Ramsey signs, should Theo go……


Yesterday Aaron Ramsey signed a new long-term contact at Arsenal, no doubt that will be classed as ‘a new signing’ when he returns from injury which we only hope won’t be too far away…

On signing his new deal, Ramsey said:

I’m very happy here at Arsenal, it’s a great club and I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here. Every player wants to play in a team where they can play football and I feel that this is the way it should be played, so that’s one of the reasons I signed a new contract. I think I can still develop my game a lot, and I’m in the right place to do that with the support of the manager and also a squad of very talented players. I’m convinced the next few years will be a time where my career kicks on to a new level, it’s an exciting time to be part of the Club.

On to Theo Walcott – once doing so well at Southampton, so well that our boss bought him for a lot of money by his scale.  Rather than loan him out to get tougher and gain experience in the Championship or at another Premier League Club, he kept him at Arsenal. Such high hopes were for the player, good old Sven Goran Eriksson picked him for the World Cup Squad in 2006.

Maybe that is really where all started to go wrong for then teenager. Too much too soon, maybe he thought he’s ‘made it’?

He hadn’t then and he hasn’t now, not really…

The boy must have wondered what hit him, one minute he’s playing down on the south coast the next he’s in the big city of London, ‘playing’ for a big club like Arsenal. He went from living life in a village enviroment to being part of the hustle and bustle in the capital of London…

Here we are, after a mixed four years for the player, its World Cup time again. This time however, he’s been left out of the twenty-three man squad picked by Fabio Capello. Imagine that eh, a player who should be played as a striker is being left at home, in his place is an old man who can’t score for toffee and who often struggles to stay on his feet. How the heck can Emile Heskey be going to South Africa ahead of Theo Walcott, let alone ahead of Darren Bent!!

Just imagine England with Wayne Rooney and Theo Walcott as their front two, perfect, pace and strength!!

If I were Theo, I’d be gutted – and I’d think about my longterm future. I know there are a lot of fans who would be glad to see the back of Theo Walcott, I’m not one of them. I still honestly believe he will be a great player one day.

I don’t know though if that ‘one day’ will come at Arsenal all the time he is being left to play as a winger. I know I’ve said it many times now but why oh why doesn’t he get a chance in his proper position. Why does Arsene Wenger play our players out of position so often?

Maybe its time for him to go and knock on Arsene Wenger’s door and have a chat, tell him how he really feels and if Wenger won’t play him as a striker, maybe its time to let him have a loan spell at a club who need a striker, let Theo go to a Championship Club, or somewhere like Fulham/West Ham until Christmas, play in his favoured position and then come back and get his career sorted out.

At the beginning of last season, this was on the clubs website

This season we could see Theo in a different role – as a striker. He hinted at a positional switch during the summer and Arsène Wenger’s 4-3-3 formation seems to suit Theo perfectly. His pace through the middle could be a lethal weapon in the years to come – for Arsenal and for England

It never happened though did it?????

Of course I maybe very wrong, maybe Theo prefers to play on the wing, maybe he doesn’t mind not being on the plane to South Africa – but I suspect he is very down-hearted, I would be….

If we don’t sort Theo out, he may just find another club who will not only play him, but actually involve him in the game more….

Many will say good, push-off Theo, you should stop talking to the press Theo and bigging yourself up and to a degree they will be right but I hope he stays, plays and gets better. So much so that he is one of the first players named in the 2014 World Cup squad, still as an Arsenal player of course……

Just imagine if some got their wish and he started scoring goals for fun at one of our bitter rivals.

One consolation from him being omitted from the England side is that he should have a proper pre-season and start the next campaign fully fit and raring to go! I really hope that missing out on the trip to South Africa kicks starts the career of Theo Walcott.

Every cloud…..

190 Responses to Ramsey signs, should Theo go……

  1. rico says:

    morning all….

    i read today that capello dropped theo because he ignored his tactics during the mexico game….

    also, capello had told wenger he was going to be selected… no wonder theo thought he was going….

  2. Erick says:

    Rico he was playing golf when he got the call thats why I hate golf. Good Morning

  3. rico says:

    Morning Erick, he’s now gone on his hols, poor kid 😉

  4. rico says:

    Are you able to get on to newsnow this morning Erick??

  5. Erick says:

    Not yet Rico I normally go to Espn, Goal.com.

  6. Erick says:

    Rico I think it has problem am trying but its failing to connect

  7. Erick says:

    The Cole rumour is growing Harry reckons he has already agreed a deal with another club may be Arsenal???

  8. rico says:

    i cant get on it either, guess its crashed 😦

    if cole had signed you would have thought it would be announced by now? seems its between us and the mancs

  9. Erick says:

    Would he go to the Mancs Rico others are saying Madrid how was his relationship with Jose I don’t remmember. Guti to join Salgado at blackburn 🙂

  10. rico says:

    Keown has labelled Theo a ‘one trick pony’!!

  11. rico says:

    Erick, he’d struggle abroad with the launguage, he can only just speak English 😉

  12. Erick says:

    Jose knows English he can put him on speed dial 🙂 🙂

  13. Erick says:

    RVP scored and set up a goal and Song was average thats what i read

  14. Erick says:

    Rico NN is back on 🙂

  15. rico says:

    RVP’s fit again then, that’s good news – was it robin v song ? i din’t see any footie last night..

  16. Erick says:

    No Rico Ghana vs Holland and Portugal vs Cameroon he seems to be back on track.

  17. rico says:

    woops 😦

  18. Erick says:

    Rico have you seen the Wilshere story on NN where does he play thought he was a winger

  19. rico says:

    I haven’t Erick – he is a joe cole/hleb kind of player, i dont think he a true winger – some may disagree of course 😉

  20. Erick says:

    It reckons that he is Cesc replacement and Aw wants to keep Cesc for another year as he comes of age.

  21. rico says:

    Ramsey will be the Cesc replacement I think Erick if he goes and Wenger doesnt buy – but if cesc does go, he will buy someone, surely Gourcuff 🙂

  22. Erick says:

    When are we expecting Ramsey back Rico Yoan would be a great addition

  23. Avashnee says:

    Hi Guys, say what u want, maybe its pms:) but Theo not coming to SA is just the worst news to me. I am biased( Arsenal) guys – but I do hope England do well.

  24. rico says:

    Hopefully soon after the season starts, dont think anything has been said by arsene yet….

  25. rico says:

    Hi Avashnee, bad news for you, but maybe good news for Arsenal 😉

  26. Erick says:

    What am hoping for is that Theo’s confidence is not affected and the situation gets the best out of him Avashnee

  27. Avashnee says:

    hope so too Rico,

  28. Erick says:

    Rico Mbia had a great game yesterday he took care of Cristiano I know you like him 🙂

  29. rico says:

    Erick, this should give him the kick in the pants he needs, if ever a player needed that its Theo…. A true sportsman would get over this quickly and show fire in his belly, just hope Theo has it in him…

  30. rico says:

    Avashnee 🙂

    Maybe that performance is enough to make Arsene go get him…

  31. K-TR7 says:

    Morning all.i don’t feel sorry for theo since he brought this on himself.on the wings he gets space to run into and is a part of the forward line.most teams play deep against us so theo would be just as useless through the middle.

  32. Red Arse says:

    Rico, I heard that Rambo won’t be able to play again until next January. Probably like Edu he will then need games to get match fit. i.e. out for most of the season. Hope not though

  33. Erick says:

    K-tr7 i still have faith in him and its all dowm to him to repay my faith Red arse January is not good hope your wrong but he’s still young

  34. rico says:

    Morning KTR7 and RA

    He is a striker, why don’t we let him have a chance a playing as one, its clear he struggles to cross, wenger never has a plan b…. why not hoof the ball up top every now and again and let the boy use his pace, the one thing he can do is shoot….

    RA, not good about Ramsey then hope thats wrong..

  35. vote eboue says:

    cole is coming to us. not announced coz capello said no transfer talks.

  36. vote eboue says:

    i have this feeling that we are going to see a very revitalized re-arranged arsenal squad next season.

  37. Red Arse says:

    Hi Erick, I heard both Waddle and Keown laying into Theo, on the radio, this a.m.

    On re-watching a recording of the England game, I have changed my mind a bit regarding Theo.

    We all know he has great talent, but it’s not always used. The one thing I don’t think he has is dribbling skill. You know, a good feint, or a trick to go past a player. His speed is negated when he can’t get past and the result is that he falls over too easily or gets knocked off the ball.

  38. Erick says:

    Rico a striker makes decision in split seconds a winger has more time do you think Theo will be able to make decisions that fast while the wing has been a problem

  39. rico says:

    morning vote eboue – i dont mind if we do, we need it!

  40. Erick says:

    The question RA was may be wenger is not doing enough to make Theo be a better play you think thats true

  41. Red Arse says:

    Erick, if I was Le Prof I would hire Matt Letissier to work with Theo.

    Towards the end of his career, although he had no pace, he would show the ball to the defender and then suddenly be past him.

    If he could teach Theo to do that, then once past Theo could put the afterburners on and be amazing.

    Arsene won’t do that, so in answer to your question; no I don’t think he is helping Theo.

  42. rico says:

    Thants my whole point about Theo, the less time he has to think the better….

    If he played as second striker, his pace would out do most defence, he would just shoot 🙂 If he gets fouled, penalty….

    Before he gets sold, let him play where he should as sure as heck another team will and then we will miss him… jj i know will disagree 😉

  43. rico says:

    Lokk at Eboue, crap LW but good RB – so why play him LW???

    Maybe wenger isn’t such a good coach with these young players…

  44. K-TR7 says:

    I think theo is all about pace nothing more but i hope he proves us wrong.rvp was brilliant again…

  45. Red Arse says:

    Rico, when I leave the site and then return, I am being directed to a page saying “sorry what you are looking for is not here”. Second, where do you all get those cute little yellow faces?

  46. rico says:

    RA, i think there was a problem with newsnow when i published the post this morning 😦 I don’t know how to put it right sadly 😦

    hover over the smilies and it will show you how to typ them..

  47. Dondagooner says:

    Theo has the talent and skill. … Capello is certainly a turnip.. I think we’ll regret not having his pace in the world cup.

  48. Erick says:

    RA I don’t understand Aw he should be looking at this situation with seriousness this could be what we need to be champions and as Vote Eboue said I see a different arrangement of the squad next season

  49. Erick says:

    With the faces try joining a colon, dash and outward bracket : + – + )

  50. JonJon says:

    Theos not a striker either..

    Both Capello and Wenger are two of the worlds best coaches and neither play him upfront.they cant both be wrong..

    Theo lacks the positional sense, the movement, the workate, the first touch and the strength to be a striker…So wenger is trying to make him come from deeper so he can use his pace and get into the one on ones with the GK, like freddie used to do..

    capellos trying the same thing but it aint working cos theo doesnt have a clue what hes doing..

    It dont matter where you play him the result will be the same..

  51. rico says:

    Hi jj, so why does wenger have him listed in his squad as a striker?? i dont get it

  52. rico says:

    Hi Dondagooner

    i think capello will regret not taking Bent too. My guess is that after one or two games Lennon will be crocked as he isn’t fully fit, the same will happen with Barry, and Heskey, well i won’t be surprised if he’s crocked before the first game…

    I would have taken Dawson, Parker, Bent and Theo….

  53. rico says:

    BARCA have made formal bid for Cesc!!!

  54. rico says:

    or johnson instead of Parker, imho Capello has mucked this up, then watch him go to Inter after we get knocked out!!

  55. rico says:

    Anyone know how much Barca have offered????

  56. rico says:

    no-one around so i’m offski…

  57. Erick says:

    10 mil Rico 😉 no idea

  58. K-TR7 says:

    Bye bye cesc…

  59. Erick says:

    K-tr7 you think they will pay 50mil Aw has to spend every freakin penny and get some classy players

  60. K-TR7 says:

    Erick all signs are showing captain marvel is off.i reckon we will be a much better team without him;imagine us in a 4-2-3-1 with song and a box to box cm holding with three no.10’s behind rvp?(cole,AA,chamakh) we would be more unpredictable with us attacking from all angles unlike with cesc where all our attacks originated from him.i’ll wait until we complete our transfer business before painting a clearer picture…

  61. Barndoor Bendtner says:

    The other problem with Theo and England is that Rooney doesnt like him. Thats part of the reason he never passes to Theo and could never partner him up front.
    I think the surprise is not that Theo isnt going, but who is. I mean Theo is better than SWP (sorry Wrighty but true), Carrick has gone backwards, Carragher will just go red and haul someone down in the box.

  62. Erick says:

    K-tr7 so we don’t need to make an offer for Yoan in your formation. BB Lennon has been injured half the season and Swp has been warming the bench for city its funny what happening

  63. K-TR7 says:

    Erick he can play behind rvp but we will have to wait to see how aw acts before speculating…

  64. Erick says:

    You think Joe cole has agreed a deal with us it coul get intresting

  65. SD-London says:

    Wao it is easy to forget what Theo is capable of , although he has not being in the best form of late but all this talk of he cant dribble or he will be a misfit in the front is giving me headache.

    Theo is a fine player with issues to sort out about his game and there is little a coach can do, the player himself has to sort it out.

    Can we all please remember Walcott against Liverpool in the Champions League go past 4 players and decided to pass calmly to Ade?

  66. agirlagunner says:

    Hi, SD, KTR7, Erick!

    I’m not yet sold on Theo. I need to see more. While he offers something different, his raw pace is unmatched— he has no sese of timing and such poor decision-making skills. Next season is his for the taking though; if he doesn’t shine this season, I don’t see it ever happening.

    I think Rambo has overtaken him in terms of expected progress; by the looks of it, maybe Jack will too.

  67. K-TR7 says:

    Afternoon agag/SD…

  68. agirlagunner says:

    It is reported that the stains have offered 30 million for Cesc. Hah. Are they for real?

  69. rico says:

    Afternoon peeps…

    Now is the time for the club to make a statement imho, confirm the offer and tell us it’s been rejected…

  70. SD-London says:

    Theo needs an experience player to show him how its done but unfortunately Wenger has sold them all.

  71. agirlagunner says:

    Hi, rico. I hope AW just tells them to f-off. It’s high time.

  72. SD-London says:

    Why would Joe Cole want to come to Arsenal?
    If he does , maybe Theo can learn one or two from him.

  73. agirlagunner says:

    Exactly, SD. The over thirty policy has to reexamined. It makes us look ridiculous esp. since we asked Sol back anyway. It’s not as if by turning thirty one enters dotage.

  74. JonJon says:


    in a 433 theo is a striker

  75. SD-London says:

    It has being scientifically proven that human beings are at their best form physically in their 30s.

    Therefore Wenger’s theory baffles me.

    Young players get tired easily anyways, they lack wisdom and imagine Arsenal playing 120 minutes in a champions league final with Ramsey,Theo,Nasri,Wishere,Fabregas,Denilson,e.t.c. starting the game .

  76. agirlagunner says:

    SD, I don’t like seeing Denilson in any line-up real or imaginary. 🙂

  77. rico says:

    Arsenal turn down Barca offer for Fabregas

    Arsenal Football Club have today released the following statement about captain Cesc Fabregas:

    “Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly valued member of the team and part of our future plans.

    “We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment. However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.

    “To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word

  78. rico says:

    jj, i’m giving up defending Theo, i just see things different and want him to improve, maybe i am biased as on the flip side i want us to to get rid of Diaby and Denilson….

  79. SD-London says:

    It is all tough talk but what is the club’s aim by this statement.

    Do i sense a disagreement between Wenger and Cesc?Rico et al

  80. agirlagunner says:

    🙂 🙂 squeals. 🙂 🙂

    Arsenal, I love you.

  81. K-TR7 says:

    Arsenal has grown balls!especially the last part about us not making a counter offer and them respecting us…fuck off FARCA!…

  82. K-TR7 says:

    Agag im so proud right now!maybe aw will change us for the better too…

  83. rico says:

    SD, i haven’t a clue, in their statement they make no reference of cesc’s personal wishes – i wish they would clarify that bit…

  84. agirlagunner says:

    🙂 A smile as wide as the Thames 🙂

  85. rico says:

    I’d hang fire on the celebrating just yet, to me all that statement says is they have rejected this offer and that they want him to stay….

    if its 30M of course they would say that, wait til it goes up to 40M or beyond…

  86. rico says:

    Hugo Rodallega has been labelled a ‘luxury player’ by his chairman, maybe he is coming our way…

  87. agirlagunner says:

    rico, Cesc did give Wenger the perfect segue for this f-off to Barca. He left the choice in Wenger’s hands, so he has to respect that. He can’t have his cake (not say anything incendiary to turn the Arsenal collective against him) and eat it too (get the Barca transfer). He stays. And I don’t see him underperforming because he did not get his way. He’s better than that. (Hyuk, I have a lot of feelingly felts on Cesc.)

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  88. rico says:

    He is going agag, the spanish reporter says barca know they have offered way off the right price and knew it would be rejected. they are prepared to go up a lot higher but want to throw Yaya into the deal.

    Barca have been told 87M Euros will get their man…

  89. W.A.T.H says:

    Afternoon all…………

    About time the club made a statement and the very subtle fuck off to the shits at the end is piss funny…!.

    Think it makes it very clear 2b honest Rico, he ain’t for sale end of….. the only thing that would change that is IF Cesc puts in a transfer request so now the ball in his court…!.

  90. rico says:

    Spanish reporter = Graham Hunter i think, he’s quite in with the barca turds…

  91. W.A.T.H says:

    The fact they didnt call it a derogatoty offer or anything like that doesnt even leave it open to come back with a higher bid……….. it’s clear and simple he under contract til 2015 and not for sale… In coded terms that means take ur poxy offer and fuck off and IF you reall want him come back with at least 60million otherwise dont waste our time you pant stains…!. debt ridden arseholes…!.

    Nuff said…………….

  92. K-TR7 says:

    Barca said they’ll have to respect our decision.we aren’t cash desperate while they are skint:its the perfect scenario.we aren’t interested and cesc himself left this decision upto aw and its seems aw isn’t keen on letting him go.last season when it was apparent eto’o was leaving barca paid 70mil for ibra since they were desperate for a new forward to lead the line.30mil for cesc is to show barca fans they tried but we rejected and they don’t really need him.its the first time we have done that rico,even legrovers are rejoicing…well done ARSENAL!

  93. Erick says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 Are people happy in here or what 🙂 Barca got the best response you stains stay away ha ha ha ha ha

  94. agirlagunner says:

    But we won this round, rico. 🙂

    And if the offer is bettered, as I’m sure it would be; and Cesc does go, we’d get ourselves a fat kitty. I’m just relieved to hear from our club over the deal.

    Whatever else, the club’s last sentence as quoted by KTR7 above was a zinger. Arsenal done me proud. Mes que un club? Pffft.

  95. SD-London says:

    Well this is no good news per say but it is good that Arsenal is showing we are not push over and i think they will eventually reach an agreement to let Fabregas leave after one season with the price staying at £30M.

    Barcelona will not offer £40M and i dont think Wenger wants another Toure(Prolonged temper).

  96. rico says:

    Afternoon WATH

    Thats not what is coming out of Spain, but I like your view and comment better 🙂

  97. K-TR7 says:

    All we wanted is clarity on the transfer front and we have got it.thank you arsenal for listening to your fans.

  98. agirlagunner says:

    Buenas, noches Sr. WATH. Hola, que tal?

  99. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico, what comes out of spain is a load of media loaded bullshit so the media can do all their bullshit and shit stirring in public that they can then deny any official tapping up or underhanded goings on, they always operate like that and always will do the gutless pricks…!. If Arsenal stick to their guns and play hard ball the stains are pretty stuffed unless they put serious money on the table. The otherside now is IF Arsenal accept a stupid offer they will be accused of selling out and having no ambition, the tell tale will as said be IF Cesc asks for a transfer then a stupid offer would be accepted with a wantaway player….!.

  100. Red Arse says:

    Hi W.A.T.H, good to see you on form. I knew you would be the best negotiator, perhaps with Agag to ride shotgun.

    I wouldn’t argue with the pair of you.

    Agag, Rico told me if I hovered over the little yellow faces, I presumed with the cursor), all would be revealed. Nothing happened, and now you have gone bonkers with faces everywhere. Makes me feel like a plonker.

  101. SD-London says:

    K-TR7 do you really think Arsenal listen to their fans?

  102. W.A.T.H says:

    Allo gorgeous lady AGAG, I am fine thank you how are you…?

  103. Erick says:

    Howdy Agag, SD and the sailor Happy days Happy days atleast we go down fighting its been all Barca but we shot back

  104. W.A.T.H says:

    RA……….. It’s about time someone told them publically that they ain’t getting Cesc and all their media antics are not gonna work. Put your money where your mouth is and if not then fuck off back out the door you seeped through…!. That statement leave no room for discussion what so ever…..! Nice….!

  105. agirlagunner says:

    RA, just point put the cursor over the emoticon, the code will flash. I’ll wait for your smiley. Do it, do it. We haven’t had much to smile about in recent weeks. And the offer for 80 mil might come in any second now.

  106. Erick says:

    Red Arse check my advice re yellow faces at 12:02 🙂

  107. rico says:

    But, hasn’t Cesc asked to go, that’s the bit that needs clarifying, he ceratinly isn’t doing his usual i/v negating all this….

    he’s gone, telling ya, not yet, but soon…

  108. Erick says:

    Wath spot on now the lights are on el-captain

  109. SD-London says:

    Hello Erick , Fabregas is a big issue for Arsenal i guess it is a collective interest of both Wenger and Casidi(?)not to let Fabregas go or at least not for cheap.

    Apparently only RVP and Fabregas jersey gets sold at the Emirates and they are mostly the reason people buy mementos , tickets or any money making venture.
    Therefore loosing Fabregas is not only loosing in footballing terms but financial terms as well.

    Therefore Arsenal is going to have a wonderful time getting the best out of this deal.

  110. Erick says:

    Rico he left it in the hands of Aw and he has handled it

  111. Red Arse says:

    Agag, nothing happens. I pressed the left mouse key which lists blah de blah.

    It is giving me the serious hump. Now Erick has flooded his post with faces too. Oh to be knowledgeable.

    I will just have to accept I am a plonker and hope my native wit and charm will suffice. Fat Chance!

  112. Red Arse says:

    Erick, I’m sorry not to have thanked you earlier. I had to leave before your message came thru.

    I still can’t make it work, so I am resigned to being the posters’ dummy.

    Thanks anyway.

  113. SD-London says:


  114. SD-London says:

    Just did it Red Arse, just point your cursor on the smiley and the code will appear 😉

  115. agirlagunner says:

    Never been better, WATH. 🙂 Puppy dog eyes is staying put. Bring on that 50 60 70 80 mil offer, stains!

    Are you happy or are you happy Erick? I thought so.

    RA, you can just cut copy paste. It’ll work. The native wit and charm would be highlighted when bookended by the smileys.

  116. SD-London says:

    Joe Cole’s news from Metro


    When exactly would he have signed in Austria or on the plane or before they left for the camp which i trust British media would have got a glimpse of him and Wenger.I think the news is just rubbish really.

  117. Red Arse says:

    W.A.T.H, I don’t know why Arsenal don’t say £150m and work down from there.

    There offer £30m our counter £150m then split the difference 150 – 30 = 120 then split the difference £60m. Seemples (smiley face)!

  118. W.A.T.H says:

    : – ) put those symbols together RA no spaces and u will get a smiley face….!

    Rico, he said he leavin it in AW’s hands maybe the ultimatum was buy me a decent squad to play with OR i wanna go… Who actually said he wants to leave the spanish media… hogwash… bollox 2 em….!.

    Maybe Cesc got it right threaten AW with top players needed 2b bought or he off…. AW says leave it with me Cesc….! there’s ya headline.

  119. W.A.T.H says:

    If u wanna wink RA its ; – ) a poke ur tongue out : P Simple…………!

  120. SD-London says:

    Good analysis WATH :-):-) there you go double smiley for you.

  121. SD-London says:

    Go to go guys see yah 😉

  122. Erick says:

    RA no problem it will work

  123. agirlagunner says:

    Oh and KTR7, I am sooooo proud of us too.

  124. rico says:

    See you SD, make it soon 🙂

    I don’t believe it WATH, he wants out, he’s told Arsene, but he’s told him to get a great price for him…..

  125. Erick says:

    :p Wath

  126. agirlagunner says:

    Adios, SD. Seeya.

  127. Red Arse says:

    Thanks everyone for being patient and trying to help the slow ones like me 😦 — I was just chucked out of the site, for no reason, so I think even my machine is ashamed of me!

    I’m off in disgrace, to leave you with proper arsenal stuff to discuss. Bye.

  128. rico says:

    RA, you have not been chucked off the site, its all playing up!!

    See you soon Mr Smilie 🙂

  129. agirlagunner says:

    You can’t leave with a sad face, RA. Have another go!

  130. Red Arse says:

    Hey wait a minute, W.A.T.H, Erick, Agag, Rico et al you are all genii. (That’s latin because geniuses doesn’t look right. :-), 🙂

    When I typed it, on screen no smiley, when it showed up on the site there’s a smiley! Great. I’m now an official genius too!

    And sod you machine

  131. W.A.T.H says:

    Cheers SD………….

    I’m off 2 need 2 go drink some GG as I have a terrible thirst.

    Rico, 2 many papers and stories 4u………. 😛

  132. W.A.T.H says:

    Be good all and keep the ladies occupied while I’m away RA, watch AGAG she is very high maintenance though and drinks a lot………….

  133. Red Arse says:

    I’ve got to go too W.A.T.H

    I’m on a high having learned something from you guys today. 🙂 🙂

    Actually, I’m a bit scared of Rico and Agag. They’ve been really kind to me but I think I might try their patience left on my own. 😦

  134. rico says:

    Bet you a bottle of GG WATH… he’s gone!

  135. rico says:

    Oi RA, don’t be so worried about us ladies, we nice people 🙂

  136. agirlagunner says:

    Very funny, WATH. I’m not high… Maybe, I am high maintenance, but I maintain myself, thank you very much.

    Skipping the GG tonight… The mood calls for… Cristal. 😛

    Be good, WATH.

  137. W.A.T.H says:

    Ur on, a bottle it is…! lata peeps…! I’m gone………………………….

  138. W.A.T.H says:

    I’m always good AGAG……….. Cristal is rubbish….! Salon…….! 😉

  139. agirlagunner says:

    RA, but we are so very nice! We’re simple folk. We love Arsenal, our pets, and GG. (Grey Goose for me, Garden Greens for rico).

  140. Suhail.TV says:

    afternoon all.. back in bussiness,…

  141. Erick says:

    Stv howdy

  142. Erick says:

    Long time Champ what have you been up to hope school is polite on you 🙂

  143. Suhail.TV says:

    hii …………… Erick delighted to see u again.. fine man… and you.. its kinda abominable lull all arround thease days at arsenal.

  144. Suhail.TV says:

    AGAG, come back… Do not sleep or GGed.

  145. agirlagunner says:

    Hi, STV and… bye, STV. I have an early meeting tomorrow, catch you later!

    Nightnight Erick. Be good, boys.

  146. Suhail.TV says:

    Hi and bye agag. Rock the meeting/ conference.. tomorrow and come early here…

  147. agirlagunner says:

    I’m back. Have you newsnowed, STV? Brought yourself up to speed? Pretty eventful day, I must say. The club finally said something about Cesc.

  148. Suhail.TV says:

    what is that

  149. Suhail.TV says:

    no agag..
    what they said

  150. Erick says:

    Am good STV just on a forced holiday (strike) Agag good luck with the meeting 🙂

  151. agirlagunner says:

    Rico, posted it in full above. No Cesc deal at the moment yet so I am a happy girl. 🙂

  152. Erick says:

    Stv they said Cesc is not for sale and they are not willing to discuss offers so back should keep their distance 🙂

  153. Suhail.TV says:

    so am also an happy girl if am a girl.. but agag now we’ve signed a “new” player as cesc’s long term replacement!!!

  154. Erick says:

    Agag you on GG thought you had a meeting 😉

  155. Erick says:

    STV you mean Yoan or Ramsey who extend his contract the only player signed is Chamaka

  156. Suhail.TV says:

    ha ha… erick we know AGAG well…….

  157. Suhail.TV says:

    hey erick.. acc to wenger ..every player coming back from injury should act as a “new signing”

  158. Suhail.TV says:

    ha ha erick agag on GG … we know her well

  159. Erick says:

    This time Stv he has to mean business we need to compete at the highest level to attract stars and keep the ones we have he has no choice

  160. JonJon says:

    well done to wenger and his sidekicks..theyve made the right choice..

    cesc can love barca all he wants, he can have barca dna, he can have the barca badge tattooed on his arse..

    i dont care hes contracted and hes not going anywhere if we dont get big money..30mils an insult..they can take their ‘formal offer’ turn it sideways and shove it up their arse..

    the bonus is that he still has 100 years left on his contract..so in theory we can keep him another 2 years and still ask for 80mil for him..

    we hold all the cards..have done from the start..

  161. Erick says:

    Stv what are this ladies drinking GG and mixing it with Cristal 😉 Wath is spreading evil

  162. JonJon says:

    the next step now is to secure joe coles signature..buy a couple of defenders, a monster GK and a take no prisoners midfielder and we are rocking..

  163. Erick says:

    Howdy JJ and happy times are back with us they can speak to the media as often has the want but without ‘making it rain’ am talking thunder storms we aint listening

  164. rico says:

    Sorry guys and gals, doorbell and phone rang, now i have to go 😦 😦

    agag, i just hope the 🙂 🙂 stays with you until the window shuts…

    See you all tomorrow..

    nighty night

  165. rico says:

    Horrid horrid news from Cumbria…. another Hungerford…

    May the families of those killed be given strength….

  166. Erick says:

    The Joe Cole rumour is getting stronger by the day, its the mancs and us he won’t go to liverfool because of the CL

  167. Erick says:

    Rico saw it on CNN sad very sad. Night Rico c u morrow

  168. JonJon says:

    hi rico, bye rico 😉

    erick its always been the same stance..they pay up or they shut up..

    no negotiations, no bullshit..

  169. JonJon says:


    cole has said he doesnt want to leave london..its looking like its us..

    wengers not known to give players huge contracts but he does when there is no transfer fee involved

    he signed sol on a free and gave him 90k a week because of it..

    its possible we have met coles demands..

  170. rico says:

    how rude of me, hi jj, night jj 😉

    cole has signed a 3 year deal with us… so its said…

    Erick, it is, bloody wicked….

  171. Erick says:

    I surely hope so Jon jon the double D boys need competition in the mf and i like cole’s work rate even when he has a bad day am telling you next season it might be on

  172. JonJon says:

    whats happened in cumbria??

  173. Suhail.TV says:

    Night all…. stay safe..

  174. rico says:

    loony with a gun jj, 12 dead and 25 seriously injured….

  175. JonJon says:


  176. Erick says:

    Rico Chav fans seem sad but am hoping their is some truth in that but 110 a week seems as anti Arsenal

  177. Erick says:

    What has the world come to 😦 😦

  178. Erick says:

    Night STV take care mate

  179. rico says:

    not for a freebie Erick, thats what wenger does, just as jj said earlier….

    right, i’m definately off this time, catch you in the morning 🙂

  180. JonJon says:

    seeya ricolicious

  181. Erick says:

    Take Care Rico 🙂

  182. Erick says:

    We will have to wait and see him holding Arsenal Jersey

  183. JonJon says:

    he can play the wide role as well as the central…barring cesc hes better than anything we have and if wenger bags him it will be a great signing

    a big name signing..

    wenger back in the old days weaving his magic..

    hope its true

  184. K-TR7 says:

    JJ its seems aw has his poker face on holding all the aces in a dark room with a sly smile on his face…he may surprise us!ay to that…

  185. JonJon says:

    i hope so ktr7

    fingers crossed..

  186. K-TR7 says:

    Imagine us playing the invincibles way?amen to that…

  187. JonJon says:

    we’d need invincible players first 😉

  188. K-TR7 says:

    Strong athletic players first:chamakh is a good start.rvp,fab,AA(when he cares),vermy,sagna,clichy(on form) can easily form a strong backbone.lets wait and see whats in aw’s magic hat…

  189. rico says:

    New Post up

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