Have Celtic and Spurs become more appealing than Arsenal?


To heck they have, but if you read the reports in the news you would start to think that was the case wouldn’t you?

Sol Campbell, brought back to Arsenal by Wenger, giving him another chance to play top flight football at his old ripe age and now it seems that money may tempt him to go abroad again. Well, Scotland isn’t abroad, but its a bloody long way from where I live and I could probably get to France quicker than I could get top Celtic’s ground!

Why would Sol (if he does) want to play in a league where you may just as well have two teams in it? Ah, I know, he wants to follow the same path as Cesc if he ends up in Spain, the two big clubs fighting it out season after season, yawn!!

On to the Swampies down the road, rumours are they have ‘pipped’ us for Arda Turan from Galatasary and are about to nab Pape Malikou Diakhate (WHO??) from Dynamo Kiev from under Wengers nose!! One top four finish in 400 years for the spuds and suddenly the world of football thinks that our local rivals are a better club to sign for.

Well forgive me but I am sure if Arsene Wenger wanted to buy either of the above two players, it wouldn’t be in the press until the deal was in its last stages! Well that ‘s how it was when we last signed a top player… Actually, was there a transfer window back then 😉 😉

In any case, I am sure that if Wenger truly wanted either of the above two, he would have certainly bought Arda Turan before now (I wish he had), as for Diakhate, just who is this defender who belongs to Kiev but has been on loan at St Etienne and is worth £7M….

I’ve never heard of him, but the price is right and he’s been in France, that transfer has got Wenger written all over it 😉

So what do you think, has Tottingham Hotspur seriously over taken us in the ‘where to go in London’ for a football club? Other than the Chavs of course..

Have the last five years of doing nothing much in the transfer market really made us ‘that bad’?

I don’t think it has come to that just yet and whether Cesc decides to go or not, I am sure we will see some quality signings being drafted in over the next few weeks.

Most players overseas would more often than not choose to play at a club managed by Arsene Wenger over ‘Arry any day of the week. Right now we may struggle to see just how good a coach he is because of all the ongoing going on’s, but surely the worm has to turn, hopefully that will be next season.

As for Tottingham, you can follow all Harry Redknapp’s interviews about new signings on ‘Twitcher‘ 🙂

Finally, if this mornings reports are right, Arsenal have finally grown some balls, Cescs price has been set at £80 Million, that should keep the b*****s away….

Have a great day folks…..


30 Responses to Have Celtic and Spurs become more appealing than Arsenal?

  1. rico says:

    Morning all, thanks for popping the post up JJ

    Off out for the day, so catch you later…

  2. malceye says:

    Two team leagues – Scotland and Spain. And just exactly how would you describe England? The battle for the 3rd to 6th spots is interesting but it is the contest of the also-rans.
    Why would Sol want to stay in a league that is (a) broke and (b) is dominated by 2 teams?

  3. Ryan CFC says:

    Maybe Sol wants to sign for Celtic and maybe cesc wants to sign for Barca because they want to actually win trophies.

    It’s better to be part of a 2 horse title race than not be.

    When was last time Arsensl won anything???

  4. islington haye maker. says:

    80 million now were talking 🙂

  5. stiggers says:

    As opposed to the outstanding epl where…no hold on, only chelski or manure ever win that.league as well! 2 team league whether you admit it or not!

  6. TrophylessGoons says:

    Typical Arsenal fan. Supporting a team of losers who haven’t won a raffle in the last 6 years but feel secure slagging off teams with some success. Perrenial moaners and losers.

  7. islington haye maker. says:

    F off you two bit slag.

    As you havent mentioned what team you support,Let me guess that your a dirty scum fan.

    1961 DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!!

  8. Erick says:

    Rico i feel if we are to grow as a club we have to resolve the Cesc issue onces because it will come back to haunt us

  9. th14 says:

    Oh dear Ryan CFC – I wonder if you would have posted your pathetic response before daddy warbucks took over? Let’s face facts, there are no teams apart from Citeh who can compete with you. Shit, even the wankers at Shite Fart Stain could win the league with your cash. As for them and Celtic, well just add every other team to those who are more in favour than Arsenal. The media ‘anti Arsenal’ frenzy is now so over the top it is laughable. Like always, despite whatever happens close season, we will be back entertaining with brilliant football, making all others shit their pants that we might win something – oh that is until some thug like Taylor, Shawcross or Smith decide to ruin another career. When CFC or any other club can operate and play as good as we do on spending an average of £7.25m for the last eight years then they can shout about it. Until then – or until you have surpassed our trophy haul, SHUT UP!

  10. islington haye maker. says:

    Ryan cfc coming on here telling Arsenal fans about trophies…HA HA,you must be on that crack pipe fella.

    Coming from a team who took 50 YEARS TO WIN THE LEAGUE.Stop making me laugh please!!!

  11. Rabble Rabble says:

    Celtic and Spurs more attractive than Arsenal at this moment? Coming from a Celtic fan who is letting his head rule over his heart for once, give yourself peace!

    The only thing I can think of that would make Sol choose us over Arsenal is megabucks and a guarantee of 1st team football which he may not get at Arsenal if they are indeed chasing another centre half.

    I would love to see Sol Campbell at Celtic Park even if only for one season. He would be a tremendous influence on our 2 promising young centre halves, Josh Thompson and Thomas Rogne, who have been thrown in at the deep end in a Celtic defence this season without an experienced guiding hand alongside.

  12. Stephen Black CFC says:

    Come on why slag Celtic of in this Article – we know the SPL is a two horse race and we admit that – but EPL is exactly the same, remind us again when did Arsenal last win this? 2003-2004 – Get real – I like watching Arsenal play and beleive they are a good team but they can not compete with Manure and Chelsea.

  13. David says:

    Really? You honestly think that the media is more in favour of Celtic than Arsenal, dream on buddy, come live in Scotland for a week and read the papers.

  14. Jungle Jim says:

    Two horse race?

    So what is exactly is the EPL?

    Man U have dominated this setup (11 )with the odd blip along the way, ie Chelsea (3), Arsenal(3) & Blackburn(1).

  15. islington haye maker. says:

    So jungle jim,Are you suggesting that the spl,
    is in anyway,shape or form on par with the premiership?

  16. FitzyBhoy says:

    Look at what Celtic have achieved in recent years. Fair enough, let’s leave this season aside. What Strachan achieved during his spell as Celtic boss was incredible. On a shoe-string budget he managed to bring in players that got us to the Champion’s League final 16 two years in a row, seeing off the likes of Man Utd, AC Milan, Benfica, and nearly Barca. If we had the money tha t EPL teams get, we would piss ‘the best league in the world’, as there would be no doubt that the world’s best players would want to play for the best-supported club in the world.

  17. islington haye maker. says:

    Im sorry fitzbhoy,But you would be in a fight just to stay in the league.

    I think Celtic and Rangers would really struggle in the premiership.

  18. th14 says:

    David, up in Scotland there are only two teams. Celtic and Rangers enjoy the success pretty much unhindered. If Celtic ever suffered 20% of the abuse aimed at Arsenal by the media and FA you’d be up in arms. I am not saying that Celtic are not a good team, merely that in England the media would joyfully shit on Arsenal from a great height whenever they fancy, so yes, I do think that the media favour other teams.

  19. breast is best says:

    Islington hayemaker, of course he’s not comparing the quality or standing of the leagues, you muggy little bum sniffer. But he is pointing out the irony of an EPL fan calling any other league a 2 horse race when that’s exactly what the EPL has been for the last 15 years (man u Newcastle 95-97, man u arsenal 98-04, man u Chelsea 04-10).

  20. JonJon says:

    Breat is best

    We dont mind a little bit of playground banter on this site as long as its not too abusive and it stays in the boundries of the debate

    the moderation kicks in when we call eachother c@nts and talk about eachothers relatives

  21. max says:

    Yeah! Celtic earning an extra 200million pounds over the past 4 years would make no difference at all to the quality of the playing staf!!!
    Add to that extra cash from better sponsorship deals and merchandising, then no one in the epl would get near us, AND YOU ALL KNOW IT!!
    We’ve got one of the best and biggest global fan bases in football.
    That’s the reason you’re clubs in the epl have been fighting tooth and nail for years to keep us out.

  22. Breast is best says:

    Bummer! Cause I had a whopper lined up about your sister, jonjon. Suppose it’ll have to keep till Christmas.

  23. islington haye maker. says:

    Max stop dreaming son.
    Havent manchester utd,Arsenal,Liverpool got massive fan bases all over the world?

    I’m sorry,but you would struggle in the premiership.
    Face facts that you are just gutted that the Epl is one of the best leagues in the world and your’s isn’t.

    Scot’s football is a mess and you know it.

  24. BigT says:

    Arsenal,Liverpool got massive fan bases all over the world?…………No they don’t…..stop dreaming……….arsenal don’t have a supporter outside london…….yawn….arsenal worldwide support…..lmao yeah rite………….dont even try or dream to put their support on the par of Celtic….scots football is a mess…..yep….small country though…..two big fish in a small pond…..nothing they can do until they get outta the league….

  25. Leo Galtieri says:

    He’s talking about fans, Islington you mug; not consumers from the far east and africa.

  26. Timorous says:

    Islington Haye… Yes we are perfectly aware the Scottish league is in trouble, and a large factor in this is the unsustainable money pumped into leagues like the EPL.

    As for 2 horse race, think that’s been well covered already.

    I live in London, and can genuinely say the bias against Arsenal in the media is at best comparable certainly not worse than that which Celtic receive in Scotland. On top of this I believe when managers give blinkered opinions and bitch and moan that they’re victims rather than reflecting on where they’re going wrong, they sometimes get a bit more stick in the media, Arsene is a PRIME example.

    Lastly, Sol would be welcome, but I can only see him coming if Arsenal don’t want him anymore, and we can somehow muster the kind of cash he’s accustomed to, which I really can’t see happening.

  27. max says:

    I seem to remember Celtic HUMPING the mighty Liverpool out of Europe not so long ago.
    Come to think of it didn’t we qualify in our CL section with a game inhand before the mighty ManU who where in the same group a couple of years later?
    Oh yeah, didn’t we hump Man U in Europe as well very recently?
    The memories are just flooding in now, didn’t we WIN the inaugural ‘Wembley Cup’ at the begining of this season?
    The Celtic support are bored to tears watching us hump EPL teams!
    I remember Souness mouthing of about “men against boyss” just befor we leathered Blackburn Rovers home and away!
    It goes all the way back to 1970 and beyond when we humped “the Greatest team in Britian” Leeds out of the European Cup, and if you want to go further we can go all the way back to the Empire trophy and the coronation Cup, both of which sit somewhere in the background of the first European Cup to land on british shores!!
    As for global support, WE ARE EVERYWHERE, from Singapore to San Francisco, from Bali to Brighton, from New York to New Zeeland!
    Arsenal??? I don’t think I’m the one dreaming “son”!!

  28. islington haye maker. says:

    Um Max,i seem to recall Arsenal giving the “Mighty Celtic” a tonking home and away this season???

    And as for we only have a fanbase in london,You need to go back to school and do some research.

    Bloody hell,You lot are sounding more deluded than the yids. lol

  29. Leo Galtieri says:

    I didn’t realize Arsenal studies was on the national curriculum, Islington you complete mug.

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