Will Jose’s arrival spark summer sale in Madrid???

So old Jose Mourinho was finally confirmed as the new manager at Real Madrid yesterday. The 11th manager in 7 seasons someone suggested yesterday on Avenell Road – staggering figures, no wonder our very own Arsene Wenger has never accepted their offer.

The appointment of their new manager was kept about as secret as us signing Chamakh and Sami Nasri… 🙂

I’m glad though, for two reasons.

1) It might just be the thing to knock Barcelona off their high and mighty perch.

2) Jose may actually think Cesc is worth our clubs value and make a sensible offer to spark a bidding war. This in turn could do one of two things, make Cesc realise he is better off staying put rather than being stuck in a City where he  doesn’t want to be, or make Barca realise they won’t get our player for peanuts.

I said a few days ago, we are holding all the cards, we are in a win win situation, Jose’s appointment may just be the thing that keeps Cesc stay at Arsenal – after all, what Catalan man would want to move to Madrid??

So, back to Real Madrid and Jose, he who thinks he’s so special….

Will he have a bit of sale in order to fund potential moves for the likes of Cashley Cole and Frank Lumpard or will he just be gifted another £100M to go and get who he wants.

There must be a few players at Real Madrid who are thinking, ‘S**t, what’s going to happen to me, I’ve had it easy, but this new man may sell me now’ – Let’s take a look at who they have in their squad, see who you think he may sell and most importantly, who would you be happy to see us buy if he was up for sale…

1 GK Iker Casillas (vice-captain)
2 DF Álvaro Arbeloa
3 DF Pepe
4 DF Sergio Ramos (vice-captain)
5 MF Fernando Gago
6 MF Mahamadou Diarra
7 FW Raúl (captain)
8 MF Kaká
9 FW Cristiano Ronaldo
10 MF Lass Diarra
11 FW Karim Benzema
12 DF Marcelo
13 GK Jerzy Dudek
14 MF Guti (vice-captain)
15 MF Royston Drenthe
18 DF Raúl Albiol
19 DF Ezequiel Garay
20 FW Gonzalo Higuaín
22 MF Xabi Alonso
23 MF Rafael van der Vaart
24 MF Esteban Granero
26 GK Antonio Adán
— MF Sergio Canales

We need a midfielder, a big strong lump who isn’t afraid of getting stuck in, if I could magic Paddy back all over again, thats who I would choose, but I can’t. Interstingly enough, all the midfielders who are at the right age for us who currently play for Real Madrid are shorties, so they can keep them all…

We need central defenders, again big strong ones.What about Álvaro Arbeloa Coca if he becomes available, 6’0″, 27yrs old and plays for his country every now and again. He’s even played in the Premier League under Rafa before a punch up with Jamie Carragher saw him be moved on!!

Pepe – 6’1.5″ Portuguese central defender, 27yrs old, what about him?? Ex Porto player, so Jose will keep him no doubt..

Raúl Albiol Tortajada – 6’3″ 24yrs old – now your talking, but no way will Jose sell him, will he?? He’s a central defender but can also play in the centre of midfield…..

Ezequiel Marcelo Garay – 6’2.5″ – 23yrs old, central defender – he would be good too, his country is Argentina…

Madrid have more defenders, but like the midfielders they are either too short or too old so they can keep them too…

But for me, there is one player I would like to see Madrid sell and thats Rafael van der Vaart, if ever there is a player who could really ‘fill the void’ left by Dennis Bergkamp a few years ago, I think its him…….

Yes I know, some will say where will he fit in, who’s place who he take….. I don’t care about either really, if Wenger wants to be creative, then get a player who can really keep us being creative – if that means selling a player or two to accomodate him joining or even to fund the move then so be it – as long as its Almunia, Denilson, Diaby, Flapianski, Silvestre – or even all of them, I’m sure it would be worth it 🙂

So then folks, if you could pick one player from the squad of Real Madrid – who would it be??

The day has arrived, June 1st 2010, the transfer window is finally open, will  Joe Cole be the second summer signing this window later today?

I hope so – have a good day all…


178 Responses to Will Jose’s arrival spark summer sale in Madrid???

  1. rico says:

    Morning peoples…

  2. K-TR7 says:

    Morning.I used to hate mourinho but not anymore.he does what he does to benefit the team.when he came to england he got under aw’s skin and it worked,he did the same at inter and will do the same in spain.he adapts to the league he goes to and one cannot question his abilities:16 trophies in 8 years in 3 different leagues.he changes tactics according to the opposition and players available unlike aw who forced us to play 4-3-3 despite injuries to our forwards.this led to nasri and rosicky playing unfarmiliar roles which led to them being criticized unfairly.he is quite simply a genius.on the defenders id love pepe but its unlikely since he is their best defender.albiol and garay are poor,i have seen them play.i don’t think we need arbeloa but id love vdv or better even kaka…lets hope we get those signings.

  3. Zizou says:

    Can such a tiny club refrain from commenting on the great Real Madrid.

  4. K-TR7 says:

    Xavi is speaking rubbish again after laporta took his turn yesterday.i hate that club more than ever…apparently valdano the madrid sporting director was against pellegrini sacking but perez overruled his opinion…they are also after david silva according to valencia president.

  5. rico says:

    Morning KTR7, I can’t stand the man as you know, can’t stand Fergie either, but judging them on what they do, they are two of the best managers around…

    VDV for me too…

  6. rico says:

    Hi Zizou, you must be a very happy RM fan to have Jose as manager, i think you will overtake Barca next season…

  7. Mike E says:

    he will do well for madrid. il clasico will be the matches of the season for sure!

    as an aside, i would welcome some more european players however we don’t need any more africans – great players and nice people and a wonderful nation – but they have the african nations cup which is in the middle of our season. and all their players make their money playing in the european leagues. madness.

    why can’t they play it in their winter, our summer, when we play the european cup?

  8. K-TR7 says:

    According to the new regulations the ACN will be held in odd years;it will be in 2012 and 2013 so id rather we have song as our only starter participating.

  9. rico says:

    Hi Mike, it is going to change so we won’t be so bad off, after 2013…

  10. rico says:

    oops, sorry ktr7, you have forgotten Ebooooooooooooooie 🙂

  11. K-TR7 says:

    Rico i meant starting 11 players…according to laporta’s words they don’t have the ability to pay cesc cash,he mentioned they are creating a path for the future…if madrid buy 3/4 defensive signings as mou said and maybe dimaria/silva they’ll be better than barca hands down!i don’t think anyone will fancy playing the machine mou will create.

  12. rico says:

    Ah, see what you mean, our starting eleven….

    if Jose buys such players, do you think he will sell or just have a huge squad??

  13. K-TR7 says:

    Rico the likes of guti and raul will be released.i think he’ll be happy with the size of his squad.

  14. SD-London says:

    Well i most say i am more than happy that Jose is off to Real Madrid because he will give the nasty Catalan’s a terrible experience.

    He will make sure he wins his first game against Barcelona to give him the Psychological edge against them.

    He will drop the fancy football of Real Madrid for a win at all cost kind of football. This will ripple down through the Spanish league and the league will be toupher and Barcelona might not have it as simple.

    He might even go for some of Barcelona’s players(e.g. Toure).

    He will not sell any quality players, therefore him selling VAart or Pepe but he might sell Lass Diara because of their Chelsea history.

    Jose’s move to Real M. is all good news to me and trust me we might still benefit if he buys Cashley cole which will definitely hurt Chelsea.

  15. K-TR7 says:

    AA has said he had a normal season-even pitiful…i hope he means his own season too…heres hoping he has a stellar 10-11 season…

  16. ali says:

    ronaldo can be a good signing?????????

  17. rico says:

    Hi SD, i think Cashley is a real possibilty to go there, having just be divorced by Cheryl he want to get away – like you say, that would really dent the chavs..

    I reckon the chavs will eventually snap up Toure, especially if Lumpard goes to RM…

  18. rico says:

    KTR7, for such a little un, he has a lot to say for himself doesnt he, he hardly set the world alight last season….

  19. rico says:

    ali, we would never go for him, and he would never join us…..

  20. SD-London says:

    Lampard will never leave for Real Madrid he his too scared of playing outside the premiership .His international performances speaks for itself.

  21. rico says:

    Shame really SD, he would be well and truly exposed…

  22. rico says:

    Joe Cole has said he wont sign anywhere until after the WC…. That is of course if he gets selected…

  23. SD-London says:

    I am so proud of Arsenal FC for the first time this season by the way they have being treating the Cesc affair.

    You can actually feel the Barcelona clan’s frustration daily in the media, they have tried everything and it hasn’t worked.

    They probably misjudged Wenger, maybe they never listened to his interviews after we have lost a crucial game.

    They didn’t know Wenger is a bad looser and loosing Cesc is like loosing FA cup semi final to Man Utd on two own goals.

  24. rico says:

    Just wish the club had made an official statement though SD, didn’t have to say much but publish it on afc.com…

    none of us know what is truth and what is just paper rubbish and the barca mouthpieces having their say…

  25. Erick says:

    Morning all

  26. rico says:

    Morning Erick 🙂

  27. SD-London says:

    The only reason Joe Cole will not sign for Chelsea is if he doesn’t go to the WC because he will blame Chelsea for not playing him enough to be match fit in time for the WC .

    But i suspect Capello will pick him and he will definitely be happy and will not want to miss his friend in Frank,Terry and Cole.

    We should forget about Joe Cole signing for us because it will not happen.

  28. alex says:

    To be honest, this current Real team sucks… Defence is baaaad, midfield is dreadful, and strikers are crap too… For a team with more money than Spains country debt. GK is ok. Ramos is a great RB. They need two central defenders that are hungry for blood, who are tall, strong and technical. Gerard Pique like in other words. Pepe and Albiol are not good enought for that team. Left back position is also dreadful. Midfield doesn’t really work. They have Kaka and Ronaldo, who are top ofthe top, but they offer nothing in defence, which means they have to play with 2 holding midfielders. Gago and Mahmadou Diarra are way off being good enough. Lassana Diarra is good, but poor in the air. Wenger should gladly take van der Vaart off their hands though.

  29. rico says:

    alex, you watch jose whip them in to shape….

  30. W.A.T.H says:

    Pique…………… what a joke that useless knob couldnt even get a game for the mancs… next you’ll be saying puyol is good 2….!.

    Mornin all……….

  31. SD-London says:

    Trust me Rico , Arsenal will have given Barcelona a price for Cesc and they have being shocked by the Arsenal’s unwillingness to exchange words unless they come with a sensible bid.

    Which at the moment they don’t have the money. It is all stupid politics because Guardiola the coach hasn’t really said anything. That tells you if Cesc is really needed or not.

    I hope this doesn’t affect Cesc’s reputation because it will definitely affect him if he ends up staying at Arsenal.

    We can’t loose either way.LOL

  32. rico says:

    Morning WATH, who mentioned Pique 😉

  33. W.A.T.H says:

    See 9.33 Rico…………… 😛

    Morning SD and Weedlord…..!

  34. rico says:

    That’s the point SD, do you want a player at Arsenal who has supposedly to the club he wants out??

    That’s the bit that needs claifying, if he has put in a transfer request, i hope we get 80M for him and put an end to all this speculation every transfer window..

  35. rico says:

    Ah, oops, i didnt read all the names WATH, not a madrid fan at all….

    they are all as bad as eachother when it comes to tapping up players, AW needs to go and tap up VDV 🙂

  36. SD-London says:

    Well as said before in this blog we should stop buying Spanish players really.
    I dont see Chamach saying he will like to go back home to play for his childhood club , do you?

    Xavi never really played with all his heart at liverpool and please watch Tores leave as well.

    Cesc can go for £80M and if he doesn’t then he will use plauseable deniability because he hasn’t said anything therefore he can always deny everything.
    Again Win Win.

  37. rico says:

    SD, I don’t mind where they come from, as long as we get them when they are at their peak rather than having to wait 10 years before we see them and then they want to go home….

    But yes, it does more often than not be the Spanish who want to go home regardless of their age 😦


  38. W.A.T.H says:

    Seesm to me most of those spanish lot are a bunch of nacy boys who wanna go home 2 Mummy…! Least the frogs never get homesick although I so with Diaby would..!

  39. SD-London says:

    Thanks Rico,Reyes.He just messed up his carrier i hope Cesc doesn’t mess up his as well.
    There was a reason they sold him(Cesc) to us in the first place , it was only by Wenger’s genius that he became what he is now.He might not fit in on time at Barcelona and they are not patient at all.

    He should ask Henry, Hleb,Gudjohnson,Toure, Ronaldinho,Eto just to mention a few.

  40. rico says:

    And the Dutch WATH, look at Dennis and Robin 🙂

  41. rico says:

    Reyes was a big shame SD, i don’t think Henry helped him much either – i don’t think he felt very welcome, unlike Cesc of cousre….

  42. SD-London says:

    Has Capello released is list yet?

  43. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico stop it………… Pls can we have another DB10…? Plz plz plz……!

  44. rico says:

    SD, lunchtime i think…

    Dont you think VDV could play the role Dennis did WATH – if Jse wants to buy older players, let us have the younger dutch man, imagine him just behind Robin and Chamakh …….

  45. SD-London says:

    VDV doesnt want to leave Spain because of his wife’s condition .
    That was why he palyed extra hard to get back into the Real Madrid regular playing 11 and he had good season.Therefore forget VDV.

  46. W.A.T.H says:

    Think VDV is one we missed out on Rico….. best look elsewhere…!.

  47. rico says:

    😦 😦 you bare bad news

  48. SD-London says:


  49. rico says:

    Capello/FA are due to announce the squad shortly, no doubt waiting for Barry scan ….

  50. rico says:

    rumours today that Vela and Sanchez Watt are off to Leeds on a season long loan, we are going to get Hart and Cole…..

    Who makes up these stories 🙂

  51. rico says:

    This is another good rumour, Terry will not be included in the England squad …….

  52. SD-London says:

    Which Cole, Joe? Vela to leeds? i dont think so.

  53. rico says:

    Anyone heard if we are holding a press conference today at midday???

  54. rico says:

    Joe Cole SD…

  55. Erick says:

    Wishful thinking Rico and Sd we aint buying anyone else 😉

  56. gunner17 says:

    i doubt jose will sanction the loss of anyone decent. he might not even bring anyone new in. if he can make european champions out of porto and inter, he can easily do it with this lot. he might not even change a thing.

  57. Erick says:

    I heard the Terry one Rice and Silvester will replace him;-)

  58. Erick says:

    Rice = Rico

  59. rico says:

    Ha ha Erick, be funny if its true and he doesn’t get selected…

    we are buying Erick, keep positive 😉

  60. rico says:

    hi gunner17, a girl can dream, to be fair though I’d only really like us to sign VDV, but that has already been dismissed sadly 😦

  61. Erick says:

    Jose had a one on one with Raul am sure Rico 🙂 knows what they talked about come on Ric’s share it 😉

  62. rico says:

    I know nothing Erick … 😉

  63. Erick says:

    Rico am dissapointed 🙂 so any news on Theo but alot of sites are tipping Theo for a place they can’t all be wrong

  64. rico says:

    Its due any time now Erick, the Barry scan results are out so that means no Huddlestonne i expect, would be funny if Dawson goes instead of Terry….

  65. SD-London says:

    I read on BBC sports blog that Walcott was spotted at Heathrow airport.
    I wouldn’t be surprised because he didn’t really play well.

    gunner17, it seems you don’t know Jose very well, he spent more than £100M at Inter and most of the players he met at Inter are languishing in the bench.
    He spent more than £250M at Chelsea and he is going to do the same at Real Madrid .

    That is how Jose operates he must buy the best of the best at all times and leaves the club with Trophies and more debt. You can’t win all.

  66. gunner17 says:

    Jose’s not a mug though. His side just got a tally of 96 points in the league. He can turn them into winners no problem.

    Real have spent big big money on this team already. I think Jose has been brought in to make the team perform, rather than to buy a whole new team and ship out the presidents trophy players.

  67. rico says:

    SD, he must be flying on holibobs, the England plane goes out tomorrow 😉

  68. gunner17 says:

    they’ve got loads of quality players there.
    i can only see a couple spots where they can improve.
    they could use a couple of attacking full-backs sure enough…and possibly an attacking central midfielder?

  69. rico says:

    Thats the thing though, managers like jose do it all on a huge budget, i bet he couldn’t do as well as wenger with our squad??

    Not that i am heaping praise on wenger, just thinking how many trophies we would have won if he had just spent a bit more money… not 100’s Millions…..

  70. gunner17 says:

    a.cole, maicon, gerrard?

  71. SD-London says:

    He was spotted alone at Heathrow with Girlfriend , he is dropped thats the interpretation.

  72. gunner17 says:

    jose gets performances out of hardened professionals who want to win…i don’t think he would know how to deal with the kids we’ve got…he would be reaching for the chequebook probably.

    give our kids a few more years of losing under wenger though, and they might be ready for jose to come in and do his thing.

  73. SD-London says:

    Jose is going to buy at least 3 players with average selling price of £22M .Please believe that gunner17.

    As rico said i don’t see Jose qualify for Champions league with Arsenal budget which is relistically £20M for a season.

  74. rico says:

    gunner17, i hope i dont ever see jose mourinho as manager of our fine club – all he would do is put us in great debt….

    we need either the old arsene back, the one who bought in Paddy, Petit, Henry, Overmas, Pires etc etc…

    Not asking for the world, just a keeper, two central defenders, central hard nut in midfield and one more striker…

  75. Erick says:

    Sd London Jose did it at Porto without spending much .I think he can make it work with limited budget or he can splash he is no fool he adapts to his enviroment

  76. rico says:

    SD, doesn’t sound so good for Theo if the airport thing is true… I honestly thought Capello would take him, still, saves me having watch England 😉 😉

  77. rico says:

    : Vítor Baía, Nuno Valente, Ricardo Carvalho, Jorge Costa(c), Paulo Ferreira, Costinha, Maniche, Pedro Mendes, Deco (Pedro Emanuel), Derlei (Benni McCarthy), and Carlos Alberto (Dmitri Alenichev).

    But didn’t he inherit his Porto squad Erick 😉 Maybe after two years/seasons he was told he had no money to spend to went to the chavs where he knew he had loads 😉

  78. SD-London says:

    It will be bad for Walcottif he is dropped and it should serve as a wake up call to him.
    Football first then world cup would follow and not media first.

  79. rico says:

    The only thing special about Jose is that he was born in the same month and year as ME!! 🙂

  80. SD-London says:

    If Barry doesn’t make it i think Capello should pick Scott Parker(did he play at all in the friendlies?)
    He better not pick Huddlestone because he is duddlestone on the pitch.

  81. rico says:

    SD, spot-on, may just give him the kick in the pants he needs if he doesnt go, theres not a lot of great english players and if he can’t raise his game higher than lennon or SWP, then he’s only got himself to blame….

    At least he would/should be fit for the beginning of the season if he doesn’t go….. 😉

  82. rico says:

    Brrys scan was ok SD, i think he’ll go.. I don’t think Parker did play…

  83. SD-London says:

    They way nobody could correctly guess the 23players to go to the WC just shows how inconsistent the English players have being , there are up to 11 spots that can be filled by anybody not even in the first 30.

  84. Erick says:

    Rico he did inherit but they were not winning, he won two domestic cups and a CL. I also think he buys players that are unknown e.g Milito, Pandev, Mariga , Drogba

  85. rico says:

    Still don’t like him though Erick 😉

  86. rico says:

    No Darren Bent in England squad….

  87. SD-London says:

    You have a point there Erick.
    Where did he buy Milito from anyways?

  88. SD-London says:

    Is it fair on other strikers that everyone is talking about who will partner Rooney and not who are the two strikers to partner each other in the WC ?

  89. Erick says:

    Rico full details please 🙂 SD am not sure but both Milito and Pandev were from italy clubs

  90. Red Arse says:

    Don’t much like talking about Moaniho, but unfortunately I suspect there will be even more in the years to come.

    My prediction is that he won’t last more than a year, maximum two at Real, then he will become manager of Manure. How depressing! Double yeuk.

  91. SD-London says:

    From Live text – World Cup squad news

    “Rooney’s last 10 England games with Heskey – 9 goals. Rooney’s last 10 England games without Heskey – 2 goals.”

    So there you have it , Heskey is a sure bet now left to Bent,Crouch and Defoe to ponder.

  92. SD-London says:

    From BBC Live text – World Cup squad news

    “Rooney’s last 10 England games with Heskey – 9 goals. Rooney’s last 10 England games without Heskey – 2 goals.”

    So there you have it , Heskey is a sure bet now left to Bent,Crouch and Defoe to ponder.

  93. Erick says:

    SD apparently he was bought from Genoa (MILITO)

  94. rico says:

    No more yet Erick….

    SD, i agree, but to be fair Rooney is the first name on any teams sheet – Heskey however, he is passed it, why oh why we take him i will never know, he’s crap!!

  95. rico says:

    HI RA, i think he will end up at manure too, but by then they will have no money for him to spend….

  96. SD-London says:

    Why couldn’t Defoe shine at internationals, whats is his problem?
    He is the only Spud player i like, still he cant give Capello , Sven or McLaren enough confidence to pick him automatically for the first eleven.

  97. K-TR7 says:

    Hi erick.before going to genoa milito was at real zaragoza who were relegated.cheers…

  98. Erick says:

    Hi RA i rate him highly he surely is special apart from what he share with Rico 🙂 Sd for me its Bent and Crouch, Defoe has been average

  99. SD-London says:

    Carrick in the squad- who cares.

  100. SD-London says:

    Erick i agree Defoe has being average and Sky sport said Bent has got the chop.

    I think the 23 saga is becoming really boring.

  101. Erick says:

    K-tr7 thanks what about Pandev I hear he had a court case did Inter get him for free?

  102. rico says:

    Theo is OUT of the squad …..

  103. rico says:

    Defoe is IN

  104. SD-London says:

    O.k the news or rumour about Arsenal’s interest in Gourcuff , how realistic is that ?

  105. rico says:

    out of 10 SD, i’d rate it at 1…. 😦

  106. Erick says:

    Heskey or Husky is past it I don’t rate him. Between Hart,Green and James whose number 1 ? Am confused 🙂

  107. SD-London says:

    I told you Rico that Theo is out

  108. Erick says:

    Rico rumour or fact

  109. K-TR7 says:

    Erick pandev was at lazio where he left on a free transfer.

  110. Erick says:

    I would want us to sign him Sd Yoan that is he would be a great addition coz Cesc is a goner

  111. Erick says:

    Thanks K-tr7 anybody with the full England squad

  112. rico says:

    you did SD, no other news yet, its ‘sky sources’ saying no bent and no theo…

    i’d love us to get gourcuff SD but Lyon are ready to break the bank for him 😦

  113. rico says:

    Joe Cole is in….

  114. rico says:

    SWP is in….

  115. rico says:

    Erick – all three keepers are going, just none of them know who is first choice…

  116. Erick says:

    Ok lets wait for official squad its past lunch time Rico 🙂 Capello can’t keep time 🙂

  117. rico says:

    Ligue 1 outfit FC Lorient are in counter talks with Arsenal over a season-long-loan deal for versatile midfielder Francis Coquelin. The Gunners are currently preparing a second offer for Les Merlus’ centre back Laurent Koscielny, although the two deals are not connected.

    Yeah right, of course they are not connected – much!!

  118. rico says:

    I take a hint Erick, you want the lot not bits and bobs 🙂

  119. Red Arse says:

    Hi Erick

    The Gourcoff transfer thing is full of if and buts.

    If Cesc goes, Gourcoff could join us, funded by Cesc’s transfer dosh. Rivalry in France would prevent him going to Lyons and they are not in the CL next season.

    His agent has made it clear that if he goes it would be to a team in the CL which also rules out Citeh. But, Bordeaux have the hump with us for “pinching” chamahk, leaving the way open for a move back to Italy.

    If Cesc does not join Barca, we would not need Gourcoff and could not afford him.

    Until Cesc’s situation is resolved, who knows?

  120. SD-London says:

    Rico,Gourcuff said he is not interested in playing for another club in league 1.

  121. rico says:

    just been reading similar on goal.com RA, all sounds promising IF cesc does go, however, would wenger break the club record and spend 21M on one player…. that would though still leave him with possibly 30M & Whatever funds are available outside any cesc sale, to bolster the defence….

  122. rico says:

    so i just seen SD, it could actually be better for arsenal to sell cesc…. we will only have all this stuff again in the winter and next summer…

  123. Erick says:

    Rico exactly bt Theo seems to be off poor kid 😦

  124. SD-London says:

    Well Red Arse, unfortunately you speak the truth but teams like Barcelona,or Chelsea have players of the same quality as Cesc and Gourcuff playing together for their club , which is the reason why Chelsea, MAn utd and Barcelona are winning trophies and we are not.

    Wenger could still buy Gourcuff to show Cesc that we mean business this time to persuade him to stay.

    Wenger has £21M to spend if he wants to spend it but unfortunately he probably wouldn’t if Cesc stays.

  125. Erick says:

    R A right now I just wish Barca would get him so we can move on he is killing all the work we have done in 5 years

  126. rico says:

    Erick, Capello has chosen Heskey over Theo and Bent, shocking decision imho – i know theo hasn’t been that good, but heskey is near to drawing his pension and bent has been on form for his club… i’ll be surprised if england get passed the group stages….

  127. rico says:

    Ramsey has signed a new long term contract today 🙂 🙂

  128. Red Arse says:

    Hi SD

    The problem for Arsene is that there are so many weak points in the team that £21m won’t stretch far enough to materially strenghten them.

    Actually, I don’t believe there is £21m available. Wenger himself is often in public conflict with the statements of funds being available, as put forward by that pompous Board mouth piece Hill Wood.

    Remember in both the last two close seasons Le Prof has said he needs to sell a player every year.

    Just heard good news about Rambo’s recovery!

  129. SD-London says:

    I feel sorry for Capello because none of the strikers have being outstanding (except Rooney).
    But i hope he doesn’t regret dropping Walcott and if Lenon gets the nod then thats a real downer for Walcott.(Lenon hasn’t really done much for England)

    He should have played harder and cross more regardless of if anyone was there or not. The Walcott circus is over maybe he will think about football now.

  130. Red Arse says:


    I agree with your desire to see the end of Cesc’s trf to Barca. The Viera thing, in particular turned my stomach! But, Arsenal will string this out until they get the very last penny out of Barca. They will want to do as well as Manure did with the Ronaldo tfr.

    The only problem is that could mean a summer of will he/won’t he and ooops “it’s too late to sign a replacement”.

  131. K-TR7 says:

    For the first time theo may have a proper preseason…

  132. Erick says:

    I just hope Theo’s being axed won’t affect his game but its all a win win for us

  133. rico says:

    Guys and Gals, I’m off now, stuff to do – might pop back later, if not see you tomorrow….

    Chin up Theo, there’s always 2014 😦

  134. SD-London says:

    Yes Theo needed a wake up call and needs to work more on his game(stamina inclusive) and i feel Wenger will be secretly glad he is not in the WC.(so he can work on him)

    Although it might not reflect well on us in the international scene but we have Walcott, Ashavin and Nasri fully for pre-season we should capitalise on that against other top teams and rake home the points.

    What yah all think

  135. Erick says:

    T V too Sd

  136. SD-London says:

    Yes T V and Chamach , its looking good.

    oh and Almunia LOL

  137. Erick says:

    Almunia may be number 2 if we get a decent keeper but we deserve a better number 2

  138. agirlagunner says:

    Hola, all! rico, mine is such an active dislike of Mou, it can’t be good for me, but I am certain I will change my mind if he does his best to jeopardize Cesc’s transfer to Barca; or sell VDV to us at a reasonable price. In a perfect universe, he would be able to pull off both feats.

    Hello, Erick and SD.

  139. SD-London says:

    Hello AGAG all you mentioned has 2% chance of happening therefore you might still hate Jose for a long time coming.

  140. agirlagunner says:

    My parameters, SD, were carefully set so as not upset the status quo. Whatever would I do if I stopped disliking him? 🙂

  141. SD-London says:

    Well i guess you are spot on then.

  142. Coadsi says:

    Hi Guys hope all is well. I dont see Mourinho making alot of changes in the first year. no more than 3 players of which a left back is a must. in his second year he will ring in the changes to shape the squad how he sees fit.
    Ramsey signs a new deal, Gourcuff transfered linked on arse.com
    no replacement if cesc leaves nasri will have that position with ramsey the eventually taking it in the future.
    TW14 – i hope this rejection makes the boy stronger, plays more focus as if he has a point to prove. on the other hand there is no one on the english team left for me to cheer

  143. agirlagunner says:

    SD, lol.

    Coadsi, I hope Mou clears out some and I hope they’re players we like. I know VDV is a long shot, but hope springs eternal.

    I don’t see Nasri filling in Cesc’s boots as primary playmaker just yet. He is a little too casual. He had opportunity after opportunity to prove himself a worthy replacement, what with Cesc in and out of injury, but he was unable to. And his away form leaves much to be desired.

    Having said that, I just wish this Cesc issue were put to rest once and for all. I would love for him to stay… but this impasse means that we don’t know if we have a substantial enough kitty to make a bid for a world-beater.

  144. Red Arse says:

    Hi Agag

    Those are the sentiments Erick and I agreed on a while back. It’s good to hear your opinion is the same. The problem I susupect is that Arsene won’t be in a hurry to complete a deal until he has screwed the highest fee from Barca, or wear them out so they give up.

    Either way it will be an annoying summer for us guys and gals.

  145. Coadsi says:

    agag i agree with you about Nasri, but i just think this is what le boss will do regardless.
    Even if they have a fire sale in Madrid, le boss would not buy. why, simple really, according to him they are not better than what he already have. Madrid did the same last season when they had a host of players for sale and he did not even look their way. so no hope where this is concerned for me.
    Cesc matter is already put to rest for me. i think his head is already turned and hence dont see him playing with the same passion as before (thats just me) my only contention is they will not spend the money from the sales.
    are you not worried that our biggest areas of weakness have not been addressed. defence (which includes a GK)

  146. Red Arse says:

    Hi Coadsi

    Apart from Van the Vart, who is class, but would cost a bomb and does not want to leave Spain, apparently, the other possibilities are skillful midgets and we have enough of them.

  147. agirlagunner says:

    RA, it already is an annoying summer for us, isn’t it? Pffft. Cesc Fabregas, te adoro pero… Just get The Stains to pay our club the right price. As devastated as I would be were you to leave, we shall be fine. We are the Arsenal, not Fabregas FC (although the alliteration is sweet on the ear.. I digress..)

    Coadsi, I am afraid you’re right about Cesc. 😦 And AW’s dealings in the transfer market ever befuddle. (TV5 was a fantastic find though.)

    And how can AW in all seriousness think the Spanish Waiter and Flappy adequate? They’ve made a laughingstock of the club one time too many. Enough already.

  148. Coadsi says:

    that is true RA, One more reason we would never get those madrid rejects is their salary so dont even consider it.
    One thing for us to consider is the homegrown quota in the squad for next season. selling cesc means 1 less homegrown player. the likes of sillyvestre, gallas can be replaced with foreigners. for me i would prefer buffon but if not hart (especially him being english, but i would even have Gordon over Green.

  149. W.A.T.H says:

    Hello sexy AGAG how’s you…. Afternoon all…. RA I have to disagree after reading through the posts… I think the lack of spending is purely down to Wenger and his stubborness and his idea that maybe if he buys then he will be deemed as a failure with project youth, there is money make no mistake..!

  150. Coadsi says:

    agag wenger is like a man who buys a particular set of numbers for his lottery ticket. he cannot change as he has been buying the same numbers forever. he is a prisoner to his numbers as if he changes now and those numbers win he could not handle that so he sticks with his numbers because he believes that one day they will come good.
    Same with the “dross” at AFC. time to cut the umbilical cord but he refuses because he believes they will come good, they are turning the corner (the longest corner ever). pitty he does not realise they have driven off the cliff already.

  151. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, WATH. 🙂 Been up to no good? 🙂 AW is hopelessly tightfisted. His spending ways will be the death of us yet.

  152. W.A.T.H says:

    How have I been up to no good when ur not with me 😉

    Yep mr tightwad act like an accountant saving pennies rather than a manager who we would really like to spend “our” money…!

  153. agirlagunner says:

    Good points, Coadsi. I’ve been trying to understand what we pay Denilson for… and two years on I still don’t get it. AW’s confidence in some members of the squad just beggars belief! He is blind to that which is painfully obvious. Some are not good enough and at best, some are merely good.

    Oh, and I really, really, really want to punch Xavi in the face.

  154. agirlagunner says:

    That’s easily remmedied, WATH. Bring out the GG. Let’s drink to… Theo not going? 🙂 I’d rather he were fit and firing for Arsenal, sorry. I don’t care for his England heroics when he’s frequently just average for us.

    When are you off to SA? I’m envious.

  155. Red Arse says:

    Hi W.A.T.H, you could be right, of course, it’s just that I am trying to make sense of the conflicting funding messages fro Hill Wood and AW.

    It seems when Hill Wood says there is £15 to £20 million available, that includes the salary of the newbie. Hence if the new boy cost £7m and his salary is £3m p.a. over 4 years (£12m), that’s it. Frankly, we would get a crap player for that.

    On the other hand Le Prof has proved stubborn and certainly by the same logic, if we flogged Barndoor and Toure for £30m then we also saved their salaries, say £10m p.a. over 4 yrs (£40m) that makes £70m.

    Your right to disagree with me W.A.T.H but you can see the figures don’t seem to make sense either from what Hill Wood says or Wenger’s reluctance to invest.

    Unless the difference has gone to pay off a large chunk of the debt. I promise no more figures!!

  156. Coadsi says:

    temper temper agag. the barca machinery are trying every trick in the book to get Cesc on the cheap. for me at this moment cesc is no better than ade (cant believe i said that, and maybe a bit harsh) when it comes to orchastrating a move away.
    If i were wenger i would tell him to put in a transfer request
    all footballers today are the same imo, its all about the money. gone are the days where loyalty or a contract means something. the sure sign that a footballer will soon leave, when they start to kiss the badge.

  157. agirlagunner says:

    I am serious too, Coadsi. I’ll make it a point to wear my biggest cocktail ring.

    Just watch that insufferable team go on their latest round of Cesc is returning to Barca cockamamie. Only Iniesta skipped it the last round.

    I’d be the first to defend Cesc, but… Ugh. Kiss of Judas.

  158. Red Arse says:

    Absolutely right Agag. Because of our love of the Gunners it is easy to forget that footballers are like gunslingers in the old Wild West. Totally amoral and available for hire to the highest bidder!

    Perhaps not all of them but most of them.

  159. Coadsi says:

    so two signings down, possibly 1 to go, all before the world cup too as promised by le boss. and we all know the 3rd signing will be sol.
    oh for the record i think if fab goes it will be deadline day with the excuse being ” we did not have ze time to bring in a replacement”

  160. JonJon says:

    hey guys..

    i told ya theo wouldnt go.. capello had better options..

    and i agree with WATH

    we are loaded..we just dont spend it..

  161. agirlagunner says:

    RA, mercenary or not, I’d still have Cesc though. 🙂

    By the second signing, you mean Rambo, Coadsi?

    Hola, JJ. Theo not making the cut is cause for celebration! 🙂 One less injury-prone player to worry about.

  162. Red Arse says:

    Me too agag. He’s been a wonderful player for us, and I suppose we would all have our heads turned in his position if devious and “honourable” Barca came calling waving the nationalist flag.


  163. Coadsi says:

    yes agag Rambo will be considered by the club as our second signing while sol the third.
    so we basically have a starting 11 not going to the world cup
    Al and Fab
    DJ20 Sol/ Sillyvest Verm Gibbs
    Rosicky Nasri Denilson
    Theo Cham Arshavin

    Bench : Dudu, Rambo (i know injured), Eastmong, Traore

  164. JonJon says:

    AGAG i was hoping theo would go and be top scorer and someone would take him off us..

    now we are stuck with him..

    even capello has worked him out now..

    me and avenell have said for two seasons that theo was crap and we got hammered left right and centre but the bottom line is he is now 21 years old and he cant play football one bit.. hes never been able to play and he hasnt developed any part of his game in 4 years..

  165. agirlagunner says:

    LOL, RA. But talk about the power of suggestion. Xavi began banging on about Cesc’s polymers and nucleotides last year, and now he’s off to the Stains.

    I could never wish Cesc ill, but if he does not have as stellar a career at Camp Nou, as he does with us; I’d feel well… it’s an unattractive quality to be sure… smug. Ha.

    That is soooo sad, Coadsi. But bring on the pre-season! We have the all-important Emirates Cup to win. 🙂

    lol @ JJ. I’ve never rated Theo highly either, but I was always hopeful he would prove me wrong. And he gets the silliest injuries. He had rib brising and side strain at one point last season, when he had not been playing much. Made me go what the …?

    But I still don’t think Lennon is any better than him though.

  166. Coadsi says:

    like i said b4 i hope him not going means he will work harder to prove his critics wrong. i dont think he necessarily deserves to go however u have players like rooney getting all emotional / upset etc when theo delay a pass as far as he is concerned. as if to see he never does the same. those things contributed to capello not selecting him. frankley i would have taken him ahead of heskey but the reality is he is not good enough.

  167. JonJon says:

    i think lennons miles better..

    lennon struggles with a final ball as much as theo but hes more dangerous because he can actually play..he can beat his man and more so his pace is useful..

    theo cant beat an egg…

  168. K-TR7 says:

    Evening all.it looks like capello has figured out theo.i’ve always maintained that i don’t rate him and it looks like capello has lost faith in him.he should now knuckle down to prove everyone wrong.

  169. JonJon says:

    rooney had every right to be upset by that pass..

    he was holding the line for ages theo should have played him in about 5 seconds before he did and rooney was in but theo runs with his head down so he didnt see the pass..

    by the time theo passed it even rob green was offside..

  170. K-TR7 says:

    Mourinho has said he wants ramos to play cb and he will buy a right back(maicon?).he also wants another left back(c.cole?).he also wants a box to box cm and he has said lamps is the best midfielder in the world.anyway it will be worth watching laliga next season.

  171. JonJon says:

    he wont prove anyone wrong ktr..

    he can run like the wind and try all he wants but some ppl were born to play and some ppl can be taught to play and theo doesnt come in any of those groups..

    if you cant play footy by the time your in your 20’s you might as well give up and become a sprinter..or an author of childrens books

  172. JonJon says:

    the only player id take from real that might be available is vdv..

    benzema too..

  173. JonJon says:

    good to see rambo given a new contract..he’ll be back better than ever and if cesc goes he might get more game time and hopefully he’ll dominate the games like he does for wales..

  174. Coadsi says:

    jj why give rambo a new contract every summer? i cant agree with that i think he should spend the money on a proven player. at least wait until ramsey comes back to full fitness. all this signal to me is that wenger plans for him to be the long-term replacement for cesc (not that a contract means anything these days).
    For the record i agree with u that theo delay his pass to long and that he is crap at the moment and maybe its just me hating the manc scum but rooney was throwing a tantrum

  175. agirlagunner says:

    Ow. Harsh, much, KTR7, JJ? Well, Lennon is better at setting up his teammates, I suppose.

    rico should be coming on any moment now to defend Theo. 🙂

    I think VDV would be a great signing. Benzema took Trez’s place in the French squad, and for that shallow and arbitrary reason, I don’t like him.

    Rambo will be great. Just ask Fletcher.

    Nightynight, alphamales!

  176. JonJon says:

    rooney was only throwing the same tantrum most arsenal fans have thrown all year..

    there was a time i didnt see the point in signing rambo..

    if we’d have gave liverpool what they wanted for alonso instead we’d have been better off..i saw rambo as a waste of money..

    but he does have talent and hes better than denilson and diaby already

  177. JonJon says:

    seeya agag

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