Jack Wilshere to Man City…. Yeah right!!

 What absolute and utter garbage!!

Red Arse talked yesterday about how we get built up only to be let down by the rumours that do the rounds every transfer window. Mostly of course we tend to get ‘excited’ about those we are linked to, occasionally we get just a tad down hearted about those suggested to be on the brink of leaving.

Right now, the main talking point is about whether or not our captain will leave, but then yesterday I saw this written on the good old football rumour site. Someone who is obviously trying to have a laugh, suggested that Citeh are going to sign Jack Wilshere, they have assured him of regular football and the lad can’t wait to move.

I’m not even going to give this any more thought, its rubbish, utter rubbish!!

Maybe Peter Hill-Wood will come out and say ‘He won’t get into their first team’ – well, he’d be right, a team like Citeh who have billions and trillions of money, don’t give players like Wilshere a chance, they will just go out a buy a player who costs millions. He may not even be that good (Lardybayor & Toure) but as far as they seem to be concerned, if they cost a lot, lets buy him!!

Do I dare add that the same person suggested that Aaron Ramsey is off there too…..

Ah well, it keeps us chatting doesn’t it and along the way we can have a laugh about it too. I caught a photo of Arsene Wenger after the press in South Africa caught up with him after they got wind of this latest rumour, he obviously decided to share the story with Steve McClaren….

‘Ere, Steve, guess what I’ve heard……

Steve says, ‘Bet you a fiver its bollox, shake on it’ ……

Arsene – ‘Done’ 🙂

On to other rumours, we’ve all but signed Schwarzer according to some, nearly signed Tim Howard before he went to the Mancs according to others, but apparently he has a bit of a temper and can have the odd outburst so we didn’t bother!

Turkish side Galatasary think they can make a cheap bid for Alex Song in order to tempt him away from Arsenal, well they can take a run and jump together with Inter Milan in their hunt for Robin van Persie….. ‘Arry is rumoured to be in contact with the agent of Joe Cole and finally we are supposedly interested in £10M rated Ryan Babel – £10M?? He may have been but surely Rafa has made sure his valuation is below that now…

Talking of ‘Arry, he actually mad me chuckle after the Japan/Denmark game – he said he had been in contact with the club of Japanese player Honda. He said the club though wanted to do a player swap deal. ‘Arry though said he wouldn’t swap a Honda for a Bentley….

Oh well, looks like Bendtner and Song will get the rest of the summer off, good! Two more fit players ready for the new season…

Thats all folks……


185 Responses to Jack Wilshere to Man City…. Yeah right!!

  1. rico says:

    Morning all

    If we can talk about who’s is rumoured to be linked with us, what about the tosh related to those going out, this one has to be the most far fetched transfer speculation I have ever read….

    Couldn’t resist sharing it….

  2. Feeder Club says:

    Tbh I’d wait a couple of years for this lad to spend time in Arsenal’s Training Ground as I believe it is the best in the country. Then I would have him once he has matured into the player he supposedly is going to be!

    Arsenal, City’s Feeder Club.

  3. rico says:

    FC, Citeh would never get this lad, he’s going to be world class for Arsenal and for England…

  4. rico says:

    FC, i like the fact you you think we are Citeh’s feeder club, when it comes to who you have bought, thats just fine by me, what other club would give £40M for Lardy and Toure …… 😆

  5. lay1910 says:

    I guess we’ve read the same rumour on the same website!
    I mean the Jack Wilshere to Man Shittay one.

  6. Ian says:

    I agree with you about tosh – i am a City fan and we are linked with everyone and their dog ! I wish we weren’t. However, i don’t blame the club in general. These stories are spread by agents in the main. They do provide amusement to fan sites – i found your article via news now not by looking at Arsenal sites !
    As to Wilshire not getting in the team i am not sure that is a fair cricism we give people chances, Richards, Onuha, and Ireland as well as a couple of others got chances. Hart and Weiss have been let out on loan and we are having Hart back. Weiss will go on loan again and be brought back. Mancini probably will spend millions but so far has bought A Johnson who nearly got into the England team and started every match that he was fit/available – bought for an oh so expensive £7m and Viera who i think you know about for free – though good wages !!

  7. rico says:

    hi 1910, i think so, garbage isn’t it… but we are having a few days talking about rumours, hence this one…

  8. rico says:

    Hi Ian…

    Good to see a City fan here – I agree re you giving the youngsters chance, but that was before you had the takeover. Now you have mega bucks do you think the young players will still get their chance?

    The players you list seem to be linked to an exit – its a shame for you guys as Richards and Ireland especially are very good players…

  9. Summerbee7 says:

    No offence, but Wilshere wouldn’t get any nearer our starting eleven than yours. He’ll go on to be a top player, but our Academy is at least on a par with Arsenal’s and we’ve plenty coming through just as good as this lad.

    Being realistic, he’d be fourth or fifth choice for his position as things stand.

  10. rico says:

    Hi Summerbee, I know you are right, thats exactly what the post is saying, its silly rumour time and this one is one of the silliest rumours that has been around..

  11. Breezy says:

    At Ian

    Have to agree with Rico regarding the young players, The likes Toure, Lescott and Kompany arriving has really stunted the growth of Richards and Onuha. Also I still don’t understand why you guys bought Given, yes he is a quality keeper, but so is Hart, what you guys should have looked was getting a quality second string keeper. On the other hand getting for 7 million now looks like a very good piece of business though, in my view he should have been in the England squad.

  12. the heel of the law says:

    well rico it seems they got their chances because of the promise they showed while we were building,but as the individual standards of the players rose? ie the buys starting from the thaskin and sven period through to the current owner and manager,few would disagree with the positions those players find themselves in.we are aiming for world class players(current and in their prime,its called progression…

  13. It's Grim Oop North says:

    Morning Gooners,
    saw this on Newsnow, and it follows a pattern of every player on the transfer market (and loads not) being linked with City. If you’re an agent or selling club, you’d be mad not to allege City are in the running for your assets, throw in Chelsea and maybe Real Madrid, then you might overinflate the player’s price.
    Maybe it is City’s fault for having to pay the best wages and transfer fees to attract players, especially without CL football yet, but I can’t see any other quick way of improving the team – ok we could poach the best youngsters the way all top clubs do, but they take time to reach maturity, which won’t satisfy our fans or owners I’m sure. Chelski spent massively to establish themselves, and are now trying to improve their youngsters, but this still means buying the best around – ask Leeds Utd fans about how they feel about Chelsea nicking their best kids. In fact, ask any City fan how they felt about Chelsea paying £23 million for Shaun Wright-Phillips when we were poor – not happy bunnies!
    Theo Walcott is an example of a big club poaching a small clubs star youngster with irresistable big money, it happens, it always will, we’ll all moan about it when it happens to us, but it does make column inches and sparks debate in a frankly boring close season!
    To be a top club vying for CL honours, you have to spend big on “marquee” players, and get the best youngsters around, all the top teams in Europe do it, even Barca and Arsenal, when you stop spending big, you stop winning the trophies (in the modern game).
    Sad but true. Unless you are a City or Chelsea fan.
    I wish our young players like Steven Ireland, Nedum Onuaha, Micah Richards, Joe Hart, Vlad Weiss etc. could make it at CL level, but it’s a massive ask, and unrealistic to expect they’ll all have the physical and mental attributes needed – the odds are against them.
    Even if City played all England internationals (the England team in effect), they wouldn’t be good enough to win the CL, Barca et al are still better teams, because they have the very best players in the world playing for them, not just a narrow catchment area of a single country, and to think you can make a team from the Greater Manchester area to win trophies is even less likely.
    Football is becoming the international game FIFA have always wanted it to be – it crosses boundaries like no other phenomenon can, and with it comes the money and the big business, guess we’ll have to live with it.
    Got to admit, I used to like being the underdog team when things went well, wonder what it’s like to actually win something?
    All the best foe next season.

  14. rico says:

    Hi Breezy..

    I can understand why City bought Given, he’s quality and has saved them in many a game – but like you say, there is high chance the Joe Hart will now leave, i’m sure he is Englands future number one, but he won’t be a City club player..

    We are in a similar position with Chesney, he will no doubt be a world class goal keeper and wenger knows it, maybe that’s why he’s looking at the old boy schwarzer to fill in for 1/2 seasons until chesney is ready.

    I’d love us to get Hart, but that would mean losing Chesney i think…

  15. Pierre says:

    Hi guys City fan here,
    Ian put it well and nice to have some civilised banter on here.I find it hard that when we were penniless and a laughing stock people usually had us as team they may also follow, their second club.Since we hit the jackpot we are loathed more than Chelsea!!Not a nice feeling.I dont know how the executives have behaved in their approach to buying players,we only have the press view which as we all know isnt always correct.What I do know is that Arabs in general are shrewd and dont like to air their washing in public so I do feel many of these articles are fed by agents looking for better deals.
    My feeling is that City are trying to spend as much as they can to break the big four before the new rules come in.We have been quietly acquiring some really promising youngsters and this is where our future lies and is why we have been setting up academies all over the place.Hope it works out for us blues.Best wishes to all footie fans.

  16. Aaron says:

    Hi Rico,

    Im a city fan aswell & followed the link from news now as neverheard this particular rumour before. I think Wilshere will be a class player in the future & showed a glimpses of that with Bolton last season.

    I have to disagree with you that the youth of the club will suffer due to the money we have. As Ian said we spent money on Johnson, an excellent prospect at boro who now looks like he could have a big international future. We signed a young 16 yr old winger from Swindon in the last month called Alex Henshall.

    We sent Jim Cassell to the mid east to set up a global scouting network modelled on yours & Barca’s so we are investing in youth, it’s just that this story is less glam than “Mancini offers 100 million & his first born Son for Zidane look-a-like”
    From the outside it looks like we are throwing money at everyone that can run in a straight line but as Ian says agents use us as they have done Arsenal, Chelski etc in the past to get an extra few quid for their client.

    I would love to see Wilshere at city but i think he is quite safe where he is mate. You may even find he signs a new contract in the next month or 2 (Damn Agents eh??)


  17. rico says:

    Hi IGON,

    Very good comment, cant really be argued with to be honest. We Gooners are a tad miffed as to why we don’t get a few better players in and would love to have the money to do it…

    Then at the same time we don’t want a takeover, cake and eat it comes to mind with me…

    can’t compare getting Theo though with getting a world class star 😉

  18. rico says:

    Hi thotl –

    I guess that is the downfall for players at clubs when money is suddenly ploughed into it, wenger always says if he buys ‘it will kill’ players like Diaby and Denilson – funny enough, that wouldn’t bother me, especially with Denilson 😉

    I guess though if these players are good enough, managers will see that and keep them, but we all want success and want it now…

  19. Spud gun says:

    Funny stuff,ballbag gunners = runners

  20. rico says:

    Hi Pierre and Aaron

    Just want to add to your comment Pierre that it is refreshing to debate with City fans without the barage of abuse that many other club fans bring with them..

    I certainly didn’t mean to offend with my comment of your clubs money killing youth, like i said earlier, wenger talks abouth that so much, with him though i believe he’s just trying to justify why he doesnt spend.

    If we had Richards instead of Silvestre
    Ireland instead of Diaby/Denilson
    Hart instead of Almunia/Fabianski

    I would be very happy!!

    Also, I don’t dislike City, but I will like you more when you get rid of Lardybayor 🙂

  21. rico says:

    City fans here, are you pleased that Hughes bought Lardybayor??

  22. rico says:

    Spud Gun, come on, if you want to join in the chat, keep it friendly, we don’t like to bin people but will do if you step over the line…

  23. It's Grim Oop North says:

    We all comment on how Wenger plays his kids in the league cup, and how it maybe demeans the competition, but now City are finding they need good competitive games for our kids, newbies and returnees from long term injuries, without jeopardising our league status – we cannot afford passengers anymore, like Roque Santa Cruz, yet he may well come good with games under his belt.
    Fergie does it too up to a point, when he knows he really needs his big guns out, looks like we will have to do the same. It’s a steep learning curve City are on, so copying you guys will be a compliment to Wenger’s shrewdness – makes me laugh when I hear calls for his head in the media for not winning anything – please sack him, we’ll take him in a shot (cue loads of City fans reminding me of last season’s shenanigans!).
    I was also pondering the wisdom of sending youngsters out on loan to clubs like Bolton and Stoke etc. Surely a skilful player like Wishere needs to be surrounded by top class players who can ping the ball around like Arsenal do, not a bunch of cloggers who would kick you up in the air soon as look at you? Would this not stifle his development, and perhaps get him into bad habits? At best he’s going to get a sore neck watching the ball flying over his head to the striker in true long ball style? (I know Owen Coyle is going to try and get them to play ther ball on the ground – good luck with that!)
    Vlad Weiss is another I don’t think will benefit from playing that kind of football for long as well.
    Hey-ho, got to go to work now, good forum guys, keep it up!

  24. rico says:

    Thanks IGUN, been good posting with you, have a good day 🙂

    Bolton = Cloggers – spot on!

  25. jaygooner says:

    Nice to see so many City fans on the site, astonished that they all make intelligent reasoned arguments. A refreshing change from the venomous jealous gunk that accompanies posts from the spuds. Jack Wilshire to City is extremely unlikely, but if the rumour filters through to Wenger, he might actually play him!!

  26. rico says:

    hi jaygooner

    its refreshing, and like you say all have vey reasoned comments, i like the theory that if wenger gets wind of the rumour he could play him. Jack is ready imho, i just hope wenger sees that too…

  27. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rico/Guys

    I would like to add my appreciation to the reasoned posts from the Citeh fans. Join us again in the future guys, we might not always agree of course, but I love a bit of good natured discussions! It’s football, after all, not war! 🙂

    Loved the article Rico …. more like it please. Sets the standard. 😉

  28. rico says:

    Morning RA, thanks 🙂

    I loved the City fans coming on, I hope they pop back later if they can …

  29. rico says:

    Footie is ‘war’ for 90 minutes, thats all 😉

  30. rico says:

    Morning Avashnee 🙂

  31. Red Arse says:

    Hi Avashnee

    Are you still singing “buid me up”? 🙂

    How about that Italy score yesterday? Thank goodness we don’t have any Italian players, more disappointment after Bendtner and Song!

  32. Red Arse says:


    Like you I think the Wilshire transfer rumour is rubbish, but at the end of the day, Le Prof has to be careful that excellent kids like him don’t get fed up with being hoiked around to the likes of Bolton and becoming cheesed off.

    Wave enough money around and, in truth, all of us could have our heads turned. Not what fans want to hear but true nontheless. 😦

  33. rico says:

    RA, all we need now is a ‘Chilly’ win 🙂

  34. Red Arse says:

    Spot on Rico. 🙂

    I sent something to Ave by email, seems to be working.

    Yet another great win for England over the Aussies, while you were watching Thighs (aka Nadal) tarting about! 🙂

  35. rico says:

    RA, also, like the city fan said, why send players to bolton? i thought it was a good idea until this morning, now i thinking again….

  36. rico says:

    nah, i watched the cricket 🙂 good on old Colly with the highest runs …

  37. rico says:

    Ah, was it about the captain??

  38. Red Arse says:


    You know I am a sports tart, and have just been watching F1 race practice in Valencia.

    The weather there seems, as usual, to be brill. My Cousin has lived in Valencia for most of her life, big fan of Valencia FC, (poor thing) and I have suddenly decided I need to go visit her again, before the footie season starts again.

    Now that is where you and your pooches should move to. Sea, sand and you know what. (I mean fresh air, of course, in case Wath is reading this! 😉 )

  39. Red Arse says:


    Nope, a dissenting opinion about YKW. (should please you and Agag) 😉

  40. rico says:

    I did see the draft earlier RA, i thought ave had been using his quill, i’ll post it tomorrow as long as you are around to take any flack 😉

    I can’t speak Spanish 😉 but the sun, sand sea and fresh air sounds lovely… My brother used to live in Madrid, went there once and far too hot 😦

  41. rico says:

    RA, how rude of me, thank you for the post, you’re a star…. 🙂

  42. Red Arse says:

    Rico, Madrid in the summer is baking but it is a beautiful city, if you get away from the hustle and bustle, football isn’t bad either. 🙂 😳

    How flattering to be mistaken for Ave! 🙂

    I will be around tomorrow, but don’t expect much flak, as it is a sympathetic and reasoned interpretation of the limited info we have. If other Gooners disagree, that’s what great sites like yours are for, to express their opinions. 🙂

  43. rico says:

    Diego Lugano – is another guy we are being linked to, 6’2″ lump at 29yrs old, captain for Uruguay… I’d have thought he’s a bit old, will be 30yrs old in november…

  44. rico says:

    He’s moved now to the States, his home is in LA but currently working/living New York – I haven’t been to either places 😳

    See I told you you were an old smoothie… more please 😉

  45. rico says:

    haha re ave, he put it onto the system so his name is against it – your comment will make him smile i’m sure 🙂

  46. Red Arse says:

    Is he cheap? ….. (sits scratching his arse pensively) 😉

    With apologies to Agag, just love her style. 🙂

  47. rico says:

    don’t forget though RA, sites are only as good as the folk who blog – here on AR we are all lucky 🙂

  48. rico says:

    Not sure RA, he’s doing really well in the WC so no doubt he will cost more than he would have done before the competition started…

    agag makes me smile with some of her comments she has a cracking way of writing them 🙂

  49. rico says:

    He’s at Fenebache, i’m sure we could persuade him to leave 🙂

  50. Red Arse says:

    Rico, My “is he cheap” comment referred to our new rumour, Lake Lugano, not Ave or your bro’. 😉

    LA, New York two ,more of my favourite cities. Have visited them both many times, (business/relatives). You should take the opportunity to visit them while you are still young. You will love both! (me and Wath will go with you.)

  51. rico says:

    You are on form this morning RA 🙂

    If Concorde was still flying, I would go to NY, i’m not keen on flying long haul… 😦 Talking of Concorde, when I first started playing cricket, one of the first pilots to fly the beast was part of the set up… I was still in my teens…

    He passed on now, was a lovely chap…

  52. K-TR7 says:

    Howdy all.rvp scored!more of the same robin.

  53. Red Arse says:


    you really are a cricket fan! In which case I will bug you by saying that my favourite Irishman, Eoin Morgan top scored with 52. (I know, I admit to being a picky plonker) 🙂

    You are so right about Concorde. I was lucky enough to fly on it a few times. Not usually keen on long haul either but have done a lot of it, but the wines/champagnes they used to serve on Concorde made me forget …. everything. 😉

    Our gooner colleagues have all gone quiet, I must be putting them off. Going to shut up now and make some coffee. 🙂

  54. rico says:

    Morning ktr7, im pleased for robin..

  55. rico says:

    Nah RA, didn’t Colly’s runs scored yesterday make him the highest scoring Englishman in the one day game??

  56. Red Arse says:

    Hi KT

    You’ve arrived just in time, I’m boring the arse off everyone.

    Been some good Man Citeh fans on earlier! 🙂


  57. rico says:

    And Paul Collingwood overhauled Alec Stewart’s total of 4,677 to become England’s all-time leading scorer in one-day cricket during his innings of 48.

    From The Sun

  58. Red Arse says:


    My apologies, I misunderstood you. Yes he beat the previous highest number of one day runs scored by an Englishman, I thought you were referring to yesterday’s match score. 😦

    O mi Gawd. 😦

  59. K-TR7 says:

    The city fans who were here gave really good points unlike most of their rival fans,mancs,who know jack about footy…robben’s impact for the dutch last night showed how important it is to have an excellent dribbler in the squad.this worldcup though has been a nightmare for the bookies due to many shock results…

  60. rico says:

    No probs RA, I am a nut for cricket 🙂

    KTR7, it was really good first thing, no abuse just reasoned comments…

    We need a player like Robben, bet the chavs still wish he was theirs…

  61. rico says:

    KT, can you see Chillie sending Spain packing??

    I really hope they do, selfishly I want Cesc to be free to answer a few questions out his club, you know, the one that pays his wages!!

  62. K-TR7 says:

    Chile are really good rico.before the tournament i tipped them as dark horses on this blog.they play a 3-3-1-3/4-2-1-3 formation.they are as dynamic and wasteful as the africans but creative as the brazilians.im a huge fan of Bielsa and i don’t expect them to lose…

  63. rico says:

    Spain need to win don’t they? Should be a good game KT i really hope chile win and send the spanish packing….

  64. amenity says:

    haha i love how clueless the person writing this article is. citys last signing was? hmmm adam johnson an english player who now features in every game. you actually want to look at citys spending and that of people like chelsea and totenham. because if anyones ruining the game its them buying forign players and helping the english game. man city have a brillient youth team and just because your jelous man city have now got some money and are finally starting to build a decent team. all city haters are pathetic because chelsea man u aresnal liverpool have all spend big… yer ok maybe it was a couple of years ago and money isnt the same now. for example chelsea spent about 80-90 million which is these days equaled to 150-180 million. soo yer sort your facts about before hating on city as per 🙂

  65. K-TR7 says:

    Trust me rico Bielsa will out-fox del bosque.if villa and torres start chile will play 3 at the back ensuring they have a spare cb but at the same time they have 4 in midfield.chile’s players are so versatile rico.their defenders are Serie A players while their forwards ply their trades in laliga.they have a nice spanish-italian footy philosophy that is great to watch.

  66. rico says:

    What time is KO KT, i don’t want to miss this one…

  67. rico says:

    amenity, who is hating city???

    please read the earlier chat between city fans and us gooners, no hatred there!!

  68. K-TR7 says:

    18:30 GMT rico.

  69. rico says:

    thanks ktr7, good time for me too…

  70. oliver says:

    ‘morning all. i cannot do much posting today. i took off from work so i can run some errands before i drive up to new york city tomorrow morning (bringing our kids to visit my my mom for a couple of weeks) – i guess that is apropos, seeing the ny-la discussion. good to see citeh fans visiting, also good to see discussions without so much rancour. also good to see more un-sourced, no-quote cesc stories making the rounds. one rag runs the “story”, others pick it up and then we are being deluged. we call that “circular reporting” in my line of work…oh, and tim howard suffers from tourette’s syndrome rico, you were correct on that one. i watched him play for the ny/nj metrostars (now red bulls) before red nose signed him for man utd.

  71. rico says:

    hi oliver, looks like a busy w/e for you, i read about tourettes and howard a while back, don’t know why that worried wenger tho 😉

  72. rico says:

    Off for a bit

  73. CiTyBLUe says:

    Not going to give it no thought my arsen, you just have by publishing a rubbish article about it and wasting my time you amateur writer you.

  74. rico says:

    thanks city blue, good to hear such a compimentary comment 😉

    shame you can’t follow the fashion as your fellow fans did…

  75. Red Arse says:


    It seems the high number of pleasant Citeh fans who contacted the site first thing this morning realised this is an Arsenal site. They were the intelligent ones. 🙂

    On the other hand the ShittyBlues have just got up!

    Oh dear. 😦

  76. It's Grim Oop North says:

    Afternoon Gooners,
    good to see Cityblue defending the honour of our venerable club, without reading all the previous comments! You can set your clock by him. In fairness, he brooks no nonsense from any detractors of City, he’s just being over-protective!
    We do seem to be the club to hate at the moment, which really pisses most of us fans off, as we’ve been the comedy, loveable club for so long. So far I don’t think we’ve attracted a new breed of “fly-by-night” fans, we still get the same attendances we’ve always had, and that is something to be proud of I think.
    I like prawn sandwiches as much as the next Northerner, but I wouldn’t want to eat one at a footy match.

  77. Red Arse says:


    Thanks for the heads up. I think you know that nothing detrimental was said or meant in the article or follow up comments by Gooner fans.

    Actually, I have never had a prawn sandwich in my years watching football, so I agree with you. (not to say that wealthy supporters of all clubs don’t partake of the odd prawn sambo) 😦 Not real footie fans are they.

    Most Arsenal fans are pleased that City will soon be in a position to stuff Manure. We just cannot stand that money grabbing Adebarndoor. Go City! … except when you play Arsenal, of course. 🙂

  78. It's Grim Oop North says:

    Cheers RA,

    looking forward to stuffing Manure now we’re on a level financial playing field!
    As far as Adebarndoor is concerned, he’s been acting like a jilted girlfriend, still warring with her ex, whilst the new boyfriend watches on in disbelief! I think he still loves you guys!
    I hope he gets over you, and remembers who is actually paying his massive wages this season, or perhaps Fernando Torres will get fed up replacing his hubcaps every other week and move to Manchester – fingers crossed!

  79. Red Arse says:


    🙂 🙂

    Really good to hear from guys like you! Obviously you are a big City fan, and proud of it, as I am of Arsenal, but this shows that we can talk as footie lovers as well.

    You are welcome to visit this site anytime. 🙂

  80. Red Arse says:

    Portugal should have scored just now.

    Mierless (?) has no left foot and tried to do the impossible with his right foot.

    I’d like to see Portugal and the Winker get knocked out but that doesn’t look likely. Pity. 😦

  81. rico says:

    Boo, who’s around then…

    Great to see you back IGON 🙂

    Truth is back in the days of Summerbee, i used to enjoy watching City, albeit in black and white 🙂

  82. rico says:

    I hate the Mancs, well the Trafford ones 🙂

  83. rico says:

    RA, i can’t stand the winker, but sadly i can’t see the IC scoring another 8 goals 😦

  84. Erick says:

    Howdy folks what did I miss RA nice post yesterday school is getting the best of me

  85. rico says:

    Howdy Erick, we’ve been missing you 😦

    Had a few lovey City fans on this morning, you doing exams again Erick 😦

  86. It's Grim Oop North says:

    Thanks RA,

    I’m a big fan of the passing game, and none have done it as well as Arsene’s teams, (we’ll not mention George Grahams’s idea of a winning team!), they’re one of the teams I have to watch on TV, just for the joy of it.
    I hope City can reach those heady heights, we’ve seen glimpses of what we can acheive last season under Hughes and Mancini.
    Well, I’m off to pick the missus up from the Bingo in my Reliant Robin Supervan, collect the whippet from the vets and tuck into some black pudding and tripe sarnies for tea.
    Cheerio for now.
    (I apologise if any of the above Northern stereotypes have offended anyone who actually lives like that!).

  87. Erick says:

    Not realy Rico new semester got to get my act straight you know but am always reading even if i don’t post hope all is well though

  88. rico says:

    Tata for now, thats a real funny comment to leave with IGON, thanks for coming here today, you are always welcom back, unless of course city have just tonked us 😉 😉

  89. rico says:

    alls good thanks Erick, good to know you thinking about us when you can’t get on 😉

    head down and back to your books 😦

  90. Red Arse says:

    later IGON 🙂

    Hi Erick, I was looking for you yesterday. Thanks for the thumbs up for the post. Not up to Rico’s standard, but I enjoyed doing it for her. 🙂

    Rico, Boo back, yours truly has been holding the fort and had a good chat with IGON. 🙂 … and watching the footie, although it’s crap! 😦 Including Melo .. he doesn’t do it for me.

  91. Erick says:

    Thanks Rico tired of books just hanging around the lec is boooo 😦

  92. Red Arse says:

    Erick, now we have you back, all we need to do is find out how Wath is doing. 🙂

    I have missed his erudite and concise comments, …. and he is funny! 🙂

    Speaking of which, do you know where JonJon is, he can make things buzz double quick, and he says things I would be too chicken to say. 😉

  93. Erick says:

    RA I liked it actualy your better than me but am learning from Ric’s 🙂 watch this space 🙂

  94. rico says:

    RA, you are funny, most of my posts poop, i dont care, it gets the ‘family’ we have here day in day out to talk about our love our Arsenal and anything else we need to get off of our chest.. 🙂

    I did see you were doing a stirling job, IGON seems a real nice blogger, hope he/she comes back throughout the season…

  95. Erick says:

    Wath must have found a slim zulu girl to keep her busy JJ being a new dad must be a busy lad 🙂 Rico is the mystery in here 😉

  96. rico says:

    Erick, keep slogging away, it will be worth it in a few years, you may be able to afford to buy Arsenal 🙂

    RA, Brazil and Portugal was dire, but you just knew that is how the game would pan out, both through, no injuries etc etc, .

    made me laugh when McCarthy said, ‘the next time the england fans sing its like watching Brazil, i’ll agree with them’ 😆

  97. rico says:

    Erick, if you want tolearn about writing posts, its simple – don’t write anything the way i do 🙂 🙂

    me a mystery, why???

  98. rico says:

    RA, JJ works long hours during the week, he’ll be around at the weekend i expect, his posts are fab, his comments are scarey 😉

  99. Erick says:

    Rico I like how you are able to mix humour and get the point across 🙂 yes you are a mystery i just know you post comments daily and you own dogs thats all 🙂

  100. K-TR7 says:

    Evening all.just woke up from that dire game involving brazil and portugal.cr9 is quite selfish…its also sad news that ozil’s grandma has just died…RIP!

  101. Erick says:

    Howdy K-tr7 what up sad news indeed hope he can grace the England game RIP

  102. rico says:

    Erick, what would you like to know my dear 😉

    I love fun in life, makes you live longer 🙂

  103. rico says:

    KT, thats real sad……

  104. Red Arse says:


    Having sorted out the disappearance of Wath, JJ and Erick yesterday, we haven’t heard from the lovely Agag the goose gog today. 😦

    Agag, donde estan ustedes mis queridos? 😉

  105. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, all. Save for the odd spoiling for a fight comment, we have some really top posts today.

    RA, you’re on a roll! Erick, I really am glad, I’m done with school. Hola, KT. I’m glad I didn’t bother to watch Brazil and Portugal. A goalless draw! Honestly.

  106. K-TR7 says:

    Erick leave rico alone…its bad enough that her farm animals bother her not even mentioning wath.what more do you need to know?or are you taking your business into her area?anyway cheers!its been a long time and hope you pass your exams.i’m also busy studying while also watching the wc,i feel your pain…and also if anyone should complain about writing and literature stuff it should be me!

  107. Red Arse says:

    Hi KT, you are right the game was rubbish.

    Erick you also know that Rico keeps cockerels! 🙂 and she is going to move to the South Coast, with her hounds.

    Actually they don’t want to go, too much sand. They emailed me last night. 😉

  108. Erick says:

    Howdy Agag am hoping to join you soon am so near and am giving it my all 🙂 Rico i realy want to know what tone is your door bell and your phone ring 😉 😉

  109. rico says:

    You prayers have just been answered RA….

    Hi agag, its was an awful match…

    I think WATH said he was off sight seeing, not sure if he meant the animals/wildlife or the SA ladies 😉

  110. agirlagunner says:

    Soy aquí, RA! ¿Cómo estás?

  111. rico says:

    Erick, that is top drawer, so funny 😆 😆

    Ding Dong 🙂

  112. Red Arse says:

    Hi Agag

    Good to have you back on screen. 😉

    What sort of roll am I on? Egg, ham? or just rock and …. 🙂

    Sorry, my humour is only funny to me! 😦 😦

  113. Erick says:

    K-tr7 and RA am Rico’s favourite and Waths just spoils the party 😉 😉

  114. rico says:

    I miss the old tinker, thankfully the WC is over soon and he will return – Erick 😆

  115. rico says:

    RA, spot on there 😉 😉

  116. Erick says:

    Rico i now feel like I have known you all my life 🙂 🙂 🙂 Agag and RA you are lost me on the french 😉 the language of love 😉 RA Wath got to know about that

  117. rico says:

    Arsene, you have been saying this for five years now……

    Wenger – We will sign a new player soon

    Arsène Wenger expects to welcome a new defender to Arsenal “quite soon”.

    The manager has been linked with a number of centre backs this summer as William Gallas, Sol Campbell and Mikael Silvestre all approach the end of their current contracts at Emirates Stadium.

    Wenger told Arsenal.com last week that he wanted to announce a new signing before the end of the World Cup but he is staying tight-lipped over the identity of that player amid reports that Lorient defender Laurent Koscielny is close to completing a move to North London.

    “Nothing has been done yet but I expect something will be done quite soon on that front, on the defensive front. We will sign a player soon,” Wenger told Arsenal.com this week.

    “But we do not want to come out with names before we announce it.

    “Keep faith in what has always worked well for us and that is to keep it secret as much as we can.”

  118. Red Arse says:

    Agag, the goose gog, (GG get it), estoy bien gracias por preguntar.

    You have now exhausted my spanish apart from the rude phrases! 😉 😉

  119. rico says:

    Not sure if thats good for you Erick 😉

    RA/agag – thats not fair, Erick and I don’t understand what you are saying… hope its not too naughty 😉

  120. Erick says:

    Rico saw that on dot com but we need a keeper and nobody is saying isssh 🙂 l

  121. K-TR7 says:

    Erick i think a third wheel is a better description of you in rico’s favourites scale…hello agag,the blog lights up when you make an entrance here…

  122. Suhail.TV says:

    Hello all.. Wenger gave the fans freedom of inventive enjoyment.. We can imagine these players at arsenal..exacerbated by the rumours.. He will sign none of them any way..

  123. rico says:

    I have to pop next door and water the neighbours garden, don’t go away…..

  124. Red Arse says:

    I’ve got to go and water the neighbour’s garden too! 😉

  125. Erick says:

    Ding Dong Rico 🙂

  126. Erick says:

    RA your learning what you should not be learning from Rico 🙂 K-tr7 say what you like but i have proof 😉

  127. agirlagunner says:

    RA, you can be one which gathers no moss. 🙂
    I wasn’t on long yesterday to chat about your first post I dozed of… But I woke up in time for RvP. Time zones are messing up my life.

    Erick, believe me, you start working and it’s no better either. (what a right ray of sunshine I am) Why are you suddenly wooing rico?

    Oh rico, my Spanish is non-existent. “Hello” and “He’s hot” just about make up my Spanish vocabulary. 🙂

    But I do know YKW is Mi Amor. Hahaha.

    WATH and wildlife? I don’t think so. Living the wild life with plenty of grey geese, more like. You do miss him don’t you? Pick him up at the airport, and bring along those puppies. 🙂

  128. Suhail.TV says:

    Hola Agag.. Hw are you,

  129. Suhail.TV says:

    1. Dando y dando, pajarito volando our YKW..

  130. Erick says:

    Agag am not its a chemistry we have 😉 lol

  131. agirlagunner says:

    KT, what a nice thing to say! 🙂

    But, a vicarious ouch! for Erick on the third wheel comment. 🙂

    Boo, STV. I have given up hope on Wenger. He’ll never sign the Torreses and VDVs and Affelays.

    Had a crap day. 😦 I hope Chile beat Spain. That would turn my day around. I never got to see that film.

  132. Erick says:

    Agag am all for Chile had a tough day too (chemistry) Come on Chile and Swits zerland 🙂

  133. rico says:

    KTR7, just for that I feel I need to make it clear, Erick is my favourite 🙂

  134. rico says:

    agag, RA’s post made you fall asleep, he will be so so hurt 😉 😉

  135. agirlagunner says:

    I like the spirit, Erick. Enjoy it while you can, WATH will reclaim her soon. 🙂

  136. rico says:

    Hi STV, didn’t see you sneak in 😉

  137. rico says:

    KTR7, just seen your 5.14 comment 🙂

  138. rico says:

    agag, i think its you WATH will reclaim, i’m just the one who has to get his breakfast 😉

  139. K-TR7 says:

    Writing post daily is quite difficult.i wrote two prebarca posts and i can tell you i don’t know how rico does it week in week out.erick if you want to write rico is the best mentor you can hope for.here’s to rico and the avenell family!…agag i mentioned chile as dark horses here a few weeks ago and how impressed i was with Bielsa.i won’t bore you with tactics so here is to suarez and company for a win…

  140. rico says:

    KTR7, you have got me blushing 😳 😳 that is such a kind comment …. thank you…

  141. agirlagunner says:

    Oh no. I didn’t mean it that way, rico. Hahaha. I’ve been working 14 hour days. Add blogging (which is my happy hour/s) and football and thinking about inhumane ways to kill Xavi, I’m lucky I get any sleep at all. And my in-tray has ballooned into an in-desk. I swear, work’s been hell. But how else do I put food on the table/dog dish/cat dish? 🙂

  142. Suhail.TV says:

    Rico.. so many turns happened when am away.. Agag Knows well

  143. Red Arse says:

    Hi guys, back briefly. (no cheering!) 🙂

    Agag I don’t blame you for nodding off reading my post. I nodded off writing it. (mops secret tear from eye.) 😦

    Advance Warning!!! Rico is threatening to put another of my posts on tomorrow! I would not like any of you to fall asleep on my acount, maybe you can persuade Rico to change her mind. 🙂 🙂

    I actually would not be offended at all.

  144. rico says:

    14 hours a day agag, thats not good and not right, you poor thing you must be shattered……

    STV 😉 i wish wenger would make things happen as quickly, i am again getting fd up with his, we will sign him him or him before when…. never knowing him…

  145. Suhail.TV says:

    wow realistic thought..Agag I want to stab your boss..

  146. agirlagunner says:

    KT, I agree. I can’t even write one post, let alone do it every day. A really fantastic job you do here, rico. By the by, I don’t think Wilshere should be loaned out any longer. He just needs first team minutes and he will settle.

  147. Suhail.TV says:

    not stab but fib

  148. rico says:

    RA, no way, its going up, i love them, i love reading everyones posts, it brings fresh stuff to the blog…

    oh, and it means you all don’t have to suffer mine 😉 😉

  149. K-TR7 says:

    How can agag work for 14 hours a day?thats almost as much as wath sleeps after a session of GG with his mates!imagine how good it would be if we had you and rico glittering our blog all day long(sighs…).to be honest you ladies have earned my respect!…

  150. rico says:

    Its not all me agag, its me jj and ave… i love it, its like having an extended family 🙂

    thanks agag 🙂

  151. rico says:

    STV, those hours are too long, let me know when you are off to hunt him down, i’m coming with you :mrgreen:

  152. rico says:

    KTR7, you know ladies can’t blog all day, we have to cook, clean, do the housework, ironing and washing….. 😉 😉

  153. Red Arse says:

    Rico, you are so sweet, and I am your biggest fan.

    The deafening silence from the others about my efforts has made me change my plans.

    As you know I agreed to post an article to help you guys out, and I was going to write another one tonight for use or binning as you decided. 🙂

    I have changed my mind and I am now retiring from writing, sleeping gooners are not good. 😉 😉 No more articles. 🙂

  154. agirlagunner says:

    Save the violence for Xavi, STV. 🙂

    RA, I was just clumsy with my words. Fishing for compliments, are we? 🙂 Have you read John Lanchester’s A Debt to Pleasure? You write similarly. And that’s a compliment, let there be no confusion.

    I love it here, rico. Where I am, only one girl voluntarily listens to my Arsenal babble. And she’s busy planning a wedding, so I can’t be too text-ish/phone call-ish. I told her I don’t care if you’re married, nothing will change, I will call you at 4:30 am, because I have Arsenal things to get off my chest. 🙂

  155. Suhail.TV says:

    Rico dont you know,..the boss is taking some serious footie talks sleep and GG, 🙂 working 50400 sec/day !!

  156. rico says:

    No RA, you can’t retire already, you are my hero 😦 😦

  157. agirlagunner says:

    I meant The Debt to Pleasure.

  158. Suhail.TV says:

    It will be a big disappointment if chili goes out.. they played well en este world cup.. much like a D&D less arsenal

  159. rico says:

    Top notch agag, you tell her 🙂

    Like I said before agag, its the people who blog here that make Avenell Road what it is, some come and abuse every now and again but the ‘locals’ stay, thats the most important. Look at right now, the WC is going on, but for us all we just carry on as if we were sat eating and chatting in a local restaurant, thats what makes it all tick….

    Then, when the Arsenal season starts, we all start, moaning, whinging, basking in the glory of a goal from Theo…. and so it goes on, but we are all doing ok and that what really matters….

    I love it here too… 😆

  160. rico says:

    STV, WATH is working overtime in the GG department no doubt 😉

  161. rico says:

    Oi Red Arse, get back here….

  162. Suhail.TV says:

    I still cant distinguish well b/w ‘avenell road’ and Rico. You keep it alive with your spanking posts..and comments. You should be appreciated more..

  163. K-TR7 says:

    RA your post was quite refreshing.it would be sad if you buried that talent in the sand…whenever you’re down just look at 06 wc finalists,you’ll feel better…

  164. Suhail.TV says:

    Thats absolutely right.. The real madness will come when the Arsenal season starts..

  165. rico says:

    Highbury sat on Avenell Road STV… (i think 😉 )

  166. agirlagunner says:

    It is a good community, we are agreed. And JJ writes stuff you can’t fence-sit about! Bless! Ave’s really funny too.

    KT’s stuff I always learn from. I’d be the first to admit, I get distracted by the puppy dog eyes and pearly whites.

    Haha. Oh and the goal has to come from Theo, huh, rico? LOL.

    Oi, RA. ¿Donde está??

  167. rico says:

    don’t mention spanking STV, WATH will appear 😉 😉

  168. Suhail.TV says:

    God.. I meant the blog rico and you are the life of it not N.5

  169. Suhail.TV says:

    On and Off Agag!! what happened ?

  170. Red Arse says:

    Sorry Rico, my friend just rang me. My only friend. (cheesy grin) 🙂 See, I still admire Agag’s style. 😉

    No, Agag, I am not fishing for compliments, it’s not necessary. I was just trying to help out Rico, JJ and Ave, becauise no one else seemed to be coming forward, that’s all 🙂

    I tried to help, and it did not work. So come on guys lend her a hand. I promise not to criticise. 😉

    Sorry Rico, but I am no great loss.

  171. rico says:

    STV 🙂

    RA, you got 1800 hits, it was a great post, my first got about 50 hits 😦 😦

    It did work, I promise, honestly…..

  172. Suhail.TV says:

    Hello RA 🙂 what s happening…

  173. rico says:

    agag, thats why its great to have different twists, i’m too ‘pc’ – jj should be snapped up by the Daily Star 🙂

    KTR7, well, his knowledge of Euro footie is second to none and me, well I just write for a giggle 😆

  174. Suhail.TV says:

    Rico and all..!!! Am off, Chili want my cheering 😆

  175. Red Arse says:

    hi Suhail, I just wrote you a delightful note and the blooming thing disappeared into the ether! Avenell Road gremlins! 🙂

    Anyway, good to hear from you. 😉

  176. agirlagunner says:

    RA, just teasing! 🙂

  177. Red Arse says:

    Rico, I am off too. My friend suggested we go to Hyde Park, as there is a great open air gig on, and he is convinced he will pull some unfortunate girl! Yeah, fat chance! 🙂

    Won’t be around much Monday as I have to let the docs play with my knee, damaged when I was doing something far too energetic. (probably getting out of my chair) 🙂

    See you.

  178. rico says:

    Ok, you are all offski, night night RA and STV – take it easy and enjoy watching Chilly knock out Spain 🙂

  179. Red Arse says:

    Bye Agag

    I know you meant no offence, and there is non taken. 😉

    I apologise for teasing you and for my poor Spanish, I won’t do it again. I will leave that to Wath. 🙂 🙂

  180. rico says:

    RA, you mean no-one has snapped you up yet, wow, i am amazed 😉 😉 😆

  181. rico says:

    What is up with your knee, tell us tomorrow RA, please….

  182. rico says:

    now it seems you have all gone….

  183. rico says:

    I’m offski fine folk, thanks to all for a fun day, it makes it all so worthwhile….

    see you tomorrow,

    stay safe, nighty night 🙂

  184. rico says:

    what a corker by …… David Villa 😦 😦

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