Cesc Buying Out His Contract And Will The Real Number 10 Please Stand Up.

With the ‘Cesc to Barca’ story dragging out and becoming as boring and ridiculous as the ‘who killed Archie’ storyline in Eastenders, rumours have now circulated that Cesc may seek to buy out his contract in order to make his dream move. Apparently Cesc has become stressed by the lack of progression. Naughty Sir Wenger won’t let his hottest property join those darling angels from Barca, for nothing more than a packet of peanuts and a curly wurly and is looking to do a ‘Hleb’ or a ‘Webster’ if we want to use the correct terminology.

This would mean Cesc coughing up roughly in the region of £30 mil, which coincidently is the same as what the Stains value him at. In theory, Barca give Cesc the £30 mil, he in turn gives it to us and everyone’s a winner. In practice this is bullshit.

For a few reasons..

Firstly, I don’t think Cesc would do that to us, nor to Wenger. He may have Barca DNA but he’s not brought up that way, he was brought up the Arsenal way. The classy way. His recent comments suggest this;

“I will say only one thing – I have got massive respect for Arsene Wenger, Arsenal football club and the Arsenal fans. Even in my own house I have not felt as loved as I have at Arsenal. I had a long conversation with Arsene and it was the greatest [longest] conversation I have had with anyone in my life. I respect him, so, so much and I don’t want to say anything more. Wenger said to leave it in his hands and he will deal with whatever happens in the future. It is now all about Arsenal – it is not in my hands. Now I just wait: it is up to Arsenal. Right now all I am thinking about is the World Cup: everything else is the future and I am not going to say anything else.”

Which is basically translated into; I love Barca and I would love to join them, but Arsenal hold all the cards and I will do as I’m told as I have love for them also..

Secondly and more importantly (as loyalty is rarely seen in football to make the first point concrete) Article 17 of FIFA’s Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players is entitled “Consequences of Terminating a Contract Without Just Cause”, and is the fifth article of Chapter IV, “Maintenance of Contractual Stability between Professionals and Clubs”. It outlines the provisions which apply if a contract is terminated without just cause, and the requirement for the party in breach to pay compensation. Specifically, it states that any player who signed a contract before the age of 28 can buy himself out of the contract three years after the deal was signed. If he is 28 or older the time limit is shortened to two years.

Cesc signed an eight year deal in 2006, keeping him with us until 2014, which technically means he falls under the Hleb Webster Clause. Or so we thought, until a club atatement blew Barca out of the water with this classy statement.

“Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly-valued member of the team and part of our future plans. We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment. However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain. To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

Which is basically translated into; I don’t care if Cesc has the Barca badge tattooed on is arse, he’s an Arsenal player and £30 mil wouldn’t buy his right leg so get f*cked..

The key part of that statement for me is the fact it specifically said Cesc was contracted until 2015..Cesc signed an extension to his contract last summer which means he’s only one year into his current deal, not the four years everyone seems to think that puts him in the Hleb Webster category..

Wenger gets a lot of flack sometimes for giving his young players new deals every 18-24 months, we all want to know why we are giving players new deals when they are only two minutes into a 100 year contract but by doing this Sir Wenger is stopping them from getting past year three and getting picked off by the vultures for a bag of peanuts and a curly wurly.

Cesc isn’t going anyhere..Not for £30mil anyway!! We still hold all the cards, morally and legally..

Onto the next topic

I never understood why when Gallas signed he was given the number 10 shirt. It frustrates the hell out me when i see players like Gallas wearing 10 and Diaby wearing 2.. Whats all that about?? I always had the theory that Wenger didn’t want to put any pressure on any of his strikers by giving them the IceMans old number, so he gave it to a defender. Call me old fashioned if you like, but its like a pet hate that defenders wear attackers jerseys and attackers wear defenders.

With Gallas technically not with the club anymore I wondered who will get the oh so sacred Number 10. Will Wenger promote from within and maybe Arshavin gets it? Or will we see a nice new quality player like a Gourcuff, a Van Der Vaart or even a Joe Cole donning the famous number??

Whatever happens no team is complete or looks right without a Number 10, so I hope Wenger doesnt retire it.


185 Responses to Cesc Buying Out His Contract And Will The Real Number 10 Please Stand Up.

  1. gooner says:

    No 10 must be given to Jack Wilshere

  2. Erick says:

    Howdy JJ nice post Cesc say he is only focused on the WC and RVP does it again for holland goaaalll 🙂

  3. K-TR7 says:

    Afternoon rico.im tired of all the cesc saga and won’t spend my time on it anymore.one thing of note that sandro rosell(leading presidential candidate) said that aw is a clever man that will protect us and won’t budge.maybe aw’s stubborness works both ways…i did research on the lorient cb koscieny and found he had 328 clearances and 159 interceptions the highest in the french league.cheers!

  4. JonJon says:

    howdy erick

    is it still 1-1??

    ive only just woke up so im still not upto date with the news.. 😉 to many GG’s

  5. K-TR7 says:

    Afternoon jj,erick and gooner…

  6. JonJon says:

    hey ktr..

    that kosiency has been getting rave reviews in france..supposed to be the right footed TV

  7. JonJon says:

    this is where we should use our academy..

    if we want a player but dont want to pay alot we should offer a few of the kids in exchange..

  8. Neal says:

    Cesc would have needed to hand his notice in within two weeks of the end of the season. He was clearly not that keen to leave a month ago.

  9. JonJon says:

    good point neal

    it wasnt until he met up with those tossers in the spanish squad everyone started mouthing off

  10. jaygooner says:

    Superb article. Cesc aint going anywhere soon. It amazes me that the barca influenced media, including the British media, have now resorted to two flawed tactics. Firstly the so called Webster clause, erm no Cesc signed a NEW contract in 2009, he isnt 28 and therefore he cannot buy out his contract. End of. The despicable c*ntulunyans then say that their laughable offer was an opening gambit and talks are ongoing with the Mighty Arsenal. Erm no Arsenal have categorically stated NO FURTHER DISCUSSIONS. Maybe this fantastic Club need to issue a statement in Spanish cos these grubby dicks clearly dont understand. When someone says EFF OFF they dont mean lets have a chat about it. Jeeeze

  11. Jake says:

    Cesc Cannot buy out of his contract, this is because all of the big clubs in europe agreed not to sign a player who has bought out his contract, in fear of their big star doing the same to them. Do you remember when the talk was of Arshavin doing the same to Zenit, well he couldn’t, because of the agreement between the big clubs of europe.

  12. Erick says:

    Jj please stay away from Wath 🙂 Yap its still 1 all Thanks K-tr7 whats his age, natiönality etc seems to be the answer to our problems 🙂 Neal i have to agree some one is trying to confuse El -captain

  13. goonerjay says:

    Cesc can’t buy his contract out until next season

  14. agirlagunner says:

    Hola, JJ. Great article! Hello, all. Robin is looking the biz. It’s 2-1 now. Sneijder.

    Oh, and I really, really, really want to punch Xavi in the face.

  15. jaygooner says:

    Nice to see RVP doing the stuff the Mighty Arssenal needed all season long. Hope he has a great world cup and comes back injury free.

  16. K-TR7 says:

    Erick koscieny is 24 and has dual citizenship with france and poland…he is 6″1 but he needs to build up his body to avoid catipulation by the likes of drogba,rooney…

  17. pat says:

    You also need to think about tax and the tax collection authorities. If Barcelona give Cesc 30 million he will be liable to pay 40% (or so) tax on that so he will only have 18 million to give to Arsenal. For this to work Barcelona will have to give Cesc 50 million pounds he then pays 40% tax leaving him 30 million pounds. So the whole idea is simply bull sh*t.

  18. JonJon says:

    gooner jay cesc cant buy out his contract until 2012

  19. Gooner says:

    Good point about the number 10 issue. It aslo bugs me seing bergkamp’s number 10 given to gallas. First of all gallas is a defender, second he doesn’t deserve to be compared to bergkamp. I hate to say this but I would be really suprised if cesc stays with arsenal. I think he’s gonna leave at the end (may be directly after the world cup). Gourcuff, hopefully, would replace him and would be given the # 10 shirt :d also I would like to point out, why did theo walcott get THIERRY’s number ???

  20. agirlagunner says:

    Hey, Erick, KT, gooner!

    3-1 now courtesy of Robben. Great stuff from the Oranje!

  21. Erick says:

    Agag howdy hope all is well K-tr7 but he has height which we lack but we need two more CH

  22. Erick says:

    Pat I didn’t know that thanks for the Info so Barca have to put their money where their mouth is at 🙂 Gooner Theo got real issues to deal with its a make or break season for him he has to show up for 60k a week

  23. JonJon says:

    excellent point pat

  24. agirlagunner says:

    Hey, Erick. I’m good. I’m on tenterhooks for our next signing!

    Gooner, here’s how Theo got that revered shirt:

    Nothing to do with having earned it though. LOL.


  25. Eddie says:

    Whatever happens Cesc will leave the shithole that is Arsenal and their hypocrite motherfucker fans. He wants to win things not turn up plaining sexy football against Bullshit teams and claim they are on the barca football level then end up winning jack shit! Did anyone hear what Ashley Cole said after the FA Cup triumph?..he said after winning this is exactly why I cam here to win things so I hope the critics (Arsenal losers) shut the fuck up.

  26. K-TR7 says:

    Afternoon agag.xavi,busquets and laporta have faces one would love to have a swing at similar to randall.i don’t know why…

  27. Eddie says:

    You mothers blame barca players blabbing on about Cesc at every interview so what do you have to say about your players publicly saying they want Barca, eh lets see who errrmmmmmm Arshavin, Cesc, Bendtner and theres more to come, Arsenal are a stepping stone club, the cycle goes like this you steal youngters who are already at a high level from other teams, you don’t improve them but just give them first team experience and end up getting credit for it, then these players realise they actually want to win something so they move on and thats whats gonna continue to happen. And oh…have you heard what Mr Bordeaux president had to say about your double standard club for stealing Chamakh,, tapping him so he don’t sign an extension so he leaves on a free, now publicly persuing Gourcuff.

    You Motherfu**er hypocrites

  28. JonJon says:

    fuck off eddie you prize prick

    shithole that is arsenal??? stamford bridge is falling to pieces with moss growing on the roof and pidgeons nesting in the rafters and chelsea dont even own that shithole so you and cole can go get fucked..

    the PL is the best league in the world the spanish league is a two team league so cesc will definately be playing against bullshit teams if he plays in spain

  29. agirlagunner says:

    I hate busquet’s face too, KTR7! He’d win an Olympic gold for diving, that good for nothing piece of barca…

  30. JonJon says:

    the president of borduex can piss off too..if he didnt want to lose chamakh he should have never allowed him to get into the final years of his contract..

    you can talk to a player when he has 6 months left and we made a bid for chamakh last summer which borduex turned down..

    their own fault..

    and weve never publicy pursued gourcuff..

    and borduex got 13 mil for an over rated wiltord so they aint that hard done to..

  31. Andy B says:

    Eddie…you are retarded, cock noshing, gash bag.

  32. K-TR7 says:

    JJ how can you argue with club fans the same size as the spuds?maybe they should concentrate closer to home.terry was leaving for man city if not for huge salary boost,lampard was heading for inter,cashley came becoz of cash…thinking of it the bridge is an overpriced strip club for mercenaries.get lost eddie,go and sing your anthem that sounds like one sung by kids in a kindergaten…

  33. JonJon says:

    if jose gets his way ktr half the chelsea squad could be heading for madrid this summer..

    not to mention joe cole who is coming to us. 😉

  34. Eddie says:

    Hey forget about our shithole stamford bridge stadium at least we’re winning things, you wanna talk about which building looks better then the other then you should be following building architecture not football.
    Cole and I can go and get fucked?….it was idots like you that were crying whn he left…he realised he won’t win jack shit and how right he was!!!. The Spanish league is a two team league?….thats irrelevent as most leasgues only have 2-3 possible winners, the quality of teams from each league is proven with their European trophy wins not just Semi final and Final appearences, 4 Champions League and 4 UEFA Cup wins since 2000 where as 2 Champions League and 1 UEFA Cup wins for EPL teams, so what does that prove, although its a two team league toverall the other teams are better than the EPL sides, their Championship and relegation battles went to the last game this year and that coming from a EPL man, its better to tell the truth than being biased.

  35. rico says:

    Afternoon all – nice one JJ…

    Eddie, you should be out making the most of the sunshine, school starts again for you on monday, hope you have your shorts ironed……

  36. JonJon says:

    has drogba broke his arm?? lmao

    is he missing the WC?? ive just heard a story about it dont know if its true though

  37. Erick says:

    Eddie what you bitching about you guy had to suck you sugardaddies you know what to get into the top four wait until he is feed up you will go back to fighting relegation

  38. Eddie says:

    Adebayor, Hleb, Flamini, Viera, henry, petit, Overmars, Campbell the list goes on and on, these guys realised that the Emirates is a shithole

  39. K-TR7 says:

    We don’t steal kids eddie.we offer opportunities and legal contracts.funny how you tried the same with kakuta…oh no!he had a contract already and you got burned!now thats tapping up…does it hurt knowing you would be looking forward to derbies against fulham more if not for abrahamovic?sod off…

  40. agirlagunner says:

    Hi, rico! I’m sipping some GG as I watch with great amusement, the chav get battered.

  41. rico says:

    MMe, Eddie, I think you need to think again, not sure they all thought that about the emirates, a few didn’t even get to play there….

    you are a numpty really you know….

  42. rico says:

    Hi agag, join in, we two ladies can help the boys batter a kid still in grey shorts and long white socks 🙂 🙂

  43. Eddie says:

    You lots stole Cesc, your paedo manager Arse en Wanker decided… hold on Barca arn’t allowed to offer him a contract so let me take advantage of that and approach him at a Fifa tournement not in Barcelona but where I cannot be seen by barca and nick him, he absolutely didn’t care if barca wanted to keep their prodigy or not and instead tok advantage knowing that a presidential election was going on so its a time of uncertainty so its a good time to get my cock out and abuse this young 16 year old!! You Mothers

  44. rico says:

    Drogba could play in plaster, but The officials are partically concerned about further damage that could be caused to Drogba’s arm….

    Most players would be fine, but the concern is over the amount of times Drogba falls over during a game

    🙂 🙂

  45. Eddie says:

    Your so called big time club always go looking for freebies, now I hear they want to steal a few more promising barca youngsters

  46. agirlagunner says:

    lol, rico. The way he writes is telling of the chav’s age. I bet you, he has a pudding bowl haircut and he gets stroppy if mum forgets the jaffa cakes for his lunchbox.

  47. JonJon says:

    gael kakuta??

  48. Eddie says:

    Hey you can have Joe Cole you know why Coz his free !!! thats what your ponce club likes don’t they.

  49. Eddie says:

    The closest you’re crapy team will come to winning something is on PS…oh and XBOX, just wait for the new season, why the big talks coming from the Emirates claiming we’ll do this, we can win this, we’re better than barca and we can beat them coz we play similar footal (LOL how embarassing), we at stamford bridge will be lifting more silverware, the only silverware you lots will be lifting are your cuttleries before every meal!!.

  50. JonJon says:

    how much have you spent agian??

    when was the last time you won the CL??

  51. JonJon says:

    when roman leaves you mate u wont even have a club to bang on about..

  52. rico says:

    Eddie, you knob, your last comment sums you up you idiot, resorting to cruel, vile insults…

    Just look at the antics by some of your own before you throw insults – they are at least true…

  53. rico says:

    agag 🙂 the bowl haircut…

    Eddie, you need to check your diaper, theres a few nasty smells behind your comments…..

  54. Eddie says:

    JJ, theres no point saying whens the last time we won the CL if your great club has never won it. The only comfort you losers can give yourselves is when Romas leaves and thats it.

  55. Erick says:

    Mourinho left Chavs because he refused to suck you sugardaddies pencil he knew this grannies would never make it

  56. JonJon says:


    i know weve never won it..

    my point is weve won just as much as you..if not more..and spent fuck all doing it..

    youve spend a billion just to keep up with us..

    how embarassing

  57. Eddie says:

    Mourinho left because that Asshole wanted to spend anohter 200 million to keep on winning proving further that he is no class manager relying on money to play real life playstation, as soon as things became iffy he didn’t have the balls to hang around just did a runner. That was infact a good decision because we’re back to winning againt after coming close before that…so you tell me how long as Arse sen been in charge and how long without a trophy?…This paedo would have been long gone at another club!!

  58. JonJon says:

    chelsea are hoofers..

  59. jaygooner says:

    Eddie jeeze your first comments were edging towards funny but blimey geeze you are heading for an ed kicking behave

  60. Eddie says:

    They are also the Champions, Arsenal are Wankers and also Paedos

  61. JonJon says:

    wonder when chelseas crop of youngsters come through..and keep them in the top 4..

    eddie we are 4 players away from being unstoppable..

    you’ll have to spend another billion to replace all your pensioners and i wonder if roman can be arsed..

    if he cant..you’ll be playing pompey and palace in the ‘we’ve got fuck all’ league..

    you might have to ground share with fulham…if they let you dirty up the place that is..

  62. Eddie says:

    When your losers cannot win they come up with excuses, like teams are too physical with us or teams intentionally come to break our legs…if you don’t like it then go and play a lady sport like netball and stop complaining!! An Embarassment to all!

  63. JonJon says:

    cant wait to sign joey cole..

  64. JonJon says:

    drogba…the queen of diving..

  65. thenry says:

    not gael kakuta what about obi mikel? that was russian gangster stuff and u had to pay manshytes 18mil.
    as for peados that would be terry fuking around with young girls in the back of a car.
    eddie your hiistory or club does not compare to arsenal before papa smurf came with his lolly you were on the verge of bankruptcy and had never come close to winnign the title since the last time you won pre black and white television.
    makes me laugh chav fans talking about winnign teophies when all they ahve doen is buy them and spent 720 mill of his money. u should win a few trophies after that kind of spend jeeze!!!

    we have spent no money and built a new stadium using a business model not handouts. you are a shit club and always have been a LITTLE club in west london. if ur not a glory hunter chav then you will remember your times in the second division tahts how shit you are we have never been that low and spent no money in the process. we dont want to go bankrupt like your shit little club a we also have billionaire owners but the diff is they have not put a single penny into the club unlike your shitole. when he goes your club will go tits up over night.
    tick tock the clock is ticking for the chav shithole.
    now fuk off to ur chav blog and be happy as great sadness awaits your team.

  66. jaygooner says:

    Eddie the russian electrician has been told by his mafia that there is no more money. Your mercenaries are all old and crocked. Bye bye Chelski enjoy away games at yeovil cos thats where you lot are headed

  67. Erick says:

    Returning to winning way or buying the league after having 10 managers thats crap but your time is up thats the most you miserable lot will ever win make room for the Arsenal your time is up quit wanking about that

  68. Eddie says:

    JJ, Since when were you an expert on football, you can tell the future, 4 players away from being unstoppable? Don’t make me laugh you need more than that to take away the hiding you received this season, getting hammered by Stoke for F sake, we’ve been hearing 3 away 4 away from challenging for 5 years now still no walk the walk just talk!!.

  69. JonJon says:

    lol thenry..

  70. JonJon says:


  71. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    Eddie – sounds like you are the paedo mate. Talking about cocks and little boys mmmm. If you wanna talk about trophies won with Arsenal fans you really are a mug. If we compare trophy cabinets I suggest you bring yours to our place. We would have to get Pickfords in whereas you could just put yours on the back seat. Yous lot pour money down the drain every yeay mormally about £100 million or so. Do you think Roman has been happy with the return on his money for the last few years since Gay Jose left? Face it you are a second rate club (that got sold for a quid a few years back lol) that won the lottery. You are the Michael Carroll, King of the Chavs of football. You are also, and always have been, Scum!

  72. JonJon says:

    no i cant tell the future..

    but neither could leeds, pompey, palace, now liverpool..

    wonder whos next??? mmmmm

  73. thenry says:

    we got hammered by stoke? when was that of u mean the fa cup when half our team was out.
    what about ur lot at wigan? or citeh at home.
    ur time is up and u know it ur players are old and a few will leave u cannot compete with city in the transfer market and papa smurf has been told to stop spending money as putin does not like it.
    tick tock chavs on the way to bankruptcy.

  74. Eddie says:

    thenry (lol what a funny names) haven’t you realised his been gone for nearly 3 years now?..LOL.

    Forget about what your small club achieved during the black and white era, its about now and we’re laughing and celebrating titles after titles while you dream on. The fact NOW is top players will choose Chelsea over Arsenal anytime, the reason you’re skint club didn’t spend money big time is no top players who come with high price tags would ever want to come to Arsenal its only the underage players because Arse is able to hand out alot of lolli pops for free as they only cost 10p each.

  75. JonJon says:

    cant wait to increase our capacity to 80 thousand

    chelsea could probably increase the bridge by a couple hundred seats if they cleared all the pidgeon shit up and got rid of the tumble weeds..

    thats if the people that actually own the ground let them

  76. jaygooner says:

    Blimey Eddie concentrate ok. What is the one song that Chelski fans sing and have done on many occasions that Arsenal fans never sing? Answer; Going up going up going up. We dont get relegated We are the Mighty Arsenal fuck off eddie go and pester your sister or aunt or whatever it is you usually do

  77. Eddie says:

    Increasing the capacity to 80,000 would be great, when is it gonna happen I can’t wait, it would mean an additonal 20,000 Gooners turning up to witness their bunch of losers keep on losing and complaining!!

  78. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    Eddie – You are an eyesore on the arsehole of humanity. Cried when we lost Cashley? Don’t be a prick. We got by far the best deal on that 1. Arsenal shit fullbacks for breakfast. He didn’t cost us a penny and we offloaded him for 5 mill and Gallas. He has only just started to come back to the form he was in at Arsenal this year. Clichy has been much better and Gibbs is right behind him. You were very welcome to have that cock. Did you see that cover on Hello magazine or whatever? Only a chelsea player could roll out like that LMAO!

  79. JonJon says:

    cole hasnt chose chelsea over arsenal. 😉

    neither did gallas 😉

  80. Eddie says:

    Oh by the way JJ, when Cesc is gone that would be another 5 players required before you become unstoppable.

  81. Eddie says:

    Oh nearly forgot, and when Van persie is injured again that would be 6 required then.

  82. jaygooner says:

    makes me laugh that Chelski have to advertise tickets for their home games, they dont own the piss poor shedhole of a ground ( would not insult the word stadium to call that craphole a stadium)they are a busted flush and eddie bless him thinks they are the future of football?

  83. rico says:

    You still around agag??

  84. JonJon says:

    when cesc goees weve got a young lad called jack wilshire to come in and make the emirates his stage..

    who the fucks going to replace drogba??

    lets all hoof it to sturridge doesnt quite have the same ring to it…

    looks like you’ll have to spend another 893219 billion which i dont think roman can be arsed with…

    hope u enjoyed your time in the sun eddie..form is temporary

    CLASS is permanent..

  85. Eddie says:

    Just because you moved from one shithole to the Emirates recently doesn’t mean you weren’t ever at a shithole does it, we might be in a shithole but we do have a sugardaddy to build a new stadium too. Yiur new shithole is nothing but a PIE POT where gooners turn up to eat pies only as there are hardly ever any footballing success to celebrate so which is better and tiny stadium witnessing and celebrating success or a large Pie Pot only picking up Pie rappers after the game and some disposible cuttleries.

  86. JonJon says:

    eddie if roman was interested in u long term where is this new stadium you talk of him being able to buy you..??

    your a toy he doesnt give a fuck and one day he’ll piss off and leave you in the shit..

  87. John Bannister says:

    Gallas took the number 10 shirt because he refused to wear Cashley’s former number.

  88. agirlagunner says:

    Yep, rico. Still watching the chav get stuffed. 😛

    I suspect he’s 10 years old. The “disposible cuttleries” gave it away. 🙂

  89. Eddie says:

    JJ Form is temporary CLASS is permanent is absolutely correct so who is the team with CLASS it definately ain’t Arsenal coz its been missing for 6 years so that leaves us with temporary i think?….yes it right it does

  90. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    Eddie – have you managed to get computer access from Broadmoor? You are 1 deranged individual. Do you really believe the crap you are talking? Or is it just the built up venom from years, Decades of just about managing to survive in our huge shadow. What was it like in the 2nd division? What was it like to be offered for sale for a quid? What was it like to have won your first title in 50 years only to have it tainted by the fact that it was simply and vulgarily bought? You give it all the biggun but in reality your club is only 1 russian decision away from the plughole. The players contracts which you seem so proud of at the moment will become like tentacles strangling the life out of your sorry arsed, small club. Can’t wait lol

  91. Eddie says:

    Hey at the end of the day the names on the trophy whether its been bought or not, the world recognises we are champions of england, while losers are just losers and no one knows them

  92. jaygooner says:

    Eddie I live amongst your scumbag chelski fans, just down the road from that shithole you admirably acknowledge as being a shithole. There is no room to build a patio down here never mind a stadium to the match the superb Emirates. And in any case the russian electrician has said he will not spend any more money. Eddie face it you and your team are basically fucked. Just hope the FA deduct the same points as Portsmouth were deducted

  93. Eddie says:

    Did you watch the Arsenal Vs barca game last season? not the 4-0 one the first one where they were just embaraseed despite drawing, to this day I have never seen a team completely outclassed like you were and you say you’re 4 players away from being unstoppable LMAO!!!LOL

  94. JonJon says:

    we might not be winning much at the minute but one thing we have is class and lots of it..

    youve bought your titles…youve cheated…

    everything weve won weve won fair and square..

    footballs a sport. wheres the sport in buying all the best players and then bragging your the best..

    the best come from nowhere and do it against all odds..

    the dickheads cheat and then claim they the best..false champions..plastic..not real..

    im not jealous of that

  95. Eddie says:

    jaygooner you idiot, since when was football about stadiums instead of trophys…oh yea I forgot you don’t have any trophys to talk about so lets talk about stadiums nice switch but a useless one. Old Trafford is not a shithole but they also have trophys to compliment it.

  96. JonJon says:

    you still there AGAG??? 😉

    are you and rico on the sidelines with the pom poms and the rah rahs??? 😉

  97. Eddie says:

    JJ I can smell jelously straight away because what you said does not make the slightest of sense, we are false champions..plastic..not real? LMAO when are you joing reception from nursary again?……at least the FA don’t think we’re fake coz if they did then the EPL trophy wouldn’t have the Chelsea name engraved on it now would they?

  98. top gunner says:

    eddie, you son of a bitch go and get bummed you puff and get off our blog you cock sucker.

  99. Eddie says:

    Now who the fuck are you, not one person made a personal insult then all of a sudden you copme here with son of a bitch?…talk about classless LMAO you must be just that coz that the first words comeing out of your mouth. Looks like you grew up in a household where swearing is all that exists, now lets back to the footy you scum!!

  100. rico says:

    JJ, yep, still here – same as agag, watching and smiling…

    agag, you do make me smile 🙂 🙂

  101. ChelseaDagger says:

    Top gunner you BASTARD what you talking bout.

  102. ChelseaDagger says:

    Top Gunner you Son Of A Bitch waya talkin bout man

  103. jaygooner says:

    Eddie thats the problem with plastic short sighted idiots like you. Its why Chelski and their like get relegated. The Mighty Arsenal look to the long term. Enjoy your cheated bought short term success Eddie, we own our Stadium (not a shit hole) we are profitable (unlike Chelski’s loss after loss year after year) we are The Mighty Arsenal. btw Eddie what time is lock down in the mental institute you are in?

  104. JonJon says:

    fake, false, plastic..makes sense to me..

    its like going into a fist fight with a knife, winning the fight and saying you were the hardest..

    chelsea are pussies..nothing without their knife..

    romans money has won you everything youve got..you havent earned it..your not true champions..

    your a false team..id take no satisfaction in winning anything the chelsea way..its not winning..winners dont cheat the system, they work hard and earn everything they get..

    but that just sums up chelseas support..

  105. Durham Gooner says:

    It was 4-1 fuckstick.
    Remember Eddie, you’ve spent time outside the top division in recent memory.
    You didn’t win the league for 50 years (1955 to 2005, cos you probably don’t know. Oh and the manager in 1955 was Arsenal legend Ted Drake, no need to thank us).
    The gap between Arsenal and Chelsea is a mighty chasm. You will never NEVER have what Arsenal have.
    In fact I’ll go further, you’ll have what Man U and Liverpool have.

  106. agirlagunner says:

    Yes, JJ. The pompoms are waving, of course. 🙂

    This one’s got all the hallmarks of his team of choice: he’s uncouth, vulgar, duncish, and so utterly declasse.

    (lowers voice to a conspiratorial whisper) But don’t tell him I told you. He’s of a tender age and certain to have a crying fit!

  107. Eddie says:

    jaygooner don’t give me short term long term its been siz years without success admit it your arsen is conning you for all the ticket and merchanising money you spend on that club with no returns. You plan for the long term so how long before your long term plan is ready to go (after 6 years) i guess its another 6 years. LMAO

  108. Erick says:

    What your problem Eddie you talk as if you guys have been winning since the start of the PL you bought your way to the trophies so what are you bitching about yes we haven’t wont we are in a building phase you scams don’t know what that means being number one aint the problem staying at the top is and we have with limited resources so you dick heads can’t tell us nothing go screw yourself

  109. JonJon says:

    dont tell WATH, AGAG..

    he’ll be doing summersaults with visions of you and rico in cheerleading outfits..

    speaking of WATH..where is he?? id of thought if anyone would have been getting stuck in it would have been WATH..hes normally leading the line.. 😉

  110. Red Arse says:

    I think you are all very kind humouring that unfortunate Eddie.

    It must be awful to feel so rejected. He tried posting on the chelsea blog but they were cruel to him and made him cry because he was not a proper fan. Apparently they did not like him using a ten year old’s vocabulary which made them feel stupid.

    When Abramovich gets bored the Chelsea “crowd” will go back to 8,000 and poor little Eddie will then go and support Manure. You know the type.

  111. agirlagunner says:

    rico, I’m thoroughly enjoying this. 🙂

  112. jaygooner says:

    wow cool breaking news Real Madrid are trying to scupper barcaC*ntunlyas illegal bid for Cesc. Jose Maureen has just gone up in my estimation btw Eddie? fuck off

  113. top gunner says:


  114. Eddie says:


    “we are profitable”..You make me laugh, all you are are slaves putting in money into the club to feed the fat cats who only care about profits so they can fill their pockets from your contribution, if they spend money their share will dcrease. You talk about profits as if you own the business and will receive a share of it. The fact is you have to go back to your day time job son, come back home, purchase a few arsenal merchandise to show your support but never see or enjoy success, after all footballs about being entertained getting satisfaction from winning otherwise why spend all that money on a business which is arsenal and receive nothing from it.

  115. Blues-till-I-die says:

    jaygooner you sound pathetic so sense what so ever

  116. jaygooner says:

    Hehe Eddie ermmmm before the russian mafia decioded to launder money through your club, what trophies had you won? Ermmm a league championship in black and white, a dodgy FA cup win, ermmm cup winners cup back when no one gave a fuck and ermmm ermmmm tell me Eddie how long have you been a Chelski fan?

  117. JonJon says:

    who gets entertained watching hoofers??

    who takes anyone winning seriously when theyve cheated..

    id follow arsenal into the coca cola league if i had to..

    would you follow chelsea when they become the Milton keynes blues????

  118. JonJon says:

    afternoon RD

  119. top gunner says:

    so it was ok for you to call us mother fuckers! if you can’t take it dont give it.

  120. Eddie says:

    keep on supporting the shit hole club from Islington. We will see who wins and who doesn’t, you will ne the nearly tem for the next 10 years until you get rid of that Paedo after which you will become a mid tab;e club looking for a team to share the stadium from you to help keep up with payments!!

  121. agirlagunner says:

    Hola, RA! The chav must lead such a sorry life that he has to go to an opponent fans’ forum to feel some sort of (in)validation.

    JJ, no we won’t tell WATH anything. He’s bad enough as it is. 🙂 And I have a hunch the care package from Erick, weedlord, is responsible for WATH’s absence. 🙂

  122. Eddie says:

    top gunner, I can take it thats not the problem, the problem is the first post you made you came out with it which I found abit weird, I expected a more enthusiastic contribution since you are defending the gunners turf. My apologies for what I said I take it back.

  123. thenry says:

    eddie how many trophies and titles have the cahvs won in their history?
    and if u dont want to talk about history then stop talking about alst season as its history.

    let me tell u again U ARE A SHIT LITTLE CLUB IN WEST LONDON who got lucky cos a rish russian turned up otherwise you would ahve been bankrupt. that has only been delayed when papa smurf goes u are FINISHED!!!

  124. JonJon says:

    by the way guys..

    don’t mind the banter but just a reminder not to use the C word when arguing or making a point..

    wordpress puts your comment straight into spam..

  125. jaygooner says:

    Blimey Eddie you are getting desperate now. Fact; we own the Emirates Fact; Chelski have to hawk tickets in the Standard to try to fill their shithole Fact; The Mighty Arsenal are on the march Fact; the Chelski mercenearies are old and crocked and Chelski dont have the money to replace them Bye bye Chelski enjoy the drop to the conference and start singing your favourite again; song going down going down going down

  126. Red Arse says:

    Eddie, I admit your poor spelling, lack of grammar and pedantic inability to express yourself clearly, even using swear words and insults, puts you very high on the idiots scoreboard.

    But you need to try harder and make an even bigger idiot of yourself to achieve the top spot.

    Go on you can do it. We are all waiting!

  127. top gunner says:

    thats more like it i take it back as well. You might be the champions but we’ve still got the history though.

  128. JonJon says:

    lol AGAG..

  129. JonJon says:


    hope all is well

    ive been trying to do some work behind the scenes but im not getting too far.. 😦

    i’ll have to wait to speak to Mr Nell to see if he can sort it..

    i’ll keep trying though..just dont blame me if i end up deleting the blog 😉

  130. Eddie says:

    I cannot believe he jelously that exists, why don’t you get it, teams make preparations to win titles from the upcoming season not in the past, thats what Arsen needs to do. I have heard complaints on why the club don’t bring in big name players, why they don’t spend money, Arsene is going over the top, yet you guys are telling me Chelsea buy their titles?, the fact is if you spent and bought big names and won titles you won’t have a problem. Its a fact.

    Top gunner once again my apologies.

  131. top gunner says:

    what the fuck do you want chelsea dagger scum!

  132. jaygooner says:

    Jeeze Eddie dont go all nice on me! it was fun when you ewre giving it large. Is that cos you know Chelski are a busted flush and you were always a gooner? come out of the closet Eddie

  133. Red Arse says:

    Eddie dear boy.

    You must slow down and finish one thought before you start another. I can’t understand what you are spouting.

    Now that’s not fair, how can I tell if you are plumbing the depths if you are using incomprehensible word structures.

  134. JonJon says:

    theres nothing wrong with buying players eddie…

    but buying them with money that you havent got is the problem..

    we have the money, we just dont spend it…the reasons are debated but we just dont know why we dont..

    chelsea dont have the resources to spend what they earn and win..you proved that before roman took over..

  135. Eddie says:


    When and if Chelsea are busted you can say it then, but as for now it looks like your sad club won’t be winning anything for a long time.

  136. top gunner says:

    its ok you dont have to keep apologising keep on the footy we the fellow gunners are enjoying your chat and laughing at the same time up the gunners.

  137. JonJon says:

    is eddie a closet gunner??

    muppet is that you?? 😉

  138. Red Arse says:

    No Eddie NO.

    You cannot win the Idiots Gold Medal if you use a sentence like that using different tenses and all joined up.

    I’m suspicious!! Is your mum suddenly helping you?

    Tut Tut.

  139. Erick says:

    Agag you and Wath are doing GG so you know better than me. Eddie your team is going down and when you look up it will be only one team in red and white wait until papa gets tired of you enjoy while it last you will be telling your kids stories if you don’t die from wanking disorder

  140. jaygooner says:

    thats better eddie you admit Chelski will be going down the toilet quicker than harpic bleach. The Mighty Arsenal however will win, the team assembled plus additions by Wenger is on course to match the Invincibles. Have you heard of them Eddie? Its a team that went the entire season unbeaten and it aint in black and white,

  141. Eddie says:

    top gunner…
    Footy is what we’e talking and success is what m club has unlike Arsenal so what is the problem. The names on the trophy, we’ll be seeded for the next UCL, we have the name on the FA Cup so who cares where the money comes from, no ones interested but only losing jelous clubs. You think Chelseas bad, wait till you see Man City soon.

  142. rico says:

    jj, at least you’re trying, that’s all we can do 😉 😉

  143. Red Arse says:


    This is like pulling the wings off a fly and is becoming boring.

    You know I like to talk footie and this puerile nonsense is like talking to the school dunce.

    Oh dear. Yawn Yawn. Where’s my friend W ?

  144. Eddie says:


    Yes i remember the invincibles who were’nt quite invincible in the UCL or the following season. And stop calling them mighty, theres nothing mighty about them at the mo, you can apply that to maybe Barca.

  145. Eddie says:

    Red Arse,

    So is that wht you do, since you seem to know how its like pulling wings off a fly you SADO

  146. JonJon says:

    mancity are the chelsea of the north

    but they’ll have about 10 years at the top and then they wont exist either..

    these sugar daddies are short term phases…

    they wont be around forever..but the damage they do to the foundations of the club, although they may win trophies, will make the club cease to function without them..

  147. jaygooner says:

    ERmmm Eddie I call this team The Mighty Arsenal because thats what the club the ethos the HISTORY the top to the bottom this club is the Mighty Arsenal. Maybe in a hundred years time your scummy little club might earn the right to type nearly mighty

  148. Red Arse says:

    Eddie sweetheart, at last a response.

    I was hoping to have an intellectual discourse with you.

    But if that is it. Oh dear!

    You must ask your mummy for more help.

  149. Eddie says:

    Sorry jaygooner but no one else thinks of them as mighty coz if they did barca would have shit in their pants instead of playing toy with them!!

  150. rico says:

    Eddie, you are boring, boring boring…….

  151. Eddie says:

    I want to leave says Cesc and all of a sudden the so called long term plans for long term success is under danger!

  152. jaygooner says:

    Eddie I couldnt give a flying fuck what you or anyone else thinks. My club is The Mighty Arsenal. Its why I support them. guess you call your team chav cheating mafia laundering chelski?

  153. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    The future looks a lot brighter for Arsenal fans than Chelseas. Our past is certainly much brighter. No wonder these Chavs only want to talk about the here and now. They are just trying to score points while we are in a building phase. Our last 5 years have been kinda like an enforced pitstop. Repairs and modifications being focussed on in preperation for the next part of the race. Just ignore the crap coming from the cheap seats Gooners. Hold fast and watch as the Arsenal go from strength to strength now. Once the handbrake comes off we gonna fly.

  154. Eddie says:

    Yes spot on thats what I call my team and also happen to celebrate in the streets of London cheering to a Open Top Bus which sounds more mightier than gooners sitting at home with tissues thinking of what might have been.

  155. Red Arse says:

    Rico/JonJon I’m off.

    You are giving a platform for this child. He really needs help, but I’m too bored to try and educate him any further.

    See you.

  156. agirlagunner says:

    RA, WATH is otherwise preoccupied. Erick might have an explanation. 🙂

    As for intellectual discourse, you hope for too much. Anything that involves a chav involves having to reduce to lowest terms, as that is all that a chav’s CPU can process.

    Bravo, PTYKB!

  157. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    Sounds like you sitting there with tissues now Eddie. Though probably for a different reason lol.

  158. jaygooner says:

    Thank you Eddie I guess you started supporting Chelski just after dodgy drogba scored at wembley then withdrew your support when pompey got the penalty then came back to chelski as lampard got the penalty then withdrew your support when he missed then became a fan when the final whistle blew

  159. rico says:

    Night RA 🙂

  160. JonJon says:


    love the name.. 😉

    you dont have to go RD..the good thing about blogs is that you can have 1200 conversations all going on at once..

    you dont have to speak to eddie..i’ll talk to you 😉

  161. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    Thx GirlGunner. I do apologise if some of my chat with the chelsea lowlife is lacking in class. I find that if I speak to them normally they can’t understand me. I think the fact that some of these mugs spend their saturday afternoons on AFC bloggs says it all really. Wasn’t even a chav related topic.

  162. rico says:

    I have to go too guys, its Saturday night and i’m off for a few glasses of water 😦 😦

    stay safe all

    nighty night…

  163. JonJon says:

    see ya ricolicious

    i’ll keep having a play 😉

  164. rico says:

    Here we go then…. just before i go…


  165. rico says:

    This is easier to read……………. 🙂 🙂

    Madrid are trying to scupper Barcelona’s move for Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas, news daily Marca claims.

    The Merengues’ number-one transfer target to reinforce the centre of their midfield is believed to be Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard, but Madrid are looking at alternatives in case they fail to land the England international.

    Fabregas has been strongly tipped to leave Arsenal after seven years with the Gunners, with Barcelona having already engaged in talks with the North London club.

    However, Barcelona and Arsenal have so far been unable to reach a compromise for Fabregas, and Madrid could move in quickly to offer the 23-year-old a return to his homeland.

    Marca indicates that Madrid will only table a bid for Fabregas if Gerrard stays at Anfield, as new boss Jose Mourinho is understood to prefer the Liverpool captain.

    Barcelona president Joan Laporta revealed on Friday that his initial offer of £29 million for Fabregas had been rejected by the Arsenal hierarchy.

  166. Red Arse says:

    Thanks JJ, I’d like to talk to you about football et seq too, but it’s like having a wasp buzzing around at a picnic, and to be honest I am ashamed for allowing myself to get drawn into baiting an unfortunate like Eddie who has so many issues.

    Poor guy.

  167. Stu says:

    JJ, completely agree on the numbers thing. Someone might have already said this but apparently Gallas wanted no.10 because of the first team numbers only 3 (after Cole fucked off) and 10 were available. Twat Gallas didnt want no3 becase its a left backs number and he didnt want to be seen as a left back (the reason he forced his way out of chavski).

    I would just buy Gourcuff and give him no.10. Jackie boy can have no.7 when he is a first teamer.

  168. rico says:

    I would expect nothing less from you jj 😳 😆 😆

  169. agirlagunner says:

    rico, before you go, did you perchance see RVP play? He was excellent all around. I love Robin’s left foot almost as much as you do his thighs! 🙂

  170. top gunner says:

    The invincibles, not mighty in ucl you write eddie since when have the chavs been invincibles you TRIED to break our 49 game record but fell flat on your faces i know we are not having the best of times but we sport our team through thick and thin, you lot crawled out with the chav shirts when you won your first prem. Sorry bought youe first prem wasn’t u’s tapping cole.nuff said.

  171. JonJon says:

    boys will be boys rico 😉

    red arse i know where your coming from..although I’m one of those who enjoys a bit of inter club banter..

    i’m a terrace kinda guy..love the hostilities.. 😉

    tribal passions..

  172. JonJon says:

    how many did he get AGAG??

  173. JonJon says:

    Hi Stu..

    yeah i heard that was one of the reasons gallas got the 10..

    I like gourcuff too..think we should get him if cesc goes or not..

    I think he’ll link up well with Chamkakakakaka

  174. rico says:

    agag, i didn’t but i see where you are coming from 😉 😉

    But ankles v’s thighs……. 😉

  175. agirlagunner says:

    Just the first one; the equalizer. But he looked threatening all the time. I breathed a sigh of relief when he was taken off before the 70′. Robben scored twice but sustained a hammie pull; it doesn’t look good. Sneijder, van Bommel, Elia scored too.

  176. JonJon says:

    did vdv play??

  177. agirlagunner says:

    You are right of course, rico. But you know me, I like puppy dog eyes, even if they are looking elsewhere at the mo. Nitenite!

  178. agirlagunner says:

    Yes, VDV played. Not his greatest, but he was still good. He missed two free kicks. Came off maybe with 10 minutes to play.

  179. JonJon says:

    roll on the start of the season..im already bored

    until then ….come on the dutch.. 😉

  180. rico says:

    spot on jj, i’m def off now…..

    be good

  181. Bouldy's Friend says:


    I know a club that couldn’t win the league for 50 years. They had to spend 1 billion to win it. Who is that club? Let me give you a clue. The club in question overpays its players and run expenditure exceeding its income year-on-year.

  182. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    If The Arsnal had have signed Schwarzer 3 years ago when he was leaving Boro, The Arsenal would have 14 Title now 😉

  183. rico says:

    Morning GG –

    New post up

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