‘Porter for Laporta’, Pack your bags and take your stupid comments with you!!

How this football club of ours has not officially reported Barcelona to FIFA yet beggars belief. Is there a member of staff connected to the Catalan Club who hasn’t had a word to share about our captain and his supposed move to Spain.

The latest is from the idiot who is due to step down at the end of the month,  he’ll probably have no say in the matter at the end of the day, but I bet he’s trying to secure a deal before he goes so he can take all the credit! 

This is from the same man who in 2008 had to face up to a vote of ‘No Confidence’, at the club, only the lack of votes for A N Other kept him in post. So many were against this at Barca, they themselves resigned rather that stay within their role at the club under Laporta. Sadly though, after a re-election, he stayed. He then sacked Frank Rijkaard and to this day he stands, well, not for much longer thankfully – the world of football will not miss the scumbag! So basically, he’s been in post only because there was no-one better, says it all really!!

Maybe once he has left his post, club managers and board members will sleep easier!

This is his latest sneaky comment:

“Arsenal will end up giving in, but I don’t know when that will be,” he told reporters on a visit to Sant Guim de Freixenet. “We will have to wait and let the professionals who are taking care of it do their work.”

Which part of the response from Arsenal Officials does Laporta not understand? He and that bullish club were told that our captain is not for sale. They weren’t told to come back with a better offer were they? No, so why don’t they zip it and let Cesc get on with playing football during the World Cup, oops, sorry, sitting on the bench during the World Cup.

Talking of sitting on the bench, Cesc needs to realise that if he tries to push any deal through that’s where he will end up, different bench yes, but bench it will be for a season or two.

It seems Luke Freeman is on his way for a loan spell at Yeovil Town and our little right back/central midfielder Francis Coquelin joined Lorient yesterday on a season long long.  A loan and regular competitive football is just what the players need so good luck to them and may they both return bigger, stronger and ready to set the Arsenal World alight this time next year.

Much has been said that the Coquelin loan has nothing to do with us trying to buy Laurent Koscielny but I’m not sure I believe that, my thought is that was the final piece of the jigsaw in the deal and I wouldn’t be surprised if afc.com announce the new signing by the time this post goes up.

I’m sure Koscielny won’t be the last defender Wenger buys either, especially as he has confirmed that Gallas will not be wearing the red and white of Arsenal next season. I wonder who it will be? I don’t care really as long as he’s a big lump who will shed blood for his new club.

So, from a Spanish knob to an Italian giant – well done Capello, you have for sure put that tosser Terry in his place….. Don’t know what i’m on about, go check his interview. Some say Fabio is wrong to use the press, I say if someone uses the press to hurt you, then get on and do the same – fight fire with fire……… After all, Terry is only sulking because he’s no longer wearing the England armband…. !

I’ll leave with something I heard – and funny enough someone else has written on the ‘transfer rumour’ place that is full of made up stuff, but what this fella said was, Wenger is to move upstairs at our club and we replace him with JosepPepGuardiola, that way Cesc stays, we get a younger Wenger and life moves on….

Of course I don’t believe it, but it would be good wouldn’t it – maybe then David Villa would follow Pep 🙂

249 Responses to ‘Porter for Laporta’, Pack your bags and take your stupid comments with you!!

  1. rico says:

    Morning all, i feel a bit better after that rant…

    No defender announced yet then 😦

  2. rico says:

    Looks like Joe Cole is off to the Mancs…. Reports suggest he has told pals thats where he going 😦

  3. vote eboue says:

    Why does the scumbags in the media report every vomit and f*rt coming from spain? Those C*untalanians do not deserve a second of anyones time. its a club full of arrogant SOBs.

  4. rico says:

    Here here Eboue…

    But you know the paps like to write everything negative about us…

  5. rico says:

    Thanks for your comment H*, but trust me, no-one here wants to read such gutter… have a nice day in Spain…

  6. SD-London says:

    I heard the Joe Cole thing as well, how come Wenger looses out to the Mancs on Quality signings. He missed out on Ronaldo to the Manure utd now Joe Cole.

    Where is Wenger’s balls?

    I hope Joe Cole has made the right decision but i think Manchester will be a boring place to leave compared to London which i believe is the major reason Ronaldo left.

  7. rico says:

    Morning SD, like you said yesterday, just hope his wife sticks to her guns and tells him she won’t go to manchester…

  8. Barndoor Bendtner says:

    I was livid when ITV call Cesc ‘all but a Barca player’. Why cant the British media at least try and support British clubs, rather than arselickin the Spaniards. Dont they want the best player in the EPL? No is the answer, they want us to stuff up to give them something to bang on about.
    As for Terry, I have to disagree. I thought his comments were bang on the money. He said that everyone including him had a crap game and they were all going to sit down and sort it out. I didnt feel he undermined anyone, and I dont think he would have been paised if he had glossed over the shambles of Friday. He showed more class than I thought he had.

  9. SD-London says:

    Can we just use this medium to appreciate the variouse Arsenal fans both spanish and non spanish Arsenal fans alike.
    They have being using the world cup in South Africa to put up banners with messages calling Fabregas a real Gooner.

    It as being two occassions now anytime Spain is playing and they appear to be Spanish fans as well.


  10. rico says:

    Hi BD, Terry can talk about the performance, but i think he over stepped the mark when he talked about clear the air meeting and if what he says to capello upsets him, its too bad –

    i get cheesed off with players who use the press too much, any problems should be kept in house imho.. 😉

  11. Benj says:

    “Wenger is to move upstairs at our club and we replace him with Josep “Pep” Guardiola, that way Cesc stays, we get a younger Wenger and life moves on….”

    Ummmmmmm, pretty sure he’s a younger, more successful, trophy-winning, NOT FRENCH and not completely petrified at the very prospect of spending money Wenger 😀

    Visca el Barca.
    Visca el Pep
    Visca el Xaviestabregas!

  12. SD-London says:

    Barndoor Bendtner , good morning to you .
    Terry was out of line and what he did was nothing short of being rebellious.

    You forget he his not playing as his own person but playing for his country and employed to do so as well.

    Give it a thought(In case you are an employee)what do you think will happen if every time you talk with your colleagues in the staff eating area and your boss was discussed and you went ahead and talk about it in the Christmas party and then continued by mentioning the names of your fellow colleagues.

    Well you will definitely get the sack.
    Anelka was sacked not because he insulted Domeneche but he was sacked because what he said to his coach made it to the media and the FFF got to know.

    Terry is strong on the pitch but he has proved to us not once but many times that he his a weak individual.

    He should have expressed his feelings to maybe junior officials of the coaching team in the camp and i am sure the message will get to Capello and will have a definite effect.

  13. SD-London says:

    Oh! I think Terry should be banned from drinking beer , because it seems 1 pint of Lager was too much for him to hold.

    He went straight to the press conference as soon as he finished drinking a pint (his words not mine.) with the other players.

    The beer went straight to his head. 🙂 🙂

  14. rico says:

    Hi benj – nice comment 😆

    SD, If Capello thinks dawson and Upson could do the job tomorrow, he should stick Terry on the bench…

  15. rico says:




  16. Erick says:

    Morning good people the spain number 10 will surely be going a step back if he goes to the stains hope he see it spot on Rico and what with the African teams play good football and the loose the game what crap 😦

  17. rico says:

    Morning Erick, am I right in thinking that none of the African teams look like going through? That would be so sad…

  18. shooy says:

    Stop worrying about Joe Cole. It’s not even as though he was in the bag for Arsenal. His move to Arsenal is just ruimour fuelled speculation as is the old “he told a friend he was going to ManU”. Time to take a pill and relax. Que sers sera.

  19. Erick says:

    Seems so Rico but Ghana and Germany may be just our last roll of the dice what crap am sad very sad

  20. Erick says:

    SD london am not sure its beer it may be Grey Goose and Wath is to blame for shipping it to SA

  21. rico says:

    shooy, good to see you but who’s worrying?? We are just chatting about it, if he goes to the mancs, so be it, he won’t play much there either.. 😉

  22. MidnightMoor says:

    at least spellcheck the title, Rico – “Pack YOUR bags”

    Sure, it irritates me that They keep talking about Him, but the reason that Arsenal haven’t complained is that sadly everyone does it these days (maybe not to the same extent) but nonetheless it’s commonplace. Example: Sagna spoke about how great it would be if Diakhate joined, Van Persie said something similar about Van der Wiel..etc etc… Granted, Barca have taken it to a new level, even more than Real Madrid seduced Ronaldo, and as Arsenal fans it’s particularly hard to stomach. For neutrals, it’s probably just getting boring hearing the same thing over and over again.

    British media should really stop printing it though – seems they really want the best players in our league to leave. Very sad.

    Re. Joe Cole…are these the same “reports” that “suggested” he was “certain” to sign for AFC not too long ago? Rather than scaremongering that we’ve missed out on another player etc.. maybe ask if there was any truth whatsoever to the Sun article that broke this “news”……”reports suggest that he told pals”….. Any quotes, any actual sources? Thought not (still confident we’re gonna sign him…it’s for family reasons that he’s staying in London, and despite what the Sun say, I’m pretty sure that situation hasn’t changed too much since the Cole to Arsenal stories started)

  23. rico says:

    SD, they shouldn’t be drinking anyway… 😉

  24. rico says:

    MM, i think you need to understand its a blog, not me writing for an exam, get over the spelling coz you seem the only one who cares, i for sure dont 😉

  25. rico says:

    Come on MM, its summer silly transfer season, we all talk about rumours whether they hold truth or not – maybe if its all getting to you you should steer clear from the gossip until the window closes….

  26. SD-London says:

    Worry about Joe Cole? NO WAY!!!!

    We have our own Arshavin ,,, anyone with me?


  27. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rico

    You are spot on in your article about the lack of class shown by Laporta.

    Early on he said (paraphrase) he had a good relationship with Arsenal, that they did not want to negotiate and we have to respect that. Lost in translation was it?

    I would like to buy his super dooper Mercedes, I am prepared to offer him 10 quid and if I keep on asking him I’m sure he will give in, because I’m sure he likes me and he knows it makes sense. Idiot!!

  28. rico says:

    Iv’e ammended it just for you MM, don’t want you stressing about the heading all day…

  29. SD-London says:

    MM this is not the Capello changing room we are relaxed here.

  30. K-TR7 says:

    Morning all.in all spanish games so far there has been fabregas ‘a real gunner’ banners,credit to them.cesc should have scored when he came on last night but villa did the job including missing a penalty…

  31. rico says:

    Morning RA, thanks me deario, did you see the KOTD picture in the widgets 🙂

  32. rico says:

    Erick, can Ghana still go through??

  33. rico says:

    SD 😆 not Domenech’s either…

  34. rico says:

    morning ktr7, how awesome was david villa….

  35. Erick says:

    Joe cole is not as important as purchasing a keeper if we get him ok if we don’t ok still but a keeper is vital

  36. SD-London says:

    rici, i cant be bothered about getting his name right.
    Wenger doesn’t like him , i dont like him either.:)

  37. Red Arse says:

    Midnight, I think you have a point about the rumours. “A source said, blah, blah”.

    Personally I don’t care either way about Cole, what I want is a couple of great big skillful CB’s!! 🙂

  38. Erick says:

    Rico the need a draw may be an early goal and play on the counter tough though RA are you selling your greeting or you still on cocktails Howdy K-tr7

  39. rico says:

    SD, good on you, i couldn’t care less how these people are spelt either, we all know who we mean 🙂 Oh, i don’t like him either, he reminds me of thunderbirds 🙂

  40. Erick says:

    Avashnee thats what you get for talking about the spain number 10 and why have we not signed Palacios 🙂

  41. rico says:

    I’m not fussed over cole, would be a great addition, but I think most agree, keeper and two ch’s are a must…

    Anyway, we have Little Jack 🙂

  42. rico says:

    Morning Avashnee

  43. Erick says:

    A midfield too Rico Song is solo in DM

  44. SD-London says:

    The African team’s just seam too relaxed, tired and not really keen about the WC.
    Look at Algeria they had a chance to go for England all the way but they seem satisfied with the draw.

    Ghana looked better but they couldn’t just finish Australia off even with the Australians down by 1 man.

    Nigerians have lost their ability to scare even the big teams and God help them today.

    Ivory Coast are just a waste of talent, with all their stars they don’t play as a team.

    Cameroun was a shock.

    South African has done well by hosting the tournament but football wise, they have always being average but at least they are trying. I think they should have picked Benny McCarthy, fat though but he can score.

    Just sad for the African teams just sad. Bad preparation and organization i guess.

  45. rico says:

    Poop, forgot that one Erick, like i suggested yesterday, now we have about five less good/great players in our squad than we did when we were winning things, tells all really…

  46. rico says:

    SD, Ghana really impressed me, all they need is a top notch centre forward and they would beat many internation sides, cameroon mucked up by leaving out Song for their first game, they should have beaten the danes too…

    wenger should look at a few of the midfielders from the african sides, theres a whole lot of quality out there…

  47. SD-London says:

    Hey Avashnee, ITV commentators are always rubbish you should know that by now.
    Even the camera men are crap they seem to always miss crucial angles.

  48. Red Arse says:

    Apologies for my lack of manners, Erick me old mucker. 🙂

    Morning to all, SD, K-T, Avashnee, and especially Rico. My bad.

  49. rico says:

    Avashnee, its because its arsenal, saying that though look back at the ronaldo fiasco last summer, they thrive on stuff like this… even more so when it’s us..

  50. SD-London says:

    Avshnee, ITV could not show the Kaka’s clash from the other player’s point of view.

  51. Red Arse says:

    I think African players will become the biggest stars of the future. Many already are, but when they sort out their various squabbles they will become the new Brazils. Imho

  52. Erick says:

    SD am so so sad about it i may boycott all the games if they don’t put in an effort Avashnee SA need 5 goals thats not easy with the way they have been shooting blanks and the commentators know nothing some were saying Villa still a Valencia player

  53. SD-London says:

    Well i sense Man City is going to be very strong this season and we need to be careful.

    They have almost got Silva and Yaya those are quality players.

  54. SD-London says:

    Yeah Erick , they are rubbish.

  55. rico says:

    I can see exactly why you say that RA, i have been amazed at how fit the african sides have been and they look so strong – i think the more africans get scouted and they move to ‘better’ footballing sides their game will come on leaps and bounds – not that they are far off now.

    Maybe Wenger really is scouting for players out in SA, if so, hes spoilt for choice, I just cant recall the players names…

  56. K-TR7 says:

    Villa was awesome as always rico but they will be punished for lack of a final product.they over-elaborated on a couple of occasions last night,kind of like us…

  57. rico says:

    SD, they still have a cack manager though… 😉

    Yaya is a good addition but who will make way??

  58. SD-London says:

    Africa’s problem is not really the players but the countries themselves. They are not well organized, the football bodies are corrupt most of the time and the players know that.

    They use football for political reasons most of the time.
    It is sad but Africa has seen Great footballers over the years but wasted away.

  59. Erick says:

    RA get me a milkshake and you are pardon is accepted 🙂 very true RA African teams have quality but the management is pathetic true Avashnee I understand football has away of bringing people together

  60. rico says:

    good, i dont want them to win it ktr7 😉

    Got to pop off for a bit, back for the footie…

  61. SD-London says:

    Rico, Nobody will make way, they will just pile them on top each other plus it looks like Barry might not regain his form.

  62. rico says:

    SD, they can only play eleven though 😉

    off now

  63. Erick says:

    SD you talk like your my country men so true Africa needs your prayers guys in Kenya the football authority once lost money collected at the gates for an international match 🙂 corrupt idiots

  64. SD-London says:

    Wao Erick that is bad i must admit. 🙂

  65. SD-London says:

    So the premier league decided to have fun so they decided to put us down early by putting us against liverpool.

    I sense a conspiracy to give MAnure Utd an early lead.

  66. Erick says:

    SD am worried if Aw doesn’t become ruthles we may just be next season liverpool believe am freakin worried Avashnee liverpool will be without Torres and Gerrard we may just hit them 6 Arshavin must have smiled whe he saw the fixture

  67. K-TR7 says:

    Erick the anfield fixture will force AA to be on form right from the beginning of the season…

  68. Erick says:

    SD Manure always bribe Refs at all their home games thats why they don’t lose at home am telling you. Sd its worse that you think Africa is corrupt the police are bribed in broad day light with their big stomach full of dirt

  69. SD-London says:

    Erick, i don’t think any of the footballers would have even checked the fixtures.
    They behave like dogs on heat when they have a break. Trust me they are 24hrs with their wives and girlfriends if they are not in the World Cup right now.

    Oh unless a journalist asked them a question while they are coming out of a restuarant. Then they pretend they have being checking the fixtures.

    Trust me.

  70. Erick says:

    Avashnee you will like it more when its a reality K-tr7 am hoping AA will stop being lazy and get in to the act he got talent but he limits himself with his attitude

  71. SD-London says:

    Erick , AA is finding it hard to adjust in London and it is affecting is form.

  72. Erick says:

    SD i believe it they are over paid and full of themselves hope the get their act together after the are through with their bed acrobats because next season we have to win something I don’t care whats it is buts not the Emirates cup that does not count

  73. Erick says:

    Cheers Avashnee 🙂 SD he started so well but its been downward slope since am thinking we need Vela and Dudu back to help out on the left

  74. SD-London says:

    Vela , maybe but Dudu am not sure.Arshavin needs competition though.

  75. SD-London says:

    Where is evrybody? Is there a game on that i dont know about ? 🙂

  76. rico says:

    i’m back, have i missed anything…

  77. Red Arse says:

    Sd I have been here too, very interested in the chat between you guys.

    I do not have your knowledge of Africa, but once when I was in travelling in a taxi from Lagos to Port Harcourt, the taxi was stopped by some well armed soldiers who wanted money or they would arrest me. Not nice! 😦

  78. Red Arse says:

    Rico I am off to have lunch. See you later. 😉

  79. rico says:

    Your always eating RA 😉

  80. SD-London says:

    🙂 🙂 : ) Red Arse , they were just trying to welcome you i guess. 🙂
    Yes they are that bad. 🙂

  81. SD-London says:

    Well Since everybody evrybody as gone AWOL ! i am out of here as well.

  82. oliver says:

    Laporta sits in his office earlier this week, thinks to himself that the Cesc stories have been pretty quiet since Messi’s comments. Thinks that “Next trip I make, I will throw in some comments to my pliable media about how Cesc is on his way”. What purpose will that serve? Will it reassure the Barca faithful that we continue to negotiate for Cesc’s return? Check…Will it show that we are confident and bullish he will be a Barca player again? Check…Will it remind the Arsenal board that we will not go away? Check…Will it also so Cesc that we are determined to bring him home? Check…Will these comments be widely broadcast by the British media, with the angle that a transfer deal is inevitable? Check…Will these comments ONCE AGAIN sour some Arsenal support towards their Captain? Check… Do not forget that I, Laporta, know how fickle some supporters can be, how they constantly need reassurance. While Cesc’s silence may not mean that much in itself, you can be certain that I (Joan numero uno) will ensure that it is slanted to mean that he wants a transfer, and I will do everything I can to remind Gooners day-in, and day-out, of this…After all, who does a rift between sections of Gooners and Cesc benefit??? If I, Laporta, can turn the Arsenal blogs and commentaries completely against Cesc, he (Cesc) may get the impression that he is not as loved at Arsenal as he thought he was – and I (Laporta), will have made a big inroads towards serious negotiations for the transfer. Especially since Arsenal are not negotiating now – if they were, why would I (Laporta) need to mention how they will “give in”? Are such comments conducive to good faith negotiations? Would a party make these kind of comments from a position of strength?

    We have seen this again, and again from Laporta and Barca….Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip….Comments for domestic (i.e. Barca faithful) consumption, comments designed to put pressure on the Arsenal board, Cesc, and turn Gooners against Cesc. Choose to get angry if you like…My response to that is “Surely you did not expect any better from them?” This conforms exactly to Barca’s established pattern of behavior.

    For all we know, Arsenal have quietly lodged a complaint about this. I doubt they have, because such a complaint would go to the likes of Platini and/or Blatter, rendering the process virtually useless…

    Look, I am tired of this nonsense as well…But I just tune the guy out…He, his staff, his players, can yap all they like…We know this is unethical and underhanded, but we also know that if called out on it, they would probably cry “free speech” or something. Not that the regulating bodies would have any will do do something anyways. Lest we forget, Cesc is still an Arsenal player, regardless of what some ITV clown said!!!

  83. rico says:

    I’m here SD…

  84. rico says:

    Blimey oliver, that’s one heck of a comment 🙂

  85. oliver says:

    Thanks…We’ll see how this plays out. I claim no special insight into the Fabregas and Arsenal respective thought processes, so I may well be reading the 180 degrees from what is actually happening. On the other hand, Laporta, Oliver (NO RELATION!), and Barca’s actions are as transparent as you can get….When things go quiet for more than a few days, that may be an indicator something is finally cooking here…Hopefully not. So as long as Laporta, Rosell, and others continue to talk, I think there is a reasonable chance nothing is moving regarding this potential transfer…

  86. rico says:

    I wish i had your confidence oliver…

  87. SD-London says:

    Oliver! Why , this is a comment section.Rico already wrote the article.i can’t even read your comment . 😦

  88. Erick says:

    SD sorry i did the runner on you had a cop to bribe 😉 Oliver you need to do a post we have two today courtesy of you and Rico nice insight

  89. oliver says:

    SD-London, and that was my comment in response to rico’s article. I can appreciate that it may be difficult to follow due to length, but I am not aware of a cap on response length. I can summarize much more succintly: I see Laporta’s comments for what they are. Intended to influence four parties (Barca support, Arsenal board, Cesc, and Gooners) that Cesc’s transfer to Barcelona is inevitable. I agree with him that SOMEDAY Cesc will return to his home club, but I am not going to turn on Cesc just because someone with an obvious agenda wants me to. That is my position.

    My apologies if my post frustrated you, that was never my intent.

  90. Erick says:

    RA its not knowlege that i share its real life story I live it everyday crazy world

  91. oliver says:

    Please let me further add that my viewpoints are generally a minority opinion on this issue, and require more effort (and wording) while attempting to persuade. Still, with absolutely no sarcasm or cynicsim intended, I can appreciate that I ran a bit long there….If I put any readers off with length and language, then my response has failed in purpose.

  92. rico says:

    Guys – the way i see it was posted a few weeks ago, cesc wants to move but instead of coming out and telling the world he has left the decision to our boss… bizzare really as its the biggest decision in his life to dat i would think, so why leave it to someone else..

    some believe he hasn’t asked to leave, i think he has he otherwise he would deny such speculation, he always has before…

    laporta is going all out to try and get us to sort any deal out befor the end of his reign. should that not happen, the incoming president may think differntly over the whole scenario…

  93. Suhail.TV says:

    hello all…. fate of French..!!

  94. rico says:

    Hi STV, can’t wait, I’ll be cheering for South Africa from the roof-tops here 🙂

  95. K-TR7 says:

    Oliver you are good…

  96. Erick says:

    Oliver the summary would be an honour especially to those of us who english is not our national language 🙂 🙂 Howdy Stv hope your good 🙂 Rico Cesc wants to go but he knows its not easy so he is doing his talking away from the media why he wants out is my headache

  97. SD-London says:

    Okay Oliver i have eventually read your long articlecomment ;-( and yes you are as angry as we we are angry.

    Barcelona hasn’t done anything wrong since the transfer window opened but could have being defintely reported to the FIFA and Uefa about their activities concerning Cesc before the transfer window.That; they are guilty of.

    Cesc wants to leave, he should if he wants to as long as we get £50million, anyone with me hear ? 🙂

  98. Suhail.TV says:

    Hi.. Rico how the life is going… 🙂 It could be the last nail on Domenech

  99. SD-London says:

    Cesc why ???


  100. SD-London says:

    That code didn’t work oops


  101. rico says:

    :mrangry: SD

  102. K-TR7 says:

    Oliver you should write some delightful posts.you just made rico’s post look like a comment…

  103. rico says:

    Steady KTR7….. I could be offended 😉

  104. Suhail.TV says:

    SD London.Elimination of Spain from the world cup could freeze their interests

  105. rico says:

    He should have gone long ago STV, he’s ruined french football…

  106. Red Arse says:

    Hi Oliver

    I think you may have misunderstood the comment on your post.

    a) It is good.

    b) It could have been a lead article in its own right.

    c) To make it easier on the eye, perhaps you might consider sticking in a few paragraph breaks. It would make reading on a small screen better.

    Well done. 🙂

  107. rico says:

    Lifes good thanks, bit warm here but its good, hows you doing??

  108. rico says:

    Oi you lot, you trying to put me out of a job??? 😉

  109. Erick says:

    K-tr7 careful on Mrs. Avenell 🙂 she works so hard to put up the post. SD relax don’t shorten your life span 🙂

  110. rico says:

    Erick, if he wants out, let him go as you say, £50M at least SD

  111. oliver says:

    folks, thanks for the comments and feedback. i think we are all united in that we have had enough of chatter out of camp nou….but as the repeated commentary serves a barca purpose, i fully expect it to continue, at least until arsenal sit down to negotiate transferring cesc. i see your arguemts, rico and sd-london, and i concur with some of the points. but not all. allow me to briefly summarize my position: i believe that cesc would prefer a transfer to barca. i also believe that cesc has not completely made his mind up. i further believe that cesc will not agitate for a transfer. i believe that he is leaving the matter up to arsene (and gazidis, by implication), and if an agreement that is mutually satisfactory to all parties cannot be worked out, he will be happy to remain an arsenal player until the time that such an agreement can be made. i further believe that cesc’s vague remarks and subsequent silence reflect a desire not to influence potential negotiations, not give one side a potential advantage – again, in the interests of seeing this resolved in a manner acceptable to all parties. i believe that cesc loves arsenal and arsene, that he believes in our club and his team-mates and he will give everything to win with us, should a transfer not occur in the near term. this is what i believe. the reality of this situation may be completely different, but none of us can know that yet.

  112. Red Arse says:

    Rico, that’s not possible. You are ace in my book!

    Oliver should consider putting an article in occasionally, as you suggested. Different style, different slant occasionally might be a good thing.

    Then you get to comment on someone else’s work. 😉


  113. rico says:

    Thanks Erick, I do 😉 Its not easy trying to write something most days of the week, especially when a world cup is on and the transfer window is open…

  114. SD-London says:

    Suhail.TV, you read my mind, you must be psychic.
    I initially wanted Spain to do well but the Barca debacle and Xavi running his mouth and all other Barca -Spain players joining in made me laugh with delight when they lost their first game. Then Cesc was on the bench.

    Even yesterday when Cesc came in he looked very displeased i guess the reality of what Barca’s experience will be like dawned on him yesterday.

    15minutes games, 50minutes against lesser teams and permanent bench when Barcelona plays Real Madrid.

    Cesc if you are reading, you can even pick the team in Arsenal.Think about it Cesc . :mrgreen:

  115. rico says:

    I am looking forward to hearing what cecs says after spain are out of the WC, he’s hid behind the competition so far…

  116. oliver says:

    thanks ra – i appreciate the comment, but i was typing my previous post concurrently and did not see it until after that last post. looking back at both posts, i can clearly see now that paragraph breaks would make them much easier on the eye. thanks again…

  117. Suhail.TV says:

    Good Rico.. the rains..

  118. Erick says:

    Oliver thats what I don’t like about Cesc he wants to win it both ways and in life thats not always the case but what do I know 😦

  119. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, all. I’d comment rico, but my piece on the stains, liberally sprinkled with expletives (think evry other word), of course, would go straight to spam.

    Why bother? Non-entities are not worth the effort!

    oliver, you write and write well and extensively, just hand in something for rico to post! 🙂

    Boo, Weeds, KT, RA! How are you?

  120. Suhail.TV says:

    Time to watch Diaby’s dribbles.. 🙄

  121. Suhail.TV says:

    Hello gunner girl.. weeds??

  122. oliver says:

    erick, i can appreciate that some of us are frustrated with cesc for coming out and unequivocally stating his preference – just as i am confident there is plenty of barca support frustrated that he has not come out and expressly said “I WANT TO TRANSFER TO BARCA THIS SUMMER”. but if he interested in seeing this done to the satisfaction of all parties, then it is probably not in his interests to make such a statement either way. the moment he does, one side loses some negotiation power because he will have publicly stated his position in clear and unambiguous terms. the joans would have us believe he has already done that in favor of barca, but i assure you that cesc has done no such thing.

  123. rico says:

    Hi agag,

    WC = World Cup by the way, not Water Closet 😉

  124. Erick says:

    Am good Agag how the going am waiting to see you also post something 🙂

  125. SD-London says:

    Well Oliver! Cesc is just being respectable i guess,he doesn’t want to go like Toure and Manu or Hleb or Flamini.

    But i say to you right now 🙂 that if he leaves there will be happy players in the dressing room that will like to take up the opportunity to command the middle and void left by him.

    I say Nasri might eventually come out of his shell.

  126. rico says:

    you have all been invited to write posts, but you all decline 😦

  127. W.A.T.H says:

    Afternoon all……………..

    Rico your being far to nice as usual regarding a proter 4 that cnut…..!

    Oliver I take it your not working to write such long replies….! I had three toasted sandwiches just while reading your comments…! 🙂

  128. rico says:

    me too Erick 😉

  129. W.A.T.H says:

    I see RA was a little out of hand Rico….. Must I chastise him or shall I let JJ do that with his cat-0-nine tails 😉

  130. Erick says:

    Guess your write Oliver am mad at Cesc he is all is the best player in my book but yesterday when he came on i wanted him to have a bad game and was not interested in watching him what are we going to do but I believe we will be stronger

  131. agirlagunner says:

    rico, I didn’t decline. My reply was in the affirmative Now, if only I could actually write. 🙂

    STV, Weeds = Erick. That’s self-explanatory!

    Hola, SD.

  132. SD-London says:

    Oliver, Remember the paragraphs :mrangry:

  133. oliver says:

    sd, sure there will be players happy about certain things if cesc leaves. someone else will get the responsibility of the armband, our formation may have to be modified to accomodate others…but i sensed a togetherness in the squad that had been missing for a few seasons (at least until the last few weeks when our arsenal resembled the 2009 ny mets with virtually the entire first team injured) – and unless the other players know that cesc has been agitating a move, i do not think the general sense will be happiness…i think he has helped unify the team in way that gallas was unable to do.

  134. Erick says:

    Wath wath wath zulu girls giving you unlimited company don’t worry about the girls here am taking good care of them 😉

  135. SD-London says:

    oops the code didn’t work again.

    Hello Agag,catch up on Oliver’s articlecomment at 12:59 pm

  136. rico says:

    Afternoon WATH, trust me – i’d love to say how i really feel 🙂

  137. Erick says:

    Oliver he may be unifying the squad but some will argue that on the pitch he is too quite STV don’t listen to Agag she had some Ganja for lunch

  138. oliver says:

    i continue to get the sense that we are allowing the joans and co. to poison us against cesc. they want us to believe that cesc has requested a transfer this summer so they can force one through on their terms. they want us turn against cesc so they can say “see, they do not love you like we will”. i just think we are assuming the worst in this, when we do not really need to. if it turns out cesc is being dishonest over this, we can all villify him when it is done. but until then, turning against him plays right into barca’s hands. note that i am conceding that i do not know what is really happening, and i can be completely wrong. but i see no proof that cesc actually wants out this summer, or that he will not be happy to stay at arsenal if a transfer cannot be facilitated.

  139. W.A.T.H says:

    Oliver……….. RVP would also keep the group together he has grown up tons and matured and is very happy at Arsenal, Cesc has brought everyone close again it seems although same old story that if he doesnt wanna be there then piss off and shut the door on the way out. Been through many players who want to leave and we still here today and always will be…!

  140. agirlagunner says:

    Erick, it occurs to me now, you promised rico and I a surprise… Well, we’re still waiting! 🙂

  141. rico says:

    SD – its mrgreen i think…

  142. W.A.T.H says:

    Oh go on Rico say it like it is be a devil 😉

  143. agirlagunner says:

    Hola, WATH! How are you? Holding court over the Zulu ladies like the King of Swaziland? 🙂

  144. oliver says:

    erick, i thought he showed lots of emotion and oomph in two of our biggest matches. fapl at the brittania and the first leg versus barca. he may not always be vocal, but he certainly seems to lead by example.

  145. rico says:

    no player is bigger than the club, nor is any manager… paddy left, cesc stepped up, if cesc leaves, eboue will step up 😆

  146. oliver says:

    w.a.t.h. i completely agree that rvp would be a good captain. i think he has grown tremendously since arriving as kid from rotterdam. if cesc were to be transferred, i would be happy with either rvp or tv as the new captain. i will say it again, i am not convinced that cesc would be any less committed to arsenal if a transfer did not happen in the next year or two (or three, or…) he has not given the slightest hint this would be a problem for him…

  147. rico says:

    i couldn’t set such a bad example WATH, when you coming home….

  148. W.A.T.H says:

    Oliver, agreed he has not hinted that he wants to leave BUT previously he has always come out in the press to distance himself from rumours of a transfer and yet this time we have a wall of silence.

    We’ll see in good time.

    AGAG, hello sexy, no ladies here who hold a patch on you and the Zulu girls are a little on the large side for me and I have you and Rico so I’m spoken for. I’ve told all the zulu gals that Erick the weedman Hunter is on his way down….!

  149. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico, not sure yet got an open tkt so depends on the “fella’s” who here with me…! I think we gonna stay til after the CT semi and then home…! Maybe take in a bit of wildlife first though…!

  150. agirlagunner says:

    oliver, I would have you know, I read every word of your posts, and would really love to contribute something; but I am, at the moment, terribly sore with YKW, and I have to school myself in restraint lest I say things I will only wish I never said tomorrow…

    (stops to re-read her comment)

    Do I have a point? Apparently not.

    Stops. Full stop. 🙂

  151. Erick says:

    Oliver the captain started all this talk by what he said during an interview with spain we may read it differently but he has an hand in it Agag did I say that 🙂

  152. Red Arse says:

    Hi Wath how’s it hanging.

    W, I can tell you I have been v.good in your absence.
    Erick on the other hand has been like a fox in the hen coop. V. naughty.

    Have to say, Rico is in control and has had everything in hand. Mmmm I like it. 😉

  153. agirlagunner says:

    WATH, I see you haven’t lost your touch. 😛 Are the gaggle of Grey Geese keeping you company?

    To be fair, rico, doorbells, and her puppies were rather the star topics whilst you were out. Courtesy of RA and JJ to an extent. You have had quite the influence. Otherwise, they could give you a run for your money. 🙂

  154. Red Arse says:

    Hi Agag

    I love your stops,stop. Just wish you wouldn’t stop, stop.

  155. Erick says:

    Wath I like them slim too but zulu’s are cute get an email for me I will do the rest 😉

  156. rico says:

    😦 WATH 😉

    RA, you smoothie 😉

  157. W.A.T.H says:

    RA t’s hanging fine thanx but its def all in Rico’s hands so she def not got u in hand 😉

    Yes I’ve noticed Weed’s norti behaviour I’ll be having words it seems 🙂 I think AGAG is encouraging him though as she is missing me so much.

    I hear french FA already booked the frogs tickets back home lata and they in cattle class…. that’s very funny if true.

  158. W.A.T.H says:



    All yours mate

  159. Erick says:

    RA stop doing them cocktails have been the best Rico, Agag and Avashnee are my witnesses

  160. W.A.T.H says:

    AGAG you would be so proud of me….. We drank the hotel dry of GG they had to order out….!.

    I’m a claming influence and ur just missing me dreadfully I can tell…!. Yes I saw the doorbells, cocks n puppies talk….. Terrible really and RA was head chief n bottle washer..!. I saw…! AND i left him in charge as well 😉

  161. Red Arse says:

    Oh Erick, Wath won’t believe that. It’s like Ali Baba asking his forty thieves to be witnesses. 🙂

  162. Red Arse says:

    I was framed Wath. Erick put me up to it!

  163. agirlagunner says:

    RA is a smoothie, rico, I agree. 🙂 Just can’t hold his drink. Haha, I jest, RA. (Or do I?)

    WATH, I am not encouraging Erick. In fact, I have threatened the sanction of a special shakies ban if he were to misbehave. He’s been as angelic as a choir boy. ALthough, that may be because he’s not been posting as much. 😦

    And WATH, sure, we have been mindless, inconsolable, and prostrate with grief over missing you, etc., etc. (said in a flat toneless voice) 😛

  164. rico says:

    I don’t think Erick needs a lot of encouragement really 😉

  165. rico says:

    agag, i the RA absorbs it through food 🙂

  166. W.A.T.H says:

    RA………… u framed………….! Oh ur such a great politician 🙂

    Ooops bye bye Gourcuff

  167. Red Arse says:

    Got to go guys.

    I told you I was a sports tart, I’ve got to watch England being demolished by the Aussies in the one day cricket. 😉

    Someone’s provided a v. nice, smooth montrachet, which may have something to do with it! 🙂

  168. Erick says:

    RA who is puting up some hate speech and Wath more please

  169. rico says:

    come on SA, 1-0 up 🙂 🙂

  170. rico says:

    RA, England will win…. see you later..

  171. W.A.T.H says:

    AGAG thats not what you said on those texts you sent me where u confessed to bein lost without me etc etc 😉

    Hmmmm Erick and norti shakies….! I think he been experimenting with that milk far 2 much..!

  172. W.A.T.H says:

    Cheers RA….. be good…!

  173. rico says:

    Diaby i on form for the frenchies….

    i think they are now down to ten men, taxi for frenchies 🙂

  174. agirlagunner says:

    The only thing I like about the French today is Clichy getting a start!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I don’t care that he’s rubbish. I’m only concerned that he has good pre-season.

  175. rico says:

    You been two-timing wath 😦

  176. rico says:

    agag, rumour is he could be off… and we are after a little russian to replace him…

  177. rico says:

    2-0 SA 🙂

  178. rico says:

    great ‘arsenal’ defending 😉

  179. agirlagunner says:

    Hahahaha. Rubbish, I knew it. Congrats, SA!

    Nah, rico. I think Clichy loves us. Or denial is not just a river in Egypt… 😦

  180. W.A.T.H says:

    Me 2 timing Rico….. you both said you were happy to share me 😉

  181. rico says:

    Gourcuff has been sent off for the frenchies –

    agag, i think we would sell him for the right money…

  182. rico says:

    i dont think you ever asked wath … 😉

  183. W.A.T.H says:

    If we got anything near 15million for Clichy I’d let him go as well….! We got plenty cover and I’d get Van der Wiel as well and sell Sagna….! Bet none of you agree with them 2 getting sold…?????

  184. agirlagunner says:

    I am not the confessing sort, WATH! 😦

    Well-done on the GG! I did some grocerying last week, and successfully avoided the spirits and liquor shelves.

    And who have you been two-timing rico with? Thought you said you were behaving?

  185. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico I said by bye Gouruff about 15 mins ago when he got sent off and your so far behind… pls keep up 😛

    I asked and you said long as I dont want a 3sum but sharing was fine 😉

  186. rico says:

    Actually, i do wath but then you knew that… french clear out i say… 😉

  187. rico says:

    😳 i didn’t see that, how rude of me 😦

  188. W.A.T.H says:

    Oh and if either would like to take Diaby along with them then great 🙂 Van Der Weil looks pretty good quite impressed with him.

    AGAG u confessed all don’t try deny now in public 🙂

  189. rico says:

    thats what i mean, a total french clear out wath… yep, a total french clear out….

    lets get capello 🙂 🙂

  190. agirlagunner says:

    rico, are you trying to kill me? I haven’t even wrapped my head around the alleged YKW to stains deal (I run on turtle slow processors), and now you bring up Clichy? Ack! I need GG, suddenly. Seriously too. 😦 (Not to mention we are not getting Torres 😛 )

  191. W.A.T.H says:

    But u wanna buy Gourcuff Rico make your mind up 😉

  192. oliver says:

    not that he has been the worst of the lot by any means, but i do not think that clichy has helped his sale value in this first half…i do not think there is much to the clichy to barca rumors…just mischief.

  193. rico says:

    I’m honestly not fussed about him agag, love him but…

    No wath, no no no, VDV for me please 🙂

  194. rico says:

    WATH, come on, did you not read my post the other day about the french and Gourcuff??? Anyone would think you were on holibobs or something…. 😉

  195. W.A.T.H says:

    Sorry AGAG i brought up Clichy sale but I think he has not progressed like he should have and for me Gibbs now has more potential…! plus Traore cover as well so get decent money and let him go !!

  196. agirlagunner says:

    WATH, you’re writing fiction now too? Are you on miraa/khat/whatever it is that Weeds, “The Pharmacist”, prescribed?

    I want van der Wiel too, plus Affelay. I think they’ll fit right in!

  197. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico, you and VDV and Villa….. such a hussy 😛

  198. rico says:

    If I was Arsenal manager, had £50M to spend AND whatever Cesc and others sells for, I would sell

    Sagna possibly…

  199. rico says:

    Football reasons only though WATH, football 🙂

  200. agirlagunner says:

    rico, oliver, WATH- Clichy and Dudu and TR7 going is unthinkable to me.

    I might change my mind (the mother of all “mights”) if I get Torres, VDV, Affelay. The last three aren’t bad. Not bad at all. 😛

  201. W.A.T.H says:

    Affelay doesnt play wide enough AGAG he tends to come inside to much Elia much more of a winger for me..!

    Only GG for me AGAG nothing else 😉

  202. rico says:

    VDW is a bit naughty though wath….

    Twitter incident
    In October 2009, Van der Wiel became embroiled in a controversy after he was unable to travel with the Dutch squad to Australia for a friendly game due to a concussion obtained while playing for Ajax. The player went to a Lil’ Wayne concert while his Dutch teammates were in Australia and posted a picture of himself with the rapper on his Twitter page

  203. oliver says:

    agag, i do not think we will necessarily be selling those players either. if anyone of the above were to be sold, eduardo would probably be most likely, without being sure what we would get. with no disrespect to clichy, i hope that kieran gibbs becomes first choice this year. we’ll see how this plays out.

  204. rico says:

    agag, over the years so many players have gone and i used to get so upset thinking we wouldn’t survive – but we have and like wath said earlier (see, i read it) we always will, Eduardo and Rosicky wont ever be the same again, as much as we all want them to be…

    Life will go on, players will step up and if we get really lucky, wenger might buy a player or two who is better…..

  205. agirlagunner says:

    rico, what do you think about the Villa incident last night? I was surprised He seems mild-mannered to me.

    Where did RA go?

    WATH, I’m giving you a gold star for good behavior! 🙂 And a cupcake with candy sprinkles.

  206. rico says:

    oliver – of course no-one knows the truth but we all feed off transfer speculation, both who we are linked to and those we are linked to be possibly let go… Thats what keeps us all here chit chatting away…

  207. oliver says:

    here comes the legend that is thierry henry for cisse. would love to see th get a goal in what is probably his final appearance for his national side.

  208. rico says:

    Was he the one who shed blood agag? I actually didn’t see the incident… not in wenger style either – what happened….

    he does though seem so chilled, he is everything our club needs imho… him or torres, for me it would always be villa, he has so much to his game…

  209. agirlagunner says:

    Seems I’m alone flying the Clichy flag. Haha. Good. I like to be a) in the minority; sometimes even b) act as the sole representative.

  210. rico says:

    i wouldn’t oliver, not if it knocks SA out …

  211. agirlagunner says:

    I didn’t see it. I only know that Villa may yet be investigated by the FIFA for slapping an opponent. Ref did not spot it. He says he regrets having let his temper get the better of him.

  212. rico says:

    i may have to search youtube for that one agag, very unlike him…

  213. W.A.T.H says:

    Shit……….. bloody frogs….!

  214. W.A.T.H says:

    AGAG where am I getting the gold star 😉 I’d prefer a double GG rather than a cupcake…!

  215. agirlagunner says:

    WATH, what game are you watching tomorrow?

    An observation: Henry’s movement is just beautiful to watch. I miss him terribly.

  216. rico says:

    My thoughts exactly WATH, they still wont go through though, but i hope SA would…

  217. W.A.T.H says:

    Not watching a game 2moro AGAG having another footie free day…! I think I’ll maybe have a drink or two…! 🙂 Am going out to a friends winefarm 2moro so just a nice relaxing day.

  218. agirlagunner says:

    Why, on your wrist of course! Or if you are after a more roguish look, over a cheekbone. (Then you can join JJ with his vuvu and tutu, etc.)

    I’ve run out of GG, sorry. The vodka in my ref is flavored mudshake. Haha. It’s almost a softdrink!

  219. rico says:

    It must be tough out there WATH, I couldn’t cope 😉

  220. W.A.T.H says:

    It’s hard Rico but someone has to do it……….

  221. rico says:

    😆 WATH, glad its you and not me ….

    I have to go guys and gals, garden needs water as does my neighbours, and I have been sat on my bum too long watching footie and blogging….

    WATH, you stay safe, come back soon and let me know what day i need to get your breakfast on the table…. 😉

    TTFN all, be good

  222. agirlagunner says:

    Where did everyone go? It can’t be me, I just showered… 😦

  223. rico says:

    i’m just going off to feed the garden agag, maybe back later but more likely tomorrow…

  224. W.A.T.H says:

    Hmmmm you smell nice AGAG…… 😉

    Rico be good enjoy the sun and garden and will chat soon. I’m off as well time to go get some food from somewhere.

    Nite AGAG you take care too and chat to you all soon, least the frogs going home thats sooooooooo funny…!

    Bye all.

  225. rico says:

    Bye bye wath… be good… 😉

  226. oliver says:

    i’m here agag…just being quiet.

  227. oliver says:

    if billy gallas has a change of heart, will arsene say he is “like a new signing”??

  228. Suhail.TV says:

    Good night WATH..

  229. Suhail.TV says:

    Any body there..?

  230. JonJon says:

    evening all..

    i told ya JJ is always right. i remember when everyone was doing a dirty in there knickers over diabys performance in frances 1st game and what did I say??? i know what i said cos i was sitting here when i wrote it 😉 but i said if diaby was frances best player they in trouble and wont make it past the group stages.. i thank you very much 😆

    rico..to bring your point up about reporting barca to uefa..

    uefa will only take action if arsenal report barca to them..but doing this only works if the player involved moves to the club doing the tapping up..when a club is fined for tapping up the player involved is also fined..( remember cashley)

    if cesc dont move and we report barca then uefa will hit both barca and cesc with a massive fine..it will do arsenal no good to make an unhappy player even more unhappy so thats why we are staying quiet..if cesc goes we’ll do em but if he stays we wont..

    its a shit law really and barca are using the loophole to the full advantage..they know they can say pretty much want they want and arsenal wont do a thing if we want to hang on to cesc

    the point being the fact that we are staying so hush hush speaks volumes to the fact we arent letting cesc go..

  231. rico says:

    where did you spring from jj 😉 evening to you…. 🙂

    do you think we would grow some if cesc goes… i cant see it if im honest..

  232. JonJon says:

    LMAO love the knob of the day rico..


  233. rico says:

    you are right though, silly law…

  234. rico says:

    jj, you are the only one to pass comment, i couldn’t believe it – and he’s in his grundies… stained i wonder 🙂 🙂 😳

    thanks jj, i love it too…

  235. JonJon says:

    brilliant rico..
    laughed hard for ages.. 😉

    if cesc goes rico we will do em..we did chelsea…

    its like i say if we have no intention of selling cesc why report them …cesc will only get punished too and theres no point..

    let em talk..the biggest victory is if we hang on to him..and if we do sell him for peanuts then i will lose total repect for wenger…

  236. rico says:

    I forgot about the cashley affair, it makes sense now youve explained it – if we lose him for peanuts i’ll be surprised jj, we have turned down 30M and told them to take a hike, 50M plus though may tempt our tight bunch of idiots…

  237. rico says:

    i am despearte for spain to get knocked out of the WC, that is when cesc will speak – if he stays quiet i think we can assume he wants out – he is usually so quick to dispell all this kind of stuff..

  238. JonJon says:

    if he goes he goes…

    id love him to stay but arsenal are bigger than any man..player or manager..

  239. rico says:

    spot on jj, just what was said earlier, we lost so many big players, we still going, we always will….

    you never know,. if wenger spends the money we could very well be stronger…

  240. rico says:

    jj, i have kind of a post for tomorrow but do you have one up your sleeve for thursday by chance, i’m struggling a bit 😦

  241. rico says:

    Veron is still playing for the Argie’s, it seems years ago he was in the PL….

  242. rico says:

    i’m off now, i’ll see you fine peeps tomorrow…

    nighty night 🙂

  243. JonJon says:

    i dont have anything at the minute rico my mind is elsewhere but seeing as though youve given me a few days notice i’ll think of something

    night night

  244. rico says:

    jj, please forget what i said, honest – where your mind is, is far more important, i’ll scratch around for a bit of news on how good Cygan used to be 😉 😉

    you keep your mind on where it needs to be jj….

    take care 🙂

  245. JonJon says:

    no its ok rico i got something now it just needs a bit of work.. 😉

  246. rico says:

    bless ya, and WATH thinks he has a way with with the ladies 😉 😉

    gotta go noww jj, take care me old mucker 😉 😆

  247. rico says:

    Morning all, new post up

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