Billy no mates! Is Wenger as good as we think he is…?


Or should that be Is Wenger as good as he thinks he is??

Couldn’t believe it yesterday when I read about Samir Nasri admitting he was one of five players at Arsenal who choose not to speak to William Gallas. Can anyone name the other four?

I thought that it was just a rift between Kolo Toure and William Gallas that lead to the sale of Toure, didn’t realise that there was more to it within the camp.

How this is allowed to happen,  why hasn’t Arsene Wenger  ploughed in there, thrown a hair drier around and sorted out this ‘off field’ problem. Sure as heck Old Red Nose would have done as I’m sure Jose Moanrinho would have.

Does it show that Wenger’s man-management skills are lacking somewhat? Is the off field problem causing us to be fragmented in what should be a common approach towards games? Has this rift had anything to do with some of our performances?

Could this  be the real reason that William Gallas has, so it seems, decided to turn his back on Arsene Wenger and Arsenal?

Questions, questions, does anyone know the answers though…..

Talking of turning backs on Arsenal, if you believe the red tops this morning, its ‘Now or Never’ for Cesc Fabregas, Barca have said he either joins them in the summer, or don’t bother… If it’s true, I say don’t go now Cesc then you can stay with us forever 🙂

Thats it folks, enjoy the rain if you’re in the UK


153 Responses to Billy no mates! Is Wenger as good as we think he is…?

  1. rico says:

    Morning all, short one this morning due to general rubbish in the media 🙂

  2. rico says:

    Spuds have supposedly done a deal for Arda Turan, couple of years i went on and on about him, he a quality winger…. if they have got him its a good purchase imho ….

  3. Erick says:

    Morning Rico why is Nasir all over the media I don’t think thats fair on Gallas he should keep quite and let his performance speak for him he has been average this season

  4. rico says:

    Morning Q8 and Erick

    I don’t know Erick, it certainly isn’t right to balb about in-house stuff, again, does this show Wenger is bad at keeping these things behind closed doors? He should gag them all…

  5. rico says:

    Q8, what is your link on your name? It crashes when i try and look 😦

  6. JonJon says:

    Nasri has been average this season and Gallas has been top class..Nasri has also got history with Gallas and to top it off Nasri hasnt been selected for france yet they have left the door open for gallas.

    i think if anyone if causing shit its nasri and if anyone needs to be told to shut it its him..

    gallas may be a moody git but hes been a pro on the pitch..the others cant use this as an excuse..kolo tried the same trick..but gallas outshone kolo too..

  7. rico says:

    JonJon, if you are reading, i have just seen your draft, feel free to put it up in preference to this one – i’m sorry 😦

  8. JonJon says:

    lol its ok rico..

    put it up tomorrow..

  9. rico says:

    Hi JJ, I didn’t think to look, too much fresh air this morning after the two hour dog walk I guess 🙂

  10. rico says:

    My main gripe is why does Wenger let this happen, they should all be told to stay away from the papers and shut the…. up…

    Right re Nasri JJ, he’s another who blows hot and cold…

  11. Tommy says:

    yea Mourinho sure took care of ballotelli… eh? jerkoff

  12. Tommy says:

    Nasri have had probs with 20 dif players tru out hes career… Ben arfa beeing one of them … but you dont know shite m8.

    -what a shame

  13. JonJon says:

    Two hours?

    I bet your more tired than the dog..I don’t even walk my dog I just find a field and sit down and spend an hour throwing her ball. 😉 Let her do all the running and walking

  14. K-TR7 says:

    Morning.Gallas is a real pro!he doesn’t show any distractions on the pitch…he can beat up nasri but you’d never know it the way he acts on the pitch.he is top class!nasri has been average since porto and i think domenech made the right call to snub him…he should trim down his body fat first before spouting dressing room issues to the press!…

  15. JonJon says:

    I believe it happens because Wenger gives the impression they can do what they want. So they take advantage. Some of them are not profesional enough.

    If I remember rightly back to the Gallas/Nasri incident, Gallas’ gripe was that Nasri had no respect towards his experienced team mates

    Well nasri’s just gone and proved his point hasnt he..

  16. rico says:

    Nah loved it JJ, ours don’t chase balls otherwise i would do the same, cant believe we manage to get the only two dogs who dont like a ball!!! And Spaniels at that!!

    Morning KTR7… I dont go a bundle on Nasri if im honest, the only reason i dont mind if gallas goes though is because he is getting on a bit and picks up a few injuroes, saying that if we had the depth he could be rested more…

  17. JonJon says:

    I think nasri’s frustration stems from the fact hes not been picked for world cup..

    But he hasnt done anything to get there..

    This is something that goes on too much at arsenal theres too much of the blame culture and not enough looking at themselves in the mirror..

  18. JonJon says:

    i think if wenger doesnt get it right in the transfer window ppl will start to realise we miss gallas more than what we thought we would..

  19. Erick says:

    Jj you also got a dog so that leaves me and Wath 😉 Rico AW should limit those who talk to the press and imagine if Gallas stays how hostile will it be bad for the club

  20. rico says:

    Do you think Nasri will get better??

    Diaby is rumoured to be to Juve in the summer….

  21. JonJon says:

    ive noticed that ktr7

    how the hell is nasri putting weight on?? we do more running than any other team and it aint muscle hes gaining

  22. K-TR7 says:

    How you doing erick?as to dogs am not a fan of either dogs or cats…unfortunately there seems to be a reality in the cesc rumours,i think he wants to go…hope am wrong though…

  23. DeiseGooner says:

    isnt this an old story taken from when away with the french squad? i havent read this ‘story’ but i do remember there being a rift in the french squad over gallas saying nasri and other younger members were disrespectful of the older established players – was nasris latest quotes from a new interview in regards arsenal? if so what business is it of the general public, keep quit nasri and deal with it inhouse not in the public eye – thats why a lot of people turned on gallas

  24. JonJon says:

    yeah ive got a dog erick..but unlike rico i dont have puppies 😉

    nasri shows glimpses but he drifts in and out of games alot to say hes a playmaker he needs to take control of the games more and help hleb did..

    the weight thing isnt helping his case either..

  25. rico says:

    Oi Oi JJ, dont start that, its Sunday 😉 🙂

  26. JonJon says:

    if we lose cesc it will be truly heartbreaking

    the fans will not accept losing him and wenger will shoulder the blame for not building a quality team around him..

  27. rico says:

    So – is Gallas going because of the issues, or does he just want to go back to France?? If it’s the issues in house, why are these allowed to happen??

  28. rico says:

    Hi DeiseG, He said it was about not getting up from his seat for Henry, thats when it started…

  29. Erick says:

    K-tr7 am not a fan either, thats what I was worried about K he said it himself especially the part that he want his future sorted out .Nasir adding on weight guess we see why the Arsenal Chef won a certain competition 🙂

  30. K-TR7 says:

    @jj im ready for the eventuality of cesc departure so even if he goes am not going to be devastated as such…nasri-the next zidane…shows how much our kids believe in their own hype instead of working hard to be better…

  31. DeiseGooner says:

    Gallas’ contract is up. If he really wanted to stay he wold have signed up long ago. Hes letting the contract run down to he can get a big fat signing on fee at his next and last club. Id like to keep him for his ability and experience, but hes never really been a gooner has he? Hes never grabbed us in 4 years like Vermaelen has in his first. I have never really taken to Gallas as a gooner but i do think hes a quality defender with something still to offer. But if it comes to it id sooner we spend the money on a player who can be a double act with Vermaelen for 5 years than Gallas for 1-2 years. That being said though – why cant we have both??

  32. JonJon says:

    gallas is about the money..his demands make that obvious..

    but he is a pro

    i dont think the fact that ppl dont like him bother him..otherwise his form would have dipped..especially when he lost the captaincy..

  33. Erick says:

    JJ I don’t think would blame Aw most of Arsenal fans know he will go one day and they are already trying to find a perfect replacement people have already accepted it.

  34. Erick says:

    DGooner if we are to challenge next year we need to keep all the quality we have and add more minus Average

  35. rico says:

    I’m not sure I believe his wage demands, why would he expect more money as he gets older…. it not logical really..

    More like wenger/afc trying to justify his exit..

  36. JonJon says:

    cesc will go home eventually..

    but it shouldnt be now..hes contracted for another 4 years and if we’d of built a team to compliment him and win trophies he wouldnt have been thinking of going just yet

    barca chased henry for chased vieira but we were cleaning up and it kept them at soon as the trophies dried up and wenger started this youth bollox henry packed his bags..

  37. Erick says:

    Anybody know much about Subotic or we have to wait for the worldcup??

  38. JonJon says:

    wenger will be totally to blame if we lose cesc

    you dont keep your world class players who are being stalked by the best team in the world by saying finishing 3rd is our trophy..

  39. DeiseGooner says:

    I would most certainly blame Wenger if Cesc leaves now. He has failed to bring in the needed players for years now. Players its obvious to everyone and their uncle we need. Granted there have been players come though at the club who some of us thought wouldnt make it (Song for example) but why not have an older more experienced player in there with him. Song looked to be crumbling under the pressure at first but has come strong. If he had a more experience player to learn from the development would have still continued but in a less stressful way. That booing he got could have destroyed him, luckily it hasnt.

  40. Erick says:

    True JJ but somebody said home is home and it true trophies have a hand in it. Rico am also sensing something fish when do any deal at arsenal shared with the media something is not right

  41. Erick says:

    DGooner I have to agree with you we need to blend it up and protect the player from harsh experiences Aw of all should know but its a risk and it has consequences

  42. Aben says:

    The way I saw Cesc score against Barca breaking a leg in the process, to me proves that he cares less about them than Arsenal.The roumers will fade soon…..

  43. JonJon says:

    did anyone know that buffon was replaced by manninger in yesterdays game v milan???

    was he injured or do we read more into it??

  44. DeiseGooner says:

    i believe he came of with an ankle injury jonjon – hopefully as a precaution so he dont fail his medical at Arsenal before joining us !!! 🙂

  45. Erick says:

    I read two different stories one injury others he was not happy and when he was quized about it he said he does not know somethings up What about the Jagielka rumour

  46. JonJon says:

    cheers DG..

    00:00 | Interviewed by Sky after the game lost to AC Milan, Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has declared: “I don’t know anything about my future, so it’s useful to say something now because I would talk about something that I don’t know. Arsenal? I repeat, I don’t know what will happen”.

    lets hope your right about that medical 😉

  47. K-TR7 says:

    I believe fans forget that trophies aren’t enough.cr9 was winning loads but quit for madrid where he will end up trophyless.most players like new challenges and also don’t forget barca is cesc’s dreamclub.trophies though play a huge role;imagine if cesc wins the wc and barca come after him having already secured villa and ribery while we sign chamakh only do you think he will resist?there’s only so much cesc can resist and all this will be blamed to his ‘football father’ AW.its sad that aw has been revolutionary for us and losing cesc combined with another trophyless season will lead to aw’s tenure coming to a sad end.i really fear for our future and its sad since we had the best team in the country six years ago”…pires…viera…ljunberg…henryyyy!that completes the demolition…”God bless those players and am glad i was lucky to watch them play.who knows,we may never witness anything close to what they did in our entire lives…its sad…

  48. JonJon says:

    i like jag erick but hes more of a utility player than an out and out cb..

    he can play rb and cm and he reads the game brilliantly but he isnt a natural defender..

  49. JonJon says:

    i think the price and manutds debt had more to do with ronaldo leaving..

    if fergie said no you arent going he wouldnt have he did 2 years on the trot but the debt got too much..they had to sell for that price

  50. DeiseGooner says:

    K-TR7 – Vermaelen Cesc Arshavin VanP is the new generation of that but only if they are kept. We have waited 5 years fo these guys to prove their worth but they have been unable to as we continually lost the experienced players and relyed soley on the youngsters – thats where Wenger has failed, but not keeping the continuity of ‘The Arsenal Way’ Sol has reminded him of whats missing, that key winning mentality, always lookin ag your performances and measuring them against previous holders of your shirt. Cesc and Van P understand that and have recently been saying so

  51. Erick says:

    K-tr7 any info about Subotic?

  52. raif says:

    hello girls and guys..

    i already heard Nasri and Gallas didnt get on as they had a spat with one and other in the france camp, this was before nasri was a arsenal player..

    so ofcourse that has just carried on. as for the rest i would love to know who it is.. Almunia is one im sure.

  53. DeiseGooner says:

    by all means get Jagielka but as Senderos/Silvester replacement – we still then need to replace Gallas in the starting 11

  54. DeiseGooner says:

    any one of these would do nicely – Gary Cahill, Zapater, Kjaer, Subotic, Sakho

  55. yog19 says:

    I don’t get all the anti Wenger noise; surely it’s just all those Spurs supporters in the rags trying to get Wenger to leave. I just can’t believe there is one single genuine Gooner out there that has anything but the up most respect for a man who has transformed Arsenal Fc, into a super player in the world of football. AS for Gallas I really hope he goes in the summer and I’ll even drive him to the airport. Signings like Vermalen please. We are nearly in a position to compete with the big boys now we have finally sorted out Highbury square. Ok we have not won anything in five years, but we have secured the fanancial future of Arsenal Football Club. I for one would like to thank messier Wenger for a job will done

  56. Erick says:

    Have heard lots of rumours about Subotic seems he is on fire

  57. rico says:

    Hey raif, how’s things 🙂

    I would love to know the other four too..Can’t see the Jag’s story coming to much, surely Moyes wouldn’t let another go, and he would be out of our price bracket, TV didn’t cost as much as Jags would…

  58. JonJon says:

    hi raif..

    yeah this is a long term spat but its obviously bothered nasri more than its bothered gallas..

    ive got a feeling it could be all the french lot in the squad..sagna, clichy diaby etc

    gallas dont seem too popular wherever he goes..chelsea arsenal france

    but it doesnt show on pitch

  59. DeiseGooner says:

    the c**t bus is winding its way through london as we speak

  60. rico says:

    I may do though JJ, we just don’t see it 😉

  61. JonJon says:

    im not watching it DG..

    I have some corn that needs gluing back onto the cob whilst listening to the jedward album..

  62. rico says:

    Lets hope it its open top and it pisses down with rain DeiseG 😉

  63. 7masters says:

    Oh @RICO

    Let it be true that Diaby is off to Juventus, it to late to teach him new tricks full stop. He cost us many big games including own goal on behalf of united. Now just take a good look at Nasri Mr Invisible apart from Porto game he has been avarage plus losing ball to easily.

    Gallas has been solid but since he has no friends in these team stress make vulnerable to innjuries. The other players who don’t speJ to Gallas are all French and they are same players who isolated Adebayor, it simply very bithchy atmosphere and the headmaster only notice it to late loool.

    Nasri is another Diaby and they would give one game a season but the rest they are nobodies, tricky bit Is to work when to play them or on not. Any other manager would been tough with them.etc Joe cole dribbling Mourinho simply put him in bench and told him to follow his instructions to letter, guess what he is best player out their today.

    Beckh in real Madrid was crap until capelo sorted him out credit to him he became better player.

    Wenger is simply to nice to manage and these is visible on and off the field.

  64. K-TR7 says:

    @erick subotic is a 6″4 22 year old serbian defender who plays for borussia dortmund.his strength is dealing with aerial ball and after a match vs bayern luca toni said he has tactical awareness beyond his years and is stronger than he looks.ive been impressed with him and is sure a future top player.we were also linked with another cb in the bundesliga known as tasci who has not impressed me at thing is for sure the goldmine for talent right now is eastern europe…

  65. rico says:

    i have been painting so i’m watching that dry right now 😉

  66. JonJon says:

    if others have problems with gallas its up to them to deal with it..

    as long as he puts the performances in we cant knock him..its up to the others to grow up and let their football do the talking

  67. rico says:

    best the chavs make the most of it, it won’t such fun for them next season….

  68. DeiseGooner says:

    yeah rain and dodgy wiring on the pa system in the bus – electrocute every mutha fuckin last one of em !! C**ts 😉

  69. raif says:

    hello Rico.. yeah alls well thanks. just been getting on with things. other then that im hating these late shifts i do at work. as i by the time i get home its almost time for the little one to go bed..

    JonJ. you could be right. as thats the other 3 to add to the first 2 in nasri and almunia.. but then again theres always a chance RVP could be in that bracket.

    since comming out and saying he wants Sol to stay but not a word on Gallas..

  70. DeiseGooner says:

    Im all for goin all english this summer transfer window

    Hart, Cahill, Richards, Rodwell

  71. rico says:

    welcome guys/gals who have just joined us,

    Yog19, we are all Gooners here, if you want to talk about the scum, bugger off to a spud site, please. arsenal are a football club, football clubs like ours should want to win, not sit back and behave like Barclays Bank!!

  72. Erick says:

    K-tr7 seems the Germany league is making stars the big question is where will Aw buy its a wait and see. JJ he is that kind of a player trouble follows him 🙂

  73. raif says:

    as much as we all see english tallent we can go for,, i just dont see it comming.

    Wenger will go for his france like always. and the odd other from europe.

    the worst thing is the France dont seem to be bringing out the kind of tallent they used to, surly wenger sees this, just look at their natinal team.

  74. rico says:

    Good comment 7masters, good to see you here

  75. rico says:

    raif, sorry about the late ones, hopefully its not permanent 😦 😦

  76. rico says:

    DG, can’t see us getting Rodwell to be honest, Moyes will price him out and he showed with Lescott that he wont take no S**T over transfers..

    Hasn’t Cahill had a health scare? Love us to get him though and Hart as long as it doesn’t impeed on Chesneys progress…

  77. DeiseGooner says:

    You cant tell me though that both Hart and Richards arent gettable from Man City, with the spending they will do this summer! And both Everton and Bolton could do with the money selling on those players would bring in?

  78. raif says:

    im afraid it is rico 😦

  79. raif says:

    was it not a blood Clot Cahill had in his arm?

  80. DeiseGooner says:

    How could Hart empede the Pole the Younger’s progress – hel go on loan for another season then provide competition the season after – get rid of almunia because i feel Wenger wil stick with Fabz

  81. Erick says:

    Blood clot for Cahill but if Gallas goes we need two more but Aw will partner Djourou with TV and add one CH only that what he always does

  82. Erick says:

    DGooner I would go for buffon so Chesney can slid in Asap. Hart would block his progress.

  83. brian says:

    Nasri is our very own Frank Lampard.Doesnt turn up in the big games.
    If anybody seriously thinks that the addition of Hart,Cahill,Richards and Rodwell would turn us into serious challengers they must be on the funny juice.

  84. DeiseGooner says:

    Chesney aint ready yet and shouldnt be shouldered with the position just yet. If we had a decent first choice keeper id have no worries with him as no2 but we dont have a decent no1 keeper. Let Chesney go on loan to championship team next season BUT WE MUST BUY A NEW FIRST CHOICE KEEPER

  85. raif says:

    we will never get buffon as much as i would love to have him. i just cant see us getting him..

  86. DeiseGooner says:

    therefore Buffon would be a dream signing – but Hart more realistic – bolloxs to Hart blocking Chesneys progress – if hes good enough hes oust Hart and wed have 2 top keepers – not 2 clowns

  87. DeiseGooner says:

    How nice would this be?

    Sagna Cahill Vermaelen Clichy
    Song Rodwell
    VanP Arshavin

  88. Erick says:

    Hart is not an easy buy especially now that Given is injured, Buffon on the other hand is also a tough buy because of his wage demand. Juve yesterday did not field Melo 🙂 or did i miss that

  89. Q8Gooner says:

    “Does it show that Wenger’s man-management skills are lacking somewhat?”

    Obviously, since when players are allowed to play the way “they want, when they want”? Well ours are, and nobody seems to be telling them that’s not right!

    Anyway Nasri shouldn’t have said that publicly, and I personally think that any player tends to create tension between team mates must be fined. I think every one who doesn’t play well, behave like a man, or anyone who doesn’t do what he’s paid to do must be fined. They’re not paid hefty wages to slouch around the pitch, talk about team mates, wear pink boots, etc!

    Rico, the link on my nick name was (morning rico) lol I wrote it there by mistake! sorry 🙂

  90. Erick says:

    Raif and DGooner I have news for you guys Flapianski is going no where Aw has Faith on him the best way to kill him off is through Chesney yet a new keeper is a must may David James he is free 🙂

  91. DeiseGooner says:

    I already said i think Fabz will be kept because wenger rates him – but almunia is done – therefore new no1 – i dont believe even wenger seems Fabz as a starter yet

  92. raif says:

    i would even take james at this rate. he would be a good stop gap

  93. hadareud says:

    Mourinho did a great job with Gallas, didn’t he?

  94. Erick says:

    Aw has to make some decision there but i believe no midfielder will be bought we will have to stick with the Double D boys and may be Eastmond

  95. K-TR7 says:

    Im not in favour of transfer rumours because aw may be looking for talent in china for all we know…im hoping for the best but expecting the worst on cesc.i must admit i was not a fan of his at first but the way he transformed after being made captain has changed my opinion on him.cesc deserves trophies to accompany his unique talent and if that means leaving us i won’t begrudge him…

  96. JonJon says:

    james is better than manny and fab

    but if we touch rob green i give up..

    wengers man management skills are pretty poor..hes a fantastic coach and an amazing accountant but his management skills are non existant..

    he used to keep his players happy by wining trophies but generally once a player starts to play up he cant deal with them..

  97. Aash says:

    Hey Yod19 are you kidding me? You couldn’t be prouder of the past 5 seasons? You couldn’t be prouder of us getting massacred by the the chavs and the mancs all the time? You couldn’t be prouder of the manager who ignored everyone’s pleas to replace our stars whom he prematurely sold? You couldn’t be prouder of the guy who ignored everyone’s cry for a striker to replace rvp when he got injured for the rest of the season and chose to go with Arshavin as a striker? You couldn’t be prouder of the guy who due to his ego refused to buy a centreback n ended up playing sylvestre against messi and got us thoroughly embarassed? You couldn’t be prouder of the guy who keeps telling us fabianski,rather flappyanski, and almunia are world class while they have a cock up after another and lose us points? You couldn’t be prouder of the fact that we are battling with the spuds for 3rd place to the last game of the season or the fact that the same spuds don’t fear us anymore thanks to old whiny? You couldn’t be prouder of the fact that we have to take riddicule from the chavs and mancs for years? You couldn’t be prouder of denilson just struting around the pitch knowing come whatever he will start the next game or the ref overtaking him on the pitch while he doesn’t give a fuck? You couldn’t be prouder huh???????? You are exactly what is wrong with the once mighty Arsenal now the laughing stock of the league. You go support blackburn coz you should be very at home at such an ambitionless club!

  98. rico says:

    raif 😦 😦

  99. Erick says:

    Cesc has yet to show up on big games though

  100. rico says:

    Afternoon to those just come on..

    hadareud – he did, he got rid of him!! Thats what you do with trouble makers, ship them elsewhere!

    Aash – that’s what some will settle for sadly, don’t give a toss about trophies though and can’t see the wood from the trees…

  101. rico says:

    Good point Erick, Henry seldom did either 😦

  102. gambon says:

    I think Cesc is made for big games, but he needs a team around him performing as well.

    We need 2 tough guys behind him in the midfield, hence signing Toure should be a no brainer.

    I actually think he’s going to Barca, but if he doesnt id say Wenger has this summer to get it right or he will walk.

  103. raif says:

    the Baca Boys will tap him up in the spain camp while his in africa.. Thats what Tony Adams did to Sol when he moved from spurs to us.

  104. rico says:

    gambon, what do you mean, he has Diaby and sometimes he’s lucky enough to have Denilson, he must have been gutted to have not been playing knowing Silvestre was behind him!! 😉 😉 😉

  105. Erick says:

    Karma Raif Karma

  106. rico says:

    Thats why he wants everything sorted before the WC i think raif….

  107. rico says:

    All wenger has to do is show cesc he is better off with us, and that means a few good/great signings…

  108. JonJon says:

    gambon if wenger loses cesc now it will destroy him as it proves project youth is buried as well as being dead..

    he might not want to continue if he loses the only world class player the project has produced..

  109. Erick says:

    Rico he seems to be missing out on all the fan in Spain but as the Great Jose Mourinho told Zlatan when he was going to sign for Barca so will I tell Cesc if I was to meet Barca have won everything that is to be won nothing you will be new with them but if you won the Champions league with Arsenal and the Club word cup that would be written in history forever 🙂

  110. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, all.

    So Xavi is speaking of Cesc’s DNA again. Ho-hum. Next, it will be Cesc’s protons, neutrons, electrons.

    Then we’ll hear from Iniesta, Pique, Puyol, and Messi. Will it never end?

    To be fair, Cesc looked rather awkward when he was replying to the return to Barca Qs.

    We have been linked to some thirty players now, and it’s only just May but already I am exhausted.:(

  111. JonJon says:

    hey AGAG

    its all part of the fun..we probably wont sign anyone but it will be a long summer if we pretend we have a world beating team and we dont speculate.. 😉

  112. Erick says:

    Update on Serie A Roma lead 2 nil while Inter are being held. Roma may just win the Scudetto

  113. K-TR7 says:

    @erick thats why i recommended we play a sort of 4-3-1-2 with cesc right behind AA or on par with him but ahead of song and diaby/new cm.this because in big games cesc is marshalled by essien/fletcher/mascherano hence he is easily outmuscled and outpaced to make an impact.we beat milan/juve/chavs/madrid with him playing abit deeper allowing him all the space in the world.he can also play as a ‘llegada’ arriving late into the box after our ‘false nine’ in rvp and chamakh pull the cbs apart similar to what lampard does at the may argue we will rely too much on the fullbacks but in our 4-3-3 nasri/AA rarely provide is also risky since AA has a habit of disappearing in games and if he does that from the focal point of attack we will may also fail against park the bus opponents since they will crowd the mf making it difficult to play resulting in draws.the introduction of specialists in the game such as defensive midfielders have resulted in the death of classic no.10’s such as bergkamp due to stifling of space in between the midfield and back counter that modern day no.10’s(cr9,messi,tr7,nasri…) have to play from wide areas next to an attacking fullback:the fb will force the opposition fullback to drop deeper and the accompanying cb to tuck in giving the no.10 acres of space to operate and thats why alves&messi and pires&a.cole complemented each other so complain AA’s best position is in the middle but modern day tactics have forced managers to put them wide where space is available to either shoot or thread an eye through the needle pass to an onrushing attacker…

  114. osman says:

    God how hate News now. Everybody can write these days without any care for logic, systhesis and evaluations. Wenger’s great manager who managed Arsenal all those years and dealth with difficult players such Anelka, Cole, Adebayoor, and others and You’ve never seen any of them complaining about his lack of man-management skills. I wonder if you realised what man-management entails or means. And you know to go school if you think that throwing “a hair drier around and sorted out this ‘off field’ problem” is a good way to show man-management skills, a acceptable way to manage people.

  115. Erick says:

    Hi Agag! We seem to be linked with the league that are over so wait until Italy and Spain are over we are in for the longest summer in our history

  116. Erick says:

    The thing with modern footbal we have no room for Lazy players yet we have loads in our team everybody keeps moving with or without the ball does this mean we need 6 new players

  117. rico says:

    Hi AGAG – i love that dna comment 🙂

  118. rico says:

    Ah, dear osman, i love comments like your too, they brighten my day, did you not see the humour in the hair drier comment…… oh dear 😉

  119. agirlagunner says:

    LOL @ JJ. I have never known us, supporters, to be so bent on getting rid of our players. But then again, we may not have had, in recent history, this cartload of bad apples! The Flapper twins, Denilson, Diaby.

    Hello, Erick. I hope Roma wins. I never took to The Special One. He’s rude, crude, arrogant, and called RvP a diver.

    It doesn’t help that he’s a winner either, cause it makes my dislike of him have less basis.

  120. Erick says:

    Agag Inter have 45mins to save their season I know you are already celebrating but I like Jose especially how he gets the best out of players

  121. agirlagunner says:

    KTR7 @ 2:51– that is a post in itself! Bravo!

    Haha, rico. But seriously, doesn’t Xavi have anything else to say?

    Pretty disappointed with Nasri. I’m sure he had an inkling, since he was expressing some weeks ago worry over making the cut.

  122. K-TR7 says:


  123. Erick says:

    Inter scored sorry Agag Diego Milito

  124. agirlagunner says:


  125. Erick says:

    Agag what are they feeding Nasir he is puting on weight 🙂

  126. agirlagunner says:

    Banoffee pie, Erick.

  127. rico says:

    Gallas Erick, they are feeding Nasri Gallas 😉

    AGAG, you are right, so many here (including you agag 😉 ) write comments that could be a great post…. Come on, send them in 🙂

  128. K-TR7 says:

    Balotelli may have attitude but he isn’t crap!if you’ve watched him today he has shown it…

  129. Erick says:

    K-tr7 have noticed a draw will do it for Inter and Crapotelli is doing his thing but I wouldn’t want him at Arsenal Egooo. Rico Gallas must be a great meal yet Nasir does want to talk about it 😉

  130. Erick says:

    Agag I must admit i have not heard of that my bad

  131. longtimegunner says:

    Wenger thinks he owns the club, hold them to ransom. I dont trust him. Get Hiddinks!!! and you’ll get results!!!!

  132. agirlagunner says:

    Getting there, rico. Getting there. 🙂

  133. K-TR7 says:

    @rico i could write about footy all night but don’t worry when i start writing my posts i’ll add alot more examples from past great teams such as how czech04 played with 3 no.10s and 2 strikers but had no defensive issues while we seem to have…

  134. Erick says:

    Nairobi is raining cats and dogs 🙂 🙂

  135. 7masters says:

    Cesc FBregas is not going to Barca Cause the reasons Yaya toure is being bandied about is cause they want exchange plus 20 million for Fab. Now these impossible according to Arsenal as they value him in 60m bracket take away valuation fit Toure which is ten million Barca have to pay 50 milion … Now the funny bit is they cannot afford that looool.

    My adive let them pay over the odds and seat back,ibrahimovic deal has made it hard for them to get kind of money on table impossible plus at the moment they hardly need CF.

    I hope they lose tonigh cause it third time they have turned our player head after Henry then Hleb now Fab, hate them and their cheatings to deceive referees is unbelievable. It cheat team and I wonder why people make big deal about them. It is true what mourinho said they are obssessed with Real Madrid to points of insanity, does these ring a bell of neighbours down seven sisters loool who bring out video when we draw with them. Barca are another spuds in disguise.

    Another I hope Wenger play the reserve team in emirates cup cause it the only thing we can win nowadays and people poke fun these, let hope mews players are in place before World cup. I hope to see at least 4 or 5 players or face problems when seasons get under way.

  136. Doublegooner says:

    Wenger has never liked player confrontation. He’ll always go for the easy option of doing nothing. He has different characters now to the players he inherited in 97.

    Gallas is not an easy character though.

    I can tel you a case when he erupted in the Colney canteen just not long before he lost the captaincy, where he looked at the food on offer, then threw his arms up & made a comment ‘ I cant eat this shit !!’

    Chef then had to appease him & ask if there was anything he could make.

    His prima donna behaviour was witnessed by non playing staff.

    A year earlier a guy I know very well who runs his own car valet business & had been looking after all the players & non playing staff’s cars there for years was forced out by Gallas & his shit attitude to make way for someone he wanted.

  137. agirlagunner says:

    Erick, I was referring to the club’s donation of the Banoffee Pie recipe to some charity. Haha. Seems to be the players’ favorite.

    Here’s the recipe if it interests you:

    18 digestive biscuits
    120g butter
    2x397g cans Carnation caramel (or dulce de leche)
    3-4 bananas, peeled and thickly sliced
    600ml double cream, lightly whipped
    Coco powder or grated chocolate to dust

    1 Crush the biscuits in a food processor, or with a rolling pin. Melt the butter in a pan and mix with the biscuits crumbs, then press the mixture down into a 9-inch lined springform tin and place in the fridge for around 30 mins to set.

    2 Spread the tins of caramel evenly over the hard biscuit base, top with the sliced bananas and pipe or spoon over the whipped double cream.

    3 Dust with the coco powder or some grated chocolate and serve. This will keep in the fridge for up to three days.

  138. longtimegunner says:

    Top coaches at the moment..

    Pep Guardiola
    Van Gaal


  139. Erick says:

    Have always wondered why Nasir come out from the tunnel at half time team talk while chewing 🙂 🙂

  140. K-TR7 says:

    Whats with teams in blue and trophies…inter,chavs,…

  141. Erick says:

    Inter get the Double will they do the treble ask Jose 😉

  142. rico says:

    Afternoon DG, long time and all that 😦

    longtime gunner, sorry for the delay, first commet goes into moderation, you’re free to blog away now 🙂

  143. rico says:

    Do we dare talk about who is next if Wenger goes…. 😉

  144. gambon says:

    I cant wait to talk about who is next!

    But the fact is Wenger is here for the forseeable! 😦

  145. Erick says:

    K-tr7 correction Roma could have done if Inter were held. Aw seem to be the board favourite he aint going anywhere as long as he gets top four finish

  146. rico says:

    gambon, i’ll give him this summer, after that, i will help him pack…. but i think you’re right, he saves the club so much money, can’t see them gettig rid 😦

    Anyone watching the 20/20 final 🙂

  147. Erick says:

    Cricket Rico I played it when I was young kinda boring 🙂

  148. Cam says:

    The simple answer to the title question has to be NO! He has lived on the credit of past exploits for the last 5 years. He has acted as though the fans do not exist and that he is in a bubble of his own making. He is loving it, but we are not amused!

  149. rico says:

    Welcome Cam, don’t think many will argue there with your comment

  150. rico says:

    Thats me done folks, catch you all tommorrow….

    night night, stay safe..

  151. Paul says:

    ‘Sure as heck Old Red Nose would have done…’

    Just a quick comment about this line. Pretty sure Fergie didn’t care that Cole and Sheringham never spoke off pitch, as long as it worked on the pitch.

    Don’t know why you used a minor player squabble to have another silly pop at Wenger.

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