Arsenal Transfers – In’s and Out’s..

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Portsmouth on a brave attempt to stop the Chav’s from completing the double..Against all the odds and with many controversies off the pitch Avram Grant has done a superb job in motivating his rabble group of players to get them all the way to the final..If only that penalty would have gone in, eh??

It doesn’t bother me seeing Chelsea lift another cup. Even though they won the double, half of their achievement was winning a trophy we don’t even value. Even though we haven’t won a trophy in umpteen years and the FA Cup was the last piece of silverware we won, it doesn’t bother me that Chelski had an open top bus parade showing off their achievements. It’s not nearly half as pleasing as our open top bus parade for our ‘Players with most potential and fight’ Cup and the ‘Getting more experience every year with the best stats’ Trophy..Not forgetting the ‘Maximum financial returns with minimum imput’ Shield..

Before I get abused for this comment and I get the ‘Chelsea have spent millions’ line, my answer is yes, I know they have. But if a team like Pompey can make it to two cup finals in the space of three years then whats our excuse??? Other than we (the management, not the fans) don’t value this cup..Which by the way isn’t a real excuse, it’s a get out of jail free card..

We always brag about the fact that under Wenger we have won the double twice and I’m sure Sir Arsene is more than happy to have this on his CV, so why do some fans agree with the manager and say this isn’t an important achievement anymore?? It’s quite selective and rather contradictory.

Anyway onto the matters at hand.

In order to make the next step and turn this period of transition into a successful era, changes this summer must be enforced. Sir Arsene must now realise that certain players at the club do not have the standard required to turn this good team into a great team..

I think its fair to assume that Silvestre, Senderos and Gallas are out of the door on free transfers. They should be followed by Almunia, Fabianski, Traore, Denilson. The potential departures of Eduardo and Rosicky are also debatable..

Our goalkeepers are our weakest link, so this must be the priority. Buffon would be everyone’s first choice but this is unlikely to happen. As is the arrival of Hugo Lloris. Joe Hart would be a more realistic capture in my opinion and a great one.

With three CB’s set to leave on a free we will need to reinforce this area with two solid players. I would like the club to increase its English contingent and sign Cahill.  Young Danish talent, Simon Kjaer  is also in high demand amongst many Gooners.

The midfield lacks strength, pace and work rate. Two names being touted are Yaya and Ettiene Capoue..I’d take either of those and let them fight it out with Song because Denilson is not good enough.

The midfield also lacks imagination and creativity, especially without Cesc. Once hes injured we really struggle to tick so I would like to see either a winger or another playmaker brought in. As I suggested in another post the capture of a player like Gourcuff would not disappoint me.

The striker as we all know is a done deal. 

So there you have it. My list of Arsenal transfer targets this summer. Hart, Cahill, Kjaer, Yaya/Capoue, Gourcuff/winger and Chamakh.

Your welcome to add your own list.


88 Responses to Arsenal Transfers – In’s and Out’s..

  1. rico says:

    Morning all

    Nice one JJ…

    I’d love us to get Joe Hart, but if Chesney is as good as we think he is, will he wait around behind another young keeper?

    Always like Yaya, but only want him if ACON gets moved to the summer months..

  2. rico says:

    Viviano……. GK linked with us today

    The 24 year-old was consistent in a struggling Bologna side this season, following a summer move from Inter Milan , who still co-own the player. Viviano previously spent four seasons at Brescia.

    At 6ft 4in, Viviano is an imposing presence in goal, which he combines with good technique and positioning. Considered a penalty expert, Viviano is one of Italy’s most promising keepers.

  3. Reece says:

    Ins: GK:Rene Adler CB’s: Cahill and Zapata Mid; Gourcuff and M’bia or Moussa Sissoko FWD; Chamahk and this is very wishful thinking Gignac

  4. rico says:

    Morning Reece…

    To be honest Chamakh apart, and unless Cesc does go in a swap/money deal for Yaya, I don’t think we will know much about any players he buys, it will probably be same old same old, but as long as they are much better than some we have, they fight for their shirt and are prepared to shed blood, then i’m not bothered too much..

  5. Babar says:

    Chelsea have spent millions

  6. Chipo says:

    The headline should be: Ins and Outs

    No apostrophes…

  7. rico says:

    You being pedantic Chipo 😉 😉

  8. SD-London says:

    I have a strange feeling that Wenger is tired of loosing out to Chelsea and Fergusson by just small margins of series of rubbish performances from his players.
    Man Utd spend stupendous amount of money and Chelsea generally shocked the premier league when Abramovich bought Chelsea.
    But Wenger was still able to compete with them year in year out.
    Therefore with little help from few quality players we will probably stop Chelsea and Man utd from winning any trophies before they go for another mad spending spree.
    Well said JJ if Portsmoth can get to the Final and actually get an opportunity to win the game , then Chelsea FC are not that invicible .

  9. Bolakale says:

    I want Prof Wenger to add to his squad esspecially goal post,defenders and midfilders.My choice signing are Cahil (boton)or Phil Jagieka,yayah toure,kepper ,sorensen or Joe hart, and if possible philip Melo. Maroun Chamak is good option in attack. But if Mr Wenger is ready to buy.

  10. RodGoonerInTtown says:

    i thought Cahill was an Aussie

  11. rico says:

    Hi SD, when you put it like that it doesn’t sound all so bad, aw just needs to stop being stubborn and spend some money, then he and us all can look down the league on the others… if only he’d spent more wisely over the last few seasons…

  12. rico says:

    Hi Rod, Gary Cahill, not Everton’s Tim Cahill…

    Bolakale, I sure hope he’s ready to spend…

    Welcome to you both – good to see you here

  13. rico says:

    Got to go our for a few hours, catch up later

  14. Q8Gooner says:

    JJ: spot on m8 .. You made me laugh with your “It doesn’t bother me” thing 🙂
    How can anyone claim that the first football competition ever isn’t important? The FA cup is as important as any other trophy. In fact, even the carling cup is an important one! Chelsea and SAF have been taking it seriously year in year out as well as the rest of the managers, why only AW sees it as youth tournament is something out of my comprehension!

    Regarding the ins and outs, I’d like to see the back of Almunia, Fabianski, Senderos, Sylvestre, Traore, Denilson, Rosicky, Eduardo.

    Bring in: GK Hart/Lloris/Akinfeev (any of them would be great)
    DF: P. Mexes/Cahill/Richards/ (at least two of them)
    MD: Gourcuff/Melo/ (I’d love to see Huddlestone too) lol
    ATT: Chamakh doesn’t count cos he’s free, bring in Darren Bent.

  15. Griff says:

    You forgot the ‘top of the fair play league’ cup, you cretin.

  16. SD-London says:

    Q8G, we need to keep Traore in case of injuries to Clichy or Gibson it happened this season remember.

    We need Rosicky as well for his experience, many times he has being the only player really fighting to rescue a bad game.

    And please no Darren Bent.

  17. Abdifatah from G-town says:

    To win the EPL title we nid english contigent and for the UCL we nid more of experience than talent.probaly squad 4 next season.Hart-sagna-TV5-Cahil-clichy-song-yaya-fabregas-chamakh-hazard-v.persie…i hav chosen 2 defensive midfielders becoz we cant be bullied 2 lose our grip by da likes of stoke,chavs,birmingham..also we’l hav a depth in our squad wit the likes of theo,nasri and nick on the bench.arshavin has chosen to do more talking than performing so if its true dat he gona leave let him cz we’l hav hazard…my prayers that these players(hart,yaya,cahil,hazard)come on board n we’l neva be humiliated by barca again

  18. Q8Gooner says:

    SD, Traore isn’t good at all. I’d rather deploy TV in case Clichy and Gibbs are injured. Why pay wages for players that aren’t worth it!

    Rosicky is a fighter but he’s been a liability for so long and I don’t expect him to play half the games next season. So sell him and get Gourcuff that would be better imho.

    Bent is a good player and can get much better at Arsenal, why not?

    Oh, I take it that you agree with me on Tom Huddlestone? 🙂

  19. Samson says:

    Why do u all hate rosicky his one of our best

  20. SD-London says:

    Q8G,No man , i just forgot Tom Duddlestone, he is the most over rated midfielder(not even sure where he plays.)add Lescot to that equation as well.

  21. K-TR7 says:

    Morning.the problem with buffon is he has frequent back problems resulting in him missing several months this season.

  22. Walshygooner says:

    Bring back flamini!

  23. SD-London says:

    I was just thinking and laughing at the same time because I remembered that it wasn’t long ago that Alumnia was being considered as England’s No1 goal keeper?

  24. Erick says:

    Morning all JJ nice one I would go with David James, Subotic, Yaya and Melo. I think yaya can play lots of position and if the ACON will be moved the better

  25. JonJon says:

    hi guys. exciting!!! I’ll go buy the DVD of our fair play league winning year right now..I bet Chelsea are quaking in their boots at the thought of us being the Fair play winners and dominating the world…

    All that award proves is that we are soft..

    We could play a friendly match against a team containing Jesus, Santa Claus, The easter Bunny, Humpty Dumpty and the Tooth fairy and still get bullied and beat up

  26. K-TR7 says:

    Anyone around?…

  27. Q8Gooner says:

    Samson I don’t hate Rosicky. I feel however that it’s common sense to pay someone who actually fights on the pitch rather than fighting to come back from long term injuries.
    I also think that if RVP doesn’t stay fit for reasonable period of time next season, then he must be sold as well. That doesn’t contradict with the fact that I admire cobra and his attitude on the pitch but we need men who play instead of getting nursed most of their career at the club!

  28. Charlie Nicholas says:

    Oh dier, oh dier, You got so many wishes, but it’s sounds like you’re writing to the Santa Claus to bring you some presents, and lots of them. In reality Wenger is never gonna bring four or five or even six players in, that’s pure impossibility. He might sign two, and one is Chamakh and the other is central defender. Everything in addition to that will be real surprise. And on the other side, he won’t sell his players in the tens, there will be just few going out, and we all know that Silvestre and Senderos are likely to be amongst them, so he don’t sell his whole squad!

  29. olanrewaju says:


  30. Jay says:

    Hi all,
    The players goin out for me would be almunia, senderos, silvestre, denilson, rosicky (to injury prone), eduardo.
    The players coming in, would love to see buffon and I don’t think it’s too unrealistc juve didn’t make champions league and other than us the top teams have a top goalkeeper but if not it’s gotta be frey or akinveev.
    Then def I would like to have jagielka and cahill or brangeland.
    Midfield doesn’t need much at all def mid like mouassa sissoko someone good but maybe not like alonso as song was outstanding so whoever ya bought would be cover for him.
    Att mid ben arfa or arda turan.
    Fwd chamakh pretty much a done deal and happy with that.
    But knowing sir arsene as we all do we’ll sign no one and the comments will be about the injuries we’ve had and this team had grown another year more experienced or am I too cynical…..

  31. steve says:

    i would like to see bufffon come in till mannone and chesney fullfill there potentional in about 4 yrs till or just go straight fot joe hart…qualitly keeper and guarenteed 15yrs,10 yrs without looking for a replacement.
    we need at least 2 CBs.keep cambell for inspiration.verlarmen is good but small.gallas is no good and has wrong attitude GET RID ASAP and silvestre is crap as is djroue(spelling)and sendeross.we need bit tall powerful players like mertsacker or tasci.i personally would like to see both pf these and sagna hasnt performed well since his 1st season also sakho.
    midfield…keep arsharvin fabregas and nasri,wilshire and ramsey and get rid of everyone else they are not good enough.bring in m.sissocko to be our new vieria or get flamini back 1st priority.hazard is a must buy(future world best player)and even hleb maybe or SWP
    strickers….chamack done deal,we need more though defo get big lucina traore and lukaku for future and a new number 1…RVPguarenteed injred for 6 months every season.need a new henry 30 goal machine like manu and chelski have..rooney drogba
    wenger made a team of world beaters(invincables)then let them all go without replacing them..and he keeps saying his young players will be brilliant????messi and ronaldo are their age and miles apart…diaby denilson bendtner and especially wallcott are just a waste of a wage.having a team of lightweight players will amount to nothing…please sack wenger and bring in a manager who will demand top QUALITY players

  32. Abdifatah from G-town says:

    Guyz lets nt giv ourselves much hops.we knw wenger is nt gona buy any1.don be disapointed if he sticks to what we hav.rem wen rvp got injured in mid Nov?wat did reply wen asked about buyin in the Jan transfer.? ‘we don nid 2 buy any player to score for us goals….we r scoring from evrywhere n by evry1”…Questions is if the board cant give out the money 2 buy new players where is da money from da sale of adewaiter/toure??we are the 3rd richest club in da world and operating on the budget of hull city??where does the buck stop?fire wenger?…i think we fans have a say and its time we let it be heard or we gona be competing wit spuds/citeh for top4

  33. rico says:

    Afternoon everyone, have i missed anything other than Ballack is not going to the WC !!

  34. agirlagunner says:

    JJ, “We could play a friendly match against a team containing Jesus, Santa Claus, The easter Bunny, Humpty Dumpty and the Tooth fairy and still get bullied and beat up.|

    This would be almost funny, instead, it’s true 😦

  35. rico says:

    Hi AGAG – not good news coming out of Spain, Cesc is due to fly home when he can and tell AW he wants to go and AFC are to open negotiations asap. He wants the deal to be quick and sorted out by the start of the WC – If things are not sorted before then, he will remain a Gooner…..


  36. agirlagunner says:

    Hi, rico! Well, talk on Cesc leaving, persists. Sigh.

  37. rico says:

    Sadly yes AGAG, this was one of the English footie pundits in Spain…. doesn’t sound good right now, but I think he also says that Cesc wants to know who Wenger is buying before he makes a final decision…

    if thats true, we’re doomed 😦

  38. agirlagunner says:

    What did I tell you, rico? Now it’s Messi’s turn to talk about our captain. Ugh. I will never forgive Wenger if he sells Cesc.

    And anyway, what would be our future then?

  39. agirlagunner says:

    I will never be able to forgive Cesc either, btw.

  40. rico says:

    I would AGAG, he’s Spanish, he has been with us a few years, Wenger has made him, but then gone on to let him down over the last couple of seasons with really poor signings…. I just hope Wenger has a few rabbits in his bag that will get Cesc to stay a few more seasons…..

  41. agirlagunner says:

    rico, I think it’s precisely because WE ALL KNOW that the Invincibles was dismantled to build a new team around Cesc, that his return to Spain, now of all times, when we are on the cusp of greatness again (notwithstanding, the deadweights and the rubbish), will to me be nothing other than a defection.

    He has said many times that the grass isn’t always greener at the Nou Camp. Perhaps, he should heed his own counsel.

  42. pete smith says:

    “But if a team like Pompey can make it to two cup finals in the space of three years then whats our excuse??”

    I think this is the board’s point…success is defined by sustainability. If Pompey had one yesterday, would there fans be really happy? They are likely not to have a club in 3-4 years.


  43. agirlagunner says:

    But Pete, we have had absolutely no success in the last five years. For a club of our stature, that can’t be right.

    There must be a way to balance the interests of sustainability v. winning ways. Why tie down average players to long-term contracts, which by the club’s own declaration was a considerable investment? Why not get quality instead?

  44. rico says:

    Hey pete, thats a bit rude against the author, you get the gist, if a team like pompey can get to the FA Cup Final, why are we not??

    Its not as if Pompey are full of kaka’s and messi’s is it, there problem is down to bad board management…

  45. steve says:

    4-4-2…. buffon
    m.richards mertsacker vermalen clichy
    arsharvin flamini fabregas hazard
    l.traore chamack

    subs…. chesney,gibbs,sakho,song,nasri,RVP,afobe(youth team)

  46. rico says:

    Blimey, this one’s new

    Chamakh is in London right now sorting his move out, shock horror, didn’t see that coming 🙂 😉

  47. rico says:

    I’d go for Richards too steve, in a flash, he’s a gooner and would wear the shirt with pride…

  48. agirlagunner says:

    rico, Chamakh to Arsenal? No way! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  49. rico says:

    Couldn’t believe it myself AGAG, amazed… How did they keep that one quiet 😉

    I thougth the French league was playing until this coming weekend??

  50. K-TR7 says:

    @rico where did you get your info?it might be cr9…

  51. rico says:

    Its breaking on Sky Sports KTR7….

  52. agirlagunner says:

    rico, lol. I thought Marseille had won?

  53. JonJon says:

    Pete my point has gone totally over your head..


    chamakhs in london to sign for arsenal..!! 😉

  54. JonJon says:

    who is chamakh?? is he a keeper??

  55. rico says:

    Come on JJ, give us news, we have already broken the Chamakh news here today, we were the first to spring the suprise 😉

  56. JonJon says:

    this news is bound to breaks pete’s heart..

    we are now destined to end up like pompey due to our over the top spending..

  57. JonJon says:

    cesc is off..

    wenger cant handle these situations..cesc wants to go and theres nothing we can do to keep him..

    lets just hope we get at least 60mil and wenger finally realises his experiment is over..

    i hope cesc stays..but if he goes it would be a massive kick in the bollox to all those fans who think the club is perfect…

    cesc is unsettled and we all know the reasons why..cesc is a doomer. cesc is a troll.. 😉

  58. K-TR7 says:

    How are you jj?hope arsenal gets better for the sake of our hearts!chamakh!attack!

  59. rico says:

    I will be sad if Cesc goes, but it doesn’t spell the end, after all, look at some who have gone before him…

    Wenger knows he is off too, and i stand by my theory of overplayed, risked or just off……

  60. rico says:

    If Chamakh is confirmed as being signed, is this the first time wenger has told the truth before a transfer window??

  61. JonJon says:

    hi fine mate just getting giddy over our new oh so unexpected signing..

    rico you just maybe looks to be a rico injury.. 😉

    but lets not forget that when we lost henry, vieira et all we already had their best years..

    losing cesc now will be devastating..our whole style/formation/play revolves around him..and his best years are ahead of him..

  62. K-TR7 says:

    @jj i agree.we changed our playing style(big,strong and athletic) to accomodate him in a formation that doesn’t do any favours to the likes of vela/eddy/tr7/nasri/sagna…it would be heartbreaking since you can see how much we depend on him and if he goes aw will not replace him;he will stick with nasri who only plays well in 19 games in the pl,he didn’t even make the french squad!cesc is our heartbeat imo!…i found mourinho’s comments about how spectacularly we won the pl in the invincible era(yes he said it) and wonders why aw changed the style and i agree.we need to have that bit of arrogance other clubs like inter have due to international players like alves/van bommel…who we love to hate but they push their teams to success.

  63. rico says:

    i am not so sure jj, the world cup will be interesting, lets see just how cesc plays….

    a ‘rico injury’ – what a memory, theres just something about our players before they go…..

    we did get the best from paddy and many others, but, was that because when their time was up, they were overplayed 🙂 🙂

    Don’t mess with Arsene I say 😉

  64. JonJon says:

    cesc has 4 years left on his contract

    he is also the best player in the squad and has been for years..

    if we sell him now instead of building a team around him that will actually compete for silverware and not just ‘do enough’ would send vibrations through the whole club..

    it would destroy everything the clubs stands for …

  65. rico says:

    JJ, i don’t think he will go, i dont want him to either….

  66. rico says:

    barca can have denilson, almunia, fabianski and diaby though if they want… 😉

  67. rico says:

    when i say wenger knows he’s off, i mean, some day, some time, of course he will go, but to leave now ….

  68. rico says:

    oh, and sorry for taking up all the comments, but wengers future plays a big part with cesc too, imho..

  69. JonJon says:

    it goes deeper than saying ‘the club will go on’

    obviously we will but all the bullshit weve been through over the last 5 years will be officially flushed down the toilet..

    he is the only player that our academy has produced of a world class calibre..and before hes even at his peak we sell him????

    wenger will have serious egg on his face because his policy would have failed and the fans would have gone through 5 years of heartbreak and patience for nothing..

    wenger has had so many chances to build a proper team but hes let the pass him by in favour of trying to develop another cesc but the boy is one in a million.

    i find it quite ironic that a player who got his chance through the youth policy is set to leave because of the same policy..and i dont blame him..

  70. agirlagunner says:

    I’m beginning to resent Barca. Since Xavi shows no signs of slowing down, what the hell do they need Cesc for?

  71. JonJon says:

    we are barcas feeder club.

  72. agirlagunner says:

    If we sell Cesc, I don’t care that it breaks our sales records, it will prove what I have always been afraid of… That we are a team with no ambition.

  73. rico says:

    but jj, we have all said this so many times, youth project is fine, as long as that youth have experience around them too, its about the right mix and wenger has failed in ‘the right mix’… as you say, for five years now..

    i won’t blame him if he goes, to be fair, i am surprised he has been loyal for so long when you look at some of the dross around him…

    wenger i feel, has one last chance, not only for us fans, but more importantly to get the right players to make cesc wake up and go ‘ WOW’ i want to play in this side more than never, this squad could really win…..

    if wenger does that, cesc will stay, if for nothing else but wenger, then next summer, wenger could leave and so will cesc…

  74. JonJon says:

    if we lose cesc it will take us another 5 years to rebuild..

    wenger has to promise cesc he will spend big this summer..

    keep him here..and build a squad around him not without him..

  75. agirlagunner says:

    Good night, all. This is depressing. 😦

  76. JonJon says:

    and if we win something cesc just might stay for another year..

    cesc has loyalties to barca of course..

    but if hes already winning trophies and playing with a team of class players it will delay it a little longer..

    such is his style hes got at least another 10 years left in him..theres nothing to stop us getting the next 4 off him if we are a successful side

    contrary to what pete belives..success is not defined by stability when you are a top club like arsenal..success is defined by trophies…

    nobody give a shit about barcas youth prgramme years ago when they werent doing naff all…barca came to the public eye when they started to clear up..

  77. K-TR7 says:

    Cesc is leaving cos nasri steals his packed lunches…seriously cesc referred to us as ‘my team’ and its time to prove he our captain fantastic or…

  78. JonJon says:

    lol ktr7

    bye AGAG

  79. rico says:

    Night AGAG, it is sad, but it’s real unfortunately
    😦 😦

    Spot on JJ, we are Arsenal, not bloody Northern Rock on the mend!!

    KTR7 😆 re nasri

  80. rico says:

    jj, i have a post for the morning, just may need to break the news re chamakh 😉 😉

    I’m off for dinner folks, catch you tomorrow…

  81. JonJon says:

    it will come as a shock to everybody rico 😉

    thats me done too..laters

  82. avenell says:

    Evening all..

    Sorry I haven’t been around.. I am soooooo busy..

    Have we signed the Chamakh geezer?

  83. abdulsalam says:

    please i don’t want fabregas to leave the club, his one of the best mid-field in the world.

  84. Emmaunel Asonye says:

    I would say Iloris,SWP,Chamakh all must done and yaya.with cecs staying.

  85. rico says:

    New Post up

  86. VRH says:


  87. Gooner4eva says:

    Neuer,De Gea,Chiellini/Mertesacker,Gourcuff,Di Maria,Chamak,luis suarez,toulalan,podolski,bastian schweinsteiger

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