership and the European Champions League and Cesc will stay for life.

Written by Red Arse


88 Responses to Gooners’ Despair over Fabregas unfounded??

  1. rico says:

    Morning all, nice early one 🙂

    On the money Red Arse and a great read, you may just be spot on as well, Wenger told Barca yesterday thet Cesc is not for sale, no matter how much they offer….

  2. rico says:

    Cant wait to see who the class signings will be to convince our little man, roll on the end of the WC…

  3. DeiseGooner says:

    ‘Stay for life’ – i doubt that. He WILL go back to Barca. But i hope you are right about not this summer. But like you said there are signings needed if we are to have any chance at the title. We all know what positions they are so i just pray Wenger get them. Another 3-4 seasons of Cesc is probobly the most we can hope for….i just feel hes see out his 26-30 years at Barca

  4. rico says:

    Hi DieseGooner, spot on, i think the ‘for life’ is a tad tongue in cheek, if he stays and we get the right players we will win something, all we can then hope for is cesc gets the winning bug with us and not Barca….

    You are right though, we all know what positions need to be filled, it can’t be that difficult for AW to see …

  5. Harry says:

    100% agree, so fed up with the crap stories in the papers with no substance – Cesc tells wenger again his desire is to play for Barca – what a load of tosh.
    Cesc WILL stay, that I am so sure. The only interview he has done on it since the Spanish papers went to town on some old quotes by the way, is the one you quote, where he categorically stated its upto wenger.

    All papers do is fuel negativity with lies or twisted talk, ok we know they are in a business, but writing fabricated nonsense should be banned.

    The original quotes used to say he wanted to leave were twisted from an interview where he said one day he would go back to Barca – but for now he is happy at the Arsenal.

    I do agree the length of his stay is directly proportional to our success though……..No trophies next season, cesc will go… Fair enough…

  6. DeiseGooner says:

    Oh i know Wenger sees it BUT he has a sometimes misguided faith in all the players. Im happy for him give the players a chance, he sees far more of them than we do so he would have a better understanding of their capabilities. Now its paid off with Song but it cant work out with all the players. He needs to stop being so hard headed and see that some actually wont ever be good enough – and in a lot of the cases it looks to be a mental thing – i dont think Senderos has the mental strength for the top, and that seems to have been bourne out – now i feel Fabianski is the same, he just doesnt seem to be able to get over his mistakes so he keeps making them. Eduardos mind seems to have gone since the injury – he just doesnt seem willing to get in where it hurts anymore. And all the defenders leaving is just to obvious not to replace – will he get strong enough players in though ?????

  7. rico says:

    Morning Harry – top comment, i just pray that cesc will put an end to all this crap when the WC is over and he finally speaks …

    All the time he makes no denial i dont know what to believe …

  8. rico says:

    DG – that’s the biggest issue, wenger persists with ‘sub standard’ players – they won’t convince the likes of cesc to stay, we need more depth the, but what we lack is the strength in that depth…

    We lack a bench right now that can change a game… imho of course 😉

  9. rico says:

    Wenger infuriates fans with he ‘we will announce someone soon’ comment – maybe he is just trying to get us to keep faith after he promised signings before the WC, I know there is a long time in this current window but the longer the transfers take, the less likely it is he will convince the likes of cesc to stay…

    i live in hope that he has two or three deals almost done and will announce them together…

  10. Harry says:

    Biggest IF, is will he sign a keeper? then also keep Campbell, his desire in some of the matches end of season was immense, his winning mentality can be key. I see him been captain of our CC and FA cup teams..I think he will stay for one more year to help Wenger.

    I am not doing flick flacks at the prospect of Schwarzer but he is an improvement on Almunia. In the world cup he was exposed by a poor aussie defence. It will come down to whcih keeper we buy been able to concentrate and make the saves when he hasnt seen action for 30mins…….Thats where Almunia lets himself down……..

    Szcsesny will be our No1 in time, some of his displays I have seen have been awesome, actually think he is almost ready, now.

  11. Harry says:

    Morning Rico,, yeah its hard when he doesnt out more, but there again we all heard what he said and thats enough for me. Xavi and the tea lady can wish all they like……..

    Anyway Cesc has got to stay, my son is a ball boy next season and he wants his autograph!!

  12. DeiseGooner says:

    I never really expected much past Chamakh and maybe a youth signing or 2 while the world cup is on – the group stages anyways – theres just to much focus and too many players involved at that stage. Always felt that once we get down to the last 8 or so we would see movement from a few clubs.

  13. rico says:

    Harry – the defensive unit for me is the most important place that wenger needs to sure up, a keeper and 2 CH’s has to be a must if he wants us to be serious contenders next season.

    Sorrenson, Schwarzer would both be better than Almunia but whether he will get either remains unclear. The good thing though is that the rumours help convince he is addressing the keeper situation, he is not best when buying keepers though, Richard Wright springs to my mind….

    I would much prefer to see Chesney in goal over Almuni or Flappy, his displays for Brentford were darn good, he’s big strong and looks the bees knees – he’d relish the chance i’m sure..

    I’d even have Manny as No2…

  14. rico says:

    Your lad must be so excited Harry, actually, i bet you are too 🙂

  15. rico says:

    Thing is DG, Gallas, Senderos, Silvestre are all on the way out, Sol is a doubt to stay too – we can’t let four CH’s out and bring in only the guy from Lorient, wenger has to step up in his chase.

    Again though, i don’t think we will see a top top class CH come in, but as long as they shed blood for the club, thats good enough for me.. 😉

  16. Harry says:

    Agreed, Koscienly (spelling still dodgy) looks a good prospect.. WIth him and TV, Djourou and Campbell. Then bring in Van der Wiel who can play across the back…….Alhough would love Subotic…..

    I would also have Shez as my no2 and start him in CC and FA cup matches…….Get his experience up now….

  17. rico says:

    Sol, what he can give the club is priceless – not only on the field when required, but off of it, we should be sorting his future out and by that i mean beyond his playing days.

    He’s getting married soon, good on him too, hopefully that will put an end to all the gutter comments shouted at him by the scummers down the road…

  18. Harry says:

    Yeah well excited……..And I am dead jealous….Got a meeting on 14th July at the emirates press room…..

    Anyway must dash …..Footy trg– I coach U-18 team……

  19. DeiseGooner says:

    Defensive Unit is the key – that doesnt just mean players it means proper drilling of the back 4 and also defensive dicipline instilled into the midfield

  20. rico says:

    I’d love Cahill or even Richards Harry, get a bit of british steel at the back…

    Richards though is a bit of a party animal so i heard, whether wenger could get him out of that habit its a huge question…

  21. rico says:

    DG, spot on, and thats where Sol is massive – and why on earth doesn’t the club get Bouldy involved in the first team coaching??

    Do we even have a defensive coach?? Doesn’t seem like it the way we play sometimes…

  22. rico says:

    What really concerns me is…

    Wenger buys Koliesncy (always a different spelling 😉 ) and thinks to himself, ‘that gives me TV, Kol, Djourou, Sol and SONG!!’

    If he starts tinkering with Song he will ruin him and we don’t have enough in our midfield to allow Song to play CH..

  23. DeiseGooner says:

    Thats why i say we need to get Keown in again or promote Bould to the first team chaching staff to do the drilling – what they dont know about a watertight back for aint worth knowing

  24. rico says:

    DG – you mean…..

    Dixon, Adams, Bould/Keown, Winterburn 🙂 🙂

    Oh to have them back 20 years younger….

  25. rico says:

    I dont get why that doesn’t happen either, Keown, Adams, Bouldy – all who still love the club too. I know Adams has gone overseas now so the chance has gone…

  26. rico says:

    Its simple through my eyes, just swap Bould with Pat Rice, Rice teaches the kids the wenger way and Bouldy teaches the first team how to defend…. 🙂

  27. DeiseGooner says:

    Vertoghen and Jakielka would be a good shout so – both can play across the back 4 and in the DM position too.

  28. rico says:

    DG, sadly i can’t see moyes letting us have Jakielka, don’t know anything about Vertoghen?

  29. rico says:

    Numpty rico, was he TV’s partner at Ajax??

  30. DeiseGooner says:

    Thats right rico – he could do a job for us too – in DM with song away from home and as backup accross the backline

  31. rico says:

    DG, we we linked with him recently weren’t we?

  32. rico says:

    Personally I think we need an ‘old boy’ in the midfield to back up Song, a player who has 2/3 great seasons left in him, someone who has been there and done it…

    Then we will have Frimpong, Coquelin, Eastmond etc to take over, if they turn out to be up to the grade…

  33. DeiseGooner says:

    yeah but thats probobly just the usual 2+2=5 stuff In reality no one anywhere knows what Wenger has in mind, except Gazidas who has to go out and get the players

  34. 4pigs says:

    Morning all – long time no see!

    I like your post red arse it’s good to read something positive about the future.

  35. rico says:

    DG, Do you think wenger knows whats in his mind 🙂 🙂

  36. mikeB says:

    I agree with large chunks of what yuou say, but disagree on the Wenger/Cesc conversation.
    My belief is that Wenger sat him down and explained the facts of transfer money.
    If Barca came in low and didn’t either offer a large up-front amount, and/or player exchange, it would mean he was destined for a life on the Barca subs bench.
    If Barca came in high and offered a decent amount and a player, or a seriously decent amount it would mean he figured as a serious cog in their first team wheel.
    I think this is why Cesc has said so little, and Wenger just says he’s not for sale.

    So far Barca have proved Wenger’s point, and Cesc won’t leave. Whether that changes is up to Barca and whether the Toure money allows a serious offer.

  37. rico says:

    Morning 4pigs, thought you had done a runner, long time indeed!!

    just hope cesc is as positive about his future and that it remains with us….

  38. rico says:

    hi mikeb, we all have different takes on what may have happened, but until cesc speaks we will never really know….

    What i dont get is barca are going to up their offer to £35M

    They offered £29M – refused
    They sell Yaya – £25M

    They should be upping their offer to £54M if they are serious….

  39. mikeB says:

    Hi Rico,
    as you say it’s all guess-work and conjecture, until somebody speaks. But I have to guess that the Toure money, assuming that’s all going to plan, is destined to repay the Villa money they didn’t have in the first place.

    Time will tell, but good to chat on positives for a change. Think either way with Cesc the maestro Wenger is firmly in the driving seat.

  40. DeiseGooner says:

    Laporta is on the way out and he wants to be known as the man who ‘brought Cesc home’ i dont think theres real interes in getting him for Barca but more for his ego. Its a win win situation for Laporta – if hes gone and didnt get Cesc he can say he tried but the world cup got in the way – then he can claim he started the process so Barca fans should love him for it – if Barca do sign Cesc then he also claims credit for getting the ball rolling – if they dont then he can say well i would have if i was still there so its the current president who failed you – conclusion = Laporta is an uber c**t

  41. DeiseGooner says:

    Laporta is on the way out and he wants to be known as the man who ‘brought Cesc home’ i dont think theres real interes in getting him for Barca but more for his ego. Its a win win situation for Laporta – if hes gone and didnt get Cesc he can say he tried but the world cup got in the way – then he can claim he started the process so Barca fans should love him for it – if Barca do sign Cesc then he also claims credit for getting the ball rolling – if they dont then he can say well i would have if i was still there so its the current president who failed you – conclusion = Laporta is an uber c**t!!

  42. rico says:

    Good point mikeb, forgot they need to fund the villa deal, how they think they could get enough money for cesc amazes me…

    if it really is down to wenger, cesc will never be sold, and yes, much better than doom and gloom… 🙂

  43. rico says:

    DG, the little four letter word sent you into spam, i’ve edited it 😉

  44. rico says:

    DG, re your last, thats why he’s in our widgets 😉

  45. DeiseGooner says:

    Thanks Rico, i thought my browser died and refreshed it , sorry for the double post 🙂

    Dont Barca still owe us monies from our previous dealings with them! Time to call in those debts i say and cut ties with them altogether

  46. rico says:

    No worries DG, its the only rule we have here really – we have quite a few ladies here (including me) 🙂

    Not sure on the Barca/money thing, would that be for our previous captain? I agree though, its about Barca were sent packing!!

    Juve owe us aswell I think?

  47. mikeB says:

    I can see Wenger selling Cesc, but only at the top of the market, and that’s not for two years.

    DG. Someone once said that the desire to run for office should actually bar you from ever doing so… think, in Spanish Football terms, there’s a lot of sense in that.

  48. rico says:

    To be fair mike, i can understand why cesc wants to go home and i don’t begrudge him that, but same as you, another couple of years yet. however, if it transpires he wants to go for family/personal reasons other than just ‘wanting to play for barca’ he should be allowed to go now imho, as long as barca come up with £50M+

  49. mikeB says:

    yeah, I can see that; nobody wants an unhappy camper, and Wenger has always followed that rule of thumb.
    But, getting back to your earlier point; Cesc hasn’t said anything of the kind; just that one day he wants to go home…. don’t we all?

  50. DeiseGooner says:

    If he does stay, Wenger & Cesc need to make a statement or 2 about what went on. Some clarity would be nice rather than being in the dark all the time

  51. rico says:

    mikeb 🙂 i go to a party and as soon as i get there i want to go home 😉

  52. rico says:

    DG, we here have being crying out for that since this last episode began – all it needs is a word from wenger or cesc before he went to the WC to clarify things…

    But then last summer Fergie said he ‘wouldn’t sell Madrid a virus’ – next thing is The Winker has gone…

  53. rico says:

    That clip is funny, Eboue even nods his head…. cracking 🙂

    The headlines on the Ivory Coast this morning read…

    ‘The Elephants pack their trunks and go home’ 😦 😦

  54. 4pigs says:

    Sorry rico, haven’t done a runner but have been very busy with work.

    I like Eboue in the youtube, he is very funny. I wonder if he understood what was being said. lol

  55. rico says:

    😆 4pigs, probably knowing Eboue..

  56. rico says:

    Where is everyone today? Little bit of sunshine here in the UK and everyones gone off to burn 🙂

  57. agirlagunner says:

    Hola! RA, great read. It has given the soap operatic in me pause. But as with a lot of things, only a drama will do, and I am likely to persist in feeling all forlorn and hard done by about this.

    I wish Spain were out though. Then YKW would have to speak for himself. I want an unambiguous statement this time, not some honey-soaked waffle saying I love Arsenal first then I want to return to Barca in the next breath. I want answers. And above all, I want the Human Vuvuzelas (Xavi & Co.) to be silenced at last.

    Hi, rico. How are you? The posts have been quality today! Not to say, they aren’t usually.

  58. welshy says:

    ozil please and melo and a big strong centre back

  59. rico says:

    Hi agag, did you get some sleep finally 😦

    Some very good posts today, especailly as the blog world seems really quiet everywhere…

    Just been up in our loft for the air con unit, it must be 40+%s up there 😦

    I’d hope they would go out too, but maybe Portugal will send them packing, i think we are all desperate to hear ykw speak…

  60. DeiseGooner says:

    Of course Eboue understood, its Eboue, didnt you see him agreeing with what the coach said to the other player on how to stop Eboue – little did he know you cannot stop Eboue – only Eboue can stop Eboue 🙂

  61. JonJon says:


    im not so confident..i dont think wenger is looking to strengthen as much as we all hope he is….

  62. agirlagunner says:

    I decided against watching the Spain-Chile match (haha, woman scorned and all…) and got some sleep, finally. Had to go to work though. 🙂

    You’re too used to the cold, rico. 🙂 That’s a normal day here!

    I am off for a bit. A night out seems a good reward! I’ll catch you guys later.

    Echoing that, Welshy.

  63. rico says:

    Enjoy your evening agag…

    Hi jj, no no, we are trying to be confident today and optimistic, tomorrow will be another doom and gloom day… 😦

    DG, his nodding made me laugh..

  64. rico says:

    jj, now you’ve gone too 😦

  65. Suhail.TV says:

    Hello every one.. The Cesc’s mouth is sealed.. so lets wait and see..

  66. rico says:

    Hi STV, I missed you, no-one was around so i popped off to do things in the garden….

    You are right, lets wait and see what our captain says, then he’s in for it 😉

  67. agirlagunner says:

    Everyone’s been awfully quiet! 😦

  68. rico says:

    They have agag, poor old RA will think its his post, but the whole blog world is really quiet…

    RA said he would be about today, hope all is ok with him 😦

  69. rico says:

    Even the most popular site in the arsenal blog world has yet to reach 300 comments, they are normally around 1000 – 1500 comments,….

  70. agirlagunner says:

    I know, rico. And it’s an excellent post too.

    I hope RA’s knee is fine. Où est vous, monsieur?

    What’s the most popular site, rico? I only read a select few. 🙂

    I saw the last set of the Nadal match. Looks like a hard-earned win!

  71. rico says:

    Its called Le Grove agag, it’s where JJ. ave and I all started our blogging a couple of years ago now – stuff happens and ave started this one up and a few helped out, again things happened and a few moved elsewhere, but me, jj and ave stayed and built Avenell Road up…

  72. rico says:

    Did Nadal win in the end, the last time i saw he was being beaten 2-1 in sets…

    I want him to win – shame he’s spanish 😉

  73. rico says:

    here is the link agag, but don’t you go leaving us 😦 😦

  74. agirlagunner says:

    Oh, I read that too. This is obviously my favorite. 🙂

    I guess it’s quiet cause it’s a Saturday too. People are busy getting wasted. 🙂 I make it a point to go out Friday, so that I won’t have to worry about missing an Arsenal match. Or otherwise convince whoever needs convincing that brunches and afternoon spas are better than Saturday night outs. Haha. I always have an Arsenal-driven agenda.

    Nadal won the fifth set, 6-3. At least he’s not Catalan! Haha. These days, I don’t even touch Spanish food. Xavi and his gang have ruined everything for me.

  75. rico says:

    😆 😆 agag about catalan and nadal….

    i have bad news for you and i, RA has posted today but not here, i fear he has left us 😦 😥

  76. agirlagunner says:

    Oh, rico, don’t worry. RA will be back. He likes it here. 🙂 I am sure of it. I mean, how can he not like it here?…

    (pregnant pause)

    (doubt creeping in)

    Surely, he will return… Right? 😦

  77. rico says:

    I really hope so agag, he’s good fun and he knows so much about footie and arsenal, i’ll be really quite sad if he has left us 😦

    would be a massive loss 😦

  78. agirlagunner says:

    He is super funny, not to mention sweet. I’d feel awful if it was because we teased him. 😦

  79. rico says:

    me too agag, fingers and toes crossed he’ll be back, eh…

    i’m sad 😦

  80. agirlagunner says:

    Now, I’m sad too. 😦

    Not even a red velvet cupcake can cheer me up now…

  81. rico says:

    agag, i have emailed RA, hopefully it will get through this time….

    fingers and toes crossed he just picked up on an article and wanted to leave a comment then he’s been busy ….

    i have to go my friend, the garden needs some water and i need my supper….

    you get some more sleep and lets hope the Red Arse gets his Arse back here soon ….

    Take care agag….

  82. agirlagunner says:

    Niteynite from my hemisphere. 🙂 You have a good day!

  83. rico says:

    Nitey night agag, see you tomorrow….

  84. goonergerry says:

    Whilst I hope you are right and Cesc stays-it is no good though if his heart is not in it.If his head is not right after the wc- I would not be surprised if we sold him right at the end of the transfer window-I am not confident that the club will be looking to replace him-I believe the club regard Aaron Ramsey as Cesc’s successor. They will use a big chunk of the transfer fee to reduce the interest payments-as they did last year with the fee received for Adebayor and Toure. Whilst it may be a bit early to say at this stage there is simply no evidence so far that Arsenal will splash the cash.

  85. Mohamed77 says:

    The longer we can delay the inevidable, the better. 😀

  86. rico says:

    Morning goonergerry and M77…

    Sorry no-one was around to chat, all sleeping 😉

    Come and join us on the…

    New Post

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