Does the French Demise Mirror Arsenal’s? and the New Away Shirts are Rubbish.

I watched the Mexico v France game last night and it was good to see our manager watching the game too. He would have seen the freshness in which Mexico played, the ball was moved very quickly from defence to attack, the ball stuck to the Mexico players like it had Blue Tack on it even when it was passed with a vengeance, the swiftness of the attack was like our reserves in an early round of the Carling Cup.

The French team though was woeful, made up of a quarter of Arsenal players. clueless, each player running for himself, no quick passing. I lost count of the amount of times Diaby gave the ball short to a teammate and went on a run looking for a return ball like he would see at Arsenal only for him to have wasted his time. Ribery the third best player in the world was made to look just average.

So is it a coincidence that when France ruled the football world from 98’ to 02’ Arsenal ruled the Premiership, with players like Petit Vieira, Anelka and Henry?
Now the French team don’t seem to be able to function and we aren’t winning anything either. We have Diaby, Gallas? Sagna who played last night Diaby was average, Gallas a liability and Sagna was okay. Clichy was on the bench and Nasri isn’t even considered good enough for the squad.

Perhaps we need to start looking to buy players from the inform countries, Germany? Bayern made it to the CL final…. Spain.. We know the problems with Spanish players, they all want to play for RM or the other sneaky mob down the road.
Is the answer Mexico, Argentina or even Uruguay? I don’t know but I sure don’t fancy and more French players coming to the Arsenal this summer.

I know the new away shirt pictures have been released for a few days now on Arsenal.con, but  I don’t remember discussing them on here to see if we like them.

They are rubbish literally, made out of recycled water bottles from Japan and China that would take 500 years to disintegrate in a landfill site. So Nike have made them a fabulous yellow colour and as a mark of respect to where they belong they have put brown on the collar and cuffs. Funny I thought we had new away shirts last year and Arsenal promised they wouldn’t rip the fans off by bringing new kits out every season and the new home kit is out soon. So that’s another £80 for the loyal supporters to chew on.

Have a good day Roadsters, England play this evening.. whoopee.. not..


123 Responses to Does the French Demise Mirror Arsenal’s? and the New Away Shirts are Rubbish.

  1. avenell says:

    Hi.. a few things to chat about..

  2. Ronan K says:

    You’re an idiot. The French did so badly because they have a terrible manager.

    Do you think we should buy up the Mexican squad because they had a good game last night?

    Do you really think Samir Nasri isn’t good enough?

    I don’t believe that you think those things, you just write them to have something negative to say about Arsenal. Some “supporter” you are.

    ps. The new away kit is ace.

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  4. gunner17 says:

    what are you talking about? the new away shirts rock all. they look luxurious,splendiferous and awesome to the utmost. much better than last year’s all blue joke.

  5. Deano says:

    You really do brighten up my day by you sheer idiocy!

  6. vote eboue says:

    The french team is half the team that Arsenal is ability wise and don’t get me started on their manager. So please don’t slag The Mighty red and white.

  7. avenell says:

    Ronan.. try reading it again.. it was a question not a statement.
    I also said Nasri wasn’t even considered I never picked Frances squad..

    and to top it off I am a better Arsenal supporter than you becauuse I would not insult fellow Gooners.

  8. yun_da_t says:

    The shirts have gone up £5 now.. so that’s £45 for a S/S and £50 for a L/S

  9. avenell says:


    try getting into sports direct, they should be a bit cheaper in there..

  10. gunner17 says:

    nobody’s forcing anyone to buy the shirts every year. i just buy the ones i like.

    i much prefer changing shirts every year. it gives the team a fresh look and feel. i think a good strip can make a player feel stronger.

    we’ve had some really crap average charlton-esque strips over the past couple of years, and we haven’t challenged.

    i think the new home and away strips are really bold, and our players will play better because of it.

  11. ml says:

    Best laugh though about the French is that spoilt little brat Patricia Evra and his comments LOL

  12. gunner17 says:

    when you’re dressed like a slob, you feel lazy and ineffectual.
    when you’re in a perfectly fitting suit, you feel confident and strong.

    players in really bold, traditional arsenal coloured strips will feel better about their game and will play better.

    red and white, yellow and blue, a bit of maroon, these are our colours. they’re positive, fun, party colours and all quite classy.

    i love the new away strip. what an amazing colour combination. sunset yellow and rusty red. f*ck yeah!

  13. martin says:

    we have mexicos best player on the bench, vela,…and you wan us to sign more mexicans? uruguay has the 3 million people and defended with 10 men against france to get a draw…and you want us to scout there?

    france is still a big football nation with plenty of talents, they just have an insane manager….to base our transfer policy on the mismanagement of domenech…shows your intelligence

    the fact that he left ben arfa, nasri and benzema at home shows the level of domenechs intelligence.

    maybe you two should start a club….

  14. avenell says:

    I said they were made from rubbish.. not that they were rubbish.. although I have to say I prefer the yellow with blue.

    I like the new home kit.. just a shame the cannon points the wrong way..

  15. paul says:

    Couldn’t agree more about the kit. It’s like removing the white sleeves. When will kit designers show some respect to history? Why are we, a club that talks about tradition, just generating rubbish with the help of Nike. Think a bit of fan power would be good here.

    Please add your views or comments ‘likes’ to this open facebook group about Arsenal’s kit!/group.php?gid=134919243192058

  16. gunner17 says:

    domenech is clueless and is largely to blame, but france have a lot of workhorse players who have no sense of game. they need to be directed and orchestrated. when they had vieira and zidane and deschamps that wasn’t a problem. but the french players who are capable of doing that now have been marginalised or played out of position or left out by domenech.

    the new coach will improve them massively. ribery, gourcuff, and nasri can all make magic and orchestrate things from midfield. in diarra and flamini they have serious talent in defensive mifield. a confident benzema is a great talent.

    they do need to find better central defenders over the next couple of years, but if they do they’ll be a big power at the euros.

  17. avenell says:

    I thought dos santos was Mexico’s best player last night..

  18. paul says:

    The group is called

    Arsenal’s away kit is vile

  19. avenell says:

    Benzema, Ben Arfa, etc are nowhere near as good as Henry and Anelka in there day.
    Nasri (unfortunatly) Diaby, L Diarra are nowhere as good as Zidane and Vieira.. that is a major problem, even if the manager is a dick.

  20. avenell says:

    Your okay to comment straight away now Paul.. and your link is on..

  21. goonergerry says:

    Come on- Domenech is a shocking coach- you would have to go some to get 2 worse performances from such a bunch of talented players.

  22. martin says:

    gunner17 beside diarra the french the best yoing diffensive midfielders in europe, Moussa Sissoko and Yann M’Vila , in defence they have adil rami and Mamadou Sakho, upfront benzema and loic remy, nasri and ben arfa as attacking players to. all these young men should have been in the french squad.

    instead he picsk henry, anelka and gallas who are past it, the horiible abidal and gouvou, and evra has an attitude problems….

    these are things a good manager would sort out, but domenech is not, his incompetence does not reflect on the huge pool of talent the french have.

    it would be like for liverpool saying england didnt beat USA, lets sell gerard and buy dempsey

    avenell, are you serious? dos santos was sold by barca because of his inability to do anyhthing meaningfull, likewise spurs of all ppl loaned him out to galatasaray. get a grip… you would be calling for arsenal to sign new zealand players because they are “inform” thats just emotional and childish

  23. gunner17 says:

    but you can’t compare benzema ann ben arfa and nasri and diaby and diarra to the likes of zidane and vieira and henry!

    zidane’s generation were sort 25-32 years old when they were dominating. france’d current crop are all mainly still kids.

    when nasri and co. are 25-32 years old, that’s the time to compare what they do with zidane’s generation.

    i for one think they can win a world cup. they are already a couple of years ahead of zidane’s generation in terms of growth and careers to age 23.

  24. rico says:

    I raved about Dos santos last summer and was met with a load of abuse 😉

    The French are rubbish and I hope they go home early, I hope Gallas goes as he’s passed it, get some fresh blood in this side and let Wenger get on with doing what we all know he used to do….

    What worries me more is the Mancs have the Mexican wonder kid and ours is now injured…

  25. Almost every time Ribéry got into the last third he was immediately surrounded by at least 3 Mexicans. But where were his team-mates running into the spaces for him to pass into? They were just hanging around somewhere safe, waiting and hoping for him to beat all his Mexican markers before they were even prepared to think about making a run. For me, that was the shocking story of the French game on almost every part of the pitch last night. Arsenal with all their French players, whether selected or not by Domenech, would have given Mexico more of a contest than France. At least our lot know about running for the pass and always try for that. What did Domenech do to un-teach his players such football basics? Wenger must have been tearing his hair out.

  26. rico says:

    How rude, morning all, nice on ave….

    I do think the French performance is down to the shocking manager – Anelka fires for the chavs and yet is crap for his country…

  27. avenell says:

    I was mearly suggesting that Arsenal should be looking at other countries where the balance of world power has moved to to recruit it’s players from and not rely on just French ones.

  28. rico says:

    martin, i like dos santos, he just needs to be in the right team, the spuds aren’t that team – ‘arry didn’t trust him and i think he only got him after him ‘being linked’ with us…

  29. avenell says:

    Martin so you never saw the game last night..

    Hi rico..

  30. martin says:

    avenell says: “Benzema, Ben Arfa, etc are nowhere near as good as Henry and Anelka in there day.
    Nasri (unfortunatly) Diaby, L Diarra are nowhere as good as Zidane and Vieira.. that is a major problem, even if the manager is a dick.”

    are you for real? henry became a player when he was 23 and joined us. remember him being benched for juve? anelka is playing his FIRST world cup at 31…because he’s been useless where ever he’s been…and zidane left france at the age of 24….he became known after that….

    I love it when emotional teenagers who know nothing about the game start making deep analysis of something they dont understand and them make recomendations for ppl like wenger who has been in the game for 50 years

  31. rico says:

    ave, i couldn’t give a stuff what country our players are from, as long as they are up to the job… Domenech has ruined what has always been a great footballing side through the years..

    France should have sacked him a long time ago…

  32. gunner17 says:

    Is Vela out for long? I hope not…He really needs games.

  33. rico says:

    martin, who’s the teenager????

  34. avenell says:

    Martin.. you are assuming I am a teenager.. thanks.. that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me on here..

    The same Theirry Henry aged 21 who was Frances top scorer in the 98′ word cup..

  35. rico says:

    g17, i’m not sure, read it this morning about him being injured ..

    Arsene has said we are very close to our defensive signing, thats good news…

    As long as its not Silvestre extending his contract 😉

  36. rico says:

    ave, you a teenager, jeez, your nearer to drawing your pension than to being a teenager 😉

  37. avenell says:

    Rico.. That’s true.. but your nearer though..

  38. rico says:

    What do you mean ave, i’m already drawing mine 😉

  39. avenell says:

    I going to have to draw dole if I don’t go and get some work done.. back in a bit..

  40. rico says:

    Vela’s injury is a suspected hamstring…

  41. martin says:

    avenell, yes i saw the game, mexico played well, and france was ok, mexico deserved to win, the french had no guidance, they were completly lost

    so the power has shifted because mexico got a draw against SA and beat france 2-0? the power has shifted after mexico got its FIRST ever victory over france?

    just like the power shifted from england to croatia as we missed out on euro 2008? where is croatia now? teams beat eachother, upsets happen, it hardly means the power shifts unless consistent performances over few years is seen from the mexicans, who by the way never been to a wc quarter-final, let alone win it.

    am glad your not scouring players for us,

  42. rico says:

    I have to go too, only grabbed five minutes in between ‘stuff’ to do….


  43. gunner17 says:

    i think wenger will bring in koscielny in defence and that’s it. no new keepers.

    our keepers will be almunia, fabianski and mannone.
    our central defenders will be vermaelen, djorou and koscielny. that’s it.

    he might bring in joe cole, but i was hoping for more than one new player in defence. poor. and risky.

    if he’s only buying kosciely, at the very least i hope he promotes nordtveit or bartley to the 1st team squad. three bodies in central defense is not enough. if he only goes in to the season with three bodies in central defense we will fail to challange again.

  44. avenell says:

    Martin .. do you have a problem reading. I suggested that dos santos was Mexico’s best player last night.. not we should sign him..

    I give you a platform for discussion and you continue to insult me.. please refrain and show some respect,,

  45. rico says:

    g17, i think he will get 2 defenders if Gallas goes, one if he stays, i reckon we will get Cahill and Kosciely….I’d be happy with that..

    Moscow – later all

  46. gunner17 says:

    also does anyone think ribery is a £80m player?
    he looks like more of a £18m player if you ask me. more comparable to valencia than ronaldo.

  47. gunner17 says:

    gallas, campbell, senderos and silverstre are all gone, whether their departures have been finalised or not. they’re done.

    wenger has gone into seasons with glaring shortages in various areas of the pitch in previous seasons.

    i can remember a couple years where henry was our ONLY striker. wenger has some genuis about him but is also capable of unbelievably amateurish planning errors.

    he went into last year with only gallas and vermaelen as our central defenders. i’m sure he will but one more central defender, plus we will habe djorou back, but i fear that he will stop there. if he does, amateurish!

  48. gunner17 says:

    i think we are a lot poorer than we are letting on.

    analysts think we have £30m to spend but i think it’s somewhat less. otherwise why would we be scrounging after free transfers and being tightfisted over our one likely purchase.

  49. king gooner says:

    domeenich is a dick!iv’e no sympathy for him at all-over the last 4/5 years has shafted arsenal on most ocasions-calling our players up even when injured for meaningless far away frienlies-did us no favours ever the c**t-good riddance!plus he makes that dwarf evra captain-says it all!!

  50. avenell says:

    g17 You are probably right..

    All clubs are not doing too great, but Arsenal take far less chances than most..

    Serbia are beating Germany.. haha

  51. oliver says:

    Avenell, I agree with your premise that the Arsenal dressing room mix is not quite right – I know AW relies on players of French heritage and/or Ligue 1 experience, but sometimes it feels those are the only players he brings in. I know that is not quite true, but it certainly feels like it sometimes. I wish more of our English players would make the first team – I have huge hopes that Gibbs will supplant Clichy as our first-choice left back this coming season. Nothing against Clichy at all, but I would really like to see Gibbs…And Wilshere….And Eastmond….become first team regulars. Regarding the France team, I think their biggest problem is the “coach” – I know he is leaving after this World Cup, but he should never have been allowed stay on this long. I cannot think of a coach that has consistently gotten so little out of such a talented group, as Domenech has. He does not understand how to best utilize his players, and it seems obvious that he commands little/no respect from them – how could anyone realistically expect to achieve anything under those conditions? I will concede there are similarities in styles and certain aspects of France and Arsenal’s play, but the biggest reason for France’s collapse is their fractured dressing room and lack of a leader. For all their issues, Arsenal do not have those problems.

  52. avenell says:

    Hi Oliver..

    I just brought it up as a topic of debate.. I just feel tha balance of real quality players has moved away from France and we should tap into where the new talent is.

  53. oliver says:

    Hi Avenell, I think France still have a core of talented players to choose from, but they underachieve because their coach is patently unfit for the job and most of his players seem to hold him in contempt. Is it Blanc or Deschamp who will take over after this tournament? Both have Captained the national side at differnt times and were part of their success – so they should at least command a measure of respect. And I do not think it will be too difficult for either of them to be better organized and more tactically astute than Domenech – my young daughter would do a better job than him! I agree with you that we should not bring in so many French players, albeit for slightly different reasons than you cited above.

  54. gunner17 says:

    wenger does have a wandering eye for talent though…

    he isn’t france-focused by any means…

    he has always kept an eye of south america, he went spanish a few years ago for fabregas, reyes, merida and almunia…in recent seasons he seems to have looked more towards eastern europe.

    but he obviously trusts the french market because he knows it well. and for the most part his picks have been great. henry, petit, vieira, grimandi…flamini, diarra, clichy, sagna, diaby, gallas…all quality…only silvestre and diawara look dubious.

    the english players are coming through, don’t worry about that. lansbury, wilshere, jet, eastmond and gibbs will be in the first team picture within 3 years.

  55. Jeremy says:

    Well to be honest the way Spain and Holland play remind me of the gunners. That is pass and pass.The Dutch scraped thru . The Spaniards may have greater possession and shots on goal,but ultimately it’s that wins games.We have examples of these in the epl. The Spaniards were confronted by the Swiss who had at least two defenders marking the dangerous Spanish strikes.In a way they neutralised the Spanish threat. In this they were aided by a more than competent goalie.
    Over to you,Arsene. The beautiful game doesn’t win matches..

  56. gunner17 says:

    we just need better balance between defence and attack, that’s all.

    i’d like us to play on the counter in the big games. we’ve got arshavin, walcott and vela! we should use them!

  57. avenell says:

    Hi Jeremy… could be worse we could play like England.. Long Pass.. lose ball.. spend the next 5 minutes chasing it.. long pass..

    Germany miss penalty shock.. What the hell was Vidic doing???

  58. Sanj says:

    Hi guys… its truly sad to see how the french performed this year at the world cup…its even harder for me considering im a frenchman and also a massive gunner fan.The french have such amazing talent..but i think the major blame is on the FFF…any other footballing Nation in their right mind wud have sacked that poor example of a football coach right after Euro 2008 where the french were again battered..but yet they decided to let this joke continue to the WorldCup.France have so much talent in them young and old…but this fool apparently used to pick players based on astrology(so i read once) taking the armband away from Henry n giving it to Evra and benching Henry itself must have downed the morale in the team..i know henry is not the same as he used to be,but he is still the talisman.playing anelka upfront alone..anelka wudnt know what to do with his own balls let alone a football!!! Govou i doubt wud have made it to any other team in this worldcup..leaving out Nasri a playmaker which we lacked..leaving out benzema..i knew b4 we left that this was gonna be a horrible time for the blues..and just looking at that cunt of a managers face after the game shows that he cudnt care less as he is anyways leaving after this event…true shame…shud change the entire FFF staff.

  59. avenell says:

    Hi Sanj.. sorry for the delay you went into spam for some reason.

    I love the French players but are there any actually performing that great even at club level??

  60. Sanj says:

    Well most of the guys are already playing for big clubs.. So it has to mean they are a good bunch of players.. Form is temporary.. One day u cud be on top of the world n next day u cud be benched.the manager is the one that needs to hold the bunch together.. Good times or bad times.. Look at maradona with his players, which player wudnt like a manager that actually gives so much love n respect to his players.

  61. Ansar says:

    France have a terriffic team. Remember wat wenger said? He said the handball issue will have a pshycological effect on France and clearly it did. Mexico weren’t that good. Allot was expected of France. If Spain were Mexico they wouldn’t have been that impressive. Nasri is good enough for France. Are you sayin govou is better than nasri. And one game doesn’t make yu a bad player. Diaby was awesome in the first game. And it’s strange as you only seem to criticise the arsenal players despite being a ‘gooner’. Evra was crap. Govou crapper. Anelka crappest. The manager is not a manager. Also the new away kit is awesome.

  62. avenell says:

    Ansar… I ain’t saying anything.. I said he wasn’t picked.. read it..

    If France were so terrific, why did the struggle to the World cup via a fixed play off competition?

  63. Sanj says:

    Dude even the best teams in the world struggle.. Remember England n the Euros.. Good team.. Didn’t even qualify.. Btw new away kit rocks!! Govou shud neve have been picked..I still believe nasri n benzema shud hv been picked.

  64. avenell says:

    Sanj.. I never said the new kit didn’t, I said the new kit is MADE of rubbish..

    England a good team now you are having a tin bath.. lol..

  65. rico says:

    Afternoon all….

  66. oliver says:

    Afternoon, rico…..

  67. rico says:

    Hi oliver, nice to see you here again, what did you make of Germany v Serbia today….

  68. avenell says:

    Hi rico… have you got the beers in ready for tonight??

  69. Suhail.TV says:

    Hi.. rico, and all.. nor the Germans so great.. Subotic could be our rock, but if there are better players..

  70. Suhail.TV says:

    Ave I am prepared with them to aid watching the repugnant English game…

  71. oliver says:

    Unfortunately, I did not see either match from today, busy at work. I was at a colleague’s console during the Serbia – USA match, we went nuts at Bradley’s late equalizer and then booed when Edu’s late goal was disallowed. I have to be fair, however, and reiterate I did not see what happened for myself, so I cannot provide and opinion. Much as with Klose’s red card, which I am told was harsh.

  72. JonJon says:

    dominechs a prick but the reason france are shit is cos france are shit…

    i said the other day if diabys their best player they wont make it out of the group..

    they are such a poor side compared to 10 years ago..dont matter whos in charge..

  73. rico says:

    Sure have ave, i’ll need them…

    Hi STV, i have a view on that for tomorrows post 😉

    oliver, think yourself lucky, it was dire 😦

  74. rico says:

    Hi jj – the two together are not good….

  75. JonJon says:

    good post..

  76. oliver says:

    thanks rico. i will skip the highlights then. that said, i think germany will manage to qualify. for whatever reason, i am not that interested in the world cup this year – i think the usa will qualify from the group, but lose in the next round – and once they our out, my team interest will end. from that point, i will just hope that no arsenal players sustain serious injuries. i am ready for the new pl season to start…

  77. JonJon says:

    france have a number of problems..

    vilified for cheating, none of the players like each other, the managers clueless and the most important point is the players are sub ability and attitude..

    we need to give french players a wide berth.. that includes lloris and gourcuff..they arent producing the players they used to

  78. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, all. I’ve missed both of France’s matches so far, and it seems that I haven’t missed anything at all. 🙂 Was Diaby dire… again?

    Domenech is an imbecile. That astrology plays a part in his team selection confirms it. He all but forced Trezeguet (then France’s most prolific striker) into international retirement.

    JJ, ten years ago, Trez won the French the Euros! 🙂

    Ave, I like the shirt! I never took to the blue one.

    Hola, rico, STV, Oliver. 🙂

  79. rico says:

    i think the States got beat today oliver, could be a tough one for them to qualify, especially if England lose later…

  80. rico says:

    hi agag, to be honest, no side has impressed me…

  81. rico says:

    i haven’t even seen the shirt yet 😦

  82. Suhail.TV says:

    jon jon and ave always comes up with good voice.. if a player is crap, he is… Even i have no particular attachment to the french team,, watching prosaic Diaby’s play was so tedious.

  83. JonJon says:

    trezeguet was a terrific striker AGAG..

    wonderful frontman with excellent movement..he allowed the whole french team to play off him.

    but saying that the whole frnch first team where world class at that time..every position had a world class player..wonderful to watch..

  84. abc says:


  85. Suhail.TV says:

    Buenas noches Agag.. Is football or work that keep you retarded..

  86. avenell says:

    Rico USA drew.. 😉

    The shirts yellow with brown cuffs, stripes and Nike and Fly Emirates logo’s..

    Hi, jj, agag, stv..

  87. rico says:

    oops, sorry oliver, i got that wrong, USA drew in the end, good result from 2-0 down, i want them to go through with england..

  88. agirlagunner says:

    rico, The Germans were impressive until… today’s first game.

    The Dutch, it pains me to admit– you know my stance on Robben- are much brighter when he plays…

    I am happy that Messi has yet to score, while Higuain has managed a hat-trick; and that the midfielders of the stains were only passable at best. Haha.

    STV, both 🙂 Good thing, the GG can counter all that.

  89. rico says:

    just seen ave, i last saw they were losing 2-0 and couldn’t believe it….

    james starts tonight…. another capello gaff!

  90. rico says:

    agag, against a ten man aussie side though 😉 😉

  91. Suhail.TV says:

    rico who are the lovable players in england .. for you..? I know they will be a few

  92. Red Arse says:

    Hi Guys

    Rico re your 6:17, the USA drew 2:2 and were unlucky with what would have been the winner ruled out for …..I don’t know what!

    Klose was really unlucky too, Oliver, —- three tackles, 2 yellow cards and goodbye. V. harsh as he is a forward (offense)!

    At the risk of Agag, JJ et al mullering me, I think Diaby wasn’t dire, just a non-entity like the rest of the French team.

    I think the new shirt is O.K. (ish) 🙂

  93. agirlagunner says:

    Fair point, rico. It’s a bit dull, this WC. And I come home to watch what? England? Woohoo. I’m positively on tenterhooks… Not!

  94. rico says:

    STV, none actually, Rooney is a great player, the others are an over paid, over rated bunch of thugs!

  95. oliver says:

    rico, usa may only have two points, but that is the same as serbia and one more than england. i expect england to beat algeria later today, so that will give them four. usa will just need to beat algeria on the last match day and they will be through to the next round. slovenia have it more difficult with england to finish.

    hello agag and ra…

  96. Suhail.TV says:

    Dutch was OK Agag.. considering the stain germs and the french. Unhappy with vdv performance though 😥

  97. avenell says:

    USA should have won they had a good goal disallowed near the end..

  98. oliver says:

    agag, what i remember more about the euro 2000 final was Sylvain Wiltord’s stoppage time equalizer for France – literally the last attack of the match. Ah, for the days when Arsenal players did well for country in major tournaments. This time, I just want everyone to return to Arsenal training in one piece!

  99. rico says:

    Hi RA, i’ve caught up now re the USA 😉

    agag, i’m wathing the game, but will no doubt be in need of matchsticks 😦

    I’m off guys and gals, you are all infringing on my post for tomorrow so I best go…. 😉

    Dinner to cook and stuff… 😦

    See you tomorrow … Be good and stay safe, night all

  100. JonJon says:

    hi guys lol

    red i dont think diabys a dire player.if you asked me who the most skillfull player in the pl right now id tell u it was diaby…

    id go as far to say that diaby has more skill than anyone in europe..some of the stuff he can do with the ball at his feet is jaw dropping..

    his problem is he does naff all with it..if he applied himself and had a more competitive edge and abit of awareness diaby would be a monster and up there with the worlds best but hes not got it in him..he cant control a game like a player of his skill should do..

    diaby is the kind of talent that can win you a game by himself but hes too busy trying to look pretty instead of actually trying to win a game..he has a training game mentality and its his biggest down fall..

    at 24 i dont see that changing..

  101. avenell says:

    Sorry that’s been said… computer just froze..

  102. oliver says:

    avenell, that is what i heard – i was following the match (text) on a work colleague’s computer screen. such is life, we should still make it out of this round…Unless Algeria suddenly morph into world beaters!

  103. rico says:

    oliver, i am not confident on england 😉

  104. avenell says:

    I live in hope..

  105. oliver says:

    btw, i have not passed opinion on the shirt – i will probably end up buying one (i prefer longsleeves) to add to my collection of arsenal shirts. i think, however, nike could have done better with a gold/claret combination, instead of the lighter yellow. honestly, i prefer yellow and (navy) blue. if we have a blue kit, it should be navy with a yellow contrast, not the navy/royal pinstripe combination from last season. at least it is not white!

  106. avenell says:

    Rooney sent off, a cock up by James and a couple of niggly injuries … would be nice..

  107. Suhail.TV says:

    bye all.. today was a short one.. good night. 🙂

  108. oliver says:

    rico, i think england will be fine. i do not think they will do well during this cup, but they surely have enough to handle algeria. slovenia is nothing special either. it is next round when our respective teams will have bigger problems.

  109. agirlagunner says:

    JJ, Trez was a particular favorite, so the horror of four years ago still stings. 😦

    RA, I didn’t see Diaby play, but that he wasn’t dire is a happy thought.

    oliver, I alos think USA will advance to the next round; USA defense is a bit dodgy though.

    STV, the young’uns of the Dutch are playing some really good footie though. Elia and Affelay have good movement and look unfazed.

  110. oliver says:

    back later. my employers are paying me for something or other, and, unfortunately, it is not this. :=(

  111. Red Arse says:

    JJ I do agree with you actually, except I still live in hope Diablo will get a kick up the arsenal and realise there is a begining. a middle and an “end product”.

    What a player he would be with that physique as well as the skill. 🙂

  112. JonJon says:

    thats just it Red

    hes got the physique, hes got the skill, hes also got nothing between his ears and thats what makes the difference between a good player and a great one..

    bergkamp is my all time hero but his intelligence and his mental edge made him the player he was..all that talent wouldnt have meant a thing if he didnt know how to use it.

  113. Red Arse says:

    Spot on JJ.

    I have read some of the really “thrilled” blogs on other sites because Le Prof said we will sign someone before the end of WC or the beginning of the season to strengthen the defense.

    What I can’t get my head around is that he said that at the end of the season, BEFORE he definitely knew Gallas was going. Shouldn’t strengthen therefore mean 2 new defenders? Or are we fans being short changed, AGAIN.

  114. Red Arse says:

    Well I better go and watch England. O mi Gawd!

  115. JonJon says:


    le prof is a great man but hes full of shit..

    this one player he wants to sign wont make a difference when we are set to lose 4 cbs..

    more outs than normal..nothing to get giddy about.. 2008 all over again..

  116. JonJon says:

    defense is priority..

    1st signing is a striker..

    do all our business before the wc..

    not a sausage..

    yawn yawn i’ll believe it when i see it

  117. Red Arse says:

    Right again, JJ, unfortunately it does get my goat, I hate being taken for an idiot … even if I am. 🙂

    Am watching the England game and so far it is bloody awful! 😦

  118. JonJon says:

    somehow the england football team have turned into the england cricket team

  119. Red Arse says:

    Well I’m off down the pub JJ, can’t take this rubbish England performance anymore.


  120. JonJon says:

    see ya mate..

    catch you guys tomorrow

  121. Marko says:

    No real surprise about the demise of France they’ve a shocking manager and there’s no parallels between them and us. Domenach is terrible and unable to pick a half way decent side without reverting to astronomy, he believes heavily on experience completely unaware that their experience this world cup isn’t the same has the last one (no Zidane, Thuram or Makalele). HEnry is well and truly past it and both Anelka and Gignac have only between them scored maybe 20 goals last season. He needs to bring in some of the younger players like Sahko, Ben Arfa, Nasri, Benzema, Menez, Remy to just name a few. The guy hasn’t a clue.

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